The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 15, 1908 · Page 26
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 26

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1908
Page 26
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THE BAKERSCTELD CALIFORN1AN LEGAL. LEGAL. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Fourth Extension, Water Companv. Location .ot prlncliml place of Business. Wasco. Kern County. California. ., Notlce.—Tnere are delfnduent upon the following described, stock, on count of assessment (No. one on the, 26th day of August. 1. several amounts set opposite ..._ names of the respective shareholders, as follows: List of shareholders with No. of cer ncate. No. of shares and amount due: California Home Extension A sBOciutlon, trustee for. Williams. Mrs. C. P. 44 - A ' • " Ex ston A ssociatlon, trustee -... Williams. Mrs. C. P. California HPPie Exten . ,f-**^" «"*-M«*»V-»|»-'I**^;IO Tl tincate. No. of shares an Name California Home Extension Association, trustee for August Anderson . .lames B. Anderson James B. Anderson California Home Exten- BlonAssoqatlon. trustee for J. E. Anderson ialdwjn. Cyrus laldwin. Cyrus leard.'Thos. Oi Beckett. Alice , Bennett, Mrs. Sa, amount due: o. No. rt. Shs. Amt 10 10.00 2U. 2.60 71 10 10.00 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Bower., Samuel ... 36 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Bower. Samuel ... California Home Exten- f lonAssoclatlon, trustee ... or Brlsres. Warren F. 195 fcter. Tohn A. 628 JHornia Home Exten- ilOBABBoc atlon. trustee Wm. ff Chambers 323 10 10.00 fornla JHpme xten- fipnAssoc aura.tpjstee ~r Chalea HezekTah . liiornla tiome Exten- tiAssoc atlon-trustee Wf>- F. ! O« • • •_• * • * ^ • I ome Eaten_ , nat r Coqley. Ifornla Ho -nAssocfaticm. trustee 89 10 10.00 6.00 foi-Crqwton. Cyrus ...258 10 lO.OO' (California Tffqme Exten- F ichael rank. Jifornla Home Exten- n AsBocfatlon. trustee ..Evans. Lumls A. .. lifornla Home Exten- anAssoclatlon. trustee r Evans. Lumls A. .. Ifornla Home Exten~ V 88OC fatlon.tru8tee ..Jvans/Lumjs. A. .. sifornia Home Exten- 97 20 20.00 98 16 16.00 99 16 16.00 on A ssociatlon. trustee fdr Evans. LumlgA. . .100 Csaifornia Home Exten- slon Association, trustee for Flndoc. Walter ...286 Fnedlander. Max 444 Ford, Crank T. 487 Ford. Frank J 466 Fnster. John 445 Ifornla florae Exten- iQnAssocfatlo IT Gardiner. 1 Jifornia Home' Exten- SonA ssoci afiqn. trustee Bn t Edw. W. 20 20.0( 20 20.00 pn.truu— „„„ ky. Mever 202 me Exten- 5 5.00 20 20.00 ..olodars Jnlifornia Home ? lonA8socfatlonftrustee or Young. Jas. B. ... .817 10 1.0.00 And In accordance .with law and an order of the Hoard of Directors made on the 2!ith dav of Aueust,, 1908. so manv shares of each parcel of such stock as piny be necessary will be )ld at public auction at the office or ,.ie, secretary of the companv on the 2Qth day of October. 1908. at the hour of 10 a. m. of said day. to pav said •ellnguent assessment thereon, toeeth- T with costs of advertising and ex- nf anm OB. JORDAN. Secv. ern Countv. Cal. 10-3 LEGAL least Bakersfiel of ee: C*ountv of K*eru.~Stafe ojf_Californla Dated this 26th day o weeks In the a newspape .Drmtea o ________ l»u PAUL W, BENNETT. the Superior Court. . cott, a tor. Bakersfleld. , , Judae ot the Superior Cour Thos. Scott, attorney for ndminlstra Cal. - LEGAL. LEGAL. LEOAk on. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. F'irther particulars may be had at B;ll { EnR , e oil Company, location the jfflce of the attorneys for the of principal nlace of biislnosu. San; tniMoe, Messrs. Jellett ft Meyersteln, Francisco.. California. Location 01; Wasco. French Bank building, 110 Butter St., •San Francisco, Cal. MAXWELL McNtrrr, 914 Trustee. Notfc stii'ld. are delinquent unon - -..itice.—There are uennau. the fofiowina described, stock, on ac- f-oiint of assessment, levied on the :Mth dav of Aueust. 1908. thi SUMMONS. the State Cern. of Cal- nc Railroad Company. H. Cpuntiss. John, I. ettaXw™°W ) %, E ' vl r a snce W. Hobbs. (a of Superior Court of tl fornia. County of K< Southern Pacific Ri Plaintiff, vs. R., H. Stousland. Henrietta w. Percy. Clarence, minor), and John D< Action oroughtln t of the State of Calllui-uia, m m the County, of Kern, and the plaint flled in the office ofthe Cl said Court In the said County. The People of the State of Califor- la send Greeting to It. H. Countlss. ohn 1. atousland. Henrietta N. Hobbs. Jlvfra W. Percy. Clarence W. Hobbs (a minor), and John Doe. defendants. You are hereby reaulred to appear In enaction brought, apafixst xou _by the above-nameq P perlor Court of ' in and for th to answer the within ten days (exclusive o of service) aftf ilL '- NOTICE TO . CITY OF Notice is herebv given that city taxes tor the year 1!M)8 are due and payable on the 21st day of September. 1908. and will become, dellnguent on the 2d day of November. 1908. All taxes are payable at the office of the 'Jity Treasurer and e.x-offlcio Tax Col- ector. is- Chester «veni^ BABKRi City Treasurer and ex-offlcio Tax ^ol: lector. Complaint 1811 ifter I umrnons if s y: j»r. if serv rtrdays. B . m. — attorneys .e Su orma. and erefn. .e day. ,»rvice on, you 1 within the said elsewhere, with- Ware hereby notified that.if to so appear and answer, the r will apply to the .Court for lef demanded In the Complaint 3 — —iv nanrt ann the Seal tate of of lER.CIerk. 'Clerk. V. Cowde the re... .Given under aiid the seal The State County or Griimii. num. YT. ... Plfornla Home Exten- 73 10 10.00 IbnA8socfafio"p. trustee for Green. Alfred 277 20 20.00 'California Home Exten- SlonAssoclaUon. trustee for Green. Henry Jw. . California Home Exten won A Sttocfatlon. trustee fifr Qustavus. Henry . California Home Exten n Association, trustee Harvey J. M. Ifornia Home Exten- ..310 10 10.00 l- e .262 20 20.00 c fqr.Harvey 64 6.00 slonA,880ofation.trublee for Harve Baves & Murray Haves & Murray Haves & Murray Hadrick Clark ....... California Home Kxlen eHonAssociation. trustee ,tpr Hefner, Nelson ...144 California Home Kxten- sionAssociaUon. trustee for Hevdt-n. Edw. T. ..179 Herrman. U. M ........ 374 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Ht-rrman. D. M ...... Herrman. D. M ........ 46 Herrman. 1). M ........ 46 '.'•allfornin. Home Exten- onAssociation. trustee - 20 20.00 tor.Herrman. A.J. ...105 20 20.00 Cffllfornl ^ . . . . . . _._-lfornla Home Rxten- sionABsociation. trustee for Herrman. A. J. ...106 CAliforniu Home Exten- slonAssociatlon. trustee for Herman. B. W. .. .211 ('aliftirnia Homo Exten- SlonAssociatiop. trustee tpr Herman. B. VV. . . . California Home Exten- wonAsspcIatlon. trustee for Huddlcston. Chas. 239 California Home Extension Association, trustee tor Keenev. J. W 151 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Keenev. J. NV, ....173 California Home Exten- sionAssociation. trustee for Keenev. J. VV. ....174 California Home intension Association, trustee for Klassen. Henry ... 15S 20 20.00 20 20.00 20.00 10.00 10.00 20 20.00 20 20.00 20 20.0H 20 20.00 DELONEGHA HOT SPRINGS. Host remarkable mineral spring* n California. An ansoiute cure for RHEUMATISM Forty-five miles from BaKersfield In iltrra Nevada Monntntns. Fin* sum ner climate. Good accommodations. Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bak- •rsfleH Thursday mornings between 1 and 9 o'clock from Arlington and Dccldental hotels, and from Met -opole .n Kern. Returns Tuesdays Ad- Iress, BARBEAU & ROQUETTE. t Proprietors "ft ^ y ^ NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Oil Company. location iness. Bakers- of prtnclnarnlace of business field. Call K' n *ln*. t Notice is fiereby given, that at a meetinc ot tne Directors held on the 24th dav of September. 1908. an assessment of one and one-Quarter cents per share was levied upon the ciamtni stock of the corporation, payable immediately In United States gold coin to the secretary of said corporation^ at office of the l. Jrrp- ducers Savings BanK building. Bak- ersfteld. CallforDla. Anv ent [ay o .Inpuent an. public auction iade before, will —„,— .. ,av of November. 1»08, to pav the auent assessment,- together w cost of advertising and expenses of 8 order of the Board of Directors. A. T. UOHTNBR. Secretary. Ines" Ban streets. _. Y ! upon' which this .Assessment shall remain Unpaid on the 7th day of November, IMS, will be de Unauent and advertised for sale a! ________ , and, unlesa .. will oe sold on tl pa eth NOTICE In the Superior Court In and for the '-•—•• of Kern. State ot^aTifor.n^i.^ TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE . Notice is hereby given that the ta\rs on all personal property, and OIK-halt nt the taxes on all real property, win be due and payable on the se<on,i Monday in October, and will be (!' liiKi'.u nt on the last Monday In November ni/xt therafter, at 6 o'clock P- ni., and unless paid prior thereto fit-en per 11 in will be added to the mount thereof, and that if said one- alf be not paid before the last MOD- ay in April next, at 6 o'clock p. m., n additional five per cent will be dded thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half of he taxes on all real property will be ayable on and after the first Monay In January next, and will be de- nquent on the last Monday In April ext thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., nd that unless paid prior thereto ve per rent will be added to the mount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid at Qe time th first Installment, as here- n provided, is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid In the ffice of the Tax Collector In the Bounty courthouse between the hours f 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. and P. m. Dated October 1, 1908 C. E. DAY. Tax Collector, 0-1 Kern County, California. day of Aueust. . amount* set,opposite the na respective shareholders, a No. Name Cert. Maurice Silberstein. \V. F. Perkins and .Joseph M. Mqsten. 'executors pt tlio " last incut on the several of the ows: Amt. will and. testa t of N. K, Mas . , ton. deceased ... IK M\ BTrdsafl. trst (M. Rosh .... .unlui Hurry w. Deuilng til known uance of an order of ,tne superior ;ourt of the County of Kern, State o alifornla. made on the 6th day of DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Burks Oil Company, Location of irlhcloal Dlac« of business. Oakland. 2aufprn(a. Location of property. Kern unty, California. Notice.—There 'Is the following corporation dellnpue,nt described -"---^- . upon of the ioratlon. on~aecount"of Assessment 5) levied on the 18th day of July. . the i ' ' several amounts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders as follows: No. Name Cert. .1. Burks 193 J. Burks m No. Shs. Amt Roy Roy u . Mrs. E. Mrs. ~ Mrs. Mrs Mrl: r c: ciafk rf}.- 1 Do fc rn biark fei,?- s ktr ln Geo. Smith . A. A. Smith A. A. Smith B. K. Stroud B. K. Stroud B. K. Stroud " K. Strotiil Thompson LJ. I iiuiii i/n\.*n — i " And In accordance wit order of the Board of D on the Sth dav or Senter iooioo 100.00 SOOO 1000 th law. and . 50. yd 10.11 . lrectors road . IflOS. 10 an „. de entember. IflOS. so manv share.-i of each parcel of such stock as nmv be necessary will be sold at public auction at the office of the company. IOCS Broadwnv. Oakland. ..... 'ooin 20. on .Monday., the October 19US. at the hour (lav. In th« matter of the estate 01 Erickson. deceased. . Notice J«T»reV_«riy^atta riol h da' n tfie matter of the es- Jrickson, deceased, the administrator ol, the es- deceaBed. will gell at to the, highest bidder coin of the united, St on" Tuesday. tHe 20th <\av pf_bctc 1908. at 10 o clock In that day at the, office q! • • r In the. court ' (rsneld. Coi, , 'ornla v sealed bids w 'Ctooer. tat« of 1 underslg; v^tt °8afe "to""tFe""fiffihest" .Wd<ler t T2E cash eold coin of tjhe UnSteil States TuesdAV- .tRe gOVh day of October, f tne said ac "fnlstrato'F In the court house. In. th .Itv of tate of received 8 r all of ce UD tc said 20th jer B cent of "tne~anjouht bid. The .owinz is a descrlptipn of th^e prgpevtv offered f< d"ec"iasgd..wft 1 i 8eU;if qil /. the 20tfiTda"v ... . 10 o'plocUn ^ t (brenoon of house. In. the e BakersneidT'Cpunty of CaUfornia, sealed bids. . said atlministratpr for id property at his sai hour herein ly of October. _ q of amed oi 190.8. said to? I? accompanie'd Wt n ten the nrp '.five c one"i2"-gua"ge~si"ngle barrel gun; one for sale":"." TwjStYSl? JJSoJt cauge stead. er: ddle, one bed residence _ Kern county. so tfl MB. utfnslls. Tnefo erolne pronertv will be found at t. ... _fj>-__ - Q f j T Curtisat McKlttric Also one horEe and fou at the ranch of Davi uldox. near the town of McKlttrlck »rn countv. wbeiv the same may w inspected. One dwellme, nouse local ed in the town of McKlttrlck. Ken For 'further information apply ti W. A. McGinn, administrator of sal< estate. W. A. MCULNJN. •Administrator of the estate of Emi Erickson. deceased. 10-' i Tne cuiiiintuv. i California, roo 1!ith dav of Oc of 8 o clock a. . m. of said to nav ....... _.. ..... . . . said dcllnouerit assessment thereon toirether with costs of advertising .and expenses «le. . s etn 10<>8 Broadway. Office, land. room 20. Calif . orniu. 10-3 NOTICE OF MEETINGS. Kr I i;i^?" j ii. nv; Phllin H. Pliilin H. Philip K. Philtu M. .. i'ai in II. .«. Philip H. k. Edith M. k. Edith M. . Clias. B. . Chas. H. 416 I7H • . . .41 <ro ^|.(d.. California, H(5iho Kxffn- Hinn Association, trustee for i^iigman. O ,7 l.ea. John , 145 c.-ilifornia Home l.xten- sion Association, trustee for LiemUe. Lena .... 1 McCartney. Harry 448 McCartney. Bent 480 California Home Intension Association, trustee Me 20 §8 20 20 Jo 5o 20 20 20 20 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.011 20 00 20.IH) 2U.III! 20.00 20.uO 20 f| 0 20.00 20, 2.50 0.00 P Bll fi 5.00 , cConnell. J. S. Clnn AMK e 1 : : e, J. e. J. in. Wm >auchlin. Urn Mead, Wm. K MilW. W. T. Miiler. Branev Ann ... California Home T xten- HlonAssoclaiion. trustee for Mvron Raymond . .151 California Home Exten- HionAsBOcfatlon.inistee for Moore, Ida Estella 48 California koine Exten HlonAssociation, tj-ustee for Morrow, Susie E. .307 20 20.00 5 5.00 Notice Is hereby given that tht annual meetings of the stockholder* of the several canal companies belov named, for the purpose of electing directors and the transaction of sucl nther business as may be brought be fore the meeting, will be held at th« office of said Company, Kern Count> Land Company's office building, coi her of 19th and H streets, Bakersfleld California, at the dates and hours se> opposite their respective names: Kern Rlvor . Canal and Irrlgatlnj Co., Oct, 3, 1908, at 2 p. m. Goose Lak« Canal Co., Oct. 6, 190b it 2 p. m. James & Dlxon Canal Co., Oct. B 1908, at 3 p m. Pioneer Canal Co., Oct. G, 1908, a- J p. m. Joyce Canal Co., Oct. 5, 1908, at i: a. m. Plunkett Canal Co., Oct. 6, 1908, a' il a. m. Buena Vista Canal Co., Oct. 7, 190S at 3 p. m. James Canal Co., Oct. 7, 1908, at 1 *' m ' F. O. MUNZBR, Sec. to above named Canal Companle* Kern County Land Co's Office Build Ing, corner 19th and H streets, Bak ersfleld, Calif. M ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Rio Bravo Oil Company. Location of principal place of business, San Francisco, California. Location o works, Kern County, California. Notice is hereby given, that at eetlng of the Board of Directors eld on the llth day of September 908, an assesment of two (2) cent? er share was levied upon all the ubscribed capita] stock of the corpor tion, payable immediately In United tales gold coin to the secretary, at he office of the company, No, 2279-A larkef street near 16th street, San rancisco, California. Any stock upon which this assess ic-nt'shall remain unpaid on Monday, he 2Gth day of October, 1908, will be elinquent and advertised for sale a' ublic auction; and, unless payment s made before, will be sold on Fri ay, the 20th day of November, 1908 pay the delinquent assessment ogether with the costs of advertising nd expenses of sale. Uy orJei of the Board of Directors W. C. GRAVES, t-cretary of Rio Bravo Oil Company office 2270-A Market street, Sai FrauciBPo, California'. 9-12 ' uflen. Robt. 3r. .. mu en. RoPt. J. .. Muilen. Robt. J. ....v, ^ California Home Extension Association, trustee for Nairamats. Joe l . , California Home Exten- slonAsHOCIation. trustee for NaeaniatK. Joe I. . .1 CKllfo.rnla Home ,Exten- ,0.00 2o.oo 185 20 20.00 20 20.00 POSTPONEMENT. \^f\lll\^lllllb «ivtii^ m^.^iii* sion Atisociatlon. trustee for Nelson. Geo. F. Nelson. James-- ' (risen.FrunKA. Pardee. Willa California Hoi Japies J. ...andCJraco lard . , „. .iouie Exten- slcmAsBOCiatlon. trustee tor Ponder. (Jeo. M. California Iloni" Kxlen- slon Association, trustee for Dickerson. C. 38 iillfornia Home . A." . .188 Kxten- sinnAsBoolailon. trustee for Pitxi-r. Lewis 120 Pritschke. f-has. F 396 pritschUe. Chas. F 397 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Prewitt. Ertnar D. .238 RoHh. Luurii n, 425 Hose: Walter M. 422 California Home Exten- sionABBOclntloii. trustee forSchluetPr. Fred W. ^78 Scbroeder R< Stfrnnn. J. I' SterlliiL'. Ceo. ilifornla ; '"" ASSOC: rrel nla 20 20 20 20.00 0.00 :0.00 0.00 C.OO 20.01 20.01 20.01 20.00 20.00 20.11(1 20.0" Notice Is hereby given that the date of meeting of the Kern River Canal and Irrigating Company has been postponed until Saturday, Octo* her 10 1908, at 2 p. m. F. O. MUNZER, Secretary to above named companies RtonAssoej ueter, . . ,obt Home Exten- 14 California : lome Extetv 20 20.00 APPLLCATION FOR ORDER TO SELL CERTAIN MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS^IDECEASED. In the Superior Couit of the Statf of California, in and for the County o" Kf iii n tbe matter of the estate of Frank Lass deceased. W' A Mcfilnn. administrator of th estate of Krank I ass. deceased, hav inn filed his net it on .her,"'", nrav ne for an order of sale of all the ininln claims licliiniiln'-' HI s ild deceden .. fo the puriiiisi-K set In his petltlpi] It is therefore ordered bv the Judu of said C'niirt that all persons lntere,Hl ed in the estate of said Krank I<ass deceased, anueiir before the said Si perior Court on .Mondav. tho 2nd da of Novo'mber, 19i;K at 2 o'clock, in th afternoon ot sail! dav at the com room of s-ild, Suueripr Court Denar "o. Z^thereol. In tin- City of Bi eld. Countv of Kern. State of irnla, to show cause why an order should not u< granted, to tho said administrator, to sell all of the mlnine c.lalniB belonging to the,estate, of said th!lt at ien NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE. Notice Is hereby given that the ndersigned, Maxwell McNutt, trustee f the estate of B. A. Haydeu, bank upt, will sell, pursuant to an orde uly given and made on the 2d day f September, A. D., 19fi8, by Miltoi ! Green, Esq., referee in bankruptoj or the District Court of the Unlto( tates for the northern district of Cal forpla, the real property hereinafte lescrlbed, with the improvement hercon, belonging to the estate o aid bankrupt, free and clear of any nd all lien or Hens, incumbrance o ncumbrances, to the highest au best bidder therefor, upon the follow ng terms aijd conditions. 1. All bids to be in writing, sealed addressed to the said trustee a 110 Sutler street, San Francisco unknown Elizabeth Demlne unknown Mrs. Fredericks unknown M. Elma Sinclair, unknown Elizabeth R. Sinclair unknown C. M. Rumrllt unknown J. H. Rumrlli unknown Maurice Sllbt-rfteln. w. F. PerkiiiB and Joseph M. Masten. executors of the last will and testament of N. K. Masten, deceased. , ..*»„ unknown 4166% Unknown owners. t unknown C. L. Dougherty , unknow And In acordance order of the Board o on the 24th day of.AuKUsl. manv shares of eacn oarcel 170 5 416.66 17.00 APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL IP Superior Court of the State Kern a Countv or In the matter of the estate of Gebrite K. O! cr. deceased. »xF- ')-.McGinn, the administrator of .he estate of Oeorce K. Ob< ed. having filed bis petition ne oravlne for an order or sale of ail real. estale ot said decedent for the Durposesset forth In his petition It Is therefore onlered bv the Judce of said Court tha: ill ue;-Frn«rinterest- ed in the estate ot ^airt ill •*» -tea. appear before •' ...«.' C< AI er. deceas- ,„ , .60 law. and an rectors made 1908: so of such su ill nd In a er of th the 24t essary, will be at Ihe office of . No. 120, Bush street. San Francisco. Ca the ifith dav of October. 1 hour of 12 o'clock. M. of s at the Co, . . , fornia, . at . . sahl day. pav nellnauent asseasmentB thereon. toKether with costs of advertising and ses of the sale. . _ LI AM LANGB. JR.. Secretary. _..^e. room 2. Nfl^lZQ Bush stri San Francisco. California. rth In 1 nrdf ia: ill i' ot ^airt ill ^"'"Jed. ««";. "^j"'^ .i"f.snid Suueiio!- Court 9SnS IoI Y'8 v -, the 2n(1 'l"v °f November 1908. at 2 o clock. In the afternoon pi said dav at the court room of safe S!' ner 4P. r .. Court, neoartment No, 2 li: . f d Ba!<efsner(i:"Countv' of of California, order should anted to the said administrator to ll the whole of the real estate of the eased at private sale: and that of this order be publisTied at e CiYv^f ern. State cause why an ^r sell th said deceased at private sale: copy to show not be east fl nersfie eenera _ Ished In ,-eBslvp weeks In the Ba- ornlan. n newsoaper rculation. nrlnte< tbe City of our succ ld Callf l circul Dated th — tbe Citv ol „. ojintv.of Kern. State of dalifo is 2fith dav pf ' ? ' "r'Coi or Estate. Ba Sent.. , r.->i i^ »v. BErJN Judt-e ot the SuneriQr ( "c-ott. Attorney Cal. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. In the Superior Cpurt of the County of Kern. State of .Calirorijia. in the mutter o' tue application ot the Hudnut Driving Park Association, a corporation, to. change fta name to "Kern Countv Agricultural Assocla- It'satlsfactorlly appearlngto me that the ^Tiudnut DrlvinK Park A.ssocla tion " nas filed this day to chanee us name to Agricultural , AsBOclatlon. ., ..._ said application or pet lion Is signed bv a mabritv of the directors of the ••' ^rivine Park Assocla s'dav an application "- *" >T $ern P ou PtY ' s s f id a maiortv of said ••JIudnut. p tion." and that sufficient reasons nanie of the sai It' is hereby ordered, that the hear- inn of the application for chanee of name In the foreKoinu uroceedlnus be. and the same Is hereby set tor Monday. the !)tn dav of November. !"Q8, aid, petition sUU-s or the chaniie or me corporation. there- jurt. DELINQU ENT^ALE NOTICE. Eniialltv Oil Comnanv. Location of Principal Place of Business. San Francisco, California. Notice. — There are delinquent Upon the follpwint: described stock, on account of Assessment (No. 7) levied on the 18th dav of Aueust. 190S. the several amounts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders, as follows: No. No. Name Cert SfiH.Amt. Atkinson. J. W ......... 54 BSO $2.75 .•*.'• nsor.. 3. W ......... Ill 550 2.t5 Atkinson. J. W ........ .14:1 ]50 .to Fl.vnn. Mrs. Kate ,jj...Wl llOo 5.50 .Jureenseo. OuBtav M. . . T02 TOO .BO walker. David H ...... 117 100 .50 And In accordance with law and an order or the Hoard of Directors made on the 18th day of Aueust. liios. so many snares ol each imrcel of such stock as mav be ncfossnrv will be sold it imlilie auction at the office of the rViniivinv. No. (,42 Lamina street. San Pranclsco. California, on Saturdav. the sons Intereste^, — and annear before th. lime and place afore, there show cause, u an why the applicatlpn name . , on . li'tli day of October. 1 90S. at tliH hour of 12::!<i o'clock p. in., of said dav. to pav bfilil delinquent assesHiiii'Ut tliere- on. toeetber with costs of advertlsini: and expenses of the sale. CARL \V. Ml'LLER. Secretary Enuylitv Oil Company. ,_, flice No. (M2 Lauuna street. FranclHCo. California. . San 0-21 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Instate of Maceiu K. Oaltes. deceased Notice Is bereliv eiven bv the un- dorslenocL ext-outor of the estate ol Maifisle E. (iultes. (leccased. to the Creditors of, and all persons biiviutr claims aiininst the saiil deceased, to exhibit thein with the necessnrv vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said executor, at the office of CJeoreo of 1 Flournov in the Stoner lilook, corner "' 1 "'ll street ami CbOHtei itv of Rakorsflold. K la. the same heinu tn transaction of the business of nov In the Stoner lllock, corner th street ami C'liestei- avejiue. in the Citv of paKcrsnold. Kern Countv, California, the for the th K ornia, he t said , thc^ place siness o Countv of e said estate in the said ern. State of California PAUL GALTES. Executor of the estate of MaL'trie E. Galtep. deceased. Dated at Hakerslk-Ul. September 21!. 190S. l)-2. r i iiwi orYer oolo aii«i fie le i.uW 8 hed and No. a!. 2. Each bid to be accompanied b certified check for ten per cent (10% of the amount of the bid. 3. No bid will be received late than 12 o'clock noon of the 20th da of October, Ifi08. 4. The trustee reserves the right to reject any and all bids. 5. Sate subject to confirmation hy the court, and to bo for cash United States gold coin, upon confirmation hy the court. i Rids will be opened and referral to the court for confirmation, on tho 20th day of October, 1908, at the bour of two '(2) p. m.. at the office of Milton J. Green, Esq.. referee In bankruptcy, in the United States Postoffice and Court House building, Seventh aad Mission streets, San Francisco, Cal.* 7. Deed, Instruments of title, abstract of title, and other documents, at expense of purchaser. The following is a description of the real property to be sold: Lot 3 in block 274 (formerly block 2 north range 1 west) In the City of Bakersfield, according to the map of said City of Bakersfleld, Kern County, California, filed In tho office of tho County Recorder of Kern County, California, November 26th, 1908. Together with the Improvements there- ROAD^NOTICE O 111 co of the Clerk of the Roard ol Supervisors. Korn Countv. California. To all non-consentlni; owners of tbe hereinafter described lands, take nolice: That the report of the viewers on proposed county road No. 270 de- •icribed ,as conimenclne at the' corner to sections 27.28.38 wnd :!4 of Two • ., Soii'n of KUMTH 2H Kast: tbunoe west alontr and 30 feut on each side of the line between sections 28 and •21! to the corner of sections 28. 21). 32 <n't '.n. a distance of 1 milo. IIMK been «•! down for hearlne beiore the said Hoard of Sunervtsors, at their rooms he court house In the Ci 3 ot be ered n'mfe ield. Countv of Kern. Sta.t< .ornla. accordii.^ to law. for four weens successively next ii court at and then and they nave chanee pi tould or- show liters- >ted .„; allforuian. a newspaper nr blished In the City of ua ountv of Kern. State of _. Jafl- at least preced- 1908. nc the dav of. hearlne.. Dated this 5th dav 10-5 Judee of the Superior""Court'. The people of the Slate of Callfo* a send greeting to the Southern P» Railroad Company, a corporation, ITho Pacific InipnvcinGiit Company, a corporation; tic Western Development Company, a corporation; tAt» all other persons unknown claiming any right, title, .-state, lien, or Interest in thr real properly described la the complaint adverso to plaintiff* ownership, r.r any (loud upon plain? tiff's title thereto, didVndants. You are hen-by ti-i|uir«ii to appear In an action iiiiuit-.lit .i^aiiist you by. the above named plaintiff, in the Superior Court of tin- County of Kern. State of California, and to answer th« Complaint filed therein, within tel days (exclusive of the day or service) after service on you of this suuimont, if served within said county; if scrv«4 elsewhere, within thirty days. The said action Is brought to d<Hel» mine a claim made by said defendant* adversely to the plaintiff In and to that certain lot, piece or parcel of Ian4 situate, lying and being in the Town ot Mojave; County of Kern, State of California, and designated as Lot Number Nine (9) in Block One Hundred (100); of said Town according to the Map thereof, filed in the office of the County Recorder of said Kern County, %a the Third day of March, 1906; "to compel the said defendants to produce their title, If any they have, to udft premises, and that the same, and ttt* pretended claim, right, title, interest; and estate of said defendants, ant also all other persons unknown claiming any right, title, estate, lien, or interest In the real property described In the complaint, and hereinbefore described, adversely to plaintiff's ownership, or any cloud upon plaintiff's title thereto, and each and all of then In and to said premises, and every part thereof, jnay be adjudged and decreed to be Invalid and void. That the said defendants and etfdl of them may be barrrd of and from alt right, title, Interest and estate in an! to tho said premises, and every part thereof; That the said plaintiffs title may be adjudged and decreed to be a goo* and valid one as against said defendants and each of them, and all persona claiming under said defendants and each of them, and for such ether and further relief as shall be just and equitable as the nature of the cassi may require, as will more fully appear by tr-o Complaint on flle herein, and to wl.lch reference is here made and for costs of. suit. An.l you are nerepy notified, that If you fail to BO appear and answer, the plaintiff may take judgment Tot any money or damages demanded t» the complaint as arising upon contract, or will apply to the court tot any other relief demanded In the Complaint. Witness my hand and the seal of th« said Superior Court, County ot Kern, State of California, this 10th day'of April. A. D. 1!>08. (Seal) I. L. MILLER, Clerk. By Ham Farrls, Deputy Clerk. J. W. P. Laird and Ilowen Irwln,' attorneys for plaintiff. 8-11 OF SALE RTY TO .. _>ROTEC~ EP1NG. OF PERSONAL _ SATISFY LIEN TION AND SAFE Notice Is hereby ulven. that on the 17th dav of October. l»(is. at the hour of 10 o clock a. m.of that day. the tin- (ierslaned will sell at public auction -Tine personal rironerty in " *'..., C-.-.H.. tl f lol'lE' 1 "" ..'into anvil: "1 "i"tl : iricfi" u'luo. 10 feet Ionic: 2 id-Inch nines. 12 feet lonu: 1 10-Inch piny. IU. feet long:. 2.10-Inch. t'i i v u v; (lershyie the nroT^ front of the undersigned H Famoso. Kern Countv. Callf wit: f :!-incn nlpe. 24 feet larue anvil.: .1 Ip-inch pipu. .12 feet clamps for holdlne nine: 1 largo wivncb about 5 feet long; 1 heavy drill. 6-10. G feet lone, to satisfy the undersiinied's lien for protection and safe keeplni: of said property In the undiM-slgned's premises In the town of Kamoso. Kern Countv. Californiu. or HO much thereof as may be necessary to lu en and costs of sale. _.,.._ Hum of SlfiO.OO lor syl satisfy sa being tor me, hint two years. >ertv Biiposed _ - — Common Wealth Oil Cqmimnv. or inknown to the undc.rslinied. i;"' undurslened. came lawfully In The said personal uposed to belonir to tho ,„ 'ealth Oil Cqmimnv. or gth- rs unknown to the undc.rslinied. the undersigned came lawfull tiu- possession of the persoqul; NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice Is hereby idven ,that th« a.nnual meetine of the stockholders ol the McKlttrlck Extension Oil.Company ' ' be held at th' the, wll M office 11 !>!•« of the I the NO. ; fornia"."ph"Mo"ijdav. OcuVbor" 12thi.f at the bour ot 4 o cloi 7. Producers llakersfield. t "2th. " poration. ropn Incs Hank b Mnniluv l)OIOI)Or JLSl... _ ... _.-, -. . ock i). m. of salfi (Inv. for the ournose ot electlntr m Hoard of Directors for tho cnsulnjc year, and the transaction of such other business as mav cqinu before th» ineetTnir. C. HHOWKR, Secv. . Ofjlce. room No. :!07. Producers Bank building, corner 19th and H street* llakersnold. Calitornla. S^M DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice Is herebv ulven to all ,1, sons ownlne and keeping dogs, wit the limits of Jhe Citv of Bakersfl that License are no flee of ...,~ TaKB tor, the year^lloS! w ready for dnliverv at the ot- the City Clerk, in the bas flee of the City Clerk. In the of Producers Savings Hani and on after the 15th (bn iirv. I will proceed to In: do«ts found runrUne on the s are not wearing the licem _ ...... are not wearing the year 1!»0& R Datod January 9. n the I Hank Inv of Janf imnound the streets t license tag for sement uilding. Jan«an that building. of lf)08. tv and has protected anil Halo guarded ) ' "ua'ted tlVi t s >t 5tIi , court house In the of Kern. ldnv November fi. 1 the hour of 1,1:30 o'clock, a. r ty of Hak ern. State of Cal- 'JOS. in t .-rsfield. Countv ifornia. on Frld at the hour of , , . . where any and all norsons Interested herein may anpear and make ob- hereto if deemed proper. I, R. J. Hummel, or tne County of Alameda, State of California, the pros- ent owner of tho land herelnbolow described, do hereby give notice that I will, on the 17th day of October, 1908, apply to the Register of tho State Land Office, at Sacramento, California, for a duplicate certificate of purchase, No. 14830, Issued to Rrnest J. Hummel, dated April 26, 1900, on location N*>. 4505, Vlsalla Land District, for all of section 3C, Twp. 29 S., R. 22 E., M. D. M., in the County of Kern, State of California, containing 640 acres. Date of first publication, Sept. 16, 1908. DELINQUENT_8ALE NOTICE. McKlttrlck Oil Comnnnv. Location of principal nlace of busint'ss. Oulcera- field. California. Notice. There nre dellnauent UPOU the following described stock on ao- count of iiHBeBsment levied on the 16tn day of Auciist. liKix. the several auiountH set opposite tho names of th« — , ..^..,.». __ follows: uiountH set opposite t espective shareholder NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Mascot OlT M C;onipanyri*rmcrpal tilace Camp on uth, . . . Vi section Rapge 211 East. ction t . The said,,, proposed road or nubile ,,, hlenwav will the binds nasH over, throuuh and of tieo. Rnvmong and unon Menzo Spring. Hv order of the sa ncrvlsors. I Chairman of Attest: (Seal) I. L. Miller. Clerk. aid Bonrd of Su- H. A. .IASTRO. the said Board. 10-13 of ROAD NOTICE. the Clerk of the Hoard of he SnmtrvJHorw. Kern Countv. California. To all non-consent Int' owners of the hereintifter d«scribi-d lapils. liilfe no- ncr-: That the report of (lie viewers on uronosed c-ountv road Xo. 271. do- cribed as conimendnir at the north- wr-st corner of sect ion four. Township iliirtv-one South of R»nge twenlv-sev- i-ii East: thence s-outh alonu and .io ''•«;t on oacn side of line between sections 4 and S. s and 9. two nines: tlii-ncp west aloiltr and 30 fed on cadi .i'li' of line between .sections x and 17 one mill- to count v road N'o L'fi. lias In 'Mi set down for liearinir before the sa d Board of S'lnervisurs at their rooms in fix- court house. In the Citv of HakerKfk'Id. County of Kern State of California wh'-re any and ,ill nor sous interested therein mav annear and make oblectlon thereto If deemed advisable , , The salil proposed road or nubile biu'hwav will nas-! over, thro us? h and upon the lands of, the Kern, Countv Land Comnanv. The Town Companv. an'l Amaranth Land Company. Hv order of th" said H oervlBors. H. A. t of business, - „ , 2fi. Township :!2 ftout... Kern Cotii|tv. CallfornlH. Notice is be.rebv nieetinir of the. Bj tpo Mascot (. tlon. held on l... 1908. an asseBsment of .. ._ snare was levied upon tho «.»i stock of the corporation, payable mediately to the Secretary_of the. , Companv. Room 4 Hank . Camp < In :!2 So tv. fn\\(t he.reb' 10 Board of Direct !)II Comnanv. a c( the Fifth da.v of Oi BH JVl !he ct to th at th that ut n rectors of lorpora- av of October five cents lie? capital miration, nt the office on s INI 1 Th streots. Ixiij A'ntjeles.. Ca Hui Is. I...., Anv .stock 8 C dlng.. corner ..... nient ock upon ll romaln t shall rom av of November. quent and advertised Im- o?m izpri's Nationul fhlrd and Main ... ,!allfpr.nla. wblcb t form thiH S. for sale , ess pav made before, will be. sold -on ' "v of Deeornber. 1908. to pay llnnuont asBessmetit. tocotho I 4 . 11 ' unpaid nn .the . 190S. will be delinquent an aversed for sale at nubile auction, and unless pavnimil I will be. sold -on tho fil h tion efo costs WU 1<, of . advertising w. M. Oil IK lli e -de- will "TSoard of .. JASTTIO. Chairman of said 1. L. Miller Clark. Su-J. , Hoard. 10-13 Secretary of Mascot Oil Cpmniiny. Of HOP. i-oom 4 ii Citi/ens Natlona Hank bu dlnsr. corner Third anil Main streets. Los Ani'eles. Call'"" nlu. SUMMONS. In tho Superior Court of (be Count) of Kern, State of California. William Collins, plaintiff; vs. Thf Southoi-n Pacific Railroad Company, a corporation: Western Development Company, a corporation; The Pa cine Improvement Company, B corporation; also ail other persons unkown claiming any right title, estate, lien, or Interest in the real property described In the corn- plaint adverse to plaintiff's ownership, or any cloud upon plalutllTa *"'" thereto, defendants. Ileattv. C. llurbeo. Mrs. Rurbee,, Mrs. Svln^Knfc title -iold'at nubile HUC tbo McKittrlck Oil , •107 Producers 8avliif.-< l _. . , itniiiTHflPld California, on SaturdaS 1 . B?tob«r 17th. ISJos. at the bour of.« o'clock p. m. of HH!(| duy. order of thi §a»*'*

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