The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 20, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1908
Page 2
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TUESDAY, OCTOBM 26, the Babersfleid California!! Issued K-.ei'y Evening but Sundays at la!^ • :••! I, Kern ("minty, (Y.Ht'ornia. City and County tax rate issue. Thn California!!, ;is «n e/n-nesf uflvfHwte ol' .Mr. Ja.s- tm's re-election, invites the men jwlio pay the faxes to a ni"sf f-;ir<>. iirip'H t- When in t' i L t 4LFKEO HARRELL, Telephone For President, WILLIAM J. BRYAN , i'ul '-(Misidernt inn of this lcia ' Pa P eri ,Ml suhj.M.1 nl- 1.,xnti«,i.. they hnv»' so considered it will he more than (heir verdiej on ih visnrial eonlesl. Knell m Editor and Prop. ,.,., | ,| 0 (|. irs w .»r(h ..I' pr< M Kern eininlv will l>e \> t , • -tl/JT I'or Ihe ;m<l enmit u at HaKfrHlb-M. Mail Matter. month: $." a Year In Advance Main 31 h lic<| ' iper- hmiil- in * ! ihis .I' For Vice President JOHN W. KERN For Congressman—Eighth District W. C. SHERHERD ,iK. Ill ^—^ counl i''s t lie rales run MS fix jf'iM*" /mil i'roiii t)i;it ijnwn to ;}; 1.4.*"). luil S(i f i' MS i n s Kern ' tax count. For Ju&tice of the Supreme Court, F. J. MURASKY lh- fact spe;il; > I'ur itsell' ,llhl ;)!'Aliment is supi-rtluotis. J B Wholsale Dealers in T"Wines, Liquors And Cigars ream Th Quotat Phone Main 237 fall § cl ds served in sample room samples sent on ppl icati 623 Nineteenth Street For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON For Assemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN For Supervisor*— First District, Wm. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH AN ESTIMATE. Tin* New York Herald has compiled some idectMii (inures. It's estimate allows Tnl't 1SS electoral votes as reasonably sure, which would leave him -">4 short of the 242 necessary to win. Bryan in allowed 1(>(J ns likewise reasonably WHERE THAT FULL INNER PAIL N6RESSMAN RESENTS ATTEMPT Former Confirt?«sman Robert Baker Fifth District, J. A. JASTRO ^^h^^^^^l^A&^^^^^^BBHV^^^^^^^^^B^^W^I^^^^fcv^QK^^^B TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1908. THE AMENDMENTS sure, which is hut 22 votes behind has sent a sharp reply to the suggea Taft, leaving 121) electoral votes tion from the New York Leather in dnnht Belting Company that industrial inter ests support the Tuft-Sherman ticket » fpi *• nil • I hen the, Henild summarizes ns to the end of rt , K toring business acfollows: tivity. Mr. Baker, always an ardent A very considerable the people think the initially* the referendum ought to be incor- poratcd into a scheme of government, uud tlie two words rather appeal to the average e.iti/en, yet it must be admitted that the expe- The reasonably sure Republican Bryan man, la now the president of states, according to the estimate made tne Austin Rotary Engine Company, are California. Connecticut, Delaware, a young Generation that is marketing lUinolH. lowa, Maine, Massachusetts, a new rotary engine invented by a Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, South Brooklyn friend, William K. New .Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Austin. Pennsylvania, Rhode Island. Vermont The Austin Rotary Engine Company Washington. West Virginia and \Vy- a tew lays ago recived a letter from omlng. the New York Leather Belting Com The reasonably sure Democratic I )an >' offering Republican campaign states arc Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia. Kentucky, Louisiana, Mary- ollna, Oklahoma, South Carolina, ncHsfe, Texas and Virginia. The.Htmes "doubtful, with Republican leanings." are Idaho, Kansas. New sixty-fivo electors. "Doubtful, with Democratic an* Colorado, Montana. Nebraska and Nevada, with nineteen electors, and "in the balance" are Indiana, Ohio, South Dakota and Utah, with forty-five electors. LITTLE rience each two yeurs in eomiee- \ litn( l> Mississippi, Missouri, North Car tion with the constitutional amendments is such as give little encouragement to the proponents of direct legislation. It is not that the people who vote on the amendments do not act wisely, for on the contrary they do. Hut the trouble lies in the fact that n very heavy percentage of voters pay no attention to the amendments, do not vote yes or no, and there is always danger, through such inattention, that bad measures may be endorsed Ity the people at tip' polls, Hvery e-iti/en should inform himself on the amendments and be able to vote on them intelligently. is year there are an unusual- j Wljl n , Uu|c . Jo , inny Jou08 » is prc . ly large number ot amendments; seuted at the Hakerslkdd Opera and propositions, and they may be ' House on Thursday evening, the the- ro for red to hrieOy. stitional aiueutlii:<-:it to a chanirt 1 in ih-- iu"i l ""1 soHsing and taxin It is atrninst !h-- people, nut! is t'avo"c.| ! poratious. It will prnxe iur! larlv ilixiisiroiii In K r i t slionld it" bcjtten. Mill** eojjstit ment No. 14 provides crease in the puy of st;it<- Tho prejudiee of mati; may hrinir nbout the dri'.-ai amendment, Init it eannni puled that the s;t!;tr ••> low. Th<> Ciilifi.rnifin •-,•>.. yes on this amendment. 1 ' Semite eiinst it ui ion,-*! ineut No. 1*1 pru\'<!es fur ; of $1000 for ii'.n'.'uiio!', ;>;.',• , a day, and UmiK ; he .••,••• • , of each house to s"i : ' ' j -•:• \\.\\ Tlie ftm<-n«!mi-M! u:l! r.-M-,;*- ->:» r i! !.» e.tri v. York and Wisconsin, with a total of on tu\\ time now, in a Republican ad- ami Sherman means a safe and progressive business administration the day following their election we shall start this plant on 'FULL TIME AND KEEP GOING. 1 "Permit us to say we do not understand. Why have you stopped your factories? Why is the 'Full Time and Keep Going 1 plan not now in operation? Why has there been any shutting down by you and the other me turners of the National Association of Manufacturers, the American Hardware Manufacturers' Association, and the numerous other similar associations to which you say you belong? Did you not assure us that McKinley would insure a 'full dinner pall' to all who desired to work? Wfcs not this assurance renewed when your several bodies endorsed Roosevelt and Fairbanks ? Then what has emptied the dinner pail of millions of men who are willing to work? What greater reliance can be placed on this assurance than on the others? If you were false prophets before, how do we know you will not be again? "But why the closed factories? why the idle mills? why the unusued freight cars? Why the maintenance of high prices In the face of falling demand? Where Is the "abounding," 'marvelous/ 'wonderful/ 'unparalleled,' 'widespread 1 prosperity ? Haven't we got a Republican administration? business administration the Haven't we got a Republican senate day following the'r election we shall and house of representaives? Haven't start this plant on FVU, TIME AND we had them uninterruptedly for 12 cards to be posted in industrial establishments, bearing the promise of "full time'* on the strength of Republican victory. The method of campaigning for Republican votes through the corporation is resented by Mr. Baker, who asks why the factories are not ministration. The correspondence is self-explanatory. The letter received by the Austin Rotary Engine Company was as follows: New York, July 22, 1908. "Gentlemen:—We have tacked this notice upon the walls of our factories in Brookly and New York: " 'Believing that the election of Taft ami Sherman means a safe and pro- ed with having in October-November last gathered in nearly everything Jn a large way in the shape of banks, trust companies, industrial and railroad combinations, which has so far escaped them. In fact, the bulk of the people have been set a lively pace to pay the increasing prices for the necessaries of life these and a few others control. "But what has happened to the masses, whom you and other boosters of McKtnley and Roosevelt assured were to share in the prosperity? With a total estimated wealth of some one hundred and ten billions the per capita tables work out all right, there should .be enough to go round, for that's equal to about $7000 per family. But who has It? How many of the 'Blue Pills L Blue ^People millions of toilers have that sum free and clear? tenth of ow comes Something new in the line of a tonic lazatice. Indicated in all cases of liver trouble; will remedy habitual constipation. Yeu will have to try them to know how good they are. 25c a box. KEEP IT GOING. years? Haven't the Republicans made "if you believe with us that by re- the laws, state as well as national, lieving any uncertainty us to what tho and haven't they been charged with wage earner can expect in the event their enforcement? Then what is the of electing men who will secure the matter? If the laws are defective, business prosperity of this countr.-.why haven't they been altered? If \v<e should lie u our example. "As !V.Vr < > r ;i ! of t» public of thin city will have an opportunity of witnessing what is unquestionably the hiKi;«'st musical in. .(li-i ihe conn ;iy thai has lie. n pi t-enle,Mor several Hiinery M;.nufaciu> .M--' ' Association, the National Credit Men's As-oeiathm, to have yon follow defective now, were they not equally defective night and four years of the National Asso ciation of M;;nuf';tctun'iv, tin* American MaiMwar*' Manufacturers' Asso- ri;irioii. the Ani"!if;m Siiilv ami s \:\?\. in r\ eiv "Lit !)•• Johnny Jones" of tho word a me UN•• n I ! < < 1 1 M \ . III! • i i 1 b 1 h i.i irv cryng Is illlfl HI e iMi!>,f IHCUt No. llM rvlVt ., to i Mi and taxing .ni' niort'j; •\VOUld |»laee I he hilt'.l' It borrower instead of nil til It should 1 i I n\\ Ml" lender, » Senat constiintioual amend- when you assured us, 'all is well," and 'leave well enough alone?' "Why the depression, wo ask? Haven't lie had seven years ot Roosevelt, who, according to Hepuhlican or- it that the bulk of the people are shy their proportion of this enormous wealth? Have they been lazy, thriftless, or improvident, during these twelve years? If lazy, then who created the wealth? has the average farmer, mechanic, salesman, clerk, teacher, or laborer, squandered their proportion in rlotioua living? IKd they spend It for automobiles, steam yachts or even for diamonds? If not, what has become of it? Why haven't they got it, how did they lose it? What has been the unseen subtle, but apparently all-powerful force that has taken it from them? Why have matters become so appalling in America that the so-called effete countries of Europe have felt impel fed to take official cognizance of the deplorable conditions in which so many of our toilers are compelled to live. The Italian government (as a result of the | shocking reports that reached It) have| sent a committee to investigate. Most revolting conditions were shown to exist. Whole families were found crowd- in to one ami two-room apartments, while not only the women, but little children not much more than BAKERSFtELD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Comer 19th Reopened September 10, 1968 MOOEN WEST HOTEL PIONEER HOTEL OF 8. Cor. Powell aad Ellis Sts, San Francisco, Cal FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Proprietor New Building. Every Moderi. Convenience. 150 Rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship Offices. In the Heart of the City. Especially convenient for traveling men. the Manufacturers' A'-social ion of New York, the New York Hoai'd ot Trade au<l Transportation, ;m<| other commercial holies, it' you will kindly fill iu and return to us i f ie enclose*! I rar.l. we will suiiply you with a ;'ull time and l;i-ep ::oin'^' fin!, ^idl ;;.-; e h:i\e iM^ie.]. an 1 notify a'l these -•sf/ri.'iMons of your harmonious ani- Hide. "Ke^ ess n]' politic,-;. (,nce the manufacturers ol this country universally iu tliis movement depression will t case. " I.end us ."V,:;- ]•• \\\ and pot-i ; he curd. '(Mill time and 1\«•• ators and assistant. Uepublican, a& well as Uepuhlican newspapers, is tho greatest, wisest, and host I 'resident tiie country ever had? ifuven'i we had twelve years of '.stiimipatism.' with Manna, Aldrich and Cannon sit- tini on It th vey found working in filthy, unhy- ^ienir /ju/irters, helping to eke o it a sfi iii y living for t he family. U ver- i ' jwdim; was shown to lie the rule ti'it the exception. In one case seven ;: iiilts and seven children were 'liv- the brakes to prevent ilieM 11 -' iu !l tt;irk - niiddle room, and a ! of ie^isJation not desired ' I;u '^'- '>arf» rear room. entlcment who are so c:,n-i " Tno <Uul >' l n ' esH uls ° u ' IIa us thllt spicjious in their support of Taft and s ' ;uee October, thousands of entire; Sherman-Morgan, llockotVdler, Car- f -t>»*"« is havo !loon Oltt flf work. HS a J ne-ie, Marrimaii, Schiff? Do these r,;eu ! n ' sill! - thfl >' 11 '^ 1 ' 1 "P a " lhoir ^vinss. ever make a mistake when they select. f » m tlh '"' I'ro|ioriioii—**»««>. a.s al>ovo candidates? Which is most llkclv toi"" hm ;t ' i;i!u '- v P 1 - » n Ulov Und btl ° n | he misled, these men who sav 'u^t ;'tM' 1 •'" ^"Ve JnriimDie year.s of Taft is -all riuln.' that h- is 'a con- 1(1<1 l"'ospenty. The president, of tho >.ervative, or the western farmer who f Association for Improving the Condi- is told that Taft is radical? i ti(tn ol Ih(1 I>IM)1 '- u - F - <-»tUnK, Bays: "tit l»\ •NK\V YCMIK l.KATHKit llKi.Ti.VC ('(tMI'AXY " Tliis is th<* Uoh.'i! ll.tK. i -ine ('orup.' U'STIX K( H'M{Y ' r- prnspf-r- t v ' 1 nl li; I're-i !i-nt ?--t. : ('u. "li:.ioM>u. N Y.. .lid- J"., "\.-\v YOIK L. atl.-r It"!'i r: I'd., \o. •M Iteetv.11.111 Si . N'eW Y'.'.'K, "(M-mlemen: We iia\ ( . ..ours of July L^. otTeriim Us coulee of firds- (msied In your factories, which >ou say read u 1 1 < tiloWS' Uelievinu ^ I h 1 ' I ^ is (lu* 'iiljonndin Wealth lias rt>ri;iinlv * sly, or. at leas?, prices love '•een boosted to a point that oiuht to have satisfied the most avaricious. The fortunes of the few have ln-came - hounded out of .-duht. Mor- we are told, has three hundred or so millions. Carneuie as mu"h; while v/!.'!e Il'jckerelltT is crc-.Uied with :i billion; a few thousand others h;n >• from one to a hundred million each. Tliese ^eem to liave had ilieir full 'time and keep uoin,u' cards iu oper- e'lon of Taft Uttion, while they are generally cr< Ht- ment No. 'J*l is inti-nde.! lo extend 4 he life of tho Mate bonds and o f o :i! vide for a uo\v ftt a lower rat u *?ood ain tion would the state. Senate const it ui inent No. ^1 relat Bion of terms of private e tions beyond ")0 years, the law in most slates ; i;id pears not to he ohjooii Senate eonstitutionid ment No. 112 relates lo th Mllltts It U HI -I i > t "-- tli ;mti-nd »-\ten Charlie Brown in "Little Johnny Jones'* i' 'o|niUi;in aiirartion, wiih a disiln- i asf and a ohcirns ol t'orly in all numbi-rlii per.sons, t\n\\.- t)i ornanr/:vl ion on tou -nine hrjjiiuei iojj |n be seen here whit h York all las! -C a limi- ttition of the expense of employes ; in his pajM-r (IVIM 1 \'**rv * t* - — ' > - this season The, ej-y respect will delighted N.-W t ami which scored a run ol' over three inonMi.s iu Chic;mo. In the !atte r r ity Mr. McAnlle, tlie dramaiic iiitif of the Chicago Chroiiiide throiiyltt so well of "Little Johnny Jones" that he took occasion 'u> uive it a half column It rader," in \\hich he riMiiai i;ed (hut in the senate and assembly. intended to curtail oxtrava-am-«. : "a m-rson w<»Mld have to possess n , . ; 'ni"an disposition not to re IH i and should be "no" '»n si'ti;i!« Vote tiorial anioiulniont N*». to n-iiiovt* th lions in st(»o]< u' move such pt'tiTecti(ui us lie now has. These arc th oinanatinK nint'UiliiHMits will ho up and discussed hrioily SAYsTlTS TOO LOW ('(J'tst it is re>i)ic- ind i'e-1 u i puli- u,eniiUi American humor \vhiMi per 'ui'^' 1 Al. ('oh;t/i's M Sam \Yliite is tired t colV. e. She hnys n (liiti \\ho!e roust and buyinv, II. *;« * * »•.* - •• Tlio morning \n\\w ^ ;»!»:• ' to tlio tax rate I»'O«UM' it is low. it presents figures from oth- «r counties to prove that it should b« higher. The friends of Supervisors Corsett and Peterson who are seeking re-election may ;« v v v v v . . P<MNT VOUR HOUSE House painting tft nu HIXM ly. f MMO nothing i»ut tno \w*t niaterlaU, n\iarantoo my vork f ™ • ^^ ami chanr<* rcftnonaMe pricww. I. D. MEREDITH. Contractor / IV si Prtt-f?f M^ln 172- #j* **• •"« »*t »j« *j» »^« »j* *[•* -« j Heater rook* le •» 'I cannot remeiiiher such H condition e\-istiuK hcfore. Not even in I SOU and did the depression persist HO j While, ncrordin^ to Seiuttor \ er. on July I, :^,nou skilled j workers ;ne out of employment here, in Cincinnati. 1 Pi'esiimnhly the num- r ot the unskilled was i4fe;t(er yei. 1II us t rat ions of 'im paralleled' f.v h;ne ]n •/',*) diJpfjc;iled ;ill ov- ei the coutiM'v, MO section lias escaped l>lu;hl, Thej'e has heen u t regions exodus of those who could not tind employment, three-quartern of a million more having inimi^rated in l-'urope than have immigrated IHM-O, "Why ihe degression, why the li^ht ? This 'marveloiiH 1 prosperity eems to - have heen wonderfully e('in !;< epiiu; tlie toilers poor. This unprc .• Jailed prosperity ftoems 10 ha 1 • been mouopoli/ed by a few. j The* h'"/e f.;(>m i on piling up millions I "it i ne larders of the workers it have accumulated nothing, *o DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONQ CO. DRUQ STORE Cor. 1flth and Q. Bakersfietd. i Funeral Directors Embalmers lEqulppc woul smo Ptrftctiot evi •-* • * * »• •• •• •• • • - •I* •I CHESTER AVENUE NURSERY ALBERT WEEDALL. Prop. *| Flrat-class Nursery Stock, Troes. fi.rlit ihis (nit with their uartv lui- * Bhrubbs. Uosea. Cut Flowers, Fir.- nglil tins OUT wnu mtir p»n.jr | fr npaljtna onlors nromptly fllfcwl P«r. t f Corner Si^th St. and Chester In the Fifth uiHtru't Supervisor * 'Ph«ne, Main 745 Justro Btanda squarely trjon the ^ 4. ^ + + .j. % * * * * * ****** sm owi rass tur quarts ment any Lamp givf •tun h.v i hey now 1'ace starvation as their • •vit'-d tuv ihe part they took in pro- Iur in", '\vt(|cs|»read' pronpority. The MUUUU lias dronped oul oC their 'full j i i, dinner pall,' we iirtU wliy? You nay. re- of politics, onccs tho maiuifac- of this country join universally tn this movement, depression will ' cease.' Whom are they to soil to? How can tho miiBBCH buy when their .s are ^one? With wa^ed re- Iiow are they to pay monopoly prices and yet live? How are you to hrini; prosperity to tlie toil- without destroying monopoly and privileges? t T Htn^ the force- won't niter conditions, tho people wain souuMhliiR more than wind. '•Vhy not prirU the monopoly (nibble, U-t out some of the wind ami water, brliitf the n'H*essaries of life within tlie V'ureh:tslm; power of tho people, The crop nj millionaires nuiy not prow l»it an "'itiitaide distribution of the, wealth prmlnced accordlt\K to the part) that each has contributed to its pro-' ductinu win britiK happiness to mil- liens and insure a natural— therefore .lasting- instead of the 'force-pump' prosperity you propose, "i.t'i u^ clip the talons of monopoly, uproot special prh'Uim 1 . ami economic rendition, will improvi- so mightily tli tf all will be able to enjoy tlje com- t'M'ts of life ami none will have to toll Mich Jua;; hours thai life becomes a j - • _ • - -, j_. _ | _ |r .. _ m .MM-B.T '-I ^^ Is tho Panu; «OM» ouo all uuoar r palms and drink a cooling, ro» freshing soda water and eat an ica nr^ara or ice. We solicit wholesale trade, both in creams: and candles Piano Tuning Leave orders at BAER'S DRUQ STORE, corner of 19th street, and Chester avenue, GARTMAN, the professional piano tuner, located in Bakersfleld for the last eight years. You may be assurer! that he will put your Instrument In first class tune and order nt reasonable rates. Phone Main 39 quip; piafi imp lamp irran nr«i fscript Lamp ttcorporat you don r our OMPANY "Finally, firmly believing In the fundamental democracy of American institutions, we have no more right to tlietaUi bow our employes should vote i than they hav« to coerce ns, "Youi-H truly, "AUSTIN ROTARY ENGINE CO., "By Robert Baker, President" OLD &KL1ABLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branobes. Interior Decorations a Bpe- ciftlty. CARRIAGE PAINTING 8IQN8 Phono Main 1136 1527 Wall 8t ••konHloltf, Cal.

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