Lawrence Daily Journal from Lawrence, Kansas on October 24, 1882 · Page 6
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Lawrence Daily Journal from Lawrence, Kansas · Page 6

Lawrence, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1882
Page 6
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JOURNAL JOB PBKTIHG DEPARTMENT The Journao Job Department has always maintained a bi.h reputation for .its work. No effjrt is spared breast ol the ..times In tvery respect THK STYLES OF ITS TYPE, THE MACHINERY USED AND THE QUALITY OF ITS WORKMEN, Give it a continued pre-eminence. TBI BEST M'ACHINER IN THK SHAPB OF PRESSES, AND MATERIAL OF ALL KINDS Has been secured so that speed and reasonable prices can bejassured. THE JOURNAL BINDERY DEPARTMENT IS FURNISH KG WITH ?f133J A HI iiEjlY, The Bast of Material And employees of tried experience md ability. HEAVY BLANK BOOKS, MAGAZINE WORK AND GENERAL BINDING Are attended to on time, and at p1ces as reas onable as those which are charged in any first class establishment. TIME-TABLE. August 1, 1882.) UNION PACIFIC, KANSAS DIVISION. GOING WJEST. LRAVKis. No. l Colorado K press 11.03 a. b No. 3 Pacific Express 11.42 p.n No. 6 Ktnsis City Accommodation., p. m No. ll- Emigrant tram 1.33 a.n; No. 13 Way Freight lo 30 a.rr No. 15 Freight acuta KA8T N.j 4 A-lant.ic Express. 3.32 p. ra No. 2 E istein Express 4 30 p. m No. 6 Kansas Ci. v Accommodation. . 8 05 a. m No. 1J -Emigrant train 9.45 a ni No. 14 av Freight 1.45 p m No. lfr Througa Freight 1142 a. m Leavenworth firanch. Lave Lawreuee No. 22 Thro fix 4.2ijp.c L ave Lawrence No. 24 Ft. and Ac 8.1. a.- Ar. at Lawrence No. 21 Thro' Ex. 11.05 At. at Lawrence No. 23 Ft. and Ac... . 6 35 p.w ATCHI80N, TOPEKA 4 SANTA FE. OOINO XAST. Trains going East leave Lawrence depot : "Kansas Cifv & T peka Afieomo odatioo 8 o3 a.rr No. 22, K. 0 & A. Ttuough Express 3 22 p. m , No. 2 , Nr-w York Expies 4.20 p. m No i!6, Atlantic Express.... 3-3" a a No. 28, Kn.ignnt 1 S3 p. m No. 2, Wuy Freight lo.ioa. ni No. 34, Through Freight 7.10 p. m OOINO WR8T. Kansas City and Topefca accommodation Mo. 21, Colorado Express 11.16 No. 23. D -nver and Pueblo Express 11.48 a.rr No. 25, Pacific Ex press 11.45 p,m No. 27, Emtgrant 3.20 a. n No. Si, Way Freight 5.1o a.m No. 33. Through Freight 2.40 KANSAS CITY, LAWRENCE 4 SOUTHERN. OOINO SOUTH. LE YKS. No. 3 Passenger. 11.25 a.m No. 9 Freight and Accommodation .... 4.3 p.m OOINO NORTH. No. 6 Passenger s.57 p.m N0.10 Freight and Accommodation.. 10. 18 a.nN ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. ARRIVES. K. P., west 4.55 pan. OnOSB;-4 00 p.n S.OO p.n H.43a.n 8.00 p m t 5"i p.!: 8 00 p.m ll.oo a.s 8 0.1 p.m 11 06 4 00 O.r &A p. ni A..T.&S.F.. east.. JJJf J .IB. m. A..T.& S.F.. west 3- K C ,L SS K... !,- v. i.'an. h K. P l ' IW f. lit a.m. 4.15 p.ui 1-1 a.. .2 00 p.m. Carbondale Branch Lvudon staee Tuesday, iuursdav. sui.1 ss'i--. dsy ; arrives at 7.00 p. in. ; closes same day -,t 8.00 p. m. Lapvr stage arrives Weiinesd.iv and SflfrwdaT at 12.00 m. ; e'oes ?au;o nay 3t 1 :O0 a. m. Bnaaays and National Hottdaya. ail m:;P cloj . lire a. m. .(First publlshe.t September 13:b, l$82.). Nal 5 of, CITY CLERK'S OFFICE. Lawrsscs. K vs., Sept. 13, ls?2. FIX) VELHELMfNA 0. ANDI SO din - arw u rwry normea soar pr. - anes n v Deu co nnenced in an bythecit? councils tne it c of Lawrence, proposing to r-'ke and annrpriat to ;.e p bl c us- of sud ci-v, ; fo lowing lot -i tercel of groan 1 owned and a -copied bv o t ho wit: Puk lot No two (3) in the city of Lawre6, Dousl a county. Kansas That th purpose for which said lot is to b taken is to ex en 1 th- street on the e it side oj South Park to Lea suet That a survey rv been mad of said crcend ano a plot thereof filed in the firy clerk's r.m ;e of said olrv and younre hereby Downed and requir d to fih within ten (10) days from date hereof with the citv clerk yonr written oase"t or objVetlons to said proposed taking of said fcround for said upopes.-s 3dl0tr S3 MPERISHABLE PERFUME Murray & Lanman's ?L0RS0A WATS D n Best for TOILET, BATH and HAN7 KERCHIEF. 61 7 St, Charles Street, St. Louis, Mo. A rt-nJar graduate of two f dicai ('oUp?, haa bf.a:' lomger located than any othsrPhysiciaa in St.Lou'..? city papra ahow.sind fil old rctfi.leats know. Syphzijit Oonorrhcea, G!et. stricture, Orciutia. Ruptuist.aii Urinai-y Sjrphilitlo or Mercurial Affections tx. Xhro&t, Skin or Bor.i cured Safely. Privati7. Sperrno.torrhea.Sexual Debility and Impctene7 as the result of Slf-Abase, sexual exeaesea in Mtotei years.ororer brainworlr. producingnervousneoa.mio-al emissions, debility, limnesa of nignt.dof active memory, physical decay, aversion to societ confusion of tddas, lose of sexuai power. nljrht tosasatrjdarjjg improper.are permanently eured. Consultmion t office) or by mall fr and lnrited. Pamphlet one p. Medicines seat by mail er express. Curat 1 1ARRIACE ! 'in toed. WharedtnbtexistnitiBran!tl.''ted. 260, Paces fine. jr 1 1 1 tr b? i r L AT E S. S UVIUbi ib e whole story, well teld, as it is true to life, on tha IlowinH snbjects: Who may marry, who not, why. ianhood, Womanhood Physical decay. Who should uarry : haw life and happi-iess may be increased ; ffet8 oi celiracy and excess, &j.d many more. Those married or ec ntemplating iarriniie should read it then keep under lock and key. 29 CtS. by mail in money or po tag. English Oerrrin French read and sptkerj. PRECPRESCBJPTION SotWSSai 1 1 la Weakness, L ast Manhood, NerTonsnasa, MjmatMmm Confusion ot ''as, Arerslon to Ssciety Defective Memory and Di:der9 brought on by Sslf-Abuse. Aoydruzjrist his t no ingredients. St. Louis Cnratire lnst'e.619 St.('har-?, St. Louis, Mo. l)r.JACQUES Chsnut St, St. Louis, Mo. at old office, ,- '.inued f o cure Spermatorrhosa, Seminal Wealr h?as, Impotency.all forms of Syphili3,Qonorrhcea, Z;eet, Urinary or Bladder disease. Recent cases jed in a few days. Allue diieasas resulting froro ft if-uouse, excesses or expos are cured for life with safe t ndu'ine. Advice free. Charges low. Gall or writs yt.ict confidence. Symptom Book for two stani A & R 8 & C l C U I D E VS i WPiMI iVI llMslslI W UUP I WfaUsMHRMCH sTW7iisM" "r - DOES WONDERFUL CURES! 3e cnniie It acts on tho I.ITKR, BOWELS and KIDS E YS at the same time. Because it cleanses the system of the poisonous humors that develops in Kidney and Urinary Diseases, Biliousness, Jaundice, Constipation, Biles, or in Hheumatism, Neuralgia, Nervous Disorders and Female Complaints, SEE WHAT BEOPIlS SAT i Eugene B. Stork, of Junction City. ITansas, sayn, Kidney-Wort cured hi:n after reguu- Physicians had been trying for four years. Mrs. John Arnall, of Washington, Ohio, says her boy was given up to uie by four prominent physicians and that he was afterward eured by Kiduey-Wort. M. M. B. Goodwin, an editor In Chardon, Ohio says he was not expected to live, beinpf bloated beyond belief, but Kidney-Wort cured him. Anna L. Jarrett of South Salem, N. Y., sp.ys that seven years suffering from kidney troubles and other complications was ended by the use of Kidney-Wort. John B. Lawrence of Jackson, Term., suffered for years from liver and kidney troubles and after taking "barrels of medicines," Kidney Wort made him welL Michael Coto of Montgomery Center, Vt.. suffered eight years with kidney difilculty and was unaDie to worJt. Kiancy-wort maue mm wen as ever. PERMANENTLY CURES KIDNEY DISEASES, LIVER COMPLAINTS, Constipation and Piies. tST It is put up in Dry Vegetable Form In tin cans, one package of whicn makes six quarts of medicine. Also in Liquid Form, very Concent rated, for those that cannot raauily prepare it. IW Ii acts tritk equal rfcienev in either form. GET IT AT THE DKCC GISTS. PUICE, 1.00 WELLS, BICHAIIDSON & Co., Trop's, rWJll send the dry Dort-naid.) BVIMISCTOI, TT. MOSr RELIABLE IN THE WORLD P0UR SIZES LBS 1.73 fmDBrBKUGilSSS INVALIDS ABD OTHERS SEEHJr& HEALTH, STRENGTH AND ENERGY, WITHOUT THE USE OF DRUGS, ARE REQUESTED TO SEND FOR THE ELECTRIC REVIEW, AN ILLUSTRATED JOURNAL, WHICH IS PUBIISHED FOR FEES DISTRIBUTION. TT TREATS upon HEALTH, HYGIEiE, and Phya J. cal Cultare, and is a complete encyclopedia o inforniasion for invalids and those who suffer from ervoos, Fihautisig and Painful Diseases. ETe-y ub:ect that bears upon health and human happiness, receives attention to its pj.z-: and the many questions asfce 1 i -"rTfring i:iva' is. who hsve dispairt-d c;:,, are an--wrei, and lnaele information is i'!n:it red to all who are in need -f medical sdvief. The .-.! ;"Ct of Electric Belts xenni Medicine, and the fc".r I red and one questions of vital importance: :':. human y arc- duly considered ai.d X ptsinrt 1 Kf V? il vfl I a i iM rom ervris asd Pbv.iirrd De A- gi r. rematnre Exhaustion ::e..ces of early iBdtacre-!y benefited by coasnlting its iid the mauy gtoo ;on, etc., are esp Oh't-iitS. Tile ELECTRTC V.TXjr,, the cr.mitigsted "raud-s practiced !y quacks and medical unpoetors who irofess to "practice medicine," aad points out the ril v -afe, simple, a.d effective road to Health, Vigor aid Bodiiv E i?eLid your address on postal card for a copy, and jiformation worth thousands will be sent you. Addre, the publishers, PULVERMACHER GALVANIC CO., 00. EieHTH i. VINE STREETS C1NCINKATU O a If i. m.c to wtl r M ran a 8 ft I ' cm svaarr uAl. I flEECOZDZ93 hi i j ii mi i hi 1 1 gjjjjjgggBgg tisssSBS&ffS DOCTOR 617 St. Charlas Street, ST. LOUIS, M0. A. regular Graduate of two medical eoHeges, has beer, longer engaged in the Ireat-ment of Chronic. Nervous, s-kin and. Blood Diseases than any other physician in St. Louis, as cltv papers show and ail old resilient? know. Consultation at office or by mail, free and invited. A friendly talk or his opinion costs nothing. When it Is inconvenient to visit the citv for treatment, medicines can oe sent by ma"' or express everywhere. Curable ea-es guaranteed: where doubt exists it is frankly stated. Call or Write. Nervous Prostratioa, Debility, Mental and Physical Weakness, Mercurial and other affections of Throat, Skin and Bones, Blood Impurities and Blood Poisoning, Skin Affec- tions, Old Sores and Ulcers, Impediments to Marriage, Rheumatism, Piles. Special attention to cases from over-worked brain. SURGICAL CASES receive special attention. Diseases arising from Imprudences, Excesses, Indulgences or Exposures. It Is self-evident that a physician paying particular attention to a clas of cases attains grat skill, and physicians in regular practice all over the countrV knowing this, frequently recommend cases to the oldesioCice in America, where every known appliance is resorted to, and the proved rood renaeli of all ajres and countries are used. A whele house 13 used for office purivms, and all are treated with skill in a respectful manner; and, knowing what to do, no experiments aromade. On account of the great number applying, the charges are kept low. often lower than is demanded by others. If you secure the skill and get a speedy and perfect lite sure, that is the important matter. Pamphlet, 58 pages, sent to aay address free. putes. ! MARRIAGE GUIDE. puffs. Elegant cloth and gilt binding, Sealed for 5 cents in postage or currency. Over fifty wonderful pen pictures, true to life, articles on the following subjects: Who may marry, who not; whv? Proper age to niarrv. Who marry first. Manhood, Womanhood. Physical decay. Who should marrv. How life and happiness may be increased. 'Those married or contemplating marrying should read it. It ought to be read by all adult persons, then kept under lock and key. Popular edition, same as above, but paper cover and 200 pages, 25 cent by mail, In moue or postage. 10 DAYS TRIAL t'at'a Jan IX, 1STC WE WILL SEND, ON S3 BAYS' TRIAL Electro-VoSfalc Aspli 08; U?0 fuffering from JifrreuiWwbneaiGen iistS Debility, low ol uerve force or vigor, or any disease resulting from Abuses and OTHfia Causes, or to any one afflicted with Rheumatism. Neuralgia, Parnlysis, Spinal Difficul Kidney or Liver Troubles, Lame Back, P.r:, ttres, and other Diseases of the Vital Oi-gari. Also wolien troubled with diseases peculiar lo their sex. Speerlv relief and complete restoration to health guaranteed. These are ibw ottly Htric Appliances tliat , eve? h-st'ti eoasi rncted upon ri!eW.S4.cprJv eiples. Their thorough efficacy h- 8 beer '-tieally proven with the most wnasttexZt ' success, and they have the hih emlorMetnents from medical and sctei title men, and from hutidreds who hair been quiekly and radically cured bv. their nse. Send at once for niustrated Pamphtet, giving all information free. Address, OTriutu a&LV CO.. If'.rtiba;! Ki.tfc. BEFORE -AND -AFTER Electric Appliancet are sent on 30 Days' Trial. TO MEN ONLY, Y0U33 OR OLD, WIIO are suffering- from Nnp.votrs Debility, Lost Vitality, Lack or Nervk Force and Vigok, Wasting Wkaknkssbs, and all those diseases of a 1'kf;80Nai. NATUas resulting from Abusks nnd Otukr Causes. Spuedy relief and complete restoration of Health, Vioor and Manhood Guaranteed. The grandest discovery cf the Nineteenth Century. Send at once for Illustrated Pamphlet free. Address VOLTAIC BELT C9., MARSHALL, MICH. Sa W SJ BJBJSWWWSSSBWSSBBJBaBJMBaBMiBMBl THE IMPROVED EVAPORATORS Will e vsporata faster and any otner apparatu overall competitors i ITIOH, 1WL Bendpostal for circulars. VERMONT FARM MACHINE COMPANY, Belkrari Falls, Vfc OLD TDBacC T. W. IIADLEY, timM iifflg stall n OPPOSITE TEE LATTKEXCE HOUSE, SFirst-Ci2Sft F; gs cf AH Kind S-lR 1 1 ii L E I S ' EILQCK OIL LINIMENT FOR IAN OR BEAST, 1 v IS AN INFALLIBLE REMEDY FOB Sprains, Cuts, B uises, Swelled Leg Ring Bvnf nneumatiem, &o, SOLE PROPRIETORS, Leis' Cheniical Manufacturing Co LaWBKXCE, KM,1 Cr-SOLD BY ALL .DRCGtaSTSUH 1 with 'ejsfifuel t,hn UlCiiir &f A VV AitJLJ RO AlLAMTA tiA. ElE-OS- TU1 PILLS IS THE BANE of the present generation. It is for the Cure of this disease and its attendants, 8ICS-HEADACHE, BIHOUSyESS, DYS-PEPSI A, COSStlPATIOH, PILES, etc., that TtJTT'S PILLS have gained a world-wide reputation. Ro&eraedy haa ever been discovered that acta so yently on the digestive organa, giving them vigor to assimilate food. A a a natural result, the Kervoua Syste zn is Braced, the Musclej fcre Developed! Jid the Body Robust. 022.13.15? Fever. B. RTVAl, a Ftaafe&r at Bayoa Sara. La., says : ly plantation In to a malarial district. For several years I could not make half a orop on ae count of bilious diseases and chills. I was nearly discouraged vrhon I besraa tne use of lUTT'S PILLS. The result was marvelous: my laborers soon became hearty aad robust, and I nave had no farther trouble. TImit rcllm tko MsMwl si LJver. i ttve Blood frou poiMneai'ltsraon, and mbm the bowel to i natn rally, with out v hirst bo oEaoaD feel wall. Try tkts remedy fislrly, nnd ya will Groin a hcaltny Dlsroatlost, YisTOrooa Body. Pure Blood, Mrong; Jlervea, and a Sound Liver, rriea, tSCcata Offiea, S5 Murray aiU, Bf. Y. fOTT'S HAIR DYE. ," W Tr. c-r Whisksm changed to a Glosst ftu.ii by sinlc application of this Dra It fr"tefe 5 1 f - color, and acta instantaneously. -Bld u. uiug71' or sent by express on receipt of One Do;Ur. rVtS'va., 83 Murray Straat, Now York, rUTTB Jfa.vr JL of Valuable Q lBrweooM and Vmcul Beoeewto run be muUod rus on mmmMmMmuJ PERRY & GO'S ofsaperlor Englis'a r aaT ; I'mnocs or dnr bhlty eud elasticity : gr&t variety f etjles tiuitud to every kind o f writing. Far sale bv 4e.K.oertiy. Til I T aiskwid sampieaiv triftln lading tho u tt u -rrt ?. : rf r.r ct leorated U lyii ?? jri. i X U IN Peni. enclosed in w -e... .,vci oox, oy mail, oa recei pt o f Tweutydve isu tt. sViSON, BLAiCow, ALOrt & CO. Sols aosw &mt usmaaoMXAns. l;,S and 140 Grratv? St., York, THE SCTEITCE OF HEALTH" Is a very interesting book, 'ieen pronounced by thous icda ot readsrs. It eipiaina principles of Iif and daath, and oriain of diseases. Should be read by all thinking people. Contains valuable prescriptions for tuc oure of NarvoaB and Physical leviliT.y,Lost Vitality. Defective Memory, Despondency, and the whole ti ttin of disorders brought on by overwovk or in-discretsoas ; prescriptions for Catarrh, Scrofula, etc. A copy of this woe oy mail, sealed, free, b7 addressing W. & JAQ.TJS3, M.D. ISO W Oth St. CiuciiuiaU.O THE WONDER OF KESLINS! tJr& Extract is the only ep'- VajI X U, cifis for this dissat." cold i: Head,-o. Our" Catrtrrh s7asB,"iipeciaii prepared to meet serious ctaesjcon tains all tbl Curative properties of the Ksirurt s om Naal Syringe invaluable for mt? in catarrhal affections, is aiinple and liioxpensive. Rheumatism, Neuralgia, tion has cured ro many cases of these distress. Ing complainr, is tuo Bxtract. Hemorriiages. KJf8! Nose, or from any cause, is speedily controlled and stopped. Diphtheria & Sore Throatr. promptly. It is a sure cure. Delay is dangerous For Piles, Itlind, Itleediug or Jftcfa-lug, it is the greaUbt knowu remedy. IP or Ulcers, Old Sore or Open vTonnds Its actiou upon thest is most remarkable. Caution. POND'S EXTRACT has been imitated. The genuine has the words ' POXD' EXTRACT" fciWn in the glass, and our picture trade-nvark on turroundinr) bvtf xnapper. Xoiu other in qenuine. Ahcay.t insist on having POXD'S EXTR 4 CT. Take n a oihrr pt eparation. It is never told in bulk or by measure. SPECIALTIES AND TOILET ARTICLES. POND'S rKTRACT 50c, $1.00, $'..75. Toilet Cream .....1,00 Catarrh Cure- 72 Dentifrice 50 Piaster 25 Up Salve -.. 25 lnhaler(G!ass 50c J.--1.00 Toilet Soap( 3 Cakes).. 50 Nasal Syringe 25 Ointment 50 1 Medicated Paper .... 25 Family Syrtr.gx, 1.00. Ladies, read pages 1 3, 1 8, 21 and 28 of our Nerw Pamphlet which accompanies sach bottle. tW'OrjB NjFwPA3iFiiiJ vijaaiErroRvoFotra ij&f4xss&3 Hem ZHESt ox Arpuciiaa m BOND'S i 14 West I DAVISSVVINGCHURN Best ahd Cheapest! l?o inside fixtures, always riaht side up.Easiest to use. Nmeeizesmade.TbreeRizes Nesbitt Butter Printer. Every Churn and Printer warranted. One Churn at wholesale where we have no apents. Bend Postal for circulars. Aenta wanted. VERMONT FARM MACHINE CO, Balic-wsFaila, Vfc in m 1 PARSONS' PURGATIVE PILLS Blood, and will completely change the blood m the en , and will completely charre the blood m tne en-stem in three montha Any person who will taks tire system m tnreemontna Any penouwuowNi uuo 1 pill each niphtfrom 1 to ISweeksmay be retnred to sound health, if such a tninp be possible. Sold e j-erwhere, or sent by mail for 8 letter stumps. 1. JoESiSON A Co.. Boston, Jtts-as-. form -r' fir : .-cr. ila Established a. 8impeon Si G&ult Wig Co. (STRAUB MILL CO.; MAKEKS (IF THE Oueen of the South PORTABLE FARM MILLS For Stock Feci ur Heal for Faci'ir ue. Over 1C.CCC SclcL Ail k:nds of Jul! Maehiaery, CINCISNATI. O. -r - -vi " T ' JJU -i3B -sKl M w m Office and refieac- Teeth extracted c : nttroi1 QTvdf gas. Attorney at Law, Entrance to Office at DOUGLAS COUNTY BANK LA WHENCE, KANSAS. FREE lo 1 1 latfrTirwinsr ir ArlrfM. Maybe the reporter didn't know how to interview an actress, and maybe that's why he had so much trouble. Having sent up bis card and been admitted to ber presence, he stated his business, and she said, languidly : " I'm sorry you've come ; I don't fancy you newspaper men, and hate being interviewed." Maybe he knew this was just said for effect, and that she wouldn't miss the interview for a heap, but be replied, "Oh, well, then, I won't trouble you. Sorry I intruded. Good day." However, sbe got to tne door first, and said, ' Oh, now you're here, I'd oblige you." And be answered, "Oh, no ; I wouldn't trouble you for the world." " But it won't be very much trcuble." "Well, never mind ; I don't care particularly about it." " But but in fact it wiii be a pleasure. I only object because reporters always ask the same questions, and then don't print just what you say." "Well, I'll try and do better tban tbat," and they seated themnelvea. Then he asked : "How did you celebrate your 34th birthday?" " Eh? " lumping up "what d'ye meau, sir! lou're a mean wretch to ask such a question." Steps on her lapdog addresses dog, " Drat your peit, get out!" Then she observed him writing, and asked what he was doing. He replied, " I promised to print exactly what you said, and I have taken down your very words." "About the dog ?" "Yes." "Goodness gracious. You won't print that?" " I will." "But that wasn't meant to print." M Can't help it." Oh, but it won't do. You mustn'l Let's begin the interview now." " Very well. Which do you prefer as an advertisement being rebbed of diamonds, run away with by a hack, or having a divorce suit? " "Sir, I I don't do such things ! I never heard such questions ! " "I promised to try to vary the list you said had become so monotonous. How many husbands have you living?" "See here, if you don't stop this I'll send for one of 'em. That is p'ease state that I'm not married." " Just so. Do yeu shave your head?" "Sir; of course notl Are vou crazy?' . " Look here, ma'am, I was to print just what you said." But I don't want you to. 14 But it must be done." " Well, then, if you don't ask me if the audiences everywhere are as enthusiastic as they are here, and what I do with ail my bouquets, and if I don't almost feel that I ought to be in a boarding school instead of on the stage, as I'm so young, and if I don't find it very embarrassing to have all the men so madly in love with me, and several bank directors committing suicide because I won't marry them if you don't ask me those questions I won't say another blessed word 1 So, there! And if you print what I've said I'll sue you for libel." Boxton Pout. When the skin is narched and freck led by strom? northwest wind, and the face becomes dry and scaly, it can h restored to smoothness and good Color by Dr. Benson s Skin Cure. A perL tcct remedy for troublesome itching and vexatious pimples. 10 18dlw Aerla I X&vlsation The solution of the problem of aerial navigation has engaged the attention f many deep thinking men for years and there are not a few who firmly believe that sooner or later airships, jurying from one to an unlimited num ber of passengers, will be plying through space with the same ease and even greater rapidity than th 3team cars now whirl along their railed paths. To the many inventions whic- have proved successes either in a greater or essef degree it is not the intention ol he writer to allude. Since 1843 there has been one gentleman, Frederic!; Marriott, of the News Letter, win1 has devoted all his spare time to per-ecting an air ship that will successful ly combine all the requisite powers o! suspension, propulsion and speed. Tin sult of his investigations and labors was the invention of an aeroplane, which it is claimed will be abie t. navigate space with speed and safety. Before the machine was perfected the Aerial Steam Navigation Company was incorporated, which company, since the machine has been reconstruct ed and perfected, has given place to the Aeroplane company, with a capital stock of $10,000,000, in $100 shares. The provisional committee of incorporators of the new company will hold its Qrst meeting at 609 Merchant street, next Wednesday, the business immediately before the. board being an election of directors and other matters touching the prosecution of the undertaking The owners of stock (3,259 shares) of the old company, on receiving the free gifts of the new stock, will be required to agree not to sell under par ($100 per share) for a period of six months after delivery. The new company will shortly issue a prospectus of its intend ed operations. The first aerial carriage will be nam ed the Leland Stanford, as a compli mentary recognition of the belie! which he has had for the past fifteei years in the practicability of the ma Edward Jackson, for six years corespondent of the London Times, i. Lhe secretary, and Augustus Laver, tin architect, is the consulting engineer Both Lloyd Tevis and Mr. Cray, co: suiting engineer of the Central ai Southern Pacific i3uTroads,are cognizant of the workings ot the machine and express the fullest fait-in its success. The first machine to b built wOJ be for owe person on! v. T oe neicner Sweaiju nor gs&s, o uuHau n power only. Gravitation will be limited or destroyed by propulsive for-The company has yet ninety days to 6 its specifications in support of its c&vi at. The aerial machine will be cylindrical in form, with a long and shar-prow and an immense fan wheel, on whirl of which wid turn it completer around. 'Irycoke it is the Cheapest iu-.d in t e maxiet. 22t2 Tot first balloon ascension in tike United Stategwas made in Philadelphia on Jan. 9, 1793 by Mr. Blanchard. The ascent was witnessed by a large crowd of spectators, among whom was Gen. Washington. is she who renews or PTav beauty of her teeth with SOZOUGiN confessedly the most effective preparation for them. Volomes of evtaeiica rnitfhr be adduced in support of its. claims to public soafidence, as a means of i n v oration t b 6 teeth and rendering them pare, t?iisteuiB and spot-less, and not less satisfactorily proven,, is its balmy inflooiw upon the breath. Ask for genuine SOZODONT, and accept no cheap sabgtii me. 10 22dfcwlw The girl pressed the leaves, but the boy pressed the girl. The press ia mighty and must prevail. Piano 'ruLMin. Kivinsr changed my utiadquffriers tc Topeka, 1 will be in Lafennca the fira; we.;k in each month w wcmirnodatc m patron. Aiil- When your wife's health is bad.when yonr children are sickly, when you fee worn out. us Brown's Iron Bitters. 10 21d&wlw Kidney Iiseiue Pain, Irritation, Retention, Incontinence, Deposits, Gravel, &c, cured by "" $1. Drpot, Geo. Leu & Bro. Lawrence. 'S3AJ9U oqi 0 euo; pun sspsnui oq; o; ojij msu soajS 'poojq oq; saqouua 'ojuo; ojjoqoDjE-uou 'ajqcijaj 'anjj b Sim -Jinbai ssssasip b pus ssoidjb 'bucIB 'BjsdadsXfj (uoi;saStpuf joj paui9J ajns pus sjduioD a S Sa3ilI8 NOai SNA0H3 SuiAOidutl XipTdcJ tec ptTB punoic o3 pur dn 533 oi 3jqt uib j sapjoq o.Yi Supicj io)ye ivou pucsjanifl noij s4uiloig papi j luauiqBunou prabrj C3A3UfUPJ 0?3jqUntVAV3H!!l sip jo uopiod v ioj p;n: pooj pqos C3 ?ou pinoD sivo.i OM1J9AOJOJ puc 'uopsaSipui raojj Xp;njj3j paiMns j -vq ;ou ppioo j prcs Xp sqi in s.iopop ?saq sqi pur 'suota 3ns paq ui sui idst ipupv. 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The sciences of medicine and chemistry have nevef produced so valuable a remedy, nor one sa potent to cure all diseases resulting from impure blood. It cures Scrofula and all scrofulous diseases. Erysipelas, Rose, or St. Anthony's Fire, Pimples and Face-grubs, Pustules, Blotches. Boils, Tumors, Tetter, Humors. Salt Rheum, Scald-head, Ring-worm! Juicers, Sores, Rheumatism, Mercurial Disease, Neuralgia, Female Weak-nesses and Irregularities, Jaundice, Affections of the Liver, Dyspepsia! Emaciation, and General Debility. By its searching and cleansing qualities it purges out the foul corruptions which contaminate the blood and cause derangement and decay. It stimulates and enlivens xiie Mtal inactions, promotes energy and strength, restores and preserves health, and i muses new life and vigor throughout the Whole system. No sufferer from anv disease which arises from imparity of the blood need despair who will give Ayek's Babs ai a k i l l a a fair trial. It is folly to experiment with the numerous low-priced mixtures, of cheap materials, arul without medicinal virtues, offered as Olood-purifiers, while disease becomes mora nruiiy seated. Ayek's Saksai'AKIlla is a medicine of such concentrated curative power, that it is by far the best, cheapest, and most reliable blood-puriher known. Physicians know its composition, and prescribe it. It has been widely used for forty years, and baa won the unqualified couh-aonce of millions whom it has benefited. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.t Practical and Analytical Chemists. Lowell, Mass. OU BY AU. PSUUWISTS XTXRXWBJE&X. HlSIBdlS

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