The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 19, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1908
Page 4
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Special Professional Visit Dr. Frederic Bell BAKERgFIELD, KERN COUNTY. CALIF01 MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 190SC. PH. D. Senior Expert Diagnostician 8EE WHOMJ HAVE WITH r • ME. ">^ The people of Bakersfleld and vicinity are given the greatest opportunity ever offered to the SMif- <•*•••*• *-••«. « •. **• -<j lering of aify city outside of (ho leading Medical Centers of Europe and the EIIB). Not only myself, but with me are two experts, men who are authors and to whom not only patients but the Medical Profes- alon la general has implicit confidence la their unlimited ability. Can't go on the Ballot .Tudffo Austin of the Superior Court of Fresno today sustained the pout- .lion of th« board of trustees in that '•It.v, to the effect Hint the saloon question could not go on the ballot in November. AT The season at tin; Seribnur was op- ] ened auspiciously Saturday night. ; "The Missouri Girl" was presented", 1 for two shows, one Saturday and the : other Sunday, and considering the j counter attractions both were well at-' tended. The show gave excellent sat I Isfactlon, Manager E. K. Grain baa' secured a number of notable attruc-j tions for early dates and a most en-! qeasyn is promised at tl16 '• \ newly opened ploy house. The Electro- Medica Surgical Institute OF LOS ANGELES, CAL. "HIP, HIP, HOCfRAY" HERE NEXT MONDAY "Hip, Hip, Hooray," which comes to the Bakersfleld Opera House on Monday, October 2Cth, direct from Weber's Music Hall, contains some briliant fooling, on breakfast foods and college athletics. The scene is laid in Doolittle's University and the setting of the College poat Club, the campus and the untVemft? i^fit race permit a great variety of colorful action. When the promoter of "Excited Oats" bets on the boat race there is a scene that will appeal to every American. Besides there lg an opera company in town, which explains the ?r£ 8en . ce , °.f Do all your trading at Hochheimer's—Here you get superior goods! —Little wonder that today Hochheimer's stand as the leading merchandise house in Bakersfield when you stop to consider, how from the very beginning, they have always given superior values-superior goods •-superior service. People enjoy trading at Hochheimer's-theyVe such perfect faith in the store, and feel so satisfied with whatever they buy her& Hochheihlers is a progressive up-to-daie store—a store that Bakersfield and her people have right to feel proud of. Satisfied customers are the kind we have—the kind we're after^-the kind we intend to keep by giving superior goods —superior service—-superior values. , ?r£ 8en . ce , °.f < W 8 Wire pr pretty' Iffrls In the company of ft* VlSienu. ••Hip, HIJ), liWJtf' 1 is by Edgar Smith, ftftd C,, 8 Edwards and staged Ijy Julian Mitchell. Grand Hotel Rooms 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. Office Now Open 10 to 1; 2 to 5 ; 7 to 9. ' And by appointments ELECTRO-MEDICAL INSTITUTE The Specialists cf tl ? iv]/. "J ic'•. !_ INSTITUTE would strrH^ly <•••••• the invalid (whoever lie r.i,,y !:•:•, and wherever he may re^idsi to ATTEND AND BE CURED. During this visit Dr. Frederic Bell will give to all, CONSULTATION, EXAMINATION. AND AD-. VICE ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE. NERVOUS AND CHRONIC BLOOD DISEASES CURED TO STAY CURED. Lost Manhood, Fits, Insomnia, Rupture, Premature Decay, Nerve Affections, Kidney Troubles, Mental Weakness, Indigestion, Heart Troubles, Liver and Bladder Disorders and any affections of the Vital Organs hitherto thoujjht incurable are successfully treated. ^•'"ALL CONSULTATIONS BY PATIENTS STRICTLY PRIVATE. N. B.—We wish it diKiinetl.i understood that we do not claim to perform Impossibilities, or to Uave miraculous power. \Ve only to be Skilled and Successful S|if- oialists, thoroughly informed lu our epecialty, CHRONIC IKSKASiW OF MEN AND WOMION. All applying to us will receive au honest opinion of their complaints. NO EXPERIMENTING. We Guarantee » Positive Cure to erory <»*e ^ e undertake and do not ftooept tor treatment any OMC -ve are certain we cannot evre. AN INCH OF RAIN FALLS AT GLENNVILLE. ,luhii F. Maio, who was in town jlrom Olennville yesterday, reports jtliiu there was a heavy fall of rain throughout that. section last week. Thursday an inch of rain fell at CilemivilU'. ST. PAUL'S MEN'S CLUB \ WILL MEET TONIGHT. A meeting; of the Me.iCs Club, of St ' FOOTBALL TEAM IS STRONG I I'aul's f'hiirch wil 1« hold (onlRht in jihe Ciiiild (bill. It win ne fol I liy a smoker and Hev. Crubtrcn ; 'Vr.ii all nieinbeis attend. WHITE TO FIGHT IN DECEMBER Eddie \Vhite, the Maricopa fighter, loft tnls morn ng for thc West Side b BLUE AND THE GREY TO BE PRE;::NTED AGAIN. "The Blue and the Grey will be presented again on Wednesday, Oct. 21, We Want You to Come in t SEEING 13 BELIEVING The Quality is High The Prices are Lev.'. A Complete Stock of Fiirnit.wre. Carpels, 1'ims, .Mnt.tinu's. |)f;iperies, Sliinle.<. T-Jniss iUKJ Kv.i'.iMe! Hcds, I'il- li.iVVS, l!edi|in;r, etc., i'1c., '•)• . Phonographs and Records. OPEN AN ACCOUNT II PHILIP W. n NlEDERAUK 1408 Nineteenth St. Phone Main 173 Tim English this morning announc ed the line-up of the town football . u fio)( , whcre ~ he win go to work team which will play the high school dre8slng tools.'Eddie feels fine after eleven a practice game at Recreation h , 8 (!I1 ,f nlntpr wlth whlte Hark next Saturday as lollows: Ca As ye t nothing has been done with a Itobinwin. center; Arthur Alexander return whlt(1 . Rt , illy flght The Fres . no contingent went back home without seeing Mr. Kehfeld. However, Mr. Rehfeld has promised White a fight for December 21st, and If Reilly is not secured some other prominent lightweight will be imported to face him The Maricopa lad will not flght again until the December date, and will work at Maricopa until December his training will probably and Ogden, guards; Gardner and \Ym. .1. Br :-a '>i;.v lie heard to' w «' s| . tackles; Homer Brown and .in th<- issues of Hie dav at "ilxuiey, ends; Griffiths, quarter; ••aiir's K-irnituro Store, lto,s'uitb Omar Cavins and Hugo McKJnley, I'orne in ana in-iir him halve and Tim Knglish, full back. The high school students are overjoyed at the chance to see their stal- wartH in action and there proniineb to he a large attendance at. the game Saturday. The town learn begins regular practice this afternoon. It is called a town (earn, but in reality is not i-iieli, us many ol (he second team players ol il'.e high ni-hool are incliul I'd in ihc lineup. NOTES AND PERSONALS. EMPIRE HAS GOOD BILL FOR THIS WEEK, The Empire Theater presents this* \veek one of the best bills that this city has seen for a long time In four of the famous Chine filnie. "Salome,. in Kaar'H hall. At the first perform-1 OI ' tne Dance of the Seven Veils," ance -which was given last Thursday i '.'.P' 510 " 1 ) 8 . UkeMother Used to Make," ... ' . I he Brides Dream an;l the "Dane- night there was not a very hnve , lng Flend » are wlla( thoy ,,. ive , o „,. crowd, owing to the numerous other ' attractions during the week, but MS the play is truly a good one r.n-1 is' v irh twn Popular so capably bundled by all of tin- it was thought advisable to re,mat ; • • «• the performance, and it will no .!o,ilit be well attended. After the play | Sealed dancing will be Indulged in. er in picture! this week. Mr. Pathe will till out program , "'ieie's *o; Our Sweethearts and "W'veV and "A Cosy Flat." NOTICE OF SEALED BIDS. ;! curb- 1 erade will be HARNESS OIL for Kradlnc: D street be- o~ office 6r .rn!°nergesi" "1623 ilJili 'street tn-een 19th and 20th streets and curb Mr,.: same to the official erade will be , received un_to the 25th instant at the iW'i !|t R <s A i Edinond's office, nostofflce, ' Ba!:o"sflehl. Flctires on cost of euro- Tor harness, carriag ""-', :' (>1 ' riinnini; foot, either cement Superior .Ind io liis hoini.' by Dennett is confined HARNESS OIi^ es, buggies, etc. \V. H. Wlekhnm's i-.-';"';'"e c! Improved SValer Proof Oil is the pe'r.ent. host. For sale bv W. Movie. ITT!! Chester nve. Phone Main 1291. 1 'i-M .1. B. BERGKS H. A. EDMONDS. T. ('. MKTCAl.F. rn t e- to 1 Mi'* \V S't. ('lair mn"h Improvi d this morning. Bankrupt sale of the United Har ness (.'DIIIpany, corner Chester avenue anil Twentieth street. tf Mi-is |Ieii-y (it ()ilfi>nti>i- \v;\s :i i;ue.--,| of Mrs. \Viel; lilfe todny. WOMAN'S CLUB HAD EXCELLENT PROGRAM. The Woman's f'luli ! ill an niton----! ing session this afternoon, and then was a fair aid ndiinre des|i|te ihe in clement weather. The ppiLM'am was as follows: Vocal solo, "II Bacio" Arditl) Miss! w<> <'XC"H !ls w" ' ls June Itarbei". a diseusMou ,,f ,1,,. ,„.„. i detail of tho ll(l!'Mes«. posed consiiinii,,,,:,! am, ndni.-nls on school affair.--. Mi^s Weill; pi;,no solo, "Sonata IVthciir" i H, i thuvi-n I i | i ., 1 djsi'llA '!se" ili'Hard Hu Biirnham Hunt; ics," Mrs. !•:. |i. |',,|-, sicin; vocal solo; ' l !<it I Miss .lane llaili,. TRACES AND COLLARS G- Are the main factors of i\ hai 1 - leatlier atul worctaiiiNnulnnhllniil) ness which requires the hest leuth- er and workmanship! Hint's where ery other "Wo carry the host draft mid IMIHXV collars to 1)0 had in tin 1 market. Our Miss trimming dcpiirtinent is complete ,,,,,i,., and all the latest season's yoods itro constutnly kept <m luind at the PIONEER HARNESS SHOP MATTSON BROS. MORLEY'S THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2007 Chester Avenue Continuous Performance 7:30 to 10:30 P. M. BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 9:15 Admission 30c No Higher STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. "Romance of the Alps" (Special edy). feature). "Two Great Griefs" (True to "Spooks Do the Moving" (comedy i nature). "The Locket" (Drama) "Patent Glue" (Comedy I. "Making Arabian Pottery" (In- SONGS—"Honey Time." structive). "There is Something Nice About "Crookodile Turns Thief" (Com- You." Entire chnntre of ?ro<rram Monday and Thursday nights. Matinee Saturday and Sunday. Coupons given ev^ry night. At end of month the holder of the lucky coupon Is entitled to a gentlema-Vs $25 overcoat or a lady's $35 cloak. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. In the Sunorlor Court of the Count '' la. In the matter o f the aiiidicntion .1 Hie "Hudnut Drivinsr Par 1 ; As:- n•..,. ;i eonwiitlon, to clr'ti'^" its ir-'ine to '! ill" hw filed ''">-• d'iv MI ai-ollcaiinti MIL; of the application tor ohaime o: M.-iin'e In the fori-i-r.iiv.r nropeedlnus 1»i| s .i>|<.r-K-ior'lv rii.--c i ! |-!.r t.-) n;e. tl<a- dav. the !)th dav uf N'o\ember. 1'ins ; ''i ri'flOCK a. "\. Ill t-.jd dllV nt lie tiarltnent one at it^ court room thereof in the t'ountv conn liou«e. [!al;ersfield '•iillfornla. and that mv and all Der- *ons Interetited In smd muter to be and ai'uenr before this court at the '-me and nlace !tfore«ald. and then 'ind th.ere show cause, if anv. they have whv the finullcation for the chance of namn of the stud roroora'lon should i not be cranti <l. and it is further ordered fiat, a ijonv of tt'ls nnler to <s\\ov eause be published in "The Bilkers-1 field C't'llforiilan. a nnw«uaner nrinted I •nd uiihllKhed in the Cltv of Bakers-I lield Oouutv uf Kern. State of fnli- | fornlu. accordii.i-' to law. for at least lour weeks successively next ureced: in" the 'lav of he-arine 1 . : It Is hereby ordere-1. that the fieri r- I to clinnKU its name to "Kern Countv I "iml the aimie is herebv set for M"n- I the following described stock on no count of assessment levied on tho Ifttr dav of Aucust. litOS. the severs.- amounts wet onnosite the names of tlu Office, Room No. 307. Producers PIV _ Dated, thtft fith dav'o'f October. IflfiS Stewart, WilHam 771 , 80, 360 10-e Jvdse of the Bunerlor Court. THE ONLY EXCLUSIVE PIAr O STORE IN KERN COUNTY. STEIN WAY! (Superior to all Other Pianos,) Kurtzmar.n A. B. Chase. Estey. fcterlinp; Emerson ai:.! ethers. Also a fine variety of Player Pianos. Lowest prices and easy terms. Orders taken for sheet music. Sherman Clay & Co New Fish Block—1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager CARELESSNESS IS RESPONSIBLE for the snilinir of ninny uic.e dresses and oilier gnrniPiits, but little satisl'iiciiiiii can ho ohtHiricd from tho iMd|ii'its. You can, however, have the satisfaction of having your (.'lolhiii^r (uirofully cloiincd so tliey will look like new nt the Pioneer dyin^ and ch'uiiin<j ostah lishmi'iil. NYlien spots ctinnot h< ri'inovcd, our skill and oxjicrionct- enables us to dye the <;iiriiii tit r darker shndo of most ploasinjr cf- fectiveness. Pioneer Gleaners and Dyers * i»tb St., Puoua MWn'175 A. C. Jacobsen, Proprietor. Work*. 189-133 aoth St Phon«MalnlKH

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