The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 21, 1970 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1970
Page 3
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1970 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Perfect Attendance Pins Report to HELEN HELP US! -by Helen Bottel It May Be A Long Wait Dear Helen: I have been separated 10 years, and was finally divorced last year. In all that time, I never dated, as I was busy raising the children. But now they're grown and married, and Pm a young 50, ready for still another life. My son-in-law brought over his business partner, thinking to help me out. My daughter also has a man in mind for me. But Helen, they aren't exactly my ideals. One is short, the other looks 20 years older than me, though he's only 55. My loving children tell me I'm too particular, but I know what I want. He should be at least five feet nine, fairly good looking, and MUST have hair I I met such a man at a bowling party. We danced together, but he didn't get my phone number. Fmafraidhe is married, hist having an evening out. He was SO handsome 1 . With him in mind, I can't bringmyself to go out with those "ordinaries" my kids bring around. Am I really living in a dream world, searching for a fairy tale man, as they say? — GINA Dear Gina: If. a tall handsome man with hair is ALL you want, then I don't think you've learned much in your "single" years. MY IGAP tells me you divorced such a man, right? Why not give the "ordinaries" a chance? Good lookers sometimes aren't good lasters. — H. Dear Helen: Why is it that men can go hunting in the wilderness, and survive just great without their little wives ministering to their every want? But at home — they're lost souls without Mama. « I can't go on^ short vacation unless I prepare weeks in advance, write down instructions for turning on the oven, arrange for the laundry to be done and the house cleaned. My husband can't even prepare a TV dinner by himself -- at home. When I get back, there are dirty dishes piled in the sink and all over the kitchen. The bed is unmade and the garbage hasn't been taken out in a week. Husband? He's lost in the shuffle of old newspapers: unshaven, dirty, hungry — with the TV log in his hand. What makes men so self-sufficient on campin trips and so helpless when they are wifeless in their own domain? --HUNTING AND FISHING WIDOW Dear Widow: Maybe it's because they want to let wives know how important we are to them. Or maybe it's just more fun (a matter of survival perhaps) fending for themselves in the wilderness. — H. Dear Helen: Pants suits to work? Great I Even nurses are allowed to wear white pants suits now. With all the bending, etc. it's high time they lowered the requirements. (The thigh's the limit for sick men!) Recently the leading door-to-door cosmetic sales company okayed pants suits for its saleswomen -- and when sellers of beauty supplies are allowed such wear, it must be accepted uni versaUy. A few banks and government offices are still hold-outs, but they'll come to pants before long. This is a style that is feminine and practical — and so much better looking than the midid-boot monstrosities. Hip hip hooray for pants, say II — SYLVIA This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE. PRE&EMT AMP FUTURE IN COlWRiES SUCH AS ITALV AWP5PAIW ; CMIPJZBH VO MOT GET ON CHRISTMAS-THEY gCCElVE THEM OM . JAMUAEV 5", THE EVE OF EPIPHANY. Mrs. Jack Broyles was hostess to the Sharpsville Extension Homemakers club at her home for the December meeting. Mrs. C.T. Worley, president of the nnounceA Jut ure By Mrs. Fred Leap The regular meeting of the Womens. Society of Christian Service was Wednesday, December 16, at the Sharpsville Church. A carry-in dinner was enjoyed at the noon hour. Dining tables were lovely with Christmas decorations. Mrs. Nell Herron gave the prayer of thanks before the meal. Mrs. 'Martha Shinlaub, president of the Womens Society of Christmas service was in charge of the business meeting. She read for her opening, "The Stable Boy at the Inn." Announcements were made with a bake sale to be February 13. At the next meeting gifts are to be brought by each mem-: ber present to be sent to shut- ins. Cheer boxes were filled at this meeting and sent to Mrs. Ina McCoy and Mabel and Opal Horton. A Christmas program was enjoyed by all when members of the Christian Crusaders presented a skit pertaining to the Birth of Christ and how it would be after sixty years. Mrs. Ruth Price was narrator for the plan; Mrs. Charles Rose, mother of Christ; Monti Brattain, as Sarah; friend of Mary and Jolyn Brumbaugh as Mary Magdalene all visiting at the home of Mary. Mrs. Glen Huggler sang "Oh Holy Night" and Mrs. David Brumbaugh sang "What Child is This," both accompanied by Mrs. Ruth Price at the piano. Meeting was dismissed by Mrs. Monti Brattain. Present for the dinner are program were Mesdames, Vickie Rose, Geneva Richards, LiUy Imbler, Virgil Lee, Jolyn Brumbaugh, Olive Foster, Nell Herron, Monti Brattain, Myrtle Rood, Betty Broyles, Ruth Hamilton, Blanch George, Leah Huggler, MarthaSchin- • laub, ~Hallie.Beatty, Ruth Price and.fouf children. " Next Friendship Circle meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Martha Taylor January 6, at 9:30 a.m. Next WSCS meeting will be January 20 at 9:30 a.m. at the church. Program topic "Prayer and Self Denial." World Federation leader, Mrs. Lillie Imbler; leaders for the December meeting were Mrs. Wanita Carter and Mrs. Blanch George. Hostesses were Myrtle Rood, Betty Broyles, Ruth Hamilton, Zola Beatty'and Elizabeth Harper. Cinderella of the Great Lake States Miss Mary Wetzel of South Bend has won the Indiana title and has been named "Cinderella of the Great.Lakes States" at the regional level in the contest sponsored by the Farmers Insurance Group to select a queen for its "Cinderella" float in the 1971 Pasadena, Calif., Tournament of Roses parade on New Years' Day, it is announced by George E. Stephens, yice president and regional manager. Miss Wetzel is now entered in the national finals whose winner will receive an all-expense- paid trip to Pasadena to ride the Farmers Insurance Group "Cinderella" float on New Years' Day and attend the Rose Bowl football game. Miss Wetzel, 22, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Wetzel and has one brother and one sister. She is five feet, seven inches tall, and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She plans a career in business. . To some, Christmas is merely an annual day tor giving and receiving gifts, with little or no thought about its true meaning. But think of it this way: Christmas Is so important that we actually count time from its inception. Eternal life for mankind began with that first Christmas nearly 2,000 years ago. Think on this, for it is Indeed a soul-stirring thought club, presided at the business meeting. A unanamous vote was taken to fill sunshine boxes for shut-ins for Christmas. New program books for 1971 were distributed to members and lessons for the first six^months were assigned to project leaders. Devotions were in charge of Mrs. Phil Fecher who read an article on "One Solitary Life." History of the song of the month "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem," was read by Mrs. Luther Boone. Mrs. Carl Hanshew read a poem, "Little Benny's Christmas. Four members with perfect attendance for the year, Mrs. Walter Duncan, Mrs. Luther Boone, Mrs. Jonathon Harper and Mrs. C.T. Worley were presented with lovely pins of costume jewelry. Next meeting will be January 19 at the home of Mrs. Walter Duncan, route 2, Sharpsville. Principal lessons for each meeting will be uses of the blender. Social hour was the highlight of the day with the exchange of Christmas gifts. Refreshments were served to one guest. Miss Eloise Powell and members Mesdames, Jack Broyles, C.T. Worley, Carl Hanshew, Carl Brophy, Jonathon Harper, P. B. Imbler, Earnest Beatty, John Lucas, Lee Baker, Claude Zehring, Luther Boone, Jimmie Taylor, Walter Duncan, Phil Fecher, Verlin Speck, Lawrence Whitehead, Max Bowlby, Harold Cripe and Mrs. W.O.Miller. The serving table in the dining room was attractively decorated with the theme of the Christmas season. Punch and cookies were served. Main Street Hoosier high school pupils appear to be reluctant to have the United States make further commitments in the Middle East. At the recent Debaters' Conference and Student Legislative Assembly four bills were introduced to increase aid to Israel, but only one passed. The high school legislators also decided that laws concerning abuse of the United States flag are too difficult to enforce, and, therefore, they would abolish all penalties. They also sought stronger measures to deal with air and water pollution, and took cognizance of poverty problems without arriving at clearcut decisions. Life is Worth Living Guard Yourselves Christmas will be brighter for some underprivileged children in Lafayette, thanks to the deft hands of some Purdue University coeds. The northwest unit of Meredith HaU, a women's residence, has been busy since before Thanksgiving making stuffed animals for children at the Lincoln Community Center. The girls contributed scraps of felt, corduroy and cotton, which they have sewn together and stuffed with soybeans donated by Ralston-Purina. The result has been colorful mice, owls, frogs and turtles. Home From Hospital Miss Waite Clouser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Clouser, is recovering at her home following major surgery at the Tipton County hospital. Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth. (Luke 12:15) A man approached Jesus one day and asked him to speak to his brother because the brother would not divide the property with him which his father had left. JesUs informed the man that he did not have the right to judge or divide the property between them. He also warned the man to watch himself and be on guard that he not become greedy. "A man's true life is not made up of the things he owns, no matter how rich he may be." You can work and save and build up material wealth that may make you look rich to the world around you but in the eyes of God you are a pauper. . In all your busyness you have neglected your souls salvation and God says, "Thou fool! Tonight your life may end then what good will these things be to you?" Stop for a monent and take a look at yourselves. Be on constant guard against greed, pride IT'S A GIRL! Mr. and Mrs. Terry Dunn are the proud parents of a baby girl, Michelle Lynn, born December 12 at Tipton Memorial Hospital. She is the first child in the home. Maternal grandparents is Mrs. Rebecca Graham, Tipton and paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Max Dunn, Arcadia. and praise of man for in the end you will have nothing. Do you not realize that your Father plans, to give you the kingdom. A kingdom full of. treasures no money can buy. Guard yourselves for wherever your treasure is, you may be' certain that your heart is there also. Household Hints To }£rl optimum rr^ults, maiimaili- knits should In- tlry- IT tlricil. I'sc a warm air selling ami avoid ovrrdr\ iu-r.. which tan rausi- shrinkage Dry the clothes until llu\ feci damp to the touili. Remove tlicm immediately and Iian>; tlieui up. \ on won t have to tour!) them with an iron.' Do not use dishwashers as a disposer lor leftovers. If yours is a rmrlaWe disliwa.-lier make certain it is [ilufiju'tl into prop 1 erlv (iroiiiided circuit.- onlv. It voti luive a tlrlvumiilifier. empty water rci ;ularl\. If it is in the lia.-emeiil and the basement floods, cut oil eur- • rent at the source. Resilient flooriiif: materials are built to lake a i;real deal ol trailic with minimum maintenance. Remove black heel marks with fine steel wool. Rub jusl enouiib to eliminate the mark, then rinse and apply a li^lit film of wax to restore ."loss. Page 3 Beech Grove 4-H A Christmas party was held December 16 at the home of the Cheeke's. President Shiela Off called the meeting to order at 6:30. Pledges were led by Linda and Sue Cheeke. Guests were introduced and roll call was what you want to have for Christmas. Mrs. Rogers told the plans for the completion party. Theresa Matthews gave devotions entitled "With Christmas In the Air" and singing was led by LisaMatt- ingly. Birthdays for the last two months were announced and the birthday song was sung. Pecan sale was discussed. Re. creation was by Cathy Off. Christmas refreshments were served by the Cheeke's. Mrs. Rogers announced that Shiela Off had been selected to go to State Fair School next summer. There was a gift exchange and the meeting was adjourned. Next meeting will be on January 27. Guests were Brian Harper, Lisa Strange, Nancy Stoops, Janey Off, Billy and Regina Cheeke, Mrs. William Cheeke and Lillie Cheeke. Members other than those already named were Cathy Off, Penny and Kim Cheeke, Antionette Baker, Kathy Baker, Adriana Rogers, and Jill Stoops. Steak Scores with Teens A recent survey reveals that steak is the favorite food of America's 13 million teenage girls, and hamburgers are the food item they cook most often for themselves. Four out of 5 girls also eat canned meat products, and enjoy them for snacks as well as meals. They admit to. taste being more important than nutritional value in choosing canned meat products. Now, you have time to shop. We're open till 10:00 at the Christmas Place. What girl has enough blouses? Pre-boxed. 4.88 each. Shirt and cowl neck blouses ol 100% Arnel* triacetate crepe. Both styles with delicate embroidery trim. White, blue, pink or maize. 32 to 38. Special. Men's Towncraft Plus shirt. Regular styling features two flap pockets. In hand washable reprocessed wool/nylon. Handsome plaids to choose from. S,M,L,XL. 2 for THE GIFT FOR THE PERSON WITH EVERYTHING j*; LP.. J. C. !-»l-N.NKY COM FA MY INC •mim - A PENNEY GIFT CERTIFICATE 24 88 Famous-name watches for men and women. 17 and 21 jewel movements in calendars, self- winds, slim dress and classic styles. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more you'll appreciate Penneys. Check Penney's Sale Catalog for outstanding buys. Call 67S-742B. eniu>tff The Christmas Place m Open: Mon.-Wed. 9 A.M. - 10 P.M. Thurs., Christinas Eve 9 A.M.-6 P.M.

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