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Kingsport Times from Kingsport, Tennessee · Page 1

Kingsport, Tennessee
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Sunday, August 19, 1934
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KINGSPORT — THE * CITY OF INDUSTRY ^ttmspnrf FULL LEASED WIRE ASSOCIATED PRESS MEMBER A. B. C. KINGSPORT. TENNESSEE SUNDAY. AUGUST 1-9, 1934 FOURTEEN PAGES TODAY PRICE FIVE CENTS HUEY LONG MADE ’DICTATOR; ALLEN " is official ‘KING’ All Long Has To Do Is Say ‘Frog* and Gov. Allen ^ ‘Hops*; Minority Drowned By Long’s Control BLOODSHED SEEN Fiend Strangles Girl in Backyard of Her Home 16 - Year - Old Girl Criminally Attacked By Fiend; Is Fifth Victim To Be Murdered After Being Assaulted; Begin Hunt KY. STATE SENATOR IN FIST FIGHT WITH HIS POUnCAL FOE MURDERESS? Senator Murphy, Six-Footer Files Assault Charges Against Castleman, Tax Commission Employe f By ED DESOBRY (Associated Press Staff Writer) rA'oN KOrCK, La.. Aup. 18 i V h'i Tiat'T llury 1*. 1 ong today 1 the romplcio <Iictator;'hip 1 <iui>iana. Th* logislaturp, which concluded a five-day special session this le 'ininii, had made him: 1. ( ommandcr i>f an army. Fontroller • f elections. Referee in an investigration ▲ 4 f the h*. New Orleans irovern- nu nt. -4. Overlord of taxes. r>. Ihvpenser < f reprieves, r.. Suppress- r of irarnhiing. 7. I*!(»ecut q of crime and h. Ihsamer of ent my police. Allen “Hop'*’ The p( wi Ts were lejrally vested in Covt rn<ir O, K. Allen, but Sen ator I npr n^ed only .-ay “frog,” ; rd the irovernor “hops.” An imp»<rtanl minority did a b*t * ’ f lalkinjr dunng the session of “arnud rev lution,” “bloodshed,” “anarchV,” and of peneral chaos ;,nd :i<'moralization, hut supposed- irate fanners failed to arrive with ; itihfotks and shotguns “to t tVmtrs right,” * THrre was spluttering invective 0 i \ high-; ounding and dangerous ]\ rded assaults from <vppo>ing j ' lit^al eatnp:—especially that of Ma\< ; T. remme; Walmsley, <‘f New 0:1.—but everyday cili: i n: ju.'-l sat back and looked on - ariousiy. Promi.r* Action k A Mayer Wi^imsiey, speaking for * 'le -.-Pi ,s ition. said Today that if •'ariiH <1 henchnn-n” of St'nat«»r I * ng apjii arcd at the polls in th<‘ >-tpiemb<r 11 rongre-si<mal pri n arv ey wco.iJd be arrestiMl. “Let me wa n Huey Long right A t e\v." r.e va d, “tnat the aci^ of ------------n The j<'g:rUteoc d * not authorize By JOHN A. BOUMAN A : rniit him t have arnud men (As&ociated Preis Foreign Staff) ^,il th* Äi.d an, f his hench- ; SAX DIEGO, Cal.. Aug. 18 (JP) —A fiendish murder, the fifth in recent years invohing young girls, or women, startled San Diego today with the finding of the body of attractive Celia Cota. 16, in ^ the back yard of her home. .Ain autopsy this afternoon dis-, plosed that the girl was criminally attacked and choked to death, ^everal gray hairs, found clutched j in her hands, proved to he from jabbits, kept near where the body j yias found. Police had hoped the, hairs would provide a clue to the j slayer. | Finding of the body ended a j frantic night’s search for the girl, daughter of Edward ('ota. customs liroker. She told her parents she was going for a few minutes’ walk | ^about 8 o’clock last night. A \ounger .sister. Esther, remained iiehind, explaining she was tool tired t » go. 1 Hour after hour passed and when midnight struck and she had not returned police were notified. Through the long hours before daw n they searched for Celia, i Not a vacant lot was overlooked.. Then after daylight, about 6:40| a. m.. they found her where they proi'ably never expected to look— in the liackyard of her home. The ; discoverv was made by officers Ed- w’ard Stoler and Leo Magone, who were cruising in a prowler car and at that time had agclear view of the yard. The gray hairs clutched in death were taken to coroner’s chemists for examination. An old trunk, about ten feet from the spot where the body was found, was to be examined for finger prints. First to be questioned by the police was Steve Rivera, an acquaintance of the girl. Officials said he was not officially a suspect hut they hoped to gain information from him. He had not seen Celia for two days he told police. The Cota family came to San Diego about ten years ago. Formerly they had lived in Los Angeles end Pa.sadena. The other violent deaths which l.ave baffled criminal experts here were: Virginia Brooks, 10 year old school girl, mutilated body was found in the .spring of 1031, the first of the series. Louise Teuher. 17, whose nude body was found swinging to «n rak tree on Black Mountain, near here. Hazel Bradshaw, pretty telephone operator, who was stabbed to death. Mrs. W. D. (Diamond Dolly) Pihhens. found strangled to death. DECLINE TO TALK GERMANY GOES TO WICK CONFESSES POLLS FOR HITLER SLAYING WOMAN Von Hindenburg*s Son Cam- Wealthy Widow Killed By paigns For Hitler; One- Youth Following Road­ sided Election Nears SEEKSUNITY side Argument; Drunk SIGNS STATEMENT SAX AXTOXIO, Tex., Aug, 18 -In a written statejnent made , , BERI.IX. Aug. 18 (Ab—(ivr- before Gonzales county officials f r- ’’ many's one-si<ie<t t lection cam- «(»day Frank Wick, 27. Randolph in “ Liu ki 1 paign closed tt»night with a plea deserter, confessed to the I Vjtve ^ Hinden- taial beating of Mrs. ( lara Ploe- i m ,,nn-.V„ r "f men to s« * f".'' approval of Adolf Hit- p,.r, wealthy Yoakum widow, on , , , ^ I !er s seizure of the late Iveicns- ^ ntad near (lOnzales this morn- tbat If'-'' *aw «’illorce-ii. • , , j. • Much EKcitemen. ;o.--!dent : function.. mp. T' l. wav a ivt <f exctcm.nt ^Ivo. m order to make (^rlain The statement was ma.le before .. , . »hat none of the nations 4a,000.- \v. p:. Elli.son. Gonzales county at- til ’ iNI I« ^ * 3 * A » »'«I 1 • . 1 -liigirn,- of newspaper registered voters niissetl it, torney; Denver Perkins, county ^ 1 r-V • h *1 * a’d -xclu-ion of Hdier'v H»0 minute speech of last at torney-elect, and Chief Deputy ,'he ', 0 . ''’ froo'. provecdinss. Imt «a- '"oa.ieast afain t.y the sheriff .Sam' Tate of Gonzales . . , . halted the I w,ft a,. '"‘«Ku'" «f phonograph roeords. eounty. i roval of 27 iolK the Sen. All that remamv ,s for the c.t.- Sufemcnt A t r prt -G.M !, through hotb;5^' ”^ 8^«*^ “b The statement related that ' '' ' ’ vote in the polling .Citations which Wick went to the widow’s home !,r nt WM- e.ssfui in remain open from 8 a. ni. about p. m. Iasi night and at . eoe \h,ne. inva.kinu'a ,'-''>'l 6 I’- :>’■ ^ ^ imidnieht they started out for tr,: i r:.l'. tOlh IP votes «l.ah l i''*’'’''- ^ ion d .Senator l.onc frnm ' ,.Th<- speech of Col. Oskar 'on the statement said, a pint of wrhis- < !) t! < fitter iif tbt b'm-e to <ii Hindenburg. the content of which ^vas purchase«! which they start* ' . . „ . ,, , tttjtiv -ilK'aiiv had been published, was.<>,j drinking. Near Gonzales the 1 < r I T i j 111'Cii’* VI'• > II ™‘ uo 11,'. , I Hut thi .en i- :,.-ht impres-iou s'>r’< n. d to reverently a.< a mes- Var „as parked and an arcumcnt :n th: I,.u; !xna ■•Kinyfish." «ho.-aife from the family of the rev- ensued. d hi- m trot,on- from out-..'ved Reichspresident. I The statement continued: . I “From the field marshals tower j “Then we had a fight. It .start- Ftfht» Lonif St Tannenberg (which the late j, ,f in the car; then we got out by iLFin.? tiv a) . , iLinfT the I’riv'^ident is entombed! comes hisjthe side of the car and fought ^4.? rof m.;. . r?*-r«»- . = i-Tig’> att trpt - to N: \v (i !: tr, . COVINCTON, Ky., Aug. 18. j (A*)—John T. Murphy, Kentucky state senator, and Ohio fugitive from justice, met a political foe in physical combat today, and lost. The .senator, a six-foot administration stalwart of Governor Ruby Laffoon, suffered a deep gash on the chin, lacerated lins, and a big bruise near the left ear. He sought treatment at St. Elizabeth Hospital here and then filed a charge of a.ssault with intent to kill i/;ainst Ben Castleman, fiVe-foot-six employe of tne state tax commission. Dem. and G.O.P. Murphy is a Democrat, Castleman a Republican. The senator yesterday made knowm he plans to Governor l.affoon to dismiss Republican appointees holding tax commission jobs. Senator and opponent met on the street before the Covington post office today. There are two versions a.s to what happened thereafter. Murphy said he was talking to a friend when someone slugged him from behind. Castleman said he met the senator and that he asked him during their chat if it was true he planned his anti-Republican step. Murphy became abusive, he said through his attorney, and rea^’h- ed as if to draw a pistol. Castleman then, his lawyer sai«l, promptly knocked the senator down and fled. Drew Pistol Murphy, the story u-ent, drew a pistol, aimed at the fleeing Castleman, and pulled the trigger twice, but without firing. 'Fni* senator, from behind hospital bandages, would not say if he had a pistol. “If Ca.stleman hadn’t run he (Continued on page six) HOLLYWOOD STARS ARE SUSPECTED AS ‘RED’ SUPPORTERS Lupe Valez,Dolores Del Rio, Ramon Navarro, James ; Cagney Named In Investigation of Communism NAMES FOUND Johnson Will Stay At Helm DIDN’T PAYOFF SACRAMENTO. Calif.. Aue. 18 (/P)—The names of Lupe Velez, Dolores Del Rio and Ramon Novarro, as well as that of James Cagney, were brought todav into , District Attorney Neil McAllister’s J investigation of alleged support of communistic activities by Holly' wood movie stars. The district attorney announced he would seek an injunction inj ; superior court next week to re-| strain Cagney from advocating orj , giving financial aid» to commun- ,, and would take similar action * against the others if an inquiry at ^ Los Angeles produced evidence ^ that they had any connection with ^ radicalism. Find Name» Police Detective Rav Kunz a , member of the police “Red” squad ^ said the names of the two Mexi- Accused by police of murdering j-an actresses and Navarro, were (Harry Wright, her crippled road- ^ found on a slip of paper among house handyman, to collect hii ^ the effects of Caroline Decker, life insurance, Mrs. Eva Coo, 42- ^ secretary of the cannery and ag- year-old widow of Cooperstown, , ricultural workers unioPi a com. N. Y., is shown here at the Otsego .munist organization, county jail between aessions of The names were listed without , any comment. Cagney, who denied at Hollywood yesterday that Mr». Eva Coo To Continue To Pilot; Wants To Return To Private Life SERVED A YEAR WASHINGTON, Aujc. 18 m— Hugh S. Johnson will continue at NRA’s helm for an indefinite period. I “The President a.sked me to go , right on,” Johnson said today after a conference with Mr. Roosevelt. The Presidential word was accepted as a command by the militant administrator who for more than a year has personified the blue eagle to American industry. Apparently the W’hite ex- j pression put a halt to Johnson’s own desires for a quick return to private life. John»on Smile» But if Johnson was disappointed at the thought of a longer tenure directing industry, his smile on leaving the W'hite Ilouse didn’t show it. He said he wa.s ready to go ahead and reorganize NRA in a way to “de-personalize” the HUGH LABATT Illtru ai. imiljr jr i mo . v mci. - TT , ”*■ - *, . , V* ,he had given money to radicals This is the latest photo of Hugh government’s industrial machm- and asserted he was “against all Labatt, who was to act as pay- ery. ’isms except Americanism,” re-*off” man for the family of his “We are working out a reor- OOO0T asserted he was “against ail Labatt, who was to^act as ery. ABDUCTION STOR Y iterated his statements today. brother, John H. Labatt, wealthy ganization plan,” Johnson said. ‘It appears to me that’ .Me- kidnaped London, Ont., brewer. But just now Johnson looks to- Allister’s actions are a bid for * As soon as the ransom demand ward a vacation. He plans to personal publicity at my expense,” of $150.000 was made Hugh rush- leave next Wedne.sday with Mts. —Z , r J said the movie “tough guy.” led to Toronto; but the kidnapers Johnson for a nearby seaside re- New.paper Men and Feder -1 . , , - - ■ - o--, ‘I will spend every dollar I al Men Doubt If Evange- have in the w'orld to disprove lUt Was Kidnaped those charges, which are absolutely! ------------- ‘ false.” BREAKDOWN» Ask» Information In turning the names of Miss got “cold feet.” sort and—at President Roosevelt’s direction—take a rest. Board control of NRA is the PI ANNFn reorganization plan being drafted vIIÌmiUIjiJ 1 Li/llilvIJl/ by Johnson. He has announced In turning the names of Miss--. n/^IIAAT willingness, ana today s Aug. 18. Velez, Miss Del Rio and Navarro IN SJ H||||l \YN|hnf| House meeting apparently ng that, over to the Los Angeles police,**^ wOllUuLi J1U1 Lilfl firmed it. to act as chairm McAllister said he was reauesting the board. > citsnel .. —_ i_L NASHVILLE,' Tenn., (>?*)—Questions insinuating -----. .... ... , McAllister said he was requesting _________ R. H. ..skew’, four-squaie : jj information regarding any pos- Steos Toward 5m evangcLst from Goldsboro, N. C.y ^.jble connection with radical ele- . , „ w*l ONE PRISONER DIES IN PRISON RIOTING had “imagined” the story he ments. kidnaped by three men at Raleigh *«| understand the Los Angeles and held captive for four days have a list of names dow’n were asked him late today. there including some prominent \V hile insisting in reply to one «¡;{.r(»en actors an«l actres.Nes,” said question that he had been kid- district attorney. “I’ll include naped. Askew agree«! in response my injunction if the A 1 A 1- . » 1-. I Kwl— — •« • W«« • if proving the Syrern Will Be Recommended Soon REPORT READY his willingness, and today’s White con- chairman of the board. Too Big a Job “NRA is too big a job now for one* man,” w'as Johnson’s view'. “I don’t feel I can act efficiently any more.’ 22 Convicts and 3 Guards Injured In Melee; Print Shop Is Set On Fire nap«L>«i, .AMvt'w them in my injunction ii me —nr. V\ alter v. uocKing, com- ''Civcu. r.rtvn to another that he might have suf- sanies are furnished me. Then if rnissioner of education, .said to- were allotted a ccrta fered a^ nervous breakdowii. those enjoined are found ,|ay that the report of the State work and specialized ii It was the opinion of Chief of support or of Educational commission, designe«! ^old. But only tl Detectives Elkin Lewis that Askew' yyjupathies toward radicalism. Car-reaching changes in » determine policies , ha? ha.1 a nervou.? br.'akdown. Ho (Continued on p«,e ,ix) ,he Tenncs?cc school system, will S'»"« ■'''fPtifal eyebrows wer< dpclined. however, to comment on , , ____ raised at NRA at the thought o1 The board he has in mind probably will re.semble the war in- NASHV'ILLE, Aug. li(. (.AP) dustries board on which he once Dr. Walter I). Cocking, com- -served. Each of its nine member.s certain field of in details of the hoar«! as DAMAGE $25,000 limMi'V I«* ....... . . e control these days: come together in mass4»s and stand stead- W^idow i» Dead “Then after the fight I discov- (»n .1 uly:;ct, 1 national ¡arti, ri’i -it! • ! : -tt! tb" city reg. tr.'ilJ; tn «tff!: •t an d tto.*^::’ont rt»l. T i-.ay - rt‘ -till thereI lay t<» ‘‘i Cl “ Hit. li: t i ■ f Vttlc re. h : t iti 1 Î «.f vntei' tiat will - ' ( ..11 t< rt ï»tein •t r ÎÎ w hether If Í », rmalran«ii <ialt‘N tif I ••'Ig • r W; ’ will h< [' « lectcfl. <*r \V aln‘—1« y*. P' , still nt n vJt :i ttl pal Î' >1 city hall, jue.». « . I ' a nar r-t'wkfrom the j 1 ■g’ tr at ion « *!Ut iht-rc wa. 1 : ' y- Ï '---ft t tf an, ,, s c-rt jf how dtiVh With fi:«-ar WEATHER fence about 25 or 50 feet from (one will.*’’ the highw’ay. Then I came back Hitler’s arrival to«lay from to the car and threw the car crank over the fence in the direction in which she was lying. “I don’t remember whether I hit her with the car crank. Then CkurcKrs Support I got in the car and tried to start Among the last broadsides in s ii, hut I couldn’t get it started the pres.s was an appeal from the;so I sat down on the running board and passed out.” About daylight Saturday, the statement set out. a Mexican came by and helped him push the car on the highway. After Wick’s statement had ^ hi deck in w hich he earnestly enjoined the faithful to vote “Ja.” Signatures of sixty seven lead- J mg scientists, including several Chancellors of universities, were SHOWERS—COOLER ^ TENNESSEE Scxurred thun- dt rfthowrr» Sunday; Monday part, ly cloudy, »howrr» in extreme ea»l ^portion; »b'ghtly cooler in we*t and central portion». VIRGINIA — Partly cloudy Sunday with ihoti^er» at night and in v%e*t pot tion in afternoon; Monday fair, »lightly warmer in ra»t portion Sunday; cooler ^ Monday. H igt; t- ' : l a» .i : h r?tiay .'âMi*. «latt I i i-ar »go Mk tt ' I ■ r»tdr< K’ i<la> A S;unt <!:vt* <*n; \« ai Hg" >';<in I'r;«L'\ in in n« Ram oru \« ar a;.u m inchcr • Fgh îiîiipiiatuH- >«'stfr«lay ’ , rile datt- (•?)<■ year ago ! ’iw Tffnpt ra* U» i' M'-'ttjalay "a” \n\ *■«”.• «ai agt N » ? .1 ;?i \« '•», Î Tilay. lLi t > t a ag.. ir. }.« w R. - : T.g- *ak< tj a» «; M(i p, in. t Í ■ . Î ’ t < t 1 r.. 2 Í Î - ’Ul . affixed to a manifesto which de-theen signed he was taken back to (Continued on page »tx) i Gonzales by the county officers. EMPLOYES IN SOLDIER’S HOME AT J. C. ARE NOT CIVIL SERVICE W.A.SHLNGTO.N, Aug. 18. to those un«ler civil senice al< ontrarv to the imprt^-sion in ready in veterans’ ho.spitals. , In 1 it31, such status was given nnm official quarter?, employes ,^0 Johnson City 4t the Johnson City, Tenn., Sol- From then until last June diers’ Home, who were not chosen 28 such new employes, as were iM on H compt'titive basis, have not hired there had to take competi- s4 been required to take civil service live examinations. t xaminalions. On June 28, this single institu- fio That « siabii'.hment appears, on tion was taken out of “classified .r»i the basit- of official reconls, to service.” and put under “sched- .14 be the only one of its kind where ule A” of the civil service, in no examinatitms at all are requir- which no examinations arc re- 95 ed for employment. quired. in LL’itl. soldier^’ home.s were Officials yesterday said other ' ttn-ttlidaled ml«» the veterans ad- instances where workers, “blan- nmrlratjon. The law empower- kete«i in” under civil service dur- .'i I*Te.>^id<mt Hoov«*r \o give civil ing the Hoover admini.stration, -itvitt rating without examma- wen* required to take competitive »it n t(. employe- of -uch institu- examinations, included 200 to 300 tiens who hold position.- similar ^ at the commerce department. .08 PONTIAC. 111., Aug. 18. (/in— Leo Pielik, 24, a convict sentenced from Chicago, die«! tonight as a result of bullet wounds intlicted during rioting which brought injuries to 22 convicts and three guards in the Illinois State Reformatory today. Pielik was sentenced to one to ten years for grand larceny in 1932. F’or more than an hour the battle raged between guards and convicts, and only volleys from guards’ rifles brought quiet to the prison yard. Several Wounded Several inmates were in serious condition, prison officials .said, and three guards were slightly injured. Damage to the print shop was estimated at $25,000, Peace was established in the prison, which houses youths and young men convicted of felonies, an hour after the rioting broke out. Tonight prisoners resumed their routine with little evidence of the disturbance. A squabble between two inmates precipitated the affray during the fourth inning of a baseball game betweerf a prison team and the St. Nicholas Hotel team of Springfield, III. Jump Into Fight At the first sign of trouble, several convicts jumped into the fight, and soon the youths were milling about in disorder. Three prison officials attempted to quelT the disturbance, but were pounded upon by leaders of the insurrection, and slightly injured. They were Capt. Burt A. Davenport; Roy Shepherd, a guard, and H. K. McClintock, an in. structor in the prison school. A club w'hich McClintock carried was seized and Davenport was struck over the head with ii. The fifty guards on duty ordered all inmates to their cells. Herded To Cell» Nine hundred prisoners of the south cellhouse w’cre herded into their cells with little trouble. Inmates of the north cell block were marshalled to a court wbile ft small band of the rioters fled to the prison print shop, and barricaded themselves. As guard.s advanced on the (Continued on page »ix) decline«!, however, to comment on *thc story told by the 28 year old ^ minister. Nervou» Breakdown “.My belief is that he has had a nervous breakdown of some kind,” ('hief Ix*wis tol«l reporters. W. .A. Korer, special agent of , the department of justice in Sen. Hasting Cites Roose- j charge of the Nashville office, nia«le no comment on the case. After Askow had been que.s- tione«! throughout the day by J Rorer, he was taken 1«> detective hea«lquarters late in the day. BUSINESS SLUMP BLAMED ON F.D.R. velt*s Failure To Cooperate With Hoover Cause UNCERTAINTY be released soon. (Continued on page »ix) FEAR IS FELT FOR POND AND SABELLI BRIDGEPORT, Conn.. Aug. 18 (/I')—Senator Hastings of Delaware, co-chairman of the Republican senatorial - congrcs.sional committee, tonight blamed the economic condition of 1933 on what he termed was President ere raised at NRA at the thought of Johnson’s “de-personalizing” his The report .will recommend blue eagle organization through a some “immediate steps” for board of which he would head. A school improvements, he said, and lot of his co-workers couldn t will call for a “long term educa- quite conceive of Johnson serving tional proitram.” ‘I»* hoard’s chajrtnan "ithout Revi»ion Seen completely dominating it with his .Sayinc that the commission is personality. rhis proh- underlakimr a revision of the •‘en. »'»'y Ouc if the hoar. I tire state eurrieulum.” Dr. Cock- «;«'’« "f experienced inii added that *‘we will analyze * ‘ pers.mne . r' , . . .1 Part-time Job w,hat wo are .lo.nK m the schools to determine how the schools can chairmanship a part- be more effective in meet- inir the social and economic needsRoo.scvelt in three of the state. weeks. Then he would like to se«i The report, he declared, will re-organization completed in two New York To Home Pilots On Return Route Are Missing; No Word MAY BE SAFE deal with the educational system three months. “from the kindergarden through Qf major importance in the ..VT VV....VZ. ---- a................,the university.” and will include project is harmonizing .NRA with Roosevelt’s failure to cooperate recommendations regarding the ifip anti-trust law's. Johnson, a with Herbert Hoover in the bank qualification of teachers, the staunch advocate of government- crisis. I number and size of schools, meth- controlled competition as opposed .Speaking al a Republican meet- ods ' of school administration, to unbridled competition, is cooping, Hastings said the bottom of tt*aehers salaries and school fi- crating with Donald R. Richberg, the depression had been reached .nances. director of the national emerg- about mid-year 1932 and bu.siness Con»olidation ency council, in seeking machinery conditions began to improve until He said the con.solidation of to reconcile the conflict. 1 ONDON Aue 19 </!*> (Sun-^the election of Mr. Roosevelt. .schools would be discus.sed in that At present the NRA adminls- (lav) _Anxiety grew here and in “The election came four months part of the report «lealing with trator foresees .some kind of ad- I>a‘ri.s an.i Dublin as the midniRht before the inauguration of the the number and size of hour pass,d and no word or sign new- president,” he said. “Dur- ”The policy 'of the had been received from George ing that time there was great ‘‘P''’''’'*«*' i.w Pond and Ce.sare Sahelli, who confusion and great uncertainty.” two things: First, u 'Lscs This new institution would hopped off from Rome this morn- because, he added, of the “fear educational progr^n, po.ssibly cx- '. a uniform nolic" ing with Dublin their goal on a that the Democratic party would tending over 20 to 25 years, and, ______________________^ trip hack to New York. not live up to that provision of second, recommendations as to It had been 17 hours since the Jts platforms w'hich says, ‘we ad- .what immediate steps can be takeoff at Rome at 7:02 a. m. vocate a sound currency to be taken for school improvement.” Dublin scanned the skies fruit- preserved at all hazards.’ ” 1 (Continued on page »ix) iesslv until dark. Authorities had , SLEEPING SICKNESS AND F GRAIN CHICAGO. Aug. 18 (,Ti—Brisk jumps of prices carried the wheat ... ,, •• -.-w I ' — - — today, largely because of efforts the w»ay from Lyon to Strasbourg CLOSU.Y AUGNED, M. D. SAYS|i3£ “.r* sudden frost in Cana- and Berne, Switzerland proved w'ithout result. It was believed there was a chance they had landed in some farmer’s field and decided to spend the night in the plane. . By JOHN FRYE A»»ociated Pre»» Staff Writer COLUMBUS, O.. Aug. 18. (/P> . , - —A mysterious link between the Pond and Sahelli had spent the influenza epidemic that rat ed last several weeks as guests of the through the country in 1917- Italian aviation corps after their sleeping sickness in ------------- trans-Atlantic flight which they recent years is seen by Dr. ¡the flu epidemic.” started from New York on May wiiHam H. Pritchard, for 18 1 Yet these facts are virtually 14. attempting a Rome flight. They landed at The take-off from znumtrvin.w military airdrome at Rome this sleeping zicknes? is encephalitis morning had not »»■«" t»«_the illness that took many lives announced because of the sir mm- „j „ a :.. istrv-s desire to avoid a crowd. ■" St. Louts last year and a du^ General Guiseppe 'Valle. under- «a“« ‘»>«1 chard sa.d secretary of air. and members of incurable as far as the medical .‘^abelli’s family, were at the field profession knows, and often even- j to^bid them farewell. tually fatal as well. I “You may remember how the .<»« likdy to injure wheat crops of flu swept through the country .the prairie provinces did much in 1818-I'J he said. to st.mulate buytng. It w^as “But what was not so appar- ^ ent. was the number of cases of »«"t had dtspo.sed of f 0^000 bar- 1 • • , rUr, rels of flour the last two days, sleeping sickness after ihe war . , . . . , * * , , , . . mainly to eastern bakery inter- among those who w'ere caught in ests. In a general upturn of grain jorK on William H. Pritchard, for 18 1 let these lacta are vaiuaiiy excelled the New lork-to- superintendent of the Co- all the profession know^ about record for the year. lumbus State hospital, and a the connection between the two Wheat clo.^ed firm 1 1-4-2 1-1 .Moy, Ireland. Nationally known medical au- diseases. Dr. Pritchard said. »hove yesterday’s finish, corn ad- rom zVlonteCellO -I “W», Wnnw tkMt <»nf#»i>halitis .J 4 < 1 We know that encephalitis vanced 1-4-1 cent advanced, oats frequently, though not Invariably j g.j ,2 „p, and provisions un- and after no pre<lictablc period ¡changed to a rise of 5 cents. of time, follows the flu,” he said, j , ---------------------—-----——— “Likewise there have been some ; As early as the sixteenth cen- cases not preceded by the flu.” ‘tury toast formed a favorite ad- But the reason for the appar- dition to English drinks, especial- i ent connection is a mystery. ly sack and punch.

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