Lawrence Daily Journal-World from Lawrence, Kansas on August 3, 1920 · Page 3
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Lawrence Daily Journal-World from Lawrence, Kansas · Page 3

Lawrence, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 3, 1920
Page 3
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- ." mi -r 1,-ltu n. .r-Ji i i r i nun . in.ut 5i - TUESDAY, AUGUST 3, 1920. PAGE T.HIJEE; j 3 i x SINN FEIN HEAD 4 f ARTHUR GRIFFITH, IRISH ED- ; ; . mule ISOLATED IN DUBLIN He Is as Unpretentious as Are His Surroundings , Government "Says He Keeps Order ' Dublin, Aug. 2. Arthur Griffith, editor of Young Ireland, and the political head of Sinn Fein, is said to be one of the most isolated and inaccessible men in Ireland. The few visitors daily received by him say they are impressed by the un-pretentiousness of his surroundings. He is as difficult to see,,they say, as any big political leader. -No person not known to Griffith may visit him in his office without previous arrangements made by some one high in the confidence : of Sinn Fein. The situation is rach the same as a stranger attempting an . interview with a cab-j inet officer at Washington. j Relieved that the irksome preliminaries have ended the stranger is taken down a side street, usher-1 ed into an unimposing doorway and led up two flights of narrow, vm-painted steps to an office. Inside the front door the stranger is con fronted with a pine-board partition With one small door through which he is taken. He passes through a scene ' familiar in any small town newspaper into an uninviting room where Griffith holds forth. The furniture consists of a table in the middle of the room and a few chairs. There is no necessity now or has there been for many months for Griffith to surround his movements with secrecy. It has ben stated that a warrant for his arrest is ready but many leading Sinn Feiners believe government officials consider him a moderating influence and worth more directing the party's activities than looked upon as a martyr in jail. , surroundings are unpretentious. To one who does not express convictions on the Irish question and therefoie safely does not have any, Griffith leaves outstandingly the v impression that he has ceased to Relieve any English government in ( Iceland exists. The one idea left is at the Republican government is ruling the country properly but having some difficulty with an army of occupation and a number of policemen. "Our volunteers are maintaining order where representatives of the British government could not, our courts are organized and respected and other branches of our government are working smoothly," said Mr. Griffith to a correspondent. Griffith's sphere is only political, the planning and execution of force of arms being under the jurisdiction of the Volunteer army. AN AUTOMOBILE BEGGAR Columbus, Ind., Merchants Contribute Then See Her Leave in Car Columbus, End' July 30. The automobile beggar has made his appearance in Columbus. ..Recently a woman who was begging in the streets, later was seen leaving the city in an automobile of expensive make. . The woman was accompanied by two men and a baby. She entered a . number of business houses in ColAnbus where she begged money ': "'get something to eat, explaining that her party was stranded. At one store she was given financial aid b ythe proprietor. It was he who later saw her leave the citv in the machine. The party was from Kentucky, according to the woman, and was on its way to a point near Indianapolis to visit relatives. America's first cotton mill, built by Samuel Slater at Paw-tucket, R. I., in 1793, has been acquired by the Pawtucket Chamber of Commerce and will be converted into a museum for textile machinery. ISHARDTOSEE EXERCISE FAT ARMS ; i "FEED" THE ,.TH1N I' ; XV'-ixvW i,w ,as&g& L l I For the arm that la too heavy the best remedy Is exercise. Natural exercise Is" far better than rolling, pinching or massaging,. The thin arm can best be developed by nightly "feeding" with a good fiesaMKJOd: butterjs fe. JiS?B!?t ffii best "tftttener, SHOW DIFFERENCE IN SMILES w j. . -- - ; V hi Jj , . VX-AV.V, 111 , - v ... wmmsm i mlk-yy 1 11 T ' - ' , Faces such as these show the results ot victorious efforts on tUfl . athletic field. One had, just dashed ahead in a field of 100-yard sprinters. The other had paced long grind of 10.000 meters (lo.yo.z yarasj. oum Yet there was a wide degree of difference In their physical condition. They are Lores Murchisom the N. Y. A, C. flier, and Fred W. Faller, distance runner from Dorchester. Mass. BIG HELP TO HARVEST Kansas City Bureau Aided 12,0u0 Hands This Year Kansas City, Aug. 2 Twelve thousand prospective harvest hands I found on top of a mountain and were given information and other ; were "cutting weird capers." A assistance through the Harvest j search and discovery of the still Hand Burau, maintained jointly at j followed. the union station here by the Chamber of Commerce and the ; CANADA AFTER IMMIGRANTS United States Employment Ser-: vice. Twenty-five hundred were rMust IIaye $250 or Give Proof directed to definite jobs. Others They Are 0oing to Work were directed to sections that were t not overcrowded with men and j r ottawa 0nt Aug. 3-J. ' A. were prevented from going to Calder Minister of Immigration anTHitch-nsmn SU lchltaiand Colonization, soon will go to Because cf the lateness of the i ?e - to reorganize Canadian harvest few orders for men were immigration agencies there, it received here before July 1. Local Ws recently announced here employment was found for nun- Except for inspection of Brit-dreds of men who arrived one or ish war veterans for land settle-two weeks before the harvest be- ment and the bringing in of do-gan. All of these men were later mestics, little has been done to sent to definite harvest jobs. 1 procure new settlers from Eu- Mr. E. E. Frizell, farm labor di- 1 rope since the war began. Im-rector for Kansas, now reports ' migrants now must have $250 or plenty of men to handle the wheat produce proof that they are going with little or no surplus. Some to ' work before being admitted. Kansas counties agreed to pay 70 Under the reorganization plan es-cents an hour but reduced this pecial effort will be made to ob-wage, it is said, when they found tam farm and domestic help, it a surplus of men. These counties, was said. however, were not represented at ! the Harvest Conference held at j - AMALGAMATE ALL STEEL Hutchinson, May 3, and had not agreed to the standard wage, ac- cording to Mr. E. L. Rhoades, farm management demonstrator for the Kansas State Agricultural College. Films Cause Murder Osaka, Japan, Aug. 5 Convinced that sensational motion pictures incited Japanese boys to the recent murder of two school girls here, the police have prohibited children under 16 years from attending picture shows onen to adults. Police examina tion demonstrated that the killing of the girls who were carried off ! by force and slam was due to an idea obtained at a movie show. Films for children henceforth will receive a special censorship. Kaiser Statue Molested Geneva, Switzerland, Aug. 3 Four students charged with tarring and feathering a statue of the former German Emperor have been sentenced by a Bonn court, according to a Basil dispatch, to terms of two years imprisonment and ordered to pay the costs of their trials. Hogs Gave "Wet" Clew Whitesburg, Ky., Aug. 3 A drove of intoxicated hogs has given prohibition officers the clue that led to seizure of a gi- wmmMmmmmm ! over tlie glowing cmaers ior "i j j ant still and arrest of two ' men ! in Letcher County, Ky. The of ficers, operating out of here reported -destruction of six stills. The hogs,- according to one of the prohibition "enforcers, were j Takeg xhat Method of Tid. . ftvp rinanriai pflTiiV ing Over Financial Panic Tokio, Aug. 3 Amalgamation of all the steel works in Japan, in order to tide over the present trade conditions, is reported under consideration by the Japanese government the authorities of which are said to be investigat- "a QUIT TOBACCO k i. S ette, Cigar, or Chew- t i jnff habit No-To-Bac has helped thousands to break the costly, nerve-shatter-ins tobacco habit. Whenever you have a longing" for a smoke or chew, just place a harmless No-To-Bac tablet in your mouth instead. All desire stops. Shortly the habit is completely broken, and you are better off mentally, physically, financially. It's so easy, so simple. Get a box of No-To-Bac nnd if it doesn't release you from all craving for tobacco in any form, your druggist will refund your money without question. No-To-Bac is made by the owners of Cascarets; therefore is thoroughly reliable. j THE' UNIVERSAt.CAB SPECIAL NOTICE Aug. 1 4 Demonstration The Lecture will start promptly at 1 :00 P. M. at our salesroom. jMR. HILDEBRAND on Power Farming. MR. CALLi on the Preparatiaui of Ground -1'-' foriWheat. i These lectures are of the greatest importance to every W farmer pand you? cannot afford to miss them. FIELD DEMONSTRATION at 3:00 P. M. at SPOTTS FARM mile south of Gleed Store. C. W. SMITH Authorized Sales and Service Station Tnhepresibililfcs-Tf -ariiation-1 wide imergernff 1? ; - 1 The ! 'iron? market' Jontmues weak,-owing to theslump in quotations and the decrease in demand, although the amount of iron imported ; from the United States aggregates nearly 2,000 tons a month m accordance with the contracts ; signed last year. " In these circumstances, pessimistic views are being now entertained by some of the iron dealers, and a number of the steel works have been obliged to close. The output for the first half ' of the current ; year, therefore, is. expected! zq result in a decrease - of nearl jr. ;30i per cent, with -r :. even wors! prospects -Vi for the latter half sof the 'year r - t i: - . ; : -r ; One ' of the:,";r"oldest - farms in Dougfes countychahged" - hands when' E. A. 'Springer of 'Missouri purchased "The; Pines,", the A. H. Griesa frm.' " Mrr .Gri,esd came to Kansas. m.'ISoT, ana, went into the nursery. busice.SH' Qiv'a farm west of town, rhortly1 afterward I he purchased -the farm which changed hands last week, and was its owner for nearly forty years. ; Some geologists estimate that the United States, which u?es twice as much oil as" 'the 'rest cf tho world and cniy contains about onc.seventh of the supply, will h?ve exhausted her oilfields in 18 year; P. S. C. chlrorractors. Welch & Welch, 927 Mass; Drs. Why People Iluy Rat-Snap Preference to Rat Poison in (1) RAT-SNAP absolutely kills rats and mice. (2) What it doesn't kill it scares away. (3) Rats killed with RAT-SNAP leave no smell, they dry up inside. (4) Made in cakes, no mixing with other food. (5) Cats or dogs won't touch it . Three sizes, 25c, 50c, -$1.00. Sold and guaranteed by Green Bros., Round Comer Drug Store, and M. W. Callahan. Spent Fortune in Search "I spent $1,800 in 7 years treating with physicians, some specialists costing me $10 a visit, only at last to say that nothing "could be done for me, that I had cancer or ulcers of the stomach. I suff ei'ed awful pains in my stomach, but after taking a few doses of Mayr's Wonderful remedy these all disappeared and for C years am feeling fine." It is a simple, harmless preparation that removes the catarrhal mucus from the intestinal tract and allays the inflammation which causes - practica'ly all stomach, liver and intestinal ailments, including 'appendicitis. One dose will convince or money refunded. Round Comer Drug Store and druggists 'everwhere. f -Si"- -,s-"f' iJT'tftJt ""jF? -i -ftw., wj:i3E WHEN U ARE READY for your roofs to be re- j paired call Lawrence Oil And Grease Co. Phone 311 LIQUID ROOF CEMENT shingles, tin or felt. We save you 75. House paints at whole-gale. vi t.ri .TKferoper at the right price. We can supply you with high grade stationery in all the newest and most correct styles at very modest prices. . - , ' We are familiar with the wants of the people and feel sure we have what you want. Wolf's Book Store 5 Our Service To JEarmers - Ve will accept your wheat tickets or warebbusG receipts as cash deposit and collect them for you, free of charge. 1 Bring the min and open an account .with us. .. t . DEPOSITS GUARANTEED . Citizens State Bank ash.'--' '"t? hsassMJuai v-a V i A" with ev 'Vacuum, lire Tested" Tube Effective today, and continuing thrtraghout the month of August, yorrr local dealer is authorized to . give you, with each Vacuum Cup Card or Fabric Tire purchased, Oie Pennsylvania "Ton Tested" Tube of cor-rcspGnding size, absolutely free of charge! You not only save the substantial amount ordinarily paid for tubes, but you also save on the casings. For Vacuum Cup Tires, at prevailing prices standardized net and uniform throughout the United States cost less than other makes of equal quality. I f you cannot secure prompt service from your regular dealer, send direct to Factory at Jeanne tte, Pa., and your order will be filled through nearest dealer or Factory Branch. PENNSYLVANIA RUBBER COMPANY of AMERICA Jeannette, Pennsylvania mmmmmm i n , in - ,..... . ... T - 'T f itT" '"i f 1 " ' ' 1 1 .1 i :- ' ' "' v- ' ' i :- " ' -"- " ' , ' i- ..1 ll i..'.''; . DIM YOUR LIGHTS Eagle lenses in stock, all Srizcs. TsrV and Tu'ie Vulcanizing. Philadelphia Storage Battery. Recharge and Overhaul. J. L. HANKS &-CO, Phone 700 643 Mass. Stationery h?4v& ..-rxhA taSfP- 36x 6 $108.40 35x5 80.35 34 x 4V2 64.65 - - 33x4 (Other 37x5 36 4V2 4 30 x 3 (Other Pennsylvania Tires Are 620 Mass. Lawrence Oldsmobile Go, C?.!1 ike, HayPJione.i79rBiac, : foia m. rssr i ;;K:":::V-;:0:lSTf:v-;---;-"-.'v;.: (Extra Heavy Cord Type) 36x 6 $17.75 S 35x5 34 x 4Vz 56.00 33x4 sizes at proportionate mmmm (Regular) $74.60 58.20 40.85 37x5 36 x 34x4 23.70 30 x3r- 3.50 sizes at proportionate Sold Exclusively In Lawrence by m V.- 7 10.65 ' 8.75 6.90 figures $8.85 , 7.30 5.65' figures) Phone 102 t! h jr.

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