The Evening Review from East Liverpool, Ohio on March 25, 1957 · Page 13
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The Evening Review from East Liverpool, Ohio · Page 13

East Liverpool, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1957
Page 13
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Forfeits Mar Church Event Three forfeits marred the opening of the annual YMCA - Church Basketball League Tournament Saturday night on the Y floor as eight teams advancecPto the quarter-finals of annual event. Dressen Still Optimistic Y Wins Title Despite Many Problems Jesu8 Loved Them By Patrick and Garrison By JOE REICHLER ORLANDO, Fla. — Charlie Dressen, the fine little manager, who used to win pennants in Brooklyn but now struggles to won permanent possession of the rotat- handicapped all last year with in- ing trophy by capturing its third fected tonsils, and a confident | Class “B” volleyball championship Roy Sievers who should hit 30 in four tries in the Area Sports home runs.” ! Festival Saturday at Columbus. Dressen’s tentative starting line- -phe East Liverpool team finished Tnhn^« Tiithpran Fir^t Na/a-'stay out of last place with Wash -1 up is Pete Runnels, the converted first in a field of eight by beating rene and First Baptist won thei''’f>"; « f ever The shortstop who hit ^310 last season Newark in the finals, 15-10, 15-10. from Chester ®"‘y *'* have at first base: Herb Plews at sec-1 j^e winners advanced to the much to talk about these days, lond; Jose Valdivielso or Jerry (,v whipping Charleston, 15-5, ‘‘We’re better than we were last Snyder at shortstop; Yost, third Mansfield 15-1 15-10 and loininc the three forfeit winners'»'*."/’ **'''■ “**“• ' ¡IT*' !Springfield, 15-s'. East Liverpool's Joining the three lorleit »;nnersu^|^^ anyway. Herzog or Karl Olson in center;'„¿,y ,(,55 „gs a 15-8 defeat at the I think we can win more Lemon in right; |-ou Berberet,i,,ands ot Springfield in the second he said, “but I don t Ciint Courtney or Ed Fitzgerald, hptwppn thp twn tpams. catcher. forfeit victories Methodist, Anderson Methodist and First Presbyterian, respectively. In the quarter - finals were Chester Christian. St. Aloysius, B o V c e ^ . Methodist, Second United Presby-j improve our posi- terian and Newell Presbyteria;i. jjgg Chester Christian topped First fgj. jast place a year ago. Well. Metnodist, 25-18; St. Aloysius wal-iyyp finished seventh. This time we game between the two teams. Chuck Slobbs <15.1,5i. Pedro W« games were played in each Ramos < 12 - 101 , Camilo Pa.cuaL J'.®» Í6-18Í. Ted Abernathy H 2 1 R at the winner of each bracket was de- loped Second Presbyterian. 43-17;! «should move up a notch or two.' Louisville» and Dcan'stone ( 5 7 HCidfd Boyce Methodist beat Oakland Free But I don’t know whom we’re go- comprise the starting five. tones. Three games were Methodist, 39-28; Second United :jng to beat out. Presbyterian trounced Wellsville Central Methodist, 40-11, and Newell Presbyterian downed First United Presbyterian, 18-10. Kelly of Oakland Free Methodist “We’re starting off with the resemblance of a major league team, with promising pitching, a potential home run hitting star in Jim Lemon, three real good catch- and Kinkout of Second United ers, a sound Eddie Yost who was Presbyterian were the leading individual scorers with 18 points each. Bookman of St. Aloysius collected 16 and O’Neil of St. Aloysius and Smith of Boyce Methodist registered 15 each. In the quarter-finals next Saturday night, Chester Christian and ■•Right now our bigwst problem i “'®<' is finding a center fielder.” said“'.« ®"'y ‘® Dressen. “If we can find one who! , j • i j j Other teams entered included can hit and catch the ball, if we can plug the shortstop hole and if a few of our kid pitchers come through, we’ll be all right.” New Argument Breaks Out Over Toughest Racing Cars SEBRING, Fla. (i!^—A new ar-*>St. John’s Lutheran will meet in|gument was raging today over the opener. St. Aloysius will face | which Italian factory—Maserati First Nazarene, First Baptist will clash Boyce Methodist and Second United Presbyterian and Newell Nazarene will collide in the nightcap. or Ferrari—produces the toughest cars in the world. The debate flared up among sports car racing fans after Maserati had swept top honors in The semi-finals and the cham- j Saturday’s 12 - hour International i Dr pionship game will be played April Doctor’s Trial Moves Into Its Second Week LONDON UP — The jury trying! i?* c J r. John Bodkin Adams for mur-i tVP ^ttOtVOOIiltU Ashtabula. Portsmouth and Lima. The volleyball competition was part of a program which also included basketball, weight lifting, wrestling, apparatus work, tumbling, table tennis, swimming, diving and badminton. Members of the East Liverpool team were Thurman Allen, Robert Kapp. Joseph Cooper, James Jordan, Donald Ogilvie, Tom Seevers, William Gaston and Robert Popejoy. The events were sponsored by the physical education division of the Ohio-West Virginia Area YMCA Council. Try Did Your Team Lose? These For Size DAYTON, Ohio (JV-Speaking of excuses: After the University of Dayton bowed out of the National Invitation Tournament at the hands of Temple, the Ohio school’s public relations department drew up a list of 40 reasons why the Flyers didn’t win. The reasons included: “We showed up two days too early.” “The Garden »Madison Square, that is» said we weren’t photogenic enough.” “We didn’t punt on third down.” “We hate publicity.” “We felt sorry for Xavier and didn’t want them to come home alone.” “Somebody was shaking the backboards — Temple cheerleaders.” “Who wants second place?” “Wanted to see how loyal our student body really is!” Grand Prix of Endurance around|der was told today the rich old. the perilous Sebring Air Terminal | lady he is accused of drugging io fi t UOj' V 00(1 course. 1 death climbed out of bed in a Juan Fangio and Stirling Moss, who are ranked 1-2 among the Grand Prix drivers, flashed across the finish line in just that order to give Maserati a clean sweep of top honors in the race— one of seven in the world in Versatile Jug Girard DETROIT UP — Mr. Versatility is an appropriate name for Detroit Lion Jug Girard. He has played right and left offensive end, left and right halfback, handled kickoff and punt returns and punting assignments, played defense on occasion and even took care of the kickoff chores for the Lion.s since being obtained from Green Bay in 1 ^. which points ships. It was sports car Mrs. Brenda Doreen Hughes, one of the nurses who cared for 81-year-old Mrs. Edith Alice Morrell, testified as a star prosecu- Wheat Kernels DODGE CITY, Kan. (/P—Canned dog food and steamed wheat kernels provided the week-end menu for five snowbound Kansans. It was their first food for 24 tion witness in the opening of the hours and was eaten after a doc- makers win week of the trial. toward world champion- a surprising triumph. But under cross - examination she described the elderly woman as an “aggressive” patient and since Ferrari had won the 1956 ; agreed with the defense conten- world championship and taken ajf»ea injections of narcotics were quick lead in the 1957 competition! intended to quiet her. Earlier she by winning the first Grand Prix of Dr. Adams giving “special race on the world calendar, the know their mixture. Judge Sir Patrick Arthur Devlin asked the nurse whether Dr. tor—contacted by long distance telephone—assured them the supplies found in a grain elevator where the five took shelter from a blizzard would be safe for human consumption. The plight of the five, four men 1,000 mile event in Buenos Aires Jan. 20. Fangio and his alternate driver. Jean Behra of France, broke all of Sebring’s speed records in winning the event by a margin of a little more than 10 miles. They covered a total of 1,024.4 miles around the sharp-cornered, 5 . 2 -mile course, breaking the mark of 1,008.8 set last year by giving “special ^ woman, was reported by injections.” She said she did not them telephone repairmen Orville Taylor and Norman Schaffer. The names of the other three were not reported. The group took shelter in the elevator near here Saturday when the storm blocked western Kan- Adams brought his own drugs with him or took them from a tray in the sickroom where pre- . reoairmen estab- scribed medicine had been kept, telephone contact with their “I know he did not get them | headquarters here. By Sunday, from the tray.” she replied, ! hunger prompted them to ask for Adams, 58 - year - old bachelor; a doctor’s advice on whether they society doctor, is charged with j could eat what they could find Fangio and Italy’s Eugenio Cas- drug^ng Mrs. Morrell to gain an and how to prepare it. They were tellotti in a Ferrari. And Behra inheritance under her will broke the lap record with a clocking of 3 minutes, 24.5 seconds. assured supplies stored in the The prosecution has repeatedly elevator were safe for humans. ^ .............................................attention to “special injec-i Asked how they liked the dog Tragedy dulled the excitement administered to the old food, Schaffer replied: of the high-speed battle when Bob “ suggesting a mysterious- “it would be better if you’d Goldich. 33 -year-old driver from narcotics. ¡send us some catsup.” Chicago, was injured fataUy when!. defense has insisted the in-i The storm severed the telephone his car failed to negotiate an ^ enable her to connection about 4 p.m. Sunday turn. sleep. IBERTYé WELLSVILLE TONITE and TUESDAY HaTMUn.' FATS DOMINO roucH coNNOis STCBttNC MOtlOWAir_»_llSA^£Aj;¿ CO-FEATURE SN 0 CKM 6 STORY OF « TEENAGERS M REVOLU ENGLISH •Anna STEN WwLITa. Lance FULLER Yogi Berra and Gil McDougaid i Pay Ruling Returned of New York, Jackie Jensen of On Township Group COLUMBUS. Ohio WV-Vacation ' morning. Boston and Roy Sievers of Washington hit homers in all eight American League parks last sea-' pay may be granted all township son. but telephone company officials here said no fears were felt for safety of the marooned party. A rescue mission arranged to set out for the elevator from Sub- PONY WANTED If you have a pony to sell, this is your opportunity to sell it immediately. The Review Want Ad reproduced below produced 75 calls from persons wishing to buy the pony. Thi* Review Want Ad Sold the Pony employes, but those working on\ CommOTl Movket an hourly or per day basis may • i i ft not be paid for legal holidays. \PrOVlded IJnder Atty. Gen. William Saxbe ruled ^ mr . today in answering a query from O-iVnilOFl AcCOVd Prosecutor George E. Schroeder: of Putnam County. The opinion! ,, . „ u- j followed rulings made previously "«■ by Gov. C. WiUiam O'Neill when « he was attorney general. Saxbe said township trustees may appoint a deputy township clerk only if the clerk is unable PILATE’S WIFE ‘Wken he was set douyi on the judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, Have thou nothing to do with that just man .. ^Matthew XXVII. 19 Matthew gives us only this hrief glimpse into the life of Pilate’s wife. Perhaps her only importance for the writer of the Gospel narrative was that one moment when her life touched that of Jesus and she interv'ened to save Him because she had “suffered many things this day in a dream because of him.” An apocryphal writer says that her name was Claudia Procula, which suggests that she may have belonged to the noble and influential family of that name in Rome. The fact that Pilate was able to take her with him to I udea lends support to such a view. There was a Roman aw forbidding pro-consuls to take their wives with them when they went to rule in foreign lands. Her reference to Jesus as “that just man” suggests a previous and accurate knowledge of Him. Had she heard His message, and was she. too. a secret disciple, like* Nicodemus? Such a thing is not impossible. As several historians have pointed out, Roman w’omen of that day were beginning to show a great interest in Eastern faiths, which offered more personal promise and satisfaction than the Latin cults. In Rome itself, a great number of patrician women had been initiated into the Mithraic religion. Scripture does not tell what Pilate’s reaction was to his wife’s note. But there is little doubt that it strengthened his own resolve’to release Jesus. The fact that Pilate did not have the personal courage to persist in that resolve, even at the possible cost of losing his own position, was no fault of his wife. The Greek Orthodox Church thought so highly of Claudia, in fact, that she is revered as a saint by members of that denomination. Cepr. IfS/, Mirror tnrorpriitl Co. Mishaps Hurt Inquiry Tied To Snictde Of French Aide 6 Yoiiiigstei*s Six youngsters injured in separ- BERN. Switzerland IÆ» — Suspi* ate accidents were treated at City j. j Hospi a! over the weekend, along ggj. with hree older persons Darlene Cronin 5. daughter 0 government announced that Mr and Mrs. Delva Cronin of 4 a.vearold official killed him- Hammondsville. suffered a possi- ggturday night in his attie ble fracture of the left elbow in a fall at play Sunday. Dubois got involved in a police Jeffrey Shumaker son of Mr Qf espionage at the Egyp- and Mrs. Robert Shumaker. 20-9 Embassy here. The govern- St Clair Ave.. was treated yes- emphasized that there was terday for a cut of the face re-, suggestion he had spied against ceiyed in a fall at play. Switzerland. However. spying Bitten on the face by a dog. ggginst any government is a Mary .Alice Mackall, 6 . daughter of criminal offense in this neutral ^Ir. and ^Irs. William ATackall of QQupii-y, Park PL. Chester, suffered wounds ^ investigation, initiated in near both eyes Sunday. November during the Suez crisis. Tn a fall from a chair at home, stemmed from complaints by the Charles Thomas. 2^. son of Mr. Eg>'ptian Embassy that its tele- and Mrs. Charles Thomas. 402 Vine phone conversations apparently St.. received a cut over the right were being tapped. Federal Police eye. Inspector Max Ulrich, who had Michael Lane. 6 . son of Mr. and access to wire tapping for coun- Mrs. Robert Lane. 520 Martin St., terespionage work, was grilled in- was treated Saturday for injuries tensively. suffered in a fall on broken glass. The government said there was Renee Sue Chamberlain. 3. “some noteworthy evidence that daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles the attorney general himself may Chamberlain. 500 W’. 9th St., was have passed information not con- treated for a cut of the forehead cerning Swiss affairs illegally to Saturday. | foreign quarters.’’ Edward Laughley, 17, son of Mr.' Parliament elected him attorney and Mrs. Charles Laughley, 528 general in July 1955. He was a So- Florida Ave., Chester, w’as treated dal Democrat and received So- for an eye injury Saturday after dalist support in obtaining the he ran against another youth. post. Robert Patterson, 68 , of Toronto -----------------------R. D. 2 was treated Sunday night 5 . 0 ^^ Forecast for a hand injury suffered on a brick. Temperatures will average 2 to 8 Mrs. Lois Rice, 31, of 1014 Avon- degrees below normal. Normal dale St. was treated Saturday night I»»Sh 50 north, 56 south. Normal for a cut below the right eve she north, 36. south. Cool Tuesday and Wednesday, warmer Thursday and Friday, turning colder about Saturday. Precipitation will average about one inch of snow in north and rain south tonight and Tuesday and possibly snow or rain north Wednesday. Rain in entire state again Friday. said was suffered when beaten. Canal Exchange Advocated By James Roosevelt CHICAGO (. 1 ^-Rep. James Roosevelt (D-Calif) has proposed that the United States offer to turn over control of the Panama Canal to the United Nations providing Egypt takes the same step with the Suez Canal and the Gulf of .Awaba. Roosevelt, son of the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt, told an Israeli bond dinner Sunday night that his plan for UN control of the waterways was one phase of a long range program aimed at settlement of the Middle East crisis. “We can’t expect one nation to agree to give up its sovereign power unless we are willing to do the same thing,” he said. When Arizona became a state in 1912, it had only 200,000 population. ROME (iP — Six statesmen ofj Hu it Proves Fruitless I You’re Stuck With It, to knock down customs barriers from the North Sea to the Adriatic. Treaties providing for the com- Armed Forces or is incapacitated or dis- with the otherwise qualified. If trustees use their own auto- PONvrzri years old. 37-inc.hes high. | mobiles on official business, they well broken for children. $225. | reimbursed for traveling 1 expenses, Saxbe ruled. to work because of illness, service Dial xxxx. 74 other persons are still looking for a similar offer. If you have a pony and wish to reach these people. Dial FU 5-4545, ask for a Want Ad-Taker, have her insert an inexpensive ad for you. Dial your ad by 5:30 p. m. for the next day’s paper. Reach these buyers right away while they are still interested. Euratom” atomic pool plan will be signed in the Campidoglio, Rome’s ancient city hall, by West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The two pacts are probably the greatest stride yet toward European unification. Parliaments of the six countries will have to ratify the pacts. Even enthusiastic supporters estimate it will take 12 to 17 years to read- adjust national economies so that KVVIEUI ai (Ac f et(Í€(i NOW SHOWING 2 HITS VIRGINIA MAYO—ROBERT STARK—RUTH ROMAN “GREAT DAY IN THE MORNING” SHOWS AT 7:00 A 0:» -----------PLUS----------- Ml STEIGER BRCKmm: JETERNHY STARTS AT 8:50 ONLY Ohio Will Oppose Plan For Diverting Water COLUMBUS, Ohio ¡J*)—Atty. Gen. William Saxbe said today he will the goods can flow unhindered, oppose a proposal to increase di- The plan also calls for a uni­ version of water from the Great fied tariff system on imports Lakes through the Chicago Drain-¡from outside the six-nation area, age Canal, at a congressional hear- Under the common market trea- ing Tue.sday. ty the 160 million people of the six Saxbe was invited, along with countries will form an economic 'officials of other Great Lakes union, gradually eliminating cus- states, to te.stify at the hearing.: toms barriers and trade quotas. He said Ohio would oppose the in- -----------------------creased diversion to protect the Store Owner Cited level of Lake Erie in the expecta-, tion that completion of the St. SALINEVILLE — Orville Shaff, Lawrence Seaway would increase owner of the Shaff Drug Store on the number of large foreign flag >^lain St.. has been awarded a mor- ships using Ohio ports. tol and pestle trophy by the Rex_______________ I all Drug Co. as one of the concerns Ancient people spoke of Hesper-jof outstanding member druggists, us, the Evening Star, and Lucifer. The trophy, mounted on a black the Morning Star, not knowing walnut base, was presented by these were the same planet—Ve-, Don McPhee of Youngstown, Rex- nus. I all representative. For Missing Man, 76 LISBON — Approximately 65 took part in a fruitless search Saturday afternoon for George D. Eichler, 76, of Pidgeon Rd., Salem, who wandered away from his home Feb. 24. Sheriff Russell VanFossan was in charge of the search party, including Civil Defense personnel, two groups of Boy Scouts, an Army Reserve unit, the sheriff’s department and nine horsemen. The whole area surrounding his home was searched, but the group was unable to locate anything. Sheriff VanFossan said. Y’Know, Old Chappie HOUSTON. Tex (ifi—The skipper of the British freighter Meadowbrook is a polite chap, y’know. Dropped his anchors Sunday to let another ship enter the channel ahead of him. Then the British ship had windlass trouble. Couldn’t raise the hooks. What with the high winds and all, 11 ships were held up. A floating crane was called but the Meadow brook was still stuck early today. Actor’s Dead Man Role Becomes Almost Real BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (4® — James D. Coston Jr., 15, was playing the part of a dead man in his high school’s carnival when the role almost became a reality. Coston “lay in state” with a knife stuck in a board atop his chest to appear as if he had been stabbed. When the knife loosened, he tried to straighten it and accidentally stuck it through the board into his chest. He was taken to a hospital, where his condition was described as satisfactory. Thirteen different tribes of Indians occupy reservations in Arizona. LAST 2 DAYS TODAY & TUES. BUNTWUIMIS MNDT STUART PtUl UN 6 TUK A aNIVWSAi MCllMK -2nd FEATURE- I MY MRTON^ COLLEEN NUEI ENJOY A NIGHT OUT—DRIVE OUT TO Rt. 30 West m ß Mi. North at Jet. 'U^-ALLYS0NJ. h 4EMMC mawmxMOf êmm Hubbard Man Named Assistant To Saxbe COLUMBUS, Ohio (J*»-Appointment of William S. Davis Jr., 31, Hubbard. Ohio, as his administrative assistant was announced today by Atty. Gen. William Saxbe. Davis formerly practiced law with the firm of Henderson and Covington in Youngstown, Ohio. More recently he was on the legal staff of the Federal Communications Commission in Washington. The length of the Panama Canal from deep water to deep water is fifty miles. Rubber Burns AKRON, Ohio (J*u_Seven acres of scrap rubber was still smoul­ dering in spots today, and Fire Chief Gerald Vernotzy says it may take a week to completely extinguish the fire that broke out Sunday at the A. Schulman, Inc., storage yards. He said the long fight was necessary because rubber at the top of the heaps —20 feet high in some places—shed water and protected the flames at the bottom. Thousands of Sunday motorists were attracted by huge clouds of black smoke at the storage yards. ^DRlVE-IN ; S-P-4.-( ò 554~ Left O b Route 168 lo Midland io lose. Road. Then Turn Right NOW SHOWING W »m’îŒ Um-HEM fi li WmaMMBDGB yiHOMHaWSÙIiKtì!« 1^ M • k. |l«r « Mi Tvt SR»I ADDED ATTRACTION THE PHENIX CITY STORY WITH Richard Kiley Kathryn Grant East Liverpool’s Home of Family Enjoyment’ MERICAN SHOWS AT: 7:00 & 10:00 ★ SHOWS AT 8:30 ONLY! NOW I IE. Liverpool’s Leading Theatre STHT TODAY —and— TUESDAY! COMING WEDNESDAY Deborah Kerr “TEA & SYMPATHY” From tho boot- sollor of young love in war! ^ Winner 7k Speciat Oscar Nomlnmtion for^BeMt Aeior'! fM'OlAMr) overwhelming demand the TWO James Dean hits that thriller the world! Robert WAGNER Ttrry MOORE Brohrick CRAWFORD, BUDDY EBSON Coming WEDNESDAY! “TRUE STORY of JESSE JAMES’’ (Robt. Wagner) If. tom físsoa ^ COlOlkfKllS ^ Q nbwa S c OP c WARttER BROS pDtstm, JAMES DEAN NATALIE WOOD SAL MINEO 'REBRL WITHOUT ACAUSr ..O nkma S cob C WABtUERCOLO« Shows At 1:15 - 5:15 and 9:10 EUA KAZAN’S cmoyyt noovctiom IF JOHN STEINBECK’S “EAST OF EDEN' O n «»« a B cop € W a » ner C olch « •VivTtCMNlCOUM STiRMl«« iULIE HARRIS JAMES DÜN KAYMONO MASSEY —.Ml no Shows At: 3:10 & 7:05

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