The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 15, 1908 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1908
Page 9
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THE OIL PART ONE PART ONE Vol. XX. BAKEB8FIELD. KERN COUNTY. [RUDE OIL HAS BROUGHT THURSDAY. OCTOBER 15, 1008. The Activity in the Production of Crude Oil in Kern County is phenomenal. Under the stimulous of 60 cent oil : —new fields are being opened and the old fields develop ed to their full extent. Kern River Fie Ids—Pest In the World Probably no oil field In the whole •world has produced so ujuch oil or for so long a period of time as has the Kern River field. OH was discovered In this field In 1899 In a well sunk by Jud Ellwood on section 3, 28•29. Mr. Ellwood bad been working in the McKUtrlck field and in looking over the country In which is now the Kern River field It came to him that the formation was the same as that at McKittrlck and In addition to this he had heard Mr. T. A. Means time and again assert that there waa oil. showing on the waters of Kern River in the neighborhood of his land. So at last he became interested, made a contract with Means and sunk the discovery well on a territory that gave to the world its greatest oil Held. Since the day Jud Ellwood sunk his first well, over 100,i.;(ii) 000 barrels of oil have been tak- oti out of this territory, which coir- prises in its producing limits about thirteen sections of land and Is add ing daily to thy world's supply of oil 30,000 barrels. The real rush to the field did not 'occur until in 1900 abouc . ut year •" after Ellwood had niaSe his discovery. Little or no faith was manifested iu the field by the citizens and as a consequence all or ncar!y all of tb.e valuable holdings w.^nt to out»'de D«cple, although the whom tlo'.'l '.oul.l have beeu owned by local peii'm! The Standard Oil Company built a r,:;.e line to the field and rnado au at- fer of 50 cents a barrel for the o - >lro product. The producers would * it accept this price and in conae- «iue«ce the great product of the field has been put on the market at an average of about 20 cents a barrel. Things seemed to go from bad to •worse with the producers in the. fi»)d, Market there seenwd to he no«e and the price of oil was fallfig low * er and lower. IB 1994 tfce Associated ( OU Company was formed to remedy . this condition but the producers •would not all go into tt and the market conditions were not materially changed until after the formation of the Independent Producers Agency. By this time the producers had awakened to the fact that they must get together and In consequence they are receiving 60 cents a barrel for their oil. If they fiad got together in 1901 they could have been receiving 50 cents per barrel during the entire time from tho Standard Oil Company and the Kern field would have produced over $50,000,000 worth of oil Instead of less than $20.000,nou worth up to the first of last January. Tho Associated Oil Company had incorporated Into Its organization about half of the producing field at the time of Its organization and today this gigantic oil corporation with a capital of 1-10,000,000 owns the following producing properties: Alva, Az- t-,'f, Bear Flug, Bllme, Bolena, Can- j lieH, Central Point, Chicago Crude, Clarence, Comet, Cortez, Gllllten, Gold Standard, Green & Whlttler, j Hauford-Sanger, Hawkeye, Hecla, Ir-1 ma, JacoUtas, Kern Oil Company, j Kern Oil ami Development Com-j pany, Knob Hill (one of tlio richest ' pi,«'es of oil property in the worMi,! Missouri, Moneta, M't. Diablo, Omar, 1 Orient, Queen Esther, Red Bank, j Rued Crude. Richmond, San Joaquln, jdsco; Apollo Oil Company, 4, 29-28, U Jenks, president, 419 Kohl building, San Francisco; Bald Bagle Jr. Oil Company, 30, 28-28, B. H. Winship, president, Bakersfleld; Bald Ea- Senator, Sycamore, Toltec, Vemon and Wolverine. These properties are producing about 15,000 barrels per day, and represent nearly half of the oil producing territory of the field. The other large producers are the Peerless, the Imperial. Kern Trading and Oil Company and the Petroleum Development Company. The Kern Trading and Oil Company is the Southern Pacific interest In the field. They own about three-fourths ot section 3 and have a large dally production. The Santa Fe Interests are known as the Petroleum Development Company. This company owns part of section 8, most of section 9 and part of 4, 3, 2, 10, 23 and 24. They have 74 wells which produce about 50,000 barrels per month. Most of these wells have been producing for several years. The company Is sinking six new wells some of which will be in in a short time. The phenomena! mannei gle Oil Company, 30, Phillip, 120 Bush 28-29, C. H, Street, San Francisco; Black Jack Oil Company, 4, 29-28, W. H. Ma&on, 464 Mills- building, San Francisco; Buckeye Ret fining Company, 7, 29-28, .*, F. Mo»" Vein, manager, Bakersfleld; Calloma OH Company, 31, 28-28, H. A. Jaatro, president, Bakersfield; Campbell OH Company, 9, 28-28, E. V. Camp-bell, manager, Bakersfleld, California- Kern OH Company, 8, 28-28, J, B, Dlgdy, president, 814 House Bldg., Plttsvburg, Pa.; Claremont Oil Company, 32, 28-28, Mills building, San Francisco; Continental OH Company, 29, 28-28, E. E. Ellwood, president;! 315 Merchants Trust building, Loir Angeles; conservative Oil Company, 29, 28-28, E. E. Ellwood, president,' J15 Merchants Trust building, Uos Angeles; Columbia Oil Company, 2928-28, H. W. Meek, president, Bakers-, field; Rel Rey Oil Company, 5, 29-28, Don C. Porter, president, Pasadena; Eaglet OH Company, 30, 28-28; J. A. Westou, president, 228 Russ building, San Francisco; Eastern Consolidated .... 29, Hartford, East Puente Oil Company, 4, 29-28, F. N. Sco field, president, San Diego; Emerald Oil Company, 25, 28-27, C. T. Met- Bakersfleld; Euclid Company, 9, 28-28, E. B. Campbell, manager, Bakersfleld; Seanon Oil Company, 29, 28-28, W. T. Season, 928 Monadnock Bldg., Ban Francisco; Sovereign OH Company, 31. 28-28; E. B. Ellery, president, 1491 Poet street, San Francisco; Sterling OH Company, 31, 28-28, E. E. Ellery, president, Kohl 'building, San Francisco; Thirty-three OH Company, 33, 28-28, L. Guggenheim, president, 351 Mills San Francisco; Ton Knot building, OH Com pany, 25, 25-27, D. J. Thomas, president, Santa Ana Cal.; Vanderllp OH Company, 25, 28-27, J. A. Edgar, man- a»er, Santa Ana, Cal.; Vista Oil Company, 31, 28-28, A. H. Liscomb, manager, Bakerafield; West Shore OH Company, 32 28-28, W. E. Knolls, secretary, Monadnock Bldg., San Francisco. TheM'Krttnck Field Shows Great Gains The first well In the MoKlttrlck district was sunk by the Buena Viata bit Company on section 29, 30-28 In What is going on in the five great oil fields tributary to Bakersfield puts to shame the development of any other five fields in the World. The fields produce about two-thirds of the crude oil produced in State. acres ana the Associated is operating the entire body today except 40 acres owned by the Silver Bow Oil Company and the State Oil Company, and 80 acres owned by the Southern Pa- ciflc Railroad Company. The Buena Vlata Oil Company disposed of the rest of their lands to the Kern Trad in the field are: California Standard Oil Company on section 11, 30-21 anil section 21, 30-21; C. J. Oil Company, 12, 30-21, T. L. Keller, manager, Me, Kittrick; Commonwealth Oil Con* Pany, 29, 30-22; Dabney Oil Company, on section 32, 29-21 and on seo tlon 29, 30-32; Diamond Oil Company, Ing and Oil Company and the Reward on section 11, 29-21 and on section j.«. OH Company, and thus the original 29-21; Bast Puente Oil Company, 1L locators have passed, and the land 30-21, F. N. Scofleld, president, ' and leases ae held by men that afe " pushing notch. development to the last The Georgia company, whose lands were taken up by Grace, were no more successful than were the old Buena Vista crowd. A Mr. Hamilton Diego; Empire OH Company, 8, 3<V 22; Grant Oil Company, 11, 30-21 ana on 20. 30-22 and on 28, 30-22; Gould Central Oil Company, 12, 29-20; G» larte & Cabral, 11, 29-20; Kern Rivet Oil Company, U, 30-21; H. V. Vrooman, president, 320 Sansome •"».« v.unu. *» an. UULUIIIUU . * *•• — «-w»»,,, U4 , u ^auauuiu giree^ b ° gan 8 ° me devel °P mcnt w <"*. «<* '. !*" Francia ™: Keru Trading and Oil w C^a ° ,Oi! Company, 30, 28-28, J. B. Wrenn, psoiuheasterly and northwesterly (manager, Bakersfleld; Four Oil Com- \ rectlon for a distance of two m The Buena Vista crowd came ° gan 8 ° me eve °P mcn w <". «<* . Buena vista crowd came O ne well down into the oil sand and it i C^Pa^. °n sections 12 and 13 30- P , atent ^ nl f®, lot f of ,was blown out and that settled him.' 21 an d on section 20, 30-22; J. p. ti. 4_n._ .„ _ land running along the strike In a di miles. , ,'? *l llch . ' )an >'- 4 - 2S ' 2S ' L - Jenks, president, 419lThese lands were afterward leased to „? r u ° ra K ° hl Bld8 " Saa Frallclsc °: Golden C. .1. Berry, Wm . Spencer, W. H. Me' r u °" , . . § ' 29 ' 28 ' J ' °' Cor/ Vho r .,r. F. U Keller, a Mr.' Roberts production Is River field is tin has mad^\ir-h 10r ^^ I^T ^ world ; tolyo "' secretary, IXDS Angeles; Globe j and Wm. Berry, father'of C. J. ing'territory has™ i' llhe ' produc ^ Oil Company, 80i 2S . 28 . rillnoW "The 'Buena Vista first made a con- tlKin run- like terrlfr™ .T^ °!! C ''" <l0 °" Compan >'- 32 - "*>--*• T. tract with » water wed driller to put I!!'"..I 1 "*. ,L ' ° ' / S " elaC> '' "'• eskl "" t ' nabo.-Hflc.lJ; m,. d»wi. a well, which ho did. casln* it _^™ Jf^*J>«* a peria! Oil Company, S3, 28-28. J. J. .with stove pipe; He struck oil sand to company the Standard leased Asphaltum lands jKerr, 25, 29-20; George Klnkade, et Com-! al - 10 - 3 °- 2 l; Little Standard OH A Fl«wln 8 Well Producing Hundred* of Barrel, of OH F»r Us* by the Varl.ut Industrie*, RaHroads and Manufacturing Plant* of th» Country—Thl» i« a Common Scene in the Great Deve|o p , d QH Fields of Kern County. period of eight years is yet producing mare oil than any other field on earth. The recent _..... strike gn 36, 27-28 marks the most westerly extremity of the producing territory and just how much further west the Held extends It will take the drill to deter Mack, president, 350 Mills building, San Francisco; Indiana Oil Company, 30, 28-28; Jastro & St. Clair, 6, 29-28, Bakersueld; Junction Oil Company, 9, 29, 28; S. Goldman, president, 229 Russ building, Saa Francisco; Kern Rive." Mutual Oil Company, 4, 29-28; Lackawaua, 30, 28-28, Bakersfleld, >w «uv> KjiuKuaiu ABi'uaiLUUJ \_-uilj- i ' ' " ~*» *-*iwi.»c OvttUUarQ \J\\ pany, who began developing asphal- Company, 2, 30-21; McKittrlck Oil turn and put in u large refinery at Company, on sections 18, 6 and 8, 30- Asphalto. They afterward sold their' 22 aQd sections 1 and 12, 30-21; and interests to tho trust and the works! SOPtlon 35 - 29-21, C. Brower, secre- were shut <; iwn and they sub-let some ; U " T> Uakersfleld; Monarch Oil Com- of the land to the'Del Monte Oil ! ' •*">"• ?A - :: "---, J. De Paull, preisdeat, Company. This company nut down Ba kersflold; Olig Crude OH company; tliroo wells, one of which WHS a sue- ' l;! - : * f| -21; C. \V. & B. 01! Company^ Thu Del Monte afterwards uirn-j 1S ' 30- "-. A. Bandettinl, manager, Mc- Kittrlck; San Francisco MoKlt'trlc* Oil Company, n, 30-1! 1, a nd 14, 30-21, If. 17. .Mu.vfleld, secretary, San Fran' '•isco; Sptllacy & Young, n. 30-21; (Continued on Page 4.) ~ Old Sunset's Fame Lies In GoocfffoactO// The early working la this field waa ' ,ed their holdings over to tho Asso j Haled OH Company. This company | also acquired control of the otitstand- (ing stock of the Georgia Company and thus they got control of the Sunn acres of good land located mid patented by Grace and his associates. Of the holdings of the-Tulare I,aml and Oil Company, the Shamrock Oil Company got ICO acres. Mr. McWhorter was the leading spirit In this company and he made a fizzle of the development work and the control o! the property fell into the hands at M. H. Whlttlfr and Mr. Green, and they put down four wells and sold the property over to the Associated Oil Company. On this 160 acre tract the beat oil well In the county was struck. It is known as the Shamrock j No. 3 was sunk 'in 1902 and for the For M a«y yearn the first eighteen months produced a. av- waa ,„ tho aspkaltu «•„«, or 1750 barrels per day and is early -(U e a pia.t waa erected min«. ,The new development on sec- i Linda Vista Oil Company, 29, 28-28, resented a Georgians. He — „_.. — . _. ,— — — ( . ..»vi,u. viaiu wn ^vuitiau j , «j, -o-iOi j ••"—••*-« i* \,v*hufcj«ijj ui vi tjurglttuo. 1*6 tlons 19. 20 and 28, 28-28 shows Uie E. A. Herron, president, 1060 Broad i located a lot of land for himself and trend of the field northward. Besides way, Oakland; Merrill Crude 01! j associates along the oil brake for a these new strikes In the field many Company, 29, 28-28, Leonard Merrill, ( 'H-tiance of three miles. About this old wells that were considered worth- j president, Los Angeles; Mrcedcs Oil'""'" some Tulare people also came *' "" ~~ ' ' Company, 5, . 29-28, J. C. EdwanK |'". headed by J. M. Anderson and H. less a few years brought back Into ago huve production beeu and secretary, LOB Angeles; Mecca are .contributing their quota to the sustaining of the production of the field. Improved methods and a more ! Bakwafleld: Monte'Crlsto Oil Co:., thorough knowledge of the formation ' pany, 5, 29-28, Henry Ach, presiden', and conditions are doing wonders for j 712 Haywood building, San Fraud.- the Kern field and it is no idle boast jco; M. & s. Oil Company, 2;j, L'S-:' 1 ) to say that the field is only enteritis (c. B. Colby, superintendent, box 254, its greatest era of prosperity. Tueru : Uakorsfleld; Nevada County Oi! Com are TO strings of tools working in the . pany, 30, 2S-2S, D. K, Morgan, prusl- flold sinking new wells. | dent, Nevada City, Cal.; Only Oil Besides tho big companies before | Company, 28, 2S-2-S, J. H. Hiitch'ui-on, mentioned there are 57 producing; president, Fresno; Peerless Oil CMII,- companies iu the field, a= follows: • p;uiy, 31, 28-2S, John M. Wrlsl'.r K. Shrove, and located on a lot of Company, 21), 2S-28; Minnehaha oil latl(1 which they afterwards patented, Company, 19, 28-28, J. M. Hollow; Williams, who formed the OHg Oil at 359 feet aid hlg rig, casing, tools loase reverted and recently the same and everything else was blown sky- p l ece of 8round was leased to'H. S. ward. This stopped operations as far as the Buena Vista Company was concerned and the next move was made by a man named E. B. Grace, who came here from Georgia and rep- "•• ** WB^O «. if («•(, WAS yet produolng over 5«« barrels >er day. handle this depostt The The Tulare Company also leased | begai in the field IB 1»8 acres of their lands to the Cachalot Oil Company, which company (ailed la the development work. The wle we " eB we " 17 of the Jewett & BlM#«t Company was 8imk a*d »rtved :a towing -well. Then the Monarch Ompa»y's No. 1, also came la. Soon after this the whole country for Biles was located. In the summer of 1»H the Superior and Development Company, which haa Oil Company's wells Nos. 1 «ad 2 Were just brought In a splendid well on the property and are now preparing to sink several more wells. The parent company, tho Tularo Land and OH Company, In tho days of the excite- sunk on section 2. This property la now owned by the Adeline Company. The first well to come In on the flaU bolow tho oil break was the Lyon Oil Company's No. 1, on the southeast and organized the Tulare Land and soclated oil Companies Oil Company. Berry and his associates | pipe lines to the field. ment, leased soeral small tracts that i 1<iarU;r of section 12. i n 1901 the afterward reverted and this company j railroad waa built and tho town of OWHK all of Us original holdings ex- "" ' cept the 320 acres mentioned. The Southern Pacific lias a road running Into tho McKittrlck field from Bakersfield and tho Standard and Asboth have Maricopu, now the metropolis of th* field, was started. This point In tha field h;ui boflomo the center of production and new development, and Ilffl aliout two miles north and west of Sun^r. where the first work was ^ill-let all the lauds, leased from the Vista people, to the California Oil Company, tho Giant Oil 'fon niipany and the Kldorado Oil Com '»>', except Ku acres now being »P''f All of fho work since ififtj h:u northwesterly ilirection Tho major part of everything iu ( (he McKittrk'k field belongs to thfl "'"'" - M ir ''co|i.i ami following this Iln-,- Associated Oil Company and they ar doing much of tho new prospectln; In tho country to (lie north. The:by the c. J. Oil Company. The are about 2"n producing wells In th rado then leased 111 acres of fli-M and t', ,,diic'm., is .[bout '>., Acme Oil Company, 2i», iS-28, D. W, Cannichael, president, SH.I j street. Sacranvnto; Adeline Oil Company, 9. 29-L'S, W. G. BH'wett, sf"re:ary, Los Anc<>l<>$: Alma, Jr.. -1, "'.'•"*. 3. E. Heai'il, president, 2;<) Motrgoniery street. pronideiit; 824 Crocker building, San Francisco; Piedmont OH Company, I 1 :*. ivi'S; Potomac oil Company, :"<. -'v:."- 1 . Thomas .Scott, president, Bak• •i-MieM: Revenue Oil Company, 4. 'J'J- ''' Hi'.' to ,1. II. Daliney and K. J, -y, who afterwards transferred •• holding* m tho Haliney Oil Coin. '. The fallfonila Siand.i/'d and r;ian! Oil Compaules took advano: the ii!irc!i,ising fhnisc In tli"ir ra-f. a M boji«;ht the land they '.'-H-. .1 from Berry et al, compris- iiiiont '.'"in aeres. The California anil (Jiant Companies after -•s, .1. F. K'-rr, Colorado street, Va.-'i- San Francisco; Alma Oil'deaa; Sacreniento Oil Company, 29, Companj, 4, 29-28, W. H. Mason, pres-j 38-2$; J. L. Glllls, president, 800 J ward transferred their holdings to the ident, 4H Mills building, San Fran-i street, Sacramento; Section Five Oi! Associated oil Company, except 80 barrels per day. Thirty ttrtocs ot tooin arc busy sinking now wells. 'lh< proven fie!,) extendu over an area >'>! .'!iii)0 acres and iw bejng pushed non.:i ward very rapidly. Tlio properties owned by the As- iiciclati-d in the field arc; located in HOctlnns 2M, 23. 32, 33, 29-21; an>I sections :'.. il and 13 In 30-21 and se.- floiiK 17, is, 19, 20, 27, 28 and 35 la. 30-22. ! The other companies producing oil on- w;:i :•,;;,. h the midway Held ami 'h-u .)i. ii. in.' saiii.; direction the Me. Klt.tyji •:. t;--M is oiuxnmtureil. Tin's fact h.i- ' ••! manj- t,, the lic!i>-(' that '•V.'IHI.-i;; ;,')Mt'e H'iJJ ],,t ()/i Cl i/l I JI1I10I13 :!'•!•: !i''.:! Marieopii to MeKitii'ick and p'Hnilil ii.s t'ar north a.s ''oalliiKa. If 1 '''•-* i 1 "'•••! inm it will in;il-:c the west »idf i: Ms much tlh! liirKest producing at'i'ii ::: 'lie world. T(j • Vi.'IliiwatoHi.' Comjiany Is now f-inkiii.i,' wells on .si-. -lion 7 and if tboy jirov- prodiii'erri It will ailil a strij) two mile, wide and about Co mlle.s long K> the proven (k-ld. There are over 100 producing wells In the Sunset (Coutlnued on. Page 2.)

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