The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 14, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA* WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1908. Calitoini^n B ,.-., M.:^ but riuiitlti>ti at J K'-rn Comity, Onltforuia. : "^^"' " * - - - - _w -*-.** 1 _._ ,^_ L .... C ffi- ni Paper i-* 1 i in I* t-ii-olnce al C-a! , ,t* So( Mull M;i i :- ,i Month; $5 n Year In Advance For P real dent, WILLIAM J. BRYAN For Vice President, JOHN W. KERN For Congressman—Eighth District W. C. SHEPHERD For Juttlce of the Supreme Court F. J. MURASKY HARRELL, Editor and Prop. T-CLEPHON23: Main 31 For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON. For Afttemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN ' For Supervisors, First District, WM. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District, H. A. JASTRO .•*.! &:kr *•'<*#' -4 J -* -rf .,« > »/"' t* v»*-< *w?f«iA*>wi*-*W,-<i " • v! %igft *• IHSV ^ ^m ••• • T Berges Company Wholesale Dealers , f^f^^^.r UTV-VJ ' ,!;r . ) • ,£,-J tf^^tfrinai 'VJ fJ^^tJ 'i L-Jfi i r **i^_tS'r *1 vS?I 1 ***p-JS*l \TH L~*JM**V**I* !:«j'"'" r ^'ina? ^4^J&^rl K,vAj^?ti^^fcfiJ Wines, Liquors Cigars R The am oods Served in oom S " >i •. •^i^ • Quotations And Samples Sent Application •/•* ^ *«™ PHONEwMAIN 237 ib23 NINETEENTH STREET | Tuesday, Oot. 13 DEAR TOM:-••she'll-' enjoy a box of Gruenhagen'a candy just as must as you enjoy a cigar from Meroney's. stands for reforming many glar-1 in.L? nlwses, ami a half loaf (from 1 the, radieal standpoint) is bettor' than no loaf at all. SHOOTING Lame Back. t C. L. Burgess, tho Los Angeles* oil man, Is here today on his way to San Francisco. WKDNKSDAY. <uT. It, FOE SUPERVISORS Take the tip. BILL The ipjestioii of w'nn h'H is U> he (JrtcrniiinMl in ibn-,- trintK oV Hit 1 rmutt Mils «'iir dN- ;i!nl IHL:. the man who votes for some hroad principle is not throwing his vote iiway. Ho votes his uon- \ id ions. But this year, tho lino it is hardly neoessary to >.<y that i j s s «, sharply drawn holwoen Bryth« people have no more import- j ;Lm sm nnd Tai'tism, there is so ant duty lo perform in eniinoe- nuu .| t depending upon the election tion with the local uoverumeiit. ,,1' Bryan, that tho man who decides to support Hearst or his noimna- tions, hul wry propi-rly, lln- pro- pi ft pay hut liillt! jillcnlinn t.o puli- tic« in (li'ti'miiniriLr l''»r \vhom MANY REPUBLICANS WILL VOTE FOR BRYAN. , . . . Tomorrow marks the beginning ot the email season tu California and Kusttrn papers these days, and Re-' ">»"- v huntorH are preparing for ex- publican papers at that, are filled with ' oursions into the Jiaunts ot the birds K'tters declaring that the writers are (luring the first, few days of the open going to support Bryan this year, ; stl . (son> The lllU in the (luck se . iaon though lite long Republicans, There : canS(i(i bv t , K , nialai1v vvn!c h sudden- is no offset to this. The Democrats | , v , ltlacked the waler birds, will cause are lor Hryaii. Occ-aaioually some at-•.; Iaiwr ex0( , us t|uin Haiml to the oruoy aiiucMUR-os that he Is for Tatt. fit , uis for the flrst tow (lay3 . hunt i llg . but investigation invariably discloses ! Tomorrow is also the flrst day on This ailment is usually caused by rheumatism of the muscles of the small of the bad?, and is quickly cured by applying Chamberlain's Lint- uent two or three times a duy and riu-flsaglng the parts at each application. For sale by Baer Bros., Bakers- nek'; Kern Drug Co., Kern. • Unexcelled for Rheumatism, Stomach and Kidney Trouble. Ask your friends about them or write tor booklet to J. H. Richardson, Ciiico, Cat. that he is attorney for Borne fat monopoly. Here is a letter to the point to the Springfield Mass.) Republican: To the Editor of the Republican: I am surprised that you have decided to use your great Influence to try to defeat a man with whom you have worked shoulder to shoulder for the whatrvor his narno s, or l>i*bs nr Watson, is throwing a\vav an opportunity to aiil his 11 i able, a»<l thitt; is of • /-* wrongs. their votes shall !><• rast fur this j JVllows in ohtaininK n»lit'f from office. It devolves upon citrli party to jiamo UH I Ix'st riDiffrial avail- i'M, \vli;(tf'V( i J- candid, tlh* people \\r\- as- il service. Tlit* Socialist knows that Debs cannot 1)0 elected President. Does he not prefer Bryan to Taft? Does not Bryan stand for a high- The Deimx'ralic party Ihis yearj,,,. j<Joal in popular government han his trust-supported oppou- last eight years in trying to bring about needed national reforms. I have 'road the editorials in your paper ev-1 cry wrok for the last eight years, have also read the editorials In M Uryan's paper the t th t which snipe, curlew, plover and rail may be legally killed vhllo the open season for doves closey. Reports from all of tlv> country dls trlcts tell of quail in good quantity. Along the Sunset road oil men have been waiting in high anticipation for tomorrow to come. Quail can be soon alone: the roadway In large number and they appear to be big and fat. In (Certain sections of the Midway oil t flphls there Is also promise of fine V PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting Is my specialty. I use nothing but tne be«t materials, guarantee my ^ork and charge reasonable price* I. D. MEREDITH* Contractor . 211V B bt Pnrne Main 172. •3. »> <« .5. *> & »> •> •> •> »> *> * * same length of shooting and*in the foot hill region «o On7f, geatn tTonal questions the birds are sai-1 to be thrlvln K In he two naners have Kent very rlose Iar 8 e number. Out by LakiwMe and oKHher. 5 The two^ WHca'n dally Canfteld the birds are big and in large *-' r - has been particularly t'orth;:;it( the choii'o oV men. ami in eaeh o r i?nt? papers I read every day were most al- ; ways on the other side of the tion. •* numbers, ques< j The game offlcialw have been fspo ( clally vigilant this your and reports .1 FOR SALE! A carload of Oregon horses and mares weighing 900 to 1500 Ibs, Some nice matched teams. Saddle and driving horses. At Dexter Stables, 19th and N Sts. Mr. Taft Is a very able man, honest and safe to trust with power. I can say the same thing of Mr. Bryan with of unlawful killings have been far! On* ilistriHs, thai party lias ;i i-an- \\'t> do not truth. I would like to vote for Mr. .Taft, for we belong to the same fam- argue with the n v O f rafts; but I cannot do so and less S. Carlisle and Alfj i ns a niiiii who will inako an sii|»ei-visor. In tho Fifth ilistriot. Mien* is, (»!' course. iu> us to \vho will ho tho i>r the people. 'The want <Jt«htt(> \vh<» \\'i!l appoal lo Iho vot- Hearst a(lv<»calo.s 1'or up to this be honest with myself, for I am heart tan, we have not found a single « l r In favor of having theae planks In | Carlisle has an arl'est or two to his Carlile has an arrest or two to his credit while TibbtH's .presence seems to be enough to cause unlawful him-! ters to grow wary. , individual to sup- the Democratic platform enacted into; •^^§»»^i^"^^i«i»^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™™" • •" •" — • — Chimney E. H. WHITE Real Estate Insurance Notary Public. Publisher "Daily Report" Kern County Records. ri Money to loan o i a good Security. Sole Agent Royal Insurance Company, n "Dollar for Dollar Company, with "Dollars left." • 1803 Cheater Avenue Phone Main 90S t port niav tL*.noioe of the people, i hoy want i uprcentatre will hi* "nitinitosiinully a busini-ss man on the hoard who; s iuidl in this community. will enntrilMMe iiis part Inwards '|'|,<> injm w ho wants to soo con- t ' !''•,' fill-,, . t i t 1 who is g 0 iij K l » " u l'-|iaw: The Philippine plan*, the tariff tho Hearst party. lnorcj p i a nk, the income tax plank, the pop-' ho some, lo ho sure, but tho ular 1 Gunner—I say, old man. which «J Ii^Hn VT» T * „„ , hi nn ' W0llld vou consider the safest way to ilar election of senators and the pub- - u-ity ot campaign contribntions, ! r , nV(M ,_A V -h v tql . p „ m , lv finil n . A ( I I,PH..VD that ir Abraham Lincoln * "> *> ,^?>' ^V. a . m ?_ > .V n "L. h ? • tt business ad mi n iM ration of tin s ul' t In- ei'iinl y, and M r. .Itis- tro's past reenrd is tho iruarnulee for tlie J'lHnro. Ill- lias ta!\i*n an active part in Ihe "nimty's uc\- 4'.rnrnent for a inimi»T of N'eai 1 ^. is tut jnitn, ciih'-r I'ricnd \vns llviui; ho would favor the above planks, for ho siiifl It. was no Pole, and then make a dash with a lead pencil.—Chicago New or For. who will sa\ thai trie! Mid the roimty have \,»\ Iie*-n i advanee their cause nnd they him _ i ditions liettered, and who kimws play to save tho prliu-iploa of Jeffor- ^ that P.rvnn is more progressive *™ from total overtlirow In the na-' , ,.,'.., . i p •} T t i 'Mon. Judmnu fnim v^ir rditorlals for than liilt. nas not tailed lo (»l»- , t|lo p;ist (li ,, ]lt y( . Ml .;. y()ll must be tn favor of tlio a)>'»vf planks. You wen* on ihe side of Senator Hnnr. in his war PJiilippin^ battle. If Mr. Bryan is elected Iio will work to have tho above planks become law. The very fact of his election will make every ras-cal in the RoArnmont employ A ._ ^^^ ^ • t _^ is more progressive Tal't. iias not failed lo oh- tliat Dehs. and Hearst and Watson, an- all abusing Hrynn, hi'in^ more intent on his defeat (!I;MJ over their own sueocsx. TJioy know thiit four years of TnH will s*• > i ' , ' . '• Iwrnn! t<» tho ... iittl)ly tilled and vole ever uiven l.r V ; M c he has s> hv I In- lai'LJ-M i tn him, may be l»ropho.sied. In tho First district, the Democracy otTers as its candidate "Wm,' i Jlousor. Ho is a man of business experioneo, one who lias made a or' his own iilTairs, and it is certain Hint lie would serve tho county well, mid intolliuenlly, Mr. Ilouser stands hiuhost where hft is known best and no man ooubl hskvc u stronger reeonimondation. In the Kourtli distriol tbo nom* in;ition ol' Jonothnn Hush has l>rovod most popular with the poo- (d 1 jfll sections. Mr. Hush fbougli a resident of the west side. has ji wide ntu|naintauceship in the district, and ovory man who hiiows him has but ono opinion to offer and that is tlmt 'Monothan Jinsh will do the ri«jht tiling. M Tho (Wiforuian asks no favors for the candidates of the Democratic party on party lines. Tho men themselves are before tho people, and this paper that thoy arc all will so.rvo Ihe county if elected. factor foi consider. A GOOD SHOWING but little interest in the- cause of people. e in his boots, and it will make money power that rules the gov- 1 eminent today stop and think. If Mr. Tho voter "wlio wants bettered j Taft. is elected tho tariff and every conditions should not be misled, thiim else will K n on aimui as U is If Rrvari is not a reformer radical now - l vtltl>(1 fnr Fl ' 0111(int «» n <l Un ir niyan is nor a r« nninri i.iun.aj ..„,.. F| . ( u t (lav tn (h|js r hftve ijj;h for him, at least ho a side issue, (ienerally spoak- eoln. been i\ Lincoln Hepulilican. UEUHEX TAFT. ^^r 1 ^^— in Town Guarantees work all perfect satisfaction, Leave orders at The Bak- ersfleld Plumbing Co., 1927 I street. Phone Main 531 TO NEW YORK THROUGH believes ,. men who illli'lrsts of Hie And that is ihe e people to (ho fail ev<-n on The exhibits at though j»alherod to^ethei cumparativoly slnu-t notice. "what may bo accomplished in Kern e.onnty annually at an exposition of tho county's products. II. A. .1 astro so well said at the \i\X of ihe fair, with proper preparations, no county in the Kfeitc can make a bettor showing. Those fairs are indeed educalion- in the Wost. Orange Groves of South era California; Cotton IT PUTS A HORSE in full dross, as ii wore, to taUc the road in a sot of our handsome harness. Tho beat animal makes a poor show in a cheap or has-hoen outfit. If you | want something swell for a stylish, j quick stopper, just call and we'll meet your ideas to a T, in either single or double harness. Prices? Just right. A complete line of winter robe* and blankets, gloves and carriage trimmings at the PIONKER HARNESS 8HOP MATTSON BROS. Phone Main BON BON order for Fruit Ices or Can 8PE Fields of Texas and Louis Cream laua. OIAL FREE DELIVERY From FOUR AND ONE-HAuF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. COPPIN, Prop ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED •TEAMERI * ANY -1 :. i rt M i 'i\it. Westerners o»r vi I'.npenaics ii tncy <: -f^fi| will ooin from V. al, and much «-oo. them jn the future if the i\x iural and horticultural nnd stock raising interests he kept in the foreground. Tlu» excellent response <>f the ? >ro- this year domonstrales tliat k««m interest can h(» H roused in tViose animal fairs, and oroditahle is the present display, that oV a year from now can he made one of the I'm ON I in California. AVOID SIDE ISSUES. No American cili/eu should cents Frtinclsco "Trains for Business." Our office In the Galtea Building IB now open, and we shall be glad to give any information about our courses that may be required. See us in regard to a business training. We think we can interest you. Term opens September 1st. SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING, BOOKKEEPING, ETC. Ask for catalogue H. R. LUFKIN, Principal Jlx •,' OIL''WELL TOOLS AND SUPPLIES Phones Main 29 and 230—L, M and 24th Streets

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