The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 16, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY OCT. 16 1908. SMASHED HEARST'S STATEROOM SERVE HASKELL PAPERS HEARST FOUND IN HIDING WHEN OFFICER FORCED AN ENTRANCE . OMAHA, Get. 16.—The effort of AV. H. Hearst to evade service in the suit brought against him by Governor Haskell of Onlnhomu for $600,000 for slander and libel came to naught here last night when a deputy sheriff burst open the door of Hearst's state room 3n a Pullman car. Hearst was in hiding in the toilet and the deputy was about to break in that door also, when the editor came out and the papers in the suit were thrust into' his hands. The scene was a most dramatic •one. When the Union Pacific 'train No. 2 pulled into the depot, the deputy boarded the train to 'Serve the papers in a suit filed at 10 o'clock last night in the. Douglas county district court. It was known that Hearst would go through the city in the night on his way from Seattle -to. New York arid plans were carefully laid by Haskell to secure service The train was due at 9:40, but did not arrive until 11:20. Deputy Sheriff Steward had a trying time to secure service. He knocked on Hearst's stateroom door and the editor's wife within said that her husband had gone to the depot to send a telegram. The officer would not be put off and be demanded iidiiiillaiiuc in the mime ol the in\v. lie threatened to break down the door if he was not admitted. A dramatic scene followed. Mrs. Hearst screamed that site was iilone and would admit no one. The stalwart deputy then used his shoulder for a ram and crashed through the dour. lie was met by Mrs. Hearst, partially disrobed and apparently on the verge of hysterics. The lady ran screaming into the aisle, but tin 1 deputy continued his search. lie went to the toilet in the stateroom, and started 10 kick in the •door. When it became evident that the deputy would force an •ntrance, Hearst opened the door and showed himself to the officer. The deputy thrust the papers into his hands and departed. HaskeU's suits are for libel and slander,, and are both based upon Hearst's charges connecting the governor with the Standard Oil Company. The governor demands $600,000 damages and says he will prove in a court of justice that the charges are without foundation. "Why did you refuse admittance to the officers," Hearst was asked subsequently. "Because myself and wife were retiring for the night," he' ex plained. FUNERAL OF CLAUDE SMITH THIS AFTERNOON. The funeral of Claude Smith was held this afternoon at 2 o'clock. The Woodmen of the World were In charge of the services,' which were well attended by lodge members and friends of the bereaved family. THESE WILL WED IN THE LION'S DEN TONIGHT * It's going 19 be a genuine * •!• wedding all right, that one ad- * * vertlsed to take place In the * •* lions' den tonight. John O. •$• Fritz and Miss Eula L, Wade * are the daring young people who will take the marriage * vows within the bars where * the African beasts are cbnfln- * ed. * Mr. Fritz Is a stalwart young Texan, 27 years ot age, em- * ployed In the oil fields, and the * bride-to-be Is Eula I* Wade, * whose parents reside In this -5* city. * Miss Wade la only 16 years * of age, but she Is apparently * neither afraid of man nor * beast, at least not of one man, -5* and that one Mr. Fritz, for * him she will take for better or * for worse In the den of the *'• beasts tonight. •$• Philip Nlederaur, the furnl- * lure man, has presented the •;• young people with a handsome •!• rocker, and" the Willow fur- * nlture store has also present- * ed a handsome bedstead. * «••<•** * * * * * * * * <• * * * «• RELIEF TRAIN 20 PERISH Melaven Estate Leases Rich Kern River Property The Melevan estate of Erie, Pa., through Father Cauley, one of th<> executors, who has been here several .weeks past, have lease,1 bo acres, being the east half pt' the northeast quarter of si-cuon ;!0-1>-:J7. This is considered the most valuable piece 01 undevelope 1 property in the Kern Hiver field. Sb: years ago the whole section was sold to YV. H. II. Hart, who flrilled two wells, which produced ''»> barrels each. The slump came iu oil to IT, cents a barrel, and Hart could not complete his payment, and tin-- Molavens took the land over together witli the improvements. A company is now being fornieil b.v L. P. Si. Claif; uufiI fia^y. Jtaiuaa* awter -tlw^fi^p'-nM'nctl've wo'rk' will' 1x5 commenced at," once to put tho two wells on the pump ami drill new wells. Fox aad (turret just brought in a well this last week, inn feet from the line on the north, and the Colonia, is jusr to'ihc east. Suffers injury In a Fight W. B, Wright, a character about town who has the reputalon of being an evader of work, was picked up on the sidewalk In front of the Q. T. saloon this morning about 9:30 bleeding profusely from two scalp wounds. He was unconscious and Officer Qoodall called a passing express wagon and the Injured man was removed to the county hospital. An examination showed that the skull was not fractured, as was feared, but there were two deep scalp wounds. There was alsr a swelling on the chin such as would be caused by the striking of a hard blow. Considerable mystery Is attached to the affair. The bartender at the Q. T. asserts that Wright had been In there Just the moment before and he had hardly gotten through the door when he (the bartender) was apprised that a man was lying in a pool of blood on the sidewalk. Men hanging around the saloon say that Wright stepped out of the saloon and apparently collapsed, striking his head on the Iron'grating over the cellar, which caused the two wounds on the scalp. At the Bospital they believe the man was attacked and struck on the Jaw and the wounds to the scalp caused by some;blunt Instrument. Further investigation has satlsfiod the police that the man was struck. "T r Forest Fire Catches an III- Starred Train With Refugees ALPENA, Mich., Oct. 16.—The latest fairly accurate reports places the dead in the burned train at fourteen, with two more burned to death at their home near the track. Many passengers were badly bruised, cut and burned and are struggling into the village of Posen today. ALPENA, Mich, Oct. Ki.—Reports of heavy loss of life from forest tires reached here yesterday and last night. The fire swept Preeque Isle county. It is reported that a relief train which went, to the village of Met/ last night from Hawks, was burned with a He was seen to fall through the saloon doors and the man. acording to information, who struck the blow ran through the saloon out into the alley In the roar. Thomas -Roach and Robert Schulty were brought In from McKtttrlck last evening to do 180 days for vagrancy. Louis Pukock was brought down from Tqhachapi last evening, sen tencod to 30 days for battery. urge number of refugees, who were aboard. Aeonlinj,' to reports after the relief train, loaded with people and floods at Metz started north, it was unable; to pet farther than Hawks. It then started back for Alpena. At Nuwinckie' station, the fire burned a number of railroad ties, the rails spreading, derailing the train, which was destroyed by fire* Engineer Poster and Fireman Lee took refuge in. a water tank, but the water became so hot they had to flee, both being badly buru- A train here today. with physicians left The fire around Al- A RECORD BREAKING CROWD ATTENDS THE FAIR TO-DAY pena has receded. The wires are down. Sixteen coffins were sent on the train which left t>ftrly this morning. Another Accident. DETROIT, Oct. 1li.— It is reported nt East Tawas that the loss of life at Met/, on the relief train may reach '20. A ditpatch to the Journal from Millersbnrg. twenty miles north ol' Met/., says seventeen were burnecl to death in the jvliet' train. r'ltleeli nlteletnlls Wel'e !'lllll)d in tiie \vn-i-k ol' a gondola ear which was part of \\it- wrecked I rain. The train was made up of several box cars and a wav car. -• I DELANO NEWS NOTES FROM THE RECORD. .Mr. and Mrs. J, J. SehliU are again in their cozy home in Delano, after an extensive and pleasant trip to Europe. They arrived borne last Thursday and received a hearty welcome j from their relatives and friends. Their daughters, Mrs. Zimmerman and Mrs. Raton, met them at Goshen Junction and accompanied them to Tulare, where they remained a f ew days to rest and visit with members of their family before again taking up the duties of home life. The S. F. B. Morse Development Company has leased of A. Perrler, the corner opposite the Ben Thomas store and will erect at once a building designed for the use of the company as offices. Every little helps Delano to grow. The firm of Crow und Hedrlck, proprietors of the Delano meat market, has beon dissolved, Mr. Hedrlck re tiring, leaving the business exclusive| ly owned and controlled by L. B. I Crow. THREE MEN KILLED ON THE 8PRECKLES RANCH. CALIFORNIANS FOR SUE TEXAS OIL LAND. HOUSTON, Tex., Oct. 15—A suit filed In Malaforda county today on behalf of James Btirham and others residing in California, asks for a restraining order against the Hardy Oil ompany and others Interested In the development of the Markham field, to prevent further operations, and the apopintment of a receiver for the concern. An accounting for damages alleged to 'aggregate $2,000,000 is also sought. The plaintiffs claim to own a twenty-one-nlnety-slxth Inter te .- .... - -« —.-_,-.. ,. •- „•».—™—-M As the closing day of the fair drawn near, (be attendance is picking up at a rapid rale. Yesterday exactly i::7!» people paid admission to the uroiiml. and with the hundreds of season delects issued, ii is n conservative estimate that the day's attendance was way above anno. Today is school children's day. The schools were dismissed for the day at noon and all of (lie children were presented with tickets free "of charge. The attendance was therefore higher than yesterday, which was a half holiday for the business houses. At least 'iJiMHi peo'ple, it Is estimated, visited the grounds this afternoon. This morning the sweepstakes wore judged and alter unit event a stock parade from the grounds to town and return, headed by tho splendid Fresno military band, took place. This afternoon the Kinsel Kar-Sunset auto race is the feature and tonight the wedding In the lion's cage. The fair closes tomorrow night. The Auto Race. The chief attraction of the afternoon Is the five-mile automobile race between Al Thackery's Kissel Kar driven by Bert Latham, the fearless young Los Angeles driver, and the in land controlled by the defen- j Sunset racer, which will be handled dants and declare that oil to the value of |1,()00,000 has already been obtained. The case will be heard November 16th. CopjrijM IWIII. by L, AIM. F. K. UROii. A CO. Plan to Buy Your New Fall / Suit / * Here you can select your suit from L. Adler ,VJros. & Co. and Kuppentyeimer & Co.'s high grade clpthing, You're sure of Ihe right styles here—sure o|t the ncw- ' est materials and s\ire o£ the best clothes you carx buy anywhere for the monek'. The new fall suiti^ are more attractive, nnd stylish than ever — the extremely deep lapels, the slanting] the finished searus extreme length of make the decided for fall. THE TOGGE L0WILL • ILOOM pockets, and the the coat changes SONOMA, Oct. 15.—A frightful accident occurred today on the Rudolph Spreckles ranch lour miles from own, In which three men lost their ives by the premature explosion of charge of dynamite. FRANK CHANCE TO VISIT HIS OLD HOME. Frank Chance has sent a telegram to Dave S. Ewlng in which he states that he will come to Fresno next month. Just prior to the close of the baseball season In the east, a report was circulated to the effect that Chance and his wife intended to tour by F. Free. The contestants have both posted $250 as a side bet and the fair association has hung up 1100 for the race, making in all $600 that will go the way the race results. Shettler a Sport, Yesterday afternoon when Thackery made the match he notified Leon Shettlur, the Pacific coast agent for the Kissel Kar in LOB Angeles, that the Kissel would be on test today against the famous Sunset racer. The true sportsman that Shettler is, he wired back as follows: "You are up against a hard proposition, lien Lath- Mile heats, 3 In 5. Lucy M. (E, Mosher). Miss French (D. Morris). Ex. Mac (M. Leggett). Second race, three-quarter mile dash, running. Purse $80. Calendar, (Masters). Bright Albert, (Jackson). St. Albfins (Mentry). Glucksteln, (Donovan). Sylvester, (Coleman). Clias. Egan, (Bachlgalupl). Third race, 4% furlongs, running. Purse., $60. ,1. W. Furen, (Donovan). Doerealas. (Mentry). Theo Phillips, (Jackson). Katrlna, (Masters). Newport, the giitdeless wonder, will j jj'."*T ( *ii W give exhibitions between heats. evcnlnq (lie judges reviewed thp poultry entries ami ascertained the winners. 'J'h list, however, will not. be ready for publication for a few days because of tho overflow of work In Ihe secretary's office. Tonight the judges will award the prizes for the mercantile exhibits. Wrestling Match Tomorrow. A wrestling match between Crawford and Wronn will be a feature of the closing day tomorrow. Both men are in training and promise to put up • a hard and good exhibition. The fair association has posted a purse and as , it will be tho first real exhibition of that branch of sport seen here for years, a large and Interested crowd will no doubt, be present to witness It. The First Race. The first beat of the 2:20 trot was won by Expressive Mac, Lucy M, second and Miss French third. Time 2:41. The horses finished In like manner In tho second heat, which was negotiated in two seconds slower time. Newport, the guldeless wonder, went an exhibition half mile, covering the distance in 1 1:09, which was one second slower than the track record. Tho second day's racing at Hddnnt Park brought out many local horses, drivers and riders, adding to the Interest of the day. Although the local no first places, all Accident This Morning. Whilu returning to the stables this The free for all pace was the feature of the afternoon's sport. It was v/tiut4vij i* MM 11 to » • 11 ...i.v-'.»..--- •-- — — <i ftu mot, a, uaiti j/<i u^/wo* w»«*»«. *.*x.» •, •.«.,». _____.,_ .. Europe, but this telegram comes as nlm i,. a ves tonight for Bakersfleld to morning after a run on tho track a direct meat. controdlctlon of the state As Chance's old home is in this city |, avu j eft (lrive for you> O ood luck." Accordingly Ijathram. who he "j welcomed bv all his him when' he was with Richard IV, Sear's famous race , was to ' stallion, Driver Ed Mosher met with a ; Angeles this morning : very serious accident, due to the big ! .... ._,__...,_ f ear0 4 She dead are: L. D. Crane, former-j ly of San Francisco, the foreman of the ranch; Herbert Wright of Santa Rosa, and a man known by the name of Alfred. It appears the men were engaged In blowing out a GOu-foot llMneh well a mile or so from the ranch house. About 10 o'clock an explosion was heard by other employes, but no attention was paid to it as It was known that Foreman Crane and his companions were blasting the well. When the noon hour arrived the three men failed to show up at dinner and a search was Instituted for them. Upon arriving at the well the searchers discovered Foreman Crane and his two companions lying dead und frightfully mutilated about the upper part ol" their bodies. Tho men lay from eight to fifteen feet from the well, where they had been blown by th ( . force of the explosion. As the men's faces were blackened and'mutilated almost beyond recognition, Ii Is surmised that they were looking down nto the well while lowering a inn-pound charge of dynamite i c . () j,' a '' into the same und that it prematurely 1 by coming in corna<; with i,. of the well ten or twelve feet the j'urt i< i . lad.-Fresno Republican. MERCED, Cal., Oct. 1.'..—The. car ot the California tlsli commission armed hero today, carrying sixteen can* of young rainbow trout and six cans of eastern brook trout, iiimn fish in each can, which will be plumed in die Merced River in tin. 1 mountains and alcnt; the line of the Vosemite Valles CITY BRIEFS. lor Phoenix, Arizona, with the famous i horse falling on him. It is "Tobasco" car to enter the races that Mosher Is Internally Injured, there, changed his plans and arrived When nearlng the main entrance the in Bakersfleld with Mrs. l^athram. big animal took fright and reared tills morning. 'high in the air, causing the light hi- The famous southern driver spent cycle, sulky to be drawn under him. the morning in working on the car Rlchrad B. -fell, demolishing the cart, he drives this afternoon, and about noon took It out on the Famosa road for a test. Thackery is Game. and severely crushing tho driver about, the chest. A call was sent for Dr. Smith, but some time must elapso before, the real extent of tho Injuries are known. Phil Blankenshlp and .lames Me- Guide came In from Marlcopu last evening after a two days' busings trip to the west side oil town. H. H. Blood, the San Francisco oil operator, is here with a party of a*today. made to order from $17.5') <:; at C'lur'.s store. Kern < Corduroy shirts for $l.7f> :n ( ' !ili _ store, Kern. • • I W. H. (iralium, the Fresno oilman, i is in town. Price is In town from Marl Sheriff Kelly returned tills morning Irom San Francisco. P. Cr. lloardman and family left last "This is a pretty hard proposition,"!' The vvedding Tonight said Lathram In discussing tho nice, Thf> WPn( ]| ng i n (he lion's den will 'running a car that has seen the! ( (hp muln n ttraet|on nt the fair hardest kind of rent service for eight I Rrf)1jn ,j B tonight. While the manase,. months, against an especially con- j [nont | g withholding the names of the yonne: couple who are to commit mat- i-lmonv In this spectacular manner, the wedding is known to be a honaflde THE WEATHER. Southern California: Fair aud Saturday, tonight flee of the Western Union Telegraph Company. Miss P. Kennedy is now In charge of the local telegraph office. j an especially con struoted racer. Thackery certainly showed himself to be a game sport when he made ihn race and I am going to do the best 1 can to win It for him. This Is only an illustration of i what the Kissel car Is running up against every day. We are com pulled to go clear out of our clans to get a race. Mr. Shuttler Is accepting almost any kind of a challenge. In the race today we «re going up against a ma- ••liln.) that has a record of r.S seconds ,in the north. I wish my 'Tobacco was here. Thachery's car runs well and we are going to do the best we ca'i." If l.aihiam decides that hr> wants ; |,us*ciiKer Jack Bayse will be that The Horse Races. Following is the program of horso rar-f-s scheduled for this afternoon: First race, trotting. Purse wnll known proposition. well known urooiu to he young local wrf fmafw The bridal conplo are lifiiiK employed In the oil fields, while Ihe young woman lie, will flail'! as bis bride Is employed in ii local depiirliiifnt store. Justice of (lie p'-acp will in all probability 1.1.|•Conn tiie ceremony. Tiie iitirnr lions iilonK die Pike ar" lieinc well patronized and nil are cetlnc wllli the approval of the The crowds of the pus" have been llckcst alon'4 in fair patron*. ilny or two tb.'. Plk' . ! Judging Stock. i This mornlnp the judging ' ' H tock continued. The stallions ware exhibited before the Judgr cattle also received th" are and tho attention. Last A. D. S. " Bronk-Lets " An Antiseptic Throat Pastille. SINGERS SPEAKERS PREACHERS EVERYBODY Use them for Husky Treats Hoarseness, etc 25c You get them at THE KODAK STORE, j. A. Hughes The Leading Prescription Druggist. Phones Main 64 and 74.

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