The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 13, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1908
Page 7
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TUBSD17, OCTOBER 13, J908, THB BASHRflFIBLP CAUFORNIAN LEQAL. UEQAL. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Fourth Extension Water Company. Location ot principal place of business \N asco. kern County. Calffornia. i>.» AifftTi'' nt ' r . e (ll 'S oelinouent upon J*? ln ', ollowln| t-described stock, on account of assessment (No. one) levied cm the 25th clay of August. 1908. the nimlS 1 iW'onts set opposite the as rofiows' resl)ect ' ve shareholders. No. of shares and amount due: California Home Exten- slon Association.trustee LBOAL , Name i California Home Exten- slonAssociatlon. trustee tor AiiaiiKt Ande.rson . -uiuies B. Anderson -Klines H. Anderson ... . (.allfornla Home Exten- sionAsKocfatioii. trustee lor,,I. E. Anderson vrus vrns . No. M. Shs. Amt. 40 $30.00 ablwin. Cvi laldwin. Cvi , iaruer. John eard, Thos. . -loolti-tt. Alice Ceo. . 412 nett. Mrs. Sarah' ". !',MS tornia .Home Exten- tee 279 jlonAssgcfiitTwf.f Ju.Uiertkan. Fere] . allforniu Home HionAHsocfiitlon. trustee tj. C. . . Exten- 10 10.00 .trustee fornia' 'Htime'^xleri-' 36 IV, 2.50 slonAssociatlon. trustee , for Bower. Samnel ... California Home Exten- 71 10 10.00 slo forBrleiss aBter. Jo alifornia fallen, trustee i. Warren F. 195 tin A.' 528 Home Exlen- „%. Cha Californi mopAsso . Chambers 323 ome Exlen- Draftee ten- 10 10.00 Qefatl' i n. trusi lies Hezekial .. . a Home Ext' Slop Association .trustee :hrT8tten. Wm. P 627 <'o«ls. J B. S. 360 ^llfornia home Exlen- Jr — —oclalion. trustee ley. Cha*. M. .. 37 a Home Exten- 89 10 10.00 fionAs for Co Callforn 5.00 BlonAssocfatlon. trustee o.t.CrowtQn. Cyrus .. la Home Exten Cal Cyrus ...258 10 10.00 slonA.8BocfatIon,.tru8tee forlbicklnspn.^Wni. H..191 Donahjie. Michael 831 Dorr. Frank 534 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Evans. Lumis A. .. 97 California Home Exten- slonAssoclatlon. trustee for Evans. Lumis A. .. 98 16 16.00 California Home Exten- slonAssociatlon. trustee ?or"Evans. Lunils. A. ..99 16 California Home Exten- sionA ssocfation. trustee for Evans, Lumis A. ..100 20 California Home Exten- 20 20.00 16.00 20.00 monAsBociation. trustee for Pindon. Walter Friedlancler. Max Ford. Yranli jf. rank J ster. John lifoi 'ornia Home tilxten- onAssociation. trustee Ga for Gardiner. California Home' filxten- slonAssocfatlon. trustee for Griffin, Edw. W. ... California Home Exten- . 240 20 20.00 ..-.Cation.trustee .'or Wolodarskv. Mever 202 California Home Extension Association, trustee fo.r Vqune. Jas. B. ....317 1 irdance with law d of Dlrectoi ,_ .„, of .August. ' many shares of each parcel stock as mnv be necessary sold at public auction at the o the ' " " 2Qt 5 5.00 20 20.00 And In accordance order of the Board o on the 25th day of 10 10.00 and an cti ... e secretary of the company on the 0th day of October 1908. at the hour f .10 a. pi. of sahl day. to pay said plln or Dorises inguent assessment thereon, toceth- with costs of advertising and ex- of Wasco. ern i B. JORDAN. Secv. Countv. Cal. 10-3 SUMMONS. ' l'. uunt In of Cal Superior Court of the State of Cal- •fornia. Countv of Kern. Southern Pacific Railroad Compai :'lalni.iff. vs. R. H. Qountiss. John Slousland. Henrietta PJ. Hobbs. Elv! kV. Percy. Clarence w. Hobbs minor), and John Doe. Defendants Action brou(ihtjn..tbe Sunerlor Court the Coiii (a of the State of dalifornla, in and for e County of Kern, and the C alnt filed In the office of the Cler .id Court in the said County. The People of the State of Call om- of Califor- GreetinK toll. H. Countiss. ousland. Henrietta N. Hobbs. . . Percy. Clarence w. Hobbs minor), and John Doe. defendants. , You are hereby reouired to appear in an, action brought against you by the above-named Plaintiff, in the Superior Court of the State of Calif In and for the to, answer the Co this sun County; in thirti Tty days. , within ten days of service) after the service o summons If served within the sa! or. If served elsewhere, wltb days Anp,you are hereby notified that if you fall to so appear ant) answer, the Plaintiff will apply to the Court for eiief demanded. In the Co Jlven under my hand and the Superior Qourt of the llforma.. In ana. .for the ILLER, California; In and fo tern, on Aueust 14. " .. m. Singer. Jr.. ai attorneys for malntl .Dlalnt. ,je seal C _tate of ounty of 73 10 10.00 onAssocfation. trustee Green,.Alfred .....277 Ex :ome Exten- 20 20.00 BionAssocfation. trustee for Green, Henry W, ,. California Home Extension Association, trustee for Gustavus, Henry ..262 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Harvey. J. M. .] .•:.. 54 California Home Exten- filon Association, trutitee .for Harvey. .). M. 310 10 10.00 20 20.00 5 5.00 Hayes & Mu Htjurick. Cla Cafilornla H Murray Murray la.ves iaves ,_ Murrav 'ark _ Home l-.y.len- KionAssociation. trustee for Hefner. Nelson ...144 California Home Kxten- sionAssociat ion. trustee tor Hevrton. Edw. T. . .179 Hen-man. D. M 374 California Home Exten- 20 20.00 20 ;i.triistc-e tor Hermyin, D. M. . . . fl2 Herrman, D. M 462 Herrman. D. AI 463 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Herrman. A. J. ...105 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Herrman. A. J. ...106 California Home E.\lon- s, ion Association, trustee for Herman. B. W. ...211 California Home Exten- slonAssociatlon. trustee? for Herman. B. NV. .. .212 Hoff. C. F. V..&33 Hoyfe. J. VV ...451 California Home Exten- sionAssoclat Ion. trustee for Huddleston, Chas. 239 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Keeiiev. J. W 151 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Keeiifv. J. \V 173 20 California Home Exten- sionAssociation. trustee for Keeiiov. .). W 174 20 California 'iorno F..v 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20 20.00 20 20.00 20 20.00 20 1(1 10 20.00 20 20.00 20 20.00 20.00 "slon Association, trustee for KI'iK.sen, Henry ...1".^ <rc]<. Philip H -11'J 20 c< . .. 'hillp H. .. Kilith M. .. Edith M. .. iiiK. B . as. B C'Hlifornia Homo Extension Association, trustee _ for Lagman. 0 ........ 7 I.ea. John ....... , ..... 145 < 'aliforiiia Home l.xten- vr ck. Edi ^r )]!. cfiii O-ni . ('ha ' . .4Cfi . .407 20 20 20.00 20.I'M 20. Oi 20.1.10 20.IKI "(i.OO 20.00 20.00 20 "n 20.00 Association, trustees Llcmkc. Lena for McCartney. i-. Harry Benl. McCartney, i-. California Hi.ine L.xten- slonAnspclatlon. trustee *.-,,. K 1 ,,rfs-irtn n\\ T C* '' 2V; 2.50 20 20.0C 1V, 5 312 Miller. Branev Ann .... CallforntH Home I xten- slonAssoclat ion. trustee for Myron Raymond ..151 California Home Exton- KionAssociatlon. trustee for Moore, Ma Estella 48 California Home Exton- slonAHsoclatlon. trustee for Morrow. Susie E. .30. Mullen. Robt. Jr. cert. Mullen, Robt. J. cort. Mullen. Robt. J. cert. Ciillfornia Hume Exle?n- nitmAssociation. trustee for Nagamiits. Joe I. . ,18a California Home? Exten- sionAssocliillon, trustee for Nagamats. .loo I. . .ISO California- Home Exten- sionAHHOclation.trustoo for Nelson. Coo. F. . . .192 Nelson. JamoH J 409 CFls--en.FrankA.and(lrace- 4 ( iu I'artlc-e. wllliirel 452 California Horn*? Extension Association, trustee for Ponder. (!eo. M. . . 38 Ciillfornia Homo lixlon- .slon AsHociat ion. t rustei- lor IMckurson, C. A. ,.188 ( l ;(llforni.i lleuiie Rxton- KionAHPeK'iation.lnister 20 20.Of 5.00 20 10.01" 20.01 2d.<»( 20.00 20 20.0( 20 20 20 20 10 DELONEQHA HOT SrRfNQS. Most remarkaWfc mineral springe a California. An aosoiute cure for RHEUMATISM Forty-five milea from Baftersfleld ID 41«rra Nevada Mountains. Ftn« •nm ner climate. Good accommodations, terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bak- •rsfleld Thursday mornings between t and 9 o'clock from Arlington and Accidental hotels, and from MeU-opole n Kern. Returns Tuesdays Ad- IrMB. BARBEAU & ROQUETTE. Praprietora DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Burks Oil prfnclDal oil 5aufornli r*rt»»Ti'- Conjoany. 1JV . - of business. Tx)catlon of > ... ss. Oakland, canon of property. Kern County. Callfornfa. Notice.—There is delinauent uoon he following described stock of the ;orporh.tlon. qn account of Assessment No. 5) levied on the 18th day of July. 1908. the several amounts set opposite he names, of the respective shareholders as follows Name Rov J. lov J. Mrs. ~ Mrs,, klrs. vlrs. Mrs. J Ir fi."born\... Ir,. B._LainKln least four successive weeks In the BaKeratteid Callfornian. a newsoaner or general circulation, .nrmted _and mbHshed, In the_C1ty of JiKersfleld. Soimty of Dated t LCOAL. er s 2 n. State 8th day of Jallfo: Sent.. PAL'L W. BENNETT. Judge ot the Superior, Court. Scott, attorney for a4mmi8|rj Thns Scot I. at tor. Bakersfleld. al. OB. further particulars may be had at the office of the attorneys for the rustee, Messrs. Jellett & Meyersteln, Drench Rank building, 110 Butter St., an Francisco, Cal. MAXWBLL McNUTT, Trustee. LEOAL. NOTICE TO .. CITY OF Notice Is hereby given that city taxes tor the year 1»OS are due and pavaole on tuo 21st day of .September. 1«08. and will become dellnauent on the 2d day of November. 1908. All laxcs are payable at the omce qf the City Treasurer and ex-offlcio Tax Collector. 1,422 Chester avcnt^ R Cltv Treasurer and ex-oinclo Tax '"• lector. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Sprlncneld Oil -. prlncl field...Ca Cpnioapv. 'ilia. Notice'is hereby of iirinclpal pliice of aliforiiia. business. Location Bakers_. Blven^that at a nieptlne of the Directors held on the 24th day of September. 1908. an as- sessmcn't of one and one-auarler cents per share was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable Immediately In United Stales cold coin to the secretary ot said corporation at office of the company, room 1. J"rp- ducers Savlnus Bank bulldinK. Bak- ersfleld. California. . , . ... Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 7tn day of November. 1?08. will. be. de : of uent lUVCUlUCl. Ai'VO. y l«, and advertised for ma da' I In public auction and -aade before, will be :av of November, m Inquent ac-bessment, .,.„cost of advertislne anJ expenses Bv order of the Board of Directors. A. T. UGHTNER. Secretary. , OftTce. room No. 1. Producers ines Bank pulldlne. corner 19tn streets. Bakersneld. California. unless payment , ^Id on the 28t! . to pav tne de- tpeether with an NOT.CE OF p gAL| | OF PERSONAL. for the •He~estaie~of En TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the axes on all personal property, and ne-hnir of the taxes on all real prop- rty, will be due and payable on the econj Monday in October, and will e delinquent, on the last Monday in s'ovembi r next therafter, at 6 o'clock . m., and unless paid prior thereto fteen PIT cent will be added to the mount thereof, and that if said one- alf be not paid before the last Monay in April next, at 6 o'clock p. m., n additional five per cent will be dded thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half of he taxes on all real property will be ayable on and after the first Monay In January next, and will be de- Inquent on the last Monday In April next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., .nd that unless paid prior thereto five per cent will be added to the .mount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid at he time th first Installment, as here- n provided, is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid in the nice of the Tax Collector in the, county courthouse between the houra of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m and " p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern Couily, California. 'the Bunerlo' Superior .State of h day of of the ca- „ In the Superior Court In and County of Kern. Slate of Calif' In the mailer of tl Erickson. deceased. .. . . Notice is hereby siven that In suance of an order -* **-- °— Court of the County uin-em, California, made on the 5th October. 1908. in the mailer of the e tate of Emil Erickson. deceased, the undersigned administrator of the eg tale of said deceased, will pell at private sale to the, highest bidder for cash eold coin of Uie United States on Tuesday, the 20th day of Ocli 1908. at 10 o'plockjn the.fc that dai ilnlstra tate of ea"H?6rnfa.~ sealed bids Will be received by said administrator for any 8 r all of said oropertv at his said or- ce up to the hour herein named oi said 2()th day of October. 1908. said bids must D? accompanied wjth ten he amount e IDT wine is a description of the Drpnertv ered for sale:. Twenty-five books . .. . .2(11 .2112 ]0(. Jell a Shea Geo. Smith . A. A. Smith A. A. Smith B. K. gtroud B. K. Stroml a. K. Stroiid D'. Thompson ".'.'.'.'. '.'.2'i'f> lO'iio WM And in accordance with law. and an irdp' 1 nrtro Board of Directors made m tin? Mil dav or Sr ntombor. inos. so manv s'larc-s of each parcel of such stock an IJIH.V be . iiecossarv vy_ill be •401 10000 1000 1000 r.r.oo 11HIOO 29iM)0 1 0000 10000 10000 f.OOO 1000 ...JO .0.00 100.00 .05 10.00 10.00 160:00 290.00 100.00 1QQ.(.o per cent fowine i offered for sale:. Twent one 12-guage single barrel gun; one 16 eause Dump sun. one saddle, one bed' stead, mattress and spring: one dreas er: two laree tables, six chairs: one sofa: one Ice box: one desk and chair: dishes and cookine utensils. The fore eoine property will be found at the residence of 1. T, Curtis, at M Kern county. Also one horsn § ts on pasture at tne ranch .of Dave Idox. near the town or McKlttrick •n county, wnere the same may be jected. One dwelling .house local ed In the town of McKittrlck. Kerr For further information apply t< W. A. McGinn, administrator of salt estate. W. A. McGlNN. Administrator (if the estate of Eml Erickson. deceased. 10-8 ittrlck d four sold IIH nubile auction at the office, of the company. I'tBS Ijroadw-iv. Oakland. California, rn'ii'.i 2'.:. 1111 Monday the Uith day of October. 190S. at the hour of S o'clock a. m. of said day. to pav said dollnoiif'iit assessment thereon. toitellier with costs of advcrtisine and H _ Socretan , Broadway. Oak- 10-3 Offlw. room 20. IOCS land. California. NOTICE OF MEETINGS. Notice is hereby Klyeu that thf annual meetings of the stockholder! of the several canal companies below named, for the purpose of electing IIrectors and the transaction of sucl other business as may be brought be fore the meeting, will be held at tin office of said Company, Kern Count) Land Company's office bulldinK. cot- nor tif 19th and H streets, Bakersfleld California, at the dates and hours sei opposite their respective names: Kern River Canal and Irrigating Co., Oct, 3, 1908, at 2 p. m. Goose Lake Canal Co., Oct. 6, 190S at 2 p, m. James & Dlxon Canal Co., Oct. 6 1908, at 3 p. m. Pioneer Canal Co., Oct. 6, 1908, at 3 p. m. Joyce Canal Co., Oct. 5, 1908, at 11 a. m. Plunkett Canal Co., Oct. 6, 1908, at 11 a. m. B««na Vista Canal Co., Oct. 7, 1908 at 3 p. m. James Canal Co., Oct. 7, 1908, at K a. m. F. G. MUNZER. Sec. to above named Canal Companies Kern County Land Go's Office Build Ing, corner 19th and H streets, Bak ersfleld, Calif. M ASSESSMENT NOTICE. • Rio Bravo Oil Company. Location of principal place of business, San Francisco, California. Location o works. Kern County, California. Notice Is hereby given, that at i meeting of the Board of Director! leld on the llth day of September 908, an assesment of two (2) cent? icr share was levied upon all the uUscribed r-apital stock of the-corpor tion, payable immediately in United states gold coin to the secretary, at lie office of the company, No. 2270-A Tarket street near 16th street, San rancisco, California. Any stock upon which this assess' lent shall remain unpaid on Monday, he 20th day of October, 1908, will be ellnquent and advertised for sale al nibllc auction; and. unless payment s made before. %vlll be sold on Frl- ay, the 20th day of November, 1908 o pay the delinquent assessment ogether with the costs of advertising d expenses of sale. By order of the Board of Directors W. C. GRAVES, Secretary of Rio Bravo Oil Comp'any office 2270-A Market street, San Francisco, California. 9-12 POSTPONEMENT. sion -\Hsoci'iiieni. trustee' tor Prowi! I. Edgar D. Hcsh, I.aura It • How. Waller M Cnlll'oniin Homo Exlen- slonAHtieiobitliiii tniHtoe for Soliluoli-r. Fred W. Schroodcr. Keibt Storliii!-'. -1- R St. rliiu:. (!(•<>. W. . . . Ciillfornla I limit' .Kxtpn- Notice Is hereby given that tho elate of meeting of the Kern River Canal and Irrigating Company has been postponed until Saturday, Octo her 10 1908, at 2 p. m. F. G. MUNZER, ,0 11 Secretary to above named companies lil'lfi APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL CERTAIN MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS.J3ECEASED. In tho Superior Court of the Slate of California, in and for tho County o In the mailer of the c-stato of Franl of the I, hiiv pravinu for Pil/.er i.owis T.. .120 JO 20.on , PritHchke, Clias. F 398 20 JO.OO I.JIBS. (locoa.sod. i'ritschlu-. CluiH. F 397 2U 20.uu I \V. A. Mc(,Inn. administrator o Callfeirnli iloiilo Exton- i estate, ol l-.rank Lass, docoasod. sfe.nAHsocriiiem.trustee' I Ini.' biod his nelition lio;;"' 1 '. i.r tor Prowi! I Edgar D ''".S °0 2", fl " ''>'' nn oruor oi siilo of :i!l the in u.'ill l mnvi H • ,1'^r, "n •'u mi cbiims bo onginir to snid docoden 2i t 2 JVC, 14 In for an order of siifo"of":i!l thV ....... claims boloniriiiT \o *-.\\i\ docodent. . "ii (n» i the- iiiinnD-'oK not lorlh in bis petition i H Is eirdored by the Juelg (if said Court thai all pel .sous interest 1ft on od in Ihe- i-staio of M.-ild Frank ^ i deceased, annear bofeiro ininint. tlio said Su 2v, 5:iift . norior Court on Mondm . the 2nd d-i IlioS. at 2 o'clock. In I'l'iline- Kxteii- 20 2 8ionAHsocl!itic.n.trustee „„ ,„ TrcSli"''' lU-i'iiien' F ' " ' rM 20 10.00 20.00 of Novc-ml>c-r. at'teriioon of room of said tin-fit No. 2. t korsfiebl. County . s'ii(| dav Superior . at the ('eiurt. Depart 2. tboreof. in th<! Cltv or l!a ...field. Ccnuilv eif Kern. State of ('aliforiiia, to show cause whv an order should not bo t'rainoii tr> Ihn Hjiid admlnlstrutor. to sell all of tlie mjniiii; claims beWielnir to the estate of said dcceasod. at private sale, anil iJiat n copy of this order be published at NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE. Notice Is hereby given that the inderslgned, Maxwell McNutt, trustee of the estate of B. A. Hayden, bank tipt, will sell, pursuant to an orde duly given and made on the 2d da; of September, A. P., 1908, by Milton J. Grorn, ESQ., referee in bankruptcy 'or the District Court of the United States for the northern district of Cal fornia, the real property herelnatte described, with the Improvement thereon, belonging to the estate o said bankrupt, free and clear of any and all lien or Hens, Incumbrance o Incumbrances?, to the highest an best bidder therefor, upon the follow Ing terms and conditions. 1. All bids to be In writing, scaled and addressed to the said trustee, a No 110 Sutler street, San Francl&eo Cal. 2. Each bid to be accompanied h certified check for ten per cent (10% of the amount of the bid. 3. No bid will be received late than 12 o'clock noon of the 20th da of October, King. 4. The trustee reserves the right to reject any ar.-l all bids. &. Sale s'.ii'jr-ct to confirmation by the court, and to be for cash United Stales gold coin, upon confirmation by the court. 6. Bids will be opened and reforrcil to the court for confirmation, on the 20th day of October, IfiOS, at (he hour of two *(2i p. m., at tho office of Milton J. Green, Eccj., referee In bankruptcy. In the United States Postofflce. and Court House building, Seventh and Mission streets, San Francisco, Cal. 7. Pood. Instruments of title, abstract of tltlp, and other documents, at expense of purchaser. The following is a, (inscription of tho real property to be sold: I-ot T, in block 274 (formerly block 2 north range 1 west) In tho City of flakorsfiold, according to thp map of Fald City of Bakersneld, Kern County, California, filed in the office of the County Recorder of Kern County, California, November 20th, 1008. Together with the Improvements there- DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Bald Eaele Oil Company. Location of principal place of business, San Francisco. California. Location 01 .NY'irp.— There are de-Unciue-nt upon the .'t'llowlnir described Block, on ac- cQiin' of a,ssessiiient, levied on the; h dav of Aueiis.t. l!)08. the sc^veral 14MAK ... 24t J- r l 11 11<1 \ UL £*U^Ut?t* I t'l'Oi lilt: m: * ui f*l amounts gc-t opposite the names of the resnei'tlvc shareholders, as follows: No. No. Cort. Shs. Amt. Name- Maurice- Silbersteln. VN. F. Perkins and Joseph M. Maslen. "executors of the last will and testa- nie-nt of N. K. Maslen. (Incensed .. .1123 B. M. Birdsall. Irst 1155 M. liosh .....unknown Harrv \V. Deming unknown EHzalieth Demine ,unknown Mrs. Fredericks unknown M. Elma Sinclair unknown Elizabeth R. Sinclair unknown C. M. Rumrlll unknown J. H. Rumrlll unknown Maurice SllherBteln. VN. F. Perkins and Joseph M. Masten. .executors of the last will and testament of N. K. Masten, deceased. ., , unknown Unknown owners unknown 170 C. L. Dougherty unknown.. .5 100 125 5 100 or, l-UG.fifi 4HJ.6I', 5.00 10.00 .50 10.00 6.50 5.00 10.00 416.66 17.00 order of APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL he State Bounty p? GeoFce th^o^ , Mc 9'P, n - tne Administrator of he estate of Georee K. Qber, deceased, bavins filed his petition herein, praying, for an order of sale of all the decedent, for tnt> his petition having yine for real estate set of sal ed In —-r „ pear before ?l?p:" .his "petTjlon. hp.rejn. i\it_ T —.„.„.„.,, ...... i^,, bv the Judge -Court that ill pers-nri= Interest- Ihe eslale of Mid dei <• • -P4, ap- ifore the said Superior Court an order of sa of said deced ort " IP nl8 iupe -•- /TC 1 *!.!!^;!. .... ... the afternoon of the court room of said urt. Department No. 2 in e City of Bakersfield. Countv of ern. State of California, to show cause wliy an order should not be eranted to the said administrator to sell the whole of the real estate of the said deceased at private sale: and that a copy of this order be published at east four successive weeks In the Ba- kersfle d Callfornian, a newspaper of general circulation, printed and mih- at Cou ated m ^ Judge of Thomas Scott, 1-ikersneld. Cal. the Superior Attorney fo ,. Jourl. or EetatP 9-26 E Principal DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. aualitv Oil Company. Location o al Place of Business. San Fran California. Notice. — There arc delinauent upon the followine described stock, on ac 'jount of Assessment (N'o. 7) levied on the Ibth day of Aueust. 1908. the fiev eral amounts set opuoslte. the name pt the respective shareh *-' lows: Name Atkinson Atkinson Atkinson . J. W . J. W I \y., Flvnn. Mrs. Kate JurKensen. Oustav Wanse- A ~"'- 1 ST lie tne name lolders. as fo No. No. Cort Shs.Am " IP:! ser. David H 117 100 .S d In accordance with law and an r or the Board of Directors rintih • -•-•• • •• • - And order - , Vl _ . on the 1Sth dav ol August, lims. se many shares of oach parcel of .such stock as mnv bo necessary will bo sol( at public auction at the- ofllco of the Company. No. (i-12 Laguna street. Sot Francisco. California, on Saturday, the lyth day of October. l!Hi!<. at the hour of 12:3(1 o clock p. in., ot said clay, to nav said delinquent assessniont there on. together with costs ot advertising aid expenses of tho sale. CAR], W. MIT Secretarv Eenialltv Oil C< ou 4 . Office. No. (.42 Laeuna street. $an Francisco. California. ompany. $an 9-2: NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of •Matrcio K. Gnltew. dece Notice Is hereby given bv the un dprslgned. executor of the estate o Mtttfgfe E. Galtes. deceased, to the Creditors of. and all persons hiivint. claims against tlie sale) deceased, tr exhibit them with the vouchers. lem with __ .icrs within four months after the 1 first publication of this notice, to thp snlil executor, at Ihe office of (' Mournoy In the Signer Hlocl;. Stoner d Ches pakorsfle California, the same . of 17th street and Chester avenue. 11 Cltv of pakorsflel I. Kern Coimtv th , lor the transaction of the Halrl estate in, the kern. State of California t' e phicr the bir iness o nald C.'onntv o Executor of the PAUL GALTES. estate of .Mat de E. dalles, deceased. Dated at Bakersneld. September "'.- ROAD NOTICE Offlci. . Supervisor of the Clerk of the I, _ ...... ....... . ...ors, Kern County, (,'aiitoniii To all non-consent Inu owners of til ereinafter di'Hcrlbod land.-! take IK ici>: That the report of the vl«wci h ti on proposed scribed as county road No. commenciiiK at the ' 70 d corne ,. Mini !!4 of T«'i 25 South of Ranee 23 East: thenc si aliiiiu anil au f«iot cm eacn hi.n line between sections 2N and 9th )f.Di j - 50 , „_ „._„ law. and an the Board of Directors made n the 24th day of Aueust. 1908. so many shares of each parcel of, such k as mav be necessary, will be at public auction, at the office qf IB Company, room 2. No,,,120, Bush :reet. ,San Francisco. California, pn he 16th day of Octooer. 1908. at the our of 12 o'clock. M. of said day. to av dellDQuent assessments thereon, oeether with costs of advertislne and " ' ecretary, room 2. No. 120 Bush street, cisco. California. 9-28 ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. the Superior Court of the County ern. State of California. In the matter o f tie application 01 he Hudnut Drivlne Park Association. K f ] ?c . corporation, to chance Its name .to ern Countv Agricultural Associa- l w t Ion." has hied This dav 1 ' salisfactorily appearlnc to me that "udnut Drivlne Pav'c A»soc!n" this dav an application _ .—.— .„ name to f 'Kern County Lerlcumiral , Association, and that aid application or, pelition Is slened v a ma.iority of the directors of the aid "Jlndnut Drivine Park Assocla- Ion." and that said uelltlon states '"clenl reasons lor the cnanee of the of the ir the cnanee corporation, there- ore. it is hereby ordered, that the hoar- nc oi the application for chanee of lame in the foreuplne nroceeclincs be. nd the same is hereby set for M<ni- iav. the iitli dav of November. 1908. t 10 o'clock a. m. of said dav at de- lartment one at its court room thereof n the County court house. Bakersneld. California, and that any and all persons Interested In said matter to be ind appear before IhiR court at the Uue au-1 place aforesaid, and then, and here show cause. IT any. they nave whv the application for the chanee of name of the said corporation should not oe Granted, and it Is further or- dere" :auE ind published iield. Countv _ tornla. ... .., four weeks successive Int: the dav of hearing. Dated this 5th ' The people of the State ot •»la send greeting to the Southern P*-' •Iflc Railroad Company, a corporation, The Pacific Impro".>iin;ni Compauy, a orporatlon; the \Vi-storn Dr-veiop- Metu Company, a corporntlon; 11 other persons unknown ,ny right, title, estate, lien, or inter- st in the real property descrlbcil te he complaint adverse' to plaintiff* wnership, or any cli,u.| upon plaift- Iff's title thereto. .!( leiMlants. You are hcr-'by r<-<|iiired to appear n an action IH'OHL-IH ,i/,.iin..t you by he above mimed plaintiff, In the S»- icrlor Court of tin- County of Kera, Itate of California, and to answer tlws !om\)lalnt filed therein, within ten ays (exclusive of the day of service^ fter service on you of ibis sinnnwue, f served within said county; it s-vw: Isewhere, within thirty days. The said action Is brought to (k-trr nine a claim made by said defendaaftt idversely to the plaintiff in and «a hat certain lot, piece or parcel of lyad Ituate, lying and being In the Town at Mojave, County of Kern, State of CsJ- fornia, and designated as Lot Number Mine (9) In Block One Hundred (KM) >f said Town according to the hereof, filed In the office of the Couk- y Recorder of said Kern County, oa the Third day of March, 1905; to ompcl the said defendants to proihicr heir title, If any they have, to sata. remises, and that the same, and UM iretemled claim, right, title, Interest, nd estate of said defendants, aoA *lso all other persons unknown clalot- ng any right, title, estate, lien, or ta.- erest In the real property describe* n the complaint, and hereinbefore *»• crlbed. adversely to plalntltfa owner- hip, or any cloud upon plaintiff's tf- le thereto, and each and all of then n and to said premises, aud every mrt thereof, may be adjudged and 4*creed to be Invalid and void. That the said defendants and eadh of them may be barred of and from att right, title. Interest and estate In a*8 .o the said premises, and every put thereof; That the said plaintiffs title oar )e adjudged and decreed to be a gooi. and valid one as against said mts aud each of them, and all persona claiming under said defendants utt each of them, and for such other aa& further relief as shall be Just a»4 qultable as the nature of the case may require, as will more fully appear in "The Bakers- a newspaper printed '-- '"•-- " Callfornian. ibllshed in Ihe Cltv _. _. of Kern. Sl:»to of he Cltv of Bakers _ n. Sl:»to of Call to litw. lor lit least ' .'ely next preced av of October. 1908 J. \V. MAHON. ic Superior Court. laled "this "5th clay of 10-5 Judge of Ihe NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY TO SATISFY LIEN FOR PROTECTION AND SAFE KEEPING. Notice- is here-hv tivou. that on tho hour .... un- uublic auction personal property in front of the undorsltuiod 1 !; Htejru al Kamoso, Kern Countv, t'aln'ornia. to\vit: 1 .'i-incfi pipe. 2-1 ft-ot loim: 1 larue anvil: 1 lo-lncli pipe. In foot lonir: 2 10-Inch pluc-s. 12 feet loiiu:: I 10-inch ill PC;. 1!) feet long: 2 M-inch pipes. 20 tc-i ' by the Complaint on file herein, o wlilc'.i reference is here made 'or costs ot suit And you are nereoy notified, thai if you fail to so appear and answer, the plaintiff may take judgment ftc any money or damages demanded fm the complaint as arising upon COB- tract, or will apply to the court flK any other reltet demanded In the Coat- plaint. Witness my hand and tho seal of tM said Superior Court, County of Ken, State of California, this 16th day iff April, A. D. li.08. (Seal) I. L. MILLER, Clerfe. By Ham Farrls, Deputy Clerk. 'j. W. P. Laird and Rowen Irwln, «*• torne.ys for plaintiff. ' 8-S§ NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice 17th (lav oi Octol.or. I'.ios. at the hi of 10 o clock a. m. of that dav. the derskued will sell at public auct the followlnir personal nronc-rtv ''—* of the unile-rsluiiv.d's store,- oso, Kern Countv. California, t 1 .''.-inch pipe. 2-1 ft-ot loim; c?et lonir: 1 N-inch pump, yo feet lonu: 1 <i-incfi sati - - • • ,1,-ifi. lump. t> I'eet I I'eet lonir. 1 Hue cluiiner. 20 1 -1-inch clamp L 1 urab lion clamps for holdintr pipe: ' about SH..JJ (i U-incli . 20 feet long: ;>ok: 2 large) wrench about 5 feet lone: 1 heavv drill. 6-10. « foot lung, to satisfy the undorsiunod's lien for protection and safe keeping of said propertv In tho undersigned's premises In the town of Fiunoso. Kern County. Caliiornia. or so much tliereof as mav be ne-coKsarv to satlslv said lien and costs of sale, said lien bc-ing for the BIIIU of jlf.O.uu lor ihi; last two years. The said personal i.ropertv suuusc-d to In-long to the Common Wealth Oil Company. e?r eith- ors imknowu to the umlorsiinied. That the uinlorsiuned cnme lawfully Into tho possession of tho personal proper- iv and lias protected anil sale guarded tho said propertv Dated this 5th (. hcrebv glve;n that t3» .nnual pieetlng of the stockholders at the McKlttrick Extension Oil Ccjmnacw Is . nieetlr will lie held at the olllco of the niiratlun. room No. '307 Proilucers inns Bank buildinc. Bakerfiflold. 2th. fornia. cm Monday. 'Octobor 12th..l*w, at the hour of i o'clock i>. m. of fmie day. for Iho purpose of electing t. Board of Directors for the ensutfUt ve.-ir. jind the- trnnHi'.ction of such otb- er business us mav ccyilj? he fore tw» mcotlns. 0. BHONVER. Secv Offlco. room No. 307. Producers 1 huildlnir. corner linn and II sire l!:il<ersllelcl. Calll'ornln. r36eT LICENSE NOTICE. Notice la hereby elven to all sons ownlnc and keeplnir d/»u. wl tie ifinitH of the Citv of Bakersn. that License Tiurs ror tho year IS are now ready for delivery at the flee of the Cltv Clerk. In the baseman!: or Producers Savlnirs Bank bulldiJtfc. and on after the 15th dav of Jat*;- arv. I will proceed to, Ipnpound a*t L'w found running on the streets that not wearlne the license tag for year V.I08. J. K. C0X...Poun(lrafist*r.. OS. are the Dated January 19087 DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. dav of October 1908. ELI BONNET. the etween n:i to'he corner of sections 2S. Z'.>. :I2 and 33. a distance of 1 milo, |I»H |IPP» uown lor hearing before- the said - Supervisors, at their I-OOPIH he Cit iintv on Frltl wn of !u tho court house In the City of Bak- of Kern, ;-rnln-ld. Ct/iintv of Kern, Stale of Cal- iliirnia, on Frltlnv Nnvomiier G. HJoS. at the hour qf 11:30 o'clock, a. m, wlipre anv and all persons Interested ihi-n-ln niav aniieiir and make ob- 1i-c ion thereto If deemed proper. ..Ihn Ha Id proposed road or jiulillc Inuliwiiv will pass over, tliroiik'li hnd uiion the lands ot Geo. Ravmcniir and .Mctixo Spring:. Bv order of the KM Id Bonrd of Su- iicrviHors. . H. A. .IASTRO. h . . . . . Chairman (if the said I. L. Miljer^Clork. ROAD All cut (Seal) , OMico of tin- Clorl; of Ilio Hoard of Siii.orvs.ors. Kern County, California, lo all non-ceinsonliiif owners ol' tlio liore|piifle-r doscriliod lands tiiko no- tn'o; I hut tho report of Ilio vlowors on i.i-ni.oKod county road No. 2V -le- ~cripi-(l as coniiue'iicinir -lit tin- north---I coniov of so e-i|oii rour. TovMi^hlii iluri v-one Sooth of ii:>nui' l\vni. -i-vi-n Kant: thence- south alolr; and '!" •'"i on each side of lino IM-H'-OI-H ••''(•• ••OILS -I and .".. s and !(. two nol'-s: 'i:'-nco.wont alonu- and I'd fe-i-t on t .n-li '•o ot Hue- bftwoon sections *• •• nd !, oi;c milo to coiinlv road Vn ^'i',. ];:is '••'•n "ot down for hoarlnir bofor- 1 'ho .- • -I Board ol Supervisors ;,i ilii.jr I-IHIIDN In ilio conn house', in the cjiv di Halie.rHflold. Coiinrv of KOMI. Stulo oi' California when- unv an,I all n"i- and ip'tko obioeitloii Ihorolo'il doomi-| ai'vUalilo. Tho .-•alii iireino.Hod niii'l or Dul.lic lil'.ihwiiv will rums over. Ihroiu-h and upon the lauds of the Ke-in Couniv 1.anil Connifiriv. 'I'lio Iowa f'onn.;u)v. and Amaranth Land Company. !!• onlor ol tho t--'-id Ho iI'-l of Su- pervlHors. H. A. .IASTHO. Chalrmaii of Blild Hoard. fseaiV I. L. Miller. Clerk. 10-13 NOTICE. I, E. J. Hummel, of Vnc; County of Alameda, State of California, the present owner of the land hereinhelow de. scribed, do hereby give notice that I will, on the 17th day of October, 1908, apply to the Register of the State Land Office, at Sacramento, California, for a duplicate certificate of purchase, No. 14880, Issued Jio^Ernest J. Hummel, dated April 2C, 1900, on location No. 4505, Vlsalla Land District, for all of section 3G, Twn. 29 S., R. L>2 E., M. I). M., In the County of Kern, State of California, containing C40 acres. Date of first publication, Sept. 1C, 1908. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Mascot Oil Company. Principal place usiness Cii.niji on N. K, V. section Ranse. 2.'! Kast, of biiKlnoHs (' 2fi. Township :!2 Sqiith, , Kern Count v, California. X.' ^.t i ,.,. i,. ' * * Notic inet'tlnir , IK hereby of the Board . idvon that of Directors at s< of the Mascot Oil Comtianv. a corporation, hold on th(> Fifth (lav of October liHiS. an UHse-ssinenf of five/ cents poi share was le-viod upon the capital stock of the corporation, pavablo Ini- uie-dlijtc-lv to (no Secretary eif tho ceir- poratlop at the branch offices of the Conipiinv, Room 41!J Citizen's Natlcmal Bunk Buililliu:. corner Thlrel and Main M reels. I.OK Auuolos. Culireirnla. Anv stock upon which this assessment shnil roinain unnaM on the- I M' dav ot November. liinK. win bi^ delln (iiiopl ail'! advertised for s;ile al nub lie aii'Mlnri. iiuii. iiiileiis pavmoiit i^ niadi- boloro. will bo sold on tin- r.ib ijav of l)(>coinbor. !!in,S. 10 pav tin- do liniiiu-nt aHse*Ks)'iioiit. toiie-ilior wild ce)«ls eif iidvort slm: and exiK'ii'-o'- ol siile-. W. .M. WALLACK. rtoorotarv of Mancot Oil ( eiiiii.iuiv. Ol- lU-o. rooiii 41!! CltUop's Ni'llunal Hank liiiiidintr. ceirnor Thlr.l iind Main stl'oots. Los Air-'olr.'. Callleir nla. 10-i SUMMONS. In tho Superior Court of Hit- Count of Kern. Rtnte of California. William Collins, plaintiff; vs. Tin- Southern Pacific Railroad ('nmii.'iP.v. a corporatlr.n; Western Dcveloppioni Company, a corporatfon; The P.-t cilic Improvcrinent (Jompany, » corporal Ion; nil other per SOILS unkciwn clalmliii; any rl(.;bt title, estiilp, lit -n, or Interest in tin real property described In the coin plaint adverse to plaintiff's ownership or any cloud upon plaintiff's title thereto, defendants. McKittrick Oil if prlncliiiil place iold. Cailtortiia. Notice. There are dollnoucnt unoe he; t'ollowintr describee] stock on nie~ •oiint of assessment Ic-vled on the 15Ul lav of Auu'imt, 1'iOS. the several [mounts wot opposite the names of en* •espectlve shareholders UH fcillowa: No. Cort Company. Location of business. Bakers- za za •/.a Name leattv. C. W. ieattv. C. W. (urboo. Mrs. K Jurboo. Mrs. E inrl'oo Mrs. K 'lark. Mrn. Anuii . . 'lark. Mrs, Anna . . larbi uiih. Mrs. J. M lowo 1. \V. A I. W. A ' \V. A. W. A. W. A. lowe lowo lowe owc iIOUK lfe!l:|S:l:l:M iout' iton. Mrs. E. S. 8if» ,lbbv. Gmce 79 „ bby. Grace 709 Mulcah.y. M. J M '. A •. *.'yA Maul. C Maul. C Peters. Peters. Peters. I'j ftussoll, Husso . Russ. Stewart. Stewart., Stewart, tewart, A E. W. E. \V. E, W. . W rs. rs. ( W jam lam am .latSfda' ! Vbronson. - I'airirart, Thos. Mrs T. K. I'*ran ( 'i'. . . Fran < T. .. Fran ( T. . , Frank T. . . Frank T. .. W, \V w. w horff. lorff. lar lar f w: \v w Wi Wr W |J!U:!s: ( c Wild!'! '.I'. Wlblo. .1. VViblo. .1. K. Wlblo. .1. E. Wlblo. . . E. Wll.le-. J. E. Wlblo. .1. K, And ill ac irilor nl !»'' in thr I Mil •li'iliv ;.h:iro •:lf]C|< ild Mir. ''' Board dav of -n-os of e mav be n'- iibllc iiudion lllflG !C! , i 1;!20 H" 1 " "' : wTlli law iiii'i of I)lri ''tor- l''<i Aueii: ' H'. 1 ^. ch pai'i'-.l o'^f-u u'i i'h- "Ull'Ull^ . Saturdas. our otV pay the Illce- off MoKillrlck O'i! Coin in IP', I1( '", I | 1 ,, N *- ;,i7 |'.(,(liioe-r-i S/ivliii'H I'laiili building, lllilioi-ille.'lej C'tslH'ornia. oil Saturd: Oe-lubor lilh. l!)OS. ut tho hour 'I'clock p. in. of H/ild dav- to w •it-liii'iiionl asspsHinont ihoreon. wi -jeiHis of advertising and expenses i! '!Vv order of th^^nH^ Offlco, Room Ne>. 307. Proilucers S.aj- riank nulld nir. corner 19th an , BakerBfield. CauforBia,

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