The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 19, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, October 19, 1908
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BAKERSHELD, KMN COUNTT. CALIFORNIA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1908. Baktrifltld California* Every Evening but Sundays at iii'.Ki rsllelrl, Kern County, California. City and County Official Paper Ktitcred In J'osfofflce ,-it H,-il<ernfic!(|, (';<!.. us Second-claSB Mall Matter. In cents a month; $5 u Year In Advance ALFREDHA RRELL, " Ed I toTa mTpr op. Monday, Oct. 19 DEAR TOM:-- Today! Do it! Buy a pipe at Meroney's Monte Carlo Cigar Stand. All kinds of pipes Telephone 7". . . .7.".". ,. . (yjlin 31 ! 88 11 ing at 40,' Off regular price. BI1L For President, WILLIAM J. BRYAN For Vice President JOHN W. KERN For Congressman—Eighth District W. C. SHERHERD For Justice of the Supreme Court, F. J. MURASKY Tii ft l trip 1 Slur. ilc I in ihi> J. B* Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street For Judge of the -Superior Court, J. W. MAHON For Assemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN For Supervisors—First District, Wm. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District, J. A. JA8TRO MONDAY, OCTOBER 39, 1908. THE SACEED TARIFF EPISCOPALIANS COLONEL BLOOD MEET IN HANFORD The regular fall meeting of the San Jouquin convocation will be held at the Church of the Savior, Hanford, next Tuesday and Wednesday, and promises to be one of the most fruitful in practical benefit to the church of this district that has yet been held. The somewhat elaborate plans that hav e taken definite shape nre the outcome of suggestions which were made at the meeting held iti _ j BaketHfleld last May, and have been Jt may have been ohsorvcd tluit j worked out by committees appointed •whenever the advocutes and ex-iat that time. At the regu- poneulK of the trust party are run i lar business convocation, it. \» intoa li«»le in thodisc.ussid.i oflhej 1 '!' 01 ' 0 ""' to hold a c ° nr f ron «- ic <"' • e • L\ • church women, representative, as far issues of a campaign they invar- ! as may bPi of evlM .' y ,. omm , ln , ty wheru Jftbly tflkf r«'I'ntfe ''i-himl the 1,'iritT 'church people can be reached. Slim- and plead for tin- protection of julatlng addresses will be given, and In "home industries and homo products. The ride holds erood this year, even though Tal't and Hoose- velt have dcclfii-cd for tariff rovis ion, and tin; Chicago platform demands it. But the shop-worn arguments have done service- for so many years that the party champions cannot entirely eh-minate them now, even thi>iio;)i the Chicago convention occupied Democratic irround and tried to appeal to that fireat sentiment of tile- nation thai demands u reduction of the tariff as the surest remedy for the evils arising from the exactions of the beneficiaries of the trust hreedin^ tax. The local or^an furnishes I In- latest ease in point. It appeals to Kern county eiti/.ens to stand for the election of those who will mit no desecration of the .-,; tariff,and it makes tin- appea as tlleillU'll till' I I raisin men and th certain to In- cemvinced n jncndoiis hem-lit-; t hey ;n-i from the tin-ill', if <n roinmdcd of ii, J Jillt, al'otlinu I'.el- pl-eite-e-li Wool Wllcll, I'V tariff, Ihe- \vm buyer for his ]y to bo very iillVelive. Th of last year is still largely Wai'ehonse« : vnnc-h Hold, Well! feel- ,~l' cents a pound, an of it IHiim year's mi! put i.-, <»f tht 1 |»l'eil|iiei'|- wants it. This i, the fad thai tin flood deal hiuhi-r value, if tin-re lie. The on the value- e on wool, can talk to his IV wool to s< The same is tru are exporters that as it may, th that with a prote- Iheg as well as in the discussions it is expected that many suggestions will b" made for the greater useful- nessu of the guilds and other organized woman's work. The second day will be devoted to a Sunday school conference, designed to stimulate the interest of congregations and be of practical use to those who are actually engaged in this work. It is possible that one result of this gathering may be the formation of a permanent Sunday school association for the convocation. The committees In charge have been greatly encouraged hy the fact that the bishop and others prominent in the work of the dlocse will be [ires ent. This evening a reception will | )( . tendered by the Church ni the Savior congregation to the Bishop im/i Mrs. Nichols. It is hoped thai a'.l nf the [delegates who can do sn will jeach | Hanford in time for this u-ci.|iunu THF. LAST"DAY'S i AT FAIR A PERPLEXING ARGUMENT "I'm a runnin' Into a heap o 1 curious argiments" said Colonel Blood aa he pushed tne button In a .booth in at the Monte Carlo this morning, "and I got to say that it appears like I'm a gittln' the worst of It right along, though I ain't shore about the mean- in' of a conversation I has today with a feller llvln' down here in the Lowell track. Me and him has been purty good friends, and I says to him today, while we was leanin' on Martin Coyne's bar, I says to him,' I reckon you air a goin' to vote fer our candidate fer supervisor,' I says. 'The commodore has had it long enough,' I says, we'd orter have a change,' I tells him. •We'd orter to elect Crites,' I says. 'He's the man fer the Job,' 1 tells him. "The feller didn't say nothin' fer a ndnnit, him a thinkin' purty steady, Mid i hen lie remarks: •••lias the commodore,' he says, •heeii remiss as a supervisor?' he says. No,' I tells him, 'I got to admit that the commodore has done things up to the handle,' I says. " 'Ain't we had a business administration?' says the feller purty steady like. " 'I ain't findin' no fault with It,' 1 s.iys, not a feelfn' over comfortable with the way the feller was talkin'. " -Ain't our tax rate purty low?' says the feller, 'and ain't we a makln' big improvements In public buildings, and the like?' he says. " 'I got to admit it,' 1 says, 'but we'd oner have a change,' I says. 'The commodore's been there long enough,' I tells him. Our machine put up the major,' I says 'and he'd orter to git the job.' 1 says. "The feller he stood a studyin' fer a spell, and then he says to me. 'Col- niie),' be says, 'how long you been a dtinkin' this Hermitage whisky,' he -.i>s, 'or good whiskey,' he says, 'whatever name it goes by,' he says. I been a drinkin' this Hermitage,' 1 .us, 'ever since 1 come here from I .'^Miion, Indiana., more'n twenty- years ago,' 1 tells hint. 'I been a drink- in' straight whisky,' [ says, 'ever since I drinks at all.' I says, in a purty dignified way. " 'You ain't never changed off fei sody pop,' be or says, 'nor sasByperrllla,' nothin' that away?' he 1 says, purty Mme. Inez CLAIRVOYANT AND DEAD TRANCE MEDIUM. Is In the city and is recognized press and public everywhere. by this article, tin not been abl prop this year at any same is true ot prum prune growi-r with sell, what ndvautayi him. when there is m If ever n theory was fully od by a condition, state of the wool, tin- the prune industry da the arguments of tin- tariff advocates. The panic has sent the pr there is no duet, and ules in exis ers for the growers ill the \vnr The folio win if York Mini, a Tal't i!" times when parly lin drawn and inirty to place, win-n i-a policies art 1 l>eiu^r thoughtful no M ieal affiliation, 'lit the President in blind, bitter. uniii ; '«- oning partisan is -!i disgusting, and can < sidered as a positiv sion.' " \v:iy 'lay racing 111 il.i u is </i' mi int'i'i jiir i ; i f'lose lillishes, howc\' i . .11 fact that local horses llni-l..,. in the money in the runs, IM , sport to the crowd. The om.' harness event. thi- |,a<-e, proved easy for Ira lia.•:. loteel hy lic'ii Walker, tile' hi- ' er In the valley. Ira was pn-.-- the lirst lie-in by Stoneway, .11 alter tin. lirst In-at this burse v, more- to be heard from 11111! linvi' finished liciiim] the ilNian> in boll) of Ihe sin•cei'iliuir, mile bad bi'e u used. As il i'--y Kali' made 1 a pretty linir-h the winni'i 1 in t!n> second he-at. i ic-ai ill.' man 1 He-mi • vic't'ir c-atii' 1 in alone, at. ihe last, was in l': :;•_'. Local Horses Won. l:i ll' mile Mill was the' l r; the day. In ibis the was Miitinhed, while all finished In tlie- money pile nonii-nal IT \\e-ll In the (''olemaii, and won as )u> plensed in ,~l .--.e'C'iiiids. Kllpsie-ln's Kismet mare, I're'iiiiinii KOSI-, raced hy I'M Davis li'ldi'ii hy Donovan, was second. ' Jt.'nl Carlisle's rejuvenated chest inn '. I'.icUei staff c ami' in third. There wen 1 | six starter's, bin no others Iliau tin- 'n'al sorsc's had a chance. Some 1 dis appointment was c-xpi't'ssi'd ove-r tho ' fiii't that Myrtle' II., another local iheerse entereil Tor Ibirt event, was tin i al'U' to start, as the mare was ex '. pen te'd to Kive- lilass' horse a Rood '. run I'm- tirsi money. After be-ltiK slid- dli'd. liowe-vi-r, Myrtle became unruly and h.'r rid' r c'emld not brini; her Id rfylvesiro was also i .Santa l{osa was an i -vent of die day's purl was the' i hi -ec' -quarters run. is was easy for Hie- favorite-, Sehoti is< he, which won as il pleased, Si. Alba us lloolie'd up will) the hoiiie- stretch for a short ,1. \V l-'nrei WHS third, while' H, tile eiarU horse (if I'bil Klip- filiisbi'il in ihe rueli, lie'liiK mi- i raise a jiiiilup. The lime was 1 : is. Runners Made Good Time. This ilnlshcel tbi- pn>Kr:!in of the iv and we i-li. wiiich Ill's heen nc- ha\e been Hie bi'St taUi-rslb'ld Although disappointment to the y. and no Uni'w ri'cords ihe mute'i's and pacers. ie iiiuch to tin- liliiiifj of i uus. and two rei-orils, hall' a' "' I second , anil i-U:htli-i at '•> I II. were Kate (M. U-ggett) 3 2 2 Hasler awarded first money, Kate second, Stoneway Jr., Time 2:33; 2:31',; 2:32. "i.<l ra«', half rnile running. •. *. r <". Sihiifor (Colemnnl, first. •ilium Hose (Donovan), second. i.iistaff (O'Connors), third. .' . M seconds. Charles Eagan, li'i-u and Katrinu also ran. M and Sylvestro scratched. !:• a added starter. la.', three-quarters dash, • :- I'lirsf-. $I;TI. !:, i lionovan), first. '• •': .- i Meat ry ), second. '•' i: • r i Haehlnalupi), third. All Right also ran. Pi--nmirns Awarded. '• -!:e- pri/" of he says, asks me. " 'I never leches emphatic like. "'You air In favor o' stayin' with a good thing, 1 take it, Colonel,' he says. "When it's a question o' llcker, I shorely am,' I says. 'Colonel.' he says, 'as we fills our glasses fer the third lime, 'Colonel/ he tells me. 'a man as displays your judgment in liquid refreshments," he says, 'had orter to have a purty level head in politics,' he says. 'Think it over, Colonel.' he tells me, 'and see what conclusion yon reaches,' he says. "I got to admit lie makes a purty powerful argument, least wise one as appeals to Colonel Washington Blood. As I was a tellin' you. it's curious what a lot o' arguments I'm a runnln' agin in this campaign. 1 ain't up to my usual standard o' perflciency in debate and 1 ain't able to find no explanation fer it. Sometimes 1 git to thinkin' that mebliy I'm a missin' .loe Wiley more'n I'm a lettin on. They don't seem to lie nobody else fer me to advise with. I can't see Herring only once in a while, and them wrltfn fellers on our organ has got me Into a heap o' trouble, and there's Smithy has got his onwself to look out fei anil 1 ain't findin' much comfort in .ledge Black or .ledge Knye or any o our fellers as we depends on to do things. It shorely is a discouragin situation. "If you see this oil feller what we gives the chairman's job to, you tel him that Colonel Blood is a goin' to be at bis apartments tonight and is wautin' to talk to him purty bad. I'm a goin' to git another speaker down here purty quick, and I'm a goin' to to git one that won't answer no questions whatever, no matter who goes to askin' em'. CASTOR IA For Infants and Childitn. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of 1 (I ahl. M. Hoberts. !. Stabl. Ctoorp Vore Than Enough Is Too Much. To maintain health a mature man or woman needs just enough food to lepalr the waste and supply energv and body heat. The habitual eon- sumption of more food than Is necessary for these purposes Is the prime cause of stomach troubles, rheumatism and disorders of the kidneys. If troubled with indigestion, revise your diet, let reason and not appetite con f rol r,r. ( '. take a few doses of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets and you will soon be all right again, For sale by llaer Bros., Btltersfield; MME. INEZ. In a word, whatever may be your troubles, suspicions or desires, call on this gifted lady and she will send you away happier, wiser and bolder than ever before. The youngest and most gifted clairvoyant and psychic palm reader before the American public. She reads your life like an open book. Your palms reveal all questions per- talcing to the welfare of the human race. Marriages, sickness, deaths, changes, travels, divorces, separations, law suits, business transactions, wills, deeds, mines, mortgages, lost or absent friends. If you desire to be more success! 1 '!', your lost love returned, your domestic troubles removed, your bitterest enemies converted Into staunch friends, then call on Mme. Inez, She stands in a class by herself and Is the acknowledged peer of all -clairvoyants and psychic readers. She is recognized by press and public everywhere. Through her psychic powers absent friends have been found. Her advice is soothing and beneficial, giving them that piece of mind that wealth and riches can:, /t produce. Palmistry. .Mire. Inez is acknowledged the L'ri-'nti'st living authority on palmistry, f'orne and learn what is In store for you aiu', whether or r.,u you will be siircess-'-i!. Job 37:7 speaks for It.-elf: "He pcaleth up the hand of every man, that all men may know his work." A!' r>"n'!i!!!rs strirtly private and r-or.fHl'T.ti-il. Special low fee all this wee 1 ,;. Ariinetnn Hotel, Nineteenth and Chester avenue, rooms 55 and 54, Hours In a. m. to 8 p. m. * All (lasses of harness, saddles, whips, robes, blankets, buggies and evoryihins belonging to the harness and saddle trade ar e on sale at the bankrupt, sale (1 f the United Harness Ceinirany. corner Chester avenue and trec-t. tf <Blae Pitts for Blue ^People Something new in the line of a tonie laxatice. Indicated in all cases of liver trouble; will remedy habitual constipation. You will have to try them to know how good they are. 25c a box. It BAKERSFIELD DRUG GO. Kahler Bros. PHONE MAIN 42 Conwr 10th A I 8t«. Reopened Septomfoer 10, 1908 MODEN MST HtlTEL "rONEEE HOTEL OF 8. F. Cor. Powell and Ellis Sts. San Francisco, Oal PRED P. PUAGEMANN, Proprietor New Building. Every Moderu Convenience. 150 Rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship Offices. In the Heart of the City. Especially convenient for traveling men. PAYNE \& SON Funeral Directors Embalmers AMBULAGNE Phone Answered Day or Night Kern River ie Bakery. '•I'V. f'nri- t ! II' so'/ Collier's says Taft is "more sure-footed" than Bryan. That Well, we're for Bryan tie- lie's sure-headed. A billy i« "sure- footed" and so is a juule. Anyway, Uoobtivelt and Whil ll Will be' lik tilll' 1 In coin 1 '. Most ot (in- IIOIM-S the north at.tin, whil tho runner^ Angeles. ly lO Sf.llld for have smne .shipfied First race, in 6. Purse Summary. -:-'" pace 1 , H,-i lien ..- -I lilllll'l lleilll. -1 i' i a 11 (i •. (';l n i iv Knniii MI Se'Will;' pany. Musical Sp'-lix. I'e-aclle-.- (Ir.-ipc.- Indian < Mi - lumber Co. t'eiinpimy. M. Mercer. ' mture Co. ;:• si- Factory. •-. Hume t'oin- ll:ibi-r!'e-ld CO. THE REAL TEST It I'op I'll! II .IV \ ; I'eaiini. \V i s, ('iirus 11 n:- - ,|, c. 'ac! us I'.'i in,. , e Ostrich i.'.n |. Tr;SU-n p:iiii'iiii- Sin Silk exhibit I- c;i- Mniinti-d liii.i- )•; i'alnle'd Chin,! MI Of Bcrp4elde l * In * ;| vln ouech Trlul. There Is onlj- one tost Judge of the efficiency of and thai is by Us a'.-IHty which It Is Intended to the. vigors may look nice; and but the point Is—do th(-y c-i iti-ufl and Rtop f;iir.i.:v I'.i No, they do not, because It (toes to th>- i and kills thtj Kt-rm that papilla from whence t!••• : life. I^ettors from prominent ; where arc dally I roving t! Urrplcide stands the "t< It Is a dcllKhtful dre.-f-iiif, aii'l tree from oil or proa:-f. Snlel by l('ini!nK drngp's's : stamps for Pfitnple to Tho !!'.Detroit. Mich. > ' % 'PAINT YOUR HOUSE f House painting Is my special- t> ty. I use notblng but tne be»t * materials, guarantee my work j * and charge ronsonabln prices. i » I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor I t- ill/ B BV Pnv-r.e Main 172. M"-. Kobe - M- .-I)fe , Heals .1 1 1 Ira Busier (B, Walker) .. Stoneway Jr. (K. Moshur) 2 3 8 l!. \\'. Hrirris |i':«wini- -Mi-: \\;iier cubir- Killiie (Ulllliilm. l'ost:tl work Mrs. I.e-Ch.i:. I'ahUiUK Mrs. ,\1, Miller. I'lctures— K. N (lould Co. Photographs- — James Studio. Mrs. \V. . II. Miss, ' ' CHESTER AVENUE ' ' '• i NURSEK* * I •*!* ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. * yirst-class Nursery Stock, Trees, •:• I Shrubbs, Roses, Cut Flowers, Fl<v- •>• ' al Designs. Orders promptly tilUicJ -f i Corner Sixth St. and Chester A--e. •' j 'Ph»ne, Main 745 •!• j .t. * ,3. ... * .: .;, .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .;. .-.. .;. ! ads bring quick — but It s better . when made of KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR Of all Hours, thi.; Is the best. Learn it's goodness immediately. At all grocers. RIVER MILLS FLOUR DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONG CO. X DRUG STORE H Cor. 1flth and Q. Bakersfleld. >> Is the Paim; HMC-I a^o sit unodr our palms and drink a cooling, refreshing soda water and eat an lea "nurn or Ice. We sollciv wh.jlL-salw trade, both In creams and candles Piano Tuning Leave orders at BAER'S DRUG STORE, corner of IDth street, and Chester avenue, for L. GARTMAN, the professional piano tuner, located in Bakersfleld for the Inat eight yenrs. You may bo assured that he will put your instrument In first class tune, and order at. reasonable rates. Phone Main 39 SWEET BROS. Are Agents for THE ALBANY NURSERIES I! >"U need anything iu the run-".') line .(••• them ;it llie-ir rii!> h opposite Producers' K'-liii- e-vi e,i) liciirdsley canal. Write' U.' u Kural No 1. Dux S. Or cell tbein up, HlacU f. 11. BAKERSFIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU + When you want reliable help of v any kind at oo cost to you call fr OB up. We Uso supply Chinese t> and Japanese) help, t Phone 313. 1219 19th Rt NOTICE. lie! L!' •;.- conve'iitieiii tei;- K'erfi c will ii.i'i't in the "I'entecostal C of (!.'<• N.-i/iirciie," corner L'-lth stn-i-ts, liiiLe'i-KliiM, ('al., on tin to of Oct. Experienced worUers from JAIS Angeles will b< Brine "Wav«« Let every worker presunt. WILI 67 In eftftrge. r/.\piM-lenceu woriier.s , ;eles will be pres-em. '. j of Glory" »'-ng btKikM., •kor In the county be. | I WILL C, WILLIAMS, ! ^ OLD 1ELXABLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING SIGNS Phonv Main 1136 1627 Wull 8t I •akeraflald, C«l.

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