Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 14, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1891
Page 1
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She ournaL YOL. XYI. , LOGMSPORT, INDIANA, THURSDAY HOMING, MAY 14, 1891 NO. 115. DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats STIFF and SILK, B E S T M A D E, SPRING STYLES Now on Sale D E W E N T E R, The Hatter. Spring Suiting, Spring Pants, Spring Overcoating The nicest,, prettiest patterns ever shown, just received at JOS. 8. CRAIG'S. _ iWHQOPINB COUGH. ^GMMM , IND. Is all that you,need,when a perfectly plain proposition is made to you. E very-man >a,Dts V to be convinced that he is right before he goes ahead and some'rabjects will bear a good deal of discussion, but the point I want to em- phasfze^doesn't call for any waste of words. The long and short of it is that . my stock;of Summer Suiting-sis Superb, Some new things in light colored Suitings Just in,--Extr;eme'good styles,_See them. MAKING GOOD TIME The Charleston Said to Be Close on the Itata's Heels. Secretary Tracy Talks of the Mission of Our Warship—He Does Not Look fop Resistance. GAKOXG ON THE ITATA. Cixr OF MEXICO, via Galveston, May 13,—The Chilian steamer is sailing •under diffi.cultj«.nd tlie United States warship is gaining on it. 'It is expected the two vessels will reach Acapuleo within a few hours of each other. SAX FKANCISCC,' Hay 13.—With regard to the probahle action of the Mexican authorities, A. K. Coney, consul g-eneral for Mexico here, says that if the Itata enters Acapuleo, it being a neutral port, the Mexican government will not in all probability permit the United States steamer Charleston to take her into custody,' but.if she had contraband goods on board the Mexican authorities would train the guns ol the fort on the vessel and seize her themselves. The fort was not a very strong- one, but the consul thought it was strong- enough to compel the Itata to surrender. SA.S FBANCJSCO, May 13.—It ib now stated that the. schooner Robert and Minnie is not the only vessel that was chartered to convey arms and ammunition to the Chilian insurgents, but that other vessels chartered are now unwilling to ship contraband goods or have put into Oakland creek, on the other side of San Francisco bay, until it is demonstrated whether such cargoes may safely be taken out. The United States district attorney has definitely ascertained the -roads over which a large quantity of the guns and ammunition which formed the cargo of the Robert and Minnie came into the state, and it is claimed the federal authorities will endeavor to compel the railway officials to disclose the quantity delivered and those now known to be on the road. It is further stated that a few days before cartridges were bought in the east a Chilian agent called at the office of the local agent of the United States Cartridge Company and made inqruiries' as to his ability to procure 3,000,000 cartridges of 43-caliber inside of three weeks. The district attorney has had a consultation with the Chilian consul, and steps will be taken to seize the guns and ammunition understood to be on the way from the east. -, BiyaHAJtTos, N. Y., May 13.—Secretary Tracy is in this city on private business. In an interview he stated several important facts concerning the Itata incident which have heretofore been matters of speculation. .Being questioned as to the dispatches which, rated the United States cruiser Charleston as inferior to the Chilian insurgent warship Esmeralda, he scouted the idea. True the Esmeralda carried two nine-inch guns, while the Charleston's heaviest guns are only eight-inch; but the latter had a larger number of six-inch guns, while its armament is four inches thick and the Es- merald'a only one and one-half inches. The (Jharleston was accordingly fully able to cope with the Esmeralda, as were two other United States cruisers now in the Pacific. The secretary said the Charleston has orders to capture,the Itata wherever it may be found on the high seas. This includes all waters outside the three-mile limit or ports of foreign countries. He did not anticipate a fight, but in case of resistance its United States cruiser would carry out its. orders at all hazards. He was not at liberty to state'the exact text of the cipher dispatch sent to the Charleston, neither would he say definifely if the crniser San Francisco, now in Chilian waters, had been ordered to intercept the Itata. The San Francisco, he said, classed with the cruisers Baltimore and Philadelphia, and .was fully able to hold its own with the Esmeralda: The United States had, maintained a strictly neutral position in refusing to supply arms to the insurgents,' and as the Itata had violated every rule of international law in breaking away from the custody of ouV g-overnment after seizure, it would have to'take the consequences. The secretary did not . anticipate serious trouble, but thought the matter would soon be settled peaceably and with •honor to the Uniti»i States. ; Mr. Blalne Most Rest. NEW YORK, May 13.—The Eecorder says it has been learned that the doctor has positively forbidden Mr. Blaine to return to his duties. He said that he must not think of work for two months or work might be an impossibility. Mr;.Damrosch says that it is likely that Mr. Blaine will go to Maine for the rest and <juiet he so much needs. Big Fire In Sew York. ; NEW YOBK, May 13.—About S o'clock a, m. a fire broke out in the old "sailors' exchange," a four-story basement and attic brown-stone front structure, Nos.. 187 and 189 Cherry street It was occupied by the Florence Soap Company and the Harrison drug mills. The building was completely gutted a'nd the doss is estimated at £75,000 to 8100,000. l'«le'» Oldest Graduate Dead. MANCHESTER, Vt, May 13.—Sev. Dr. J. D. iWickham, Yale's oldest. l graduate, died- Tuesday, aged 9*. Y-»S s member of the class of'13151" BITS OF INFORMATION. St. L'ouis will spend 8300,000 each year for the next three years on the fall expositions. There is a financial panic ia Lisbon. The bank of Portugal temporarily refuse to cash notes. L. F. Burgess shot and fatally wounded Saruuel G. Atwood at Pleasant Valley church, near Attalla, Ala. The public schools at Farmington, 111., have been closed on account of an epidemic of diphtheria in the town. Sixteen soldiers are under arrest at Walla Walla for complicity in the lynching 1 of Hunt, who killed a soldier. Mrs. Fannie S. Bell has teen arrested at Columbus, O.. for alleged theft of diamonds and jewelry in Boston. Four men were killed by a premature explosion of dynamite in a stone quarry at Weidenthal, in the Bavarian Palatinate. The Florence silk mills at Paterson, N. J., were placed in the hands of a receiver Tuesday. The assets arc 842,000 and the liabilities 845,000. A carload of cherries were shipped Tuesday to Chicago from Vacaville, Cal. This is the first full carload of green fruit shipped from California this year. By a recent decision of the supreme court Mrs. J. A. Ne'er, of Champaign, I1L, will receive from the Illinois Central railroad $5,000 for the death of her husband in a wreck on that road. , A machinist named Franz Meyer, living- in Hanover, beheaded his wife with a hatchet while she was cooking supper and then committed suicide by hanging himself to the kitchen door frame. Pope Leo is trying to induce the European powers to bring- pressure to bear on the Italian government to force it to repair the. damag-es to the Vatican caused by the Pazzo Pantalio 'explosion. Tuesday the millers' national convention at New York adopted a resolution looking to the formation of a millers' leag-ue. A. E. James, of Buffalo, N. Y., was elected president, after which the convention adjourned. The twenty-third annual convention of the Order of Eailway Conductors met in St. Louis Tuesday. Speeches by prominent members of the order in favor of federation of the various organizations of railway employes wer« enthusiastically received. The Outilo-w of Gold. NEW YOBK, May 13..—Ladenburg, Thalrnann & Co. have taken 5500,000 gold coin for shipment Thursday to Europe by the steamship Columbia. Total ordered this week, Si3,090,000. Death or a Jurist. LAKCASTKB, N. H., May 13.—Ex- Judge of the Supreme Court William S. L,add died Tuesday evening. As a law- jer,' he was well-known throughout the state. TffE MARKETS. Grains, Provisions, Ktc- CHICAGO, May 18. FLOTO— Steady. Spring Wheat patents,$B.2S (86.00; bakers', Sl.raS5.00: Winter Wheat Flour, S3. 15@5.83 for patents and M.75@5.00 foi straights. WHEAT— Ruled active and Usher. No. 8 cash and May, »!.03H®1.07. July, tl.OOK® 1.02S. CORK— Fairly active aad higher early, now -weaker. No. 2 and No. 3, 65&@66c; No. 2 aa<3 No. 3. Yellow, W®S7e; May, 63tf@65Hc; July, . OATS-TJnsettiea and firmer. No. 2, E1M<3 5Sc; Hay, 5m@oac; July, 467»i#4SKc. Samples firmer. No. 3, 48®50c; No. 3 White, 53 @5<<c; No. S. 5!i@53c; No. 2 White, 53W@54'/,o. BYE— Scarce and firm. No. a cash, ST<aS8c; July delivery. 69c; and August, 65c; No. 2 bs sample, 88©88o; aad No. 3, 83@S6c. BAELEY— Quiet. 3ales by sample, 72<2tf6t for No. 3 and lower grades 65©70c; September, new No.'2, about 70c bid. MESS POBK— Trading moderately active and prices ruled higher. Prices ranged at S11.30® 11.40 for cash; $ll.40®11.45 for May; *U.50@11.80 for July, and tl 1.7714(^12.05 tor September. LABD— Market moderately active and prices steady. Quotations ranged at $6.40®5.42V4 foi cash; $fl.40®a.43« for May; $6.57/.@6.82H to July, and ta.&i!4©6.87i4 for September. BOTTER— Creamery, 20@24c; Dairy, I«a33c; Packing Stoclt, 6®18c. POULTRY— Live Chickens, 9V4®10c por Ib. ; Live Turkeys, 7@9c par Ib. ; Live Ducks, 9@ ay,c per It.; Live Geese, *S.OO@4.00 per doz. On,s— Wisconsin Prime White, 8e; Water White, SHc; Michigan Prime -White, fltfe; Water White, JOi-Sc;" Indiana Prime White, 95ie; Water White, lOc; HeadUeht, ITS .test, B«o; Gasoline, 87 deg'6, He; 74 deg's, 9c; Naphtha, 63 deg's, 7'/S c. HQUOBS— Distilled Spirits ruled flnn at $1.17 per gal. lor finished goods. NET YORK, Mny 13. WHEAT— Firm, l©l»o up. May, IU3S® 1.145i; June, 11.11*8; July, SI.09@1 . lOjf ; August, »1.0554@1.05«; September, K.04X(3U.04Ji ; December, il.05H-81.05S ; May (5892), J1.00J4® 'co'iis— Strong 'and I@lMcup, fair demand. No. 2, 78@79MC. OATS— Quiet, firmer. Western, M@70c. PROVISIONS— Beef— Firm and quiet; extra mess, I9.60®10.00; family, 11.1.50^8.75. Pork- Dull, and steady; new mess, I13.50@14.75: old mess, «l.T5<aii!.25: extra prime, tll.75®12.35. Lard— Quiet and easy; steam-rendered, 16.7'J. CLBTEtAND,,0., May 13. PJSTSOtEUM— Easy; standard white, 119 deg.. «5fc; 74 Rosoline, Sy,e.; 86 gasoline, 13o; 63 naphtha, 6H<x ; . . : live Stocki CHICAGO, May 13. CATTLK-Mnrket moderately active. Quotations ranged -at 45.75&6.50 for choice to fancy shipping Steers ; tetiO&j.TO for gooa to choice do ; I4.3u@4.90 for common to fair do; I3.GO@4.25 lor butchers' Steers; I2.eoft3.60 for Stockers; 13.00 @5.25 tor Texans; US. *>a4.SO for Feeders; 11.60® <.00 for Cows ;»I.6093.50 for Bulls, and B.50® 4.50 for Veal Calves. HOGS— Market fairly active. Prices 5®10c lower. Sales ranged at 13.00@4.60 for Pigs; M';40®4.SOfor light; t4.4034.6P for rough packing; J4.4&a4,83 for mlied, and t4.85SM.9i tor heavy packing and snipping lots. Just Receive FOUMCR, CLOOB t MAKEM- An entire new line of. Parasols and Silk Umbrellas, Prices range from 40 cents upwards. Also a lovely line of Blouses and Ladies Shirt Waists, at " Ut •**' Always Here With the largest stock, "J lowest prices, most reliable, l| best watch work done injj the city- ^Try my pebble spectacles the perfect lens'^atle, 41O Bpoadway. D. A. HA UK. Tne Jeweler and Optician. Sure -J^Deatli! " * To Cockroaches, Rats, Mice, and Bedbugs. FISHER'S EXTERMINATOR at Ben Fish^:Brug Store, 311 Fourth St. FACIAL BLEMISHES. The lmr((.it e.UVIUbm.nl in theworid for th» tr»at- tai, i«4 now, red vtlm, oily ikin, icne, W»Ck!lf»i)». lartim' Itch, i«r», pitllngl. powtl.r mnrli, futflw ifVe'opmoDt, «ic. CotuHlunlon F?rt, »tolnc»(ir by /.Her. 128-p»ge Book on »]l Skin »'id Sr«Jp A««c- •tlon> Mil lb«lr Ti«»imenl ienl (lealrd) (or lOe. JOHN H. Derm>U>lo e lit, 1251 For Sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist, Woodbury's Facial Soap J ^ For Uie Skin »ndSc«lp. ,,1 » DemntqloBiBt -mtti 30 rwf J% [oaf ptofeseion: ucoquiled u ». rem«lj-l« lociemn, sculdbend. oily ikin, poopl". ™* worms, nely comploxion, «w ma)»p»»»- iblo KB » toilet irticle, aad »liurepr*'*"* i-fi?,«i ive of nil -diMime* of UJB »lon »nd «c*lp.i- 't ,X»| AtOrugBl«t»orbymail,PrIo»BO«. J~., JOHNSTON BROS. "The Corner Drug Store. i Johnston Bros, have removed to the ^ Cor. of 4th and Broadway, V.* (Strecker : Bunding,) J ^ A Fulland Complete Line o| DRUGS ON HAND : T PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY !COMPOUHDB^ .*,- •''i, .'.- .,,--" V- ^.'^c

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