The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 17, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1908
Page 2
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BAKEB3FIELP, KERN COUNTY. CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, OCTOBER IT, IMS. tlu Bafcenfleld Callfornian JFHiii'il K\'-ry Kveniir-; but Sundays ill U:ikerst:i-ld, Kern f'minfy, Or:lifonii.'i. City and County En; 'Ted in Poslolllr r-.d . -•• Si'eond-chi icial Paper nt Itiikcrsflcl Mall Matter. «ifif! const. The editor of the mortiiriff paper, \vi'. have no doubt. sUinds /•••jidy to further uiiy scheme for the iicurundimiKMit of his pnrty al the t'Xpense of the white eivili- /iition of the soulli, hut fortunately for the people tliorc Imve always In-i'n eiioiiyli AMERICAN'S in ('onyrrfss to dofVjit force hills [,'i ,•• n! ,i mouth: $. r > a Year in Adv.m ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. < ;m ,| kinilrci) proposed linvs aimed Telephone Mam 31 For President, WILLIAM J. BRYAN For Vice President JOHN W. KERN For Congressman—Eighth District W. C. SHERHERD For Justice of the Supreme Court, F. J. MURASKY For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON For Assemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN For Supervisors—First District, Wm. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District, J. A. JA8TRO SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1908 colored nini'i of tile north 'iiiul west, the intelligent, law iibid- iing colored citix.en, is not in the isatne class with the millions of il- IlitcniN; blacks of Jlic .south, and if tlie oryjin is serldnij puliticiil ad- viintiiirc in iir^iiinent by tin- elaim that Democrats have blocked the way to making that class of people the rulers of the south, th«rc is no ease to ar^ui 1 . The C'aJifor- riiuti admits it itnd is proud of tho fact that the partisan members in Congress have never been numerous enough to bring about that intolerable condition in the states that were formerly slave. And moreover it ventures the as- Kertion that the time will never come when a majority of the members of Congress, of whatever political party, will be willing to bring about sneh a state of affairs. What Haskell Says in Suit Further dl.siiaiebrs from Omaha concerning ttio KensMi'ciJiil serving of the papers in the Hasl«dl suit on Hearst give In detail the reejuii of the poll- tlon. Mr. Hearst in an Interview savs that ho does not In I he case will TEE QUESTIONS ANSWERED. The morning paper, chagrined at the outcome of the Shortridge meeting, has concluded to try its hand at asking questions, so it propounds some for the Califor- uian to answer. For the most part they are very silly ones, to be. sure, but the California!) is going to answer them, presuming that the organ is in good faith and real- | ll ' r '-ying hack to New York as quick- - -- ly as the railroads will hring him, Hearst Party is Disrupted NEW YORK, Oct. 17.—Hearst la come, (o trial as he had already offered to pay the expenses of such a suit, and accept service liy mail. To this Haskell lias replied as follows: As to Mr. Hearst's Omaha statement that he sent me a Idler stating that he would help pay expenses of my prosecution of him, and would accept service of summons hy n notice mailed to him at any time, hoth statements are falsehoods. He has not sent me word of any kind, neither by letter nor telegram nor in any other way. When I found that he had left his spectacular caravan on the Pacific coast and was traveling eastward incognito, I immediately guarded every trunk line gateway, St. Paul, Omaha, Kansas City, Fort Worth and Houston, determined that he should not escape me. Haskell's Complaint. The Haskell complaint against out honor and integrity, took up the' colectlon from, and "hntd tip" said Standard Oil Company, the defendant Insinuating, meanlns and charging thereby, and was by the readers of said article understood to mean and ( charge therein that said Charles N.I Haskell, wickedly disregarding and fg- noriiiK His d'lties and obligations to the people at la ore, did corruptly collect enormous muds from and dishonorably incurred improper political obligations in said Standard Oil Company. Plaintiff slates that the publication about quoted, in all its meanings and Inniii'tidos, was willully. wantonly, wickedly and maliciously made by defendant of and coiici-rniiiir tho plaintiff, Cliarles N, Haskell: that the same was and is false, which facts were well known hy tho defendant at the time of the publication tiiereot; and that the same was and is designed to and has the tendency to expose and does expose (he plaintiff to public hatred, contempt an I ridicule, to deprive him of the benefits of public confidence and social intercourse and to blacken, vilify and destroy his good name and reputation. That the false statements above quoted were published and circulated in various counties and cities in the state of Nebraska in Douglas ly desires on mat- but he will arrive here just lu time to unite only the scattered, fragments of what had been the Independence League party. Two weeks ago It was estimated that at the very hest the League party organization would not get more than 20,000 votes. There is no reason to change this estimate. Melville G. Pallister, one of the head-liners of the Independence League party, is out, and Palmlerl Is exp«¥e<J to quit at any moment. The candidates named by the county convention cannot be held together, and there will be only a fragment of a ticket left by election day. The state ticket will hold together because the nominees are day of election no fair statement! nearly all Hearst employes, and dare could be published in advance of ters that are very plain to most intelligent people. The questions are taken up in the order in which they are asked. Why is the Democratic party opposed to publishing campaign expenditures as well us campaign contributions? The Democratic party is not opposed to publishing campaign expenses. On the contrary, the party management and Mr. Bryan arc committed to the plan of publishing the expenditures. As the expense account runs right up to the Hearst reads: Plaintiff for his cause of action states that at ail times herein mentioned, defendant was and now is the owner and publisher of a certain newspaper, published daily in the city of Chicago, 111., and known as the Chicago Examiner; that said newspaper is . given a wide and extensive circulaion I In said cly and state and in the entire United States and evpecially in the states of Illinois and Nebraska. That at the times herein mentioned the plaintiff is now the governor of Oklahoma; that he was chosen chairman of the platform committee which drafted the national platform for the Democratic party in the presidential campaign of 1908 and was later chosen treasurer of the national Democratic committee, and that as such public servant and party official he enjoyed the public confidence and es- • «» teem of the people of his own state Wore Than Enough "' " - - throughout the To maintain health county. That by reason of said publi cation above quoted, plaintiff has been damaged In the sum of $:ioo,000, and that by reason of said wilful, wanton and malicious act, and as an example and warning to other wrongdoers and as punishment to defendant, said William R. Hearst should be required to pay plaintiff exemplary and punitive damages in the additional sum of $300,000. Wherefore, plaintiff prays judgment Mme. Inez CLAIRVOYANT AND DEAD TRANCE MEDIUM. fa In the city and Is recognized press and public everywhere. MME. INEZ. In a word, whatever may be your troubles, suspicions or desires, call on this gifted lady and she will send you away happier, wiser and bolder than ever before. The youngest and most gifted clalrtoyant and psychic palm reader before the American public. She reads your life like an' open book. Your palms' reveal all questions pertaining to the welfare of the human race. Marriages, changes, travels, against defendant for the sum of J3UO,- j tions, law suits, sickness, divorces, business deaths, gepara- transac- CASTOR IA for Infants and Childitn. The Kind You Have Always Bought 1 not quit. The state campaign has al,,,.-,, , ,, i i ready become a farce, however, and the election. Hut every dollar that [„„ election day the Independence is expended will lie accounted for; tO the publie We live " • ' ' •- That on September 19, 1908, because of his hatred, malignity and ill will against plaintiff, defendant maliciously, wantonly and wickedly spoke at Memphis, Tennessee, and on September 20, 1908 printed and published In his said newspaper, of and concern- Ing the plaintiff, the following false, defamatory and libelotis article, towit: Then follows a recital of the charges means that i Why shoal 1 IK $100 and less Ii. its coiltriliiilions al The mni'iiiiiir | point in ilii' a paigii fund jniiiii know thai t'.K- ( cunti -'li .itnin> o; p'ildisl;e > as \ve!|" )'.>' Muii aujouiii '.' already familiar to the public. The complaint continues: League party will bo badly "flattened J T '" lt '»>' said statement and publlca- out. |'.ion the defendant meant and intend- In New York City there is nothing '••ft "'' Hi' 1 Hcnrst movement. In ilrnoKlyj) i here is no trace of Its ex- In Queens the Hearst parly 000 as actual damage::, as aforesaid, tions, wills, deeds, mines, mortgages, and for the further sum of $300,000 as | lost or absent friends. If you desire exemplary or punitive damages. i to be more successful, your lost love 1 returned, your domestic troubles removed, your bitterest enemies converted into staunch friends, then call on Mme. Inez. She stands in a class by herself and Is the acknowledged pee,r of all clairvoyants and psychic readers. She is recognized by press and public everywhere. Through her psychic powers absent friends have been found. Her advice is soothing and beneficial, giving them that piece of mind that wealth and riches T ! cannot produce. Is Too Much, i Palmistry, a mature man | Mme. Inez Is acknowledged the or woman needs just enough food to ! greatest living authority on palmistry. Come and learn what is in store for you and whether or not you will be successful. Job 37:7 speaks for Itself: "He sealeth up the hand of every man. that all men may know his work." All readings strictly private and Bears the Signature of' fepalr the waste and supply energv! and body heat. The habitual con-I sumption of more food than is neces- { sary for these purposes Is the prime' cause of stomach troubles, rheuma-; llsm and disorders of the kidneys. If; troubled with indigestion, revise your j diet, let reason and not appetite control and take a few doses Of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets and you will ijoon be all right again. For sale by Baer Bros., Btkersfield; THE REAL TEST confidential. Special low fee all this week. Arlington Hotel, Nineteenth and Chester avenue, rooms 55 and 54. Hours 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. * i'. niiciilv disrupfed and (Is members uill drift hack ID (lie old parties. U» '"' • ">e (ii L;aiu/al ion lias frittered itsr-lf away. iin. lions nl' lar'j. 1 " •- .1 ,> i>y inter'--, 1 * that expert • ami it,-',-' ,- lien li'l'-m received) sotm-.spi' .'.ivor-. I'ri.'. the government. It iv wise I'm- !!'.< people to know \\ 1m i> ,-.,i ing in large amm'.ni-:. MI thai may .judge, before ,-l,-c!:,,n. n motives of the d'HKii' 1 -.. (ili\j the man who o-ivi -- - ;>NI ,,i has no occult roa^ni--. I'm 1 s, ing. lie could nut >-\ -••'•! !)N triliiition to altr.i'-t i ,noei; tention from tin- parly ivce it. ,,,The natural a-.xmuptio that the: conlnlnitoi 1 <,!' sn modest aiii'iiint is nc'nated Jjy one motive- -iV.dty tn ptu . .Under the plan propose..! I;, Democratic committee could nut :i j trust, official hen-i am numijer of il'm . checks to u caii.piii'jii ciiiniiiii:-.! in ; tho names of different friends an I em-1 ployea and so tave any amount he di sired and escape all publicity? i The rule fixed by the Democrat- > ic party for its guidanc". in absence of any law on ihe stibj might he violated in liie manner(suggested, but inasmuch as Mr. : Bryan lias laid emphasis mi i!u >! that no contributions! will be received from favor seeh-' ing corporations, and further, in-, nsmu'ch as till the trust* arc sup-j porting the Republican ;ui<l no) j the Democratic nominee, Ihe im-j plied objection does not appear to be valid HO far as the Democratic ; plan is concerned. Why did the. Democratic com'ie,<-- men oppose a bill providing a i»'tiaii.» : for commuting Iran.Is hi election-;,; voting llleKiilly and unking false elee tton returns? if. as the evening paper i Buys, the Democrats in tlm vote-l j against the puldicity bill because oi'J "provisions thai had nothing to do with campniMU romrUuitlims," will the ovonintf paper <|\iote the provisions ol Ihe bill that were purtl< ului-iy objec-. tlonuble to the Democrats and point out wherein they were unjust? The Democratic party voted for a white man's government in the • south just as it has always voted | and an it will alwiiv; continue to J vote. A campaign c->nir'!)iii!;i'i publicity bill on its merits, would hiive had the Hupport of the !><-mo- ''• crats without any exception. But : the Democratic party will never j vole to make tho black men tlm j dominant race in tho south, any more than it will suport Mr. Roosevelt'H ( and therefore Mr. f a) recommendation to en- NOTICE. .'•.'•::!'-'• is herein- LMveii thai I Intel) 1 "i ii'!. lo T ',e Slate Unar I of l'ri>on I lip-dor-; Id lie p-fiv , ,| I'riUI) ll.'e Stale I'rison al Kolsom aecordiuiJ: to law. U Signed. I-'HKI) I.K.MHKCK. Perry II. r>-,ll "Stllie Illnl Hill".. I'larU, (lie I,os Ann man. arrive;! in Of Slerpictde In In Giving It • Tbor- . iiininiiiiif aim cuarKU and was oy me'. ough Trlul. " 1 readers of said article linden mean and charge that this ; Charles N. Haskell, while, governor of j and" that Is by its ability to "do that said stale of Oklahoma and while which It Is intended to do. Many ti:vlr chairman of the .said platform com-' vigors may look nieo and smoll nl••?, mitlee was an "niretit" and "tool" of but the P° lnt is—«'" they eradicate Dan- the Standard Oil Company and .•iK, Ul ™ (Jff '^ ^^''"lif /,' ( ^ r . , p rupily I'ormed and fnime.l and assisted ' and'^UIs fh'c?" w'rm ""that" at'ta-'l-'' 'r- in t'oi'miiiK and framiuu the platform i pnpllla from whence trio hair ftl.; ::. of the Democratic parly, or a pa: I lire. thereof, to protect and promote Hie ir.-' I>PttcrR from prominent ppnp'p r-.--••• lerest of said Standard Oil Comnany Inhere are dally proving that NewljiV. , to tile iirejudice and injury ofA-ond ""^'^ .il'u"lU'tn'drc^i'n 0 \-l"-'r" and that, as treasurer of said 1). luo- "so,^ \*zV.n*\™g£lt™S<!n<\ VK-. -I rratle. natiounl oommiltee, he know- Btamp » for satnpla to The: JIc-r;/irld B .'.. Intfly, wieki'dly and corrii))!ly, with- Detroit. Mich. i good—but it's lie; still when made of KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR Of all flours, I'.ii.; the best. l.e'irn It's goo UK-SB immediately. At ail grocers. KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR ••%v f. A Smile All the While is the expression of enjoyment of those only in good health. You have never seen an ailing person srnile the smile that means a smile. Ghirardelli's Cocoa builds up the tissues of brain and body and aids the young and old in the enjoyment of real health, besides it pleases and delights the palate. 30 cups of a delicious drink 25c. Ask the grocer. •-/, •atls *-''W^•#WS Pills for Blue People Something new in the line of a tonic laxatice. Indicated in all cases of liver trouble; will remedy habitual constipation. You will have to try them to know how good they are. 25o a bos. BAKERSFIELD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Corner 1tth A I 8t«. Reopened September 10, 1908 EGODEN WEST INTEL PIONEER HOTEL OF 8. F. Cor. Powell and Bills Sts. San Francisco, Cal FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Proprietor New Building. Every Moden, Convenience. 150 Rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship Offices. In the Heart of the City. Especially convenient (or traveling men. * + * **•»* ********* CHESTER AVENUE * NTJSfZRY * ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. * * Flret-clasa Nursery Stock, Trees, * t> Shrubbs, Roses, Cut Flowers, Flw- * fr aJ Designs. Orders promptly flUX * f Corner Sixth 8t and Chester A<*«. * *> 'Ph«n«, Main 749 * ******•<•*********** PAYNE |ft ?ON Funeral Directors Embalmers AMBULAGNE Phone Answered Day or Night DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONQ CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 19th and Q. Bakersfield. KX- BAKKKSFIELD ^ ' EMPLOYMENT BUBEAU * I- When you vvant reliable help of •* I* any kind at ao oust to you call * I* us up. We ilso supply Chinese 4• and Japanesu help. + Phone 313. 1219 19th 8t + PAINT YOOR HOUSE* ' ' n • House painting is my dpeclal- t ' ty. 1 use nothing but me beat •» • materials, guarantee my work * > and charge reasonable prices. •* ' I. O. 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Ifolini'hs convention rur K"rn potmty will meet In (he "i'entecostjil Church of t.he Nazarene," corner 2-lth und 1 Ktreelw, Hakerbfieid, C'til.. on t.lio ISMi I Piano Tuning Leave orders at BAER'8 DRUG STORE, corner of 19th street, and Chester avenue, for U. GARTMAN, the professional piano tuner, located in Bakersfleld for the last eight yetirs. You may be assured that he will put your instrument in first class tune and order at reasonable rates. Phone Main 39' of Oct. Experienced workers from l-os Angeles will tio proteiit Bring "Waves ot Glory" song; booka. I^et every worker In tho county be present. WILL C, "WILLIAMS, OLD X1LIABLE Painters •NYDER & JACKSON Fainting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING SIGNS Phone Main 1198 1827 Wall 8t •ak«r»fl*ld, Cal.

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