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Temperatures (Tor 24-hour period ending at aix Saturday) MlnMax MinMait 81 1 Omaha 791 Phoenix Tlie Weather 40 53 48 611 Pocatello 83 Portland Or 48 68 Provo 34 51 Reno 45 Partly cloudy Sunday and 80 99 77 75 90 80 68 80 67 53 70 69 64 Orden S8 Albuquerque 50 Bismarck 29 Boise 50 Butte 37 Chicago 45 Denver 43 Grand June 49 Las Vegas 68 Los Angeles 52 Minneapolis 30 Mew Orleans 70 New York 48 Okla City 61 Monday cooler Sunday-and Sun- day night 76j Rock Springs 40 80Salt Lake 50 96j San Antonio 52 66San Fran 48 63St Louis 48 80 Sheridan 42 60 Washington 44 84 Yellowstone 38 fCj 1 r- PRICE 10 CENTS 38 PAGES 3 SECTIONS NBA Service AP Service VT- I Th United Pres The United Press OGDEN CITY UTAH SUNDAY MORNINS APRIL 22 1945 The Associated Press Seventy-fifth No' 172 TTTS fed iii Berlin btree AiT 1 11 3m Keds Historic Meeting V-Day Is Still Far Aivay Truman Given Bitter Fighting Painting of i11vc ninc Of Two Armies Russian Tanks Burst Inside Flaming Capital Terror-Strickcn Gty It Is Believed Flna Raisina "uJa WUU1U parts Anril 21 Lieuten Expected Hourly wicmwrTON Am-il 20 (UP) diniuiunawaimve re WW aW ant General Walter Bedell Smith General Eisenhower's chief of staff said Saturday he held no hope for Truman Saturday MCIO Delegates Flock to Confab tors First Session Set For Wednesday To Hear President By Roger A Johnson United 'Press Staff Ninth May Be ceived from Secretary oi treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr an orig an immediate end ot tne war Europe and added that there may be bitter fiehtine and heaw cas- Chosen Force Williout escape iialtipo tft rnmp inal painting ot tne iamous pnuiu-graph showing the flag raising on Mt SuribachL The painting will be used as the poster for the Seventh Stars and Stripes Flung to Breeze On Tiny Ie Island Addressing war correspondents at Kimrme hartnnartpr Smith Routes Germans Say For Soviet Junction war loan drive said General Eisenhower would try to get the war over as soon as pos- By Richard Kasischke siDie Dui iiau uu inieniiou uj With the secretary were two marines and a sailor who were among the group of six in the photograph of the flag going up By James Lone: By Ray Cronin throwing away the lives entrusted to him and would fight as econom LONDON April 22 PARIS Sunday April 22 ically as he could A War Editor on the mountain top oi iwu uju tvioca survivors of The Germans announced last Formal announcement SAlf i FRANCISCO April With the Germans still resisting and apparently determined to stand in th Anrt in a national rebout the were Pfc Rene A Cag-non Manchester Pfc Ira that the Americans and Rus night that red army tanks had burst three to lour sians have joined in central Hayes Bapchule Ariz i-narma- 21 Trie united nations conference on international rooting them out may take consid Some of the bitterest fighting of the Pacific war marked small American I gains through heavily de erable time smitn added Germany was expected today cist's mate 2c Jonn tt maaiey oi Appleton Wis miles inside the flaming rubble-strewn -streets of barri- nfVat inn will rnnverie in in a matter of hours and Us first denary session Wed there were indications that Lff amy fjff Brandenburg ifVTV lcrf7 irT fended Jap positions on caaea rerun in uu uvw-whelmiilg 16-army assault on nesday I afternoon to hear the Ninth army might southern Okinawa Fleet -Admiral Chester Nimitz re broadcast welcoming speech Allies Pursue Fleeing Nazis chosen for the historic Nevadan Attacks Proposed Hike the three-quarters encircled nazi biggest prize of meeting with the red army ported late Saturday Meanwhile the American flag by President Harry Tru-(Qan from the White House It was announced Saturday at or near Berlin two world wars Moscow whose official reports Associated Press Correspondent was flung to the breeze over Ie island 4000 yards off Okinawa's were running 24 hours behind German announcements did not imme Secretary of State Edward Stettinius Jr Governor Earl War- Wes Gallagher with the Ninth army at Magdeburg reported that Over Po Plain By Lynn Heinzerling west coast Doughboys planted the Of Grazing Fees RFIsrn Nev ADril 21 (AP) diately confirm the dramatic flash rn of California and Roger the timing of great Russian break Laphamj mayor of San Francisco stars and stripes atop Mt Iegusugu after overcoming furious resistance The I tiny island Is being mopped from doomed Berlin But a Russian dispatch filed hours before said a red army entry into the through which now has entered why the Ninth ROUTE Anril 21 The will speak on i the same program vioV will broadcast over all ITifth anrt British Eighth armies army had been sitting on the Elbe nazi capital was "Imminent" up Hill quickly toppled the great fortress networks from seven-thirty to eight Changes Hands river west of the German capital since April 11 southern Okinawa high city of Bologna Saturday ano swept on 10 miles northwest in pursuit of German trooDS fleeing for their On The soviet nign command wm that veteran Russian forces who have marched 1000 miles from the gates of Moscow In one of the (EWT) Smuts Optimistic trrnilnH in thm hill 178 sector Governors and representatives of 11 western states and Alaska Saturday night took a firm stand for the return to states of war-lost functions and rights when peace comes To carry this demand to Washington Govs John Dempsey of New Mexico John Vivian of Colorado and Mon Wallgren of Washington were -selected The Governors delayed action on lives across the Po plain uTioVaoi MrTifrmott state de armani nrss director outlined greatest military comeoacKs maj tory were "engaged in fighting at Rarlin'a on skirts" and had cap The Ninth army had and still has the powe to have marched to Berlin within ten days of its reaching the Elbe Gallagher noted and referred to the expected junc Gen Mark (JiarK toio nis Fifteenth army group that the fall nf this nnrint ritv of 270000 DOD- probable conference parliamentary tured Erkner of the city's eastern which through the win- tr' wttAr fitrhtinff stood as a ae- tion of tne JNintn and tne Russians limits and seven other lortress sud-urbs there to 18 miles i from the capital'-- i i in the Berlin area Sights Russian Armor WHERE FRONTS NfeAR Greatest gain reported on the western front wis an American drive aoutheast of Bayreuth Gt' enwohr and reaching Kemnath On the eastern front Moscow off i-'faTly reiwted I fighting west of the Oder river beyond Kuestrin and in tie south told of taking Forst Muskau Weisswasser and Kott ien b-y' tnetae? ZA fiant German symbol of resistance to us the beginning of final victory in Italy" changed hands several times as the fortunes of battle swung from side to Side The hard-hitting Yank ground forces were heavily supported by naval guns army and marine artillery and carrier-based plaries Jap night air raiders hit two central American-held airfields on central Okinawa but damage was minor The marines on northern Okinawa cleaned out enemy pockets and brought all of Motobu peninsula under their control Yank Superfortresses "agaixrKeav- llv thit Jmn mir ielHs from which Split Greater Reich i Trnnnt umashintf into tne XUV Simultaneously with Gallagher's Hisnath II Twelfth artnv eroun mot onlv licht resistance and by procedure ior me wuu beginning April 25 as Relegates and their secretariat checked in at UNCIO headquarters in rapidly-increasing numbers-' Field 1 Marshal Jan Christian Smutst5 prime minister of the Unipn of South Africa and one of tbs free world's greatest statesmen arrived aboard an RAF Liberator from New York He was optimis- tic about- the conference and the prospects for post-war peace This time I believe we will pull endorsement of Alaskan statehood a stand on reclamation a joint policy on tourist attraction the revision of banking laws and the adjustment of freight rates on western products Cheyenne Wyo was selected as host-citv for the next meeting in Raining war-ending blows en a beaten foe the Russians by Berlin's account also irreparably split Adolf ITitlpr'a greater reich into two COm- headauarters announced cryptically Saturday night the great pursuit of the Germans was well under way San Giovanni 10 miles northwest of Bologna was 'overrun and Pol nieteiv-isolated areas in a develop that a reconnaissance plane "in contact with di-sion (which Is a "Ninth army division) reported having sighted what is believed to be Russian armor somewhere east of the Elbe river this (Saturday) afternoon November and Wyoming's governor lster Hunt was named ish troops went on to score gams northeast oi the city rmhpr nf the S' Thirty chairman rVff Smuts said Reveal Fate of Airmen 9 9 fourth and Ninety-first divisions i one oi me luuaucis ui itic lkT-4nno Cmntl will UENO Nev ADril 21 (UP) onterinff Koioena toucnea on a great victory celebration among Federal plans to increase grazing fees by 200 per cent were attacked by Nevada's governor Car- tens of thousands ot joytui uai The' very fact that army: group headquarters saw fit to make such an announcement lent it added significance Reconnaissance planes in contact with frontline divisions do not operate at extreme range oViAarl nf 4ViA linA Nippon has mounted aerial smashes in defense of vital Okinawa TJtie B-29s rained demolition bombs on Kyushu southernmost of Japan's homeland islands Ira the southern Philippines Christian-hating Moros joined the Yank doughboys on Mindanao island in the fight against the Japs The! Moros 7000 strong form one of four guerrilla divisions fighting in the wild Mindanao country Trt 'Riirma British forces were At the eastern end of the front ville at the conference oi western eovernors here Saturday Carville By Eleanor Packard United Press tjttt? FMRP1RR ADril 21 (UP)-The fate of thousands the British Eihth army drove spoke on postwar plans for the western livestock industry "I feel that we will have no other choice than to resist with all three miles beyond Portomag-giore capturing Marrara and were reported within eight miles of Fer- Paris radio reported the dramatic junction already had been i made and there were reports here that rara important communications center lust below the Po river and Of our legal and legitimate means if the government persists in car of American and British airmen listed as "missing" will be known soon Documents recording all allied fliers downed in German territory during the war were captured Satur- natrnis had made Dreiiminarv con- nrth'east of Bologna tartx Sunreme headauarters did ment as momentous as the red army's entry into the capital This left the terror-stricken and shell and bomb-pocked City without any escape routes to the south and presaged an imminent linkup in force with American troops Un- confirmed reports from Paris said American and soviet patrols al- ready had joined Berlin caught in a swirling bat-- tie which the Germany said "never has been surpassed In ferocity as well as all the Baltic ports and (Continued on Past Thrtt) (Column Ont Germans Stage Hit-Run Raids WITH THE NINTH ARMY April 21 (AP) to 50 miles behind the Ninth army's Elbe river front a German general and more than 1000 troops are waging a spectacular "strike and fade away MMInif camnniJn rying out its ill-advised plan" the These troops were driving to cut not confirm these reports and it was regarded here as certain that the actual formal meeting was still off and annihilate segments oi vne of -the few UNCIO delegates whose active participation in world affairs bridges the 26-year gap from Versailles to San Francisco Brig" Gen' Carlos Romulo resident commissioner to the United States from the Philippines arrived late- Friday night He stressed the loyalty of the Filipinos to the United States and said his people had "a moral right to expect rehabilitation from the United Other Delegates Other) delegates many of them from Latin-America reached San Francisco in advance of the United States contingent headed by Secretary of State Edward Stettinius due here before Monday Because there were no United States officials here with whom they can converse off-the-record (Continued on Page Thret) i (Column Five governor said "Otherwise we snail have to subscribe to a policy of giving up one of our basic resource retreating Germans values and depend upon federal to come but tnat it wouia come within hmirx nnt davs by Gen Joseph McNarney dep dosing In on one of the richest oil regions of the Asiatic continent Airfields Blasted Nme air fields on Kyushu 325 miles north of Okinawa were blasted by a very large mission perhaps SOO-American Superforts The big bombers winging in from the Marianas for their third Kyushu! strike in five days dropped tons of explosives visually and at medium altitude Two of the bases hit-l-Kanova and Kushira are The two allies last were reported 32 miles apart east of Leipzig in an area shout 75 miles south of Ber uty supreme commander in me Mediterranean as "the most im-nnrtViem rail renter of aid for our economic existence" Western support of low tariff policies with expansion of reciprocal trade agreements was urged by Governor Mon Walgren of Washington Nazis Dig In for Norway Stand LONDON April 21 The Germans are digging in throughout southern Norway for a fight uay A master file containing the histories of more than 45000 British and American airmen was found in the nearby town of BuchenbuhL Officers consider it one of the most important finds in Germany to date The last entry dated AprU 7 was of an American pUot who it said was found dead The records revealed that more than $1000000 in various kinds of currency had heen taken from captive airmen lin and it was in that sector around the Germans was a victory for all allied arms Tt Cannnd PnlKH mrOS Of tnO Dresden that the French said they had come together 1 HAuiBosr th nprmain said the Conversion or west coast maus- Eighth army and veteran American infantrymen converged on the tries to peacetime operation and providing jobs for war workers and Russian forces already were three (Continued on Pas Tnret) (Column Two) city from east and west at aimust the same hour Saturday morning to four miles inside tne Benin city limits on the northeast and had rut around the citv to Beelitz on returning veterans was ciiea Dy Walgren as the best means of hold Of this amount only $4000 was re ing the present wartime popuia- the southwest while field reports 4 covered lion ill inc weak aiici nc Government Sliakcup Thev will be our market and our from tne American tront pui inose Russians within 35 miles of the Sons Die Couple Bushels of rings watches jew- fivtniy nrdri love let labor supply" Washington's gover-1 Villagers said tne general iaenu-fied by official army reports as Lieutenant General Unrein sometimes is drunk in his sorties But he apparently stays sober enough to map out efficient and consist- nor said (Continued on Pag Three) (Column Fourl ters' photographs and other items taken from faUen whether Reported in Japan Asks Other 3 Spared alive or were on rue oome 400 displaced persons including Russians Dutchmen Yugoslavs ent strategy for nis mgnt raias xis Anir staff had surrendered SAN FRANCISCO April 21 irAPi Another government shake- but Unrein divided his forces into Poles Frenchmen and Italians TVA Decision Will Test Pres Truman Solons Will View Atrocity Scenes CHICAGO AprU 21 (AP) A Chicago couple advised of the death of their third son while in service Friday night appealed to thol ph rm to nslc the war de- nsAfn has a musical cenius In up in invasion-jittery Japan was reported Saturday by Tokyo radio which said a reshuffle of regional officials was the largest oi its kind two combat commands eacn charged with harassing American rear areas and supply lines Last worked in the center wnen vcx-man authorities fled they took many valuables Slave 350 men and 50 lived in the to the end stand Scandinavian reports said Saturday night Swedish press dispatches said the remnants of the German air force are being flown to Norway carrying high-ranking nazis The Norwegian government in London' said trainloads of V-2 weapons are arriving in southwest-era Norway near Stavanger The streetspf Norwegian coastal towns have been barricaded The mountains in the heart of Norway at LiUehammer echo with the sounds of work' on underground hideouts and factories In the Netherlands Germans were flooding great areas in the path of allied liberating armies The-inundations threatened to convert Rotterdam and Armsterdam into virtual island cities Dispatches from Paris warned that stiff fighting may lie ahead in Denmark and in Norway before the nazis are crushed the person of Sam Pezzopane who ranks as one of the outstanding accordionists of the United States night a ring of Ninth army guns WASHINGTON April 21 partment to assign three surviving since the outbreak oi tne uea A cWTIsrnTrVNT Anril 21 (UP) The senate is getting ready to nonwt (greater east Asia war) The hroadcast recorded by the closed slowly arouna one gruup hidden in a dense dark forest Shells started fires which might drives the nazis out A bipartisan congressional pmnut too to PvnprtpH to leavethis week' TT' is! to trive a free concert next gauge the trend of-President Tru- oiaww federal communications commis same camp Most or tne women either had borne children or were pregnant When Lieutenant Colonel Fuller of North Tarrytown koorH that women slave workers man's political thinking by wnati air and Mrs Martin ivirozeK on Friday evening during which will end for Germany to visit scenes of he does about the reappointment pi rnursday said tney were noimea nazi atrocities at request oi uen rrierht TTinhower TVA Chairman David LUienthaL a Son Staff Sgt Stanley Mrozeic be heard "The roet ana feasant overture and his own compositions Iarnita Flv Little Boy" and "1 sion said the changes ordered Dy Home Minister Genki Abe were intended to increase the power of local administrative authorities in The forays began several days ago when German troops struck southward piercing the -Ninth army's northern flank and then TJHnthal term exnires soon" 28j was kUled on March 30 on Th committee will be comnosed I miman thAri -will OJl Only Know You'll Be Waiting of six members of the house of There For Me" being swallowed up in me ior- Luzon He was the second to cue Sgt Edward Mrozek 31 having been killed in France last July 15 LieuL Chester Mrozek- 24 representatives and six senators the hottest of personal and political spots were wearing American fraternity pins he assigned Captain Carl Luetke of San Antonio Texas to investigate Luetke soon discovered the file and the stored valuables Individ- the event of an American invasion of the homeland nnmai new affenrv said the re Hi larn to Flv Little Boy" Is ests' TTnrpfn'a infantrv units aug Half the memoers win De jiepuu luxino onfl half Democrats If the nresiaeni renorauiaies ighly popular in this region ana who was in Texas after complet ww tt clj in a CAaj aaaw organization moves had extended Lilienthal he will please the sen i Tt was understood that two mem been- neara over ivlaj mented by about a score of tanks and perhaps 100 self-propelled guns ual cards listed tne piace wnere tne airman had been- broueht down bers each from the military affairs and naval affairs committee of each firms har? heen named to the com- TTa cum in tlth whn a VOUng halftracks ano oiner armorer vc hiPioi hirfSn in the unoatrolled to Korea Domei also reported the appointment of Vice' Adm Gisaburo Yama-guichi former commander of the Port Arthur naval station to com About 200000 Germans still are believed garrizoned among 'Norway's mountains and along her Whether he had been alive or dead when found Those who died after lellow ana was tne xirst to miro duce the piano-accordion forests wait until a small Ameri i mittee plus two members of the senate foreign relations committee deep fjords There sea transport has been under constant attack for wppIch hv A bombers and can unit such as a ligntiy-armea truck convoy approaches Then thv atriki swif tlv' usually out captured were recorded with tne cause of death and the burial site CaDtain Charles Richard Sattgast TT tll tr there are $13000 and two members ox tne nouse 1nrtim affairs ffronn worth of accordions in Ouden and mand the Korean naval station succeeding Vice Adm Keijun Oka Oka was assigned to the naval general staff some Norwegians believe the Ger Names of the members were not numbering the Americans so great ate's so-called left wingers They ing 25 bombing missions In Europe will feel that he is safely started obtained an emergency leave to on the "little left of center" course come to Chicago and console his which Mr Truman mapped In his parents Yesterday they were campaign for the vice presidency notified that a transport plane But if he renominates Lilienthal crashed near Sweetwater Tex the president probably will lose the killing him and 24 other officers support of Sen" McKellar (D- -Two of the surviving sons are Tenn) the president pro-tempore: Inj -Germany and the third in and acting chairman of the powers iJlawaii Edwin 19 classified 1-A ful appropriations fommittee is! at home Truman Has a Kiss Coming president of Minnesota State Teachers college was put In man garrison could not De trans- announced immediately that some of the instruments cost as high as $1000 One or two have been purchased at an outlay ox lDU Of late years the accordion has Hun Brutality Fails to Crack charge of the tue He ordered tne workers to return all rifled possessions They claimed German authorities had invited them to help themselves when American artillery began sheUing the town become an instrument of much popularity Countess Who Aided Allies ly that battle is lutne Tne spoua are carted back to the forest hideouts bbm Panicky Berlinfers Reported Fleeing STOCKHOLM Sunday Aprir22 (AP) The German-controlled Scandinavian telegraph re a Sam Pezzopane first appeared on the Ogden vaudeville stage a number of years ago and has since rom His school 1 eacher When first arrested she said LEIPZIG Germany April 21 Attractive- American bom erred to the reicn even ii tne uer-man high command wanted to move it Von Papen Has No Peace Proposals PARIS AprU 21 Baron Franz Von Papen Germany's master schemer in two wars may have put himself in the way of being captured by the allies but he had no peace proposals in his pocket This was revealed Saturday by been identified witn this commun lty Allies Occupy "they beat me five times in six Countess Henry de Mauduit 45 lib- He Is a musician of remarkable months while I was wearing noth ing but my night clothes" talent f)ni nf his comnositions "Pinetta "Don't ever tell me women talk" Tango" appeared in the Accordion erated after 22 months in six jaus and camps said Saturday she once "had to undress completely" while German guards searched her Born Roberta Laurie of Stough-tnn Mas the hhieeved nrema- said today that JtJernn resiaenw were fleeing westward "by tens of she said relating how she had been In the main women's camp north of News-i but his tavorne piece ana his most popular is "Learn to Fly Little Boy" which is a patriotic know that I have named Charley as my -personal press representative" the chief executive said FWe are just sitting here talking about oir high school days and we waftted you to know what an inspiration you have always been tot us" Mr Truman explained Miss Brown who is "crowding 80S" said she told the president he had a kiss coming from her Back On Commencement Hav t9 the class Half of Reich By United Press AUied armies have occupied one-half of the 225256 square miles of Adolf Hitler's "greater Germany" The advances by soviet troops converging onto Berlin brought the iturely gray woman said she was Berlin with "80000 women from all over Europe" some of whom lilting melody There are 150 civil service em- seized by the gestapo tor conceai- By Sam Smith United Press Staff INDEPENDENCE Mo AprU 21 (UP) President Harry Truman Saturday had a kiss coming from his retired English literature teacher Miss Matilda Brown The other night the telephone rang in Miss Brown's modest little home here When she answered the operator said: "The president of the United States is calling" President Truman "one of the smartest boys in the class of 1901" (those are Miss Brown's own words) wanted to talk to his old English teacher Riffht beside him in Washington were held under water until tney drowned" durine third-deeree Wnvps in the Oeden nostoffice and sig shot-down allied iners in a secret double floor of her Brittany questioning "and I don't remember 1 chateau about 150 at the railway mail terminal! who are looking forward to possible legislation according them She told how she hid in a ty any woman wno taisea The slim svelt countess married iof 01 gathered for farewells she thousands" in an effort Jo escape the heavy Russian artillery barrage sweeping the city from the east Transport means are limited and the elevated railway stations are jammed the agency said "When a train arrived here xvas panic" it related Berllners fought with one another in order to board the cars headed west In suburban stations eyewitness reports almost too terrible It is enough to say that people took no regard even for seriously-wounded soldiers Some even were thrown out of cars by the panic-strickco" phoid ward to escape being marched off by the nazis from 17 vears aso in Paris to the Count a nigner scneauie oi pay de Mauduit said the gestapo at suburban Schoencfeld barracks Lieut Gen Walter ueaeu omun Gen Dwight Eisenhower's chief of staff at a press conference He said Russian officers took part in the questioning of Von Papen whose capture was announced a week ago Asked when he made up his mind that' the tide had turned against the Germans Von Papen said it was when the allies landed in Normandy- It was brought home to the German people and general staff when they crossed the Rhine Von Tapen said 1 Not since 1925 have their salaries been Increased except by a bonus with 6000 other wome nand politi-cal prisoners as the Americans approached Leipzig total area unaer allied control to the half-way mark 112630 square miles The calculation is based on a survey of maps of the eastern and western fronts by the United Press "Greater Germany" includes the 192471-square-mile reich and 24-064-square-mile Austria and 8721 square miles of the Czechoslovak Sudetenland whicn soon win expire had missed Eoss 1 She told her pupUs she was kissing him for the whole class and when any of the others did something outstanding she'd kiss them too f'Both Harry and Charley remembered the incident" Miss Brown said later "and I told Harry he had one coming" first fed her on brfcad and water for 35 days at Rennes prison but she failed to crack "It's is okay with me boys" she said she told them "I have been trying for years to eet thin but I never had the was another of Miss Brown's for- All the women worKea nours daily at the dangerous task of load-ins artillerv shells in the great crease their pay and Ogden should mer pupils Charles Ross Wash- courage to stick to a diet before Jiasag munitions pi ant (Connud on Pgw Twol wnwu (Column Two) LOUIS Post-Dispatch I.

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