The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 18, 1800 · 3
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · 3

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1800
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Gazette of the United States. ■ i* m P HILJD BLPtiIA, satbrdat evening, October 18. Prices of Public Stock, Philadelphia, October iS. Eight per cent, (lock—loß per cent. Sin per cent, and „ ~ Navy ditto j Deferred 6 per cent 861-4 1 7 /? Three percent. 53 i-» ic/8 5 t-» per cent. 85 17/ 4 i-a per cent. none at market BANK United States, 35 p. cent advan. —Pennfylvania, 31 ditto ( N< America ji ditto ( * e,c Insurance C». Fenns'a »o ditto J —— North America 1» p. ct. below par 10 Turnpike - - . ni do. do. 300 Schuylkill Bridge - - - par ic Water Loan, «one at market too Land Warrants do St. Augujlinc Clurcb Lottery Ticleti, 9 dollars EXCHANGE. On London at 60 days 71a 7aJ On Amtlerdam, do 39 a4O ceutO [per florin S- On Hamburgh do 36 a 37 cents \ [per Mark Bancs'^ Rates ef Foreign Coins in the United States. EtigHfli pound ftcrling 4 44 -n IrHh do do 4 10 / liutch Florin or Guilder o ao f Hamburgh Mark Banco o $3 133 KF The subscriber having frequently heard complaints of the want of accuracy in the price current of public stock, has concluded tsfurnifti the Gazette of the United States, opc.afionally (if called for) with what may in his opinion beconfid. red the Market Prices of Stack, and the Rates oi Exchange. M. M-CONNELL, Cbesnvt street, No. 143. We underfiooi that this afternoon at 4 o'clock, the foundation flone, of a New- Bridge over Schuylkill was to h-ave been laid, —we prcfunie the weather w.ll pievent it. At a meeiing of the Sele A and Common Councils of thia City, held yelterday morning, agreeably to law, Henry Pratt, Esq. was chosen President of the SeleA Conocil, and Kearny Wharton, Esq. President of the Common Council. William H. Todd, Esq. wa« ele&ed Cl»rk of the Se'eA, and bdward J. Coale, Efq, Clerk of the Common Council. The Councils will meet again on Tuesday next, for the purpose of ele&ing a Mayor, Ft male Electcks. Smgle Females in the State of New-Jersey, pofleffed of a certain property, and having paid taxes, are entitled to vote at elections. WeOiidei stand that at the late election, there were many exercised their privilege. The Editor this morning received by j*o(l the following account of the EleAion in New Jersey, it may be depended on as accurate.—The result of the Ele&ion, Io far as has come to our know ledge, is high, y honorable to the good people of that tcfpeftable State. New-Jersey Ele&ioiii liuriingtcn County. The returns from the 11 townships, amount to 3500 votes ; of which 3000 are for the Federal ticket: this is the result within 60 or 70 votes, at the outfidej and may be depended on. What a fine fubjeft of self gratiilatu n this niuflafPiid to tr.s Slabtown Chairman and bis Secretary. P. S. No doubt is entertained nf a great majority ih the Lcgiflature for the Adams int-reft,- The honorable John C. Smith, is elefted representative to C*ngrefs» for the [bite of Coflnefticut, till the 4th March next, to supply the Vacaticy occaflened by the re Agnation of Jonathan Brace, Esq. We hear that Mr. William Lardner and Mr. James Swain are appointed to take the second census, in the third and 4th diftrifts, according to an a£t of Cong rets, in the county of Philadelphia. STEPHEN SAYRE. A fellow -who signs his name as above, has occupied two columns of a late Adror.i, in ail addrels 9> the Editor of this Gazette ; we {hall now dismiss the wretch with the following letter, taken from Mrs. Beddeley's Memoirs.—We have already devoted too great a portion of our time, and accupied too much room in the Gazette on this Worth- It fs topit. LQNDON, 13d March, 1771. Dma* SJK, *' We are likely to have some serious ■" matters, of the political kind, ere long. " Wilkes has brought the Commons into a «' damnable dilemma, by attacking his two «• old friends, the K—g, und Lord Hali«' fax. I hope there remains fomefpiritof " Englishmen among us, which will soon • 4 blalt the men who are driving to ruin this " great kingdom. Thatj> u and 1 may live " ta share the spoils of those rascals, and u be rewarded with what ive reii! y meri', " is my ardent wish, when I bid you a:lieu 1 ♦' Your't most refpe£lfully, Stefmes Sater." Par arnpuni " fiarc F.xtraS of a letter Jr'eYn a political character resident abroad, to ktsfttend at Philadelphia. " The French proverb fays that there are honed men, even in hell ; where I (liould indeed as loon think of looking for them, as anions; that class of mortals called Jacobins. I will not fay there is 110 such thing as an honed Jacobin, but I mud own it has never been my lot to meet with one, and have in dances ot the contrary multiplying upon me every day, Christian charity bids u?. hope all things, but not to believe all things, and I lh >uld think my property just as fafe in the hands of a Jacobin, as in those of a convitted thief. I know not whether you will think these fentiivrnts illiberal, but these are times, and this is a fubjeft that admit not of liberality. The utmod candor I can fliew to a Jacobin is not to ti ud him ; for then I believe of him that lie will not betray my truth" Dtiti. Cu. Extract from Essays on Political Societynow printing by Mr. William Young. " The American Congiefs, under their rxilting conflitution, affords a eonfpicuotis illuflration of general principles of moral policy. None of the ancient or modern leagues, none of the ancient or modern governments, in the Old World, exhibits so perfeft a national model for municipal legislation upon the eledtive fyflein. French vanity, indeed, has eulogized their policy as the fublimefl monument of human reason. But the de- of the firll edition of government which they call a couftitution, were proved by its being overthrown alnioft as soon as it commenced operations : It became obsolete in its infancy. The next projett, to which was given the name of constitution, was conceived under the ascendant of Rob.fpierre. This thing 1 , even its parents, had not the confidence to exhibit to the French, for their opinion. The third French edition of government, called the constitution of year three, appeared to have more firinnefs of texture, and to b: more capable of duration. Its exterior form, indeed, has been continued, while the brain and the heart, as far as i; had any, were anatomized by order of such as direttcd the armed force. Can the French Council of Ancients claim the honor of competing with khe American Seriate ? Is it equally formed far dignity, for Vifdom and (lability ? Shall the French Council of Five Hundred pretend to rival the American House of Representatives as a popular chamber of legislation ? The triennial elettion of the members of that Council, the interposal of an elefloral aitembly between them and the people, the annual rotation of one third of the members, the forced elettion of two thirds, w*re these the bell expedients which theboafted French fk ; ll could devise for fecurihg popular liberty ? The French legislature, if their two Council merit the name since the Fruftidorian fuhjugation, is a duplicated revolutiensry ariftoiracy ; mutilated by pentarchal usurpation ; nominally regulated by forms, which, at the bidding of the pentarchs, vanilh before a decree of urgencyj Whether the framers of the American conllitution controlled by an happy necessity of political Atuation ; whether their profound acquaintance with the most corie£l theories of government determined the frame of the system ; or whether a manly force rf Blind, combined with fcientific skill, aided by much perlbnal experience, and influenced by a refpeftful attention to preconceived opinions, led tq a f\ stem so origi. nal in its general ftrurture, so intervolved in its parts, so compadl-d by the aflociation of the whole ; whether and how far any or all of these catifes iperated to produce the American constitution, one thing is certain 1 lie citizei g of the New World have abundant cause to felicitate themselves «n their political tlefliny. The American nation has now a municipal Icgiflature conllictited to «« provide for the common d-fence " and general welfare." Just as our paper was going to press we received the returns from Chester Cuunty, by which it_appears that the Federa'ifts hive carried the eleftion by 159 votes—except the Senator, who the Demociati tarried owing to the counties of Bucks and Montgomery. )C7* THE Members of the Society of the Sons of St. GEORGE, eftablifhcd at Philadelphia, for the advice and assistance of Engliflimen in diftrcfe, are requefled to attend a quarterly meeting of the said Society, at the City Tavern, on Tliurfday the FOR SALE, 23d day of Oftobtr, at fix o'clock in the Long Primer, evening. * Snftalt Pica on Pica Body, V Several Members are to be balloted ' E"?'™'' Chaft., CompoGng Stick., atid.agrea(L„ nvrwn'v r\A«ro n variety of articles tiecelftry to carry on the Prinfor' . GEORGE DAVIS, Sec'ry. i„ g Bufineft. They will be fold cheap t« calk 0e * er 'A- A23d : App:y to the Printer. A correspondent would by glad so what has become of the i?'£n of the CROSS Kh\S, which used to hang at the corner ot 1 hird and Chelnut dreet, at it has not been lien iince the ele&ion. Scarcely a Mail arrives that we are not deprived ot f)me ot our Newlpapers, sometimes from New-\ ork we receive but one paper instead of four or five, at times, we receive papers to the ealtward of Bodon, mid none from BjUoii, arod today we have one Military paper by the Southern Mail, and we have not received the Farmer's Museum these tour weeks piift, although we know by letters from the Editor, that the ptpers have bee-n forwarded,— Such deprivations is very provoking- and ought not to be allowed. A STRIKING LJISN S3. Pennsylvania Ele&ions. For the GazfUc oj ifje United. States ORIGINAL POETI*. {. No. vijtr. Impromptu, en hearing a young lady cenfurrd far keeping an officer's picture in her parlour. A graceful person, with an easy air, And fops have these, may sometimes please the fair, But manly sense, a foul for friendfliip form'd, A heart at once by love and glory warm'd, With modest worth,and truepolitenefsjoin'd To every virtue of a soldier's mind, These are the charms, that steal upon the bread. And with these charms was Damon greatly Weft, Eftecm for honor plac'd his image there, And often wakes refleftion's tender tear. Then, Son of Malice, e'tr you dare to raise, The breath of censure, (tho' thycenfure's praise,) From Damon's virtues, boundless was the (tore, Learn but his candour, and you'll blame no more. A SONG. FOUR and twenty Drunkards all on a row. Four and twenty Drunkards all on a row, There is Mac and there is Will, " Hand on the Gin." Down below, This is the Gov'nors Grand Levee, Therefore let us be.merry. Four and twenty effice-hunters all on a row. Four and twenty office-hunters all on a ro\r, Israel Israel and Ker crying " gives vis Your votes." And Mac and Will " Hand on the Gin." Down below. TJ.ii "n, See. 1 Four and twenty Speculators all on a row. Four and twenty Speculators all on a row, There is I.eib and his tribe, with their Scrip and Certificates, Israel and Kercrying " give us yourvptes" Mac and Will " Hand on the Gin." Dowh below. This is, &c. Four and twenty Refugees all on a row. Four and twenty Refugees all 011 a row, There is Coxe and Arnold, walking armin-arm with Gen. Howe—Leib ai)d his T'iie with their Scrip and Certificates— Israel and Ker crying " gives us your votes—Mac and Will "hand on'the Gin.' 1 Down below. This is, &c. Four and twenty Newgnte-men all on a row. Four and twenty Newgate-men all on a row, There ate Llbyd and Callencter with their heads in the pillory—Coxe S(nd Arnold walking arm-in-arm .with G«n. Howe— Leib and his trite with their Sctip and Certificates—lfrael and Ker crying " give us your votes— Mack and Will '• hand on the Gin." l)own below. This is, tcc. Four and twenty Soldiers all <ni a rrtw. Four and twenty Soldiers all oa a row, There is Fries and Stevey, " no daxes, all fifkry"—Lloyd and Cullender with* their heads in the pillory—Coxe and Arnold walking arm-in-arm with Gen. Howe— Leib and his tribe with their Scrip and Certificate—lfrael and Ker crying " give us your votes"—and Mac and Willj " hand on the Gin;" Down bilow. This is, &c. Four and twenty poetasters all on a row. four and twenty poetaftcrs all oa a row, There is the Ghirping Cobler, Tom the Tinker, Dick the Deniift and Will the Weaver begging " will your honor accept me for your honor's piet laureat." Fries and Stever, " no daxes, all fifkey" Lloyd and Callender with their heads io the pillory—Coxe and Arnold walking arm-in-arm with Gen. Howe— and his tribe witli their Scrip and Certificates votes" and Mac and Will " hand om the Gin." Down below. It is the Gov'nors Gntni Therefore let us be merry. Extra& of a letter from a gentleman io the | Western parts ofViiginia, to his torrefpondent in Richmond, dated Sept. 16, 1800. " You are so bent oa politics, that I believe you have lolt hopes. It will be well if you and I have hitherto been mistaken ; the event I hope will be favorable ; but no wife has changed my opinion—nay, so clearly do I conceive the principles of our Democrats t» be wrong, that were it left to my determination. 1 would freely make choice of beii.g governed by Buonaparte himfelf, rather thah submit to the partiality and tyranny of our Democrats, manifefted in the late proceedings of I fuppofc it would not be ledition only, but also little treason, to find fault with the majority of our legislature—who, it is said, are the people.—Our ticket law, however, for appointing Eledors to choose a -Prefiydent, and a Vice-President, will be a lading monument of the loft liberties of the di ft re fled and deluded people ; and an eternal Sigma on the boasted justice of true republican government. Such tyranny, such abuse of right*; will one day produce its murderous effe&s." Gazette Marine Lift, PORT OF PHILADELPHIA. ARRIVED, Sch. Vi&ory. Holmes, New-York Dry goods —To Captain Bethiah, Buck, Bolton Iris, Gavin, Paffmiaquody, 12 Plaiflcr Parii. Sloop Maria, Burroughs. N. London, 6 Clieefe and Fill). CLEARED, Sthr. Experiment, Town, Havannah Ino, Gemmenny, La Guira The George Wnlhingto:', tfainbriclge, from hence to Algiers, was spoken the 20th //ug. it) lat. 38,50, N. Ion*; 33, 50, W. all well.' Brig Clarissa, Nichols, from hence to Curracoa, has been sent into Tortola, liberated and intended to proceed to Curracoa* Capt. \ ork, of the Pennsylvania from London, spoke Sept. 30, brig Abby, Parke out 16 days from New York to Hamburg, all well. In lat 38, 00, long 56, 00, W. Oilober 8, spoke the brig Betsey, Grove 5 days out from Bolton, for Martinique, in lnt, 36, N. long. 55, W. Letter Bags up <it the Cojfee-Houfe The ship Hannah, Brown for Hamburg, to be taken away on Saturday the 18 th inft. The ship Phcebe Ann, Gardner, for Cowes ditto. T he (hip Adriana, Fletcher, for Loadon, ditto. BOSTON, Oftober 14. Arrived f«-h. Henry, Tread we]!, Havanna. Sch. John and William, Eldrige, Lisbon, 42 days' Spoke a (hip fiom St. Übesfor Salem. At Quarantine yefterday—ScHr. Sophia Rogers Cape Francois; (loop Juno, Staples' Port-au-Prince ; Hannah, Wield- Torto-' la. About the Bth of. Sept. a cartel left Guadaloupe for St. Kitts, with all the American prisoners then at the former Islands. The Mary, of Connefticut, for Demaara, has been loft at fea—asd every ptrfon on board except one pcrilhed- In Boston the affli flion thus occasioned to the feelings of humanity, is more paignant, by the report that Mr Thomas Ghter, merchant, of this town, was a palltnger in the unfortunate vessel- The Columbian Turnpike, which extends from Hudson, New York, to the Massachusetts line, on the rout to Hartford, will be completed in the courie of this month. Nli W.BEDFORD. Arrived, Oft. 4, Schr. Argo. Hammond, from Londonderry, (Ireland) 41 days ; 14 paflengers. Sept. 13, lat. 4410 long 46 10, spoke an Englitli brig, from CharL-fton, for Greenock ; a 2d, lat 43 39, long jo, 2r, spoke lhip Enterprizf, Hammond, 21 days from Alexandria, for St. Sebaflians ; Oft. 1, in the South Channel, spoke brig Mary- Ann, from Boston, for Jamaica. NEW-YQRK, Ottober 17. CLEARED, Brig Austria, Lawrence, Havannah Amiable Matilda, Whitlock, do. Schr. Nine Sifters, Kelley, Windsor, N. S. Yesterday arrived (hip Lord Duncan, days from Jamaica, spoke nothing. Same day* brig George) Starbuck 40 days from Lancaller, O. E. Spoke, about 16 days ago, a (hip, from Boften bound to St. Sebastians, i 3 days oiiti |CP Bookfel'ers, Printers, and private Gentlemen, holding fubfeription papers for the publication of The Farrago and Lay Preacher, will please, on, or before the middle of November next, to forward them to Philadelphia, in a cover, open at the ends, in tbe manner in which newspapers are usually transmitted. It is requeued that they be addrefled to Asbmrt Dickins ( Bookseller, Philadelphia. Gentlemen, in different parts of the United States, and in British America, who have not had an opportunity to fubferibe to both, or either of the above performances, may address as ab&ve th.'ir 1 -tte'rs, P'Jl paid ; their wiihes (hall be complied with, and their names, if sent seasonably, shall be added to the lift of fubcrifbers, to be prefixed to '.lie volumes. October 14. Copper, In Sheets, Bottoms & Still Patterns LEAD, Brazier's.Solder, Tin in I'oxes, Steal Sheet-iron, Sewing twine, and a large assortment of Ironmohgcry, Cutlery, Sadler y, Brass and Japann'd wart». For fa eby Elisha Fisher & Co. Otflober 17. f mss"w im. Taunton A.le, of *n excellent quality, JUST RECEIVED, per brie Amity, from Etiftol, AND FOR SALE, By John Allen, No. 122, Spruce street, Who has also 0(1 hand, Bristol Patent Sail Cl«th, No. 1 to 8. feptetnber 22 For Sale, The Unexpired TIME of a BLACK BOY WHO has thfe« years and five months to fcrve ; fee is loher, honcft, a good waicr, and undcrflands taking care of horses. Enquire at No. 6c, Do.k Arte:. July ay. i Thomas Orr* No. 52, South Fkont ;>Ti<feßTj I HAS received by the latrft arrivals trodi Londoi), a well chosen aflbrtment of the following article*: CALICOES and Chintzes, (a great variety) Furniture do. do. Corded Dimitiej for garments and furniture Durants, Joans and Calimancoes Bombazetts and Bjmbazeens Printed Linen and Cotton Handkerchiefs ind Lawn bordertd dv*. Jaconet and 3o k Muilin handkerchiefs Shawls, Cotton ind Chintz, a great variety Do. Camel's Hair Hosiery, Woriled and Cotton of all sizes Do China White and Black Silk Table- Cloths, from 5 4, to 10 by 16 4 with and without Napkins Thread, Gauze, Lawn and Cambriclw Jaconet and Lapett Mullins, coloured and plairl White and Black Lace, Lace Veils, Cloaks and Handkerchiefs v Black Mode, Peelonirs and Satins White and printed Mirfeilles forvefts Swanfdown. striped and plaid. , , Cotton Checks (five) 7-8, 4 4, 11-8, and 6-4 Black and colourod Barcelona handkerchiefs India Bandnna d». of luperior quality White, Ked and Yellow Flannels Guernsey Worded Frocks A few dozen bed elastic Suspenders. He has.Also Just Received, a well afiorted Invoice of India Muslins* CONSISTING OF Berbhoom Gumhs | Pyna Bjftn Alahabad Emerties I Do. Gutrahs Company Guz2ipora I Unna Ma mood its. Coffas | By the Bale or Piece. Oflnber IS. d w jawtf. FOUND, In Market-flreet, the 13th ialtant, A BANK NOTE. C 3* Enquire of the Pr ntfcr. O.&. 'B. dfW New-Theatre. bN Monday evening, October 20. Will be prcfented, (not a<2ed thefc 3 years) a fa* vorife Comedy, called THE WILL; OR, A SCHOOL POR DAUGHTERS Howard, Mr; Cooper. Albi na Mandevill?, Mifa Weliray, ( Her.-firjl appearand on this Jla%c .) To which will be added a Comcdyj in two ads, called THE CRITIC; Or, A Tragedy Rtbearfed. Tt> conclude with a grand attack on TILBURY FORT J and Dcftrudt'on of The Armada. <js" On Wednesday, the favorite Tragedy of Pizarro ; er the Spaniard, in Peru, with Entertainment w ■ CCj* A New Coified?, is Itt Rehearsal and will be speedily produc.d with new fcencry. Box, one Dollar. Pit, three quarters of a Dollar, and Gallery, half a Dollar. she Doors of the Theatre will open at 1-4 past 5, and the Cuf'.ain rife at 1-4 past 6 o'clock. Gentlemen and Ladies arc required to lend their fervanta to keep places in the buxei at a quarter past five oMock Robbery. 300 Dollars Reward. LAST Saturday night my shop in Waterftreet was opened by a falfe key, and sundry articles of JewfllerV, to the«moimt of ten or twelve hundred dollars, were carried off 1 . Among them were, Two marrow spoons msrked " Worrock ; Likeneflesof Mr James Robertfoti and wife* o£ Petrrtburg—one do* of a Mr. King - one do. of Mr. John Trimble, late of this town, the large blue glsfs and a i'mallef in the centre, under which was a plait of hair 1 lid strait, with J. T. in a cypher worked in pearl. Together vfrith a number of fancy pit. ces, painted by Sully, which cannot now be recollefled ; j Boatl'wam's Calls flarnped ' Warrock.' AND The following Watches: I Gold watch, mate* r'9 name Provail, Paris t Giver do". Thomas Green, Liverpool, 7 703 1 do do George BififcM, London, 13,500 I gold do. French, no njrrte l Jo. do. John Kyland, Loadoa, 2331 I silver <f i. Fren h. 1 o njme 1 do. do Jol n Bull, London, 744 1 gold do. Rodart, Paris l lilver do. Jofep>i Kemper Shaw t do. do. J. Darlington, London 1 do. do. No. <>36l 1 gilcdo. G. M. "-Jeicalf, London, 4196 1 /ilver do. George Hafwood, London, 2906 1 do. do. J. Smii% London, tii 1 double cafe gilt watch, R. Ofburn, Richmond, 8764 ico Dollars will be given si » the restoration of the jewellery, or ico dollars if the thief of thieves are also fecurei. Mr. Benjamin Motria, the owner of the Watches which were taken at the fame time will alfogive 100 dollars fcr them. July 29 y |3* The Printers at Peterfbure ( Richmond* ilex mdria—Baltimore—C harleftoh— and ohers, are requeued to insert the above for a w times. Carpets & Carpeting JUST IMPORTED, By the Subsc iters, In the Tillman, Caprain Haikn, I'rom Liver] O')', A very extensive and beautiful assortment CARPETS &? CARPETING. LOR/lI\ r V sort. Not Noitb Third Street. A- • V «/ ff' * 1 t - Vf' *

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