The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 17, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1908
Page 3
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I THE ONLY EXCLUSIVE PIANO 8TOBE IN KERN COUNTY. STEINWAY! (Superior to all Other Pianos) ... ON FRIDAY GREAT FIGHT (Continued from Page I.) A. B. Chase. Estey. Emerson Kurtzmann. Sterling and others. paced an exhibition half in 1:09, without driver or sulky. Or, a second time out. the horse was troubled with gnii- ing hobbles, and broke badly. The exhibition was a wonderful one, how', ever, and coming, as It did, after the «lil horse's hard-earned victory in the five heat race on Tuesday, he was warmly received by the crowd. !sv\ v . port is 2t years old and his owner n Also a fine variety of Player Pianos. Lowest prices and easy terms. Orders taken for sheet music. Sherman Clay & Co New Fish Block—1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager MAIN 128 TONIGHT When We Were 21 PRICES 10c, 25c, 3Sc, 50c MATINEES SATURDAY, 10e, 25c. Dependable Goods at Weill's Sweaters are Stylish, Neat and Warm (!et ow. XVo're now showinir all the new fall styles and we can assure yon they're very pretty. Sweaters are handy Ihinus to have, as they're nice to wear, fur they're light, warm and pretty. If you're thinking oi' buying a new sweater, hy all nieaus see our new line. We have all sixes—-all— f.nd many styles. Phone*—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street Honest values are ever wedded with trt' v.'r!s. We can s'»v-* vcu nio'.'i-^y 'f you buy o\ r a^:o:-t-..-rt. prf.. r-i.-is, kettles, wcodenwve at T.^c Let us a: ;iti yov. Winters, Simpson C for the soiling of many nice dresses and other Kannciits, but little satisfaction can he ohtaincd from the culprits. You can, however, have the sntist'itction of liavini.' your clothing enrefiilly cleaned so they will look like new ut the Pioneer dying and dcanintr establishment. ' When spots cannot b. removed, our skill and experience enables ns to dye the e-arinetit t darker shade of most pl-asini: el- t'ectiveuess. Pioneer Cleaners and Dyers A. C. Jacobsen, Proprietor. Eddie Wlilt J of JVlarlcopa and Joe Ucilly of Freaffo put up one of the best fights that haa been seen In Hak- ersflcld for many a day, last night. Uoth men were on their feet when the gong rang ending the twentieth round, and Sam Ferguson raised a hand of each flghter, signalizing that bis decision was a draw. Ferguson undoubtedly acted wisely _ _ ,, ani1 with good judgment in declaring Morris, a Fresno barber, says that he " llraw . «»t It will take him a long will vote for Bryan In the coming Unic to convince White's friends that "'--•--- •••---- - - - - the Marlcopa lad did not have the best of It all the way through. He clearly outboxed Rellly and In many election. He has a record of 2:14 the mile, going guldeleas. As it is record of 1:09, for the half mile here, comes within a second of the' 1 '" 1 ""' 8 E ddie's cleverness made Hell- record of 1:08 for the track, made! ly look llke a lumbering school hoy, by Allle Glenn last fall, while the ' • f()u had tlle fl Bhting ability. He track was extraordinarily slow yester-' w; ' x c ' uver . too, and many of tho day. liiows that White apparently landed Easy For Free. "' ll ' Mocked. Toward tho end of the Then came the auto race. There ""'". ">e last three rounds, Heilly were big thrills of expectation In the ! "" )k tlle aggressive, and while White crowd, but the event proved to be too i '""Sht him every inch of the way, the " ''elds boy had no power behind his iclies and failed to land any ws that really were damaging, "lulu Rellly, on the other hand, laud- easy for the Sunset car to be Interest Ing. Starting on the outside, Krep took the lead away from the Kissel before the first lap was finished, and , when the first mile was reeled off in ' (1 tlar d to the face twice and sent 1:29 he was ten lengths In the lead In the second mile the'Klssel be^aii In a number of body punches that weakened Eddie. It was on Ueilly's Choice Lot —OF— Bargains —IN— REAL ESTATE Baking l Days * Pleasure Days and all your pies ami bread and cakes are moHt delicious when you use Kern River Mills Flour . ...... , _ to miss, and in the third mile pulled "'">wlng at the end of the battle, ai'- out of the race altogether. Free slow- ' ed his machine dowp and rolled finish the five miles in S around to minutes, flat. Lathram at the finish of the race laid the blame for his defeat to a slipping battery wire, which cut out one of his four cylinders] Free says the Kissel has too long a wheel base to run on a half mile track, and claims that he could have made much better time than he did. As the feat- est mile he went yesterday was 1:20, while 1:26 was his slowest time on Tuesday, facts would seem to beat- out this statement. Other Attractions. i'T White's friends thought their boy i'iid the victory easily won,' that undoubtedly determined the decision, 1" the nineteenth White gained a 'lean knock down, the only one of the unlit, but save from the scientific advantage, was of no effect. The Fresno lad was on his feet In an Instant and enraged, started to mix things. Eddie cleverly warded off the onslaught and hero Kiive one of the best exhibitions of II!H cleverness. Both lads fought under a dlsadvan I age. White went into tho ring with a long poisoned cut between the Index finger and thumb of his left hand, and Heilly In the first round Injured An excellent balloon ascension was llle knuckles of his right hand. Ed- again a feature of th'e afternoon's (lle fought a one-handed flght and had ''«-' been able to use his lightning left, a most prominent section of his artillery in former fights, he might have sport. One of the most laughable In cldents, however, was a coursing match which was engaged In In the center field between races. One of sained such a lead by his cleverness the many dogs on the ground started up a Jackrabbit. Jn an Instant a dozen' dogs and three, hundred representatives of Young America, ordinarily designated as "just kids," were after that the decision would have come his way even if Joe was the best natural fighter. "He is as tough as a blacksmith." said Eddlo immediately after the bat- Hie jack. After leaping over and!' 1 "- "It was like hitting Iron to land through his pursuers a dozen, times J °» Joe, I am satisfied with Fergu- the bunny was finally run down by a , - s ' m 'K decision, l would like to meet- big white bull doe. but was r»spuf>d "Im again." by the boys and captured alive. ( " wllilu !s a good clever boy and If Summary, | ''£' !la d more experience he would First race, 2:20 trot. Purse $150. make them all hard to catch," stated Mile heats, 3 In 5. Heat? Lucy M. (F. Mochnrl 2 2 3 2 Miss French (D. Morris) 3 ?, 1 3 Expressive Mac Ot. LPRgett). 1 1 2 1 Expressive Mac awarded first mon- ev. Miss French sorond, 7-ucy M. third, i lory." Time, 2:<ll; 2:4H; 2:40; 2:34. t N" niau Exhibition half mile pace by Xew- nort, the guldeloss wonder. Time. 1:09. Second race, three-quarters, run- nine. Purse, $8e, Calendar (Bacbicalupil, first. Bright Albert (Masters'), second. Oluckstein (Donovan), third. Time, 1:10. St. Albans and Sylvester also ran. Charles Eagan scratched. Third race, 4U. furlongs for two year olds. Purse ffirt. Tbeo. Phillips (Bachlgnliipl). first. Heilly. "I think I put up a pretty guild light, and hope I get an offer to meet him again, The decision was all right, bill 1 will toll you this, there would have been uo holler from mi il \\liite had been awarded the vie- was better able to see tht A NEW COAT OP PAINT- COSTING, SAY, $2.50 Will save you ninny dollars in lumber. Now is the time to apply Old Mission Paint. Before the rain. A coat before December is worth 3 coats rfterwards. So paint your house now. Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. Out Ichamblin ir.n« mh St. PhimH Worki, 129-133 20th St Phone Main 168 THE NEW STORE. VISIT THE FAIR And Inspect our display of fancy wines and liquors, beer and soft drinks. All goodc exhibited are home bottled and comply with the pure food and drug laws. Wo also curry a c-mplete stock of imported wir.'- ; and liquors and will be prepaied to serve you in either large or small quantities. Fred GuntherCo. :95a—Lot 68x115% feet, on California avenue, near 11 street; fine residence to he erected an adjoining lot. Price $600 351—Lot (17x122 feet, on E street, loss than three blocks from street; fine locality $800 181—Lot. 60x122 ft., on 2iHh street, near corner of Pine; a great bargain at' $450 299a—Lot 77x115M> ft., on Truxtun ave. Can be had only a short time for $1000 98—Ten ncrcs, only half mile from depot, In Wasco colony; bouse and good well, also barn. Would ox- change for good property In Ilalc- erHlleld or Kern, or sell for ..,$700 554—Cottage of three rooms, well close to business piirt. of Richmond; would exchange for productive or income property In Kern county, or sell I'or ..... .$2500 GENTLE HORSES. \Vo always have on.hand] arid tfontlo 1 orsns that ladie drive. You will find everyl spick and spau about our stf] our horses good animals, anc" riagcs, cabs, surreys, etc, et| good running order all the W. T. EATLIFP Cor 21st and K 8U . Tel. Mj ,Si'/rc 1Mb Phone Main w.i.vl'OOIilB 1511 No l>:;r iittaclie.l. than Ferguson. Sam understand*, thoroughly llie Marquis of Qtieensber ;iy rules and bis past record as thin man shows that whenever he is call ; ed upon to fender a decision il come; i pretty close tu being the correct one i Every niiin, however, has an opinion I The house was clearly with TVhltt and there was much disappointment that lie did not get, (be decision, This much can be said, however. The best Heilly could possibly have got was a rlraw, and he got that. Hut little money "Tl'as bet on the fight. At the ringside even money was first offered, and then 10 to 8 on Heilly, A lew small bets were recorded, but $100 Sky Hess wanted to place on Rullly went untouched. White made a fine Itnprsslon by his clever leading and blocking, showing that about the only thing he lucks to make a real classy flghter Is a good punch. Heilly was In tine condition and all credit is due Sky Hess, his manager, for this. Both fighters put up remarkably clean contests and the best of good feeling existed. A return match between the two would be bet ter even than last night's flght and It Is likely that Manager Rehfeld will give the boys another chance. The preliminary was between Kid Parker of San IMego and Jim Hradley and was productive of the cleanest knockout ever witnessed In a local ring. In tho third round Hradley caught Parker on the point of the chin with a short right swing and the San Diego man fell backwards in bis tracks. He was counted out and it was fully two minutes before bis seconds revived him. Notes of the Fight. Hurry Miller, of Miller and Draper, tho Elk's minstrels, likes a light better than he does home cooking, and be made more noise from his box seat than any three big men in the Miller liked White. Aurello Herrera kept a tab on the rounds. He gave White tilleen, Ucilly two, and three even. "While had i' by a city block." The receipts were $'i::l. The light- ei-n receive it little more llian $ each for their efforts. I Sky Hess WHS Ueill.x's -•hief boost, or, but when the lociil lad seemed 10 1 be drawing awny from hi.-; dark-headed opponent, us Mio battle progressed, there was a deep, uloojny silence around 8ky. lie made up for lost (line during 'be hist three rounds. Kid Alexander was introduced and | offered to meei any II 11 pound man In) Die state for $300. ! Kid Parker and "Crab" Austin .; wer,. White's chief MM onils. Parker was the adviser ami made Kddlc ; IlKbl. il "clevi i" light. The crowd Has one of the best Matured and n."-.t orderly in a lout; time. Kverj ilium In ' miner lion " lib I (lie light \\iis well managed. l Uorealr••• < Mn^iers Katrina iConnors Time, I '2Ms. Fourth, liv< race, Piit.-e fltni. Sunset (Kratil. Fiee/, first. Kissel iiiert I..'Ubrain i, second. Time, v, miiiuies. Time by miles, 1:29; 2:5S; -l;3i;; G:22'/i.; 8:uO, 5613 — Seven room brick house, all good sized rooms, on corner lot, •i;',x12^ ft., Chester ave. foiild not build the house for (!:<.• price ............................ $2300 593a — Five room cnltage. on corner lot. ;;;!.x 1 1 r, Vis ft, one block from .street car, and near schools. Must be sold soon, or will be withdrawn fiom market . . ............... $1050 426a — Suburban homo, lii-Ing 2li ficrcK of bind, with 4 room house, slable, chicken bouse, tank house, gasoline onglni;, ele. Located in edge of Kern City. Price only $1400 95— UcBtaurant business for sale; has splendid trade; centrally located; rant? moderate. Oood money maker .................... $1000 291a — Eighty acres, located short distance southwest of Shatter on Santa Fe R. U.; splendid alfalfa country, where water for pumping Is ample. Per acre .............. $5 471 — Nice 5 room cottage, on lot :i7'^xl22 feet, on 16th street, near court, house; splendid for a home, or very rentable as an Investment; 'price ................. $2000 336 — Twenty acres of gooxl land, with holme, barn, etc., only 6 miles (com Bakorsflcld; nearly all In alfalfa. Owner Is to move away; will sell cheap ............... $800 116a — N'lce cottage borne In one of !'•<> !iiibn;-l>K of Oakland; would ex- rhangft for a home in Baknrs- llelrl worth ................. $1500 The LITTLf RACKtl STORE is now open in the old Dr| tier 1.*lh ami Chester line, with a nice new lin<| l)ry (jonds and Notion chillies, which will he on the .">, in, lo and 25c c tors. Special sale Satur of Ladies and Men's r ami larvre Turkish Bath T els. 'J.")C hose i'or lOC ; towels fur ">(">{: pair; L. 5.'. GODLEY & 0( Dr. J. S. Weu Manager of the Optical Co., 1033 I st| Fresno, will be in Baker one week commencing, day, October 19, 1908,1 will stop at the New S<j era Hotel. Eyes Examined All Work Guarant 296a—Fine brick bouse, well built, on well improved lot, fiOxliifi feet, N Hi reel, Korn City. Will RO quick „< $2000 120—Ten-room house with two baths lot 'iiixiri'u fi. on M st. close to R. H. shops In Kern City; $2'»> down, balance easy terms ( «4) /-C*^si SL (\ ^&*~--«?\'*—^n H. 6. Parsons REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 1707 Chester Avenue R. A. MOOR) Real Estate and Room 11, Hopklnt Bl Phone Main 433 BakJ Bankrupt 5t( OF THE United Harnesl Of all classes of Saddles, Whips, Robe| kets, Buggies and eve belonging to the saddle trade. •*••••• Corner Chester AvJ 20th Street.

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