Fort Scott Daily Tribune and Fort Scott Daily Monitor from Fort Scott, Kansas on February 18, 1922 · Page 6
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Fort Scott Daily Tribune and Fort Scott Daily Monitor from Fort Scott, Kansas · Page 6

Fort Scott, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1922
Page 6
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V f f Aoe si -Li501T.A'LV TBBWg-MOMTOB.- SATURDAYS FEBRUARY 18," 1922. ' - ,s - ,. -1 MORE C. OF C. ACTIVITIES. I ivuiiiui vi rivjcbu, DugiQes I nose i BUT HE AS A LEPER i. ..mounccd Recently, in Which i Chamber of Commerce is Active. AT THE CHURCHES Sunday, February 19, 1922 Start Don't tell us the Groundhog did not know about the weather when it turned cold as It did Saturday and Sunday and- Monday morning one of the coldest mornings this Right and YOU . REVIEW F OF SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON FOR i The Chamber of Commerce has j announced to its members that besides the program of proposed civic improvements, adopted by the' winter. That old hog always does Presbyterian Church. j j ; 1 FgliKUARY 19. READ II KING& CHAP. 5. if k: , The Watteau, Girls gave a splen- Board of Directors at their meetrngTj . y ' iVy ' By Wm Southern, Jr. ) i y - ll ! Won m uia , program at the auditorium Thursday night, consisting of songs 't Stop Wrong I (Not Copyrighted.) reaamgs ana omer music. This on .February b,: the following propositions are being pushed by the Chamber: r .. ' 4 Sales Pavilion A .committee of actively at work in a effort to pro was the closing number of the Lyceum Course given here this win- iter. . ' ..v ; Mrs. E. J. Koonb Is visiting her ! Church of God. v Corner Oak and Giant streets. iW. T. Turpin, minister. ! Our surprise, number two, work-ed well. The new program 'by the I Boy Scouts and the efficient leader iwas an inspiration. Come again, ! Professor. Our Bible school at 10 a. m. had an increase in the attendance and enrollment We are going I to beat last year's record by Easter, j Will you help us? Then com and ifind a'place at 10 a. ra. Sw. Morning message, 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor, 6:30. Evening message, 7:30. You will find a welcome at all of The' (feister, Mrs. R. E. Crume.Mn Tulsa, .Kvv,. ..,naAnurer, une or - the prominent ana polished men . or Alissourfv to write ! ll Bible daSS of n and I Robert Richardson I cncihf f aw ' : . . If you will start your thrift ideas in the right way and along definite and approved .lines -.-.there is-little chanee that vou are likely .to come, to a sudden and disastrous halt. As, we ha vie v said, before thrift and the ability to save are paramount in the battle, for suecess. However, we will go a step farther-and say that there is a right way aiKl a WmnS WflV In luiilrl n fnrlnhn tj u .2. I r - wuu... v jui uie.-t mr.j Comer of Thirl and Crawford days last week with his parents vide mis city wun a mucn needed pavilllon for live-stock sales, the dairy-show and other exhibitions. Head Quarters For Artillery Unit In co-operation wifli committees from other organizations, a Chamber of Commerce committee is attempting to locate a building suitable for the Artillery Unit that has recently been organized. Y ., Tourist Camp Signs Large sighs i ir. iiurkdaii and son. who Jiivp In the city of Damascus oddest! Nahman went up in the air. He city still a city in the world, 3 city j was insulted. The old bald-headed mentioned in Genesis ,the. city to! Israelite was trying to put some- streets. John H. Gross, Minister. ! The pastor will be In the pulpit j totn morning and evening. -.e morning subject will be: "Homesickness or the Soul." ; I Night:-"We Would See Jesus.' : The Bible School and Endeavor; societies will meet at their usual i I ; wmcn Paul was journeying tnese hours, also at our Wednesday Bible, reading and prayer service, ;at 7:15 p. m. Come to help. vhea j thing over on him. He had 9th . e ' that the phophet would come out he was converted, lived in the lhe right way is to begin a systematic saving plan, laying up a definite amount at ' been here the. past few months in the interests of the oil fields, returned Monday to Kansas City, j Ki v. Klamm filled his regular, appointment at the Presbvteiiau' church Sunday reorhing and" niehf "Mrs. G. R. Bixler and - Elvise Saturday and Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Evert Stanley are visiting Mrs. Stanley's brother, L. Compton and fimily. Mrs. F. A. Wilmot was shopping in Fort Scott Mondav. - ? -a r Century that most splendid King of 1 n, person, make mysterious in-Syria, Bcnhadad; Next in splendor ! captations, perhaps burn incense. , hours, and the Wednesday evening 7:30 o'clock service as usual. I ' Christian Church, i Corner First and Judson streets to the place of the kincr was f hp or touch with his hands. He thousht i W advertising Fort Scott's attractive Tourist Camp have recently been erected. Later additional smaller signs' will be put up. ; Additional Institutions Efforts arc being: made to secure the location of some new institutions for this city. , Increased Membership The membership committee is working on a systematic pk-.n of increasing Y. Allen, minister. Wayman A. M. E. Church Corner of Third ami Lowman. G. M. Tillman, I'astor. j A splendid treat in the-opening of i our Bible school will be given by ! th f!rnsnr1oro In hi i house of his, favorite General, Naa-of the myddy Jordan, something man. "Naamn was a great man j Jike the Missouri River which a with his master and honorable, be-(wit described as too thick to cause of him the Lord had given ' drink" and not thick enough to cul-deliverance unto Syria; he was also tivate. And then he thought of a mighty man of valour, but hc. the beautiful clear streams of Svdln Sunday School at 9:30 a. m. Eli-!Thev will a Ti IL Vl Jah Wells, Rupt. mi. a. b. Hlrfbee wasgiven a post card shower, Wednesday, the occasion being his . eigluv-first anu iuji chorus, if all their Diana was a leper." ": jAban. and Pharpar, and started 11 a. m. preaching. menrfbership. Within the last few fi !ift n T iocthq 7 . a -i"Ulu Naaman had nower. wnalih 'away swearing. A servant watched m. Allen C. E. Allen P P thirty-five new members Ms chance and plead with the 01 me r ----- .A IJ LVTU by Miss Gwendolyn Scott. slaves, everything which it was Biruiaay. - . Mrs.- G. R. DUtier anJ Elvise vore Fort Scott visitors Saturday. have, been obtained. Marked Highway to Topeka Ar- nrcooMnD' "ri, Tlo t- 1 ... . aaaca. Jaie COmerS great man. "If. he had told you to do something difficult," he said. .. . t,.u.w...b wC i Will TTliSS the cncrncromcnt F ! 1. e mar intervals; when this reaches a certain figure it should then be put into bonds, llie saving should be continued and the process repealed as often as possible. In this vvay ypu are laying the foundation for independence and comfort in old ape and leaving something for your heirs. ' Municipal Bonds are very attractive to the small investor as they can be purchased in small denominations and are the, safest fonii of security. The owner locks his bond in a safety deposit box, and knows that twice a year jic can clip his coupons which are cashable at iny bank, (or by us) tax-exempt, and that at maturity the face value-of the bond will be returned in full. '. Our Sales -Department will gladly expktln m detail. ,U: . l - : UnecialV H n rr::iT rangements have specials. been made with woum not you nave done it. Naa-I Voice Culture Mrs. the towns between here and Topeka Effle Haven? a. m. possible to have in those days, everything which money could buy, yet Naaman was not happy. He would have swapped his position and given away his wealth and sacrificed all that he' had for a clean to finance the marking of this high 207. iudii uw uj yuiiit, uippeci nimseu Johnson. Phone seven times in the waters of .the j Communion at 10:40 a. m. ! Sermon, of the morning, tway. u is planned : to begin the 7 : Z'i p. m. Reorganized Church of Latter Saints Jordan and wenr home cleansed. I near : ii:zu. Naaman was very grateful. He' body. Young men who expose them- : vnnstian endeavor meets at I went back and oftered to pay the selves recklessly might profitably marking within the next week. Extension Division "fhe work of the Extension Division has 1 been outlined. Plans have been made to get this division in operation at an early future date. think about Naaman. They do not i 1)ropnLl r relused to accept any; have to go back in history, but only I al' palatum cannot be bought. Every regltlraire desire of the l world of business has a place : in the Wants the emptoye-the employer. Investor, the agent, r the buyer, the seller, those who : would exchange, the Instructor, : the student, all meet each other : through the Wants. jb:dO p. m. - Choir practice at 7:30 p. m. Choir practice and prayer meet I tag on Wednesday evening. to look about thpm tn kpp nWir.v c-nazi, me servant 01 iisiia saw men whose lives are ruined andl a chance for a little graft and rah' after Naaman, and told him his! master had changed vhis mind and j wanted two suits of clothes 'and a! f First Baptist Church "CWever tEeLoss of A Cerrtin. Do You Suffer -From Piles. Dr. O. A.j Johnson, Dept. 1140, 1324 Main street, Kansas City, Mo., tells of his remarkable treatment and success in his new book on piies. His mild method fully explained no knives, stitches, clamps or burning no confinement under who woqld give all their wealth and power' for pure blood, which the young man has. Leprosy was the dread disease of all time. It had always been considered incurable, for centuries the victims have been segregated. Within the past years a treatment has been perfected whereby the disease is arrested and the victims If m NNM Principal or Interest to any Investor piece of money for two young men who had just arrived at the school. Naaman gave him twice as much as he asked. Gehazia returned to Elisha and was sentenced to live a leper the balance of his life. The story isas old as civilization and as-new a the killing of a mov The Brown-CrummerCo; treatment no anesthetic. Satisfaction guaranteed or treatment INVESTMENT SECURITIES WICHITA.. KAN'S AS. 11 Corner of Sixth and Burk street. Sunday School at 10 a. m. Prayer meeting at 11 a. m. Young People's meeting at 6:30 p. ni. Preaching by Elder Lee Quick of Mapleton, at 7:30 p: m. Prayer meeting at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. Everyone welcome. Grace Methodist Church. , Coiner Third and Little streets. Dr. I. C. Paugh, pastor. Sunday school, 10 a. m. W. S. Huff, superintendent. Sermon, 11 a. m.'ar.d 7:30 p. m. Junior League, 2 p. m. Special services Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. and choir practice 8:15. Zion Chapel M. E. Church. Second and Little streets. Y. II. k G. Rowe, pastor. ' Sunday school at 10 a. m. Mrs. Fannie Faulkner, superintendent. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Epworth League at 6:30 p. m. Mrs. Ethel Beatty, leader. Let's have a good day Sunday. i-uiutr uk ocoii avenue and i,co. again restored to the right to mingle with their fellows. Last October I stood within the gates of the wonderful sanitarium at Honolulu and saw nearly 200 lepers who were under treatment, saw their twisted limbs, their white patched faces, their thickened ears and saw also men and women who had been cured. In Naaman's time there was no hopei. Of Naaman's household was " a ing picture producer In California. The lepers in the Hollywood Colony and elsewhere cannot go to Elisha to be cured and cannot find a cure in the leper sanitarium in Honolulu. The cure offered them is so simple' that they sneer at 'those who suggest it. When told to believe and be baptized the modern leper says "What foolishness, the sprinkline of a little water or. a dip into t muddy river is just superstition. I costs you nothing. Write for free book today. ' Fulton High School Rumors Mysteries: The Sophomore pennant has di&appeated the same way as the Junior's did a few days ago. The two classes are much interested in the disappearance but they will see that the Freshman and Senior pennants do not decorate the wall. Mrs. Smith visited the Fort Scott sudio in interest of the F. H. S. Annual Monday night. The La Cygne basket ball team will play the Fulton High School basket: ball team at Fulton Feb TIME LIMIT The sooner your house is finished the less rent you have to pay before moving into your new house, or the more rent you will , get if you are building for that purpose. We have the reputation of finishing all work' on time and at least cost. Let us give 'you, an estimate of both cost and time required to complete your house. This will cost you nothing. ' y N Huff Contracting Company W. S. Huff, R. S. Huff, N. E. Huff Call residence- Jhones or G48F3 for an ond street. Miles O. Wolf, Minister. Our Church School meets promptly at 9:30. It was gratifying to see such a large number on time last Sunday. Remember this is the Sunday we number 500 in attendance. Morning worship at 10:20. Sermon: "Stewardship; Cost and Dividends of Acknowledgment." Evening service at 7:30. Rpr. little Jewish maid, a captive from some"raid in Isarel. She told Mrs. Naaman that her husband could be cured if he could see tlip great prophet of Israel, Elisha. Naaman went to thes King and asked per can be just as good a man outside the church as in, there are many hypocrites in the church and I dont want to associate with them." They perfer to go Arbuckling around and die like Taylor died. I COMFORTABLE, PAST, WARM fcET-YOU-THERE-ON-TIME MOTOR LOSSES Leave Goodlander Hotel for Iola and Chanutr At 7:30 A. M. and 4:00 P. M. via REDFIELD. UNIONTOWN, BRONSON, MORAN And LA HARPE Leaves for Nevada' and El Dorado Springs 7:45 A. M. Packages and Trunks Carried TAKE THE YELLOW BUS St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. mon: "The Crucifixion." Special music by the large chorus choir. y - ruary 17. .. f B. Y. P. U. at 6:30. 1 he bophomore-Senior party Wednesday night was held at the mission to go to the prophet and the King wrote for him a letter of introduction to the King of Israel. Naaman and his retinue followed the letter. The King of Israel wad Intermediate and Junior meeting xne test gitts of God are simple. " Tis Heaven alone that is given away, , 'Tis only God may be had for the asking.' , school house. , There were several at same hour. f ' Our latch string is out. A cordial welcome awaits you. . .First Church of Christ Scientist-Corner Third and Main streets. Service Sunday. Februarv m at different games played. The re-frshments were served and Mrs. Smith and Leo Toynton told stories.. Miss Simpson also gave several selections on the piano. - The young folks departed at a late hour, all saying that they had had a fine time. , The basket ball game between Fulton High School boys and girls and the Mound City High School in great distress, "Am I God to kil? and make alive?" he said, and he rent his clothing, for he thought his powerful neighbor was seeking cause for a quarrel. Elisha heard of it and sent Word to the King to send Naaman tohim. 1 Naaman came with his horses and his -chariots and stood at the door of the house of i Elisha. , Imperiously he announced his presence and '"mV A5 j 11 a. m. Subject, "Mind." Golden text, Romans 11: 33, 34: "O the (depth of the riches both of the wis- Naaman, a Syrian Captain, accepted his chance and glorified the God of Elisha. Power and wealth and social position and automobiles and fine houses cannot weigh against-righteousness, love, unselfishness and honor. God offers today the healing of all leprosy to the wicked yade world. It is as simple as the cure of Naaman the Captain of the Host of Benhadad. Any preacher is a prophet who can point the way through the doors Christ and his ministry left open for a sin sick world. boys and girls which was sched uled for Wednesday was called off. uom ana Knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past finding out! For who hath known the mind of the Lord, or who hath been his mission. Elisha did not appear. He merely sent word by a servant "Go and wash in the- Jordan seven Practical nurse; M. Wegscheider, Phone 1938W. times.' I Eighteen Hours Heat rora the waist down. Within 24 Louie Tarvin, the coal miner of Pleasanton, whose back was broken when he was struck by falling rock several days ago, and who was brought at once to the Fort Scott further damage tothe spinal cord is prevented.- There is hope that Tarvin may recover. Sometime ago a man similarly injured in a coal mine near Pleasanton was brought here, and eventually recovered hours, sensation had partially returned to his thighs. Now it has returned down as far as the knees. Tarvin's body is in a plaster cast, so that the spine is held rigid, and Hospital here, is reported to be improving. Immediately after the accident, he was totally paralyzed on Corner of Second and National avenue. Rev. R. W. Rhames, pastor. Tomorrow will be Church School day. Miss Smith will give the addresses on teaching religion at th 11 o'clock service, on "Self Activity." Every member of the church should hear thisY At 3 p. m. and in the evening, at 7:30, on "Advanced Methods." School teachers are especially Invited. There will be regular services: . Holy communion at 7:30 a. m. Morning prayer. 11 a. m. Miss Smith will conduct a conference on child training Saturday evening at 7:30, to which all are invited. If Miss Smith was well known in Fort Scott, she would have a full house to hear her. Nazarene Church Corner of Sixth and Judson sts.. R. W. Wilkinson, Pastor. Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Testimony meeting Wednesday at 8 p. m, , The reading room is open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 2 to 5 p. m.; also immediately following the services. All in church edifice, to which the public is always welcome. First Methodist Church. Corner Third and National. Dr. B. F. Gaither, pastor. Sunday school, 9:30. Dr. Payne, sermon, "Christ's Love For His People," followed by communion service. .In the evening the second of the illustrated sermon series on the ViyItand- "From Jerusalem to Jericho' will be the theme this evening. Special anthems for both services - Better Dentistry For y LESS MONEY : Is the Motto of the TexasRed Seed Oats One-Third Gallon of ' i - KEROSENE Wc have a carof Texas grown Red Oats en-route which we arej offering for. 70c sacked per bushel taken from the can Texas oats will yield double over local grown oats and will make you money. Place your order now as they are -already more than half sold. . ' the young Mr. blusser will lead People's meeting. rreacmng at 11 a. m. Subject for the morning, "The Lost Christ." Young people meeting at 6:30 p. 111. " Preaching at 7:30 p. ra. Subject: "Blind Bartimaeus." , .'101 S. Main St. FORT SCOTT, KANS. If you are in need of dental work of any description, you will save money by calling upon them. All ing se?vices Wednesday even- B O i a a coinpara- dental work performed tively painless. Every seat in the ' Methodist church will be in plain view of the You will save money by buying your plows and drills and all farm Implements at C. F. Miller's. MEAD GRAIN CO. ouceu- "ear the illustrated ser- Jericho," New York Dentists. OFFICE HOURS: 8 to 6. Sunday, 10 to 12. Evenings Y by appointment. Phone 846. mull uu "Jerusalem to Sunday night. US??! ON A TEST THE ABOVE RECORD WAS MADE BY The arerago farm can be des fcribed in J0O words in tha Classified column.. 100 word description run .7 tiuea will locate 10 or more prospects. Then ,it's ud to you. It you can sell roal estate to a man who la interested and baa the money, you cannot , afford to let a single Issue go out without your ad. . ONE OlvTHE RELIABLE FIVE HUNDRED CHICK HOUSES. Community iiookkeepm CAN YOU AFFORD JO BOTHER WITH A BUNCH OF HENS WHEN YOU CAN BROOD CHICKS FOR" SUCH A SMALL EXPENSE? f PJMMC ACHES QUICKLY RELIEVED THE lacking, agonizing rheumatio ache is quickly relieved by an op. plication of Sloan's Liniment. For forty vears, folks all over tha trorkl have found Sloan's to be tLo natural enemy of pains and aches. Jt penetrates without rubbing. You can just tell by its healthy. tiimuLitins odor that it is going to do you good. Keep. Shan's handy (or neuralgia, cc atica, lame back, stiff joints, sore pusclcs, strains and sprains. At all druggists 35c, 70c, fl.40. kopninyhf?Pi ?'1 toI?ppVeciate the sejwice-banks render1 in the malter.of whnPtS ir ?mS Hl,ndrcds of people in this community keep no' record u nateveiv except that revealed by their pass book and cancelled checks. 'A TU yur mne.y when received arid it is credited to vour account! aZ,nft1J?U,7QCOUs ,eheck yoif are' charged with the amounts: At i 1 furn'sJiyou a complete record of your receipts andex'-penclitures and the amount of your balance - , HnJf jo nf th? ways banks furnish an" impbrtant service. It saves vou Svp n saes you money; it saves vou inconvenience. We are glad' to serve vou. not onlv in th mniioi. V i i , . . & a a 1 1 t 1 d a er ways our service may "be helpfuL P ' Ut tne r"? lT ft. &xumeni The Citizens, National Bank PeiiaiiiigiiB I-Mw. G P!tnfHcTirl ICQI .1 Weil On of Dr.Habm'1 Family Rernediea For a clear. Leal Ihy complexion use reelj Dr.Hobson 100 aiarket. r - Phone 73 wpiui. ana surplus 200,000.00. Deposits over $1,000,000.00 -n....-:r7"-"X, . f- i

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