The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 16, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1908
Page 3
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FRIDAY. OCTOBER 18, 1908, THE BAKERRFflSLD THE ONLY EXCLUSIVE PIANO STOftE IN KERN COUNTY. HARD HIiHIING LIGHTWEIGHTS MEET IN THH STEINWAY ! to all Other Pianos) A. B. Chase. Eatey. Emerson Kurtzmann Sterling and others. Also a flnejjvariety of Player Pianos. Lowest prices and easy terms. Orders taken for sheet music. Sherman Clay & Co New Fish Aock-1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C, E. KEY, Manager ^^ • . MAIN 128 TONIGHT "When We Were 21" 10c, 25c, 35c, 50c MATINEES SATURDAY, 10c, 25c. f *v Dependable Goods at Welll's Sweaters are Stylish, Neat and Warm (let one. We're now showing all the now foil styles and we can HS.SIUV von they're very pretty. Sweaters are handy Ihinjrs to have, as they're nice to wear, for they're lif,'ht. warm and pretty. If you're thinking of buying a new sweater, hy all means see our new line. We have all sj/.es—all prices— v.ud many styles. Choice Lot Time-r-S:45 p. m. Place—Scrlbner opera house. Attraction—Joe Rellly vs. Eddie White. Twenty rounds at 133 pounds ringside. Sara Ferguson, referee. Frank Carrlllo, timekeeper. Preliminary—Kid Parker vs, Jim Bradley. Ten rounds at catch weights. Sky Hess, referee. Ezre Rehfeld, promoter. Prices—$1, |2. »3. Fighters receive 50 per cent ot receipts. Split 65 and 35. •f What promises to be one of the most Interesting pugilistic events held n Bakersfield In recent years will occur at the Scrlbner, tonight when Joe Rellly of Fresno and Eddie White of Maricopa face each other for a twenty round battle. There appears * Reilly i n Condition. * "AH I have to cay," said Rellly, "is that I consider this/ ono of the most important battles of my career. * I have trained faithfully for five weeks and never was In better condition in my life for a fight. My friends from Fresno are here to' J>*ok me heavily and I am determined to win. If I lose <t will be because White Is a better man." (rentlemanly Eddie WtiHe Is one of the coolest lads that ever drew on a glove. In Rellly he he Is going up against one of the hardest nuis In UIP business but that does not worry Eddie and way down deep he Is confident ol winning tonight's argument and winning It easily. White is Confident "This will be the first tlnr ie I ever met Reiliy, but I know htm by reputation as a hard fighter. .1 am in fine _______ , . ...... _______ - condition and am strong to travel to be more Interest taken In the fight | any pace. I hope to win," Is Eddie's among the fans, thau In the recent statement. battles and a large delegation ot There will be one preliminary, a Fresno light followers who arrived ten round go between the original Kill lere last night and this afternoon pavker of San Diego and Jim Brad will be at the ringside to boost for h^y. The scrappers arc lightweights their fighter. and can put up a fast fight Sky Hess Betting so far has been' light, the won known Fresno sporting man White baa been the favorite, the the manager of Rellly, will referee money chiefly being offered by oil i the preliminary. fields boys and local sporting follow- 1 Manager Uehfeld announces lha ers Several bets have been report drlnklns and smoking will be pro' ' hlblted. Fire Chief Gundlach and a corps of lils men will be In attendance to enforce this rule. The first fight Is scheaiiled for 8:45 sharp ana Immediately after It Is fln Ished the main event will be brough' on. From all Indications there will be a large crowd present. The seat sale which has been In progress for threo days past, has been brisk. _ ed but the wagering is not expected to pick up until evening, when the rest of the Fresno boy's followers arrive. The scrappers will weigh In at 133 pounds ringside. They will fight straight Marquis* of Queensberry rules and Sam Ferguson will be the third man in the ring. Both lads are in excellent condition, having been training for more than a month past Another —OF- Bargains —IN— REAL ESTATE B1GURS GARRY AWAY STORE L. T. Godley, who only recently opened up "The Racket" store In the old Drury building at 18th street and Chester avenue, suffered the misfortune of having hirf new business entirely carried off by burglars last night. Mr. Godley had just placed a stock of about, S-liiO worth of ladles' wear and everything that goes tb make up a racket ?tove, an.I this morning when he opened tile establishment he- found that some one had been there before and left him but $U>0 worth of goods to begin the day's business with. A glass door in the rear was broken ami the lock tinned without diffculty. .Mr. Godley has reported the matter to the police and owing to the character of the merchandise there Is a chance of apprehending the culprits if they attempt to dispose of any of the wares In this city. .—« i > The Callfornlan want ads p'iy. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-U22 Nineteenth Street. dee Honest \t-i\nttt are ever wed:!- tretv.f'.» '.s-.-Js,. We MC.rv: you buy . -.ns, kct- ties, woodenwa-a .-.t "• i_et us assits yov. </ •M** Winters, Bridces, Jimpson Cumpay. Si- A NEW COAT OF PAINT- COSTING, SAY, $2.50 Will save you many dollars in lumber. Now is the time to apply Old Mission Paint. Before tke rain. A coat he- fore December is coats pfterwards. your house now. worth 3 So paint Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. Ou« Ichuublin HOVERING ABOUT THE EL CERR1TO COAUNGA, Oct. 15.—There is considerable doing about the extreme south end of the field, In and about the El t'errito district as far as the Devil's Den country. Autos leaving the old road about Huron and Armona are seen almost, dally running over the country looking to seen something, they hardly know what. v This field has been rortunate lu regard to fires, none larger than a rig or bunk or cook bouse having occurred. There have been no serious l:ir'4e tank fires, as other fields have bad. The u-reat grass fires ol' last year and the year before did no othei damage than to destroy feed for tin sheep men. Tluit great caution is use. 1 about the property is very evident Many leases use i.Oeelrle pocket lani|» about the lank houses at night when it i.-J nei-Lss'iry to ivatch the gauge There «r«» it few careless men wlic have lo be watched, the cigarette' smoker, with bis unconscious striking of unite-lies Is the most dangerous mini about an oil claim. The experience of men In other fields stand them in hand here, and with the Standard Oil Company operating about the field less experienced operators gather knowledge as how to better protect their property. CHIClslN CONVENTION Baking DayS Aie Pleasure Days ana all your pins ana bread and cakes are most delicious when you use ' Kern River Mills Flour Clar- for the soiling of miiny nice dresses and oilier garments, but little satisfaction can be obtained from the culprits. You can. ho\\v\er, have the satisfaction of bavin;.' your clothing carefully ch'sined s< they will look like new at lh< Pioneer dying and clean in'_' estal lishmcnt. When spots ci.'inot l< removed, our skill iiiul ex • rii-nc enables us to dye the ;rarm. ;i' darker shade of most pViis!i;;r ", fectivcness. Pioneer Cleaners and Dyera A. C. Jacobwn, Proprietor. , OH ( ,. M inv-i idth (••>. Phono MflTU 176 Work*, 129-133 20th St. Phone Main 168 THE NEW STORE. VISIT THE FAIR And Inspect our dlspl.-iy of f;> wlnos iind liquors, beer and drinks. All goods exhibit.". home bottled and comply \ the pure food and drug lav. also curry a complete stIK! Imported wines ami liquor- will be prepared to serve y.> either large or small qiuiul Fred Gunther Co. Family tnulu solicited. Store and warerooms 1511 KHth street. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. The third semi-annual conventloi of the Congregational Churches o the county will open tonight at tht Pilgrim's Congregational Church ir Kern. Three sessions will be held the concluding ones being tomorrow morning and afternoon. Uev. John Maile of os Angeles and Uev. Charles H. Ceccombe of Ontario will be the principal speakers. Delegates are expected from all the Congregational churches In the county. Following i» the program for the three days: Friday Evening. 7: Ilo—Praise Service, led hy ence, M. Fuller. 8—"My Privilege as an Endeavor- er." Miss l^ydla A. Colton. 8; 15—"My Privilege as a Christian Young Man," Truman Glover. 8:25—Solo, selected, Clarence M. Fuller. 8:3i)—Association Address, "Responsibility of Citizenship," Uev. Thomas E. Watt. Saturday Morning. 9:30—"Bible Study," Uev. Charles H. Secx'ombo, lo—Business, 10:30—Southern California General Confen-ncf), Huv. O. F. .Thayer. 10:45—"Our Chinese Work," Mrs. 1. T. Sharp. 11—"My Privilege as a Church Member," Alisa Harriot F. Buss. 11:45—"Our Home Missionary Out-j look," Uev. John L. Malle. Saturday Afternoon. I:3H—"Bible Study," Hev. Cbas. H. Seccomhu. 8—"Our MlHioiuiry Work," Miss Mary W. Buss. 2:30—Question box, conducted by Uev. O. F. Thayer. 3—"An Appeal From the Chairman of the Prudential Committee." Discussion. 3:3n—"The Compulsion of Duty." Rev. A. L., Adjournim-nt. Lame Back. T!.:,-. ailm'-i.t Is usually i ausrd tiy rHeMti!ii': ; ni <ii th.-; muscli-s of the small of tlie >,acU, and H quickly cur. ed by applying Chamherluln'H Mnl- i.itnt two or three timo« a day and niiiMiasing tho pans at. each application. For sale by Haer Bros., Bakers- flold; Kern Drug Co, Kern. • I95a—Lot 66x115^ feet, on California avenue, near H street: fine residence to be erected an adjoining lot. Price $600 351—Lot 67x122 feet, on K street, less than three blocks front 10th street; fine locality $800 81—Lot 60x122 ft., on 20th street, near corner of Pine; a great bar- K«in at $450 299a—Lot 77x1151,6 ft, on Truxtun ave. Can be had only a short time for $1000 98—Ten acres, only half mile from depot, In Wnsco colony; house and good well, also barn. Would ex- chanse for good property In Uak- orsfleld or Kern, or sell for . .$700 554—f'ottHRO of three rooms, well close to business part of Richmond; would exelumue for pro- ^ (luctive or Income property In Kern county, or sell for ..... .$2500 561n—Seven room brick house, ;ill good Blzed rooms, on corner lot, 43x122 ft., Chester ave. Could not build the house, for the i>nre $2300 593a—Five room eodafie, on corner lot, XJxllSVi ft, one block from street car, and near schools. Must be sold soon, or will be withdrawn from market $1050 426a—Suburban home, belnj; L'Mi acres of land, with 4 room house, stable, chicken house, tank house, gasoline engine, etc. located In edge of Kern City. Price only $1400 95—Restaurant business for sain; has splendid trade; centrally located; rent moderate. Good money maker $1000 291a—Eighty acres, located short distance southwest of Shatter on Santa Pe R. R.; splendid alfalfa country, wh,ero water for pumping Is ample. Per acre $5 471—Nice 5 room cottage, on lot 37Viixl22 feet, on 16th street, near court house; splendid for a home, or very rentable as an Investment; price $2000 336—Twenty acres of good laud, with house, barn, etc., only 6 miles from Dakei'Kfleld; nearly all In alfalfa. Owner IH to move away; will sell cheap $800 116a—Nice coltaue home In ono of • „ ...,!...,..•.,. ,,f Oakland; would exchange for a homo In Bakors- liold worth $1500 296a—Fine brick house, well built, on well improved lot, ",0x150 feot, N street,, Kern City. Will go quick at $2000 120—Ten-room house with two-baths lot fiOxir.U ft. on M st. close to U. 11. shops In Kern City; $200 down, balance easy terms $2000 GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand safe and gentle I orses that ladies can drive! You will find everything spick and spau about our stables, our'horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order nil ,the time. W. T. RATLIPP Cor 21«t and U SU Tel. Main 88 The LITTLf RACKET! STORE ,. is n<>\v open in the old Drury ii'T 1 x ih iiml Chester ave- imi', with n nice new lino of Dry Hoods anil Notion Specialties, which will bo sold on the .">, 1M, 15 and 'JOc counters. Special sale Saturday of Ladies and M oil's Hose and liir»c Turkish Hath Towels. -.'."><: hose for 1 *»<•,; 7,"»i: towels for ."UK; jiair; uOc Towels, .'5.">e,. L. V. GODLEY & CO. r Dr. J. S. Weiser Manager of the "Weiser Optical Co., 1033 I street, Fresno, will be in Bakersfield one week commencing, Monday, October 19, 1908, and will stop at the New Southern Hotel. Eyes Examined Free All Work Guaranteed R. A. MOORE Real Estate and Insurance Room 11, Hopkins Bldg Phone Main 433 Bakersfield H. 6. Parsons REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 1707 Chester Avenue Bankrupt Slock OF THE United Harness Go Of all classes of Harness, Saddles, Whips, Robes, Blankets, Buggies and everything belonging to the harness and saddle trade. Corner Chester Ave, and 20th Street.

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