The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 15, 1908 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1908
Page 12
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TffR BAKBRflPlBLD CAMFORNIAM tHB BAKMBFIHU) fwoTViews of the Great Kern River Field That has Produced Ov400,000,000 Barrels—Now Producing 15,000,000 Barrels Annually ^^^ A . . . »-. > JS i i ' .3 ~k* '• (Continued From Page 2.) Thompson, president; P K. Spellacy, ,Tlce president; W. M. Wallace, secre- tgry, and these men with Ceo. P. Car- Ty and D. C. WallaceJr. form the ftoard of directors. Ruby Oil Co. 'I u- The Ruby Oil C'omvi.nv, On 20 acres located in section 2-11-24, Sunset field, wan organized in April, of this year. The company » f ->w has two flowing wells anil an- drilling two more. They will put down ut least ten •wells on the property and will work two string of tools continuously until they are down. Th» owns the land in fee on which they are operating. The two wells are big producers running some days as high as DOO barrels each, of 17 uravity oil. This Is unusual In the Sunset field, the Oil us a rule is much heavier. The officers of the Ruby are J. W. Jameson president; B. B. Lathbury, vice preb- Ident; W. Morgragc, secretary; .1 M. Danzlger, treasurer, and these men constitute the company. The head offices of the company are at Gi;9 Citi- Szen's National Hank building, Los Angeles. wells Just as fast as the work can be done. The company is composed of F. F. and E. L. Weed, W. J. Schultz and J. I. Wagy. F. F. Weed Is president, W. J. Schultz is vice president. All of the members of the firm are oil rr.on of experience and nro pushing the development work for all it's worth. They are now producing 9000 barrels of oil per month from their flowing wells. Arcola Extension Oil Co. This company is operating on the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section 2-11-24. They have .one producing well. The heal offices of the company are at 8ia Carney building, Boston, Massachusetts, and L. H. Bartlett Is the manager McCutchen Brothers. This firm which is composed of G. W., R. I,., W. C., and J. B. McCutchen, began operation t»in the Sunset field, on 20 acres in section 2-11-24, which they own In fee, last June. They have two producing wells, one of which made 75,000 barrels the first six tuontb,s of its life and at this time there is no appreciable falling off In C-.e pru-Iuctloa. They are now sinking No. ',': an'J tuey will continue the work until 12 wells are down on the property. The McCutcheu boys are native Californians and came to Kern county twenty-five years ago from Monterey. This IH their first move in oil production and they have been extraordinarily successful. Their property lays In the very center of the proven field and they have sunk into the sand 112 feet without reaching bottom. Fulton OH Company. Arcola Crude Oil Co. This company owns the north half of the southwest quarter of section 211-24. They have three producing iffells. The he«d offices of the company are in Tarrlngton, Conn., and the officers are W. I). Workman, president; Geo. H. Cole, secretary. W. B. Moore Is the field supeiinteu.iem of the property. The Marloopa Road OH and Development Co. This company was organized March 2C. 190G. and began operations on the west half of the west half of nouth- west quarter of section 1-11-24 belonging to the Marloopa Ofl Company. Ti'ey have throe prodnolnR wells on this 80 acres and are sinking new One of the big properties in the Sunset field Is the Fulton Oil Co. Thin corporation was formed March 7, 1903, and the head offices are in San Francisco. The officers of tho Company are John M. Wright, president; Jacob H. Neff, vice president; H. C. Park, secretary. The company hiiH Kix oil wells and one water well. The oil wells produced last year ending Sept. ;!0, 1907, HSt.tM 1 , barrels of oil The company Is well equipped with power plant, tankage, buildings, railroad switch anJ everything for the economical handling of the product and with the increase in the price of oil the property promises to be a big payer of dividends. The Sunset Road Oil Company. The first systematic effort made to develop the oil deposits* of Kern County was made by Solomon Jewett and H. A. Blodget, under the firm name of Jewett & Blodgett. They did their first work as far back as , 1889 in the deposit at Sunset, and the Sunset Road Oil Company today, willi its refinery and valuable oil laud holdings, Is the result of the efforts made by Messrs. Jewett & Blodgett In the early '90s when they hauled the products of their refinery to Bakersfield for shipment. No two men have done more to develop the oil industry than have these two. Their interests are handled under different firm or corporation names in different localities, but back of the whole stands the name of Jewett & Ulddget and this firm name stands tor oil development in Kern County. Their Interests here at Sunset are known us the Sunset Hoad Oil Company and consists of a refinery, where the famous Sunset asphalt IB made, and leases on oil lands covering the entire scope of country between Sun set and the Midway. The company Is producing oil in sections 35, 13, 18, 12, 34 and 33. and the whole property consists of about 70'iO acres, at least half of which is proven territory. They have 4f> producing wells and keep constantly busy from one to five strings of tools rushing development work. The property on which the refinery Is located has, oil wells that have been pumiyd for twenty yeajs and are still producing o>! i n paying quantities. They have their own loading sta- tion'with pipe lines leading to it from the various producing properties. The company have built roads connooting their various properties with the refinery and loading station*. Installed telephones that keep the various properties in touch with the main offices, built a splendid water system covering more than five miles of the strike, in short, have done more to develop and brint: into profitable production the Sunset fii-ui than has any other fir umr curtxinUion In the county. Jtvwelt & Blodget have Inli r« >tg In the McKittrick field under till-- of the Jcwott Oil Company operate,) under lease of the Kern River Oil Company. They give employment ?o a large number of men ami nro known all over the United States as producers of the best grade of asphalt and road oil in the world. They are pump- Ing many of their wells with compressed air and Mr. E. N. Moore, the superintendent of the Sunset property, Is the pioneer of this method of pumping. Jewett & Blodget are also cprrntlng a refinery In Bakersfleld, which is mentioned in another part of this issue. Chas. D. Fora Lumber Company. On* of the most Important business concerns to come to Bakersfield during the past few years, Is the Chas P. Ford Lumber Company, who have opened large lumber yards here and have branches in Marlcopa and McKittrick. This is one of California's large lumber concerns and our people are to be congratulated on the fact that they saw the advisability of locating here. This fact alone attests the growing Importance of Bakersfield. Charles D. Ford & Company would not open yards in a dead one. The business here is under the management of Mr. I. Hirshfeld, who was for a number of years engaged in the lumber trade' here, conducting the yards afterwards sold to the King Lumber Company. Mr. Hirsht'eld is a pusher and is going after the business to get it. In the few weeks the firm' has been In business here, they have stopped the shipping of lumber from Los Angeles by our local builders, and building seems to have had a tonic administered to it. Mr. Hirshfeld is an old timer here, being the son of one of th oldest white settler In the county, and his acquaintance and genial manner will get the business, everything else being equal. Thy carry a large stock of rig Umber and are In a position to gave you several dollars on each rig. Consult them. It means money, THE M'KITTRICK I HF1D SHOWS GREAT GAINS (Continued From Page 1.) Springfield Oil Company, 29, 29-21; Twenty Oil Company, 20, 30-22. McKittrick. The town of McKittrick la the largest town in the West Side fields. In the early days of oil development the town was started and it has grown as the developmnet of the West Side fields has progressed. Today McKittrick is a hustling oil camp with good stores, machine shops, supply houses, lumber yards and all of the other accessories. Among the more important business concerns of the little city, mention Is due the following firms: O. H. T«tzlaff Dealer in general merchandise, came here in 1903, and was local agent for the Southern Pacific until last year, when he gtarted In business for himself. Mr. Tetzlaff Is well known to all of the operators In the field and his popularity with them Is attested by the volume of business he does. He carries a large, well-selected stock and sells on a close margin of profit. He delivers goods to all of the leases in the field and has a good trade in the Midway. He Is postmaster and will have the exchange of the new Korn MatiiHl Telephone Company In his stove. Mr. Tetzlaff was for a number of years with the Southern IV'iflc in Bakersfleld and is well 1-miwn all over the county. comes the machine shop conducted .*>8her in public esteem than by H S. Williams, who Is an old tlm->> as Is attested by the splendid er in'the field, having been for years«e he enjoys. He owns C«u superintendent for the Associated'f oil land in the Templor dis- Oll Company. Mr. Williams has hisotn which he has great expec- mnchine shop equipped for all kinds of machine work. He employs seven men regularly, does perforating, handles machine and cylinder oils, pumps, J€ boilers and everything else that is-*, needed in equipping an outfit for work or for fixing It up in case of accident. Mr. Williams makes a speclJVty of the Wilson & Wlllard pump a He ha Ira Anderson, r of the old timers nere is derson, who came here nine go. He conducts a saloon on icipal street and owns a piece •operty which is splendidly or a hotel site. One thing keeps fishing tools for rent. He haST k needg [g a g()()d , )0tel recently sold his interest In the Olig* s of men vlsU , ht , lown tnal Oil and Development Company Cncw >e wllling to pay a !orlg price the C. W. & B. Company). He has d hote , aecommo uatlons. Mr. located a lot of oil lands for outside m , g propei . ty ls tne bes t site people and has been a pusher ever an(] he wf)1)I(1 help tne r | g ht since he struck the field. k [r Ande ,. son \ s a Texan and »—» A is one of the most popular A Bandettini. ^TOTkhe West Side. This alone ——-~ |raw well for a hotel, but be- Probably one of the oldest and • that there Is a splendid open- best known characters In the West ; for the right man. Mr. An- Side fields Is the subject of this was for a number of years sketch, Mr. A. Bandettini, who came ? Standard Oil Company and to McKlttrtck In 1897. When Mr. j posted oil man. Bandettini landed In McKittrick he •—»had nothing and what he has accumu- IcKlttrick Oil Company lated since that time has been through j ' .. .. , ,. ,, _ . ,, .,, , . ling on part of the north half his own efforts. He owns a third In- I B H terost In the C. W. & B. Oil Company and conducts a rooming house and saloon. His place is the popular resort for everybody in the field and 18. This company owns It of 240 acres In fee and have toducing wells. The company if you want to see anybody wait at t, Bandettinl's; he will be there sooner \ Bower : or later. Mr. Bandettini sunk the di«- t a f ei /. covery well on the C. W. & B. Company's property and It proved a gusher. He is an Italian by birth and has been In America 23 years. ctors are H. A. Jastro, presl- S. P. Wi- H. S. Williams, HON. TIM 8PELLACY The absolute necessity for a machine shop in an oil field is demonstrated snores of times each day and the- operators appreciate the convenience of having a good shop within ..easy reach when anything happens. The boye In the McKittrick field are supplied with nearly every convenience and right at the head of the list E. L. Brown. McKittrick is supplied with good stores, carrying large and well selected stocks of goods, and right at the head of the list of up-to-date, hustling merchants stands that old pioneer, E. I/. Brown, who commenced business hero five years ago when there was little or nothing hen-. He put In a good stock of general merchandise and has been adding to it every day since until now he carries a stock that would do credit to a much larger town than McKittrick. Goods are delivered to every lease in the field and Mr. Brown has a splendid trade in tl''« Midway. He came here from nantvllle, pa. No man In the field J. M. Jameson. The officers ors ure all local men. Be- 240 acres the company owns of patented oil land and more for which the patent applied. The capital stock jnpany Is $500,000, all paid ioldlngs of the company He er range of hills and In the tween the ranges, and is ,iin the proven field, ipany in the county has any operty than the holdings of ttrlck Oil Company and it is > of the management to put u production as soon as pos- on section 18, 30-22 and comprises SO acres. There are two producing wells on the property and the company Is busy working on No. 3. One string of tools will be kept busy until the property is thoroughly developed. The discovery well on this property has been flowing 500 barrels per day and the men behind the gun are feeling correspondingly happy and have great expectations of the property proving one of the best producers In the field. Tin- company is composed of W. F. % Chandler, \V. U. Wilson and A. Ban- dltinnl. Dabney Oil Company. This company is one of the oldest in the McKittrick field. Its operations have been on section 29, 30-22 and on this property the company has ten producing wells. This piece of property has been a big producer but the flooding of the S. P. lease near It shut off the production to a large degree. South Range Oil Company. This company Is operating on the southwest quarter of section 19, 30-22. They have one producing well and are preparing to develop the whole property, which consists of 160 acres of proven territory. The officers of the company are H. S. Williams, president and general manager; W. W. Kaye, secretary. The stock of the company is all held by local people. patrol. The Reward property is located in the north end of the McKittrick field and Is u splendid property well handled. Mr. Smith Is delivering at the rate of about 2000 barrels per day to the Associated Oil Company. East Puente Oil Company. W. & B. Oil Company. pany was just recently or took over the property Oil and Development The property Is' located J. M. Smith. Mr. Smith is one of the old timers in the oil fields of this county and Is probably one of the beet known operators of the McKittrick field. He is operating under lease 100 acres of the Reward Oil Company's property. He has twelve producing wells and has two strings of tools busy winking new wells. He is bringing in a new well each month and will continue at that rate until the property is all in production. Well No. t, on this property produces 250 barrels a day and Nos. f> and 8 are nearly as good. Mr. Smith has been in the field nearly nine years and drilled the first well in the Midway field for the old Pacific Consolidated. He came here from San Francisco, where he was for several years sergeant of the underwriters This company nrst uegan operations In the Kern County oil fields about seven years ago. Their first operations were on section 4, 29-28. On this piece of property, consisting of ten acres, they have seven producing wells. In the McKittrick field they are operating on lots 5 and 6 in section 11, 30-81—55 acres. They have three producing wells and are sinking the fourth. Mr. F. N. Scofield, the president and resident manager, says the wells owned by the company In the Kern field are producing as much oil-each day as they have at any time since they came In. The property in the McKittrick field is well located and the three wells down are producing finely. This company also owns property in the Coallngu fields, joining the Inca OH Company's property. They also own 200 acres in the Fulton field. The company Is a close corporation, the stock all being held by Mr. Scofleld and four other gentlemen. The company IB In good shape, paying good dividends and making all of their extension work out of the well earnings. The head offices of the company are In Sun Diego. The pro luct IH sold through the IndepenJendent Oil Producers Agency. O!!Q Crude OH Company. This company was organized four years ago and took over the property of the Pacific Crude Oil Company. They own thirty-eight acres In section 13, 30-21, In fee. They have four wells that make an average production of 15000 barrels per month. The head offices of the company arc In l»s Angeles and George W. Walker IH president. The company has just brought In two new wells. The field superintendent Is J. J. MoCllmans. He has been with the property five years. The wells that are producing came In at 650 feet and there are over 300 feet of sand nnder the property. The property Is a good one and Is susceptible of large development. Jaokson OH Company. Was organized in 1907 and began operations In October of that year on lots 1 and 2, section 11, 30-21, lots 7 8 and 9, section 3, 30-21, and lots 1C and 17, section 2, 30-21. They have two producing wells and are drilling on the third. One of the wells is on lot 4, section 11, 30-21, and is producing 150 barrels, of oil per day. The other well is on lot 16. The -company Is a close corporation with offices in Bakersfield. The officers are S. P. Wible, president; H. U. Maxfleld, vice president; D. A. Jackson, secretary and treasurer. Mr. Jackson Is the field manager of the property and Is pushing development work as fast as possible. He IB a native of Pennsylvania and came to the oil fields of California about nine years ago. He has been In the McKittrick field ahotit six years. He was for a number of years manager of the Northwestern Fuel Company of Iowa. The other members of the corporation are all well known among oil men. The whole property comprises 185 acres and will all be put into production as far as the work can be done. San Francisco and McKittrick Oil Company. This company is operating In the McKittrick field on lot 7S, section 14, 30-21, on'which tract they have eight producing wells. The property consists of 180 acres which the company holds in fee. The eight wells are each producing about 150 barrels per day and the property Is located In the heart of the producing territory. Mr. Jackson, the field superintendent of the company, has been with them about five years. When he took charge there was but one well on the property. The stock of the company is quoted at $12 per share but there is none offering at that price. This Is a fine property, susceptible of extensive development. erty struck oil sand at a depth of 3flO feet and this sand was ISO feet dueju. While sand pumping the well, flw tools broke through a crust and '* second sand was (Uncovered, which makes 290 feet of sand to draw from. Mr. Miley Is'one of the orlginifl vqjt- erators In this field. He was one <*ff the holders of the property operated by the Dabney OH Company. ''Mr. Graham has been In the field «*nce 1889. The boys have a splendid -property on which they will sink nine wells just as fast as they can be put dowri. Both of these men know th« game and play It according to the rules. Benedict & Merrill OH Company. The C. J. OH Company. This company Is operating on section 13 and on the south half of the Kern King property. The section 13 property Is known as "C. J. No. 1" and the Kern King property Is known as "C. J. No. 2." They have seven producing wells on C, J. No. 1 and four new rigs on the ground. On C. J. No. - they are drilling two wells. The company is producing 36,000 fcar- rels of oil per month from seven wells The officers of the company are Clarence Berry, president; L. 1,. Keller, vice president and manager; D. S. Kwlnp. secretary. Mr. Berry and Mi. Keller, the principal owners, of the i ompany, have been In the field fourteen \ears. They were of the original If-sn- • K of £500 acres from the Buena Vi TI Oil Company. They controlled »t ono time the South, North and Huena Vista Oil Companies hold- Ings and pnli-leased to the California Standard and Giant Oil Companies. The head offices of the company are at MIoKlttrlc.k. They have 240 acres In the two properties and will put it all Into production as fast as the work can be done. Are operating on an 85-acre tract situated In the southwest quarter of section 11, 30-21 In the McKUtrlck field. The property is leased from the Yellowstone Oil Company. They have one well producing about 100 barrels and another one just about down to the sand. Four new wells are being sunk and development work will continue at this rate until eighteen wells have been brought Into production. Mr. Merrill of the firm Is also president of the Merrill Crude Oil Company operating in the Kern River field and also In the I/IB Angeles field. Mr. Benedict came into the McKittrick field last November and began work on the Icaee. He is a native of Nebraska. He was engaged In the newspaper business In New England for a number of years. This is a splendid property and lays in the line of the new development that Is going on In the McKittrick field. Their wells are the most northerly producing wells in the field at this writing, but new wells ure being mink on every band and no doubt they will bu well Inside of the producing Held before this publication is issued. « i » The State Oil Company. Tills company was organized In January, l!(08i and is composed of K. J. Mlley and David J. Oraham. The company has a lease of 20 acres in 39, 30-32. They have three producing wells. The drillers on this prop- Everett Oil Company, , The Everett Oil Company have he- gun operations on 120 acres in sections 10 and 11, 30-21 In the McKittrick field. The company have two rigs up and are pushing down two holes toward the oil sand Just as fast as the tool can do the work. Th« property Is in the same section wltfc the San FrancIsco-McKittrlck and th« C. J. Oil Companies' properties. The capital stock of the company Is |100,000, $72,000 of which has been sah- scrlbed. The company have Inaugurated a new method of obtaining good work from Its employes and one that promises great results. They pay th« men the same wages paid by other companies and in addition to this, when a good well Is brought ,ln they cut up a small block of treasury stock and Issue It to the men, giving them an Interest In the property over and above their wages. The company Is a close corporation, composed of W. H. Graham, Lewis Sholer, Dr. Adnii;, Senator G. W. Cartwrlght, J. R. M^Kay and S. P. Wiiile. Mr. Graham io the president and manager of the company. Wible & Graham. Work has bef u started and is f/fc inic pushed on 40 acres In section 2, 30-21, which Wit.le & Oraham 'have leased from .Miller & Lux in the .McKittrick field. The first well is being sunk. The land lies in the very heart of the proven field and is veisr promising because of the fact thtft there are good wells all around the property.

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