Kenosha News from Kenosha, Wisconsin on October 17, 1956 · 17
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Kenosha News from Kenosha, Wisconsin · 17

Kenosha, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1956
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4 V 9 A ' If Travels From Show to Show Bf DICK KLEINER ( NEA Staff Correspondent ' Sew York— (NE A)— The gypsy robe is growing restless in T C Jones’ dressing room It’s time for it to start wandering again "The gypsy robe is whafShow business calls a fantastic article of apparel that represents one of the youngest traditions in this old profession It’s a supposedly lucky dressing gflwn which for seven years has been handed from one Broadway musical show to the next from one gypsy— Vf K'- - -J y fcib ? I ty 1: m ! I'iV N?' ' i w n vJ— i a 'GOOD LUCK' ROBE— T Jones (in his costume m Tallulah) poses with the “good luck” robe which has' been handed from one Broadway musical show to another for seven years South Gives Foe Chahce to Err NORTH 4AQ42 V Q 104 Q7I32 17 WIST SJII VAt KS qmioisj SOUTH AK107 VJ8532 At AK4 CAST (0) 953 VK97 J1054 912 Opening lead— Q By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NEA Service Even when you get to the wrong contract it ?till pays to play the hand properly In the recent European ladies' team championship both the Belgium and the French team got three no-trump instead of the far better contract of four hearts The French declarer made the no-trump contract by superior technique ’ At both tables the queen of clubs was led The Belgian declarer won with the king clubs and led a low heart East won with the king of hearts and returned a club and West’ flubs were established while he still had the ace of hearts 9s an entry to them f At the other table the French declarer refused the first club and won the second club with the king She then got fo dummy with the queen of spades and returned a heart from dummy East played low and West’ ace of hearts was knocked out before the clubs were established With the club suit thus killed South had no further trouble East could have defeated the contract at this table also by putting up the king of hearts on the first round of that suit As this hand proves even experts don’t always put up the best defense You will often profit ff j you give your opponents the lance to make a mistake n Dial' 7-5121 for Classified Ads Try Our Genuine Delicious HOT t AttALES for All Occasions KEMO HOT TAMALES Free Delivery Phenes OL 4-4748 OL 2-2911 Wilson TV Presents I a Two Great New Sound Track Albums The King and I Rodgers and Hammerstein Music Starring ' Deborah Kerr Yul Brynner 9111 IllVItlt show business slang for a chorus boy or girl— to another T C Jones the ex-chorus boy who is now a very funny female impersonator and the star of "New Faces of '56" is the current custodian of the robe “The day that the show opened" he saya “I came into my dressing room and there was this box No note Just the robe inside” r The tradition is that the recipient must wear it if possible during the opening night Jones wore it under a trench coat he uses during his impression of Katharine Ilep burn Then he hung it in his dressing room and its been there ever since But not for long because the first musical of the season— “L’i Abner” —is about to open and Jones must pass it on Before he does though he’ll have to obey another tradition He’ll sew a souvenir of his show on it somewhere He’s already decided it'll be one of his wigs a long blond one Th wig wiirjom i raft of theatrical props and costume fragments that make the robe into a bulky heavy weird affair There’s a first baseman’s mitt frortj “Damn Yankees” a pair of tights from “Pink Tights" a piece of lucite mountain from Shangri La” a bunch of violets from “My Fair Lady’’ a pair of swim trunks from “Wish You Were Here” a pair of false sideburns from “Plain and Fancy ” some prop grapes from “The Most Happy Fella” a pink pigeon from “Fanny” and even Lilo’s panties from “Can Can” The gypsy who first started the robe business was a dancer in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” named Bill Bradley He'd heard the legend from long ago in the musty history of the theater about a luck? robe that was passed from one show to another So he figured It would be nice to start it over again Only this time he limited it to gypsies He borrowed a robe from a dancer named Florence Baum And when the next show opened he secretly left It for a itypsy In that production This was Arthur Parklngton in “Call Me Madam” Next stop was “Guys and Dolls” Since these first three shows were hits the robe got to be a lucky charm In Its career only three stars have been recipients First was ballerina Nora Kaye In “Two’s Company” then Hermtone Gin-gold in “Almanac” and' now Jones The others have all been right out of the chorus picked sometimes at random sometimes because of friendship" Jones has been studying the cast of “Li'l Abner” trying to figure out who he'll give it to He hasn’t decided yet But he has settled on the method of transmission v “IH put in a box” he say “and go over to the theater around dinner time Nobody will be there then I’ll leave it with the doorman marked for the gypsy I pick” The (apt that only gypsies may get the robe has caused one minor heartbreak Judy Garland currently starring at the Palace his let'it be known that she would have liked to have gotten the robe “I love Judy" said Jones “but she just isn’t a gypsy Never has been So I couldn’t give it to her But I've made up a little replica of the robe and I’m giving that to her" ' — — Manners When calling on a person who has been ill for a long time it is a good idea to give a little thought beforehand to what you can1 talk about that will brighten his day If you can take him bits of news about people he knows a funny story or two and so forth One of the nicest gifts you can taketa shut-in Is a proxy glimpsew the world outside (Taken Direct from the Movie) Both These Exclusive ' High Fidelity Albums by now avf liabli at iBS©MS nncpRDO -y7rv ond RADIO KeDoht'9 Largest Auto-ftsdie Repsir Accessory Dealer Famed Names ACROSS 1 President Eisenhower 4 Whip SPealc 12 Operated 13 Arrow poison 14 Body and — 13 Baba 58 Poet Ogden — 57 Finish DOWN 1 Persia 2 Cabbage 3 Puzzling 4 Rosters 5 British 18 Quick pictures Princes 18 Denies 9Tmfil of year 20 West Indus 7 Kind o( cat volcano 21 Wrong 9— —as a (prgflx) cucumber 22 Norse od 10 Speechless 24 Ksbitst plant Otherwise form 17 Insect i 28 Geraint's wife 19 Assistants in Arthurian Opera stars legend 27 Ont of baseball's Dl Magfios 30 Part kept 32 Jury panel 34 Ascended 33 Scents 7 38 Pouch 37 Women ' soldiera 39 Offer 40 Plateau 41 Nourished 42 Memoranda 45 Tyrants 49 Never satisfied 51 Honest — Lincoln 32 Cassius’ “ and hungry look” 33 Malt beveragaa 1 34 Two- Tony 55 Goes astray 24 Ages Tracy Wagner The Cain and Abel theme of the Bible is brought to life by Spencer Tracy and Robert Wagner who portray opposites as brothers in “The Mountain" The movie set in an Alpine background opened today at the Kenosha theater Claire Trevor is also starred in the film as a widow in love with Tracy Tracy is seen as a mountaineer whose prowess as a climber and guide is almost legendary Tiyee bad falls however has left him with the conviction that the mountain no longer wants him and he has retired to sheepherding and playing the role of father and mother to his younger brother portrayed by Wagner Wagner spoiled by tourists is a hunger for lESAl NOTICES STATE or WISCONSIN — KENOSHA COUNTY COURT — IN PROBATE In th matter ol th eatato of Ferdinand Zlmmermann deceased ORDER APPOINTING TIME TO REAR PETITION FOE ADMINISTRATION AND REIESHIP AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS A petition bnvins been filed repre-ratine tht Fnrdlnnnd Ztmmcrmnnn Into o I thn City to Kenoahn Kenoaha County Wlaconatn died intoatnto and pray Inf that Letter of Administration bn Iran tad and tor dctormtnattoa and adjudication of boirahlpi It to ordered: That aald petition bo heard at a term of Court at the Courthouse in the City of Konoaha County of Kenoehe State of Wisconsin commenciof on thn 11th day of Novnmber ISM nt the open-Inf of Court on that day or ns soon thereafter no aald petition con bn hoard: That tha time within which creditors of ths deceased shall present dolma afilnst such estate for examination and allowance to hereby fixed and limited up to and ladudinf thn 21th day of January 1K7 That all claim! aialnst ths deceased bo examined and adjusted by the Court on tha 24th day of March 1157 at the opening of Court on that day or as sooe thereafter an thn matter can be heard That notice thereof bo flven by publication of this Order for throe conoacu-tiro weeks once to each week to the Kenosha Eeentof Newt the first publication to bn within fifteen days from ton dots hereto and by mall inf a copy to this Order to ovary Interested person whoso poet office address I known or can with reasonable dillfence bo aacer-tained at leaat twenty days beloro the hrarinf or proceeding Doled October 13 ltd By the (ourt HARRY V CARLSON Acting County Judge VAUDREUIL A VAUDREUIL Attorneys Kenosha Wisconsin (Oct 17 24 31) S T A T E OF WISCONSIN — KENOSHA COUNTY COURT — IN PROBATE In too matter to too estate to Michael Ptoseckl Sr ale known as Mike pin-seek I Michael W Ptoseckl Sr and Michael W Ploaockl deceased ORDER LIMITING TIME FOR FILING CLAIMS fen Waiver) A petition for probate or administration to too estate to Mich sal Ptoseckl Sr also known ns Mike Plaoecki Michael W Ptoseckl Sr and Michael W Ploaockl deceaoed late to too City to Kenosha Kenosha County Wisconsin and for determination and adjudication to heirship having ben filed It to ordered! That tbs Unto within which nil creditors to sold deceased shall present claims against such astito lor examination and allowance to hereby fixed and limited up ta end Including ton Mb day to February 1957) That proofs to bsirshlp ba taken and all claims and demands against ths said demised bn examined and adjusted by the Ceurt an tha Mb day to March 1157 at tha apenlng to tha Court an that day or aa soon thereafter as tha matter css ba btard: High -'Society Cole Porter's Music Starring Bing Crosby Grace Kelly - Frank Sinatra 2328 63rd St Phonos OL 2-3721 and 4-1344 Answer to devious Puiile 24 Wax - 26 Heating -de ices 27 Halved 28 Mouth ard 29 Disorder 31 Most recent 33 Peace prize donor 38 Occultism 40 Intends 41 Meat 42 Cleopatra's nver 43 Heavy blow 4 Ivan the Great 46 Indiana 47 Black 48 Remit SO Adjective aufflx Star in Film wealth and idlcnessAn airliner crashes on a peak high above the village and Wagner plans to climb the mountain and plunder it Tracy has no desire for plunder but follows his brother because he fears he will not be safe alone The plot revolves primarily around their ascent and descent of the mountain and the various perils they face Filmed on location in vista-vision and technicolor the film brings to the screen the story of a novel by Henri Troyat j Co-feature is “The First Traveling Saleslady” a comedy concerned with the Gay '90’s Ginger Rogers Barry Nelson and Carol Channing have the lead ing roles In the film which portrays the hazardous career of a saleslady selling corsets That notice thereof bo flven bv publication to this Order for three consecutive weeks once la each week to Kenosha Evening News ton first publication to bo within fifteen days from too date hereof: and by mailing n copy of this Order to every Interested person whose post office address to known or can with reasonable tilligenco bo ascertained nt least twenty dsyi before the hearing or proceeding Dated October 16th 1954 By the Court ' HARRY V CARLSON Acting County Judgo JOHN A KENNEDY Attorney (Oct 17 24 31) S T A T E or WISCONSIN — KENOSHA COUNTY COURT — IN PROBATE la the matter of the 90101 of Bronislaws Kaltnko deceased ' ORDER APPOINTING TIME TO PROVE WILL AND HEIRftHIP AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS A petition having been filed representing that Bronislaw a Kalinko late of the City of Kenosha Kenosha County Wisconsin died testate end praying that the Last Will and Testament of deceased dated April 25 1952 be admitted to probate end that Letters Testamentary be granted and for determination and adjudication to belrshipi It to ordered- That said petition be beard at term to Court at (he Courthouse in the City to Kenosha County to Kenosha Mate to Wisconsin commencing on the 13th day of November 1959 at the opening of Court on that day or an noon thereafter aa asld petition con be beard That the time within which creditor to th defeated ahall p recent claims against such estate for examination end allowance to hereby fixed and limited up to and Including the 29th day of Jenu ary 1957 That ell claims against Ihe deceased be examined and sd mated bv the ( ourt on the 24th day to klarch 1957 at the opening to Ceurt on that day or ee soon thereafter ee the matter con be heard That notice thereof be given by publication to this Order for three consecutive weeks one In each week la the Kenosha Evening Now thn first publication 4a bn within fifteen days from tha data hereof: and by mailing a copy to thin Order to every Interested person whoso poet office address to known or eta with reasonable diligence be ascertained at leaat twenty days before the hearing or proceeding Dated October 19 1959 By the Court HARRY V CARLSON Acting County Judgo VAUDREUH A VAUDREUIL Attornsys Konoaha Wisconsin (Oct 17 M 311 Says He Saw Burning Body of Adolph Hitler Bielefeld Germany — (in — Werner Schwiedel 36-year-old former bodyguard of the late Adolf Hitler says he saw the burning body of the fuehrer in April 1945 and kept the shell of the bullet that killed him as t souvenir The one-time SS trooper who swore to serve Hitler until death yesterday described his part in Hitler's suicide to Berchtesgaden Judge Heinrich Stephanus who is gathering legal evidence to declare Hitler officially lead Dial 7-5121 for Classified Ads” NOW KMOWIMG — ENDS SATURDAY FUMED ON tOCATlON -INSIDE A WOMANS SOUU fmciiYTO"oro'r SS HAYWARD Richard CONTE Edd ALBERT id VAN fun Don TAYLOR i RayOANTON C eicitiNo'mtstfry Tarry Maee la "Peat Marik TV-Radio Log October 17 195G TELEVISION SCHEDULE tWHV-TV (IuhI 11) IWTTW TV CkUMl 11 (WflN-TV Channel ) IWBKB-TV (hannei 11 I WN BO-TV Channel Si IWTNJ-TV Channel 41 iWBBMTV Ckunl 1) IWITI-TV Ckuuul SI 9 to— News Julian Bentley— 2 h porta Barry— S Kukla Fran OUto-7 Steve Donovan Western— 9 Mickey Mouse Club-12 S to— Pick the Winner Debate- Eddie Fisher— 4 I Disneyland— T News Lloyd Pettit— I t 09— Arthur Godfrey— 2 Sports— 4 Hiram Holliday— 2 Terry and thn Ptretee— ( Cisco Kid-12 ( 29— Father Knows Beat-4 S Six Gun Plavheuee— 4 Navy Leg Drama— 7 Roads to Renewal — It Disneyland— 11 T 99— Millionaire— 2 Kraft Theater Drama— 4 9 Onto and Harriet— 7 Chicago Symphony— 9 1 29— I've Got a Secret— 2 lord Theater Drams— 7 Frontiers of Health— It Navy Log— 13 I Spy— 9 I 99— 20th Century Fex "Stronger the Night"— 2 This Is Your Life— 4 I Boxing ! Boston— 7 China Smith— 9 Ballet da prance Dance— It Wednesday Night Sights— 12 Cinema Six ’A Bill to Divorcement"— 9 I 29— Douglas Fairbanks— 4 lk-9 Political Tal Ltberace— 9 Time (or Religion— 11 99— News Weather Sportt-1 Hiram Holliday— 4 Weather Y oule— 5 Confidential Kile-7 Movie Western— 9 Tomorrow Lee Muiray— 11 Oule end Harriet— 11 t 39— News John Harrington-! Stage 7 Drinwof-4 RCA Theater Drama "The Out law Son”— S Pro Football HI Lllee-I Foreign Intrigue Drome— 7 Frontier "A Somewhere Voice -11 10 09-yBowllng Chicago— I Weather BUI Carteen-4 Tonight Stevn Allen— 2 This It the Day Rose— 7 Six Million Dollar Movie— 4 JV News Digest— 13 10 29— Greet GUdertleeve— 4 News Ted Thorne— I Pride to tha Family "Dane Story"— U 11:00— Movto Drama "Half Past Midnight”— 2 Tonight Stevn Allea-4 Overseas Adventure "International Finance"— 9 Movto Western "Tha Return to Jeeee James"— T Twin BUI Theater "New Orleans Police Dept": Biff Baker— 12 It to— Dateline Europe Drama— 9 Night Final— 9 12 09— News— 4 RADIO SCREDULR Nelwtrit Fraiuaaaiea Heard Bore 9 99— W GN— New e : L Mon penny RBBM— Town Crier W MAQ-Alex Dreier WLS— E P Morgan WIND— Newt: Mualc WCFL— Bandatnnd 9 39— WON— Newa: PanoraMa WBBM— Harrington 9 porta WWAQ— Beatty News WLS— Newti Marketer Sports i WIND— New Sports WCFL— Newel Serenade 9 09— WGN— Newis Panorama WBBM— Joh Brady WMAto— People Are Funny WLS— 0 Heatter WIND— Newei Mualc WCFL— Michael Word Shew ' WISN-Bob Forte WTMJ-Newe I 29— WGN— Panorama WBBM— Pick the Winner WMA(J— Recollections at Thirty ' W'IS — Civil Defense Program WIND— News: Sports — WISN— Tom Lambert WTMJ-Newe Beatty T 99— WGN— News: F Waring WBBM— Newa: Bellalre-Cleary WMAQ-X Muiua One WIND— News Record! WCFL— Ed Morgen WTMJ— People Are Funny T 29— WG N— Cliff Mercer WBBM— Amos Andy WMAO— Black Cat WLA— Mantovani WCFL— Beet of Jeic WTMJ— Recollections I 09— WGN— New : S Dewell WBBM— News: Bellalre-Cleary W MAG-Election Trend! WLS-Boxing WIND— Newei Dance WCFL— Newe Rhythm Party RIAN— Boxing WTMJ— X Minus On 9 39-RGN-E Hubbard WBBM— Robert Q Lewi WMAQ— Leaner In th Leap WIND— News 54 Club WCFL— News: Relax WTMJ— Sound t lights 09— WGN— Newa: E Hubbard WBBM— News WMAG — Angell Newa WLS— Rhythm with Rudy WIND— Newa: see Club WCFL— Newel Bob Klaon WTMJ— Election Trend t 39— WGN— Newe: Norman Res WBBM— Ed Murrew WLS— Gnngbuetera WCFL— Bob Eleon WTMJ— Gusto Star ENDS TOMITEI CJUIl i " Mm And iHELLET WINTERS la —TOMORROW! “BUCK NIGHT' -'DESERT LEGION” "RIDE CLEAR DIABLO” MIGHT drama fee Dnngar”1 BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER — Brother is pitted against brother atop Mount Blanc when Spencer Tracy left and Robert Wagner climb the treacherous peak to reach a crashed airliner Claire Trevor also stars in the film The film opens today at the Kenosha theater Demos Plan Video Show Washington-)— The Democrats said today a number of top entertainers along with their national candidates and others will take part In a television program beamed to a series of fund-raising dinners Saturday night The National Committee announced 29 of the dinners will be held in all sections of the country with various sized campaign contributions required for attendance In Washington the amount is $100 National Party Chairman Paul M Butler will open the closed circuit TV program speaking from Chicago Others who will speak include Adlai Stevenson and Sen Estes Kefauver the party’s pre$l dential and vice presidential nominees speaking from Chicago and Los Angeles-respectively former President Harry S Truman from Washington Mrsf Franklin D Roosevelt from New York City and Sen John F Kennedy (Mass) fsom Indianapolis Orson Welles will be master of ceremonies for the entertaln-ment program The cast will Include Harry Belafonte Leonard Bernstein Marlon Brando Bette Davis Paul Douglas Henry Fonda Geraldine Fitzgerald Gary Merrill Mitch Miller Nancy Olson Robert Preston Robert Rayn Yul Brynner Lauren Bacall Franchot Tone Ann Miller and Faye Emerson to— 9 Lillian Roth Film at Roosevelt The Roosevelt bill beginning tonight includes “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” starring Susan' Hayward and “Postmark Danger" starring Terry Moore The first film relates the life 10 09— WON— Newa: Sports WLS— Master to Mystery WIND — News: Lombardo WCFL— Ed Allen Shew WISN— Bob Slegrist WTMJ— Today's Event 10 39— WGN— Charlie Flak Orchestra WBBM— Music til Dawn to La— World Tomorrow WIND — News: Melodies WTMJ— Accent on Music 11 99— WO N— Newa i Ethel Devi's Shaw WIND— Newa: NMewatrh - WCFL— Harmony Hwy 11 29— WISN— Doin' thn Town 12 09-WON— Newe WMAG— News: Chei Shew 11 29-iMAO-Dtddy O Deyll 1 SPENCER TRACY ROBERT WAGNER Qi S4Sb n of Lillian Roth who was at one time reduced to alcoholism and her ultimate recovery Miss Hayward sings' a number of songs in the movie which also includes in its cast Richard Conte Eddie Albert Don Taylor and Ray Danton l "Postmark Danger” which also stars Robert Beatty has its plot set in England It involves the death of two people in an STOP! SCOOP! MICE! RINK BALLROOM Waukegan in " Presents Direct From TV-WGN Channel 9 — In Person Frank Yankovic Sh 9 It's Happy Time Music The bre Itoi to'fwkt AMERICA'S fOlJTA KING" FRIDAY NIGHT ' OCTOBER 19 7 'til 1 o'clock Box office open at 8 o'clock Dancing starts at 9 Special Adm Before 9 — B9e Adm After 9 -SI 25 Come In Early — Dance 1 It- THE MOUNTAIN ’ where ybu’l! be part of an i t exciting experience in suspense1 i THE MOUNTAIN x ‘ J " f £ where yog'll climb with two brothert! t ’ one like tain the other Abel one good i'" " one evil In search of giant airliner at 1 2nd Diq flTTnflCTIOUi Carry co Starring DAVID BRIAN " JAMES ARNESS COMING NEXT WEDNESDAY! TOLSTOY'S "WAR STUDENT TICKETS NOV KENOSHA NEWS 17 (Wls) Wed Oct 17 1958- - See a Movie Today Current Movie Timetable KENOSHA y "The Traveling Saleslady"— 1 20 9 95 S 49 "The Mountain'1— 3 09 9 49 It II ROOSEVELT "I'll Cry Tomorrow"— I 29 “Postmark lor Danger"— I 45 10 19 ' MID-CITY OUTDOOR “Tennetae Champ"— 9 42 10 11 t "Norihwort Pnaang"— I 15 automobile crash One of th dead is Survived by two broth ers Scotland Yard suspects fowl play and starts an invest! gatlon From there mystery and intrigue are rife The 3 000-th ocean-going vessel has entered the port of Amsterdam Holland three weeks earlier this year than last Si Otari N iron snovniic! i ‘lacao-liv Wttilimrfh I Nil!- 2nd Big EU! n -i uv L j EXTHAf COLOR CARTOON - COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR m P J 4 V 1 MX rvAv 7V 1 the wreckagejof a the summit! i 03031313 CLAIRE TREVOR Coro' Ttaivtaa PEACE" AND - - — ! 4 ON SALE!- -v I ? t Jh A-M to A4 e A -A A OtetoG AA Jfc 9 A A m a

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