Standard-Speaker from Hazleton, Pennsylvania on March 27, 1967 · Page 3
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Standard-Speaker from Hazleton, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 27, 1967
Page 3
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Theme Winners Descendant of Judges Studies Space Law Are Announced By EVELYN LOXDAHL MONTEREY, Calif. (IP) "That kid down the street from me is State winners of the report theme stunyinS "Pace law. contest were announced jointly by . "c ma" w -lu " i Wltn more than one computer, Joseph J. Garnty, manager of the drives a stick-shift sports car, fre-Hazleton office of the Pennsylvania auentlv flies to foreicn lands. But State Employment Service, and! suddenly he seemed old-fashioned Harry Kenvin, Hazleton, chairman and S(luare-of the Tri-County Hire the Handi- Space law? Do space lawyers capped Committee. write city ordinances forbidding The theme of the report contest UFOs to park more than one hour was "Handicapped Workers . . Jn downtown streets.' LODDy ior Community Assets." the contest is! legislation prohibiting the marriage sponsored by the governor's com mittee on employment of the handicapped. It is open to all eleventh and twelfth grade students. To participate, students are asked to investigate how handicapped workers in their communities are overcoming barriers to employment and proving that "ability, not disability, counts." The five Pennsylvania winners were Patricia L. Lloyd, Pittsburgh, first place; Kathleen Umek, Jean-nette, second; Mary Jane Forbes, Lansdale, third; Barbara Brenyo, Clairton, fourth; and Vivian Cheryl Nix, Philadelphia, fiftth of Martians and Earth People? Set up traffic laws between here and the moon? "Well, that's not far off," said "the kid down the street." He is William Bull Pringle III of Monterey, a descendant of Pringles who have been lawyers and judges since 1680 in Charleston, S. C, and who were linked to the right side of the law even before that in their native Scotland. With that background, it is only natural that he has been fascinated with the law since his childhood. But Bill was "turned on" about space law at Occidental College in immwijmiiiiii ii i.,iimmM0m win wiwwmM m - r A ' l ppptL lmmm Hazleton Standard-Speaker, Monday, March 27, 1967 Study of J 09 Schools Shows Larger Schools Cost Less Per Student, Are Generally Better IRS Suggests Use of Form The virtues of the little red 200 to 900 students, the advantages .teacher ratios, the larger had more those in small ones. Fixed cost schoolhouse are dimmed by a re- of a larger school may be con-! experienced teachers with ad- such as depreciation, drivers' sal-cent analysis of the relationship sidered overwhelming in reducing! vanced degrees and broader cur- aries, insurance, and the like, com- bctween school size and pupil per pupil expenditures, according' riculums, as measured by credit prise such an important part of costs. to John H. Riew. Dr. Riew is an units. The smaller schools offered the outlay that differences in mile- Within an enrollment range of associate professor of economics 34.7 credits as compared to 46.4 age often affect total transporta- at The Pennsylvania State Univer- for those with a 701-900 population, tion expenditure less than anticl- sity- When enrollments increased to pated. Not only does the larger school 901-1100, per pupil expenditures Since the costs of public school spend less for each students, he rose from $374.4 to $433.2. This education are currently running found; it also offers decisive ed- rise, however, was accompanied by over $20 billion annually, citizens ucational advantages in curriculum a notable growth in the number of my want to consider seriously the anrl iaanhar crn i a li n ni inn iDaPriorc until Qrlvunporl HofTrnoc benefits of scale economies. Dr. TaxDav'ers who received a 1966 Difficulties in determining the while an average of 57.7 credits Riew believes. preaddressed Form 1040A are academic merit of a scnool nave were otierea. urged to file that form if it fits nindered realistic treatment oi Expenses fell again and remain- their needs and they are eligible scale economies. Selecting 109 ed stable in still larger schools,! to use it. public senior high schools in Wis- which again had more teachers Kenneth O. Hook, District Direc- consin, Dr. Riew set up six stand- with masters degrees and more! DOUGLASSVILLE Pa. (A P.) tor of Internal Revenue for East- ards to measure quality. credit offerings. In these schools 1 7-year-old Pottstown youth em Pennsylvania , said that sub- These included the average teach-of 1,100 to 2,400, Dr. Riew pointsjciied Sunday after a four-mile, stantial savings will be realized er's salary and years of experience, out, if one believes improved'ni"h-speed police chase that ;if thf form provided is used be- the average number of courses a standards more than compensate ;ended in this Berks County cause fewer key-punch operations faculty member taught, and the for the differences in expenditures, 'community, are necessary to Drocess the re- ratio of teachers with masters de- this may then be construed as an Pnlirp saiH thp rar u.-fnr nut long to everyone. "I hope we arejritory, who owns the craft and its turn. "It also helps us utilize the grees on the staff. The average economy. j0f control on a Y on Route 422 urn capabilities for which the Au- pupu-teacner rano ana me num- communities can avail them-iand upset, killing Lawrence Pottstown Youth Dies After Police Chase LAW AND ORDER IX OUTER SPACE While William Bull Pringle III of Monterey, Calif., studies to be a lawyer specializing in space law his fiancee, Gay Powers, pours him a cup of tea. tne dimensional. oung people oi me space gener- if y0Ur name or address has The costs, which Dr. Riew than they may believe, according Morris Eschback, Amity , we. Where does space begin? Is its ation. Nobody has the answers changed, make the necessarv cor- analyzed in a recent issue of "The to Dr. Riew. A recent study has Township patrolman, said the law boundary set by an arbitrary line? yet. But it's "kids down the rections and strike through lightly Review of Economics and Statis- shown that population sparcity does car had been stolen earlier : get'At the height beyond which air street" like Bill who have every tne preprinted information. If you tics." were for operational ex- not always restrict school growth, from a used car lot in Potts- The first Dlace winner will re-1 Los Angeles, where he will com ceive a four-year gubernatorial plete his pre-law studies this year, scholarship (partial) to college, a' "it's the new frontier," Bill says $200 U. S. Savings Bond, and a He wants to be in on the excite trip to Washington, D. C, to attend iment of developing an international ! the annual meeting of the presi-'code of jurisprudence to govern civilized enough to set up space information-filled computers? ... t . a. i ... a . a . i . i i: rr-i r . a . ... ,. . . . .... Cent's committee on employment, earthly exploration ot txxues in laws aiong uie lines oi interna-, inese are a iew oi ine questions tomatic Data Processing system;ber of credit units ottered were selves of the savings which larger Pcnwell. The youth was thrown of the handicapped. The remaining space. jtionai maritime law only tnree Deing askeo by bin and otner Was designed," he said. further indexes. school districts entail more easily from the car. winners win receive v. a. :avingsi -uur loreiamers coionizea me:uimenMoiiai. uunS pcopie oi me space genei- if y0ur name or address has ine costs, wnicn ur. Kiew than they may believe, according Morris Eschback, Amity lionds ot varying denominations. ,nara way. jbui manic sio mem, vie The Hazleton area participant in know now that a code of space this contest was Miss Mary Beth I must be established before we James, 80 James street, Hazleton.. up there, not after. We must de-iwm not support aircraft.' intention oi getting tne answers, have a refund due, this will help penditures. Capital outlay, debt In only 19 of our states is the aver- town Miss James is a junior at Hazle- cide ahead of time who gets trie ! II a mid-space collision occurs, ve nave no solutions. Bin jnsure delivery of the check to services and transportation figures age geographic area covered bv a He said two Pottstown police-ton High School. She was selected hot dog stand on the moon. Or if who sues whom? What are the says, "but we do have guidelines. tne correct address. were excluded. system as much as 225 square men spotted the car specdin" from 22 participating students to anyone does." Bill says. ; space salvage rights? If a United The last Geneva convention was Taxpayers should verify that Per pupil expenditures declined miles, equivalent to an area 15 and gave chase reachin" represent the Hazleton area. 1 He believes the moon should be- States satellite falls on Russian ter-.of inestimable importance to space their correct social security num- fairlv steadily from S531.9 in miles square. speeds up to 110 miles an hour Th T f V r 1S entered on tne return they schools with less than 200 students In addition transportation costs at times. The International Court of Jus- iie. to 5374 3 jn those with enrollments may not vary too greatly between The vouth lived in Penn Vil- tice, sponsored by the United Na- The filing deadline for 1966 tax up to 900. Although the smaller rural and urban areas and betweeu lage, a Pottstown housing de-tions, will be the body to appeal rtturn is April 17 17 umts had a ,ower average pupil. districts covering large regions and velopment. are violated, Bill believes. The fledgling space lawyer, who hopes to continue his law studies at Georgetown, has read every- WASHINGTON (AP) Somecancer cases and never seen; tion are carrying on pioneering; Iaw tJhaVs stm noJt danger signals are flashing in: such effects. ; experiments aimed at devel- much thg blond 22 .year.old s ' the pathway of the laser, per-! Warnings of "instant blind-'oping a deep space communica-; Any space lawyer wil have to haps the most powerful form of ness- from looking directly at tion s system employing lasers. iknow a great dea, ab0(jt physics light in the universe. laser beams. This might apply They are using laser beams to : chemistrv, astronomy and geol- But the laser, developed only to high school students using track several of the Explorer ; ogy Em aiready js nuent in six years ago, is already finding make-it-yourself laser kits, or to satellites at ranges up to near-itnree ianguages. hundreds of uses in industry, soldiers exposed to laser beams ly 1.000 miles. And they say the j His reading "not really extra- medicine, military operations from artillery range-finders. jProoing wser peams maae ioj CUrricular," he says also takes in and space flight. Some of the problem areas Laser Beam Proving Useful But Warnings Are Sounded snm. f thA iisp nrp;pnt or echo off the satellites can pin-!evervthme he can lav his hanrki rHr ct,,Hv ranop fmm trark- Point the position of a given ; on concerning UFO siehtine anH1 ,,-, i ciiifCc t .inin lav spacecraft to within three feet.! nvestiaations. cancer with lasers might cause er pipes, from removing warts lls 1U umes tne accuracy Presuming that there are hover- the cancer to spread. Another and tattoo marks to puncning -"-"r " cran mat can nover as success- scientist said he had treated 100 die holes in diamonds and from A , 1 Hotftinrr art frnnHs tn fur- na iifeaius nishing artillery range fingers ; Jf s.ers s a sort more accurate than radar. Pig In The Parlor Is an ugly junk yard a nuisance? Is a noisy radio a nuisance? Is an v. odorous henhouse a nuisance? chromosomes Consider this definition by the United States Supreme Court: fully as those reDorted in UFO military use of sightings, thev surelv must he rii- of ray gun, rected by intelligence from some- Brig. Gen. Ernest A. Pinson.i where. BUI says. And if that in- Vpu; iHpa for notential uses - , teiugence naa wanted to destroy indude USes, Office of Aerospace Research; us, its craft could have done so rwpAina nnism, illi.mi. say?J. i by nw- Eo, if there is human vwww0 l00king mt0 Jt DUt at nating targets on a battlefUd atth t u x do t mght. tracking enemy missiles, any .fic (antipersonnel) digging tunnels. 'weapons applications of the las- neiping mase new wer, That isn't to say there isn't! could hear him-"Why, he'd have! prouucis num vua., i....B , one.- f. ,jk f hurned at ths' within living Scientists sav the eve is the'etakp" thp vmmo snapp stnHpnt! cells, much like a meatcutter ; organ most vulnerable to dam-isavS' j slices baloney. Carrying mil-1 age from laser light. This is be-, Suppose we get to Venus or Mars' lions of telephone conversations , cause eye-equipped with a and find life there? What of our life and intelligence in space, it; probably is peaceful. j If Judge John Julius Pringle, one of Bill's Charleston ancestors, GIGANTIC MAJOR LABEL right thing in the wrong place-i llterally " the wings. L 8 ' Ienscan further iocus thepow-!C0de of space jurisprudence then? like a oi in the Barter." peering into ocean depths to erful beam. , Hqw do we know th . t find wrecKea submarines ana Scientists of the Armed it? pernaps sunicen treasure, map- Forces Institute of ept'U like a pig in the parlor. In other words, in comDlaininz about an annoyance, it is not Perna sunKen 'Z Z ' iTnpt. rorces InSt'tUte f Pathol2y "Maybe space law students will enouch for vou to Doint out how ping the mo" .an?. 1 . P'f nets are trying to define safe limits have to take a course in good old it looks sounds or smoIU You WIth Pencils ot ngni snot irom 0f iaser radiation exposure for. American salesmanship," Bill; ii itiuAS, auuijua, ui a in vita, iuu j;- - must also show that it is not ap- earth' d8nosin "ton dis- ( various parts of the body. some says. propriate to the location. For in the eyes of the law, when eases by harmlessly vaporizing j 0f tneir findings are dramatic a sliver of human tissue ana Research you choose your residence you are also choosing your environ ment. Choose the a the excitement of the city, and you also choose its clatter and flirt Thpv arp a normal pvpii an Pctpntial fnnturp nf nrhan livino COUntrj As one judge put it: analyzing the "smoie. and development His salesmanship is working! I hey have found, for exam-; well. He's sold Gay Powers of pie, that laser beams of com-! Monterey on the idea of marriage. paratively low energies, if di-: Bill mav not onen his law of-: menities and employing lasers is going on in :rected at close range through fices on Cloud Nine, but he's travel-; nunareas oi iiiuusinm iduma-ithe exposed scalp of a guinea ing around on it now. And hist tnrioc iini vprQitipc anrl military ! ,.n.. . . .1 1 j . - 1 - 1 i r j i . its viBt van oviuany udusc uie Dnue-iu-oe, nerseu a uescenaanii msiaiiauons uuuub"uui uic ; creature's brain to exDlode. of Albert GaUat n. th s country's; Lasers have become ;xhis results from water in the! second Secretary of the Treasury.! big business. 1 living tissue being converted to is right with him, ready to travel 'Without smoke Pittsburgh' s1,i,,- 1C u,0- a",c "l : nignpressure steam oy tne neat ott into space with ner man wnose' would have remained a verv Dret- lasers irom nana-neia moaeis:from the laser radiation. 'future may lie in the stars, ty village " t0 60-ioot-lonS monsters will : uV" "'!! 4?3j:Did you SNAP Easter Pictures?!; in terms of feet and inches. For eacning moaei 10 o,uuu dna up . example: .for industry types. I. A home owner was denied an! (1The word laser-pronounced Injunction against cooking odors : "lay-zer-'-is an acronym corn-; . blown from the house next door,iinS from the first letters of the.; uhen thP mnrt asPPrtainpH that phrase "light amplification by j . there was a space almost 30 feet;st,m"laTtcdu emissl0n of. rad!a" wide between the two buildings, jt'on." In brief, a laser is a de- But an apartment dweller was v,cf?r .gen"atinS fan. ense granted relief from the cabbage non.dl"usl"gh.beam of vlSlble or and onion fumes aimed his way bvi invisible light, the people directly across the hall.1 Laser beans contrast sharply Of course, to the person an-i of ordinary light, or nnved thP mprp loration of thpiwith radio waves, which spread and We Are Sure You Did . . . annoyance is not the whole story. in all directions . Laser beams!. Not evprv individual has the samp maae UP 01 "senuauy 01 ; "threshold" of irritation. A smell only one, wavelength, and all the: . or noise that vexes one neighbor! waves a given beam move m,; may leave another-equally close; steP one du-ection like!, to the source-totally unconcerned. ! soldiers in a marching column. J But as a practical matter, the!Therein lies tne secret of the . law must decide according to aver-! laer s enormous power. ; . age, not individual, tastes and , Outside a laboratory in Mary-. . sensibilities. Thus, a court re-land- a few n!ghts each montn'! fused to interfere with blasting ! scientists of the National Aero-;- noises which were irksome only to an especially nervous woman in the neighborhood. Even if it tried, the law could not please everybody. Inevitably it would run afoul of those people who, in one court's words, "consider all noises offensive except those they make themselves." An American Bar Association public service feature by Will Bernard nautics and Space administra- Advertisement It has been estimated that about one-fourth . of the families in the United States move each year. GETTING UP NIGHTS fTorr Common Kidney or Bladder Irritations make many men and women feel tense and nervous from frequent, burning or itchinc urination niRht and day. Secondarily, you mav lose sleep and have Headache, Backache and feel older, tired, depressed. In such cases. CYSTEX usually brings relaxing comfort by curbing irritating germs in acid urine and quickly easing pain. Get CYSTtX at druggists. You'll Want them back QUICKLY with QUALITY PROCESSING. Bring Your Film To CLARK'S CAMERA DEPT. Advertisement Advertisement Science Shrinks Piles Easy Way Without Surgery Stops Itch Relieves Pain ...Except In Unusually Severe Or Persistent Cases. AND DON'T FORGET . . FREE! FREE! With each roll of black and white processed by us 126-620-120-127, a roll of like size. And with each roll of Ko-dacolor 126-620-120-127 processed by us, also a like roll of Kodaco-lor FREE. 24 HOUR SERVICE on Black and White 48 HOUR SERVICE on Kodacoor P.S. . . for any Photographic J Answer Call . . . 455-5700 New York, N.Y. (Special): Science has found a unique substance with the ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, and relieve pain without surgery except in unusually severe or persistent cases. In case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. The secret is this substance (Bio-Dyne) -now obtainable only in Preparation H. Preparation H also helps prevent further infection. In ointment or suppository form. CAMERA DEPARTMENT Clark's Valmont Plaza West Hazleton U mi rfV-7 PAINT ME A PICTURE Gary Lewis HOLLAND, D0ZIER, HOLLAND The Supremes LADY G0DIVA Peter and Gordon MORE OF THE M0NKEES The Monkees SUGAR Nancy Sinatra TRINI LOPEZ IN LONDON Trini Lopez BHrtiMM aaijMa fjj-J Q D D D D D 0 D tup surwn 1 l - T AHU I 1 I S I I llrf A Sltf M - t 11111 fTI 'ft 1 f - mm OUND OF MUSIC Julie Andrews - Christopher Plummer Reg- Q19 Reg. $5.98 HI-FI $6.98 STEREO 1 The original Sound Track Album Reg. $4.98 GO D D D D D D D D a

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