The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 19, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1908
Page 7
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MONDAY, OCTOBBR 19, 1908. "M** *EBB BAKHRSFTHLD CALXFORNIAN k IN BLACK FACE The committee In charge of the Big Show for the Elks has succeeded in directly Jntorestlng many of the most prominent business and profes Hional men uml the personnel of tht company will Include men whose his- Irionio tnK-nts have hitherto been I'iil from view. The rehearsal yester- •lay afternoon showed that much Interest is taken by the members la tliis enterprise. The music proved to he catchy and of the whlstleable variety and pleased the boys greatly. The next rehearsal, which is tonight nt 7:.'to o'clock will be a hummer, as the tedious work, that of assigning parts, IB done with, and everything will work fust and furious from now on. Arrangements are being made to partially change the program on the second, so as to give the Ellks and •the tfWends a good excuse to attend toth performances. KERN 18 CONFIDENT OF NEW YORK VOTE. NEW YORK, Oct. 18."—Conditions here are much more satisfactory than I expected," said .John W. Kern, Democratic norninpf- for vice president today, on his return from Bridgeport, whew he spoke last night. "If the labor vote comt-s to us, as we expect, we will carry jvv-w York stntt>. The immense labor vote of Now Jersey :md Connecticut will also determine the result In those states. The Democrats In New York are confident and In the other two states they are hopei'ul." Mr. Kern will leave early tomorrow for I'tlca, where he is to speak In the evening. REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY BUTTERNUT 1—It's made by a different process than all breads, and is far superior to aU others. 2—The flavor IB most pleasing and satisfying. 3—It's a bread you never grow tired of. 4—It's light, perfectly white, de- llclously browned and very wholesome. 5—It's the best bread made— and should be on your table AMERICAN BAKERY A. J. Ferguson, Phone Main 228. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Fourth Extension Water Cc,. uuu .,,. MPcation of m-incionl plaqesof puslness, Wasco. Kern County, California. ..Notice.—There are delinauent upon the following described stock, on account of assessment (No. oneji levied on the 2ath dnv of August. 1908. the several amounts set opposite the names, of the respective shareholders. List of "shareholders with No. of certificate. No. ot shares and amount due: CHARLEY LAW, Official "Chiffonier" for the Elks. Above is a good picture of that $110.00 dollar beauty, Charley Law, who since having proven his proficiency as a "sknuk-wagon" driver by running into a borax team without hurting the team, has been appointed official "chiffonier" of the order. He lias been slated to reproduce this stunt on the stage and npreos to do MI, down to thp smallest detail, eveu to the breaking of three ribs—count 'em, I!, and i.romises the real sensational stunt of the show. Altenlinn IB respectfully called to the beauty of Charley's form and the classic lines of iiis i'u<v. Some of those lines In the tare which you can see are not classic at all; that's whore the auto- rmiMi,- ran over him, Mil Charley didn't mind that. No one can afford to miss this act, and undoubtedly seats will be at a premium. A GiLlT AIM T •• IM \v !vil! •>' th-- I'n'ou toplcht v\i.l i ,- Nai Heiodwli-.'s great success, " \ Ciildi '! ' 'c ... - •• of the sltua- lions in this |u>'i e are very funny and the Rood line of comedy runs all through the play. The cast "ill be exceptionally Rood. Mr. Bracld'ti nivl Miss Cunningham have parts they are exactly suited for. The secnery will all lie cliaiiRed. pri'vint; new settings for each act. Tin- company so far has done remarkiibly well and this new bill will only all another great success to the two they have opened wi'h. The nloco wlV afford all the members of the company an opportunity to elms well and the ladles will wear some very handsome gowns. Phil Hlaukeiishlp made a short visit to the Cox ranch yesterday re-turning this morning. ,—-.. Exten- sionAssocfation, trustee .for Aueust Anderson ." lames B. Anelerson .... lames B. Anderson Dalifornla Home Exten- slonAssocfation, trustee for J. E. Anderson 1 Jaldw n. Cvrus ! Jaldwln. Cyrus f 3arcer. John ' Jearei. Thos. Geo ! Jcckett, Alice M. .. ' <f-nnett. Mrs. Sarah . California Home Exten sionAssejclation. trustee forT3ertkan. FenL C. . . California Home Exten sion Association, trustee tor Bower. Sa alifornia Home sionAssocfatlpn. trustee , Samuel . ome Exten- for . California Home . Bower. Samuel Ex xten- HionAasociaiion. trustee forBri<rirs, Warren F. Caster. John A California Hqrne Extension Association, trustee for VVm. H. Chambers California Home fixten- i:iouAsse>clat'"B. trustee tor Chalos Hozckiah . Cali:'oriiia Home Kxton- c le)n Association, trustee Christten. Wm. F Coats. J. li. S. ...... California Home lixteu- sion Association, trust eo for Cook-v. Chas. M. . . California. Home- Exteti- sionAssociation. trustee lor Crowton. Cyrus . .. California. Home Extent-ion Association, trustee 348 279 3G 71 195 528 323 89 m U7 258 £0 1C 10 10.00 2% 2.50 10 10.00 20 20*! 10 10.00 10 10.00 10 5 6.00 5 5.00 10 10.00 Golden Gate Coffee Quality—clean—perfect Your grocer will grind it- better if ground at bom*—not, too fine. 10 NEW YORK THROUGH Orange Groves of Southern California; Cotton Fields of Tex»*a: iaua. FOUR AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY UEOAL. for pickln Donahue. " Dorr, F: ion. Wm. H..191 20 _ . ichael 531 2B orr Prank 634 25 laHfornlH Home Bxten- glonAssocftitlon. trustee for Evans. Limits A. .. 97 Callfornl.i Home Exten- mon Association, trustee for Evans, Lumls A. .. California Hemie Kxten- gionAssocfnt ion, trustee for KV.--HM. Luniis. A. . . California Me.-ine Extension •• sseiclat ion. trustee for Evan>. Lumls A. ..100 California Home Exton- siem Association, trustee ,for Plndon. Walter ...2S6 •"ord. 'Fniiik J.™.'.'.'.'.'.'.4 •'ord. Frank ,1 4 foster, John •! ?iilifornl:i Home ^:xton• sion Association, trustee tor (iardiner. if. H. ...240 20 Calitornia Heime Klxten- glonAsspcfation. trustee . Edw. W. .. "' Home Exten 20 20.00 98 16 16.00 99 36 16.00 20 20.00 LEQAL Stousland. Henrietta w. Percy, darene minor), nnd of the State the Countv p " s.,Elvira obbs (a V 0 Jfc.__ . )e. Defendants. He Superior Court .. .... „ -.- „.-.,...orntai in.nnei for hf- Countv of Kern nnel the Com- ilnint tiled In the office- of the Clerk of aid Court In the said County. *pl, . T».."_..!_ _ «• i i* _ i-i- .- * — —* /-»„ fltf nu n l;j Jqii LEGAL. tor Urlitn California. 20.00 73 10 10.60 slonAssoeiaUon. trustee for Green. Alfred "" California Home Exten- Alfre sTohAssocfatton. trustee tor Green. Henry W. ..319 California Howe Extension Association, trustee .277 20 20.00 10 10.00 .. GustHvuH. Henry alfornln Home Bxten sKociatlon. trustee " M " .262 20 28.00 nA .H arve . J. M Bifornta nonAsBoc ie Exten- rubtee 64 6 6.00 'or Ha ayes t aves ) Irornta , inAsspe or Hefner. , [illfornta Hoi llonAssoclatl OT HeTdea.' .. .. [en-mam. D. M. ,. 'alifornla Home Bxten- e Six ken- .n.trustee , elson ... 144 ie Jraten- ^.trustee 2* 20.»9 onAsBocfatio r Herrnjan for ierrman, D wrman. D. M." '..'.'.'.'.. 4 .llfornia Home Exten(ton Association .trustee Jpr Uerra Jail fora A. J. 77.106 le Bxten- fornia . — — on Association, trustee - "-—man. A. J. ...106 a Home Exten- 20 20.00 20 20.00 20 20.00 gionAssoi for Herr California r sionAssocfatlejn. trustee for Herman. B. w. .. .211 Jgllfornta Home Exten- S? n AS?2JiJs,Vi!-V." tee - fop-j.V.-:::--::..., rornin Home Bxten- , ionAsspciatlon. trustee or Huddleston. Clhas. allfornia Home Extension Association, trustee for Keenev. J. W California Home Exten- BlonABsocfation. trustee _ _„ „ for Keenev, J. W. 173 20 20.00 California Home Exten- BlonAssocfation.trustee for Keenev, J. W 174 California Home Exten- 239 20 20.00 .151 20 20.00 20 20.00 i^v.v- , u. .., California Hom-3 Extension Association, trustee ,£or Laeman. 0 7 Lea. John ... 145 Cairfornia I-iorne Iixten- ? ionAssocIation. trustee or Liemke, Lena 1 McCartney. Harrv 448 McCartney Ben.1. 489 Cttlifornlu Hivme hxten- slonAsspciatlqn. trustee foe McConnoll. J. S. ..312 -inne. ~ Jallforn'a Home l xten- sionAssocfation. trustee for Myron .Raymond ..161 California HomeTExten- slouAssejciatlon. trustee for Moore. Ida Estelfa 48 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Morrow. Susie E. .307 Mil en. Ue>bt. Jr. cort. 20 20.00 5 5.00 Mullen. Mil Ii-ii. Mil len. Ca iforr :obf. J. . .no cert. ...... .out. .1. . .no cert illfornia Home Extension Association, trustee Na eamats. f. ..185 20 20.00 20.00 --. _, 20.011 490 20 20. Mi 452 10 10,00 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Niieamata. .loo I. ..186 20 20.00 California Home; Extension Association, trustee feir Nelson, (ico. F. . . .10? Nelson. .Jnme'8 .1 469 OIse-n.FraiikA.andGraco 490 Pardi-e. WilUird Cplltornia Home Extension .\ssociation. trust e-e for I'eii'ier, (!eo. M. . . 3$ 5 5.00 California Home Kxton- slon A ssociat ion. t rustee for I>iekfr.son, C. A. ..188 20 20.00 Ci'lilornia Homo Rxton- 12(1 ;:m> "1)7 .Ilie People of the State of,California send Greeting to R. H. Countlss, John I. Stonsland. HenriettaJK. Hobba. Klvli;, \V. I'e-rcv. Clare-nee W. Hobbs (aminor). ,->ml .lolin Uoe. defendants. . ion ,-iro he-rcbv required to appear in in, action bron-ht nsralnst vou hv 'he ahovn-namoel Plaintiff, in the- Su- >enni Court of the State of California. n and tor the ('ountv of Kern, apd iO. an>we-r '' " ' ' ' *'--- •* '-<if service i aYtt-r lhe-% l eVrv'ice"on* yem'of this summons if served within tho said C.ountv; or. if served elsewhere, within thirtV (1,-M'H. An I vou are here-bv notified that if toan>wer the Complaint filed tlipre>ln. ntv lal rn, the yon i til to so attnear and answer, tho tt'O . he . 'tiven under mv nand and the seal of the Superior Court of the State of s e , Plajntip will apulv to tt'O Court, for lief <l"inan<!ed In the Coniplaint. d the seal the in and tor the Countv of »',Clerk. By Beeleii Smith. Deputy Clerk. }\m. Sinner. Jr.. and D. V. Cowde ftttonicvs for plalnUff. en. 9-12 DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Burks Oil CemoamT, location of principal Dlac^ 67 business. Oakland. California LocnUo* ol oronerly. Kern .. NoUceAThere 'is delinauent uopn the followine described stock of the corporation, on accpuntof Assessment 6) levied OB the iBtb dnv of July, the several amounts set opposite _e »amps of the rwnectlve share- .olders as follows; Wo. No. Name Cert. Shs. Amt _ rs. .. . lar . H. Dprn Jr. B. Lam Kin Delia Shea (Jeo.. Smith. or> on manv stock . K. Stroud 293 5000 5Q.l] '.Thompson 2/6 1000 10.L And in acceffdance with law. and an 'dt:r of the Board of Directors made i the Mh dav of September. 1908. so " v shares of each parcel of such ; as mav he necessary will be sold nt public auction nt the office of the company. 1068 Broadway. Oakland. California, room 2f». on Monnav. the 19th day of October. 1908 at the hour of 8 o clock a. m. of sal- 1 ''-, v . to n«v said delinauent asscssiiie;-: thereon, toeether with costs of advertising and expenses of sale. A. A. SMITH. Secretarv. Office, room 20. 1UG8 Broadway. Oakland. California. 10-3 In the Superior Court of the State of California. In and for the County of In the matter of the estate of Frank . deceased. 1° ^ fort W. C. GRAVES, Secretary of Rio Bravo Oil Company, olfice 2270-A Market street, San Francisco, California. 9-12 LIQAk TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Nntice is hereby given that the taxes on all pcrsmtal property, and i'-half of the taxi's on all real property, will be due and payable on the second Monday In October, and will lie delinquent on thu last Monday in November next therafter, at C o'clock p. in., and unless paid prior thereto fifteen per •cent will be added to the amount thereof, and that if said one- half lie not paid before the last Monday in April next, at G o'clock p. m., an additional five per cent will be added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half of the taxes on all real property will be payable on and after the first Monday in January next, and will be delinquent on the last Monday In April next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and that unless paid prior thereto five per cent will be added to the amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid at the time th first installment, as herein provided, Is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid In the office of the Tax Collector in the county courthouse between the hours of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m, and 5 p. to. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, California. APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL In the Snnerior Court of tl of Calliornla. iu and for the C Kern. ..In. the matter of the estate 01 u?urK« K. Qber. deceased. \\. A. McGinn, the administrator of the estate of Georite K. Qber. deceased. havine filed his petition herein pravlne for nn order of sale of all the real estate of sale] decedent for the my-DOBes set forth in his petition It is therefore prelereel by the Judce of said Court that nil persons interested in the estate of snld deceaseeY, appear before the said Superior Court on Monday, the 2nd elav of November, 1008. at 2 ojcloclt. in the afternoon of court room of said "To. 2 In upeHr CourL State o'f why an th« Penartment No ttsfleld. Coun..^ ... .California., to show ...ler should not lie .sajd administrator to artment No. 2 in e Citv of Bakersflqld. Countv of alifornln. order should not be ' ..... trranted to the .„.„ „ se 1 the whole of the real estate of the salfl deceased nt private sale: nnd thnt a copy of this order be published at least.four successive weeks in the Ba- kersfleld Califor.nian. a. newspaner ' W. A. McGinn, administrator of the estate, of "Frank Lass, deceased, hav- ine filed his petition heroH. nravtnc for an order of sale of all the niinina claims bclonKine \o s,alfl decedent, for jtltlpn. Judee r. an order of sale of all the mlnlne m e p It is yjerefore ordered bv the purposes set m his pe of said Court that all persons Interest of said Prank Lass. deceased, appear before the said Su- dav ed in the estate of said perior Court on Monday, the 2nd dav of November. 1U08. at 2 o cloci?. in the afternoon of said day at the? court room of said Superior Court. Depart meni No. 2.. thereof. in the Citv of Ba kersfleld. Countv of Kern.. State of California, to show cause whv, an or eler should not be Granted to the s r iie administrator, to sell all of the minine: claims Delonsrfne to the estate of sale deceased, at private sale, and that a cooy of tnis order be published ,at least ipur auccessiye wetflcs in the Bakersfleld Callfornlan, a newsDapoi of eeneral circuiatTon. .printed _apr published in the Cltv of Bakersfleld Countv of Kerjp. State? of California. Dated (his 26th elav of Sent.. 1.908. PAUL W. BENNETT. Judge of the Superior Court. Tlips. Scott, nttornev for adiulutstrn- tor. BakersflelU. Cal. U-2tj NOTICE~TO TAXPAY¥RS~OF~THE CITY OF BAKERSF1ELD. Notice is hereby clvon that citv tnxe-s for the year lliOS are due and payable on the? "1st day of September. lOOS, and will become elelluatimit on the 2d dav of Novt'inher. 1908. All axes are pavable- at the offlcc of the Jlty Tre-asurer and cx-olllcio Tax Col- 'cctor. I8L'2 Chost(.'r avenue^ ^ Citv Treasurer and ex-ofllcio^Tax'' Collector. 9-23 . Chas. , f'has. Cnlifornhi Home 1 2,'iS •125 sion Assentation. I rnstee .J'eir Pl.txer._. Lewis .... slop Association. t rustce- for Prewitt. Edtrnr D. . He'sb. Laui'ii B Hose-. Walter M _. California Home Kxtou- slon A.ssoci,-ilion, trustee for Sehlneter. Fred W. 78 Sehroc'deir. Hoht 5:52 Sterlinir. ,L H 505 yteM-ilntr, Oe>o. W 14 Ciillfoniia Homo Extension A Hsoclatiou. t rust ce for TerroJl,, Daniel F.. .209 California Homo Extension Association, trustee; for Tift. Be-rt 72 Trodeen. Beiijien F. ...5:15 Tratidcn. Rucbr-n F. . ..S.'IG Warre-ckor.Otto 4.",4 Weisel. P. J 42U California Home Extension Association, trustee for Williams. Mrs. C. P. 44 California Home Extem- > 20 2,0.(HI 10 20 "0 00 20.00 20.00 10 00 20 00 'o ".">() 5.50 20 20.00 10 20 20 10 20 10.00 20.00 •>0 00 10.00 20 00 5.00 NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. In the Superior Court In and for the County ot Kern. State of California. In the mailer of the (.-stale! of Kmil lOrick.son. deceased. Notice is hereliv elv<-n that In pursuance of an order of the Superior Court of the Countv of Kern. State ol Cnlifomici. made on the iiih dav of October. HIPS. Ill the matter of the ess- ' ....... " . the late of said deooasKni. will sell <jl pri- to the highest bidder wv.njut-i . l.n'o, ill iiir- inuii'-l III lilt: late of Emil Krlckson. deceased, undorsitrnud administrator of the vate sale cash uold oip of the on Tueselav. the 20th dav of October, ' for United States . KKHi at 10 o'clock in Uie that day at the e>lflce of the said ministrator in , orenooii of e said ad(lie court house In the KI STEAMERS AtSJV AGg NT sion A ssocfatiori. trustee fe>r Wo odarskv. Meyer 202 20 20.00 10 10.00 aw and an . Californln Homo Kxtt-n- slon AHseM'iatiou. t rustee for Yoniiu. .las. B ..... '.\\1 i\i\i\ in accordance with 1 .............. order of the Board of Directors made on ' v e 2"th dav of Ainrnst I'.'OS. so pi;:u\- shares of each narcel of sn'-h stex-k as inav be> necessarv will be sobl at iiulillc auction at (lie ollici- ot the seeretarv of the^ company on the 20th 'lav of October 1!»OS. at the hour of 10 a. m. of said dav. to pay said delliuiucnt assessment thereon, toneili- er with t'eiyts of adverlisinu and ex- llseH fit sale. AI.FliKI) B. JOIIDAN. Secv Wasco. Kern Countv. Cal. !"-.! NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice is beroPv ulven thai (he Board of Supervisors of die c<»intv of Kern. State of California, will receive- bids or proposals nn to tin- hour 11 o'clock, a. m.. of the fith il r> ol wmlx-r. Ififis at Ihelr rooms in me Countv Court House, Iu the Citv of alierHflebj. Countv ami Stale .I'MH.- jilil. fe)r the construcllon of an a'ldi- i"(l lo. rind alicratioii 'il ilie i>n- ''lit Countv Hospital bulldim; as per pi. 'in and Miecillcatidns on file in l.he ofli'-e of the Clerli of Ilie Hoard of SMiier- Cltv of Uukorsfiejld. Countv of KITH. Stale of California. Beajesd liidH will be- rei'(>iv("1 liv saiil iidmlulstratejr for anv or nil of Hiiiel uroporiv ut his Hiiid office UP to the hour honnn named on said 20tfi ffav of October. IHoX. K<ilel hids must PC accompanied with teju per cent of tne> iimount bid. The lot- iowlne is a description of the propcriv offerexl for Hale: Twentv-five booltts. one 12-tuase Kiugle barrel u-nn; one I 1 - nauce Diunu cun. one> Raddlo. one- be-d- steml. niuttrods and Hpriiii.'.- one dri-s>- er: two birirc tabfe>R. .six chairs; one >fji: one ice uox: one desk and chair; sbos iiud pejokimr ute-nsils. The loi'c- enine propertv will !»• foiiml at the residence of I. T. Curtis ;ii McKlllrlck. K(«rn count v. Also one horse and four i-'OHts on Piislnre at tin- nindi of I)iiV(> Mttdelox. near th" town ol .VJcKilirick. Kejrn counts', where th( sum uv be- InsiMwe'd. OIK- dwellim: tiouse located In the, town of .\lcKittric.k. Kern For" 'further iiiformatieui apply U) W. A. McGinn, ailmli.iisiraior of said ..^tat«. \\ A. McGINN. ArlmjniHti'ator of lh( j eslide of limil niL... _. ... Dated thfs 2' ... Judee or ~<jott. Cal. ,, Thomas "gcoft". AttcTrh'ev' Bakersfleld, e Superior Court, for Estate. 8-2d In the Suoerlor Court of the Countv of Kern. State of California. In the matter of the estate of J. M Patterson, deceased. Notice. Is hereby civen bv the under sicned administrator of the estate ol J. M. Patterson, deceased to the cred itors of. and all persons havine ^I'lPP. a H alnst *h?.8ai(l deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within tour months after the first publication of this notice at the office of Thomas Scott, No. ISoli 20tb street, rooms 2 and 4. Hank of Bak- ersfleld bulldlne. corner Chester avenue and 20lh street, in bio City of fin- kprsfTelrl, Countv of Kern. State of California, the same liolnc the place for the transaction of business of said esfaff n said Kern Count v. Dated October I.'!. 190S. A , , , . » ( >RERf PALMRR JR.. Arlin nlstrator of the Estate of J. M real property described in the plaint adverse to plaintiff's ownership or any cloud upon plaintiff's tltH thereto, defendants. The people of the Stnte of Califo* nla send greeting to the Southern P» iflc Rnllrond Company.'a corporattoa, "he Pacific Impro-oment Com|)uny, » orporatlon; the Western Develop uent Compfiny, a corporation; «<Hf» 11 other persons unknown claiming \ny right, title, estate, lien, or lalef- est In the real property described 1» he complaint adverse to plaintiff'* ownership, or any cloud upon plains Iff's title thereto, defendants. You are hereby required to appear n an action brought against you bf, he above named plaintiff, in the St* )erlor Court of the County of Kern, State of California, and to answer ttt* omplalnt filed therein, within to« days (exclusive of the day of servlc«| after service on you of this summon*, f served within said county; if serv*) elsewhere, within thirty days. The said action is brought to deter> mine a claim made by said defendant* adversely to the plaintiff in and Mi hat certain lot, piece or parcel of lan.4 situate, lying and being in the Town ot Mojave, County ot Kern, State of Cat fornla, and designated as Lot Number Nine (9) in Block One Hundred (1M> of said Town according to the Hap thereof, filed in the office of the Gouty Recorder of said Kern County, on the Third day of March, 1906; t» compel the said defendants to produce their title, if any they have, to Mia premises, and that the same, and UM pretended claim, right, title, interaot, and estate of said defendants, an4 also all other persons unknown claim- ng any right, title, estate, lien, or Interest in the real property describ«4 In the complaint, and hereinbefore described, adversely to plaintiff's ownership, or any cloud upon plaintiff's tt- Lie thereto, and each and all of them In and to said premises, and every part thereof, may be adjudged and d* creed to be invalid and void. That the said defendants and eacfe of them may be barred of and from a'" right, title. Interest and estate In ana to the said premises, and every pan thereof; That the said plaintiff's title m&p be adjudged and decreed to be a goat and valid one as against said defendants and each of them, and all persoo* claiming under said defendants snt each of them, and for such other and further relief as shall be just an4 equitable as the nature of the cas* may require, as will more fully appear by the Complaint on file herein, ana to which reference IB here made aaC for costs of suit And you are nereoy notified, that if you fail to so appear und answer, the plalnUff may take judgment tor any money or damages demanded te the complaint as arising upon COB- tract, or will apply to the court for any other relief demanded in the Complaint Witness my haod and the seal of tte said Superior Court, County of Kern. State of California, this 10th. day •<* April, A. D. 1&08. (Seal) I. L. MILLER, Cterk. By Ham Farris, Deputy Clerk. J. W. P. Laird and Rowen Irwin, attorneys for plaintiff. 8-l« Thomas . Deceased. Scott, attorney for estate 10-13 DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice Is hereby clve;n to .ill pe sops ownlnir and koe>p!nir <(OI;H. wltbl the limits of (lie Citv of llakhrsflcF .hat J-,icense,Ta>'8 for. tho ve-ar lliir rn pow reaelv for delivery al tho o u ? e t? f 'i ne Citv Clerk, in the b:iseiiieni it Producers Savlnirs Bank liuildlnt: ind (in at or the elav of ,lanii in. I will proceed to Impound all ions found runniutr on the streets thai ire not we-arinu tho license tau fo; the; vear 1!M)S. .1. K. COX. Poundmastor. D.'ited .lanuarv !i. ITHiK. ROAD_NOJICE Offlce of the Clerk of the Hoard of Simr-i-visors. K<>ni Countv. Calil'onil.-t lo all non-conserilinu owners ol' ihe icreinafter described lands, take noice: I hat the- report of the viewers on tironoscd comitv road N'o i!7o de- icrilie'd us coniinencinir at the; corner o se-ctlpns 2i.2s.:i;! nnd :M ,,( TW\> !f> .South of Hancre,2': East: thenco vestalo/iir Jim! :i« te-et on each side )t the line between se>ctions 2s and :3 to the corner of sections 38 2!i :!2 ind n,!. a elUlnnce of 1 nilln. h-is heen el down for he-iirlnir bofore the said loard of Snin-rvisorH. at their rooms n the court house; in the! Cltv of Hak- •rsflold. Coiintv ot K.crn. Stale of (•«!• fornfa, fin Pndav Novemher (!, IfliiK it the hour of 11::!0 o'clock, a. m, vhttrn anv nnd all nersonn interested lhr-re,u mr\v ainie-ir and make- ob- ie-ct on thereto if deemed nronor. I he said nrotiosed road or public hlehwav will nass over tlireiuurh and upon the lands of (!e.-o. Havmonu and Men/o Sprlmr, NOTICE OF .ASSESSMENT. Snrlncfiold Oil Compaiiv. LocaUtlR of princlnul Plae-e- of business. BaKer&- field. California. Notice Is iK-rcby t-lveii that at •, nteeiiim ol the Directors held on th« -llli dav of Scnlember. l'.il)8. nn as- .sessnienl of eme and otie-duai'ter centv r share was levied upon tho c.anlt« layal IT old can stock eit the cornoration. payable ll»- niedial(dv In Unit,e-(l States if old coin r Ilie secretary ol said cornoratlo; oilice ot tlie eomnanv. room 1. ducei-H Savlncs Bank buildinK. e'rsheld. Calitornia. Anv stock upon which this ineiit shall remain unpaid on the 'HV of N'oveinber. i'.lOS. will be lliHinenl and adve-rtlsod for sale inililic aue'tlon and unle.-SH piivment t niade ho/ore, will be sold on tho 28tL av of November. 1!IOS. to pav the d«- iliKineiil assessment, toeethor winb cost ol ndvertisintr and oxpeinses «t sale. Hv order of the- Board of Directe>re, A. T l-KillTNEIl, Secretary. Olllce rejom J<r>. 1. producers „ iii!.-s Hank lm!ldni<r. ciirner liltn anel streets. Hakersfleld. California. NOTICE. Board of . .IASTHO. Bv order of tho said Boa Dcrvisors ||. A. .I,,.,. ,„,. Chairmim of tho said Board. (Peal)' I. I,. Miller. Clerk. 10- Su- 'firhl ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Rio Bravo Oil Company. Location • of I,:-:nci;'ai place of business, San ! rYfutHsro, California, location of ttorl;*, K> in l ounty, California. ' Noii-.) i.-. le.-mby given, that, at a ; II.t^JUhK' Ul '• l ' 1 ' liOard Ot 1-lll'bCKJi d In-ul Ull 'IK' i 1 -'-"- diiy IN Scjlli.illljlT ! ROAD NOTICE. Offlcc of tho ciork of the Ho-ird of nuoi.rv -o;s. [\..|-n Counlv, California. l(i n. ii:,u c-.tisentinir owiie'i'H o( the i ( '"'i','.'";r described lapds. take nei- uce l h-'l tl;e re-port of the viewers on nropo-e.l count v road N'o. 274 ih-- scrll,-,! as ciiiiiiiioucluii at the north, west coi-tier of se-ctlou four. Townsliln thlriv-one Suntli of Hant'e twenlvsev- pn East: thence seiuth iilonir and :;u teet on each side of line> between sections 4 and !.. S and !l. two miles- the-nce west n fine and HO feet on eaedi sHle or line bi'twr-on si-cllotiH 8 and 1 i one mil<- to county road No. 2fi. has '"•e-ii set down for hearlni; b(-forc the said Board fif Supi-rVl'sirrs" at In the conn hou.;,.. i n th ofK. No bbl or propei! will lie or considereil by said Board u |vceh< uuiess a bv a eerliflcd che<-|\ in in IK!)' ceni ol li bids. Bv o . 'lie wild Hoard of Supervisors re- vliiK tin- rlKhl lo reject any and all ori A 1 1 esl : ( ' s '" llt -r eif Ibe said Boanl of Sil- II. A. .1ASTIU> I'liairniiin ol said liuai'd. I L. Miller, Cb-rk. SiiDe>rior i Ifprnia. Co ... i;ourt of the.- State of Cal- County of Kern, era PaclDc RaUroad CoraiMinv. :. TB. TKT^R. OoiraasH. John 1. -i was levfi-d ntmii nil tho i HM| c .:-" "il etocl- or the firpor-! JS'II' 1 '" "lllJ (' II tO tlK' M'rr(."l'-v. tit ''fu> oliice iii Hi.' comiwiny, No. liL'YO-A. .'.tirket street near IGth ftroeit, Sun Francisco, Caliiornla. i Any »toe k upon which thin assess- i j iiient'sliall re-u ain unpaid on Monday, jtho 2<Hh 'iiiy oV October. HmR, will be-, I ij-llnqii'-nt advertised tor sale at' j public nuctleiri: and. nnlosn payment • I.J made be-t'eire-. will IIP nold e>n Friday, thu aoth day of Novornber, 1908, to pay the delinquent tmtiesKtnKat, together with the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. By order of the Board of Directors. of Hakersliehl. . -. ot ( iiliteirnia wb< sons interested UM and ui'ilie obiecii(jn advi-jalile. Tin' said in'oiio-i hi:.'hv.-av will iia-is upon the liimN r,f Land Ceuupam Th and .\niaranili I .an Hv (>rd"i- of ihf l/ervlsors. Attf-st: I I, (.'o'inl\ of Kern! Slain :<n\ and all in-r- n-in mav annear thereto if de-eineir] '! road or hiildie \'T. ibrontrli and IIM- Kenj f!(Dinl v • Iowa Comiiain I I'omii.inv. -•iid Board of ?-n II. A. .IASTHI) nil of said Hoard Clerlj. in |;l SUMMONS. I, R. .'. Htnnmol, of tne County ot. Alamedii, State of California, the pre*. eiit o«ner of the land herelnbolow do. scribed, do hereby glvy notice that t will, on the 17th day of October, 1904, apply to the He^isler of the State Land Ofllce, at Sacramento, California, for a duplicate certiilcate of purchase, No. 14R30, issued to Ernest i. Hummel, dated April 2C, 1900, on la- cation No. 4Fifir., Visalla Land District, for all of section HO, Twp. 29 8., R. 22 E., M. 15. M., In (he County ct Kern, State of California, containing C40 acres. Pate of first publication, Sept. 16. 1908. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Mascot fill Coiiiuanv. Principal place* of business Ci'iun on N. E. i', Hectloft 20. township (','.' Somb, Rnime 23 Ea,st_ Kern t oun! v. Cnlit'oriipi N'otle'e- ih l'i.:•.•'.•• .-j-.i-n tlu.t at & ine-otlmr of tho Htmn! e>l Directors of uie Mascot Oil Company, a corpora- lion, he-lel on the Fifth dav of October. l-M'.s. nn asM-ssment /if five- centH per share was lovie-d upon the- capital slock of the- corporation, piivtible, int- medii|lelv lo the Secretarv of the, cor- iwi"lt|ei71. ,"ll (lie lilMne'll flfTIi!'- of t)l>? Conipanv ileiom 41!i ClU/on's Nntleinat Bank Bnildlnir. oeirue-r Third and .Maltt stre-ets. I.OF, Anuoles, California. Anv slock iipeifi which thin a.s.seHS- meilt sliall remain iinnald on the I'Hi dav of November l!mx. will 1m delin- (inent aiid advertised for sale al »ufr- uitless p.'H'/llcMI If! lie sold on tin- r>!t. 1 !Kis. to imv the dc- linepieni ar.serspient. temetlier wiiti cosi.. of iidvertisiiiir rind cxncn'-c^ "I \V. M. NVALLACI-:. , ••tiirv of Mascot Oil Coinnatn. t)l- •. room II:: Cilixe.n's >il; liiillilim.'. corner Thii<[ .'ind .in streets, Los Anuelrs. ('alil')i': NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In tli/> Superior Court of the Coimiy of Kern. Slat" of Cnlifornla. WHiliini Collln«, plaintiff: VR The Seiuthe^rn Pacific Railroad Company, a corporation; VVestorn Development Company, a corporation; Tin- Pacific. Improvement Company, a corporation; ulno nil either persons uafeawn claiming any right title, estate, Hen, or Interest In the .m e'ilx nl I! !''oii,i'i. the" Ilie ' l 'iisaclion ol said e-tale in lh« •n. Htali.- of Cii'i'oi ,' un- 't» or n i hn .-ivlue (':). 115 inontn- afler (lift 1 - niiiice, to tn« (/(IJI-C 111 Cl •()]•(•«•• 'i lilni-li. forn.-ir -t.ii-r avi'iuie. in . Kei n < 'oviniv. ii-ins.' the place* ill', bUHlneh-H of '-"Id CoUllVV OL A. of Muesvie It. lOxeicvitor of the c.-ittitc tiiite'eT'at < 6'uiltM ; sneld. Seutember 1908. '

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