The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 10, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1908
Page 8
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TELEPHONES MAIN 39 and 86 Eucalyptus and Honey Cough Syrup ls» » s*fc rftkeity for coujrlis, fr>)'}-. bronchitis mid liinir affr-Mi'VIH. VV»» knuw what it is made of arid just what it will do. U <1 <1m\s nut sl"p your cough we will ivl'inn! your money. The Store of Eastman Kodaks. Baer's Leading Druggist*. mas OF THEJLECTION (Continued from Pat* One). A HEATED ARGUMENT Is ni>> necessary to mnvniri' VKII that, our single hanifss at $\<) is .Very bard lo beat. <)nr hir^i' si/.c J»lu,sii rubi's nl if-!."' 1 , will Mirprisi 1 you. Hurry up and urt oiif nt' our liiilf. tlirci--((iiarlrr nr Till] lined ^talih- blankets: prices ^1. j^I.50. ^l.Tfi, .j.L'.diK Don't i'or-rot pur stO'iM lilanUcts, 1'rom $2 tip. '{''!' '' ; i I ' M- ' i!' | l:i- hnlif- ti!'>', ' -> i'l :i - 1 !:: IP U :nnl ^i .TS. Election must be fe«ld at Blatra school bouse. Atphilto Precinct Inspectors: I* D. Bell, D. W. Mad.ludRes: S. A. Hubbard. H. D. Ball. Ballot Clerks: H. M. Thompson, E. M- Brown. Clerks: H. B. Phelan. M. J. Hess. Election must be held at Uedmen's hull. McKittrick. Adobe Precinct. Inspectors. J. F. Bennett, J. C. Pltim- nier. Judges: Wm. D. Knight, Sam Williams. Ballot Clerks: Jack Fowler, Louis E. Form way. Clerks: Ira Smith. Peter McCaffrey. Election must be held at Jack Fowler's ranch house. Rosedale Precinct. Inspectors: Robt. Rmld, S. B. Dewey. Judges: Peter Heimforth, W. T. Allen. Ballot Clerks: Jacob Messenger, A. B. Ren fro. Clerks: John Waters, F. W. Northway. Election must be held at Rosedale school house. Antelope Precinct. Inspectors: A. A. Stltt, John Baker. Judges: Robt. D. Duncan, S. B. Sumner. Ballot Clerks—Klngsley King, Andrew Imfeld. Clerks: Percy Catling, Robt. L. Kalk. Election must he held at Annette school house. Paleto Precinct. Inspectors; C. F. Hysung, H. W. Klipsteln. Judges: J. U. Abbott, C. E. Black. Ballot Clerks: E. W. Austin, Chas. A. Barnhart. CU-rks: James Bridges, Albert K'u-i:iii>ii must be held at Frank P. Francis hall. Midway Precinct. Inspectors: Harry Secor, C. R'I.V Grci-ni-. Jiid«i-s: Harry S. Hanes, Wm. P. Cunningham. Ballot Clerks: Chas. C. Snyder, Martin J. Spellacy. Clerks: Edwin D. Elliott, Jr., Fred O'Hiicii. Election must he held at Santa Fe headquarters. Pamma Precinct. III:-]. -rlor>: CiutS. 14. Urlllii'h, .1.1 i Sit-in. i .huh;.'.-. G. .1. Sliihl. Asa McK.'ir/.ie. 1 I 1 ,,,lit.i ('l.-rli.-: M;iUrii-«- 11, Baldwin.) \ II. Koliiuson. ' n.-rl..-: I»a\f Hi!--l!f"VI. I" M Aslu. ; r:;.-i-i ; ..n DM-I \,< \\<-\<\ at l';.n u>v, i -. Ilnol iltill-f. j Canfield Precinct. ' Talks to The Men! Today more than ever it is the clothes tkat make the man. The old saying that clothes do not make the man is true to some extent, but like "Bill Nye", we arc inclined to take a vcond look. Of all times now is tin; important period to look us up. The line is complete in every detail and we lay particular stress upon the fact that prices cut a figure in this department as well as style: two things: one worth watching the other worth wearing. Today we present a special line of sample suits in Worsted, Fancies and Cassiineres in every correct color mid rightly made. At the price, suit $15.00 50 Doz; Shirs and Drawers— Splendid silkyfleeeed garments for men, in cream only; in every size and no disappointment; regular "Maco" cotton, full weight and full sizes; trimmed nock and front with best wash silk; long sleeves and double seat and double front Drawers. Garment A. B, HERRINGTOF 1 1517 19th St. i Vci-. 1 Than Enough Is Too Much. To in.Hiiii.iln health a mature man fcr v>!>:r>:»u need.-; just enough food to iepnir 'hi- v.-:»si,. and supply finorgv and Ivnjy heal. The habitual con- •tmi|j(.'oi] of auir.' fond than Is necessary f-'r Hi"-;,' |iii'-iin.-:e.s 13 the prime Cfl.iii,i ..-.' -.tinna''!) (i iiii!i!i':i, rheuuia- and disorders of the kidneys. If >Vd wiUi Indigestion, revise your di-'* ' . • ' 'a aii-l :; .: a;/-;,'•!;*" control ,)/.,i 'V,.,» a f..\v iius..* of Cham- fct-r'iaJr.'s Strmia. h in! I.iv.-r Tablets KiHiour. •HA r-ora wHI soon be all right again. ' .I'ldiu-s: J. E. Garvin, T. H. Me- For FX'I« tor liner Bros. Btkersfield; 'Govern. Hern Di-nc; Co.. Kera • i Ballot Clerks: H. L. \Veems. P. J. H.ilI'M ('1,-rks: .lain's (iarlicU. K A ''ii'i'!''tie|.|. ''h-iKs: ,1. 1; Mcrnt.-i-,.'U ' '" Klectioii must lie li^id at (.' :iifiel,l ~"'i. ijool house V/.TSCO Precinct. IM-!""' 'l'-: A. .1 .McCoiiil> = . N. M. Judges: .lame* Elliott. Clarence Paseoe. I'.ul'.nt Clerks: S. S. Fugltt, O. P. Runyor,. Clerk.-: Rnl.-i. Palmer. \V. E. Tibbets Elect i'ji. mu^t be held at Peterson Havilah Precinct. or: J. P. Allen, .lake Est- Gc-'.r.:.' Mlllc-r. \V. II. Wil- W. \V Walters, Ballot Clerks; Jno. Hays. CleiU.-: \Vi:-:. \Voiiil. (.'Has. Rankin. IClt-ftior. must bo held in the Houser Classification WANTED—Situation by man and wife where they would not object no child. The man to do all kinds of j outside work and the womau :j ; cool; and do ueneral housework. In- | quire at the Old Hickory Inn, Chester avenue. 60 Classified ads., fifty cents a week. Callfornlan want ads bring results. All roads lead to C. N. JOHNSTON'S BLACKSMITH SHOP. BEST WORK ALWAYS Phone, Main 656. 1301 Nineteenth St. Arthur Fllben, Mm. M. Bankrupt I CA I I ' Garwood. Miller. Election must be held at Wasco school house. Po»o Precinct. Randsburg No. 1 Precinct. Inspector: W. D. Moors. C. J. II- Hngsworth. Judge Arley Roberts, Justus Stock I OF THE United Harness Co Of all classes of Harness, Saddles, Whips, Robes, Blankets, Buggies and everything belonging to the harness and saddle trade. Corner Chester Ave. and 20th Street. Inspectors: Halaey. Judges: W. E. Phillips, Harry Jast iro. Ballot Clerks: Geo. M. Phillips, Richard Ward. Clerka: Harry Robeson, Lou Wlse» man. Election must be held at Poao warehouse. Marieopa Precinct. n, R. Nelll, A. M. Car- J. W. McLeod. Fred Cot- D. Gunderson, Wm. James Montgomery, Clyde GENTLE HORSES. on ami gentle lories that ladies can drive. You will flti(,l ove^ythine dpick and'spau about our' stables, bar horses good animals, and car- iJt cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in 1 EUectlon must be lield at Weldon runawff/ order aU the time. "tore. - • ' KemvIHe ter. Judges: H. C. Moaher, C. 0. Green. Ballot Clerks, Gilbert Phelps, C. J. Harvey. Clerks: C. S Garfleld, Edw. Clark. Election must be held at school house. Mojave Precinct. Inspectors: J. J. Neater, S. R. Clark. Judges: J. M. Dake, H. S. Klnch. Ballot Clerks: Dave Crlchton, Sam'l Krystel. Clerks: H. E. Cok-man, 0. H. Pep- pelt. Election must be held at Mojave school house. Tehachapi Precinct. Inspectors, C. V. Bernard, P. L. l.affnrnui'. Judges: J. M. Jarkley, G, W. Love Joy. Ballot Clerks: John Kelt, C. O. Clerks: W. H. Kunpp. R. M. Spencer. Election must be held at Carmlch- ael hull. Old Town Precinct. Inspectors: B. E. L. Hicks, C. 13. Brlte. Judges: J, B, Brlte, Wm. A, Highland. Ballot Clerks: Henry F. Wiggins, Roger \Vhalen. Clerks: J. I>. Henderson, James C. Wiggins, Election must be held at OKI Town school house. Weldon Precinct. Inspectors: John Xlcholls, Wm. P. Powers., Judges: Thos. 8. Smith, Henry B. True. Ballot CU'rks: Robert Seybert, C. M. Vrooman. Clerks: Robert Neil!, .LeRoy Ran- tie. Ballot Clerks: Atkinson. Clerks: Huttel. Election must be held at the of Justice of the Peace. Randaburg No. 2 Precinct. Inspectors: Jack Nosser, D. J. M& Cormlck. Judges: Ed Baker, Pat Fahey. Ballot Clerks: R, P. Houser, L. J. Montgomery. Clerks: R. F. Dickinson, W. B. Lawrence. Election must be held at Pamper- In building. The remaining boards will be pub- llahed on Monday. FOR SALE—A pood t'> room house and I barn; in good residence section of. Bakersfleld; nice lawn; near car line. Price $1800. $500 cash, balance like rent. See R. A. Moore, room 11. Hopkins bldg; phone Main 433. 63 BLACKSMITHS. ATTENTION!—Go and look at the shop at corner 22d and M streets, lot 85 feet front, all buildings and tools; a bargain at $2500. See R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins bldg; phone Main 433. 63 FOR SALE—A splendid 6 room plant tered house, bath, toilet, etc., stable ' nice lawn and shady, on 66 foot lot, near Santa Fe depot; just the place for railroad man; for only $2600. See R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins bldg Phone Main 433. 63 •»» Scott—Does your wife go through your pockets nights? MOtt—Not quite. She stops when she gets to the bottom.—Boston Yranacrlpt. THE HUB-Oat fitters for Men and Boys I BOYS' SUITS! The Southern Bakersfleld'i Leading HoUJ Culilno, Service Urwxcellod ' New Floor Coverings! Our new ( -;ii'|...:s ; ,,,,| rug8 have just arrived. Before arrannln;; ,, u , now goo ds for display we closed out our n\,\ .s,, )cU aml you now iulv ' o an entirely new liu,- f rum which to choose. The patterns are of ih,. v ,-ry latest and up to date designs, A small payni. i.i ,h,., v|1 anl i n nule each month. $2.50 UP •ur assortJiaeat of Boys' SUthing is the most complete we have ever shewB. Selections arc better, styles are better—anil values are better thaa anywhere ia this city. For instance we ca» * give y«u an elegant school suit—brown and blue In dassimeres; sizeai, 7 to 15, FOR $2.50 Others'at $3.00, $3.50, $4 and $5. DYER 9 /ONES SPECIAL BOYS' DUPLEX SUITS $4.JO One of the best values ever shown'; double breasted coat, .•.".'."J. 1 I- ,;• with two pair pants; one pair knickers arid,one pair straight knee, in good nil wool cheviot; sixes 7 to 14 $4.50 FREE BET-flN-BALL A new flarncij a bat With a small rubber•.ball attached Given with every boys' »ult S.W4SCKOPP

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