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Ogden, Utah
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4 CONGRESS FACES PROBLEM THE OGDEN A3 OGDEN UTAH THURSDAY EVENING DECEMBER 81955 VV'-'w vS ilii lEtmorg note: experts nave-proposed a variety of weapons to combat the spread of narcotics addiction including the death penalty and free clinics where victims could be supplied at reasonable cost Here is an analysis of major recommendations authorities will make to Congress soon to undertake a large-scale probe of narcotics trafficking in the United States It is the last of a series) onen xvmiiTncjiDi' Jrw7T- Anslinger said With one agent we can keep Miami clean You know why? The judges down there hand cut such heavy sentences that the dope peddlers run for cover We need more of that all over the He added i 'like to throw tiie switch myself on drug peddlers who sell their poison to minors but I think ever get the death Should Drug Addicts Be Helped or Jailed? By ROGER GREENE AP Newsfeatures Writer WASHINGTON Is a drug addict a victim of circumstances or his own weakness more to be pitied than condemned? Should he be spoon-fed dope under government control so he go out and steal to get money to gratify his craving? Or is he a menace to society a real or potential 1 who- will rape or kill to satisfy his feelings? Should he be banished into exile until either cured or dies? Dope is no remote problem pon to eomnat tne vicious macs market in narcotics? 3 Why is the federal system of narcotic treatment a failure? (Less than 15 per cent of treated addicts are ever cured) WHERE SHOULD THEY GO? 4 Should addicts be segregated like lepers perhaps sent to an island prison away from and kept there until cured? Or should they be allowed to live among us often spreading addiction and crime? 5 Are federal state and local judges harshly the at narcotic offenders? Or are sentences so lenient sometimes that big-time racketeers jeer at them as Some experts contend that the addict is a helpless and pitiful victim of fate who should be' humanely treated instead of punished Others that 88 per cent of all addicts become and help spread addiction like a pestilence Advocates of a mandatory death sentence for1 drug peddlers rsay that if Congress enacted such a lawit would immediately wipe out addiction because pushers would no longer dare to peddle their wares Rep Latham (R-Ny) urging' the death penalty says: know what the Lindbergh Law did to kidnaping do the same thing to these human vermin who are selling dope to Opponents say that instead of hitting the big operators who master-mind the smuggling of illicit drugs into this country the death penalty would only send the small-time street peddler to the gallows gas chamber or electric chair The big shots they say steer clear of actual contact with dope FAVORS BIG PENALTIES Federal Narcotics Commissioner Harry Anslinger fervently agrees that the severest punishment should be meted out to vendors and he raps some judges who he says out such ridiculously low sentences that the peddlers call them you might think Miami as a resort Mecca attracting racketeers and gang hoodlums would be a hot spot in the narcotics pic created a special Cabinet-level committee to make an up-to-date survey designed to stamp out addiction" Synchronized with the Cabinet study two separate congressional committees under Sen Daniel (D-Tex) and Rep Boggs (D-La) have conducted coast-to-coast inquiries More than a score of bills with the evil will be up for debate as Congress comes back into session Among other things the lawmakers want to find the answers to these questions: 1 Should the penalty be established for drug peddlers? 2' Should for addicts such as flourished in the early 1920s be revived as a wea Welcome Utah Turkey Breeders i The Bon Marche welcomes you to Ogden and wishes you well at your convention racket aside from the ravished lives it leaves hits every American where it in the pock-etbook So when Congress convenes in January it will quickly turn the full glare of its floodlights on every phase of the' drug traffic and its impact on the economy in terms of crime suffering and -shattered homes President Eisenhower set off confined to shadowy alleys or dimly lit dives It frequently hits good families youngsters who try the first shot for a thrill Then find themselves hopelessly Addicts spend an estimated 330 million dollars a year on heroin and other narcotics To get that kind of money those who are caught sent to prisons or sanitariums drain millions more from HLW And to Ogdenites see the exhibits at Hotel Ben Lomond taxpayers The cost of this vicious the probe a year ago when he YOUNG MARLENE Marlene Dietrich of stage apd screen wears an oriental silk brocade evening wrap as she arrives at a film premiere in a Hollywood theater join the fun bring the' kids! Santa Claus is at The Bon Marche Friday 11 to 1 and 3:30 to 9 PM ne irt -i 'S' i a ts i 'U Has Gone Overboard on Security NEW YORK (AP) The man who will head the National Assn of Manufacturers in 1956 declared today that the US gone completely overboard on has to be secured wages said Cola Parker NAM president-designate in an address at the annual convention Parker called on the 3000 industrial leaders attending the convention to set an example for the country by insisting that the communities refuse to accept federal government help wherever possible have no right to criticize the farmer or the laborer for his reliances on government unless we stop doing it he said Us stop relying on the great white father who has nothing to give us excepLwhat he took away from us in the first Parker declared that the 41 years from 1913 to 1954 our taxes were multiplied 45 times from two billion dollars a year to more than 90 billions Even more importantly Uncle bite of this total widened from 33 per cent in 1913 to 75 per cent last Parker retired board chairman of Kimerly-Clark Corp Neenalr Wis will be formally elected president of the NAM at a meeting of the board of directors tonight He will succeed Henry Riter III president of Thomas A Edison Inc West Orange I 1 I s' 'v -A-i I -I AMSCO DOLL-E HI CHAIR 398 She can feed her dolly in this cute metal high chair Has moveable KIDDIE BRUSH 11-PC CLEANING SET 298 Music while she Carpet sweeper broom dust pan apron dust mop hand mop scouring pads silver polish and a story book! 8-piece cleaning set 198 STURDY VELOCIPEDES 1395 4 Adjustable Troxel saddle ball bear- ing front -wheels Chrome handle bars and truss rods metallic red finish with white trim velocipede 144)5 velocipede 1595 PETER PUPPET TINKER BELLS 398 wand strikes the musical bells Any child enjoys this exciting new musical toy songs AMS CO DOLL-E-CRIB AND MATTRESS 998 Put dolly to bed in her own metal crib with drop side Steel spring with plastic mattress TRANSOGRAM DESKETTE I 598 a blackboard a peg set and a hammer and nail set fun to play with this handy combination feeding tray with rubber bumpers PP Car Shortage BROWNSVILLE Tex Warehousemen asked a speedy remedy yesterday to the shortage of boxcars they said existed in some Western states At the closing session of their annual convention members of the National Assn of State-Licensed Warehouse Departments adopted a resolution which said: comes to the attention of this association that a deplorable lack of railroad transportation exists in certain sections of our country and particularly in the states of North and South Dakota Montana Minnesota Nebraska and Idaho Whereas this situation is and has caused undue hardship upon our warehouse and producers we therefore request your honorable body to use all possible means to speedily remedy this Copies were sent to the chair man of the Interstate Commerce Commission and the president of the American Railroad Assn REMCO MOBILE LOUDPEAKER i I I i i i $1 i 1 REMCO DICK TRACY WRIST RADIO Hey kids this is the official Dick Tracy wrist radio set! 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