The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 17, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKBRSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, OCTOBER IT, 1908 The health officers of San Francisco and Los Angeles were notified some time since that sick ducks were common and might be among those shipped by market hunters. Dr. R. G. Broderlck, heatlh officer of San Francisco, asked (or some ducks for examination and said the department had some sent from Lemoore, but all were drawn and nothing could have been made out of their condition. Al Tibbet recently brought In four llv« ducks, afflicted with the disease, to Dr. Fowler, who sent them by express to Dr. Broderlck. He will have the bacteriologist Investigate the disease from which they suffer and the result of his investigation when completed will be forwarded to Dr. Fowler. Not much duck hunting has been reported since the malady was dig- covered. Hunters are not 'willing to take the chance, as several cases of illness, resulting from eating affected birds, have been reported to Dr. Fowler. V BAlLOUlD-- OGGUPANTS GONE BITES MISTRESS Madam Wfrnda, whose troupe of performing English coach dogs has been one of the features of the county fair, was severely bitten in the right hand this morning by one of the animals which participates in (he boxing match. The fleshy part pf the palm was bitten Into deeply and three bites Inflicted on the back. The wounds are painful and caused much loss of blood. B. M. Roberts placed his buggy at the woman's disposal and she was rushed to the private sanitarium of Dr. Fowler, where the injured hand was dressed. She declares she will continue with her performance if she can hold a whip in the Injured hand and Dr. Fowler thinks this can be done. The dog has been disagreeable for several days past and the woman says she was expecting something of the sort. BEARfflLCOME TO NEW PASTOR nnr OTII I FIRE SI ILL YARMOUTH, Bng., Oct. 17.—The German balloon Herzegell has been picked up In the North Sea. There was no sign of the two occupants and both are believed to have perished. BERLIN, Odt. 17.—The balloon races that started here Thursday, have been characterized by serious mis haps. Fifty baloons started; two, the American "Conquerer" and the Span Ish "Hortense" burst In the air. Others, Including Swiss, Spanish, two Ger The reception given last evening to the Rev. B. D. Snudden, the new pastor of the First Methodist Church, was well attended, notwithstanding the counter attractions of the «yen- ing. The Rev. Mr. Henry, of Troplco, formerly pastor of the First Methodist Church of Bakersfleld, made a very eloquent address of welcome, at the close of which he extended the right hand of fellowship to the newcomer. He was followed by the Rev, Lloyd Smith, of the Baptist Church, who referred humorously to the fact *31Q, lllUlUUUlg OW1BB, OimillBIl, IWU VJtJI- , . .. . , . . ,.- „„„ - nnr.*laf man, and one American, landed In the' that though h e himself was a Baptist water near Heligoland/and the occu-' minister, he had been brought up and pimts had nprro"- escapes. The Brit- converted In the Methodist Church Ish balloon Banshee, which won the and that his wife also _ was a good international cup, landed on the coast I Methodist. He offered hearty co-oper- of Denmark. i ation with his brother pastor in at•__• tacking the stronghold of sin in this ALPENA, Mich., Oct. 17.— ! Twenty-seven lives are known to have been lost in the forest fires of Prescue Isle county yesterday. The blaze is still raging uncontrolled in Sheboygan, Prescue Isle Alpena and Alcona counties and in other scattered districts. It will take many days to discover the real death list. The property loss will run into the millions. In certain sections whole villages were blotted off the map. Fires are now reported at several places in Oswega, Wexford, Crawford, Grand, f ravers and Huron counties as well as in several places on the upper Peninsula of the state. Navigation is practically suspended at the Soo owing to smoke. Alpena, Long Rapids, and Rogers City were reported in grave danger last night. Only one church is left at Cathro, and it is crowded with refugees. A report brought in tonight from Alcona says a strip twenty miles from Hubbard Lake to the Au Sable River is burning. More than fifty farms are reported tonight to have been swept by fires today and their buildings destroyed. At Proscue Isle, on Lake Huron, Keeper Garrity wns compelled today to abandon the government fog signal station and Hoe for his HAINS IS INDICTED City. FOR MURDER OF ANNIS. I Pastor Snudden, in responding, laughingly said that while he was a iccanie known, however, that he went on to Onaway without stopping Ht Mc'tz. Both the Cadillac and Traverse City reports say that the fires in the iinrthuastern part of the state have started again with great force and are, threatening those cities. The fire is only a quarter of a mile away from Traverse City on the southwest. From the upper peninsula coint reports that the fires in Chippewa and Ilouirhton counties are very dangerous and spreading rapidly. A Suit Over Some Oil Stock Californian's Special Number Meets Approval of Public life. Ira E. Smith and J. B. tirut-ti IIBVI brought suit against J. W. Schultz, P. P. Weed and B. L. Weed over <50,000 worth of stock of the Marlcopa Road Oil Company. It Is set out In the complaint that the complainants paid $10,000 on the purchase price, and gave notes for the balance. It Is alleged that promises made by the defendants and representations have not been fulfilled. The complainants want certain losses and deficiencies made good and ask that the promissory notes given by them be protect- The twenty-eight page oil- and Industrial number of the Calltornian has met with the Instant and hearty approval of the public, and the demand for the papers is very heavy, oil men and others interested In the future of the county and in the advancement of Its resources sending In many orders for numbers to mall to outside points. Much of the credit for the success of the edition Is due to Mr. W. T. Moore, a trained newspaper man who has the happy faculty of knowing what to write and how to write It, and the Callfornlan desires to make public acknowledgement of the value of his work. Some of those who have endorsed the number as a valuable contribution to the advertising literature to the county are us folows: Captain J. F. Lucy—"It IB n great >aper and the CalUornlun has reason o feel proud of It." W. H. Hill, of Barlow & Hill—"It s a most creditable Issue and I like it very much." ' H. A. Jastro, chairman of the Board of Supervisors—"It certainly will prove a good advertisement for the :ounty and it ought to be widely distributed." Dr. A. H. Llscomb—"It IB a good Issue of the paper. 1 want some copies for mailing to outside points." F. G. Munzer, of the Kern County Land Company—"It Is a very splendid edition and will do great good to the whole county." Harry W. Thomas, of the Topaz 1O1 Co.—"It Is Indeed fine. We need such an exposition of our resources to show both the home man and the stranger how great Kern county Is." L. P. St. Clalr, president of the OH Producers Agency—"I think It is Sixty passengers on a ed until the matters in dispute are south adjudicated. A. H. Carpenter is at- special nutnber is very fine. It is filled with useful information for oil men." Chas. P. Pox,, editor of the OH World—"It Is the most comprehensive- and complete write up of the county's resources and industries that ha» ever been published. I have been here 16 years and have seen everything Issued during that time." Chas. Allison, of Allison Machinery Co.—"I have looked, the edition ov«f with some care and it has my hearty approval." Father G. G. Frumi'—"I want to congratulate the Callforuian on Its ape* clal number. It Is ffne." Ex-Congressman C. A. Rarlow—"It Is a splendid paper, and will do the county and the oil Industry mucb good. TO SELL POSO COX RANCH The Cox POBO ranch, consisting Of 4800 acres Is to be sold out at one* In subdivisions of 160 acres and the price fixed Is Buch that the property should find a ready market. The Cox ranch Is the home ranch of the estate, much of It being rich alluvial soil, as the result of deposit* from Poao Creek. The values -fixed are extremely low; 4000 acres will b* sold at $12.50 to $35 per acre, and a very good edition Indeed." ,J. A. Stroud, oil land broker—The 800 acres are $45 an acre. rated at from $40 to The Santa Fe passe* NEW YORK, Oct. 17.—IndlctmentH charging Capt. Peter C. Hains Jr. and Jenkins T. Hains with murder In the first degree were returned today at Flushing, Long Island. The bills are Iv^-od ir.ion the killing ol" \Vni. E. Annis of the Bayside Yacht Club in August. BUILDING A MODERN RESIDENCE IN PANAMA. J. W. V.'cbaicr, fanner. Is Duildlng himself a neat home on his farm. It will be a seven room residence, modern in every way. •hi. 110S. Ul.KR., CO. Plan to y Your Ne\v Suit a 11 Methodist minister, he had been | brought up in the Baptist faith, and he did not quite know whether this change In belief was a reversion to an original type, or an evolution. The visiting secretary of the State Sunday-school Association, the Rev. H'ugh C. Gibson, made the closing remarks, which were well received. Professor Nelson was the master o£ ceremonies and the exercises were Interspersed with vocal and instrumental musical selections under the di- ructlon of Professor W. L. Mason of the High School. Refreshments were then served in the parlors, which were beautifully decorated for the occasion by Mljs Lena Yancey and Miss Elizabeth Mercer, and the friends remained until a late hour enjoying the delightful social Intercourse for which the occasion gave ample opportunity. Services in the church will he held tomorrow, both in the morning and evening, and a cordial invitation Is extended to come out and hear the new minister prach. He is both eloquent and earnest. . **-*• FRESHMEN BEAT OUT .„_,_ SOPHOMORES ON DIAMOND. As a result of a difference in opinion as to who were the best baseball players the sophomores and juniors played u game against the freshmen at Recreation park this morning. After 13 innings of alternating good and | bad playing on both sides the ' freshmen came out ahead, 10 to 9. In the ninth Inning 'the score was 9 all. The sophomore-junior team lined up as follows: C. Baker, c; Bennle Porker p.; Goodwin, Ib; Owen, 2b; Tllton, as; Sears, 3b; Grandy, If; Mills bound Detroit and Mackinac train which left Cheboygnn lost night for this city spent the night of horror at La Roque. Flames surrounded the train and it was impossible to proceed or retreat from them. Huddled in their cars the terrified passengers spent the nijjht in momentary expectation that the train would be cimsimied. It wns saved, however, by hart! work, and tin. 1 passengers came on to Alpena this afternoon. It was first reported last niirht that Bishop Charles D. WiHianr: of the Protestant Epicopal diocese of Michigan was either on the ill- fated Metz relief train or in the danger /one about Metz. Later it discharged last The Jury was cf; Moeller, rf. The freshmen line up- -G. Hay, Dlx- 28,000 GREET BRYAN JN DENVER DENVER, Oct. 16.—W. J. Bryan Democratic candidate for President, was the guest of this city for several hours tonight and was given a most cor"diul reception, in spite of a threatening storm accentuated by fitful rainfalls, great crowds lined the streets through which the candidate rode to the Auditorium, where he delivered the principal speech of the program of speech making outlined for him. All along the line of march he was received with enthusiastic acclaim. More than two score of marching clubs from all sections of the state, followed the parade through the city's streets and as he progressed the glow of red tire and other pyrotechnics added to the brilliancy of the electrical effect and especially arranged for the occasion. En :oute, Mr. Bryan lusted thrift- to on c; Macmurdo, F. Citneo, p; Pugltt, Ib; Peckham, 2b; Potts, HS; W. Cuneo, !!b; F. Cuneo, cf; Hav, Dlxon, if; Ratcliff, rf. Here you can select VMIP suit from L. Adi or Bros. & Co. and Kuppenheimer & Co.'s high grade clothing. You're sure of the right styles here—sure of the newest materials and sure of the best clothes you can buy anywhere for the money. The new fall suits are more attractive and stylish than ever — the extremely deep lapels, the slanting pockets, the finished seams and the extreme length of the coat make the decided changes for fall. THE TOGGERY bOWIU. « ilOOM NANCE O'NEIL AND RANKIN MUST STAND TRIAL NEW YORK, Oct. 17.— Nance O'N'eil the actress, and McKee Rankln, her manager, must stand trial in Califor nla for infringing tho copyright privileges according to a decision handed down In this city today. They hitvo furnished fall for their voluntary appearance In San Francisco. torney for plaintiffs. No Agreement. Tho Win. Nusser Jury, after wrest ling with the question of the guilt or innocence of the alleged bigamist for nearly ten hours, could not reach an agreement, and was -* 1 -" 1 - - 1 '°° f night fct 10 o'clock, evenly divided, standing six for con. vlctlon and six for acquittal. Copartnership Fcrmed. M T. Knapp of Los Angeles and R. H. J. Hill of Mojave have filed articles of copartnership to do business under the firm name of Mojave Mercantile Company. The capital stock is $5000. Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation of the F. J Woodward Company with a capital stock of $100,000, The directors are F. J. Woodward, Anson S. Blake and Frank W. Belger. HAZELBLODGET A BENEDICT DR. CARSON FINDS LOST DOG BY CALIFORNIAN AD. Dr. Carson lost his dog—a * young setter—yesterday, and * placed a small want ad in the * Californlan yesterday after- * noon. This morning he receiv- * ed a telephone call from East * Nineteenth street notifying ( * him that it was seen in the * Callfornlan where he had lost * a dog, and that If he would * call at tho house he might find •?• the animal. This he did and * Idt-ntlfied the pup as the one be had lost. A marriage of much interest to Bakersfield people was solemnized In San Francisco today at noon when Mltis Jessie French of (hat city been me (he bilde of Hazclton P. Ulodget, son of Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Blodget (if thin place. Tho ceremony WHS wltne.ssed by u lew relatives and friends of the young couple.. After a honeymoon trip in the north they will return to ninkc. their home in this city. IMie happy event Is the culmination of i> couruhln dating from college .lays when both Mr. Blodget and his bride were students at Stanford University. Upon leaving the university little more than a year ago Mr. Blodget Identified himself with his father's oil itflnlns business. The bride has been making her home In San Francisco with relatives for the past few months. She was a guest at the Blodget home over the holidays last year and met many friends of the family, all of whom welcome her return to Bakersfleld. through the ranch, and Elmore station is the stopping place for those who* desire to see the property. Tho management has undertaken to spend $5000 to deepen POBO Creek so that the danger of overflow from that stream during freshets will ba obviated. An agent Is at the ranch, and all i Intending Investors! will be shown over I the property. Twelve hundred and eighty acres have already been disposed of. 810 JONES. So much has already been said and heard of "Little Johnny Jonos", tho big musical attraction nhortly to bo been In this city, that It will doubtless attract one of the largest mid most In the Lit t It- history Johnny fashionable audiences of local theatricals. Jones" Is described as a musical play In three acts. Both the piny and lh< address the crowds stationed at points i music is the work of (!eo. M CHANGE IN MAJESTIC PROGRAM SUNDAY. The mujestle's new program for Sunday and the first of next week will bo as follows: "Romance of the Oil Mill," (drama); "The Hut of Fortune"; heating powder (comic); "Ingomar, the Barbarian" (drama), special feature.) Songs— "A High Old Time in Dixie." "The Last Short Gotham." JUDGE SHOOTS HIMSELF IN A PUBLIC PARK. M:\V.\UK, x. J.. Oct. IT.—-.indue D«vi ' I!. Howell, of the criminal f.-urt e'' lliis city shot himself in the iieml ju i! e city parV tod-.i was •> ••\:\\\:: for him I may !• •' recover. T':e r;'.wh nlH-nipt w;i one of America's most gifted mid successful young authors, whose two previous successes, "The Governor's Son and "Running for Office" are well known to all theatregoers, "l.ime Johnny Jonea" will be presented hero by a company of seventy five people and with the entire original and mam- oth scenic production its seen in New i York for twenty-six week- last season. ilong the line of march, where ii h -d be.en arranced that he should stop and briefly speak to ovorllow ini-etliiKs. It required three quartets of an hour to roach tbe Auditorium In whicn were. ausembled 14,000 people. As many more were compelled u> content thorn- selves outside \\ltl r Kllmpst- of the, candidate as h-» pushed through the entrance way. Mr. Bryan boarded a liniiiimion train for Omaha Immediately alter the Auditorium meeting. A delegation of local Demor'nt.- accompanied him. CATS WORTH $10,000 ARE IN A SHOW AT DEL MONTE. PACIFIC GROVE, Oct. 1C.-Ton thousand dollars' worth of catH aro contending for honors and cups at the first annual show of the Del Monte Cut Club, of which Miss Gertrude Illaine is superintendent. Mrs. Lelaml ^,.^., Norton will judge the exhibits, which j) t . congressional campaign committee MRS. ,. W. Mrs. I. W. Tilpman was lirnuuhl in from McKlttrlck I.IM evening very seriously 111. She wan removed to the St. Cluir hospital. M""' e reports were received Hii.- and it is believed whe is out Sabbath at «* | the Churches GOOD PROGRAM AT WOMAN'S CLUB. Tho Woman's Qlub will meet on Monday next, and the board of directors announces that the program will begin promptly at. ',', p. in. and members are requested to be present at that, hour if possible. The day will be In chin-Re of .Mrs. Frank Webster and Mrs. W. L. Dlxon of the Domestic Science section. Folohvlng is the proram: Vocal solo, "II Baclo" (Ardltl) Ml«8 .lane Barber; a discussion of the proposed' constitutional amendments on school affairs, Miss Welll; piano solo, "Sonata Pethetic" (Beethoven) Miss Burnham Hunt; "Household Economics," Mrs. E. D. Buss, general discussion; vocal solo, "Because" (D'Hard- lot) Miss Jane Barber. |,,,i a y made public tho |,H|K'(I >'imti'iliUtloiiH of Tnt ... aggregate $12,744, while smaller comprise cats of different breeds, ors, ages, sizes and prices. Some of tho PorslaiiH ami Angoras run up to a value of $500. One enormous , r ontVil>utioiih brluu tin; white goldlng weighs 2C pounds. An- , ir oxlmatt>ly *20,ouO. other of proud pedigree i« Princess' Victoria with a litter of five kittens, Rev. Brunk of Dos Palos will preach in the ChrlKtlun church tomorrow morrow morning and evening. The regular Sunday services will be held. Rev. Brunk will preach at 11 o'clock and again at 7:;!(). He will arrive from the mirth tiilM evening. First Baptist Church. Corner Twentieth and G streets. L,. C. Smith, M. A., minister. Phone Mala 709. Residence, 1919 G street. Morning worship at 11 a. m.. Sermon topic: "The Sunday School." Evening worship at 7:30 p. m. Sermon topic: "Sowing and Reaping." Sunday school, 10 a. ra. Young Men's Bible Study Class, 10 a. m. B. Y. P. U., 6:30 p. m. The books, "Daybreak In the Dark Continent," for the B. Y, P. U. mission study class will bo distributed at this meeting. Prayer meeting (Wednesday), 7:30 p. m. St. Paul's Church.' Services on Sunday as follows: Holy communion, 8 a . ni Morning prayer and acrmou, 11 a. m. Sunday school, 9:45 a, m. The childron will bring their pledge list and money collected for the Sunday school maps and the prize winners will be announced. On Monday afternoon at 2:3(1 in the CHICAGO Oct. 16.—Tito Itemocra- j Qul | ( , 1( all Mrs. L. F. Montoagle of '"' St. Luke's Church, San Francisco, will spciak to tho ladies of the church. Mrs, Monlcagle Is a very charming terest. At. the morning service the pastor will speak on the theme "Sweet Odors from a Foul Caldron." A cordial invitation is extended to all. The Epworth League will meet at WflO p. m. At 7:30 the pastor will give the flrnt of a series of addresses on "Thrilling Adventures of Holy Writ." The* subject for the evening will be "A Prize Fight." These addresses will be both popular and Instructive. German Luthern. German Lutheran service at Christian church Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. Grunow of Visalia Officiating. .T. F. Lynch, the Stockton oilman came down from the north this morning. if danger. CONGRESSIONAL CON- „,._,.„ TRIBUTIONS MADE PUBLIC list of cam$100 or over. tal to ap- hostile political criticism of his judicial acts. The deed was committed in the presence of several hundred people. sln.-d by Otto Bee. winner medals'in England. Tho principal exhibitors prize Aiming tin- contribution* was one of $;!'ioii from the Democratic nation- ill commit tt. woman and speaker. Any " T. Lloyd, chairman of the are San ' committee, m tnaklns public; the Con I 11U J.JI 11H 1 1>"I *- AM MFII vi| n in c fcjun > • 'in *> - - • tin* Francisco, UJB Angeles and Watson-' grosslonal campaign fund, stated that ville women fanciers. Tomorrow the in order to complete the work tne animals will be put through their var-1 committee is in urgent need of at loua tricks and paces. least $15,000. who fail to meet and hear her, will regret it. On Monday evening at fi o'clock the Men's Club will mot at the Guild hull. U will bo a smoker and gon- ernl round up. No program has been sirraiiK'-d but thuro will be music and and discussions. It is an Important meeting. Methodist Episcopal Church. The services at the First M. K. church tomorrow will bo of special in- A. D. S. " Bronk-Lets " An Antiseptic Throat Pastille. SINGERS SPEAKERS PREACHERS EVERYBODY Use them for Husky Treats Hoarseness, etc 25c You get them at THE KODAK STORE. j. A. Hughea The Leading Prescription Druggist. Phone* Main 64 and 74.

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