Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 5, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith o better understand ing of the transient mitnru of the many phys^1^ UK-wliichvamsh^cforc proper cf- L There is comfort in , that so many forms of mess arc not due to any. actual d.s- e-but simply to a constipated concl- [ the system, which the pleasure r laxative. Syrup of Kips, prompt- removes. That is why it is the only Jfedy with millionsof families, and is iwrywhcre esteemed so higMy by nil Wh6 value fjooJ health. Its beneficial Stects aro duo to the fact, tlmt.it is the •Be remedy which promotes internal SSaiSincss without dcbilitat'uj* the amoa on which it acts. It is therefore •if important, in order to pet it,-, bene- •dal effects, to note wlion you pur- dUie,'th(it you have the Rcnuine art;- XTWriich is manufactured by the Cali- tente, Fig Syrup Co. only nnd- sola by all reputable druggists, M In tho enjoyment of good health, •Bd the system 'is regular, laxatives or Other remedies are then not needed. II afflicted with any actual disease one ilM be commended to the most skillful Xreicians. l™t if in need of .n laxative JSTshould have the best, and with tho wtU-lnformcd everywhere, Syrup ot Jtastands highest nnd is most largely •MandgivesmostRenoral satisfaction. BJTV. S. P. KI.OTZ. FASTOR O. B CHURCH. FAMILY, II the WORLD'S OLDEST Th« .Otdwt la the Mrltlnh Inloii Marl, (it Saotluail. As a result ot recent. investigations it has been shown Mint, the foundations of tbe families o! about n. donen of the •100 barons in the British house of lords Otvtc • bnolc to m()0, .the earliest. 1 -being 1 . 120-1. The oldest, family in .the "British Isles is the Mai- 'family, of Scotland, 1003. The Campbells, of 'Argyll, begun in 1100, the Tulleynuul dates from 1101), Bismarck.from 1270. the Grosvenorfani- ily, the dtrkcs of Westminster, 10(iO; the Austrian house, of Hiipsburg goes back to 952. and the house of llotirbou to S04. The dcscendunts of Mohammed, born 570, nre all registered carefully and authoritatively, in a book, kept In Mecca by tlio chief of the family. Little or no doubt exists of the nbsolut" authenticity of the long line of MohiHii- meJVdcsce"mlnnts. • In China there are many old families; also among the Hebrews, "but,".saysnn niithority, "when it comes to pedigrees there is one gentleman to whom the world must tnlce off Its hat, not as facile princops or primus Inter pares, but as the. great iincl-ooly nonesuch. Tins Is the mifcndo of ,7<i|»n." His plnce hos he™ filled .by members of his family for. more tlmn 2.000 years. The present mikado is the 122:1 of the lire. The first, one-was contemporary with Xeb'ichad- ncxzar, GGO years before Christ. Of the seven great religions enumerated by Max Miiller as possessing Bibles the mikado family is older than five. ^ Since we all have the consolation of knowing- that we nre ilesecndants from the first family., it makes no difference i f sonic of t he early records arc lost, except so fur as they relate to recent property titles.—Pittsburgh Dispatch, Uow Finn Wire 1» Aliula. The finest wire in the country is made at Taunton, Mass. This metal cobweb of minute diameter is exactly the 1-500th part of a,n inch in thickness—much finer than human hair. Ordinary wire, even, though of sma.ll diameter, is drawn through holes in steel plates, but, on account of the wear, such plates ca.nnot be used in making the hair wire. The Ta.unton factory mentioned uses drilled din- mends for that CUTOOSC. If you have ever seen a little child In the agony of Rummer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble and appreciate the value of instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWitt's Colic & Clvolera Cure. For- dysentery and diarrhoea it is a reliable remedy. We could not afford to recommend this as a cure unless It were a cure.—Jno. M. PURELY VEGETABLE. The-Cheapest, , nnd Best l-'.-imily Mini- iclnc in the \\orlul AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC^ for .-ill diseases'of the Liver, Stotr.iidi nnd Spleen, Kcgtiln'.o 'Hie '' ivcr and Vcvont CHILLS AND Fi-:vt:u, MALARI- OUS .FBVEHS, BOWEL COMI'I.AISTS, KEST- , LKSSNESS, JAUSDICB ' , If vuiiwill lll'nu MMO'XS I.ivKU REGULATOR. Du'not n'oelMtrto 'sf'curo n remedy lor this rep,"l,°4 dfiordcr. . It W i:i ulso mprovo your appetite, complexion and g«cr«' health. . , PILESI How ninny mlTer torture dny nftcr day, malt- 1m? Ufo nbm-dun nnd robbing existence, of nil piwsure. owintt to the s . cc ^ c ^| r ^/ r ™™ nnyonc\vho wHHise' systematically tho ( remedy that™is mrniuncntly cured thousand,!. Sul- MONS LIVEK KKOULATOK is no drastic, violtul purge, but n gentlis ussistant to nulvir*. CONSTIPATION SHOULD not bo regarded n» a triflinif ailment-ln 7act, nnturo • demands tho utmost rc*"'^ruy of 'tho bowels, find nny aovjalion Jrom thii demand paves the way often to serious danger- . It is Quito as neccssnry to remove tirnure nccunuilations from ino bowels ns it is to cut or sleep nnd no lien'.lh can be expected where a costive hubit of body -prevails. SICK HEADACHE 1 This distr«5»inff nHliction occurs most tre- ff Kcn &Z C ?mSrtect"°dl^™5wmS yyuterioo, ind., Sept. 8, ISOfl. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:—I have been afflicted «,vei twenty years with'dyspepsia or sour rtomacn. I have tried different reme- dies'without much benent. Finally 1 bought a 10-cent bottle ot Syrup Fep- •In and found that It benefltted me. 1, am convinced that it will do \vhnt It le recommended when taken according to directions. I ha-ve taken nearly one bottle and feel H«e a different person. S. PI KLOTZ. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. Keep Cool-by Using W M.^..^> ":f' ---- ~ ' rf" 1 *' THE KELLEY Shower Baili RING Hot Water . , . Proof Hose j:S Espnss id, *<:• ITfivents WettlnK Eond Floor of Wu'.is. .• [jornlcES ' Water CloseLi. • "Seiid tor An agreement lias been readied by which the plant o£ the Fvasli 'cycle- works will be-removed from Hartford City to Tlpton. Many a day's work Is lost by sick headache caused by Indigestion and stomach troubles. DeWitfs Little Early 'Risers arc the most effectual pill for overcoming such difflcult-os.-Jno. M. Johnston. • RECULATOli. MANUFACTURED OSUV BY J H ZEILIN * CO., Philadelphia Pa. Horton—What would you do should ask you to loud mo $10? Bixby (who tliiuks It i<5 :i coiiundram)-Givu H llp , i-joriou—Thanks, old man, Tlint's very «ood of you. I'H p.'U' .van buck at the llrst possible moment, 'pon honor.— ELECTK1C BITTERS. Eleclric Bitters i? a iiieJlciue sullnd for any season, bur, pernaps more geu- eraHy needed when the languid, ex linustcd Cecilw piwnils wJieu-tlie lly«r I« toi-iiul nnd slugfish and the need of a tonic and alterative is felt. A prompt use of thus medicine has often averted long and perhaps fatal, billons fevers. So "medicine will act more surely In counteracting ami freeing the system from tlie malarial'poison. Headache, indigestion,.' constipation, dlzzluew. yield to Electric Bitters. 50c and ¥1.00 per bottle at B. F. KeesUng's drug stor'.-. SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY. —Tbe air,"after a heavy Boowfnll, ]• usually very clear, because the snow, in.-falling-, brings down, with it most ot the dust aud impurities 'and lea res the atmosphere exceedingly clear. —It is (vstimated that the drought in New South Wales bos caused the loss of 9,500,000 slice]). This catastrophe, together with the conscquiintreduction In the number of lambs in the next breeding season, will make a great difference to the supplies of mutlon .and wool lor tbJs year and the next. —After nna.lyx.infr various "qunJitici of flour Mr. Bira«l informs the Paris academy of science that the common belief .tliat fine white bread has less nutritive power than coarse brown bread is wrong, as both the fine and coarse breads contain practically the same amounts of gluten and of phosphates. —Switzerland had in IS04 7,037 hotels, in'which $102,000,000 was invested, giving a return of 7y z per cent. Of the travelers who frequent them .30.7 are German, 20.7 British, 18.9 Swiss, and only O.C American. The hotels employ 20,810 servants, whose wages are $3,500,000, or about $50 a year apiece, the chief portion of their pay eomiuff from tips. . —A Norway correspondent says: "Until this year there have beeu but'few American bicycles sold here, nnd the English aud Gorman manufacturers have had this Kiarlict almost to themselves. This year, however, the American «j'ck's have, taken the lend entirely, nnd the demand for the American machines is even Inrgvr than the sup- p'y-" ' , —At the recent meeting- of tiie Itoyal society in London, a pendulum instrument was exhibited. Intended to record the slightest tilts nnd pulsations of the crust of the earth. It was- asserted that this instrument would render observable a tilt of less than one three- hundredth of a second of arc. In other words, if a plane surface were tipped up only so little that the rise, would amount to a single inch in 1,000 miles, the instrument would reveal tlv: tilting. —It is well knou-n that the Ucn, or mountain, parrot* of New Zealand, has become notorious from its change of habit, from living,on inseots, fruit and berries, to iittocking.living sheep, being reported to have developed this giirniv- orous habit within^the last 30 : years. It appears,.h'oweverrf-rom further lirst- hond- observations by T.-White. 1 that •the kca. lives high up on the mountains n-long distance a.bo«c the forest line, whore there are no berries or fruit, and only lichens and a few insects occur. • EIGHT-FOOT .COUGAR. to Bay by » P»ck at Nineteen Trained Deor Iloundp. An eight-foot femitlc-cougar until a few days ago had been committing depredations near Toll, \Vasb., and her ravages became unbearable when she lulled four calves and a colt in a single week. The great strength of the marauder may be estimated when it is inown that she bounded down into a pasture, picked up the colt by the Lhroat, swung- it like a tiger does his prey across-her back, and. then sprang- lightly over a high fence into the thicket. When the lioness became so told Pearl Ames, the 23-year-old son of J. 0. Ames, .ferryman at the Sno- "What's this I IHMU- about the plumber and Ihc paper hanger in- the next square? Have tliey been cscnnnslna houses?" "Not exactly. They did a lot of work for each ether,'and each tad w take the other's .house-for his pay."— London Tit-Bits. 1 • Eny Kinsley of Blkhart C.IUKht his foot in an dova.tor tearlna loo.su the' Ujsunents aronncl the auklenud strip- l.';np. off tlie Oish. . Don't trifle away time when you have cholera mot-bus or dlnri'liooa. 'Flsht them in the bcslnniiig with Di-Witt's Colic •& Cholera CurQi You don't have to watt for results. They arc.instatf •tancous and Jt leaves the. bowls in healthy-condition'.—.Tno. M. Johnston, S;uirh, an. old colored man of 'NU\V Albany, beiievcs lie Is eiitifled to va'luiiblc.pi'opwty in the lic-nrt ot Hnv- roilsbtu-?, Ky., ai'tl li»s ulctl suit 'accord- MARVELOUS RESULTS. Frcau a'letter wriitcu by Bev. ,T. Ouii- acnnau, of Dlmoudale, Mich., we are porniirte'd to make this extni'ct: "I have no hcstitation 1 in recommending Dr. King's New-Discovery, as the results were almost'luavvelous in tho ca,=o oC my wife. While; I was pastor of the Baptist ClmreJi. :n Kives Junclion she; wis broiiRht down with pneumonia suc- cecdins hi grippe. Terrible'paroxysms of <;oiishJi>g.wotild larft hours with little Interruption'.mid it sccmccl as U she could not survive.thcni. -A fiicnd roc- •ommeiiilert Dr. King's Sew Discovery. •It was quick'!n-ils worli anil highly s:il> IsCactory in resulii." Trial'lioUles .frei'. •it B. F. Kccsling'n drug store. -Regular slKe50e:iua.?1.00. • • Cn»r Doe«n't Pay for Coronation. The impression that the expenditure in connection with the coronation 'at Moscow was pakl by the cxar out.of his own pocket is erroneous. Every rouble in the imperial treasury is supposed to be at the absolute disposal- of, the czar and he draws upon the treasury at discretion. In addition, hi; is the ownerof large estates in different parts ot Russia and. is well able to pay all the bills incurred during .the coronation cer* 'monies—if he felt so Inclined.—N. Y. World. Ciib'irtrr. 1 **:^ for t.onclmi. Crandail fi Co.. of I'.ntl'alo. X. V.. have orders tosupply 'Imsantl oahcompaiiles in London with O.OUO horses. frost Proof Water Olcsels, S«ir-i'ctlni! Water Closets. Kelly Slop and Waste Cock. THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. 301 Madison Street. 'Chicago. ALT, RAIL nOTJTB TO THE SEA. To Atlantic-Clty"~W»i"c.u,t Transfer via Lines. By the opening, or the Delaware. River Bridge the Poniwj'lTania Lines have become the only all rail route to Atlantic City find the seashore. Transfer of'passengers, and baggage at rhlla- delpWa via Market street Ferry and Camden Is avoided, as seashore trains of Parlor Cars and Coaches depart from Broad strew station, at which passenger* form- the west over the Pennsylvania Bouto arrive In that city. Through trains from Chicago, Indlann- SL Colu-m^, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh iad tatenncblate point* on tbe P<-nu*yl- yjmlaLlnesmaie convenient connection with.the seashore trains, lor de- talte apply ..to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket -Agent, .. ^ ••'Boys will be boys," but yon can't afford' to 'lose airy of thorn. Be 'ready fen- the green applu scrtson liy. liaylns DcWi-tfs Co-lie & Cholera Cure In Iho house.— .Tuo. M. .Toinstou.. During a storm night before lust Mr?. Matilda Higgliifi,- near Portlautl. was instantly ki-Heirby liglitiUng, wlillc an infant w'lilch she was mirssnjr, was 1 im- haiimcd. .. Poison Ivy, insect, bites, bruises, scalds, burns, are quickly cured by : DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, the greatpile cure.—Jno. M. Johnston, •Bart Wooer of Albany nttdmpted to swim the Jlleslsslnewa river, which Is bank full, and was drowned. BTJC^LBN'S ARNICA The b«t salre In the world rpt.cato, , ulbeni, »aJt rheum, fever .•orea, : t«ttert,chapped band«,cfcllblalni, corn* anil all-akin eruption* ond po»I- Tely'C0««.pllet.or no pay required. I to-guaranteed to iflTe l p ;> rf«! t '. g ^ tl8;r ictlop^'tnoaey refuDdel. Price 28 KMtllog. .. ' ^' . i»liBCrtbe.for.The;J«inn>a1, ; 40 ccBtii ft Theories of cure may bo discussed nt length-by physicians, but the sufferers want ' quick, relief; and. One Minute Cough Cure will give It 1 to them. A 6 afe-cure for children. It.is.:"the only harmless remedy that producea Immediate reflults."-Jno. M. Johnston. .. . •, , LOW 'BATES; TO. SAM LAKE , Via the North-Western Line (Chicago & North-Wartera'-Bfy). August.O and T, 1800. For full Information apply to ticket agents of connecting lines' oif ad- dress'.w; B. KnJskern,,G. P. & T.'-A., Chicago, 111.. ..,'.'': , • r-. Yesterday ^the thermometer- at Vln- ceunes touched 00, and there were'six prostTatlons'by b«ot, none fatal, SnbBCrfbe. for The Journal, 40.cents 'n month;//,':. ,.,;•.•:...•. ....•'••.•..••.••;•'• : \' '•', It doesn't matter much whether sick headache, biliousness, inill.?estiop anil constipation are caused by neglect or I 3 y unavolcliible circumstances; De- Wltt's Little Early Risers will speedily cure t-Uem all.—Juo. M. Johnston. I II; is estimated by Grove Uiat the "idea of the pipe orsan was borrowed, from the human .chest, month'and laniyx. . The whole system is'drolnei.! and unacrmlned by indolent ulcare and open sores.- DeWitfs Witch .Hazpl Salve speedily heals them. It .is the best pile cure kno'wn.-Jno.. M.. Johnston. OK ALL THINGS IN THE WOKLD A tonic is wlint ucvvous peoiilc.require. To'impart sti-ongth-Jcto the nervous or ptauism is w Insure .its trauquillily. provided caiLses'of uiibcalthful exciteniau ai'O avoided. A nicdicinnl tonic Uiat- like Mostotrer's Sloiuach Btttcrs-cojii ma mis the nniinnlllled sanction o£ tin hoaliiijr iirufesslon, and .wlilch Jus tuti'S a'general refyrin in :i bilious. d.v peptic' and debHital-eil .eou'ditiyB of (lie sysrem. is surely eiititli'd to a. caretu trial by- intelKswit people, 'capable of forming a due ostbnatc of a medicine,' from i-mpliiiric :i'.ul often -rMonled pro- R.ssioiKil' evidence in its behalf. Not nuly :u'e tbe nc-;-vfS and Ptoinnch iavlg- oraled by, the P.iUcrs. but tin; system Is.'also endowed-with unwonted jiower of'resistance to iiUIULiices la air. Avater or daily a vocation subversive of health. Prominently diuworous iimnn;; the lirst named of these -is malaria, against wlilch Hostettci^s Stomacli Blfiers Mr- Cords" a comiictuut svwsuara. Rlicu- iltism and kidney troubles- aru alsn prevented -and overcome by It. PLAN TQCR. SUMilER' OUTIKG. NOW-GQ TO PICTURESQUE MACKINAC VIA THB COAST . .' L'lNB.." • It only costs $18.50 from Detroit, 115.50 from Toledo, $18.00 from Cleve- la'nd "for the round .trip, Including meola and. berths. One., thousands .miles .of lake ride on new modern .steel gteamcrs for the above rates. Se»d 2c (or Illustrated pamphlet. Address A. A. SOHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. prove to great LOW RATES -TO LOUISVILLE ,yiA . PENNSYLVANIA'LINES, . Special excursion tickets to Ix)Ui8vllle, Ky., will be Wd '.vWiPenpsylvainla' lines, .August.OUi .and lOtti'.loc'connt.'tlie annual meet of the League of. Amertean WhoeUneri:- The low rates .-will-.be: open to all..;'.Tickets yrfitli.'return'limit;Jji; cludlnV August 18th 'may:'be 'obtained at ticket offices of : the /Pennsylvania • Lines. 1 ; For'details, apply' '.to nearest Pennsylvania Lliie Ticket'Agent. ' _ , EXCtJRSIplsr TO'-NIAGABA •FAtLSi; ' On Angnst'18 the WabMn: Ball road 1 'Niagara Fall* *y,.sp.eclal .itraini; r ;Batfi 'from Liogaiiport ten,($10) .dollBrs-for i'tte.ipo'nnd'i^^-liebmlijnlt'tb^ee^y^ : &K&$i&!»\gM$^^&ii3$™'''' *"* THE COUGAR AT EAT. qunlinie ri%'cr, resolved to put a stop •to lu>r rnvapcs. He gathered up a pack of M trained deer hounds, put them on the track of the coupir und followed them with his rifle. There was prrent music when the dogs stJ-uek tbe trail, and the wood.s resoimdi'd with their cries when they ha<! once opened up.. Away they went, like racers upon the course, their noses close to the ground nnd their agile- bodies speeding along- in the ecstasy of the chase. The pack swept out of sight, and in a. few seconds the cry changed, and Ames knew they had sighted the cougar. Then 1)hore was terrific outcry of the hounds as they closed in with their fierce antagonist. Ames hurried .forward, nnd as he canprht si^'.it of the cougar at bay, and savagely strikhipf her claws at the dog-s, the beast sprang into an adjoining tree. The hunter's rifle was leveled in an instant, and a second after' he pulled trigger the gaunt, tawny body slid clown the tree trunk and back into the midst of th'e waiting pack. Wntc.hinp his opportunity, Ames sent a. bullet through the cougtur's brain, nnd she fell dead. ,An examination of tbe carcass showed that tbe first shot had entered far along the back, ranging up the spinal column. Mid had come out in the mouth. Some of the-dogs fared badly, their'ears having been sliced in shreds. ' The'cougar's ' ma.tc is still in the woods, and an effort will be made to run him to earth. BIRD-CATCHING RAT. The Induntrloun Kodent Eutu » Jnlcj Sparrow Every Morning. .' A- rat that catches and cats birds if the'latest novelty in Chicago. Under a sidewalk at Twelfth and Loomisstrcets iivtB a rat. • From the size of the rodent and his gray whiskers.it is evidently . an Old resident in the neighborhood. Unlike some other rats, it does no' depend on cheese and bread for its living-, but prefers a nice, juicy sparrow. On the corner stands a buiMing occu- -plcd as a saloon, nnd in .front of the saloon is a" watering trough where teamsters allow thr-ir horses to slake their thirst. The teamsters also find, the plnce a. very convenient.one to feed thcij- horses wliile they sample the pro- •prictor'a free lunch und higcr l.beer. As a result the pavement is thickly strewn with oats pushed out of the A stage coach Cull,of Jlurray (Wi\lv» people on the way home from-Walla •\Valla .Dipped-, over goiiip down Nine Mile Hill- and slid flay feet down the mountain,, and the. ouly person hurt was a.'surgeon whose..le; was uroken. FOB OVER FIFTy TEARS. Mri. WlnsioWB soothing' : Syrup ha» etea u*ed for over fifty years by mil- lloaii of mother* for . th(=:r children while teething, with perfect gnecexs. tt,§oothes the child, softens' the gumg, illayg'all'pain, curer wild colic, and li:.the best remedy for diarrhoea. It i«jil-relieve'the poop little "sufferer tm : •mediately. Sold by :dnigglsts In even part of the world. :Twenty-frve cents aibottle. Be sure and art for "Mrs. ,Vrin«low's Soothing Syrup;" and take ..••other kind.. ... ' , : .- . . ''HOJIE-SEEKERS'EXCURSION. The Wabash Railroad company;will rates'on August 4 an'd 18,'Sept. 1, 15 ond 20, OctC and,20,1890.: ', ....... .-'•'For'particulars as to limits, time .of trains and other details,. callon or address c. G. NEWELL; Agent. iM^wm$M$i!&& 'S&M Talk " Cures talk " in favor of Hood'a Saraaparilla, as'for no other medicine. It» great cures recorded in truthful,, convincing language of grateful men and- women, constitute its roost effective ad- ' vertising. Many of these cures arc marvelous. They have won the confidence of the people;.have given Hood'u Sarsapa- riila'.thc largest sales In the world, aad have made necessary for its manufacture the greatest laboratory on earth. Hood'» Saraaparillata known by the cures It ha» made—cures of scrofula, salt rheum and eczemt, cures' of rheumatism, neuralgia and weak nerves, cures of dyspepsia, liver troubles, catarrh—cures which prove Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the best-In fact tne One True Blood Puritor. _. cure liver ills; easy to- H(K)d'S PlIIS take, easy to operate, 26c- A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. ••SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route-New Orleans to Los Angeles and San Francisco. .. Was discontinued April ICth. The raperinr accommodations given tht <re»t number of patrons of the above train during the past tourist season, warrants tho announcement of plans r»r next 8eason of finer service with moipment suj*rlor to anything yet mown in transcontinental iraffic- Look for early re-inaugn ration, of •SUNSET LIMITED" this fait For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Cu. "Sunset Route" in connection with the "Queen wd Crescent Route" are running the only line of through tourist Pullman Sleepers leaving Cincinnati every rhursday'evening for Los Angeles and (an Francisco. These excursions are specially con- Jncted, and the object is tt enable tboib who do not care to buy'the first-cla*» round trip or one way tickets, to enjoy i comfortable ride with, sleeping',car. privileges and'no change of cars at theory low aecond-class rate. For further Information, address W. 3. CONNOR, Commercial Agt. S.: Vi Jo., Cincinnati, O.. • • W. G. NEIMYER, G. W, Agt. S. P. Jo., Chicago, 111. ' • "S. F. MORSE, G..P. & T. AKt S. P. to.. New Orleans, La. . -.: Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. . EWICE DAILY STEAMERS'TO CHICAGO, CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAIL- WAV AT ST. JOSEPH. SBCURINb ITS PREY, feeding sacks by rtie hungry horses. An'-army of sparrows has been attracted to; the -place,'nnd each morning Ihe pavement is covered with the little fel- Jow»- eating their breakfast. The rat, having cultivated n taste for sparrows," now has one for breakfast every day. Hangers-on around the place have come to-"watch the maneuvers of the rat every morning. Soou after daylight the eparrows make their appearance and the' rat slyly crawls out of its hole. After looking -around-to-sce - 'that the bonJst is clear,' Xhe .,f.Bt selects a plump, sparrow, 'pnd,' t *nile j ;th'e little- .bird .i» bn«y' filling 'its crop; the rat'mafcesa jsdiigfceVl'uiidertne'sidewaik 1 and nothing- inore is seen of the rat.until.the.. foUtWin^morn'infr', when he cotnes^pui^ for ; a fresh victim'.;' ^So expert bss tbec rat become t*h"at"tJiose who have «een H say it can catch and killtt bird.M cle»- Beginning May 25th aud continuing antil about Sept. 30tb the steamers of thin line will make two trips each way Sally, between St Joseph and Chicago, »n the following schedule:; Leave St. Joseph at 4:30 p. m. an* 10:30 p. m., dally, including Sunday* 1 Leave Chicago ut 0:30'a. in. and 11:30 p.. m., dally, Including Sunday. Estra trips'on Saturday leave St. Joseph at I ». :m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. nx Running time arross lake 4 hours. Trl-weekly steamers to Milwaukee, 1 leaving St. Joseph Monday, Wednesdaj tud Friday evenlrgs. ". Tbe equipment of this line Inciude* the side wheel steamers City of Chicago W d City of Milwaukee (the largest and •nest west of Detroit), and the newly rebuilt propeller City of Louisville. Bervlce firat-da«s. Connections with all Tandalia trains. Ticket* on «al« at all ,f»ndalia Line statical.: Chicago flock' f«6t of Wabaeh avenue. ' . • '•' J. H. GRAHAM, Pre*., Benton ; Harbor, Mlcb. »; a cat. w.v'ln"wiiSen."tti<5jgre^t' natur»ii»t : A-wi^'i 1 ' "sueoeiiifniry " reoonstruct«d .ftvin' certain, remains the,«keletoa of* foasil flih, ot which he had been w&Jf 1 " ' illy ai hto wakinf ino- at»'::*or.;'»*w«»l;.'»'«^ 1 ?" '' '" Oping For A ,. You'll' inHy"onJ«» . if yottt*ke'o»»oftb» . LEiJAHT »Hvofit||aotl Jo*.

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