The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 17, 1970 · Page 10
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 10

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1970
Page 10
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Page 10 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1970 obituaries Mary Belle Huse Rites Saturday WASHINGTON: The lights were tested last night December 15 on the National Christmas tree on the ellipse behind the White House (background). The smaller trees represent the various states. (A polarizing filter on the lens of the camera caused the streaks coming from the lights.) Pres. Nixon will officially light the. tree. December 16 to open the Pageant of Peace. UPITELEPHOTO Mrs. Mary Belle Huse, 76, 201 East South street, Arcadia died Wednesday at Riverview Hospital following a brief illness. Funeral services will be Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at Arcadia Christian Church with Rev. Richard McQuinn officiating. Burial will be at Bakers Corner Cemetery. Friends may call at Shaffer-Hartley Funeral Home after 7 p.m. tonight or one hour prior to services Saturday at the church. The deceased was born August 22, 1834 in Hamilton County, the daughter of James L. and Elvira E. (Edwards) Mundy. She lived in the Arcadia area all of her life. She married Roy Huse on March 13, 1915. She was a member, of Arcadia Christian' Church. * Proposed State (Continued from page .one) dress to the legislators that "it's up to this legislature to give" the taxpayer a break. Whitcomb said "a taxpayers' revolt is at band" and commented also that the lawmakers must solve "the terribly important and terribly difficult problem of property tax relief." Bowen said "I would sure be concerned if there were no property tax relief in the 197173 budget. "1 am sure the Ways Surviving with 'the widower, Roy, are six sons: Charles of Anderson; James, Knightstown; Roy E„ Indianapolis; Donald, of Zionsville; Kenneth, Anderson and Robert of baleville. Five daughters, Mrs. Olive Duvall, of . and Means Committee will get Noblesville; Mrs. Anna Lewis, down to work and address itself Arcadia; Mrs. Dorothy Lynch, San Burno, Calif.; Mrs. Luella Covert, Westfield and Mrs. Maurita Freeman, Anderson also survive. - Other survivors are three sisters, Mrs. Carrie Fulton, Sheridan; Mrs. June Hayworth, Cicero and Mrs. Ruth Owens, Mooresville; 35 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren. Charles Terwilliger Rites Saturday * January Induction (Continued from page one) men, members of the Extended Priority Selection Group, are eligible for induction for the first three months of 1971. Under Selective Service policy, these men must be ordered for induc­ tion ahead of those in the 1971 pool. The Extended Priority Group is made of young men born between 1944 and 1950 who have not reached their 26th birthday, were classified I-A or I-ArO at the end of 1970, and had a RSN that has been "reached" — That riiAS THAT YOUTHFUL ACCENT WHICH PLACES IT IN A LEAGUE WITH ZEFFIRELLI'S •ROMEO AND JULIET.'" -John Mahoney, FM and fine Arts Mat. RICHARD BURTON as HENRY VIII .. , "I .GENEVIEVE BUJOLD «I ANNE 80LEVN WW (gftfte Hiousatit) DayS SUN.-MON.-TUB. Jwble feature! .EVEN •nan job is ?°*orfi to Set W MAFIA CALLS ' HIM MISTER !j "•2SSEI Wie one Continuous Showings Sunday; Following Special Childrens ;inee-Doors Re-Or " "' rn SATURDAY & SUNDAY! CHILDREN'S MATINEES MGM jSaturdayat2:00 Sunday at 2:00 is, a RSN lower than the highest number called by their local board during 1970. The highest number "reached" in 1970 was RSN 195. While no local board exceeded this RSN in issuing induction orders to youngmehdur- ing 1970, many local boards did not "reach" that limit in meeting their calls. Selective Service officials said they set the RSN celing for January at RSN 100 in order to avoid the problems encountered in 1970 of local boards being unable to deliver sufficient numbers of inductees during the early months of the year because not all young men with low sequence numbers had been fully examined and were available for induction, or had fully completed the delays inherent in exercising their legal sup- ent in exercising their legal appeal rights. In 1970 Selective Service set a RSN celing of 30 for January, moved this up to 60 for February, 90 for March, and 115 for April. The RSN ceiling reached 195 in August and remained there for the remainder of 1970. * Dent ' (Continued from page 4) the $15,000 International Association of Professional Golfers' open tournament, at the Sable Palm Country Club. Tied for second at 137 were touring pro Herb Hooper of Richmond, Va., defending champion Lee McDowell of Fort" Worth, Tex., and Wayne Peddy. Charles A. Terwilliger, 76, Windfall suffered a fatal heart attack in Tipton Wednesday morning. Funeral services for the retired veteranerian will be Saturday at 1 p.m. at Pritchard Funeral Home with Rev. Jerry Williams officiating. Burial will be at Brookside Cemetery in Windfall. Friends may call at Pritchard Funeral Home after noon Friday. The deceased was born May 14, 1894, the son of John and Bertha (Trimble) Terwilliger. He lived all of his life in the Windfall area until a few weeks ago when he moved to the Tipton Hotel. He was a member of Windfall Christian Church and a 50-year member of the Masonic Lodge. He was a World War I veteran. Surviving are two sisters, Mrs. Hospital News WED., DEC. 16, 1970 ADMISSIONS: Walter Cherry, Tipton; Mark Hawkins, Tipton; Lellie Ozenbaugh, Elwood; Carole Heinzman, Cicero; Richard Joines, Tipton; Pearl Shockney, Windfall; Edith Ryan, Tipton. DISMISSALS: Sally Cooper, Tipton; Michelle Rood, Sharpsville; Roger Chaudion, Cicero; Max Starrett, Arcadia; Anna Shadday, Tipton; Audra Parnell, Tipton; Andrew Altherr, Tipton. BIRTH: Mr. and Mrs. Edward Heinzman, Cicero; Boy born at 12:16 a.m. December 16. Dear Santa Letters DearSanta, I have been good all year. I want these present for Christmas — Quick Shoot, Ants in the Pants, Don't Cook Your Goose, a farm set and a bulldozer. I have a sister named Melissa. She wants a doll, some dishes and and pots and pans. I am six years old and my sister is two years old. Matthew Hudson 327 N. Independence Tipton, Indiana Dear Santa, Please bring me a truck, a basketball and a puppy. I have been a good boy. Hope you are O.K. Frankie Moore Tipton, Indiana Lola Mitchell, Sharpsville and Mrs. Gayle Ray of Indianapolis. A brother and sister are deceased. * Around the World (Continued from page one) the four-man committee that organized the campaign. BOSTON— If you live in the 3rd Massachusetts Congressional District and are looking for a party on New Year's Eve, Rep.- elect Robert F. Drinan, D- Mass., is your man. Drinan, a , Roman Cattolic priest on leave of absence as dean of the Boston College law school, is throwing a party Dec. 31. He has invited everyone in the district. * Anti-American (Continued from page one) Vietnamese civilian also died and 17 others were wounded. Military spokesmen said a 30- pound plastic explosive device was set off in the lobby of Home Hall bachelor officers quarters. The blast killed the officer on duty and wounded a civilian employe. " The four-story officers dormitory was heavily damaged and many occupants had to move to other quarters. Communiques from Phnom Penh said North Vietnamese and Viet Cong units which cut Highway 4 linking the capital with Kompong Som, Cambodia's only seaport, a month ago, have built roadblocks of heavy timbers and even dug trenches across the highway at some points. The Communists also have blown up most of the bridges along the 120-mile route of Highway 4 between Phnom Penh and.the coast, according to Brig. Gen. Sosthene Fernandez, commander of the Cambodian 2nd military district. the blockade of Route 4 has brought gasoline rationing in Phnom Penh and a shortage of beer, which is brewed in Kompong Som. The situation added to inflation in the capital. to the need for property tax relief. 1 was pleased the governor mentioned property tax relief is an importantissue and. the General Assembly should address itself to it. I want to reinforce thefact we think it is and we are happy he has suggested it.". Replacement the Problem The big question will be. the source of replacement funds for any new property tax relief program. The most frequently suggested sources are increased sales and income taxes, but the proposed budget reflects Whitcomb's continued aversion to a general tax hike. Taylor pointed out, however, that the.budget has $1.6 billion in total "local aid" including $685.6 millio for public schools, $118.1 million for other education, $259.7 million for local streets and roads, $117.2 million for retirementfunds, $302.4 million for welfare and $164.7 mil. lion in other local aid. , The proposed budget is based on the existing tax system except for the "technical changes" to which Taylor referred. These changes would require legislation and would mean an added $39.2 million. Accordingto James O. Mathis, state revenue commissioner, the major item is a bill tore- quire all employers who pay more than $50 a month in withheld taxes to the state to pay monthly instead of quarterly. \ Mathis said this change would produce a one-time windfall to the state of $28 million in the next biennium. The other bills include a gross income tax on national banks, expected to produce $6 million in the biennium, elimination of manufacturing exemption on excise tax, for $1.8 million, exclusion of coin laudries from the definition of laundries, $1 million, and lesser amounts for bills affecting auctioneers, cable television and delinquent taxpayers. Education remains tte largest single functional expenditure in the budget at $1.2 billion, an increase of 13 per cent over the previous biennium. This includes aid to local schools at $685.6 million, higher education, $419.3 million and other educational costs 111 million. . 1 Keeps, School Formula Taylor said he could not say what, per cent of the total operating costs of public schools would be met by the state but it obviously will be . less than the 50 per cent funding that many groups had hoped to get as a form of property tax relief. Taylor said the intent was to fund the present formu­ la of support which he said last year would nave meant 43.5 per cent of total school expenses. The increase over the current biennium for public schools was $56,2 million or 8.9 per cent. "The current recommendation reflects the leveling of local school enrollments," Taylor said. Special education was included in the formula for the first time at a total of $12.6 million. For Purdue, Indiana, Ball Stile and Indiana State universities, Indiana Vocational Technical College and Vincennes University the increase amounts to 22.9 per cent over the current biennium, or about $75.5 million. The emphasis again is on regional development and post-high school vocational technical training. In addition," the state scholarship fund got a 122 per cent increase in the proposed budget, from $6.7 million to $14.9 million. The next largest hunk of the proposed budget would go for highways, streets and roads at $717.5 million for the biennium, representing 24.1 per cent of the total proposed appropriation and an increase over 1969-71 of $7 million. Public welfare costs account for 10.4 per cent at the proposed appropriation, at $310.3mill- ion, representing an increase of 78.5 per cent over the $173.8 million that had been approp- priated for 1969-71. However, Taylor pointed out that the state apparently will pay $21 million additional welfare costs for this biennium more than the lawmakers had thought would be needed two years ago. Mental health at $176.9 mill: ion, composes 5.9 per cent of the total%roposed appropriation, compared to $141.5 million in this bieimium. - WASHINGTON: The House December 15 reaffirmed its support for continued development of the sursonic transport (SST), kicking the issue back to the Senate where opponents vowed to filibuster against it until Congress adjourns. One of the SST's leading foes, Sen. William Promire, D-Wisc„ holds some of the material he plans to use during the filibuster. UPI TELEPHOTO Dependable Ambulance Service FARMER FARMERS LOAN & TRUST COMPANY -110 E. Jeff. St. Tipton, Indiana Sponsored By- The Tipton County Medical Society Dr. Harold Ericson President Identification Chart of Potentially-Dangerous Drugs and Narcotics Prevention is the only reliable cure for drug abuse. Every parent should be responsible for watching for the telltale usual changes from normal behavior. When observing sons or daughters, parents must be cautious and must not con- DRUG USED PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS LOOK FOR DANGERS i GLUE SNIFFING Violence, Drunk Appearance, Dreamy or Blank expression Tubes of glue, Glue smears, Large paper bags, or handkerchiefs Lung/Brain/Liver damage, Death through suffocation choking, Anemia HEROIN (Horse, M, Junk, Snow, Stuff, Harry) MORPHINE (White Stuff, Miss Emma, Dreamy) CODEINE (Schoolboy) Stupor/Drowsiness, Needle marks on body, Watery eyes, Loss of appetite, Blood stain on shirt sleeve, Running nose Needle or hypodermic syringe, Cotton, Tourniquet-string, Rope, Belt burnt bottle caps or spoons, Glassine envelopes Death from, overdose, Mental deterioration, Destruction of brain and liver COUGH MEDICINE CONTAINING CODEINE AND OPIUM Drunk appearance, Lack of coordination, Confusion, Excessive itching Empty bottles of cough medicine Causes addiction MARIJUANA (Pot, Grass, Locoweed, Mary Jane, Hashish, Tea, Gage, Reefers) Sleepiness, Wandering mind, Enlarged eye pupils, Lack of coordination, Craving for sweets, Increased appetite Strong odor of burnt leaves, Small seeds in pocket lining, Cigarette paper, Discolored fingers Inducement to take strong narcotics, Recent medical findings Marijuana does injure organs. ISO (Acid, Sugar, Big D, Cubes, Trips) DMT (Businessman's High) STP Severe hallucinations, Feelings of detachment, Incoherent speech, Cold hands and feet, Vomiting, Laughing and crying Cube sugar with discoloration in center, Strong body odor, Small tube of liquid Suicidal tendencies, Unpredictable behavior, Chronic exposure causes brain damage AMPHETAMINES (Bennies, .Dexies, Co-Pilots, Wake-Ups, Lid Poppers, Hearts, Pep Pills, Speed) Aggressive behavior, Giggling, Silliness, Rapid speech, Confused thinking, No appetite,. Extreme fatigue, Dry • mouth, shakiness Jar of pills of varying colon. Chain smoking Death from overdose, Hallucinations BARBITURATES (Barbs, Blue Devih, Candy, Yellow Jackets, Phennies, Peanuts, Blue Heavens, Goof Balls, Downs) Drowsiness, Stupor, Dullness, Slurred speech, Drunk appearance, Vomiting Pills of varying colon Death from overdose, Unconscious z>

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