The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 12, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 12, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAKERSPIELD CALIPOBNIAN MONDAY. OCTOBER 12. 1908. TELEPHONES MAIN 39 and 86 Eucalyptus and Honey Cough Syrup is ,t safe remedy for coimlis. <-oK(s, bronchitis nnd lmi£ • ,'<ffecti<»)).s. \Ye know wliiit it is made i ; ami just what it will do. U" il does not stop your vi-ci'ih we will refiimt your Trte Store of Eastman Kodaks. Baer' Leading Druggists. A HEATED ARGUMENT MATERNITY SUNDAY AT ST. FRANCIS Sunday was "Maternity" Sunday at :it. Francis Church. Tht> second Sun- flay of October each year Is dedicated to that topic. Masses were celebrated as follows: 6:30 a. m., Father Leo; 7:45 a. m., Father Friinrl; child ren's mass at 9 a. ra., Father Peter Cauley; high mass at 11 a. m. by Father Chas. Cauley. The sermon was delivered by Father Kriiml, who spoke on "Motherhood." He dwelt on the Importance of mothers fulfill ing their calling as such, showing In a clear manner the terrible effects manifested each day nf the present lime through these neglecting their duty. He urged the more perfect way j of mothers taking the Mother of God as their model. Cardinal Glbbons's address on "True Womanhood" was distributed to each attendant during all the masses. Ladies Meet. After the evening services at St. Francis th ( > ladies of the parish met In St. Francis hall with Father Frund presiding. Committee" recently appointed on i he various booths, enter- talnments etc., reported. About forty ladles weri; present, representing the various departments of the coming fair. Bach report WHS received with much enthusiasm and showed that all the work is progressing excellently. Reports were received and filed showing how the various places of amuse- i mom in this city are giving over to the ladies their entire receipts of the I evnitiK's enteniinments. Father Frund complimented the ladles on the splen- j' 1 ',' reports and Intimated that he j challenged any organization In the) (state to show more activity and more j -• energy in their work than the ladles i on the present bazar committee. < Undies Second Annual Ball Friday. ! The committee in charge of the sec| ond annual ball to be given by the ladies of St. Francis at Armory Hall i ! next Friday evening, reported every- | tiling In readiness for the event. | i The grand march will take place at j 8.-8M sharp and light, refreshments! will bo served during the evening. Ad- j mission of fifty cents will he charged. • A splendid orchestra has been engag- ', ed for the ball. i .5* not neee.-.sary t.i convince you Sli ;it our single harness at $11) is wry hard to beat. Our I a rye six.e piiisli miles at $:!.uo, will surprise jvtt. [lurry up and yet one of t>nr iiall, lhree-i|uarter or full ii'wd stable blankets; prices $1, *UiU, $1.7"., $•_>.()(). Don't foryet tyiv street blankets, from $2 up. >l',l! sheep skins for the ladies. Cloves of all kinds and si/.es. A. B. HERROTGTON 1517 19th St. Morley's New Film Service A Suit From Redlick's Means the Best in the West for the Least Never before have such values jjonc out to the men ot" Bakersfield as will lie shown on this occasion. 7"> .suits iu this selling; every one made riu'ht "!» to style combined with low price ns the predominant fitruiv. Redlick's suits have the inside quality too! \\V insist upon the very best findings. French hair cloth, iiisnrini: unbreakable fronts; hand padded shoulders; "indestructible" coat lining, pockets tacked and buttonholes baud sewed with pure silk thread and jilon.i: with these features Redlick Absolute Cuarantee Service We'll willingly show you all of these " Kedlick" points of distinction. And tin- reason why. Clothing store prices $22.50 to $25 everywhere; ours the .k-partemeut store price. with tonight, the Him set-! vice at Morle-y's Theater will be that j •of the American Independent Film Kx-j ichan.ue. uivinn all American lilyns. The j local demand lias been very nival fur ; . jthe American lilms. in preference in' iibe French subjects. and Man.i.uir' i I'ara lias been very fortunate in secur-j . ; hv_; the evrlii.-i\e local agency for the 1 new circnll. : ! Tonight's pro^iam will be the lirM of !!)/• American lilm.- in liakerst'udd < —— I'l'lie following subjects will lie shown ! <-ii iii-i» of ^'Hjoii ii,,, S ci-ei.n: "MltieUeved Susan.) "''''.''• | "Land of Die.mis. Hie Kiddle," • The il: <"«'n from i seiiilmeiiial Dnde," "Over the Sticks,"| *all;ers Hasin. i "I'ndesirable Tenants." ••Australian TR \\. Andrews, lormerly of ihe San- i u ,.„„.„,•• "I'sefulne^s at An Knd." in re has return.M| tro mills ea-tern |Seniiinfii!< with loni^lit a new Headquarters for tbe largest and best line of White Duck Clothes Supplies for every calling. Waiters' 'Coats and Aprons. Cooks' Caps, Coats and Aprons Barbers' Coats. Butchers' Coats and Vests. Carpenters' Aprons. Painters' Suits. At the low prices peculiar to the Redlick store. As we said before there are 75 suits in this lot. Fine English Worsteds in fancy weaves of neat, dressy effect and a splendid line of cassimcrcs, the kind that yive the service. Made to wear, not merely to sell. Our Price $15 CHAS. A. DAVIS. Physician and Surgeon Ol'ii-e, iM.lll lllncU. rn,,.ns 1 1 llftk'i.' hours, 11 tu I;; a r.i , '_' M » ill S p. HI. I'llOlle-i. Oli'.CI ;''';,-ri|e|ice .Main '.i~.',. ?'i"ltl''ISCO is ll'-le \Vab\er ItanlJn WOUND INFLICTED BY A All voads lead to C. N. JOHNSTON'S BLACKSMITH SHOP, BEST WORK ALWAYS Phone, Main 656. 1301 Nineteenth St. * WELL BORER. ••> J. H. KEEFE •* SVell Borei. Work tluafaiiteed -C- U'.IIT ('he,,:,-; Ave. Bankrupt Stock OF THE United Harness Co Of all classes of Harness, Saddles, Whips, Robes, Blankets, Buggies aud everything belonging to the harness and saddle trade. Corner Chester Ave. and 20th Street. ellcni reputaiion throughout South- jern Ciilil'ornia. where he has been j sinning. Inclmlins an encasement at | Tally's Xew Broadway Theater, in I LIIS Anueles. He is the possessor of I n lieaulifnl. hinliTiuiKe liaritone i voice. Mr. Terry will lie heard for the ilrsi time tonlsht in the Illnsirated sunns, "Can 1 Make l.ove to You," anil "San Antonio," the latter by special request. Too Late For Classification FOR SAI.B OR LEASH—Valuable oil land. All w any part of 36, T. 2S 8., R. 27 H. Ror further Information call on P. M. Cauley, St. Clalr hospital, Uakoi-s&r>ld 04 STRAYEI>—Prom Holioivsy dairy, two yearling colts, one a sorrel fllly with white face, and ths other an iron gray horsa with split ear. A reward will be glren for their rocoTery. Please notify thla office. 64 FOUND—A young sorrel mare, with UftUer, sixteen bauds high, cams to my place Saturday alght. Owner may hare property by calling at . .1115 Chester avenue. James Weed- nil. 64 A. S. Ciitf>n has returned from Atas- eadero, \\li.-io he accompanied thw na- llonal t;n;iril», Frank Romero, a Mexican, died at the county hospital this morning from a bullet, wound in the abdomen, in- llicted during a drunken quarrel in Delano Saturday afternoon by Mary Costello, a woman comlui'tin? a house ' of ill fame In the northern town, j The wounded man and his assailant were brought here Saturday night. j Before death came, Romera made a statement completely exonerating i the woman from blame. He asserted! that he and the woniau had been j drinking all morning with some ' friends, and went to the Costello house after noon, where he and the woman had a dispute. He became angered and made au attack on tu» woman, whereupon she picked up a gun which was lying near and flred twice, the first bullet missing and tha second taking effect. The bullet entered the body two Inches to th» right and a little low of the natal and was extracted one Inch from the back bone after utiTing traroled downward slightly. The spinal column was chipped. Dr. A. F. Sciiafer condueted the autopsy this afternoon and COB- Inquest at thft undertaking parlors of Dlxoo t Sons. Several witnesses from Delano will be summoned. Countable Johnsoa and tha Mexicans with whom Romer* and ths woman were drinking ar« those wanted. Roth Romero and the woman are well known Delano characters. Romero has been In trouble before and about a .rear iign is s-ii.l to have ^luit a man in the same house. HP baa been awiiy, only reinniliiy a few wi>v!;s ago. The woman U in the r.vjnty jail. She said she was sorry Romero died, but that she wns forced to shoot to defend herself. "We were both drink- ' In?," she says, "and when we went , to my house Frank began abusing me and then he struck me. I had to shout." i oner McGinn will hold tljo probably tomorrow erening Missouri Girl At Scribners Sadie Raymond nnd a strong supporting company will present "The Missouri Girl" at Scribner'n Opera House on Saturday. Oct. 17. Miss Raymond Is a bright little actrews of unusual merit and has done n great deal towards making "The Missouri Girl" the popular play it Is today. She Stands without a rlral as a chaiacter soubrette, possessing a ftne singing T0lc«, good looks and charming manner that has won for her an enviable reputation among theater goers. Her original songs and the way she Kings them nerer fall to bring forth rounds of applause. That Sadie Raymond Is a star of th* first magnitude \n nn acknowledged fact. GENTLE HORSES. We always huvr on haiul sul'i 1 uuil gi'titlo l.orses that ladies uan »lrivo, You will fiiul everything iipic'k, aud spai. about our stahles, our liorscK good atiimuls, and car- xaugep, caJ»8, surroys, etc, etc., iu food running order all the time. . W. T. EATLIPP Oor 2*1»t und K Sta Tel. Main 88 THE MAJESTIC.,, THE NEW MOVING PICTURE SHOW. A. A, Shaw Manager. Continue' ,s Performance 7:30 to 10:30 Admissiou No Higher Box Office Open 7:15 to 9:15 Sunday an Satnrdtiy and Suinlay ;il J ; :ji) "The Paris Fire Brigade at the Gymnasium" " Booking" (Comic) "The Coward" "Ohl What an Appetite" (Comic) "A Western Courtship" (A love story of Arizona) (Special) "The Clowns" (X-Mas Eve.) SONGS—"I've Got My Fingers Crossd. You Can't Touch Me." "Sweet Sixteens." On ejvery Saturday night we give uway a beautiful cliiua tea set Give up a trial. Everybody welcome. K«rn City 950 Biker Street A. P. Lltea has be«n appointed deputy tax collector. Taxes will be re- celred by him at his store on Baker street during business hour*. C. P. Badger, Marshal. <IL> Don't fall to see our ilisphiy of simi work at. the fair. Suyder & Jackson, i the old reliable painters, 1.V.J7 Wall: street. Phone Main 113S. i A. B. Darbcau Is trorn Woody. a Tlsltor SUMON S. 01 CMI. Superior t'onrt of the Stst ifortiia. Countv of Kern. Southern Paolfio Railroad Comi I'laintiff. vs. U. H. Countlss. ,loi Stousliiinl. llenrletta N. Hobbs. 10 W. Percv. Clarence W. (lohhs minort. and .lohn Doe, DeleiuUiiii-. Action broimln in ihe Suiiei'ini c THE HUB- Outfitters for Men and Boys SUITS ! $2.50 UP r asHortnofat of Boys' «lotkin» is the »ost complete w« have eyer shown. HHeotionH are better, styles tre b f tier— and values are better tham anywhere in this «ity. F»r instance w« can give yo» aiu elegant school .suit — brown aud blue (a sixes, 7 to 15, Action oroimhi in ihe Suuerini I'mni of the State of Cijllfornia, in ami i,., the I'oiiutv of Kern, nnd the Com idalnt ttli ? (l In the otlli'e of the Clerk 1,1 said Court In the snid Countv. The 1 John I. | Klvin.t FOR $150 Others at $3.00. $3.50, $4 and $3. SPECIAL BOYS' DUPLEX SUITS The Peoiile of ,iii send (IreetiiiL: tile Sta L: u> 1{. II. (' Stoiisland. Henriettn N. vra \\ . Percv. C'larenei" \V. ui niinori. jiiul ,.iohn Doe. defend. . ... - ...... „. . .eel nfter servic Sunn. :is it Conn! in till: And yon f:i'i to «o ainiear Plaintiff qn vou ol tins wit or, it' served elsewhere (lavs. on are herein- notified tbat if •ar and answer, th i liiiiuiii nin tiuiiiv to the Cout" the. relief demanded In the Comi) , jliven under niy nand and uie of the Superior Court of the Sta... ' "luorma. In and for the County rn. on August 14. 1907. &" n j ,. o "•. 4 WLLER. Clerk. By Bedell Smith. DeDutv Clerk. y* &>«?'• JEv-MB' »• v - Cowd* B/er, Jr y and for DlalnUfi. ( >ne of the best values ever shown; double hronitej coat. with two pair pants ; ono pair knickers and one pair straight knee, in gdod all wool cheviot ; 7 to 14 ......... $4.50 FREE BET-EN-BALL A new game; a bat with a small rubber ball attached Given with every boyt' tuit. S.WISEKOPF

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