The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 15, 1908 · Page 22
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 22

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1908
Page 22
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFOR MIAN 'S FERTILE LAIS / ' .' . Will Furnish Homes And Independence to Any Number of Ernest Men from severe winters, where there are three hundred sunny days In the year, •where everything grows out of doors, where hay In the stack need not be covered, where the live stock are in the field every iluy In the year, where the lociil ment packers will take your stock, whore fruits and vegetables can bo obtained fresh from the par- den every day in the year; all th*"='.Kern county offers. <*-.*• A. W. MAC RAE, Sec'y Kern County Board of Trade. Kern County has 250,000 acres of rich alluvial lands, 150,000 acres of which He in the thermal belt, which will produce oranges, lemons and all tropical fruits. Over 7000 acres re- nerve lands fully protecting the water sheds of various streams flowing from the mountains. Over 2,500,000 acres of wild pasture lands, and 150,000 acres in alfalfa, orchards, vineyards, barley, wheat, Egyptian corn, etc. Previous to IS9C we maJe small progress in colonization. Other counties north and south of us have made great strides in colonization and other features of development, but with the promptness and foresight, .always Iron Works Working Barrel, used for pumping oil out of wella. The company has 'established .a world wide trade on'these working barrels. Very recen'ly a large shipment went to the oil f.'-!,]s in Japan. They are the only wrri, ng barrels made that pnck the sand away from the plunger and con- ser]U' ntly tl:ey are the only success- '.voi-inni; barrels on the market. i-ianufncnire of this article promises I.JM; f f ,r the future of the Bakers- rVId hun Works and it takes no son of !i profit to fortell an iron works in Biik' infield that will hnve no rlvtil In the whole of the coast country. plums, nectarines, olives, flgs, grape?, almonds, lemons, all kinds of berries and melons, celery, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, sugar beets, potatoes, corn, pumpkins, all other vegetables of whatever variety. Kern county has a thermal plane, which produces fruit for the Thanksgiving market. The oranges, for size, thinness of skin, texture and juice are ahead of any produced. Diseases that have attacked trees In Florida and other fruit countries are almost, if not al\ogether unknown In the Kern Valley, as they cannot thrive In a very dry climate. Lands suitable for raising oranges or lemons or for diversified farming can be obtained cheaper W. W. Kelly. In a country which la growing In public favor as fast as this section of our famous valley, there are usually found any number of firms and individuals engaged In the real estate business and Bakersfield has as liberal a share of these enterprising gentlemen as Is usually found In cities of this class. But it shall only be our endeavor' enthusiastic autolst ^rom San Diego !n this special Issue of the Callfornlan to San Francisco. Vhen E. J. Erb The Bakersfield Auto Supply Co. The development of facilities for selling, storing, repairing aad supplying automobiles and autolste In this world famous oil section has been kept abreast of the times by n concern jthat Is known by practically every :o bring to the direct notice of our eastern friends and prospective settlers who desire to buy a home In this valley, such firms and Individuals, in this line of work, as have proven their claim to public confidence, to the end that people who read this vast bundle of facts and figures can write to any one of them and rely absolutely upon what he says. Following this plan, It Is a pleasure for us to recommend the subject of this sketch, who came to this land of opportunity 14 years ago from Vlsalia (his native heath)'and Is today considered one of the best characteristic of our community, we ! and on as good terms as any where are now actively engaged in coloniz-J else In Hit state. It. takes three acres Ing. Two colonies, the Wasco and j to support one co\v In the best seethe Mountain View, are an example ttons of the eastern htates, and in of what concentrated effort along these lines will accomplish. Through the ef- Kern county one acre of good alfalfa will support two cows. forts of the local Board of Trade, Kern county has the cheapest fuel, which two years ago changed their In the greatest and most accessible method of advertising from seeking • the colonists and going after the colonizer, the stream of home seekers are now directed to »he fertile lands of the Kern Valley. We owe a great deal, in this respect, to the California Home Extension Company which established the \Vasco and Mountain View colonies, and are now contemplating the establishment of a still larger colony the coming winter In our midst. I The Wasco colony, nine sections, situated OH the Srnta Fe, twenty-eight miles north of IV.ikersfieU!, is a ricll decompose.1 ir.Muito so!l and is sur- rouu le 1 by lie.iini.i acres of the same fertile soil which will bo s-.ihdivid-d in lime an.I m :•'.•<'• Wasco a;i important t.i 1 ,'.'n. Iv-.fiMi '::• 1 u?Hi.>>•>!:-: :<.n ' vin<•• yards are nn;!i'"'c?;i- ;;tid Mi.' '.'•"* )i.-','ll! iti'iti ;>:•>' L'.!:'e<i ]:• e:i < 'le l;i!i I. A nriluul \va'i v company was (Vinin •! [iiiioiijr the colonists and ;i)mtit $I~,I'I.IIMI. v, ; :>s spon' jn di.y-;iiii; «'• 1U, eqnii'pinu with machinery, etc. V.'asco has been a pronounce,! success from the start, and the Home Kx- tension officials have often stated that they consider it the most successful of the many communities established by them In various counties of the state. There are only occasional tracts of land for sale there, and these by original purchasers, who are willing to take profit and go to new and undeveloped sections. , The Mountain View haids have about 100 people on the ground, and are now producing excellent crops. They have laid out the tuwnslte of Ordena, which is the Spanish name for "creamery." About one-third of the tract has been purchase J by actual settlers, and 10, 20, 40, and SO acre tracts may be secured at $50 to $70 an acre with irrigation water supplied from the Stein canal. This tract comprises nearly all of the west half of township 31 south, range 27 east. The soil is a rich, sandy loam, the surface level nnd easily Irrigated, the water supply deriving from two of the largest and best canals on the Kern 'Delta, the Farmers and the Stlne. A further and important feature of this beautiful tract of land is the fact that it is traversed from north to south by the Sunset Railroad. In addition to the above mentioned colonies we have established 200 to 300 settlers in different sections of the agricultural districts, principally quantities. The two competing trans- began business in Bakersfield automobiles were so few and aroused so much curiosity that be was glad to store them free, on \account of the number of people they attracted to his place. Today we can lay claim to more machines In operation than any town In the country of the same size. To handle the vast number of machines now necessitates the consumption of 15,000 square feet of floor space. These remarkable changes have been brought about by the fact that the automobile plays a very important part in the development and operation of the vast oil Interests at our KERN RIVER MILLS. with In this field. It must therefore ( Bakersfleld from he apparent to our readers that we 12:30 a. m. a. rn. uatt have In our midst a business that Is not only a credit to our city, but op- Gas Plant The gas plant, located at Twentieth erated by a combination of experts {and Q streets, ran manufacture that has attracted so large a patron' age from owners of the most expensive cars. AND LIGH! CO, 150,000 feet of gas per day nnd "torn a storage capacity of 45,000 feet. The gas manufactured is for fiaft purposes, and the company furnish** gas to about 1200 consumers, practically all of whom use gas for ML iGas mains are run free of chart*, 'and the company Keeps a large suw*y I of cooking and heating appliances. posted men on values In Kern county.! very door. This concern was Indeed Mr. Kelly first embarked in the 1m-1 forf.t'vite in being able to secure the plement business in this section, and seven years work along these lines acquainted him with practically every rancher In this 'section, which fact accounts In n large measure for the large list of ranches he has to offer at all times, in addition to choice residence and business properties, that exclusive agency in this territory for the famous Tourist aiitos, which operators throughout the district have learned to know, is the one machine that they can ban!: on for Cither business or pleasure. The great popularity and superiority of this machine Is evidenced by the fact that of all the FORTIES IN DIM FARMS No Locality in the World is Better Adapted to Dairy Farming Than is Kern County. There is no spot on earth whew the cow and calf feel-so much a,t home make such good Income Investments | various makes In use in Kern county A Splendid Public Sendee Corporation, Conducted Along Live and Let Live Lines. The Power, Transit & Light Com pany furnishes electricity for lighting and power purposes; operates the j street railway system and gas plant. | A brief description of each follows: Power House. The power house, which Is situated sixteen miles northeasterly from Bak ersfield. is one of the oldest hydro- j or do so well as they do here ia electric plants in the country, having : upper reaches of the San been In constant operation since 1896. j vulley. With the watering of th* The plant consists of three Knight i , an()H of <he de( . t , rt came tne ,,jraKs impulse water wheeds of. 700 horse j ^ 8twhmeJ1 dr , v , ng ^ power capacity each, direct conncted' to three alternating current, three j'atlle down off the hills to winter, phase, 550 volt, 60 cycle generators ( found tbnt bossy gave a great *>9ffl of -150 kilowatts each. The total ea-1 more milk than the calf coul.l use, fcB- paclty of the plant In f mechanical horse power is eighteen hundred. The potential is stepped up from cause of the succulent ^reeti lood. take care of this surplus-, mi'!', was question of the hour with the volts to 11300 volts by means ofjnmn, but because the vaqueroa couli nine 1»K> kilowatt air-cooled trans-; not milk on horn-back, and also be> I fonr.ors, nnd transmitted to the substation in Bftkersfield over six No. i bare copper wires. T!'.e ;,(i\vor house is equipped with two ma: Id" sv. jtrlib'iar-ls and all fs.-ary nistrmni.ii'; f"r the operation '.ii' the plant. The I'.ydrar.'ii- it'' of any ':'.i'-' inn is ntic <i', ":!Vement to e, ;!,-)•;be .-<at'-. Tlv- cause tl.e c :w Wild. Ill'' ";,;•!;, and all that -, <]e',elop :t lot plent\ l-\ r,,Ilk : el':-. IV.It ,'.'il ' '.:;> '.i ',,'." '. \v< re niore than . ffort.s were aborlrvw, ;.-. /'.illy done was U» :' c.ilf cows which baft "•. thye or four calves i^ to mother all cnnt- - I-,-..-- chan-ie-I. Dairy. /••• ! :r. \a.|iie,•<>-;•. Uxs :..-• -: -ek !'ii~ !»•' n 'set- the IN THE MOUNTAINS NEAR BAKERSFIELD. in this section. Twentieth and H streets, Bakersfleld. The power is received here at an E. M. F. of 10,000 volts and transform- I there are 400 per cent more TourltsiPd to 20SO volts for distribution In I th, l.'iK! 1 1 The rooms Sub-station. sub-station, and sales are located on the corner or f;rwn food and •In fir MJs- ; for dairy a jjlea&atft continental railroads and tho twin cities of Bakersfleld and Kern through which these pass, are but o"ne hundred a ] so negotiate loans on city or coun- ersfield Auto Supply Co. Is divided In- miles from tide water. Bakersfleld ' try property, and writes insurance In to lw ° distinct departments. The gar- In addition to his realty work he used than any other make. The Bak- Bakersfleld and Kern. Is the county seat, and distributing point for a county as large as Massachusetts or Scotland, has fine wide streets, cement sidewalks, purest water in the state, public library, five graded schools, twelve churches, one high school, all fraternal socle- ties, Woman's Club building, five such dollar for dollar companies as the and repair section and the supply necticut Fire Insurance Co, a combination that have no eqtiul on earth. Mr. Kelly has fully demonstrated in the Weed Patch and the country. Kern county raises -.•)>• the apricots, peaches, pears, Delano market, prunes, Phoenix Assurance Co. and the Con- ; department. The garage is under the 1 personal supervision of E. .1. Erb, who 1 has spent the greater part of his life along mechanical lines, and whose his unlimited confidence lu this favor-: judgment relative to the mechanical ed section by the numerous Invest-j Parts of an auto is considered Al. .ments he has made, in not only his|In this department are employed from banks, six newspapers (two dallies, j own residence, but other city proper- j eight to ten expert mechanics, and four weeklies), steam laundries, foun- t Vi ns we n ilB farm lands in Kern and'their repair department contains ev- drles, machine shops, planing mills, j Tulare counties, and holdings in our ! erythlng that is not only up to date factories, packing houses, (fruit and ' ' ' "~ '~ —'" "'"' '' meat), flour mills, ice plant, gas "and electric light plant, fire alarm system, fine county buildings to which has recently been added a most beautiful and commodious Hall of Records, Kern county produces In one year 15,000,000 barrels of crude oil, worth $10,000,060; 70.000 tons of the finest famous oil fields. Bakersfleld Iron Works. With the development of the fields In this county came the demand but that tends to make thplr work superior to others, the latest, addition being the latest improved gear cut ting machine. Mr. Erb Is a native of Minnesota, but has been in Kern county for the past eight years and e"njoys for an up to date Iron works, and ln|» wi «e acquaintance. 1S98 the BakersfK-'d Iron Works be- j The supply department receives the gan operations. The growth of this personal supervision of W. E. [)rury asphaltum; 1,000,000 pounds of prunes establishment h"3 been steady since j who, previous to the consolidation of 2,000,00 pounds of raisins, the finest i the first day fire was kindled in Its oranges grown In the state; 800,000 pounds of peaches; 20,000 heard of beef cattle; 3,000.000 bricks; 120,000 barrels of lime; 350,000 pounds of hides; 8000 tons of wheat; 7000 tons of barley; 31,000 tons of hay exported, besides that used in the county. To the farmer seeking new and growing land with an excellent market for hlH produce, and a climate free forges, until today. The works gives employment to 110 skilled mechanics, and are equipped with four law steam hammers, one of which Is the largest in the state. The works have a complete blucksmlthlng shop, boiler shop, foundry, machine shop, pattern shop, wagon repair shop, and horse shoeing shop. They have aT-pl.-ndidly equipped branch in the oil fields, where emergency work is taken care of. This shop Is also e<|iii| steam hammer, oil furnace , am complete machine shop. The officers of the compan;. .it' 1 ' 1 S. Porter, president and uem-i :' n a--er; (). Sc! ibller, wi-c'et -\r\ . \'. Wilson, iisHlst.!iit niMiav r. M .-;>n has chart;' 1 "'' <he we:'.- eame h"re tY'iiii (In- llakor l.i.'ii '• :il t,ii:~ Ari^'-'e?' and is a !i'''." ; i A i> i ; ence,| li-oii man. Tli ; ..i.!i>i tie'l of tile llllS!n'>S'i (if 11..' V.uri.. '!.<• ','ii. Mlsbin-; of oil well ,-niiiiiii .• tooli-. 'I'll" v furnish the l''r;,c Ti"f! engines and liuve 'i'i.iiiu' p'iKt (I-;; nionlllK sold scvcrai car b of th<-«e well known entiiii coinpnny also O])erat(?s the \VebsU-r this branch ol. the business Into what Is now the known as the Bakersfleld Auto Supply Co., operated It independently. The consolidation places them as the largest handlers of autos and supplies in the San Joaquln Valley. ..This department contains practically every thing pertaining tc: the supplies and furnishings of the machine or operator, and Includes a selection of such world renowned tires UK the Diamond, Goodyear, and the Goodrich and Hartford Dunlop. These are supplied to them direct from the various r.iamifactuiies each month, which enables them to supply their . patrons with fresh new tires at all ('.times. In this dc part m-tit in jilso n;i ; crater) ihe <.n!y coniple'e battery s f.'Mtfit in tii'.- c,unity. The company furnishes the Electric Water Company, the Southern Pacific and Santa Fe Railroad Companies, the Kern County Land Company and numerous other power users. Equipment. climate, and th(->t« Kern county JJIIM ht unlimited quantities. With irriguUax. an abundance of ^reon foofl caa b* secured—and it is not necessary to depend on a water company for wafiacr, j The dairyman can fcet his own power to , jy slnk j ng a w ,,jj fron) 30 to lso deep, owing to his location, and with cheap oil fuel pump from one these wells water enough for a section of alfalfa. With the Improiratt modern facilities for shipping dairy products, the question of Immediate The sub-station equlpmont consists local market is not of so much Impwft- of six 150 K. W. and six 7fi K. W. air- ance to the dairyman as It onoe cooled transformers, 10,000 to 2080 (but IB a good thing to hava. volts. Five constant current transformers of 23 K. W. each furnish current for the twenty-eight street arc Jamps in Kern, and one hundred and eighteen-in Bakersfleld, One 100 H. P. rotary converter furnishes direct current for the operation of the street cars and passenger elevators. One H. P. three panel marble switchboard, which controls the prl- Mr. Drnrv is ; «•];(• V e j;e -erVed Ills n:-! a lii::cb ! .ni k -t and lat '•i,\i:-:-e in i !' : i rical i e :|,|" 'fl iirlkPfrlieM e;:-l[l icalH ;i'- Ml ! J'.-f !.<e f | lilell'lfie.l ill dlfferel. 1 ililiT'-'ts .'iloni; ni"<biinjiM] Hues evei .-ince. At the beginiiinic of the auto This industry in I.os Angeles, he assumed mary side of the transformers. One eight panel marble distributing board, which controls the secondary or 2080 volt distribution. One A. C. panel and one D, C. panel, which control the Input and output of the rotary converter. The switchboards have all the necessary Instruments, Including Indicating and recording volt meters, Indicating ammeters, indicating and recording watt meters and an Indicating synchronizer. All 2080 volt circuits are controlled by oil switches. Store Room. The company keeps a well stocked store room and deals In all staple electrical and pn.= appliances. There are u,n<,nt five hundred clot trie flat Irons In service; also some five hundred ri i'inK nnd desk fans. The company Mniishe* power for arc- and Incaii''.- -rfjr.t lights 'o Fonie In thin respect Kern county beats On world. Thousands of men are. engfligeC In oil and mineral production In £fca county and at these centers soeC towns have sprung up, all of whJck mufit buy their butter and milk. 8on» Idea of the possibilities of the statin- ity of the market can be had by contemplating on the fact that the state Imports over $3,000,000 worth of products each year. No country in the world offers golden opportunities to the man wlw can buy a little land and a few co«v«. • rge of the shops of the company Iron \Vbrkn at which plant they man-jthat makes the Tourist machines, ufacture the celebrated Bakersfleld j which they have been so successful Tl"~rf lire t-t ••\-.--,- n MV. nty nnl 'bli t v •': .-.i -rent >-',<•',-;> ' • wired 'n Hi' two towns. Street Carg. The company lias seven strcef cars four single truck and three double truck; operates seven and one-half miles of track, and gives a twenty minute service between Kern and Good Hunting In the Mountain*.

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