The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 12, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 12, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKER8FIELD CALTPORNIAN MONDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1908. Thc Bakersfield Californian Itt'iea Kvcry Ereninc but Sundays at /) lifTf-.'M !. Kern County, California. City and County -vi-v.-iu Official Paper «nter»Mi in Postofflce at Bnkersficld, Cai., as Second-class Mrifl ,MatUr »n ceo t.-a Month; $5 a Year In Advance ALFRED HARRELL, TELEPHONES: Cuainesa office Main 31 for WILLIAM J. BRYAN For Vice President, JOHN W. KERN For Congressman—Eighth District W. C. SHEPHERD For Justice of the Supreme Court F. J. MURASKY For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON, For Aasemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN For Supervisors, First District, WM. HOUSER Fourth District, J. M. BUSH Fifth District. H. A. JASTRO Monday, Oct. 11 IDEAR TOM:-•'She'll- L B. Berges & Company Wholesale Dealers In Wines, Liquors And Cigars The Cream Of All Goods Served in Sample Room Quotations And Samples Sent On Application PHONEMMAIN 237 Ib23 NINETEENTH STREET Just a Word to Advertisers THE BLUNDER—BUSS Kfforts in the direction of ;_'ood government are never disassociated, in Ihc'oflice of the morniii", paper, with the desire to do small. cheap and nasty politics. Its latest outbreak over the county liquor ordinance is a in poiid. The licenses for the sale of liquor Jor this year were lony since is- Kiied. They authorized the holders to transact business for twelve months. They will not expire for several months yet. and no ordinance passed by the .supervisors I'll I) become retroactive, could not affect a single license already granted, nor prevent one individual from eiintinuin<r to do business for the time specified in the authority already granted him. ; The board of supervisors has-' however, .siynitieil an intention to amend the liquor ordinance so a.s lo t_dve power to the residents of. each community to say whether or not licenses shall be issued to colt- duct a saloon business in thai community. The details of that ordinance have been agreed upon. and it will be passed in ample lillie to '_lVe tile pei.|i|i fore Hi. now \Y further tli! of the boat arc con That par'v ' that done. of th With reference tiou was ne\e|- uupervisi 's. t> two li'epnblii ocrati< Ihe plan. It at all exei pt morning Miiall ; oin i", making itself as it usually • The snpervi.-... that tin- lii'eu.s not lie affectei nance. They know that those licenses \vil! i),it expire until after the opening of the new yi ar. at'd loilii' befol'e t.'iat time, in jicco!-.'. mice with the indiv'dt:;.! , .\.i:i s- SJOll of the members ol' the hoard. without regard to par; v a" ' ' ' party pledge so far as it affects tile |)et,|oerai]e Illrmlie! •,. tile o diuauce will be in operation and enjoy a ! box of Gruenhagen's j candy just as must as j you enjoy a cigar fromi Meroney's. . ; TaKe the tip. | E.I LL. i gentlemen ai'e chairrined at Ihe silly efforts of their party paper just as jlre their many friends. They realize that whatever feel- .;. iii^ the ore-ail can create in Ihei* public mind will be directed j '£ against Ihem in their respective |.|. districts, the districts atl'ecled. ;.; They know that the ordinance, >> •'• the details of which have been!* airived upon by the entire board ,,j. will he a law before the licenses |.;. expire next year and that auyj* prejudice the- ornan can arouse |';' no\v \vill be be killed by the ac-'.j, lion of tlit; board so that the Democratic members', should they aspire for re-election two years' hence will in no wav be affected. Tlie California!) has a fixed rate lor advertising and Its' rate is not determined by the inte charged by any other publication. (f an advertiser, therefore, finds that his bill from Hie Callforian for advertising is si-cater than his bill from another publication, this paper cannot make any adjustment of the difference. .The Call- fornlan bases its rate on, its circulation. As compared with papers of equal circulation in other cities, the rates are very low. But the Californinn cannot regulate Its rates to meet the cut rates of any local newspaper whose circulation is far below that of the Cali- fornlan. The Californinn in point of circulation is far In the lead in Kern County. If it charges more for its space, IT IS BECAUSE YOUR ADVEirriSK- MKNT REACHES MOIIK READERS. AND IS THEREFORE, WORTH MORE. MM WORDS OF ; ENCOURAGEMENT Nut in the history of the ('nliti'i-iii-iii has this paper i.-inin! smli peneral favor as it is new meeting with. Let•>.:, come by mall- dally en- (lorj-ini: the paper and these ;-. tteis are in line with many individual personal expressions. Tin- subjoined is a fair illni-ti-atioji of many words of ITU•r>i;i-;i);( rnent: St. ('lair Hospital, Bakersfleld, C'nl.. Oct. in. Kclitnr Californlan: Please titid enclosed check for one doilur fur which you will IIM -off send the Californian to me daily. Hear dov, I] tipoii your quill, Mr. Iviitur. I am 'sure you will I e rewarded by a grateful ronirnnnlry. You' have the iK-sr nf ymir contemiiorary be- (aiisi you are right. Faith- I Phil Ulnnkfnslilp returned from a visit to Snti ntcen yesterday morn- 11 In.:. Golden Gate I h So it appears that just at present. Supervisors I'eterseu and Corset t are (lie only ones in I'autie ol' the ortran's blunder-bus, and from a party standpoint the Cali- They are products of ieiid legislation — and jud usurpation. Admitting Coffee Richardson Mineral Springs Unexcelled for Rheumatism, Stomach and Kidney Trouble. Ask your friends about them or write for book- '«t to J. H. Richardson, Chlco, Cal. •!• * •:• * * •;• * <• PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting la my specialty. I use nothing but the beat materials, guarantee my work and charge reasonable price*. I. O. MEREDITH, Contractor . 21 1/ t> sv Pnrne Main 172. •¥ -r .* * Always uniform—our best product—sold in 1 Ib., 2 Ib., 2\ Ib. and 5 Ib. cans. Your grocer will grind it— better if ground at home—not too fine. forn'uiu can view with muchiitalist and immunity the' act ion of its stupid uniformly contemporary. men. "A ' ' ON INJUNCTIONS. rily ol' the judges so and thus ijiiihy of usurpation, it must he said that the injunctions issued hy these judges are uniformly in the interests of the cap- monopoly classes, and against the \vorl;iuu'- Uiiiiiuuily for any of its members who violate law. The nuin on trial for his life may demand it trial by jury, and no jiuljio nuiy deny him that riirht. Hut judges deny men the riirht to trial by jury when they are accused of no | crime and have committed no j OWLS WILL crime their sole offense that Ihev disobeved an order that „. . ... ., . „ , ,,, ,, • , ' i , ' • 1 , , The initiation fee of the Owls will the ,|i id ire had no vijjht to make. be ,, lised from 3- (o ?U) on Novem . "I.ess than a year a-rn President ; be r 1st, and those who desire to be- ,1,'oosevelt wrote to (''onirrcs!^come members of the popular order |strone|y airainst the use of irov- "" 'eriimeiit by injunction. But now. after th patrons have a moral ami ie«al right to withdraw their patronage? From i the standpoint of business, It Is up toj the business man who wants patronage to so conduct his business and his personal affairs as to retain the favor and patronage of those whose patron- nut 1 he desires. RAISE THE INITIATION FEE ON NOV. 1. j are hurrying in their applications • prior to- the date mentioned. E. H. WHITE Beal Estate Insurance Notary Public. Publisher "'Daily Report" Kern County Records. Money to loan on good Security. Sole Agent Royal Insurance Company, a "Dollar for Dollar Company, with "Dollars left." 1803 Chester Avenue Phone Main 905 V The Sail Francisco Star, issue of last week, contains ticle on " eovcrtnnelit d courts" that is so dear, and convincing t hat I he < ' uian uives to j| a portion itorial ^\>:tri- to read hy every cnlarly hy those in its an ar|||,. direct alifor- of its It should ii, and par hav list- eileii to the irresponsible title!' aiices nf those who profess to see in the Denver platform some covert attack on the courts. The Democracy today is contending for what Mr. Roosevelt demanded Conii-ress and wh'ch the lawmakers treated yi very! r the I'resiiteut. •r's article .- iverumeiit ry much as they I'ei'i i|||t!. 'Illial loll l'.llt. hep' is the hy Injii'icl ion •iid legislation it will b jties in abor unions is :it l-ottoin an tion that employer^ have a property ritrht in their employee^ ; ;; judicial diclurii that the employ- i r lias a riuht in his employees when the hitter try ;ii a lawful "l;»n||et- to protret or defend or i!d\aiiee their natural ritrhts. l»y the mere word of a judirc. iiijiiiict ions as issn-'d in trade disputes are intended lo and do in effect make outlaws of men who are not even charged with violation of any law of nation or state. t'le e' the issuanc .ludii-e enjoins-—[irolul'its from domic whal is lawful. the workinirmaii do the lawful ad thus prohiliiti-d. au<l he is •jnihy '!' ••• >i! i MI j •; -if court ; not ! l.e contempt of court ' Vomniinc. d in tile preset! f I h" eolirl ol 1 so Hear tllei'elo as to illteffere with' Ihe' administration of justice." Iml " indirect conti'mpt " -whi'-li I in this ease is the dnimr of a law-1 t'nl act til/it has been forbidden by the court. For doinir that lawful ' act, which the court has no lawful I riyht to forbid, the worlciuirmau ' may be sent to jail or fined, or both, by the judire who without authority of law issued the order. "Have nol working-men the ri.rhl i i ^•..', that judicial tyranny:' Have they not the ri»-lit to protest auaiust the issuance of injunctions iu disputes between workinirmen and einploy- ers, when no such injunctions have ever been issued or even asked for when there was IMi dispute between working-men and employers' The workin<rint'n would not be worthy of American cilixeiiship if they submitted without protest to such judicial tyranny. "No ac| is a 'crime' unless some law designates and specifies !< as a crime. Whenever the law | designates and specifies a crime it | provides the punishment; but at i Ihe same time the law demands I that the accused shall have a hear- Chica-o convention nom-1 F , rgt Scholar _ wharB lhe >f , ric . mated I alt. upon a plattorm Ihat : iiin doln - ovel . .„ the S( ,i K , 0 ihonse? endorses trovernment by injnne-l Second Scholar— I'uttin' in a 'lec- tion, he suddenlv discovers that.t''"' switch. First Scholar—Gee mtilly! If they are Roin' tor do the lie-kin' hy 'leclrlo ity I quit.—Judge. And Tai'1 echoes thai sen- .... «. that sort of judicial usurpation is i the 'Manila Charla of trade-union-i ism.' And Tai'1 tinieut.'' ALLEGED BOYCOTT AND AN ARGUMENT i rnion Labor Journal) The Morning Echo uses an nlle-jed boycott on the rnion Labor Journal to ]ioim a moral as to the use of the writ of injunction to protect the riyht to do Ii "I am IntrodurlnB my patent ever :eady trouser-holder and—" "Bettor move on. yaung man." in- terrtiptpd Farmer .leiikins. "I've got one hero thet's putty good an' I don't object to showin' it, either. Here. Tlge?"—-Puck. ?ream or ice. We sollciv wholesale trade, both In creams and candles Our phone number Is Main 1R3. 142f COOLEST PLACE IN TOWN. I • Is the Farm; fon"a a&o iflt under | of an individual to do business. There JU r palms and drink a cooling, r& is no merit in (lie ariruaient. Neil her i freshing soda water and eat an ie* is the illustration appreciated. The Echo has been much more concerned about the alleged boycnit than has the editor of the Labor Journal. We do not dispute with the Echo that it has a riyht to pose as the chief mourner at our funeral when the time conies, but we do dispute its ri^ht to make the funeral. The Echo's arguments are iwaddie. Notwithstanding the illustration which the Echo uses is as 1'iir us we Icno-.v merely the rmnithinss of a pos- o! r niper. we will ;• tlon to show tiie Suppose th; t imr .lourtK'l ii.:.- di-vpleased tho.-. ,.. t| lf . same illitstni-i fallacy of the Rcho'sj lhe editor of Hie done tiijit. which hasj luive Hi\cn \n\- 1 ronage to the paper. Would not those 1 Phone Main 257 BOX BON Tour order for Ice Cream, Fruit or Candy. SPECIAL FREE DELIVERY Prom S n. m. to 6 p. m. T. C. COPPIN, Prop. censes a ^uule t, at direct from tiie hou- each community. Of cotllse the.-e i, MI what the supervisors I taken to do. and w.ll stop in lhe dii-ecpi. the endorsement of tie pljfty, w!lie.]| Co,')e)M j)eo|)le on lite b to follow 1 he which i - to e' v ; The effort exist i in.' con political is ; that ulariu-j; had its ) party iu from a n standpoint the Demoi lionni are not ca.od .I'lc.ctiou Ihis year, i-:, anil in a district ised of a municipality, which enu ;i no way he affected by county legislation. TJic other two mem- '"•rs ar" Republicans holh candidates for re-election, and the only two supervisors iu position to h»- hurt hy the onslana'h u% of the organ. Needless to •• Not one of these assertions has j ine; and a trial before a jury if he ecu successfully denied by Hie i.s.i demand. Now. iu all thim'Sl i . .• ..••,.. . . ^ • • 'advocates of u'ovcrnment by in- juili-tion: seldom have they been 'denied at all. Have not workiny:- ' I' 1 !!, then, the riir'llt to protest . whe 1 ) the courts 'hscriminate .-"_'-,dtist (he workiim-mi'ii in a manner thai dc[irives them of ilu-ir const it ut i.iual iruarauty of eipiali- ty before tl,,i law? "Ttie in.jun.'t ions issued in la- i'or disputes ;i>. ]|i,t based upon law. Thev ar.' !">t law, for no n which worin^meij are enon- ed by the court, if the acts are unlawful aial criminal the law provides I'm- their punishment. By what sort of riL'lit may a judia'e punish a ma,, |-,,,. ,|,,ii,,_, \vhat is not who sits i the in- unlawful : The lawyer oil the bench ami issue junelioii has no rie-ht ;,, thiuir of the kind. II,. do any- has th- hor dc >w. r is not not ask "Trains for Business." Our office in the Galtes Building is now open, and we shall be glad to give any information about our courses that may be required. Sea us in regard to a business training. We think we can interest you. Term opens September 1st, SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING, BOOKKEEPING, ETC. Ask for catalogue H . R. LUFKIN, Principal TO NEW YORK THROUGH Orange Groves of Southern California; Cotton Fields of Texas and Louisiana.' FOUP AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED •TEAMERS ANY CARELESSNESS IS RESPONSIBLE for lhe'iL' ..I 1 many iii.-e dresses and oilier e;i: p uieuis, but little ^satisfaction .. tile eillprils. I'l'lJIOV ena darker .fl'ctiveness. Pioneer Cleaners and Dyers A. C. Jacob*«n, Proprietor. Works, 129-133 -JOth St. Phone Main akersfield Iron Works OIL WELL 1 TOOLS AND SUPPLIES Phones Main 29 and 230—L, M and 24th Streets

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