The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 15, 1970 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1970
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1970 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TKIBUNE Page 5 CLASSIFIED RATES For Sale For Rent 1 insertion 2 insertions 3 insertions 4 insertions 5. insertions 6 insertions 5f per word 8? per word 10? per word 12? per word 14? per word 15? per word Minimum Charre $1.25 Charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 days after the first insertion. Service charge of 25? will te added after the 10 day period. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the first issue in which they appear and .report any error at once as no allowance can be made except for the first Incorrect insertion. BLACK PACE LOCAL 20? per line LIGHT FACE LOCAL Memorian 15? per line Card of Thanks $2.00 Classified advertising - Call 675-2115 before 3 p.m. for insertion "next day. Saturday, call before 9 a.m. FOR SALE — Christmas trees. Michigan Scotch Pines. R. Griffey, N. Main. C-65 •FOR SALE doll clothes. Barbie and Ken 675-6854. C-65 FOR SALE - Hot Point electric range and G.E. refrigerator. Both excellent condition. 675-6703. C-66 FOR SALE — New dog houses, various sizes. 702 N. East. P-64 FOR SALE — 9 piece dinette set, recliner, 2 chairs, couch and chair, commode table and lamp, 5 piece dinette set, bedroom suite, and card table. Saturday 9-5 at Hobbs Christian Church Parsonage. P-65 FOR SALE — Christmas Tree. 16 ft. tall. Call 675-6714. P-64 FOR SALE --Atlas battery charger, electric wheel balancer, battery tester, one end floor jack. Contact K. Ziegler 6752936. P-63 FOR RENT — 3 room upstairs unfurnished apartment. 234 1/2 S. Main. 675-6812. TF FOR RENT — 3 room apartment. 938 N. East. 6754022. ' C-TF FOR RENT — Large apartment fully carpeted, upstairs. All utilities except electricity. References required. Mature ' adults. 675-6021 after 4. TF FOR RENT — 5 room downstairs apartment. Gas heat. Call after 6 p.m. 675-6290. References required. C-TF Male Help Wanted SALESMEN WANTED — Texas Refinery Corp. offers opportunity for high income PLUS regular cash and vacation bonuses, abundant fringe bene-' fits to mature man in Tipton area. Regardless of experience, air mail Dr. E.K. Pate, Pres., Texas Refinery Corp., Box 711, Fort Worth, Texas 76101." P-64 HELP WANTED — ROUTE MAN 65 stops per day, $125 per week guaranteed. Tipton area. Anderson 642-1295. 9 to 6. P-66 CLEAN rugs, like new, so easy to do with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer, $1. Carney's Drug Store. C-66 PIANO tuning and minor repairs. Howard Hanscom. 963-5822. P-73 RAY BROWN ROOFING — 9843986 or 552-3238. P-84 QUALITY WELDING of all types of metals. Including aluminum and cast iron. Lee Hunter, 719 Maple. 675-4650. C-64 JOLLY OLD MAN in red suit seeking seasonal employment. Call Lee Hunter, after. 5 for appointment. 675-4650. C-65 Cancellation- Preceding day. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ] Classified per col. inch $1.10 I ' 1 inch daily per month $22.00 Each additional inch — $13.00 Rates Quoted Are Local S-OR SALE — Amminum jsiding. Storm windows-doors.' Kool-" Vent Awnings. A. J. Butz. 675-2646. C-TF Real Estate For Sale FOR SALE — House. Corner lot. Garage and basement. Immediate possession. 233W. Washington. Charles Lewis 6756639. P-64 FOR RENT — 2 bedroom apartment, heat and water furnished. 675-6812. TF FOR RENT — 3 room apartment with garage. 424 So. Independence. 675-6812. TF FOR RENT — Upstairs furnished apartment. Call 675-2458 after 6. TF FOR RENT — Extra nice 1 bedroom apartment. • Newly remodeled, ground floor, private entrance. Close to town. 6757276., C-TF Wanted To Buy * WANTED TO BUY * WE NEED USED FURNITURE Top Dollar— Fast Pick-up 552-5315 EARLYWIHE'S E. Edge, Tipton, Co. Wanted WANTED — General office work. Experienced in all phases. A-.; vailable after Jan. 1st, 1971. Box A in care of Tipton Tribune. C-64 SITUATION WANTED - Will act as Santa for entertainment at church, school, etc. Have suit. Reasonable rates. 5520083. ' C-67 Used Cars FOR SALE - *67 Mustang. Yellow, black V.T., black interior, auto, trans. A-l condition. Phone 595-4515. _ P-66 Services SEPTIC TANK Cleaning. Raymond Tragesser. Call 552-, 7162 or. 675-2163. C-TF Brick Bradford ® By Paul Norris &Y Th/S TIMS SGJCK AMD THE GUEGR/LLA& .SEACM CAA1P, CAPPy HA$ ALSO GETlieNEP,.. WE WONT H*VE TO WORRY ASOUT ROBOTS FOR A, WHILE; I 1 THINK VOU'U. HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THEM THE REST OF M3UR uvES.... UNLESS you so TO THE SOURCE AMP STOP POPEYE ® By Bud Sagendorf YOU HAVE TO «SPEWD FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND A WEEK: OR vouiu EWD UP WITH MORE MOKJEY THAKJ THE GOVERNMENT.' Blondie ® By Chic Young illM*- 114 - WELL., HOOPAY / HOOOAV.' I FINISHED \ THE LAST OF THE ^ ; CHRISTMAS CARDS Rip Kirby ® By John Prentice & Fred Dickenson I PONT EVEN KNOW WHAT'S PLAYING. I'LL JUST TOTTER ABOUT ANP SEE... FRONT-END Smith Tire Indep. St. ALIGNMENT -, ServU:?.. 115 N. Phone 675-6165. TFT GREENCASTLE, IND.: A four-door sedan is serving as a temporary 'fire truck' for DePauw University's volunteer student fire department while the group seeks funds to buy a.regular truck and niore fire-fighting equipment. The student fire fighters were organized four years ago on a grant of $435, and have averaged more than 100 volunteer runs annually. The students shown here make up the volunteer group, led by 'chief Doug Crichlow (L), a junior from Indianapolis, who is using his own car as their fire truck. In addition to campus fires, the group aides the Greencastle Personal Fire Department. IN MEMORIAM In memory of my mother, Dessie McDorman, who passed away December 14, 1941 and father, Charles McDorman, who passed away December 14, 1968. Gone,- but not forgotten. Sadly missed by Mr. and Mrs. and family Robert Mohler Will babysit in our home on New Years Eve. Call before Dec. Agriculture Department officials 23rd 675-6814. Mr. On the Farm Front By BERNARD BRENNER UPI Farm Editor WASHINGTON (UPI) - Big farmers who want to reshuffle their operations to avoid the impact of a new$55,000-per-crop limit on subsidy payments can find several legal ways to do it, and Mrs Jim Headley C-63 CROSSWORD DOWN 1. Yellowish- ; brown 2. Venezuelan peninsula 3. Apprentice pressman (2wds.) 4. Recline 5. Made of baked clay 6. Sample 7. Danube tributary 8. Friend indeed (2 wds.) 9. Away from the service (2 wds.) 12. Masculine, feminine or neuter 17. French river 23. Appropriate 24. Cape 25. Queen's title 26. Causing disin- . tcgra- tion 27. Kind . of lens 29. Neptune's realm 31.CM- nese province \ n i i i 'MB' 1 » i 'i i I RIIID'ESMJAIS'NEN AMU'S'EHS'H OR Tl S'I'C|V ATBTEIR S'TAREOISINE TQREMK'NIE'E E'D'EJIB. I TBJ CA.D'EHL * THEJ E'RG'OBJUN S E'N.T S 'o'uBfr O TB|D' I :O WEDEBJAVIAIST ES's'E'NlftERitE Mi i i 11 Yesterday'* Answer 33. Surrounded by 34. Tears " absorber (colloq. > 39. Old musical note 41. Monk's title DAILY ACROSS 1. pandowdy 6. Restaurant order (2 wds.) 10. "West Side Story" : heroine 11. Forward 13. ——pipe 14. Lady's garment 15. One (Ger.) 16. Make lace 18. Hobby room 19. One-time Hamelin resident 20. Hurry 21. Mournful 22. Biblical garden 24. Grotto . 25. Summer TV show 27. One showing promise 28. Gaelic 29. Soft drink 30. ^—'s country 31. Fussy femme 32. Hooray! 35. Noun suffix 36. Cereal grass 37.." Little Teapot" (2 wds.) 38. Actor David 40. Burns' river 42. Spanish province 43. Grouch 44. Liveliness 45. Zestful DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE—Here's how to AXYDLBAAXR l»LONGFELL,OW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample used for the three L's, X for'the two O's. etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation KUT U M.N CDGHBIU AC P T C G V T H G 1 2 s 4 5 w m to 7 B 9 w4 10 11 \\ m 14 15 lb n • ia m 20 m 21 B 22 23 if 24 25 2b ' Zt WM m m B 30 51 . W 55 It \l 16 m AO 41 •I 4Z 13 «f 4< i 45 .2 MS work if: A Is CCGSN KAIU ItJG JMBVOCIN I U G V M C J H T W M W E B IUACP: UGEJ •-MCTCBVTON Yesterday's Cryptoquote: THERE IS A WOMAN AT THE BEGINNING OF ALL GREAT THINGS.—LAMARTINE (O 1970, King Features Syndicate.-Inc.) r &affiaffiaf BafSffiafBf SYfifOf flafttf GafSTBf BfBf &af Of Of IV FREE $5 GIFTl CERTIFICATE I For Any Serviceman Overseas i | at Christmas Time. § - Bring Falvey's § the Serviceman's Address and| we will Send it to Him. |g Open Evenings - - Open Sunday Noon to 5 P.M. , 755,000 in firect federal cotton support subsidies in 1971. The same limit applies separately to support payments on wheat and feed grains. Only about 1,100 farmers will be affected, by the payment ceiling, according to rough government estimates. About 950 will be cotton growers. But, an official explained, cotton farmers whose payments LIVESTOCK indicate. Spokesmen here said specific regulations for enforcing the new limit on payments to individual producers of cotton, wheat and feed grains will be completed and' sent to depart-. ment's field offices very soon. Under the regulations, no farmer can collect more than INDIANAPOLIS Livestock: ( U PI ) - Hogs 5,300; barrows and gilts uneven, 190 to 240 lb weak to mostly 25 lower; 240 lb and up 25 to 75 lower; 1 and 2,200 to 230 lb 17.00 to 17.25; 28 head 210 lb 17.50; 1 to 3, 190 to 240 lb 16.25 to 17.00; 240 to 270 lb 15.25 to 16.25; 2 to 4, 250 to 280 lb 15.00 to 15.75; 3 to 4, 260 to 280 lb 14.50 to 15.25;'280 to 30(1 lb 14.00 to 14.75; 300 to 325 lb 13.00 to 14.00; sows steady; 1 to 3, 330 to 450 lb 11.25 to 12.00; 2 and 3, 400 to 600 lb 10.75 to 1L50; boars 10.0011.00. ^^^-^^ Cattle 1,400; calves 20; steers and heifers strong to 25 higher; cows and bulls mostly steady; choice steers 26.75 to 27.50; a load high choice 28.00; good and choice 26.00 to 27.00; good 25.50 to 26.25; standard and low good Need carriers for route openings now and near future Age 11 years or over. Tipton Tribune UPI TELEPHOTO would be chopped by the limitation can avoid the impact of the ceiling by selling or leasing parts of their farms to o.her persons,. or by other operating changes. In some cases, one spokesman said, a big cotton grower who has been share-cropping his planting allotment with a number of tenants could switch to a system of cash leases. Under the share-crop system, the owner and tenant share the government payment. Under a crash lease plan, however, all of the payment is credited to tKe^feh- ant. 24.00 to'25.50; choice heifer 25.75 to 27.00; good and choice 25.25 to 26.00; good 24.50 to 25.25; standard and low good 23.00 to 24.50; utility and commercial cows 17.00 to 19.00; high dressing utility 19.50; cutters 16.00 to 18.50; canners 14.00 to 16.00; utility and com. mercial bulls 22.50 to 25.00; high dressing utility 25.50 - to 26.50. Sheep 350; steady to stro; instances 50 higher; choice a prime wooled lambs 23.00 i 24.50; choice 22.50 to 23.00; „ good and choice 21.50 to 22.50; ewes steady, cull to good 5.00 'to 6.50.. Auction Service FARM SALES, ESTATF. REAL ESTATE AUCTION HOUSEHOLD MISC. CONTACT THE ACTION AUCTIONEER! at Your Friendly- Bank FARMERS LOAN & TRUST COMPANY 110 E. Jeff. St. •' -v Tipton, Indiana. SOMETHING MISSING? You 've got all the old things that were in your old home ... but it 's still not quite like home. The Welcome Wagon hostess can make you feel more at home in a short tlme - CallToday675i4492| m B.P.O.E.#1012 LODGE Christmas Dinner 6:30 WED. DEC. 16th

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