Wilmington News-Journal from Wilmington, Ohio on April 20, 1962 · Page 10
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Wilmington News-Journal from Wilmington, Ohio · Page 10

Wilmington, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1962
Page 10
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10 Wilmington. Ohio, News-Journal Friday. April 20. 1062 Additional Churches ( Cftntinued from Pafe Five) ri BA FRIENDS A sunrise service is set for 6 ama» Cuba and will be followed at 7 b\ an Easter breakfast to which all are invited The sunrise service will include solos by Misses Becky Haddix and Pamela Woods, a violin solo by Miss Betty Ruth Haddix and a pantomime by se\en girls with Bernice Knisley the pianist, .lean Hale soloist and directed by Mae Abram The 9.30 worship will have several special numbers. Rudy Haag will sing “The Holy City.” the choir v’ll' have a special number and following the message by the pas- mi. the Re\ W. .S Abram, « pageant will bo gi\en SLIGO BAPTIST ( HI R( H Easier sunrise service will begin at 6 a m at this church. At 10 a. m Minday School will be held and at 11 worship. Training union .Mil be held a» 6:30 p. m. and evening worship at 7 30. The Re\ W H Denny is the minister SPRINGFIEIJ) FRIENDS Voung Friends are conducting a sunri.se service at 5 a. m at Ft. .Ancient They will meet at the church and go from there At 10 a. m. there will be Sunday School and at 11 a nv. worship with special music and recitations by the children The Re\. Kenneth Shirk, pastor, will preach the sermon KILL TERMITES with Arab U-DO-IT T I R M I T E CONTROL erof«nionol proauef th« hom*- own*f. 5-y*or th*mi col r«ploc*m*nt 9war- ’ ante* o»oilobl«. I Wo*t * Sorm »Sfub», I tow«, fre* fold«' treats H»a avara«« Huffman Lumber 6i Supply .New Vienna Yl' 7-51.51 ( LARKS\ ILLE MFTHDDIST F'aster sunrise service will be neld at the church at 6:30 a, m. with breakfast immediately follow mg. the Rev. Joseph Henson, pastor announced. Church School will b( held at 9 a. m. with Wayne Wills, superintendent. At the 10 a m. wvmship there will be baptism and welcome reception of new members. At the Olive Branch Church Church School will be at 10 a m . Charle> Beckett. superintendent and worship at 11:15 a, m. with I baptism and reception of new mem vers The Clarkisvilie Church will hold a Good Friday service at { 7:30 p. m. REESVILLK METHODIST ( HARGE .At Richland at 6 a. m. sunrise spfvice is scheduled. .At 10 a. m. Sunday School will be held and at the 11 a m. worship the Rev .lohn Turner, retired minister of near Melvin will he the speaker. Reesville church will hold Sun day school. Robert Walker, super intendent. at 9:45 and Lumberton Church will have both Sunday School and worship at 10 and 11 a m respectively. The Rev. Leroy lones IS pastor of the charge. DOVER FRIENDS Guest speaker at the 11 a, m service will be Jacob Thomas, Wilmington College student from India Special music will be pro- .’ded ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN ... ARE YOU COVERED? The cost of repairs to automobiles continues to rise! V well planned insurance policy can set your mind at ease, if an accident should occur. See us for full protection. 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Bunn, pastor 9:30 a. m.—Sunday School Mrs. .Mary Mahaffey, superintendent. 10:30 a. m.—Evangelistic Service. 6:30 p m —Young People s service. ASSEMBLY OF GOD Rev. Marie .Moore, minister 10 a. m.—Sunday School. 11 a. m.—Worship. 6:45 p. m.—Young People's meeting. 7:30 p. m.—Worship. 7:30 p. m.—Wednesday .Midweek Prayer. CAMPUS FRIENDS MEETING Mrs. Marshall Sutton, clerk 10:30 a m.—Meeting for worship. Ensemble Room. Fine Arts Building, Wilmington College. 11:30 a. m —Discussion. QUINN CHAPEL AME Rev. Lyman Ltggins, pastor 9:45 a m.—Sunday School. Capi. Alonzo Perry, superintendent. 11 a m —Worship SABINA HOUSE OF PRAYER Glenn Williams pastoi 9:30 a m.—Sunday School. 10:30 a. m. —Preaching. 7:30 p m —Evangelistic service SABINA BAPTLST CHAPEL Rev. John S. Davis, pastor 9:45 a m.—Sunday School. 10:50 a. m.—Worship. 7 30 p. m.—Evening worship. SU 3-78.»:» WESTBORO PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH Rev. Joseph Martin, pastor 9:30 a m —Bible School. Leonard Davis superintendent. 10.45 a. m. — Worship. 6:45 p. m —Young people s service. j 7:45 p m —Evangelistic service. Wednesday, 7:30 p. m—Prayer i Meeting. WESTBORO FRIENDS CHURCH Rev. Mary E. Cothran, pastor 9:30 a m.—Sunday School Wal ler Hunt superintendent 10:45 a m.—Worship 7:30 p. m.—Evening service and Prayer Meeting. WESTBORO CONGREGATIONAL CIIRLSTIAN CHURCr Re\ David .Matevia, pastor 10 a. m. —Sunday School. 11 a m — Church 'rvice. .MARTINSVILLE METHODIST CHURCH Rev. C. Eugene Riffle, minister Villars Chapel 9 a. m.—Worship. .Special sting service, the Rev. Riffle presiding. 7:.30 p. m.—Service. Faster Sunday. 6:30 a. m.—Serv­ ice. Former minister, the Rev. Ivo 1.. Rhoades, speaker. (Hady 10 a. m —Sunday School Mrs. Ray Langley, superintendent 11 a m —Worship Sermon Youth Fellowship meets first and third Sundays at 7:3o p. m SLIGO BAPTIST cmJRCH Rev. William H. Denny, pastor 10 a m—-Sunday School Eugene Hobbs, superintendent. 11 a. m.—W’orship service. 6:30 p m.—Training Union. 7-30 p m —Worship Service MEMPHIS METHODIST CHURCH Rev 0. P Smith pastor 9:43 a m.—Church School 10 a. m —Robert Luttrell superintendent. 10:45 a m.—Public worship. Mrs. Clifford Holmes, pianist. PLEASANT GROVE CHURCH OF GOD Kdwardsville Rd., west of Bian Chester Ova Dunn, pastor 10 a m.--Sunday school. 11 a, m —Church service. 2 p m —Singing convention 7:30 p. m —Service. .MIDLA.ND CHI RCH OF GOD Bert Reid, pastor 10 a m.—Sunday School. Wil lard Wills, superintendent. 11 a. m —Worship. 7:30 p. m —Worship. LEES CREEK UNITED CHl’RCH OF CHRIST J. A, Coahran, minister 10 a m.—Worship service ^or everyone 10 30 a m.—Children leave wor ship service and go to classes 11 a. m.—Church School for everyone 11:40 a. m.—Closing service In the sanctuary. 6-30 p m.— Youth Fellowship. PORT WILLIAM METHODIST CHURCH Robert E. Robinson, pastor 9:30 a. m.—Sunday School. William C. Stephens, superintendent. 6-8 p. m.— MYF. 10:45 a. m —Worship. MACEDONIA CHURCH OF CHRIST Lyle Wright, minister 9:45 a m —Bible School. John Barnett, superintendent. 10:45 a. m.—Worship with Lord’s Supper. CLARKSVILLE CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Ren. Stanley D. I>ee, pastor 9:45 a. m.—Sunday School 11 a m—Worship READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS Horseshoe Inspector Needed in Horse Country DENVER (AP) — Things have changed here in the West where i the horse once was king. * The Colorado Racing Coinmis- ..ion can-, even find anybody ‘» | “ "1 '"r V-b’pri‘«0 a day for .he I kno.n as plater .nspector. auction Saturday, May 5,1962 1:(M) P. .M. l/oeated: On State Rt. 72 in Reesville, Ohio In the pursuance of the order of J'r n County. Ohio we will offer for sale on the premises the following described real estate. „ . , . . Six room — 2 storv dwelling, living room. 3 hediXHims. kitc H n. utilitv room, water*in house h> pitcher pump , water. Located on good state nighwax close to stoics sch< ^ and churches and situated on nice lot wi h room foi gai k More fullv described as follows: in the State of ()juo. ^ Reesville.' and bounded and described as follows; Being in said village of Reesville which is fully described on the re corded plot of said town. Being the same premises conveyed by John Cahill to Oscar Syferd & Dora Syferd by deed dated . an uary 7. 1913 and recorded in volume 101 page 610 of the Clinton Said^^ieal Estate is appraised at Three Thousand Six Hundred ($3.600 (KO and must not be sold for less than two-thirds of said appraised amount, /■ . Terms: Five Hundred ($.5(K),00) Dollars cash day of sale and balance in 30 days. , . i . . Inspection — By appointment any day prior to date oi sale Erma McCollister Administratrix for llstate of Oscar Syferd. deceased Frank B. .landes, A»torney for Estate Morton Hightower, Real Estate Broker Sale Conducted By McCallister and ( rawford. 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OHIO Offices in Wilmington and New Vienna HUillUHijyitiiiMwimiiMiiummHUi MCMaro «Al. «rscnai »Yirew OGDEN FRIENDS CHURCH James Carey pastor 10 a. m. - Sunday School Misi Jeanne Walls, supermtendent. 11 a m.—Worship. NEW BURLINGTON FRIENDS cruRcn Rev. Bruce Lenich, pastor 10 a. m — Sunday School. Charles Collett superintendent. 11 a. m.—Worship service. COWAN’S CREEK AND JONAH’S RUN BAPTIST CHURCHES Cowan’s Creek 9:30 a. m.—Worship. 10:30 a. m.—Sunday School. John L. Nordyke, superintendent. Jonah’s Run JO m.—Bible School. Miss Martha Stevens, superintendent. 11 a. m.—Worship. MIDLAND HOUSE OF DELIVERANCE Rev. Richard L. Walls, pastor 10 a m.—Sunday School. 7:30 p. m.—Evangelistic senlce. Wednesday, 7:30 p. m.—Prayer meeting. Saturday, 7:30 p. m.—Youth Fellowship. BUY ALL GOOD GULF PRODUCTS. Grease Oil Gasoline Gear Grease at BILL WILSON OIL CO. Sabina, 0. LU 4-3945 Sin« the first Kaster, the CroM has remained the one great and enduring symbol of Christianity because it best expresses the meaning of faith. Like a precious jewel, the Cross shines with many faceti of truth. “f The Cross signifies the hope of faith. It reveals God’s love for us in the sacrifice of His Son. It is our assurance of His promise of salvation. i" The C’ross signifies the challenge of faith. It reveals Gixi’s lov« for all men which we must .share. It is the motivation of Christian action. i" The Crcwvs signifies the victory of faith. It is the pledge of God’i loving purpose in .'iaving the w'orld. It is the .source of peace. What (ioes the Cros.s mean to you? On Ka.ster — this greale.st festival of our Faith, will you come to Church and discover iU mes.sage? THE CHURCH FOR ALL . . . ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Cbaich « tkf grcAlrst factor on farth hr Hv building of ckaraclCT and good cilizcnskip. it a a rtorikousr of spintual ralo«. WilKout q ilrong ClniTcli. nnthrr democracy not cirdiratio« eoa rurme. I'kere a*« four >o«tk1 rcoAoos why «\cry persoa should attend ttrvycts regularly and ■upport the Church, They arc: (1) For h« own sake. (2) For his childre«’» sake. (5) for the take of his cnmmumty aad Batma. (4) For the sake «t the Oaireh itself, which Be«k ha Bsnrai and material sufiport. Flan in gn ta churdi iB«tiUrhr o«d w*d fe«r Btbie dadga Saturday I Peter i:is-a SoprtigKt tetsMa Arts This messoge brought to you through the courtesy of FIRST NATIONAI. BANK Member F D T. G Federal Reserve System Wilmington, Ohio M c P herson HUFF tool co . Sabina, Ohio S. K. S. CITIES SERVICE 351 E. Washington St. LU 4-6811 Sabina, Ohio U. SOUTH RIDGE IJ. S. Steel Homes S. 68 at Randolph FU 2 3724 J A W BOWIJNG LANES For Family Recreation 73 W. Main St. FU 2-2636 MELVIN LIQITD FERTH.IZER LU 4 5774 - LV 4 5533 .Meivln, Ohio CLINTON rOl NTY NATIONAL woODMANSFE S ELEVATOR BANK & TRUST ('(). ohio Zir.LER’S, INC. Charles E Rulon Prc.v BANK & TRI M i u. Mplvm Ohio Dean & Barry P^ints^^^^^ Vienna; 51 W. Main St. SMITH BABB SEAM.VN 232 South St.. Wilmington FU 2-2049 DARBVSHIRE A ASSOCIATES. INC. 55 K. Ivoeusi St. Wilmington FU 2-2292 MARSH PT?VER.AE HOME Locust and Lincoln St. FU 2-2537 Wilmington, Ohio RE4N0EDS* FUNERAL HOME 144 W . Main St. Wilmington FU 2-2323 FISHER FUNERAL HOME “A Sympathetic Service in a Dignified .Manner” FU 2-2146 Ambulance Service ROBERTS A GREGORY MARATHON 157 E. Mam St. KL 2-2266 Wilmington. Ohio MAC TOOLS Quality—Price—Servici Sabina. Ohio BUCKLEY BROS., INC. Serving Clinton County Farmers Over 50 Years THL MELVTS STONE (OMPANY Courteous Service MeL'in, Ohio FU 2-2288 36 WILLIAM T. CREAMER ln.surancc W Locust FU 2-2246 MARTlNSVnXE LU.MBER A SUPPLY Support the Church of Your Choice Dial MU 5-2461 Martinsville. 0, Jl LIA S RLS'I \LR.\NT Delicious Home Cooked Meals Port William HU 6-5044 MELVIN GRAIN COMPANY Earl B. Unk Melvin, Ohio STEPHENS HARDWARE “Go to Church This Sunday” Port William HU 6 5274 LITTLETON FUNERAL HOMI Established 1905 Sabina, Ohio FERGUSON’S COUNTRY KITCHEN Home Cooking Our Specialty A. P. EVELAND A SONS, INC General Contractors Wilmington, Ohio COMMUNITY M ARKET A LOCKER Siupporl UK • "rcn oi iuur Choici Port William HU i-9641

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