The Coffeyville Daily Journal from Coffeyville, Kansas on February 25, 1915 · Page 4
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The Coffeyville Daily Journal from Coffeyville, Kansas · Page 4

Coffeyville, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1915
Page 4
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i THE COFFEYVILLE DAILY JOURNAL COFFEY VILLE. KANSAS HUGH J. POWELL, i Editor .and Owner. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION -Daily Journal by mail, one year $4.00 Daily Journal by carrier, week '10 Weekly Journal, per year;: adv. $1.00 "TlEMBTsRAis Entered in the Postof fice at Cof-feyville, Kan., as second-class matter. TELEPHONE 71 , STAMP OUT EXTRAVAGANCE. , Governor Capper, yesterday sent a special message to the legislature .urging economy in , appropriations. The governor says the tax payers of the state are threatened with increased appropriations Of one and one-half million . dollars unless the senate halts in its determination' to. spend the public money. Kansas is a big state with money for ; every- need; but it lias not a dollar jto spend where unnecessary. The pebple of. the; state should get be-hiftdthe governor in his determination to curb the senate in its efforts to; multiply appropriations. . One of the! things Arthur Capper promised the , peofde was " a business administration and . the'; way he is . starting out' is gratifying to his" friends. The Journal .suggests, that the people -of Coffeyville and vicinity address letters to Senator J; F. Over-field and Representative. A.. R. Larrtb urging them to uphold the governor's hands and support him in this action. THURSDAY FEBRUARY," 1915 HMDS MA VEIKIDMEY 4 ROUBLE AND DON'T KNOW IT Weak and tunhealthy kidneys cause so jmuch sickness and' suffering and when thrpugh neglect or other causes, kidney troubleis permitted to continue, serious results may be expected. - MM About Coffeyyiife That unless the city commission ers decide to put to a vote at the election in April the question of whether orl not Fort Scott shall vote bonds for tthe building of a filtration plant, the state board of health . will, force the city to call such an election, was the threat made Tuesday afternoon by C. M. Haskins, engineer for the state board of health. Mr. Uaskins claims that it is possible for the state board of health to take such steps. -x- The Pittsburg, Kan., baseball fans have' abandoned all hope of being host to tleo. Tebeau's Kansas City Blues during the club's coming. traiV ing season. All kinds of ' inducements were offered bv the Pittsburg-er s,but -Wednesday .Mr. Teebau.caUr ed all bets off, and announced that there would be nothing doing for Pittsburg this year. i .' - - X r -. . . ; Gun "toting" and bad whiskey are blamed for .lthe - killing . of Detective W. L. Humphries of . the Wjchita police department Tuesday, . Auda .Cap-liturpr.-the young man who shot the offifT, rvs, that' be was crazy drunk at the time - of -the .trafedy and. is. now sorry, so he says, that he ever carried a gun."' .. - 7.' As-a result of a row over the run- prevalency of kidney disease. While kidney disorders are among the most common diseases that prevail, they are almost the last recognized by patients, who usually content themselves with doctoring the effects, while the original disease constantly undermines the system. . - A Trial Will Convince Anyone Thousands of people, have testified that the mild and immediate effect of Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and bladdex remedy, is soon realized and that it stands the highest for its remarkable results in the most distressing cases. Symptoms of Kidney Trouble Swamp-Root is riot ' recommended for everything but if you suffer from annoying bladder troubles, frequently passing water night and day, smarting or irritation in passing, brick-dust or sediment, headache, backache, lame back, dizziness, poor digestion, sleeplessness, nervousness, heart disturbance due to bad kidney, trouble, skin eruptions from bad blood, neuralgia, rheumatism, lumbago, bloating, irritability, wornout feeling, lack of ambition, may be loss of flesh or sallow complexion, kidney trouble in its worst form may be stealing upon you. Swamp-Root Is Pleasant to Take If you are already convinced that Swamp-Root is what you need,' you can purchase the regular fifty-cent and one-dollar size bottles at all drug stores., - Sample Size Bottle SPECIAL NOTE You may obtain a sample size bottle of Swamp-Root by enclosing ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. This gives you- the opportunity to prove the remarkable merit of- this medicine. They will also send you a book of valuable information, containing, many of the thousands of grateful letters received from men and women who say they found Swamp-Root to be just the remedy needed in kidney, liver and bladder troubles. The value and: success of Swamp-Root are so well known that our. readers are advised to send for a sample size bottle. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. Be sure to say you read this offer in the Coffeyville Daily Journal. Your other organs may need attentionbut your kidneys should . have attention first because their work is most important. If you feel that your kidneys are the cause of your - sickness or run down condition commence taking Dr. Jvil-mer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and bladder remedy, because if it proves to be the remedy you need and your kidneys begin to improve they will help all the- other .organs; to health. - Prevalency of. Kidney Disease Most people . do not realize the alarming increase and remarkable ning at large of his neighbor's chickens, Charles Thompkins of Fort Scott, was found guilty Wednesday by a jury in that city, of assault with intent to. kill, which is punishable by a term in the penitentiary. Thompkins and his neighbor, Chris Edwards, had words over the formers chickens and a fistic encounter ensued in which Edwards' arm was broken and "his skull fractured. -X Fermer County Treasurer Oliver W. Jones of Wichita, went to trial Thursday' 'morning on the charge of having embezzled $40,000 of public funds during his term of office. The Muskogee Gas & Electric company Wednesday was granted an injunction against Mr. and Mrs. V. L'hdstrom, restraining them from interfering with the company in the shutting off of their gas supply. It seems that thex Lindstroms failed to pay their gas bill when it became due, and when the company's service man went to disconnect the -service Lindstrom tickled his ribs with the business end of a six-shooter and advised, him to "forget it." He did, and the company then asked for a restraining order against Lindstrom. x Walter Meagher was arrested Wednesday by the Muskogee, Okla., authorities on the charge of violating the anti-gambling law by having a slot machine in his place of business. He gave bond for his appearance in court and it is understood that his defense will be that the machine did not constitute a game of chance, as j there was no way in which the player ; cculd beat the -machine. . . . x Woodie Bailey, a Muskogee, Okla., rrnptablp, attended a lodge meeting Wf dnesday night at which a big banquet was served. It was the iirst CREViiWON BONDS MONEY Captain Promised Men of the Carpathian Additional Pay and Ourt Upheld Sailors' Contention. By The Associated Press. London, Feb. 14, (By Mail.) The crew of the oil tanker Carpathian have I just won a victory at law against the J-hlrriCklC3 dtf X'OPCnl Writs-. iwin1 cape the payment of a bonus, promised by the captain for running the gauntlet of German cruisers in the Atlantic. The Carpathian was caught in a Texas port ' at the outbreak of the war. Her crew of seven men refused to sail unless paid risk money The captain agreed to give them a bonus of $60 each in addition to their Wages. Rumors of German cruisers destroying commerce were .then numerous: But the men accepted the risk arid the vessel sailed for Rotterdam with a cargo of 'oil. - '' . Although the ship 'was loaded with a dangerous, cargo, which' could ;be set afire by a shell, the crew agreed, in view of the bonus, to stick 'to the captain through thick and thin, as they .testified in . court. The journey was safely made, and at its end the skipper offered the, men $5 each instead of $60. Thereupon, the E crew brought suit; 7 -I 1 ; In court, the owners, the Petroleum Steamship Co. did not deny the allegations of. the men !ahd fell bsfck ,on the ' technical defense that under tne mercnant snipping act:a seaman is not entitled to wages further than those stipulated in the articles he hassjgnecL really big feast that Of ficer Bailey had participated in. and now the at tending physicians are ; trying to de termine whether his present illness is due to gout or ptomaine poisoning. i . x: . rol lowing 'a meeting of the officers and members of the board of directors of the Dow Coal company. of Mcr I Alester, Okla., held Wednesday morn ing, a petition in voluntary bankruptcy was filed in the district court in the afternoon' of the same day. The Dow company is one 5f the larcrest concerns of its kind operating in the McAlester field, and its financial embarrassment was brought about by labor troubles, so it is claimed. , Famous Cartoonist, says: 'Tuxedo" has made a pipe my favorite form of smoking. Its coolness, and mildness make pipe smoking a real pleasure;' - ; 1- ; . j ...... .. I -V- ' .- - " - ' v ' im 1 St I If. 11 rS5 - ) nil x- x J fi . t . nil You - X 1 SAYS CAREFR IS ENDED Senator Balie Waggener, Pioneer Kansas Statesman, Makes Impassioned Plea for Orphans' Home veeps Tuxedo I in Good Humor That jovial eye-twinkle you get from following the adventures of Bud Fisher's famous characters, "Mutt and Jeff," has a twin-brother joy-sensation. You 11 find it in a smoke of Tuxedo. Next time you feel that -you want the thrill of something real cheerful r light up some Tuxedo, and watch the peaceful happiness begin to circulate through your system. There's no saner, more wholesome joy than that which Tuxedo gives you. - The Perfect Tobacco for Pipe and Cigarette 1 1 314 You just look at the snappy, brainy, cheery men in your own town that smoke Tuxedo. Its the same way all over the country millions of Class A Americans make Tuxedo their day-by-day cheerful companion. . - Smoke all you want of Tuxedo. It won't bite or blister. The famous "Tuxejdo Process" Uias taken that all out There's just simple, icamy-smootK smoker's delight in mild, rich, iriellow superb Tuxedo. .'.V-;.-. . ; yZb&jtiAN BUY TUXEDO EVERYWHERE Convenient, glattine M wVapped, moisture-- rJC proof pouch In Tin Humidors 40c and 80c . Famous Green Tin with gold lettering, I curved to fit pocket In Class Humidors 50c and 90c THE AMERICAM TOBACCO COMPANY Topeka, Feb. 25. What is generally regarded as Senator B. P.. Waggeri-er's farewell speech in the state senate was spoken yesterday afternoon when the veteran Atchison statesman made a final plea for generous treatment for the state orphans' home at Atchison. , When this appropriation bill was pending in the senate last week Senator Lambertson of Brown county made a sharp attack on it, especially "on the $40,000 item for a manual training schpol in connection and the $7,000" asked for a . laundry. He strongiy intimated that the Atchison senator had deceived the members of the ways and means committee and the senate with respect to the needs of the institution. Today Senator Waggener arose and defended the institution . and his representations to the senate. ' Senator Waggener produced a num ber of affidavits controverting statements made by Senator Lambertson last week following a- clandestine visit to the institution . He reviewed the needs of the . home again and told of us growth from its infancy .. The mr stitution and its development is the pride of the Atchison senator. After telling what the state had done for it he said: "I personally- have spent several thousand dollars in planting trees and beautifying the road and grounds. .Pardon the personal reference, but I want the senate to know my interest in this institution. "My personal career is ended. My race in life is practically run. I only want the ( pleasure in after life, if I live to see completed the things I hope to have done, of seeing these children properly provided for. These children have no future. I want to give them some ray of hope for the future. They are the children of the state. I hope no senator will raise his voice against this appropriation. As Senator Waggener concluded Senator Lambertson rose to a ques tion of personal privilege. He challenged the correctness of Senator Waggeners statements in many respects. He offered to prove by Representative Hughbanks, who was at the institution at the same time he was, that his statements were correct. Senator Waggener rose lnoignant- iy. . .. 7 7 7 ' I have tried -to-be moderate, he said. "But if the Senator from Brown Attractive Smart Styles With Simple Lines 7 . .This seems to : be the keynote x of the Spring Season. We are showing some of the very smartest styles in Dresses, and yet you'll find the simple, dainty lines in each. We have a beautiful array of Dresses now to show you in Linen, Silks, Crepe de Chine and Crepe Meteor, at $3.75, $3.00, $7.75, $9.75, $11.75, $14.75, y $17.75, $19.75 and $24.75. . New Things to See .' SMART NEW SUITS PRACTICAL COATS FOR SPRING 7 V ' , DAINTY NEW WAISTS PRETTY UNDERMUSLINS J "See our North Window of Black and White." wants to become personal we will proceed. If he desires it I'll :offer evidence to prove he was not at the institution at all." .: The little son of Mr. and -Mrs.;Hen-ry O'Brien, 1530 South Willow, who has been quite ill the last few days with a severe, cold is. reported to be much improved today. BED TIME TALES THE FAIRY REMEDY. "Every tree and fir and hemlock wore ermine too dear for an earl." Ovjfer i.tha ull, ugly brown earth there? fetT a 'strange hush. "Seems to me that I don't want to see this old dirty ground and this old gray sky a single minute more," grumbled a tiny fairy. "You don't!" asked another fairy, who was hidden down under sorne dead moss in a cozy little hollow of a tree trunk, "well, after you have decided that you don't want to see all this dirt any more, what are you going to do about it tell me that?" And because he knew very well (or thought he knew, which was nearly the same thing) that the grumbling fairy couldn't do a thing to stop seeing the dirt, .'he. laughed loud and long. 7 The grumbling fairy looked thoughtfully at him. "And then, too," he continued as though he had not even heard the fairy's comment or laugh, "I think it must be very foolish of us to keep on having ugly things about. We ought to take . them away or we. ought to cover. them, up, or well, we ought to do something!" The second fairy looked at his friend-sobelv. And he- suddenly realized that Silver Streak (the first fairy) wasn't just talking, that he GIRL! THICKEN AND BEAUTIFY YOUR HAIR ' was seriously ' trying to think about , things. So Gray Moss (the other. fairy immediately became solemn , too, and tried to think of some, plan to help his friends. "What does a person do, anyway," he asked by way of - beginning, "when ) they no longer want to see anything that they have to see?" Silver Streak pondered over the question a minute in a real grown-up-person fashion- and then answered, "they can only do two things. They i can do awav with the . ugliness or HVpv run rover it. im. Can von think . . - " " i of anything else?'; Gray Moss considered carefully and then replied, "no, I can't.' But what good does it do us to think of even those' two things?. .We can't do either. We can'tdo anything about the earth. We're only fairies!" "Never you mind," replied Silver Streak, cheerfully, "I haven't got my name without earning it! We may not be able to do away with all the brown ugliness of the winter scenery, but we can at least cover it up! You watch me!" that talk?" demanded Gray Moss, wha was ouite as nuzzled bv Silver Streak . 1 i r. r. STARKWEATHER PAYS THE FREIGHT On all . out of town sales of Furniture, Starkweather will will ship to destination and pay the freight.. . He is. .doing business at. the old stand 107 W. 11th St., Phone 8fi. Coffeyville. - - . Kan. J SEED e For FIELD or WGARDEIIIfH ONION SETS AND BULK SEEDS v Wholesale and Retail : Give us your orders for Stock and Poultry Feed. Doyle & Son 311 W. 8th St.. .' : Phone 152. Bring; Back Its Gloss, Lustre, Charm and Get Rid of Dandruff Try fi the Moist Cloth To be possessed of a head of heavy, beautiful hair; soft, lustrous,, fluffy, vravy and free from dandruff is merely a matter of using a little Danderine. It is easy and inexpensive to have nice,' soft hair and lots of it. Just get a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton's Danderine. now all drug stores , rec ommend it apply a little as directed and within ten minutes there will be an appearance of abundance; freshness, fluffiness and an incomparable gloss and lustre, and try as you will you cannot find a trace of dandruff or falling hair; but your real surprise will be after, about two weeks' use. when you will see new hair fine and downy at first yes but really new hair sprouting out all over your scalp Danderine is, we believe, the only sure hair grower; destroyer of dandruff and cure for itchy scalp and l4- niTni. fmlfl 4-m c4- nllw.. Unfit n 4-1 ions iu diujj xaiitiij liaiL a. u once. ? If you want to prove how pretty and oft your hair 'really is, moisten a cloth with a little Danderine and carefully through your hair taking one small strand at a time. Your hair will be soft, glossy, and beautiful in jusft a few moments a delightful surprise awaits everyone who tries this. ' 13 mm w He Watched, - and He Saw Silver Streak Jump Upwards. , as you would have been "He needn't tell me to watch him; I'm doing that already! And indeed he was! He watched,: arid he saw Silver Streak jump upwards through the trees, through the air till he reached the big out-of -sight space near the clouds. Then he could see him no J longer. But some way, he felt that CM rxl1. 4 Vi o n v t; i , on can. was leifuuig to ci- rand. ' Then, as he watched, there came down from trie sky, tiny white specks of beauty. Down they came, faster and faster; more and more; till when he turned from watching for Silver Streak, he could no longer see any ugliness on the earth. He 'could, see nothing but white, clean beauty everywhere. "I must remember that," he whispered to himself as he look- ed. "anything ugly that can't be taken away, can be covered up!" Tomorrow Chirp's Window Garden. Texas Crowd Watching Willard in Training. l a till!: . -.. ,J ( v(t) v -- " - " " . jff J Funeral Prices Retjuced We are independent rbl all trusts. Our display of caskets will meet all requirements; Our $2ET.OO' Broadcloth 'Casket is equal to any' .$65100 one,; sold elsewhere, . NO GHARGE FOR USE OF; CHAPEL.:, 7 ; Merry man S Stephenson phones Day, 649 ; nf ghfy 1 274. 112 East Eighth SUeet. VULCiiillZlllG Auto, M6t'orcyele and. Bicycle Tires repaircdvanfl made' equal to new by . "steam : Vulcanizing process. '-7, . ' " NEW FISK -GASINGS. '- I COFFEYVILLE VULCANIZING CO. 1021 Walnut' Street. Coffeyville Furniture Co. Undertaking Private ambulance service, and have always maintained free chapel. Frank N. Skinner, Percy C. Matthew, v Licensed Embalmers. W. H. LAPE, Manager. Day" phone 99. Night phone 37. This is a picture of Jess "Willard, the white hope, in the ring built at his training quarters, near Ysleta, Texas, for boxing in his training for his fight with Jack Johnson. As many as 2,000 persons have gone from .'Jones, the manager,' is seen just outside thef ring. ' - The Ford Sedan is Ford Elegance builded upon Ford Quality. In town and country here is the ideal, every-day-in-the-year car. Not only is it a car of extraordinary smartness and distinction, but it is the same Ford "The Universal Car" which more than 675,000 owners have found to be the most reliable, the most serviceable, practical and economical car-less than 2c a mile. Ford Sedan $975; Coupelet $750; Town Car $690; Touring car $490; Runabout $440- AH fully equipped, f. o. b. Detroit. On sale at HILFORD AUTO CO. V Buyers will share in profits if we sell at retail 300,000 new Ford cars between August, 1914, and August, 1915.

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