The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 15, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKBRQFIBLD CALIFORNIAN THTJR8DAT,. OCTOBER IB, 1908. TheBakersfield Calif ornian' EVI ry EvonlHK but Sundays at i I' -I. I, Kern County, California. | City and County *.4«. Official Paper | In Pf;.-:uj|lce lit Dakersfleld, 1 •- Scci.n i-'-lnss Mail Matter ] I'p ct-r.t- i Mon'h ; $0 a Year In Advance ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. TELEPHONES: •miness office Main 31 WILLIAM J. BRYAN For Vice President, JOHN W. KERN For Congressman—Eighth District W. C. SHEPHERD For Justice of the Supreme Court F. J. MURASKY For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON. For Assemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN For Supervisors, First District, WM. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District, H. A. JASTRO ]. B. Berges & Company Wholesale Dealers In Wines, Liquors And Cigars The Cream Of All Goods Served in Sample Room Quotations And PHONEfsMAIN 237 Samples Sent On AppUcation 1623 NINETEENTH STREET Thursday, DEAR TOM:-- Oct. 15 THURSDAY, OCTOBER !;">, 15108. IMPERIAL KERN. The accompanying twonty-eiirht pages of this paper arc devoted largely to the county, to its t ing •'She'll-' enjoy a box or Gruenhagen's candy just as must as you enjoy a cigar from Meroney' B. Take the tip. BILL. I that congressional action be taken j on Ji number of important niat- ( ,f Kt-ni itcrs, .John Sharp "Williams, lead- il and other Tiiin-'er of the Democratic minority, se- resourees ._„ interests, to the adaptability • cured a signed iiKreeemnt from all of the soil and elimnte to the. j the Democrats in the house to island with the President in his growing of fruits arid Drains. edition KpeHks for itself, am management places it hei'on TJi tin demaiul for certain legislation. the With that signed list in his hand, public with the hop..- that the at-, he appeared before the luwinak- tention of those who are looking! ers, and said if just thirty of the for homes, ami those who havi capital to invest will be attracted to Kern county. Kern, in point of development, is one of the new enmities of California, but even so. in assessable Republicans present would come forward and agree to act with the Democ'iit.s the desired laws could be taken up and passed. ."Just thirty," said .Mr. Williams as he stood waitng. '-Must BEVERIDGE TOTALLY LACKING IN HUMOR. 7 MME. INEZ CLAIRVOYANT AND DEAD j ' TRANCE MEDIUM. wealth it is already seventh in the! thirty," he pleaded, list of counties of the state, and! But he pleaded in vain. Not its f,"'o\vth j K 11S yet in its infancy, lorn' earne forward to join him. The settlement lit' its threat ureas, N<»w wasn't there a heautiful of fertile lands has hardly begun,! opportunity for some Republican ' ' eoni'ressmen to show that they stood with Roosevelt and not with Cannon'.' Wasn't it a golden chance for the representative of and the exploitation of its mineral wealth will not reach its /enith for years to come. The own who seeks H borne, where land is cheap, where sub-1 the Ei-rhth California district to te.rranean water is abundant,' have made it known to the world where the climate is mild the yearjthat he at least, was willing U; round, where schools are of' the 1 stand for progress? best, can safely look to Kern! H»t »"• Nol he. nor any othei comity. The man of means who ; of the Republican majority joined is lookim: for lucrative investment for his capital, will t'md unrivaled opjmrt unities in Kern county whether in rich ai:rieiil- tiiral lands, minim: properties, or city real estate, ('umpired with Values elsewliei'e. the price of all Kern comity property :.s most moderate, and "he opportunities here offered for safe investment lire not surpassed in the west, In placine- this number In-fore the public, it is expected that !'>,000 copies will lie distributed in eastern states, and it is Imped it will prove a profitable advertisement for the eounty. t DODGED THE QUESTION. _ (Sacramento Bee.) i Is In the city and is recognized Is Senator Albert J. Beveridge to-! P ress ! "" 1 l" ll)li(: " Vl ' r> ' wt "' re tally lacking In sense of humor? H would seem so. In his Salt Lake speech he argued that if Bryan were elected his principal policies would be fought by a powerful eletneut In tho Democratic party, especially In the senate. But the windy orator from the Wabash apparently lost eight of the ] fact that a powerful element of the Republican party has persistently fought Roosevelt's policies—patterned after Bryan's—and has time and again defeated them In both houses of Congress. And this same element of the Republican party dominated the Chicago convention which nominated Taft, defeating by overwhlming votes tho proposed planks for physical valuation of railroads, publicity of campaign contributions and popular elec ion of United States Senators. But from any point of view, is It not ridiculous for an opponent of Bryan's views to argue that he should not be elected Because, If he were in he White House, he could not put those views Into effect. If that were true, would It not be so much the better, from the opposition standpoint? by Hon. Sai orator ami iMr. Williams. Speaker Cannon sat scowling on his throne, and i ihe little mm in front of him iipiailed before that frown. They "aeli and every one of them were n, !;•<• fearful of the autocrat from 1 )...,.-in,, than they were of the "'",' Sliek or of the disjileasiirt' of , In-American people. 1 So the recommendations in la- i vor of restraining the power of i the courts, of larger power to the I interstate, commerce commission, 'of curbing the trusts, were ignored i beeans,. there wel'e not thirty free ! K'epuhlicaus to join Mr. Williams ' iiid the minority in passing the i needful legislation. No W ier the -jilted. Silol't- ! rd'je did llol eal'e to speak oil that ! -,|bjeei . No Wonder lie preferred in I urn pret ly phrases aboiil I he ; dimpled baby in the cradle and ' l he t wink lin j- stars i hat slime I above, rat her t ban laeUle hno! ly ills ihal eao oli'iV be ilUsWcl'ci! the dU.idv alliiiv of the con- MME. INEZ. NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRE-|*4 SENT THEIR CLAIMS AGAINST THE ESTATE OF J. M. PATTERSON. DECEASED. TO ROBERT PALMER. JR.. ADMINISTRATOR OF SAID ESTATE. In the Simerior Court of the Countv of Kern. State of California. , . „. In ihe matter of (lie estate of J. M. Patterson, deceaseil. Notice is herehv civen hv the uniler- sicned administrator of the estate of .1. M. Patterson, deceased to the creditors of. and an persons navlne claims acainst the said deceased, to exhibit, them with the necessary vouchers within lour months after the first uiiblication of this notice at the office of Tnomns Scott, No. 1509 20th street, rooms 2 and 4. Bank of Bakersfield buildinc. corner Chester .avenue and 20th street, in the City of Ba- kerRfleld, Countv of Kern. Stale, of California, the same home the ulace for the transaction of business of said estate In said Kern Countv. Dated October 13. 1908. ROBERT PALMER. JR. Administrator of the Estate of J. M. Patterson. Deceased. Thomas Scott, attorney for estate. 'PAI'NT YOUR HOUSE House painting IB my specialty. I use nothing but tne beat materials, guarantee my work and charge reasonable prices. I. 0. MEREDITH, Contractor . 211V B bv Ptinna Main 17Z * + .* Richardson Mineral Springs Unexcelled for Rheumatism, Stomach and Kidney Trouble. Ask your friends about them or write for book- 'At to J. H. Richardson, Chlco, Cal. MISSOURI MINISTER HAS TOO MANY WIVES. NEVADA, Mo., Oct. 15.—The Rev W. H. Force, who occupied a pulpit here and who is admittedly the bus band of four wives, only one of whom is dead, pleaded guilty to bigamy this morning In the Circuit Court, and was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary by Judge Thurman. He said each time he married a new wife he forgot he had another elsewhere. He was married about a year ago to Miss Minerva Griffith of this city, who caused his arrest on the charge of bigamy, her suspicions having been aroused by sonic letters belonging to him which she found. The officers finally found another vife at Friend, Neb., who consented o help convict him. 'I' '•' i ' i l' (if President li-.i.-e . \ it . ;:MI i action or lack of aeii..-i abortive the professed .ittei hrinp; about so-me needed re The wording of th" ipiesli* lows: If President Koosi -wit's are right anil the election oi urKetl because he will carry o> policies, will Mr.'.e -:;• ought to he done with iho.-e <,-: men who turned down H"o-evi cry KUKROKtliw airl wlio .in- n didates for reelection? At the hi'H'innimj of his a Mr. Khortridue <_a\e his a' hope that he was r- ally e- discuss this imnovtant phas' earn pit itfrt. Hi' n « hurt's ah.'nit Tnft and !'!••• must he revi-e before he ei,.- tho wisdom <.;' pat Bepubli-'a that was the Mr. Shortride to it again. Tho truth is that no Repulili-a orator, be he evi-n as brilliant a Snninol Shortridgo. can reconeil an endorsement of a progress!v administration with tho support A FAIR DEDUCTION. ;.! r. Ki.o-i-v.-lt, only a short l lice. '.;a\ e nut to the Alii'" pi opb- l hat he faV'Ted h 1 hat Would place t he bal I hands of the Japanese. ]s ijlliek' 1o echo every -• of M r. |{oOse\ elt. I Ic Si II U r to if the !)).' Old Ihe t a rift' '• whieh leu! .li'oosc-'.'e't sav i < and agreed that •d lie would show kcepiue 1 the stand is in ('omrress. Hut ast of th*' snbjeei. • nt \ • r u'ot aroimd tile Uoosi-velt "policies ', Ulll we have the riirht to assume that he feels, on the i|uestiou of natur- ali/ine' .laiianese. just as his chief feels. Orator Shortrid^e irrew clc- ipient the other ni'j-ht, in tellimr about wiiat he thinks of Ihe (!hi- nese and the Japanese question, but with all deference to the distinguished attorney, it may he said that the people are nol par- (lieularly interested m his individual vieWS Oil the Asiatic IjlU'S- I I ioll. | Mr. Roosevelt stands for the nal iiralixal ion of the, lie has said it in an official declaration. It is, therefore, a par! of his ''policies'' and to those "policies" \Villiam Howard Tal't is committed. This is a fair deduction, for if Tai'l has ever disagreed with any- thine- that Roosevelt said or did, it has escaped the observation of the public. and public everywhere, psychic powers absent In a word, whatever may be your troubles, suspicions or desires, call on this gifted lady and she will send you away happier, wiser and bolder than ever before. The youngest and most gifted clairvoyant, and psychic palm reader before the American public. She reads your life like an open book. Tour palms reveal all questions pertaining to the welfare of the human race. Marriages, sickness, deaths, changes, travels, divorces, separations, law suits, business transac-l lions, wills, deeds, mines^ mortgages, ] lost or absent friends. If you desire to be more successful, your lost love returned, your domestic troubles removed, your bitterest enemies converted into staunch friends, then call on Mme. Inez. She stands in a class by herself and is the acknowledged peer of all clairvoyants and psychic readers. She is recognized by press! - • - - Through her friends have been found. Her advice is soothing and beneficial, giving them that piece of mind that wealth and riches cannot produce. Palmistry. Mme. Inez is acknowledged the greatest living authority on palmistry. Come and learn what is in store for you and whether or not you will be successful. Job 37:7 speaks for itself: "He sealetb up the hand of every man, that all men may know his work." All readings strictly private and confidential. Special low fee all this week. Arlington Hotel, Nineteenth and Chester avenue, rooms 55 and 54. Hours 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. * • « * COOLEST PLACE IN TOWN. Is the Palim; rome aiiB sit unct^t our palms and drink a cooling, refreshing soda water and eat an Ice cream or ice. We solicit wholesale trade, both in creamK and candies Our phone number Is .Main IRS. 14?' FOR SALE! A carload of Oregon horses and mares weighing 900 to 1500 Ibs. Some nice matched teams. Saddle and driving horses. At Dexter Stables, 19th and N Sts. SMaOOCKKtCKKKKK E. H. WHITE Real Estate Insurance Notary Public. Publisher "Daily Report" Kern County Records. Money to loan on good Security. Sole Agent Royal Insurance Company, n "Dollar for Dollar Company, with "Dollars left" 1803 Cheater Avenue Phone Main 901 IT PUTS A HOKSE In Lame Back. This ailment in usiia'll)' caused by . - nf Ihe congressmen who nullified rheumatism of the muscles of o vvery effort, or reputed effort, of small of the. bad,-, and is quickly cur Mr. Kuosevi'lt, to for the people. do something Just before tVi» Vvn«irtpn C«r 21st and \ adjouniinff when was 8U so Tel n'lisle . Main 88 ed by applylus (.'hamherlftln's I.inl nvent two or three times a iluy and Uie pars at each applica- For sale by liaer Uros., Bakers- Kern Drug Co., Keru. * t:on, fieU; is Rood—hut it's still when m'i'le of KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR Of til) flours, this the best. J.earn it's goodness Immediately. At all grocers. KERN RIVER MILLS FLOUR full (Irews, as It were, to take tho re-id in a set of our handsome harness. The best animal makes a poor show in a "hen 11 nr has-been outfit. If you %v:int something swell for a stylish, e.'iicl-: stejipi'i', just call anil we'll iac>et your i'leiis to a 'i', in either single or double harnes.-i. i'rice.-i? just ri^hf. A complete line of winter robes ami hlank'.'is. K'loves and c;ir;'la!;o trini- r.iiiiKH at the PIONEER HARNESS SHOP MATTSON BROS. in Town Guarantees work all per- fect satisfaction. Leave orders at The Bak- ersfleld Plumbing Co., 1927 I street. Phone Main 531 Phone Main 257 BON BON Your order for Ice Cream, Fruit Tees or Candy. SPECIAL FREE DELIVERY Prom fi n. m. to 0 p. m. T. C. COPPIN, Prop. "Trains for Business." Our office in the Galtes Building Is now open, and we shall be glad to give any information about our courses that may be required. Sea us in regard to a business training. We think we can Interest you. Term opens September 1st. SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING, BOOKKEEPING, ETC. Ask for catalogue H. R. LUFKIN, Principal GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand ,-afe md gentle 1 -irses that ladies can 1 •Irive. You wib Hud e\ery.hine; •;pick and spai. about our slablcs, (tnr horses e;ood .niimals, and cai 1 ria^es, cabs, surreys, etc, el;-,, in tjood running order all thu time. W. T- RATLIPP tor 21 it and ' I Sts Tel. Main 88 Bakersfield Iron Works OIL WELL i TOOLS AND SUPPLIES Phones Main 29 and 230—L, M and 24th Streets

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