The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 16, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1908
Page 7
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fWDAY, OCTOBER tt, 1W8. PLATTSMOUTH, Neb., Oct. 13.— William J. Bryan closed his three days waking tour of his home stnte with a large meeting In this city tonight, feeling that Nebraska can be safely counted In (he Democratic column this year by a larger majority than he received in 1896. It was a notable (lay, both In point of the number of speeches made, the size of the crowds addressed and the vigorous manner in which he spoke to his audiences. A large portion of the day was spent in his old congressional district and the enthusiasm which prevailed in his tour of the state was Intensified by the fact that these people gave him his first political distinction and have tollowed him with Increasing confidence as he fought his way up the ladder. Today they showed their af fection for htm by demonstrations at every station and by crowds such as the towns had never seen before. "My trip throughout the state was not planned because there was any Boubt about Nebraska." he said. "It was because the Democrats have been so loyal to me that I was not Willing to let the campaign pass without visit Ing them. "The trip, however, has led us to raise our estimates of the site ot the majority Nebraska will give. We have counted on a majority as large ae that given me In 1896, but I am satisfied from what I have seen and from the reports I have received, that our ma- jorlty will be considerably more than It was at that time. In no campaign in this state hav<j I encountered such large and enthusiastic audiences and the reports received from eyery precinct and every county show defee lions in the Republican ranks and con sequent additions to our vote. Our majority In 1896 was in the neighbor hood of 13,000, and there is no comparison between the outlook three weeks before the election at that time and at present." DELONEQHA HOT fcPRINGS. Moat remarkable anneral springe at California. An aosomte cure tor RHEUMATISM Forty-five nines from Bakerafleld la Wcrra Nevada Mountains. FIB* mm mer climate. Good accommodations. Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bak- •rsfleld Thursday mornings" between I and 9 o'clock from Arlington amd Occidental hotels, and from Metropole in Kern. Returns Tuesdays. Address, BARBEAU & ROQUETTB. ct Proprietors Nebrasks Safe Says Bryan UCQAU or Herman, p. M. ... ., airman, X MT 4B 'man. p. M. ., 46 ornla dome Kxten- fRmAssociatlon.trustee... „ .«.for Herrman. A.J. ...105 20 20.00 ;allfornia Some Kxten- rjionAssociation. trustee .„„ „„ for Herrman. A. J. ... 166 20 20.00 ?allfornia -tome &?.len- for n He1n?n t . i< B 1 .- t vV U8t . ee . 2 n 20 20.00 California Home Kvtpn- BJOnAssoc atlon. trustee, jan. B. Vv. . % Iirornfa Home' tixten- on Association, trustee Huddleston u.trusti a. Chai e Ex'ce for' Huddleston. Chas. California Home Ex'cen s.ionAsBOcfatign.truHtee . tor Keeney. J. \v. 151 California Home Kxten- sionAssocfation. trustee ,_„ for Keeney. J. W. 173 California Home Bxten- monAssocfatlgn. trustee or Keeney. J. \Y, alifornia Home fixten- 239 20 20.00 20 20.00 20 20.00 174 20 20.00 HH, _ J.UJ.1I sociatlg n. i. trustee "enry Cias v B. ornla Homo E*ten- Jion Association, trustee for Ijapman. 0. Jpm'e' 'ilxten- on Association, trustee LTemke. Lena ...., .jrtney. Harry 44! artney. Ben.< 48' Eornm Home I-xten- lAsijoctatlRn. trustee . J. S. . * er. Braney Ann .^.. [fornla HotneTFxten- issocfation. trustee . ^.ayronjKaympnd ..161 ilfo.rnia Home Exten- Vssocfaupn.trustee „ . .Aoore. Ida Estella 48 if ornla Home'Exten- jienAssocIatlQn. trustee tor. Morrow, Susie E. .307 Mullen, Ropt, Jr. . .no cert, nulien. Ropt. J. cert. Mullen. Root. J. . .no cert, jallfornia Home Kxten- 20 20.00 5 5.90 sion Association, trustee or Naeamats. Joe I. . allfornia Ho.iue Exten '..185 20 20.00 NOTICE, W. O. W. All members of Bakersfleld Camp, W. O. W., are requested to to meet at A. O. U. W. hall on Friday, Oct. 1C, at 1 o'clock, to attend the funeral of our late neighbor, Claude C. Smith. X!5 T. F. BURKE, Clerk. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Fourth Extension Water Company. Location or principal place of Business, VVasco. Kern County. California. . Notice.—There are. dellnauent upon the folluwlne described stock, on account of assessment (No. one) levied on the 2otu dav of August. 1908. the several amounts set ouposlte , the names of Uie respective shareholders. as follows-: , List of Bluiretiolders with No. of .cer tihcate. No. ot Name Calii'oniia Hoiiie Exten MonAHMiciiition. trustee for AtiKiist Anderson . James fi. Anderson .... Junies M. Anderson .... California Home Exten- r ;on Association, trustee :or J. B. Anderson .... . )a]dw|n, Cvrus ialdwin. Cvrus ..... ™:irter. John . „.. ^ slonAssoclatlon. trustee „ „ for Nagamats. Joe I. .. 186 20 20.00 alifornia Home Exten- ABSoclatlbn. trustee Nelson. Qeo. F. ...: James J. ' 'nnkA.andOrace ' trdee. Wlllard '. Jallfornia Home ExteB- slon Asgoclntion. trustee for Pender Geo. M. .. 38 California Home txten- sloDAsBocfntion, trustee for Dfckerson. C. A. ..188 California Home Exten- lon Association, trustee or PItzer. Lew 5.00 20 20.00 . nas. ome Exten mtlon. trustee u. J5aa:ar lesh, Laura a. 'e. Walter M. forn!a Home Bxten- LlflAL LCOAL. atousland. Henrietta N..HobpSj.Elvlra W. Percy. Clarence W w Hobbs (a minor) . and John Doe. Defendants. . .Action nroiirHtjn tpe Suoenor Court ( of the State of the coiiiuv or Kern, and the Dl.7l.nt filed In the officeJM the Cl said Ccurt in the said County. _ for (a jnlnori. ami John ~ hereby re brou "'it You are hereby an action tn_.... perior In and .renc . Doe. 'Pfiulreil HBai together wltb the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. By order of the Board ot Directors. W. O. GRAVES, Secretary of Rio Bravo Oil Company, office i!270-A Market street, San Francisco, California. 9-12 DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Bald Raele Oil Company ' linal -'— -* c '"' BC B folio'wlrig "describe" of principa Francisco. oru.. Not i the fo unt' of ... «r Qf -s. Bakersnel' •'•.—rnejC? irnia. ifori eld. re Bi-t; ,, Location slness. San 'Jo us! U .ocation 01 he State tJouptv 16. above-nanied. Pl$intl or the Countv of K« r the Complaint filed n davs (exclusive of _.__... ,3} lifter the service ou ,-_ ,, ihls summons if served within the salu — — — _junf trt answer the Complaint .. within ten davs (exclusive o: of service) niter th to annenr ou by e Su- 'ormn. ;erp. and therein, the dnv County":" or. if served elsewhere. In thirty dnvs. . .,_ ,.,..,, And von are hereby notified that if fall to so appear nm) answer, the itlff will apnlv to the <3ourt for e relief demanded, in the Complaint Olven_ under my nnnd.apd the seal you fall to so Plaintiff will the relief dein —,... ,~_ ,.,,-.- , .Given under my nnnd and the seal f the Superior Court of the. State of Lallfonfla. In and for the County of ern. on August .H-JP By Bedell Smjtn! Do Wm. Sineer. Jr.. and .. u .. u.uKd. .,,.. and D. V. cowde attorneys for plaintiff. 9-12 nD D! V V?& en. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. urks. nciDal Oil Comonnv. IX)catlPP of »lac» of business. Oakland. i oo»uo» oil property. Kern ounty. Calif«mia. No ' nt tyy. ;e.—'mere is dcliaauent t lowtuc described stock of tjon. on account of Asses, eviert on the 18th day ol --,... .--. -J>e several amounts set onopmte lie. names of th* r«B»ecttte snare- olders as follows: Ite. No. Name Cert. Sas. Amt HM mlt itrou trou trou . hompsoh And in ordei on, TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notli-p is hereby glre n 0>at the taxes ( n all iiersoual property, and one-half of the taxes on all real property, win be iiue and payable on the second Monday in October, and will be delinquent on the last Monday in Novemlier next therafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., und unless paid prior thereto fifteen i>er cent will be added to the amount thereof, and that If said one- half be not pni,i before the last Monday In April next, at 6 o'clock p. m., n additional five per cent will be added thereto, 1. That the remaining one-ball of he taxes on nil real property will be >ayable on and after the first Monday in January next, and will be de- inquent on the last Monday In April next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and that unlesg paid prior thereto five per cent will be added to the amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid at ;he time th first installment, as here- n provided, la due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid In the office of the Tax Collector In the county courthouse betw«e» the houre of 9 a. m. and 12 a., and 1 p. m. and 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908 C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kem County, California. delinauent upon ' stock, on ac- svled on the j. the several amounts set opposite the narne.9 of the respective sharehold.ers, LtQAfc ount' of assessment, 4th dav of Aueust. 180 ! Maurice SIlbersteiuT W. F. Perkins and Joseph M. M d No. <>rt. mes follows: o. s. Amt. i law. and an rectors made Q v,jiber, 1908. » 'acS-parcel, ol^ucj m/iy iiblic stock as , ;pl« at PU ompanv. 1 t ot sain dellno toeether w expense* o be ojf necessary ion at tbe^._,- -,\— tfaltland. onqav.. the t the hour 8 at "arm~."'o'f "said qay,.to oay nent , thereon. room ,20. oj Oct Office, room' 20.' 10 land. California. ssment . ti.w.^«... of advertising and J TH. Secretary Broadway. Qak- ak 10-3 S lonAssoc! r tr— atibn.trustee „„ .. Daniel F...269 iome Exten- .'or Terrel California , sion Association, trustee for Tlft, Bert .... rodtren. Reuben F. eden. Ryeben F. rna* slonAi's.oclatlbri'. tFustoe 20 20.00 ouposlte .the - e ---Bh' uhares ami amount'dlfe": Cr°t. Shs. Amt. .rienrd. Thou. Geo. ,.,..364 .Jeckt-tt. Alice M 412 Bennett. Jlr«. Snr-th ..348 California Home Extension Association, trustee tor Benl<-m. Ferd. Q- • -279 i.,uiioitihi home Extension Ahsociat ion. trustee tor Bti\ve'.-. Siiiuuel ... 36 California Home Uxten- s'.on Association, trustee 20HI 1 . 10.00 Tro waFreckief.'dttd Wetsel. P. J California Home Extension Association, trustee ,, for Winiams. Mrs. C. P. 44 Cn Ilfornia Home Exten- sIonAssoc.fatlpn. trustee for \YoJodirsUv. Mever 202 California Home Kxten- sionAssoclaUon. trustee foV Young. .Yas, B. ...,31V, 10 10.00 And In accordance with law and an order or the Board of Directors made on the 2Mh dav of .August, 1508. t 5.00 20 20.00 APPLLCATION FOR ORDER TO SELL CERTAIN WINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS. DECEASED. In the Superior Court of the State CalftornlaVln and for the County of 8m n the matter of the estate of Frank ..." A? C Mclflrin, administrator of .the estate of Trank Lass..deceased, na_v^ filed ing his petition rder of s belonglnK ., her,"'", praying ll the, m eceden , erefore ordered by the urt that all persons Int e estate of said Frank annear before the sai 2ni for an order of sale of ail the, mining claims belonging to sala deceder — the ourposes set forth ln.nls.pei It IB th of said C ed in thi deceased, an —... .„. w --«- !>eripr Court on Mondny. the 2nd da> of November. 190S. at 2 o'clock, in the afternoon of said dav ,,at the cc'irt )f said Superior Court. Depart . 2. thereof. In the Citv of Bn ...,„ .. County of Kern. State o Cairfornia. to show cause why an order should not oe cranted to the, said administrator, to sell all of the mininc claims oelonKlne to the estate of said deceased, at private sale, and .that a _j- ijjj-g or< j er g e U u.bllsbed room en APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL In the Superior Court of th< of- Cairforniu. in nnd for the Co' K^rn lt . .. (e efltate o j e State unty of the Administrator of rxe K. Tiber, dece his . "executors last will an ment of N. .....unk . Deminp unk I . Bos urrv nown u unknown Mrs. Fredericks unknown M. Elrna Sinclair un Elizabeth Dernin un Elizabeth R. Sine un ersteln. !. M. Rumr . H.Rumr taurice Silui-iniciu. W. F. Perkins and Joseph M. Mas ten. of tha L testa- mown air cnown mown known , . _.. _.,8fQn. exec last \i. ment OL ... .. ten. decease^. , ,,..., unknown 4166% Unknown owners. ,_, ~ , ^ ^ unknown 170 C. L. Donjcherty . : unknown.. .6 And In acordani order of the Boar on the 24th many shares 416.66 17.00 . .60 law. and an ~ito~ — e Comiianv _reet. TSan 1 [he 16th, gay, , hour prT.lS o doc nav dellnauent L toeetner wltn cos' Office, room; San FrancUco, a of Directors made of.AiunisL IMS. so saen naroel of suph „_ necessary, •'tiH auction, room^. .v of eacn ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. In the Suoerlor Court ot.the County of Kern. State of .Cftl" 1 fornia, , SCS set forth in ~ tw UTDO It is therefore ord~ered of said Court that nil nerson ed in the estate of said dec t} Sut.e s n. e (fecedent. for the his - petition, an order of sale of a ,°/ t f DV the Judee rsons interest- _r — -^- - — - ."'j" y^ 'iPCftftBCQi ftw" A^ A» e ^ ore .t nen8 ^ 1: t Sunev'or Court 9Bft8«onday. the ,2nd d,\v ot .\r> <- pmber. Iffpft. at 2 o'clock. In the afternoon of said day at tne_court room of sn|d » u P e HP. r Co . ur U P ena J' ( l 1 ienl, No - 2 in the City of Bakersfleld. County^ of Kern. State of .California- to show cause why an order should not be granted to the said admlniBtrator to sell tne whole of the real estate of the a copy of this order be published at least four successive weeks in the Ba- Kersfleld Callfornian. a newspaper of il. circulation, printed and bt or Bakersfle; if Califo in jjauiornian. a 1 Circulfitlon r>r In tne Cltv e ' of Kern. State id this 26th dav c Thomas Scoft, Bakersneld. Cal. the Superior Attorney for e aDpllcaUon of 'ark Assoclauon. name ,to Assocla ._. State _., ihe matter of , ^udnul Drlvlne rooritlon, to.cnanKe Its "Kern County Agricultural tion.' r "It s« the tlon " lias filed this day an — — p qhapge Its name to "$ern Coupt.y •al . A8soclatlqn/ r and thr TTon is sign* rect,ors or the ParK Assocla- Detitlon stiles lor the change of tne corporation, there S sfactorlly apcearine to me that uduut Drlvlns: Park Assocla- as tiled this day an apDlfcaUqn ise Its name " ...... tural ,Assocl ild anmlcatlon or i a majority of ,th' ild* ^Ifudnut Drlvl, on; anlthat pal Kncurt lOD* ^.—«, -——sufficient reasons Ine DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. 'lace of Business. San . Eonality Oil Company, clpal Place of ~ California. Princ cisco, ice.—There are the following described s count of Assessment (No. location j. San Fr of ran- No.tice.—There are delinouent upon llpwl-- ' *-- J N - -- -- fhe.TSth day v/ o?"Auiru8t'."i9'o's.''-the"8e"v : name of the it'in hereby ordered, that the hear- aPpTlcatlon for chance of ._ ...e foregping oroceetlinEB be. and the same is hereby set for M"i dav. the 9th dav of November. 100 at 10 oclock a. m. of said day at department one at iu court roprn thereof in the County court house. Bakersneld. "alftornia. ami Oiat any and all per. sons Interested, m sajd matter to be and appear oefore this court at th time and place aforesaid, and then an there show cause. iTany. ujey havj why the appllcaypn fo~ name of the not be.itrantei id that a CQPV_o! v»»#e^o,e, nubllBhecl In field CalJ/cmiia ind published iu ,iu» ^ii»< eld. Countv of Kern. Stftl- _. . ornta. accordiutf to Taw. Tor at leasl weeks successively next preced tock, on ac- 7) levied on era! amounts set qoDoslte'the" names of the respective shareholders., as fol- copy of this order be uub least four, successive wecws BakersrleTd Callfornian. a pe )f eeneral circulation, printed tubusnecl to the^Clty of inkers 7pnn*v o' Ke^n Sinte of Califori Dated this 26th day of Sent.. 1 many stock "sffares of each""narcel as piav be .necessary of will such bQ . of ...mnanv on the 1908. at the hoiir ... .... day. to nay snld tient assessme; er with costs *•'--» County. " sold"at public auction at the office iretnrv of thi ' iv or October i. m. of said inciuent assessment tnereon. tocein- wlth costs of advertlslne and ex- r>r an In ' S6C i'b-3 the secretary of the 2Qth day or October, of 10 a. m. of said delina of the company, on 1908. at the 1 day. to nav t thereon, toe said geth- Wasco. Kern Gal. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice Is berePy given that the Board of Supervisors of the Countv Cern s State of California, jwllj re ; V ,of the Countv Court "Housed In 'tbe""Cit"y of 10 10.00 < Bal.-ersfield. Countv and St'tte aiqre- '' for the construction Qf an addl —'ar'l or Ke.-. _ _ _.,-. ., , celve blclB or nrouosals un to the, ho of 11 o'clock, a. m., of the 5th day November, 190S at their roomsi in t! . , for Hov.-c-r. Samuel California Home Exten- 71 JO 10.00 ^° 185 § 5.00 'AV"'":.... 528 20 20.00 ome Kxten- tiop,.trustee „ _„ , nnn for Wm. H. Chambers 323 10 10.00 1 i fornla Jip.m e JDxten- 89 10 10.00 i!on A ssociation. frus( for Brites. Warren C'i.ster. Jo! ''.tiit'ornia ~H!bhAssocf(itlon,tru8tee Chrlstten. \Vm. F. ..... | COBIH. J. B. S .......... i California Home Exten- n. trustee -. for Coolev. Chas. M. Ciuifornifi Home Exten III 37 in 9 said tion ._ Countv soei „ the i visors No bid or proposal will be received or t tiiiBinei-Hd by said Bonnl unless ae- on to. nnd alteration ot tne present ounty Hosnital biiildfntr as wlans and SDeclflcatloUs .on file in of " a , l> " il(ii - .licatlons on Herlv of the e in the office oard of Super- riiiaiueu uy u, uuruituu v;uOCk _. cash deixjslt in ,1.0. uer -cent of the oom minted iMj or amount «fiy by a lt in such 13 certified b.?l. .or . .ie sn'fd "Board" of Supervisors re serving the right to reject any and al in.00 . 5.00 i G.OO Bv order oervisors. At fs«a'n of the said H. A. . Chairman of sai I. L. Miller. Clerk. 10-15 sion Association, trustee nrct for Crowton, Cvrus ...25S California Home Exten- sionAssociaUon^truBtee tor Dickinson. Wm. H.. Donahue. Michael ...... Dorr. Frank . . . . ,• ..... California Home Extension Association, trustee for Evans. Lumis A. .. CiUlfornia Home Extension Association, trustee lor Evans. LumlB A. .. California Home Exten- HianAsKoeiajlton. trustee for Evans. Lumis. A. . . California. Home Exten- 10 10.00 DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice IB here sons ownlue a«d linilta of The License Taes re now ready of t.he City the that flee of t of Prod 97 20 - j™ nnd on ! arv. I w dogs fou 20.00 ^'P not the year raes for f for del ,• Clerk, I _.. ,.... ucers Savfnirs.Ban .fter the f5th da lll proceed 1 K c.. the ogs found"Vu^rTlnK' 1 onThe'"Bfreet8" thai license tag foi given to all, nei 3plne docs. wlth.t| ty of Bakersfle the year 19( .Iverv at the o ' the iJasernen' bul v of Imnounv. ., ' ' "ti tb 98 16 16.00 Dated January CpK._ Epundmaster. 1908. BionAMsociation.triiBtee B f . r Evans. Lumis A. Exten- for Evans. California Home Bion Association, trustee for Findon, Walter ...386 Friedli>rul»r. Max •}«•* Ford, Frank J 4 Ford. Frank J 4 Foster. Jouu ... 44 California Home Kxten- BtonAssocdaUon. trustee ^lar CJardiner. H. H. ...240 California Home Bxton- NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRE 99 16 16.00 j SENT THEIR CLAIMS *GAIN8T THE ESTATE OF J. M. MATTER SON. DECEASED. TO ROBERT PALMER. JR.. ADMINISTRATOR OF SAID ESTATE. 100 In the Superior Court of the Couul ( Kern. State of California. In tn<- nip'f't 1 o' the esiaio of J. " , n Aaspofatlon. trustee tor Griffin, Bdw. W.' ... Qulforala Home Extension ABKociHtJon. tnmtoe for () 20 10 . . lfrwl Home Bxten .277 20 .0» i o 0.00 ! ! Patterson, deceased. 20,00' :J:"M: 10 90! 'J" 1 .' 8 i exiiillH 20.00 Tn-th a l newsnnner ^-•ecl and .ersfleld. 9 ! s: PALM, W. BENNETT. Judce of the Sunerlor Cpinf., Thos. Scott, attorney lor adinmibUU; r. Bakersneld. Cnl. 9-2b lows: Name Atkinson. Atkinson. kinson. . . ......... Flvnn. Mrs.JCate .,,,...101 IJ Jureensen, Cfustay M. . .' 02 1 Walker. David fl ..... . 117 1 er. And I order on th ..... . _. In accordance wfui law and or the Board of Directors e ,18th day of Aueimt. 190 da or , . . BO many shares or each narcel of such ssary will no s auction at Comrmiv. No. KI2 l.acunn rcel stock as mav be necessary will no sold wiljiic auction at the office of the or ^OTK ;it wiljiic auction at the Comrmiv. No. KI2 l.acunn street. S Francisco. California, on Satuivlnv, the 10th dnv of October. 190S. at the hour of 12:'!0 o'clock n. m.. of snlrl dnv. to llTY TO TAXPAYERS OF THE OF BAKERSFIELD. l . .. . nav said delinquent assessment there with Notice Is hereby axes.tor the y,ear given BS for the iible on the that due cltv and layable on the 21st dav of Senfei 90S. and will, become delmauent on he 2d day of Novemlier. 1908. All office of the cio Tax Col- nxes nre payable at the _ itv Treasurer and ex-offic ector, 1S22 Chester Cltv Treasurer and ex-officlo Tax Collector. 9-23 NOTICE P OAI f- OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. In the Superior Court in and for the o.iuiy 01 Kern. State ol California. In the matter of the estate of Emil SMckson. deceased. ... Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of, an order or the Court of the County of lif on. together and expenses .... costs of advertising . of the sale. CARLW. MMLLBR. Secretnrv Geniality Oil Company. Office No. fiJ2 Lngunu street. Sun Frnnclsco. Cnlifornia. 9-21 Kern, the ath matter of California, made on October. 1908. In the understcnecl administrator tate of said deceas.efl.,wni vate sale in Superior btute dav of of ie estate of'Emil'$'rSck.spnrdeceHKeil. the tilt' es- r -ll at nri- guest Wilder for a th sed, : e 20th"~dH.v lited Stat*. of October, ock in tne forenoon ot ... ,.„, ... ...» office of the said an- inlstrator In the court house in the :itv of Bakorsnelil. Cotinh; />f h'' r . n - _tate of California, Healed bids will be received by said administrator tor any or all of said property tit his said o, flee un to the hour herein mimed on said 20th clay of October. ISm.s sMd bids must be accompanied wy.n ten per cent of the amount bid. I he 10.- lowing is a description of the i>roi»*m offered for sale: Twenty-live bookg. one 12-guase single barrel f,-un; one H- NOTICE JO CREDITORS. Estate of Jfagcle K finite^, -lecensed Notice is hereby eiven by the undersigned, executor of tne estate ot Magifle E. Oaltes. deceased, to the Creditors of. and nil persons havlnc claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said executor, at the office of Oeoree Flournoy in the Stoner Block, corner of 17th street nnd Chester avenue. In (he Cltv of BaRerBfleld. Kern Countv. California, the same belne tbe place for the. transaction of the business of Countv of .,.__ .'or thecnanxe aid corporation .should . anult fa further or^ - 1 -— ils order to i .n "The Ba in, a newspaper nrli ln t the City, of Bak pi Kern. Bt&t? PH NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY TO SATISFY LIEN FOR PROTECTION AND SAFE KEEPING. la hereby eiven. that on Ihe of October. 1908. ' "-• l ™- nic.of that plaint adverse to plaintiff's ownership or any cloud upon plaintiff's tlti thereto, defendants The people of the state of Callfon nlu send greeting tn the Southern P» clfic Rallrond Company, a m he Pacific Impro"emeat orporatlon; the WoBtern iiont Company, a corpnrntlon; u(st/ 11 other persons unknown claiming uy right, title, estate., hen, or imer- ?t in the real ]>n». r fy detcribed la ' he complaint adverse to plaintiff.'* wnershtp, or any cloud upon plaltt- Ift's title thereto, ilefemlants. You are hereby required to appear an action brought nRalnst you by he above named plaintiff, in the S»- >erlor Court of the County of Kern, tate of California, and to answer tb<t Complaint filed therein, within (09 ays (exclusive of the day of »ervic«f. ifter service on you of this summon*, f served within said county; if .serve,' Isewhere, within thirty days. The said action Is brought to determine a claim made by said defendant* adversely to the plaintiff In and to hat certain lot, piece or parcel of land Ituate, lying and being In -the Town ot Mojave, County of Kern, State ot Cai- fornla, and designated as Lot Number Nine (9) In Block One Hundred (100) >f said Town according to the Map hereof, filed in the office of the Coum- y Recorder of said Kern County, on the Third day of March, 1905; to .ompel the said defendants to prodocn* heir title, if any they have, to safe premises, and that the same, and tte ireteoded claim, right, title, interest, and estate of said defendants, and also all other persons unknown, claim- ng aay right, title, estate, Hen, or la- erest in the real property descriodtf n tbe complaint, and hereinbefore described, adversely to plaintiff's ownership, or any cloud upon plaintiffs title thereto, and each and all ot then n and to said premises, and .every part thereof, may be adjudged and decreed to be invalid and vold.V > That the said defendants and each of them may he barred of and trom all right, title. Interest and estate*tt and o the said premises, and every part thereof; That the said plaintiffs title mar be adjudged and decreed to be a good and valid one as against said defend? ants and each of them, and ail persona ilalmlng under said defendants ao4 each ot them, and for such other and urther relief as shall be Just and iqultnble as the nature ot the CAM may require, as will nore fully appear >y the Complaint on file herein, and o which reference Is here made aafi for costs ot suit And you are nereoy notified, that it you fall to so appear and answer, the plaintiff may take Judgment tot any money or damages demanded in the complaint as arising upon contract, or will apply to the court for any other relief demanded In the Com- plalnL Witness my hand and the seal of tha said Superior Court, County ot Kern. State ot California, this 10th day o* April, A. D. IbOS. (Seal) L L. MILLER, CleA By Ham Fan-is, Deputy Clerk. J. W. P. Laird and Rowen Irwin, at< torneys for plaintiff. 8-lf it the hour thejin Notice 17th da> jf 10 0*0 lerslene the foyowmc pu - ...— front of the undersigned s store Famoso. Kern County, Cttllfornia. tc> jCe 17th day _. of 10 oclock a. nit o. r---,-,-r ., derslened win Bell Br^publfc auction foTlowmc pprsonal pronertv In V *\ .1 1 -.->* L , c-fnrn o^ wit: larce f.eet "et loriii: 1 10 feet lonir: 1 10. Kern county. Citl 1 3-lncli nlpe. U fe janvll: I lp-lncn..i .„..„. 2 10-Inch ufnes. 12 10-Inch pipe. 19 feet "Ion Dines. 20 feet Dump. ?0. feot .. numo. b feet Ion feet lone. 1 Hue c Y ......... 1 4-Inch-clamp'., J crab hook: 2 larce clamps for noidfn.K Pipe: 1 large wrench about, 5 leet lonn: 1 jieayy drUl. 6-10. 6 feet lone, to satisfy the iinderslene.d'B lien for protection and safe keeping of said property In the undersigned's premises.In the town of Famoso. Kern County/California, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satlsfv said Hen and costs of sale, said l|en belnu for the sum of tluO.OO lor tlie last two years. The said uersoiuil lifoporty suposed to_ belong to tije Common \VeaTtn..Oil Cqmpanv. . belne he transaction of the he said estate In the said ern. State of C alif Pr Executor of the es 'tfornin AITL GALTRS. tate of Manaie E. . ~, ..... ..... , Galtes. dec.eused. Tinted at Bukersfield. SeiHernber 23 1908. . 9-25 ROAD NOTICE Office of the Clerk of the Board of Rors. Kern Countv. California. u-i-s of . To all non-consent ine owi described ui . the pump eun. one sa'ldle. one ... mattress anil spring: one ev: two larae tables. 8,Ix .chair sofa: illshe eolne KS" bed- afa: one ice box: i tBhes and cooklni; six de.ijk nro^ertv . of 1. ern count v. bni) (lesk anil eh nc utensljs. Ihf i •1,^11 bo found at T. Curtisiit McKii.u Also cmt' I tlH' oountw. , For further Information. W, A. McGlno. " of te etiu- rckson. doc-cased. INN. ot hereinafter described lands. ta'<e notice: That the report of the viewers on proposed county road No. 2iO de- scrlhed as commenclne at the corner to pi'cttons 27,28.33 and J!4 of Twp. •^ South of Rariffe 23 west moil? ;'iid 3d feel on i K-'I of ihe line between sections 2K anil 23- 'o the corner of sections 2S 29, Si i and 33. a distance of 1 mile. lias beer ! ;<•: ilown for heurina before the sale Hoard of Supervisors, at the'.r rooms l-'.n the court house In the Cltv of Ba' : eixfinld. Countv of Kern. State of " i Iforula. on Friday Novemlier C. nt the hour of 11:30 o'clock, n. m. i where nnv nnd all persons Interested theriiln may annenr anl nuilce ob- on thereto If dpeme;! urouer. .IK said proposed road or nubile highway will nass over through and upon the lands of Geo. Ravnione and Menzo Spring. Bv order of the sold .. nervisorg, , H\ A. Chairman Attest: (Seal) I. L. Miller. Clerl<. iec Ion Ihe, •al- OS. rs unknown to the undersferiQd. he undersigned cnme lawfully he oQssesslon of the pr v and has protected an ihe snid ...... „.. ----- _. ----- ..... fiillv Into ssesBion of the personal Droner- safe euardud er u NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Springfield of principal i field. California. Notice is nereb, nieellnu of the Di ,_ Oil Company. I 1 place of business. tloa. aker»- that at,«. held on thw . .iv eiven .4thdnv' of "SeDteinlier. 1908, an assessment of one nnd onfxiiwrtor cents per share was levied noon the capita* stock of tlie corporation, payable Immediately (n United States gold coin t* the secretary or Kdltl conioniaotL at office of the comunnv. room 1. Pm(Sneers Savings Bank building. BaJc- erstield. California. Any Btock upon which this aBWS»- ment ghn]' remain unnald on tne 7th day of November. 11108. will bo de- lliKHient and advertised for sale at public auction -•--•--- -- ** uiiuie before. public unction nnd, unless payment ^ the 28m . . the d« assessment, together wft nnd, unl ill be s er. 1908. iiiace efore, w ciiiv of November Iliiqueut assessm cost of advertlsfnir Sll Bv old on the to Pnv th NOTICE. I, E. J. Hummel, of the County of Alameda, State of California, the present owner of the land herelnbelow described, do hereby give notice that I will, on the 17th day of October, 1908, apply to the Register of the State Land Office, at Sacramento, California, for a duplicate certificate of purchase, No. 14830, Issued to Ernest J. Hummel, dated April 26, 1900, on location No. 4505, Vlsalla Land District, Tor all of section 36, Twp. 29 S., R. 22 E., M. D. M., In the County of Kern, State of California, containing B40 acres. Date of first publication, Sept. 16, 1908. Name ioattv. C. W. IcaUv. d. W Mirbee. Mrs. Jurbee, Mrs. rs. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Mascot Oil Comnanv. JPrjn of business, C.Mmn on N. B. Board of Su- .1 ASTRO, e said Board. 10-13 Notice is hereby eiven by the under- Hdininlstrator of the estate of tterson. deceased to the cred- J. nnd X v *-"' awlnnt thy^s Hf of."".nnd" jiir uers-phs"" having vouchers within four mb"hth8~after' .. trsatae for Green. Hnnry W. , .310 18 C<?ifoni!a Home Bxten- xlon A SB ooUitiun. trustee for Gustaviis. Henry ..262 California Homo Exten.. .-larvey. ,L M B4 C'^Hornia Homo Extfii- Harvey 1 /j m *i r ; 1 K'I i Administrator of the Patterson. Deceased. Thomas Scott, attorney C A tor Heydeja. Fe'-rmaa. D. dSceased. to o uocessarv .„ i.... ...v -... ~.—I'hw after the I first publication of this notice at fl»e i office of Thomas Scott, No. 1509 20th 10 00 i street, rooms 2 and 4. B;ink of Bak! ersfleld liuilding. corner Chester avenue and 2i>th street. inUie Cltv of Ba- i.-ersfleld. County of Kern. State of California, the same,, belinr the nlace for the tralisnottpn of business of said in said Kern Coiiutv. e 29 20.00 1 6.00 estate Oclolici- 13. H»08. ROBRRT PAl.MKR. JR.. of the Estate of J. M, for estate. L 0 • 1 u SUMMONS. BioaAB Superior Court iforuia. Couatv •Southern Plaintiff, vs. ;he State of Cal- Jlr'oad Company. - John I- ASSESSMENT NOTICE. nio*Bravo Oil Company. Location of principal place of business. Sun Francisco, California. I^ocatlon of work«, Kern County, California. Notice Is hereby given, that at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on the llth day of September 1908, an assesment of two (L'l cents per share was levied upon al! the subscribed capital fitock of the corporation, payable Immediately In United States pold coin to the secretary, at the office of the company, No, 2i"0-A Market street near Ifith street, San Francisco, California. Any stock upon which this assess- mont shall remain unpaid on Monday, the 26th day of October, 1908, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction; and, unless payment IB made before, will be sold on Friday, the 80th day of November, 1908, to pay the delinquent assessment, ROAD NOTICE. Office of the Clerk of the Tt/vinl of Suuerv sors. Kern Countv. Callforniii. n. al[ non-consennnif owners or the Ti. hereinafter .described land:-.. t!>l:e no ttee: Tn;it the report of the viewers on nrorionficl county road No. 271. described aH commencing at thf nnrth- west corner of Hectlon four. Towrishln ihlrfy-one Scjuth of R;ineo 'wenlv-sev- en East: thence south alomr and 30 '•/ft on each nlii<- or line octwwn f>ec- 'Ions 4 ami f>. S and 9. tv.-o miles: 'hence west alone and 30 feet on each '. • -i'lc of line bet \vren sect.lcns S and I 17 one mile to county road *•'<> 2ii. Jijis i Kftt down for henrlmr I'.-fore the i >;iid Board of Supervisors :it their I nioniH in the court IIOIIKP. in the Citv 'of HfiKerBflfId. Coiiniv ol K""ti. fitate 1 of California whore nnv and nil uer- ! sous Interested therein rnav annear j ntid.Hiike obioction thereto if deemed I' Tlie said nronosed roacl or nnhlli I hii'liwnv will 'ia»B over, throuifh ain .upon the lands of the Kern Countv I Land Company. Th« TOWM Comnanv. and Amaranth Land Corapany. Bv order of the H«ld Bo'*rd of Supervisors. „. , H. A. -lASTOO. or Bald Board. clpal place ofT)usln«-ss. C.Mmh on N. B. % section 26. TownHhb 32 South. tlanEe 23 Ea Kern County. Callfornlji. Notice la her.ebv eiven. that at ., meetlnir of the. Board of Directors of the Mascot Oil Comnanv. n corpora lion, held on the Fifth dav of 0 1908. an assessment of fiv share wan levied unon t stock of the Qori^rntlon. •'diiitel ctober )» AnueleH. Cnllfprn An.v 'stfKik upon which this iissesa ment sluill remain untmid on.tho.1: 1 .' dav "f NovenilH-r 1908. will mien! and advertised for sal-. lie auction, and., unless pavmei made beloro. will be sold on tut. ... i av of December. 1908. to Pliv the ile Bessment. together wltli delln- .t pu!) pat IB lie 5th llnnnerit aH ad of costs of advertiHint and exnensw sale W. M- vYALLACE, Secrotarv of Mascot Oil Cpmnnny. or flco. room 413 Citi/.en'B Natlona Bank biilldlnK., corner Third anil Kfaln streets. Los Angeles. Callfor nla. !<>•< (Seal of the Chairman 6?' Bafd 1. L. Miller Clerk. 10-13 SUMMONS. In the Superior Court of tbe Count} of Kern, State of California. William Collins, plnlntlff; vg. The Southern Pacific Railroad Company, corporation: Western Development Company, a corporation; The Pa clflc Improvement Company, corporation; also ail other per sons unkown claiming any right title, estate, Uen, or Interest In the real property described in the com nnd expenses ord of Directors. EH. Secretary. Producers Sav- yner 19th and H Salifornla. lOj DELINQUENT SALE NOTICED MeKlttrlck Oil Company. Location ' u PluCO nf husiness "- T —-" fornla. Office, ri Inirs Ban . Hlreets. Ba ulldlne. c ersfield. f lirfijc'luarnlacb oTinisfhess. Ba&e'ni- '' Callfo old. Notice. There are dellnauent upon he following cleHcritjeij stock — " ount of assessment levletl on av of Aueust. 1908. the several mounts set opposite, the names of th* (jsnectlve shareholder" ~" ers. ns follows: •to. Stewart, fitowart. Stewart, .1 in order of the on the ir.tb luanv shares fitdl'l; :m sold id iin JO ^ 4000 . .... law and an (tors made of AuiMist. 1908. so each narcel or..sucta Hoard nt dav " of if each narcel or sucl he necessary will be ,.,„ (c niictlfin ni th» office ot thV. MeKlttrlck Oil Comnanv. room No. :irt7 Proi ucera Snvliu's liiinkMlldmc. Bnliersfloid Cfjl fornla. .on .Saturday,, Oc ober 17th, 1968. «t the hour of^l' n. m. of said day. to oay *•— ,.ent iiBsessnienti thereoil. 1 costs "of ndvertlslng and exuensea By order of the, '. stree

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