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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah • Page 3

The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah • Page 3

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:

SATURDAY EVENING MARCH 23 1942 THE OGDEN STANDARD-EXAMINER Dr rane Embroideries for Towel? CHURCHES SOET St Case Records JAPS REPORT UX'ATTACK' First Baptist Rev Pftheme "The Master of the Cen- Whlttemore 7 mm luries vyiieruurjr i nw Blen Aime" Charminade Post- a Bible Nine forty-five lude: "Alle Gretto" Schuman school AND Planting daze (PI cam addrea letters as folio wi: Dr Georje Crane Hopkins Syndicate 620 North Mlchi-fta Boulevard Chicago ELL) Her Is a grandmother whose ewe very much like Judy's which I described earlier thli week It Is necessary to eliminate the possible organic basil for such behavior to that you don't work an Injustice on your loved ones But after you are sure that their apparent invalidism Is an act that they stage for gaining sympathy It Is well to follow the procedure so ably Illustrated by Zelma's daughter In today's case Nine forty-five a Sunday school Six-thirty Youth Fellowship meeting Dr Schofield will speak on "Training for Living" Eight Evening worship service held In the church Dr Schofield will preach on "We're on the Spot" The junior church meets at eleven o'clock community house Miss Helen Spessard directs this At nine-thirty a Dr Schofield will be the speaker over KLO Theme: "Lighting Candles in the Night Gladys Vandercook will sing "Consider the Lilies" Sol'3 getting his patch of corn (for cornyj stories) ready this year and he isn't going to hoard any of it until after we straighten out Hirohito's eyes Louis planted Eleven a Morning worship quartette "The Palms Sermon by the pastor "Who Am Six-ten Young People's prayer service Six-thirty Six-thirty Judson Fellowship Seven-thirty Evening service Inspiring song service chorus choir Sermon by the pastor Monday seven -thirty Boy Scouts Monday seven-thirty Choir rehearsal at church Wednesday seven-thirty Prayer meeting Wednesday eight-thirty Choir rehearsal Saturday two Sanura Golly meets with Shirley Burnett 3213 Child Saturday seven-thirty rn Choir rehearsal at the church Eva nston Fire en Gain Top Honors EVANSTON Wyo March The Evanston fire department has received an award from the National Protection association rating the local organization as first in the state of Wyoming for educational activities promoted here during fire prevention week This award was presented to Fire Chief A Davis by Spauld-Ing in behalf of the chamber of commerce at their regular weekly meeting at which 19 members and two guests were present and Watts presided Lecjion Auxiliary Leader To Visit Evanston Group EVANSTON Wyo March 28-Mrs Buster Estes of Laramie department president of the American Legion auxiliary will make her official visit to Evanston Monday April 6 A seven o'clock dinner is being planned Auxiliary members and junior auxiliary members will be in attendance Mrs A Parsons chairman assisted by Mrs Arden Norman Mrs John Priborsky Mrs Harry Pfisterer Mrs George Lloyd Mrs Swan Borg Mrs Ernest Heward Mrs Herman Olson and Mrs Clifford Spencer SAN FRANCISCO March 28 The Hsinking Manchukuo radio declared today that two waves of Jap airplanes flew over Los Angeles and Its aircraft factories two days after President Roosevelt made his fireside chat (on Feb 23) Anti-aircraft guns went Into action in the Los Angeles arae early on the morning of Feb 25 and army i authorities said at that time that unidentified aircraft probably enemy had been observed Hsinking radio controlled by the Japs thus gave the first confirmation from axis sources of the raid: "Roosevelt said in his fireside chat that the United States would be safe from enemy attack and submarines yet as he spoke Jap submarines were destroying the California coast "Two days later U-boats sank eight ships off the American coasts and two waves of Jap planes flew over Los Angeles and its aircraft factories" When Sol gets his' bald pate hair cut (de-fur-ed) they'll be able to stuff a few pillows yells Aloy-sus the office boy getting ready for the (turn off the fan) The Salvation Army 253 Twenty-fifth Major and Mrs Heg-gum officers In charge Sundav school at ten a He's been deferred long enough "Holiness service at eleven a Hi ho weathero with 45 degrees Young peoples service at six Salvation meeting at seven forty-flv ti Public services also on maximum Friday and 22 degrees minimum No precip One year ago if you care maximum temperature was 64 degrees and 43 degrees warmer don't you 5342 Wednesday and Saturday evenings at eieht o'clock First Church of the Kazarene Rev Lester Johnston pastor 2635 Grant Sunday school ten a Morning worship eleven o'clock Young People's service six forty-five Ladies Home league meets every Thursday at two Corps Ca By MRS ANNE CABOT high The colors used are red dets and Girl Guards meet every This cross-stitch rieey eoes to green blue and yellow Use them Thursday at four Junior society service six forty five Evening Evangelistfc service St Paul' Lutheran seven-thirty market but he also is a very enterprising "man-about-the-house" In his spare time he feeds the chickens straightens up the pantry shelves oainta the house slaos oh Church (Missouri Paul SALLY'S MATE DRAFTED RED LODGE Mont March 2S (AP) Thurkel (Turk) Greenough 34-year-old rodeo star and' husband of fan dancer Sally Rand has been ordered by his draft board to report April 13 for an army physical examination friends said today He will take the examination at Missoula Mont Bible study and prayer meeting eigni weanesday 1 on toweis or on unbleached muslin squares for a child's crib spread To obtain transfer patterns for the Piggy Towels (Pattern No 5342) color chart for working amounts of materials specified send 10 cents in coin your name and address and the pattern number to Anne Cabot The Ocden Hansen pastor Regular services are now being held in the Utah Power Light Co auditorium 2324 Washington his chefs hat and bakes a fine Cottage prayer meeting eight naay Every church in town shouH be filled to capacity this Sunday Sunday school and adult Bible classes meet at nine forty-rive a Divine worship is at eleven Standard-Examiner Today's Pattern for ourselves so that we may prove what we believe and are talking about The Church of Christ is a remnant of the church of 1830' bearing the same name teaching the same doctrine believing the same truth and holding the same revelations and we enjoy the same spirit Preaching every Sunday at seven-thirty by Elder John De Groot All are welcome to attend catce and does all the family errands on his little bicycle It's a pleasure to have accomplished Peter Piggy on your kitchen towels The children will adore him and the grownups will get a smile out of his antica! Each figure is about 5 Inches' Leona the office vamp repeats: When God gave out brains I thought He said trains And I missed mine When God gave but looks I thought He said books And I didn't want any When God gave out noses I thought He said roses And I wanted a Big Red one When God gave out ears I thought He said beers So I wanted two long ones When God gave out legs I thought He said kegs And I wanted two short fat ones Boy! Am I a Mess! mornxng and If you are not in church it is your fault that there are empty seats In everv ehurrh fn A A cordial invitation Is extended to all Ji: service 149 New Montgomery street San Francisco Calif Inclose 1 cent postage for each pattern ordered- i town Why don't you stir yourself In the special Palm Sunday tomorrow morning the pastor around Sunday morning and at will speak on the subject: "With tena service some place The TONIGHT Christ At the Crossroads" Miss Church of the Naxarene gives you a special invitation to her services rection Pearl Curran Mrs A Anderson Trio the Misses Henderson Ethel Mae Pasch and Rodney An derson will be admitted to the con gregation by the rite of confirma tion The Elim Lutheran church of Twenty-third and Jefferson On Friday evening at eight o'clock the regular Good Friday carl Bergquist pastor Residence: 22S0 Adams Ave Sunday March 29 Palm Sunday Dance with the Best Crowd In Utah's Finest Ballroom CIIAS KNIGHT AND HIS 12-riECE ORCHESTRA Admission 50t Men In Uniform uommunion service will be held "The Power of the Cross" will be The Sundav school CASE X-1L2: Zelma aged 64 Is a widowed grandmother "My father used to baby her a great deal" her daughter Informed me "If she cut her finger or stubbed her toe he was always there with the Iodine bottle and tape or bandages "He hovered around her like a hen with only one chick And Mother learned to dramatize her ailments in order to keep hiVn waiting upon her hand and foot "We youngsters soon got her number but decided If Father wanted to treat her that way it was his business "But now he has died and she spends a few months with each of us children As you might expect she wants us to carry on as Father did "But we get tired of it knowing that ahe is putting on much cf her supposed illness Grandstanding Grandma "She professes to have severe choking spells which she fears will kill her "Father used to run and get a cup of hot water with lemon which she would drink to relieve herself "I asked the doctor to give her a thorough physical examination when she first came to live with us He said she was In good condition and ought to live for many years "But she doesn't like this doctor as a consequence She thinks he doesn't know his business "II my husband and I want to go out at night she worries lest she may have another attack "But I tell her simply to fix a cup of hot water with some lemon and she will be all right "I notice however that she never has used any of the lemons In our absence so she must not be having any attacks When I am at home with her though she may occasionally have one of her choking spells especially if we have company in the house "It may seem that I am frightfully callous and cruel to my own mother Dr Crane but I am relying on the doctor's statement that she is organically in good condition "If I were to Indulge her as my father used to do Td have ta be at her elbow a dozen times a day "Like a child she subconsciously takes advantage of me if I give her an inch "After she has visited with us for a few months she goes to stay with my sister New Audience for an Old Act "When ahe first arrives sie again has frequent choking spells She seems to dust off her old repertoire "But my sister Ignores most of these bids for attention just as I do so she soon quits staging her act the topic of the pastor's message Everyone ia invited Thos who Butchers Warned On Prices of Pork expect to partake of the Sacrament class will meet at ten a Our morning worship service will be held at eleven o'clock The pastor will speak on the sermon theme "And the Hour Came" The choir under the direction of Mr A are requested to be present at seven-thirty for a special prepara tory worsmp The adult instruction class meet WASHINGTON March 2 AP Forbes will render the selection "Ride on Rjrf nn in nr on Tuesday evening at seven-thirty Retail butchers were warned today Strangers and visitors are most tnat the office of price adminis in ine parsonage Children's confirmation classes Embry Chapel A 2817 Pingree Rev Glascow minister Nine-thirty a Sunday school Ten a Adult class Mrs Henry superintendent Eleven a Morning worship Theme "Saving Others" Music by Junior choir Mrs Stevens president Mrs Betty Stewart pianist Six A league Seven-thirty Evening service Eight Class meeting and praise service Eight Wednesday Progressive club meeting Two Missionary society Seven Senior choir rehearsal Seven Saturday Junior choir rehearsaL At six-thirty Saturday the young people will go to First Baptist in their young people's meeting April Is Easter Sunday tand baptizing Come and worship with us at Embry chapel the stranger's home (mm welcome at our services Monday eveninr at eic-ht fWv tration will crack down sharply If they fail to keeD oork nrodurt The Wall Avenue Baptist Church Wall avenue Martin Jones minister Nine forty-five Bible school Mrs Nellie Hamilton superintendent Eleven a morning worship Anthem followed by special music by the choir Miss Virginia White at the piano Sermon by the pastor "If So What Then?" Six-thirty Mrs Delcie Wood president Seven-thirty evening worship Congregational singing Monday four-thirty Star Light Band Miss Florence Fay McKnight president Seven-thirty all clubs meet Pastor's aid will also meet Mrs Hattie Stewart and Mrs Minnie White are the presidents Wednesday six prayer and praise service Thursday seven-thirty choir rehearsal Miss" Virginia White director Friday seven-thirty business meeting iMr Osie Stewart chairman 1 five of the choir will be heard over prices within mid-March levels will meet on Tuesday and Friday afternoons at four-fifteen The Sunday school teachers will meet on Thursday evening at seven o'clock station KLO They will present hymns sung during the Lenten Students Under 1G Years 15c Till 5 Evenings 20c service In church at eight o'clock Social after service following Theme "The Greatest Ability of Earthly Men" Boy Scout meet in church Tuesday night Girl Scout meet in church Thursday afternoon Real need for sewing aid in Red Cross rooms Monday Morning music-Prelude Nocturn Chopin Postlude Marche Pontificates! Mozart Mrs Delbert Foulger Violin solo Reverie Kuhn Miss Ver Deen Webb Brass quartet Prayer Perfect Stimson Old Refrain Fontelle Wayne Rogers Vernon Dieu Jean West Fay Hanson 1 Solo Consider the Lilies of the -Field Topliff My Redeemer Mac Granahan Mrs Bruce I McQuarrie Male chorus The Palms Faure Jerusalem Parker Morning Speaks Ogden Male Singers Evening music in church at eight o'clock jv Prelude Meditation In FFondet Postlude Recessional Kluber Mrs Delbert Foulger Violin offertory Swallow Song Dobesky Ver Deen Webb Solo The Forest Green Ames Miss Loyal Christenson Sermon theme "The World In 1942" "The Crowning Gift of Man" A social after-service will follow the evening service First Church of Christ Scientist corner of Monroe and Twenty- Tuesday between the hours of The choir will rehearse on evening at eight o'clock at ten ana lour the Dorcas society will sew for the Red Cross at their ztzy Aionroe There will be no younsr tieoDle'a Headquarters on Twenty-fourth meeting this Friday because of the street On Good Frldav th Ellm Tjih special cnurcn service You are invited to listen tn th eran church will hold communion services in the evnlnc at trvt Lutheran hour every Sunday after noon at two -o'clock over station The Rev Carl Anderson of Salt KLO and the Mutual Broadcasting All prices includ Federal and State Taxes Matinees 200 Evenings 250 Kiddies 100 system city will deliver the sermon The junior confirmation class will meet in the church mtHnn 3f urday morning at ten First Congregational Church 2464 Adams William A Tyler minister Residence 907 Twenty-fifth LAST TIMES TODAY! PARAMOUNT STARTS SUNDAY Protectant Episcopal Memorial Church of the Good Shnh The Assembly of God 469 Twenty-ninth street CL Hirschy pastor Sunday school ten a Classes Palm Sunday will be celebrated den's "Little Church Around the A Grand Program for the Entire Family! by special features Our guest musician Mrs Doris Fetscher will corner urant avenue at Twenty-forth street Th use as soios on the violin "Angel's Argyle rector 1545 Twenty-fourth Serenade" by Braga and "The THREE FIANCEES NOT ENOUGH- Palms" su-eei Jjiai 2-3534 The church -is Ih Organ numbers by Mrs Arthur E'S WORKING ON A FOURTH! 1 i for all ages Morning worship eleven a Children's church seven-thirty Evangelist Sister Docta is still holding meetings and God Is blessing Come and enjoy the services with us Good singing and good sound preaching "He that be-lieveth in the Son hath everlasting life but the wrath of God abideth on him" John 3:38 open to tbe public daily from nine a to five we extend a cordial welcome In Christ's name to all to join In our worship Palm Sunday elcht a -m lArson will be: "The Holy City" by Miles "Litany" by Mozart and "Hallelujah" by Haydn The Palm Sunday sermon by the fourth holds regular Sunday morn "I suppose that a lifetime -of be ing services at eleven o'clock and Wednesday evening testimonial ing oi the Palms and Holy Com pastor will be entitled "The Cry lng babied by my father has mad her crave the spotlight Maybe we w-tmw meetings at eight Sunday school convenes at nine fortv-fiv a or tne orgotten Communion will follow the ser mon aurca scnool worship service shouldn't blame her too much for trying to reassert her dominance Casanova was a piker compared with this guy I He's the great lover of the decade with four fighting fiancees out to make him a husband I Reading rooms located at room Sunday school at ten John fiaeven a Morning prayer and sermon Organ selections by Mrs a Radle prelude "Cavatina" by through thus becoming a semi- invalid Thomas superintendent Morning worship at eleven xaii rosuude "March Pontifi "But I have practiced your ad cal oy oounod mi ruesei building 2411 Kiesel are open to the public from eleven a to four-thirty daily except Sundays and holidays "Realty" Is the subject of the lesson-sermon to be read In all Churches of Christ Scientist on vice Lr Crane of tactfully show i Aionaay Tuesday Wednesday and Maundy Thursday Seven-thirty I i 3 i lng her that she loses more than ahe gains by playing the invalid The Woman's club will meet at the home of Mrs Emma Nopper 1343 Twenty-first street on Thursday April 2 at two-thirty Mrs Ella Van Why will be assist role i "We take her to shows or parties j3v r-'- )x: aunaay March 29 The public is invited tn nTr 11017 communion Children Lenten service Tuesday only at four Good Friday-Twelve to three ant hostess when she is feeling all rizhL 'so the church services and to enjoy I have noticed that she stays well Ui ur uaxas agony when such entertainment Is In the wuca you can leave when Japanese Union Christian Church at Twenty-third and Jefferson Rev Tosuke Ota minister 243 West First South Salt Lake Citv Mrs offing Don't you think that I am correct In' my treatment of my jrou muse 4Even-rour Ho me privileges or the reading rooms First Christian Church Twenty fourth and Madison Utter-back minister Special Palm Sunday program Ten a Bible school i motner ur crane Eleanor Burnett Tyler director of Church of Christ (Restored April 6 1930) with headquarters at Independence Mo i Sunday school will be held in the home of Mrs John De Groot superintendent at 468 River Drive at eleven a Sunday We extend a friendly invitation to adults and children of every nationality and belief to attend our Sunday school so that they may be taught to build up their characters that i they may become good citizens of God as well as of our country Our teachings are from the Bible Everyone will feel a warm welcome No collections taken Let us come together and discuss the different beliefs and religions and find the one that teaches the doctrines nearest to the Scriptures that can stand the test There are those who add to the Bible and there are those who take off and there are those who receive revelations but do we all belong to the remnant of the everlasting church? Let us talk over these subjects and find the truth (Always write to Dr Cran In religious education 907 Twenty- care of this newspaper Inclosing it 1 A 3 riat ana nine a Holy Communion Nine forty-five a- Church a long stamped sell-addressed en elope and a dime to cover tvBlnz mm uiai 7405 Sunday ten a church school Two-thirty nu adult services Four-thirty mn Christian Endeavor The' last Lenten Devotions tnofferin Elevn a Fes- Eleven a worship Sermon theme Christ the King Special music: Solo Frank Lorance trio or printing costs when you seek 7-7 Paramount Presents personal advice or one of his psy- noiy wmmunion and sermon The Methodist Church Jefferson me nenaerson sisters girls' a will be In charge of Eiko Tsuka capella chorus cnojogicaa enarts) (Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate Inc) moto "The Safety of Sacrifice" Is MADELEINE CARROU xwenty-sixth streets Walter 1S7T! tne subject Seven Christian Endeavor Eight evenins worshin xencn pastor Helen Spes- Professor Markham of Weber Wednesday eieht special Jwlorai stant Today Dr Charles Schofleld college will be the guest speaker for the discussion neriod service Sermon Completing Our SHRINE CLUB TO At two-thirty the Layton I' WU1 Sta with us his frcUD? mission for Holy Week Ann Aae a atners Tasks Special music: The choir: solo Mrs Pete Lenz: duet Sunday scnool will meet Misses Marjorie and Joyce Taylor iVCe Organ preparation for worship -To TENDER HONORS inursday eight the Holy communion Sermon by the Rev Wm Whittemore of the First OAOP "Coma Aa Ton Are" First Presbyterian Church John Edward Carver pastor Morning Palm Sunday service In Orpheum theatre at eleven o'clock Theme "The Christ of 1942" Sunday school will meet in church at EN Baptist church Solo The Resur S'V" Worship The ser- At the March luncheon meetinz Tour Family Theatre preached by Dr of the Ogden Shrine club to be rnone z-097 And This Thrilling First-Run Musical Western Hit! acnofield Denver The nine iorty-nve xoutn meetine in held next Monday noon March 30 In Dick's cafe the "Old Timers" church at seven o'clock Evening of the club those who have held Mat LAST DAY '10 iJe IWi MVJ membership In the Shrine for 23 i 20o years or more will be honored OUDEN WELCOMES A GREAT SHOW! 1 Drama of Uncle Sam's New On the roll of honor which contains 31 names the four oldest We Never Ooee CAR WASHING Sky Troops! FLORA ROBSOW LE0 6CfRR0LL MARY AWPERSOW CEat KEllAI'AY Pre4ucd and T)irsctcd by WWARO HCWTFITH Lata Hhow Tonight Ut Complete Show 10:10 Last "Dumbo" 12:00 PARACHUTE members in years of membership are: Carr 54 I Becker I Hi 51 irred King 47 and Dr Badcon 44 all of Ogden BATTALION" 'Robert Nancy! ft! The combined years of membership of the 31 members 883 or i Preston Kelly! an average of 31 i'-J ii A program of special musk: and dancing Including an accordion Co-IIit I Tim Holt "BANDIT TRAIL" PLUS ON OUR STAGE II solo by Miss Inez Moaer and cum hers by pupils of the Reed School -iA i ST COUNTRY GOES yij "ClAP-HAPPY" AS MlcEKE SINGS THE K0l) Uv 14 SONG KIT OF THE or Uanclng will be given OPENING DANCE TONIGHT JOIinflY HIKIAV And His All Native ORCHESTRA From Alohaland Cover 5Q Each IIAR3IAN PEERY'S RIVERSIDE GARDENS COMING NEXT SATURDAY APR 4th Wingy Pitt (of Pittsburgh) And His Orchestra A Specialized Service Expert Vulcanizing Save your Hr Ann't WRITER SUCCUMBS VENTURA Calif March 28 (AP) 9 -lames a Mills 53 veteran As IN PERSON COME FEATURE HIT NO 2 let sociated Press foreign staffer died this morning In Foster memorial hospital He suffered a stroke ji thOSe Small hratra imw K(r llt him hplp yo aoive your problem Ills predictions of today are the a- I'W napprninKs or tomorrow! BURETTE FAY fHDIZlE edith rmcA-s rmE um ICE STRAUCH EL 'Jz STARTS TONIGHT 11:30 "BRIGHAM YOUNG" GRAND CO-niT "3IEXICAN SPIT- FIRES' BABY" "leon Errol Lup Velei FUmed Under Fire! Eyery Scene Authentic! NO ACTORS BUTT The Fighting RAF Itself ger Have your tires Inspected regularly and prevent serious tire trouble Drive In Today Wynn Ferrin'g GENERAL TIRE OIL CO 2641 Wash Ph 443T Fine Auto Painting Let us bid on your next job (Guaranteed color matching) HOTEL GARAGE on Washington Blvd AIn() i nm mixi "APPOINTMENT FOB LOVE" "CAVALCADE OF AVIATION" Charles Boyer Margaret Sullavaa Z7-

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