The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 17, 1970 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1970
Page 7
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THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TKIBUNE THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1970 FACT AND FICTION - - By Alan Mover HOW TMTw &y&py P/CK£P /)// WTBtM, Wg HKf 79 - P£P/CA7£7#/£ OP£ 70S&HS OB 74£0OyS7X£yM&Ej? Sport's Parade £L£&MS$OJtW££. £/77Z£AWt t Mr /CK£P: *££.-*M£X/-OM/ i soft mr/cxes tfyOffWP0£OtX£J>f0A&Cf7Z#M, \7fl£$rcWAi/&rrS£t>/fi?#£rtr77t£tf. )yoMMss£$ $c&f£p/&tem&sz9%i tfyot/#iPG¥£&f £praxHo7fc0. j $£i£cro/& M?t/a>s#M/>f You sp&/r r#£0&VG#7& JVK Gft//&f£l, & T #£W £Ofi6M£. /ny&yyo0'/?£///. to* yea 7#£f?£MKP,-r wt*c -s* Y<x /'U. MpaasrsrAis soap*** GX'PARO/f P/tO, MV /££yo£/z ?/r £rs£Poasrt. • Diilrihutei by King Fcatur** Syndicate FINDS NEW USE DETROIT (UPI)-City Clerk George Edwards was severely criticized twice.this year after bis attempts to speed up vote counting - through coraputeriza- r Auction Service FARM SALES, ESTATF, REAL ESTATE ALCTION HOUSEHOLD MISC. CONTACT THE ACTION AUCTIONEER! AtlanU 292-2371 tion resulted instead in unusual delays in the primary and general election returns. Now Edwards* has found a new use for the computer cards. For Christmas, he has sent his friends pink cards with holes punched in them to make up the word, "Peace." FEMALE SCROOGE COVENTRY, England (UPI) — Headmistress Dorothy Oldham has canceled the Stoke Junior School's annual Christmas party. She says her pupils — 7 to-11 — are 'too old. She also has canceled the carol service — she says there are too many in the area. (Reg. VS. Pat. Off.) By MILTON RICHMAN UPI Sports Writer NEW YORK (tJPiy-Gale Sayers still is getting help from Brian Piccolo. That could hit -you a little strange considering Brian Piccolo has been dead for nearly six months now, but you wouldn't think it was strangest all if you knew the deep feeling which existed between the two men. Gale Sayers probably Is the greatest running back in the Chicago Bears' history, which is saying something when you take into account Bronko Nagurski was a running back for them also. More than that, Gale Sayers is a genuinely warm, decent human being. Although he once got up on his feet in u banquet room and told a packed : audience that he loved Brian Piccolo, don't get the idea he's one of those peculiar football players Dave Meggyesy has everybody talking about. Acquaintance With Courage Brian Piccolo, who was Gale Sayers' backup man, and roommate with the Bears, died of cancer last June at the age of 26. Two weeks before Piccolo died the New York chapter of the Professional Football Writers' Association presented Sayers with the George S. Halas Award as the most courageous player in pro football because of the spectacular way he returned following an operation on his right knee the season before. When Gale Sayers stood up to accept the award, he didn't talk about himself, he talked about his roommate, Brian Piccolo, who had just finished a series of cobalt treatments in a hospital a few blocks away and had gone back home. "He has the heart of a giant," Gale Sayers said, "and that rare form of courage that allows him to kid himself and his opponent, cancer. He has the mental attitude that makes me proud to have a friend who spells out the word courage 24 hours a day of his life. "You flatter me by giving me this award but I tell you here and now that I accept it for Brian Piccolo. Brian Piccolo is the man of courage who. should receive the George S. Halas Award. It is mine tonight, it is Brian Piccolo's tomorrow ... I love Brian Piccolo and I'd like all of you to love him, too. Tonight, when you hit your knees, please ask God to love him..." •At Least I'm Here' A guy was talking to Sayers here Wednesday about^ his second knee operation eight weeks ago. This time the surgery was on his left knee, and the Bears' brilliant running back admitted the knee still was a little weak. "Are you worried?" the guy asks Sayers. "No," he says softly but! firmly. "How come?" "Well, for one thing I've been through this before," Sayers said. "For another. thing, my association with 'Pick' has' helped me. When this second knee injury came along and I knew I needed an operation, just having been around Pick made me accept it much better. I didn't say 'Why me? Why me?' Look, at least I'm here." . Gale Sayers has written a book along with Al Silverman, the talented editor of Sport magazine. The book is called I Am Third-"The Lord Is First, My Friends Are Second, and' I Am Third"—and if you don't read it believe me you're missing something. Viking is GOODf YEAR Pick your pair... Pick your price SNOW TTIRES 4P1YNYLON CORD NEW "SURE-GRIPIE" TIRE 7.00 < 13. 6.95 x 14 or S.60 i IS tubeless btackwall plus J1.75 to $1.96 Fed. Ei. Tax per tire and old tires • Full four ply • Triple- tempered nylon cord construction • Double shoulder cleats for grip and go Tires installed free. Tubeless tire valves available at small extra charge TWO WAYS TO CHARGE 2. BEST OF "THE GREAT SONGS OF CHRISTMAS USE OUR RAIN CHECK PROGRAM. Because of an expected heavy demand lor Goodyear tires, we may run out ot some sires during this otter, but we will be h3ppy to order your sire tire at the. advertised price and issue you. a rain check tor future delivery of the merchandise: HERE NOWI "4-WHEEL CONTROL ON ICE" AS ADVERTISED ON TV. WE WISH YOU AVERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Courteous Parking In Our Lot While Shopping Downtown! Make the sound of Christmas come alive with Goodyear's annual Christmas Record. Album features Andy Williams, Petula Clark, Barbra Streisand, Ray $1(111 Conniff, and many other out- 'T 1"** standing artists. Only A only CLIFTON and YOUNCE Tire Service Two locations INDEPENDENT GOODYEAR DEALER St. Rd. 28 East (3100 Block East Main) El wood 552-3231 123 S. independence Tipton 675-6377 -by Helen Bottel- This column is for young people, their problems and pleasures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help US!, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious questions with a brush-off. Send your teen-age questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help US! this newspaper. Dear Helen: My big brother is now in the Navy. He's been gone for six the publisher and the book goes for $6,95. It is not like the one Jim Boufon wrote nor like the one- Dave Meggyesy has coming out soon. "I'm not a whistle-blower," Sayers says. "I don't want to . cause waves." t will though. Nice warm ones. I particularly remember chapter six. It's entitled simply Pick. I found only one trouble with that chapter. It's a little hard to read when your eyes are misty. HITS PAYDIRT DES MOINES, Iowa (UPI>A Des Moines excavation firm was digging under four old houses and came up with $17,940. • ' "When they went to dump the dirt in the truck, the bills just : flew out,"'" Blaine Phipps, attorney for the Ray Tyler Construction Co. said Tuesday. . Phipps said the money was in $20 and $100 bills, most of it in good condition. He said, the money was turned over to the county- auditor and the four workers who found it must wait for one year to see if anyone claims it. before it becomes theirs. months, and will ship out without getting a leave. We send him a subscription of our local paper and if he could read this just before Christmas, it would mean so much to all of us. WHAT IS A BIG BROTHER? A big brother is the guy who never lets you tag along. He is who says, "You're stiU a baby" and sends you home. He's the guy that dares you to tell the gag you're his kid sister — But he always tightens your skates so you won't get a blister. A big brother, is the guy with cowboys and Indians and toys all over his room. Who teUs you, "Ifyou touch just one," it will surely be your doom. He's the guy who takes the wheels off his little blue pedal car And gives them to the kid next door Just because you were going to tell Mama "to make him let your ride Just once more.. . A big brother is the guy who is suddenly growing very tall, And for some reason, stopped minding when you go along, at all. You secretly think he's the best looking boy in town, Even though you're always putting him down. A big brother lets the guys know you're not just his. kid sister — he's your BROTHER And. if they ever do you wrong, they're in for big bad trouble, mother! He's the guy who knows a lot of groovy fellas, But never introduces you cause in his opinion they're the wrong kind. But he'll drive an extra time around the block so maybe,that certain guy will see you and unwind. He's everything you look for and hope to find in your first beau, But you know you never will, cause they don't make them like him any more. A big brother is a tease and a protector, a shoulder to cry on— A great guy you loved having around — the big ham!! Now that he's not just your Big Brother, but a sailor visiting Uncle Sam. — LINDA WHITE . WASHINGTON • MARCH OF EVENTS- SENATOR MUSKIE NOT ALWAYS SO LIBERAL HE'S STILL FIRST CHOICE OF DEMOCRATIC PARTY Senator Muilcie Different r tviews in '58 By HENRY CATHCAKT Central Press Washington Correspondent. • .' W ASHINGTON—Democratic Party liberals who are rallying behind Maine's Sen. Edmund Muskie may be rather surprised with his,political posture when he first ran for the Senate in 1958. Running- against a Republican incumbent in a generally Re' publican state, Muskie blasted the Eisenhower administration for allowing the nation's military strength to, fall from 1.1 million to 870,000 men.: He accused the GOP of foolishly whacking the defense budget and therefore allowing the Soviet Union to wipe out America's lead in missile weaponry. Attacking his GOP opponent because "he feels hesitant to suggest something needs to be done to strengthen our foreign program," Muskie declared, "I am interested in recognizing, factually, the threat of Communism abroad." Turning up these glimpses-from Muskie'.s past is "Human Events" Capitol Hill Editor Allan Ryskind, who is in the early stages of research for a book on Muskie. > The probable publication date will be 'just four-years after' Ryskind authored another critical study of a Democratic presidential contender. That book,'written in 1968, was "Hubert." Ryskind has discovered another interesting quote from Mus- kie's first Senate campaign. On the stump in Maine, Muskie angrily rejected what he called his opponent's attempt to "stamp me as some kind of undesirable ultra liberal, in a class with. Senators Morse and Humphrey." * * -* * • CHANGES HIS STANDr—Today, of course, Muskie is courting McCarthyite liberals, not Maine Yankees. So he calls for cutbacks in the defense budget and .harshly assails U.S. policy in Southeast Asia. ' While Muskie is clearly the early favorite for the presidential nomination. South Dakota's Sen. George McGoverh will be the first to enter the race. The outspoken dove is said to be planning to make the announcement shortly after the first of the year. McGovern's popularity ratings are nowhere near the level of Muskie's among Democratic Party pros, but his early entry into the race could prove troublesome for the Maine Democrat.' Some suspect that the McGoveifri campaign" could prove to be a holding action on the part of the party's peacenik' faction to prevent Muskie from locking up the nomination before '72. The feeling among these political strategists is that McGovern probably could not gather enough votes to win the nomination.' But by blocking Muskie he could pave the way for Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. 9 TED STIIX IN THERE—Kennedy's supporters were encouraged by his showing in a.recent Gallup poll of Democratic voters. Teddy was the presidential choice of. 31 per cent oXthe Democrats polled, only two percentage points behind Muskie. When Republican and independent voters were added, Muskie received 31 per cent rating, and Kennedy dropped to 20 per cent. McGovern was favored by less than 2 per cent of the poll. . Look for the Democratic national convention to be a more controlled affair In '72. Because the Democratic Party picked up a majority of state governorships last fall, governors with the power of patronage will be heading a majority of delegations. That was not the case in "68 and was in part what caused the bitter party bloodbath. Convention ToUle More Controlled Dear Linda's Brother: Merry Christmas, wherever you are! H. Dear Helen: My roommate and I were sitting in our dormitory room at Kent State University pondering — s not about revolution or killing or any of those things associated nowadays with Kent. No. We just want help us name the new addition to our lives: A three inch, five-ounce guinea pig. We thought it would be nice if a well- known columnist gave him a name. The purpose of this letter, as you may have guessed, is not just to obtain a name. We wanted to let you and everyone else know that students here at Kent think and d&other things, like love animals and our fellowman, in addition to fighting the Peace and Justice Revolution.— now non-violently. — RUTHIE AND CHRB- Dear Ruthie and Chris: . I can't think of a better name for your guinea pig than — PEACE. (But I'll bet our readers will.) — H.' This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care'of THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE.' Gifts Quality m & ft STEREO IN THE MODERN MOOO The ROGERS • B910W- Distinctive Contemporary styled cabinet. Zenith 40-wat peak music power solid-state amplifier and FM/AM/Stereo FM tuner. Stereo Precision record changer with Micro-Touch® 2G tone arm Six Zenith quality speakers (two 9" oval woofers and four 3/4" Cone-type tweeters). Super compact! Super lightweight! 12" PORTABLE TV QIAG The RAMBLER • B1331 Less than 11" high! Jusi 17 lbs! Handcrafted! Exciting decorator colors. Deluxe Video Range Tuner. KEN NIGHTENHELSER 1 mile north of Bakers corner price - service i quality 2- !'• ft> 5 ft' !' ft 4' ft' !' 4' ft ft' J ft J ft ft *: f a wmaaw* * a a waaa a a »

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