The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 10, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1908
Page 7
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LEGAL. LEGAL. DELINQUENT BALE NOTICE. v Fourth Extension Wai i/ooatlon.of principal pjac Wasco. Kern County. CS ater .Company ..... _ uje of pusineBS. BSCO. Kern County. California. Notice. — There are delfncment Upon the following described stock, on account or assessment (No. one) levied on the 25th Jay of August, 1908. the several anionntH set opposite the names of the respective shareholders. as lollows: ..List of shareholders with No. of certificate. No. of shares and.nmpunt due: No. No. n -M?" 10 , , „ Crt - shs - Amt ' California .Home Exten- MonAs.socmthw .trustee . fur August Anderson .522 40 $30. Oft .James II. Anderson ____ :{l)7 o r "" Jaiiieti II. Anderson ____ 395 20 (itlltornlii Home h'.vten- sion Association, trustee tor ,|. K. Anderson . . . .147 20 Da i w n. Cyrus ....... :S91 20 Baldwin, CmiN ...... 5o7 5 arter. John ......... 4iO 5 jeard, Tlios. Geo ...... S64 5 eckett. Alice M ...... 412 20 ' 20.00 20.00 0 . ...... Bennett. Mrs. Sarah ...'MS California Home Exten- 30 5.0, 20.00 10.00 sionAsscj tar for Bower/"Samuel" . California Home lixten- nAssociatlon. trustee ,,--... Bertkan. Fen],, C. ..27 California Home Kxien- jion Association, trustee J 70 10 10.00 2V, sion Association, trustee for Rower, Samuel .,. California Home Exten- 71 10 10.00 |lon Association, trustee „ forBrtees. Warren P. 195 5 6.00 aster, polm A. 528 20 20.00 California Home Exten- 6.00 slonAssocfatlon. trustee Jor Wojodarskv. Merer 202 20 20.00 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Young. Jas. B. ... ,,H And In accordance with order of the Hoard of Dlr 17 10 10.00 ..1 law and an Directors made «u 25th dav of August., 11)08. so many shares of each parcel of such stock ns may he necessary will be sold at public auction at the offlce of the secretary of the company on the 2()t.h (lav of October. 1908. at the hour . 1!)08. day. . . of 10 a. in. (if Haiti day. to nay said (U'Unoiiem assessment thereon, together with costs of advertising and ex- wn * l ' H All fc'rto n. JORDAN. secv. AVfiHcn. Kern Count v. Cnl. 10-.] LKOAL NOT Notice Is hereby given that .. taxes for the year 1908 are due and payable on the 21st day of September, llios. and will become, delinquent on the 2d dav of November. 1908. All taxes are payable at, the office of the City Treasurer and ex-offlclo Tax Collector. 1S22 Chester avenue. A. WEABER. , L'X-olfido Tax Col- Citv Treasurer and ex lector. sionAsaocj for Wm. 1 California J sqct ales won) 1 for ' California . BlonAssoc [hristten ' Camo'rnla itlon. trustee „ 1. Chambers 323 iome Exten- 10 10.00 it! n a trustee Hezeklah, . 89 10 [qme Exten- itlon Jrustee Jm. F. loine" 'tfxten- III 10 5 10.00 6.00 slonAsBpclatlon. trustee for Cooley. Chas. M. .. 37 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Crow ton. Cyrus ...268 10 10.00 California Horn* Exten- sionA8sociatlon. s trU8tee for Dickinson. Wm. H..191 )onanue. Michael .. 631 Jorr, Frank............534 sionAssocfatlon. trustee jFor Evans, Lumls.A. .. California Home Exten- tor Evnne. Lumla California Home 1 slonAssociution. trustee 97 20 20.00 for Evans. Lumls A. . California Home Exten 08 16 1G.OO stonAssociatlon. trustee for Evans, Lumls.A. .. 99 California Home Extension,* ssoclatton. trustee for Evans. Lumis A. ..100 California Home Exten- sionAssociatlon. trustee .2S6 " 16 16.00 20 20.00 TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the taxes on a" personal property, and one-half of the taxes on all real property, will be due and payable on the second Monday In October, and will lie delinquent on the last Monday In November next therafter; 1 at 6 o'clock p. m., and unless paid prior thereto fifteen per cent will be added to the amount thereof, and that If said one- half be not paid before the last Monday In April next, at 6 o'clock p. m., an additional five per cent will be added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half of the taxes On all real property will he payable on and after the first Monday in January next, and will be delinquent on the last Monday in April next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., and that unless paid prior thereto five per cent will be added to the amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid at the time th first installment, as herein provided, is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid in the office of the Tax Collector In the county courthouse between the hours of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. and 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern Couaty, California. NOTICE OF ^ASSESSMENT. St>rlrii.'n»0d Oil Cpmmmv. Location of principal place ot business. Bakers- fleld. Cnlifornl«. , . , Notice is lii' elvoijthat at a mwt!n« ot the Directors held on the 2 ith dav of September. f»OS. an assessment (it one find ono-nuarter cents ni-r share was levied upon the capital stock of the oornonition. payable Immediately In United States eold coin to the seiTetnrv of said cornprnuon_ at LEGAL. the seiTi'tnrv offlce of tne tlticers company., gs iyj ' a nk ersfleld. California. , , . Anv stock upon which ment shall remain ion n 1. Prong. Bak,- stock upon wnicn this shall remain unpaid on toe . ... ay of Novemoer. 1908. will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction unless payment is made before, will be sold on the 28th dav of November. 1908._to_i»av_thc d ( f ethe llnciuent assessment, together wl cost of advertising and expenses ol of Directors. . Secretary. NOTICE. I, E. J. Hummel, of the County of Alameda, State of California, the pros. ent owner of the land hereinbelow de. scribed, do hereby give notice that I will, on the 17th day of October, 1908, apply to the Register of the State Land Office, at Sacramento, California, for a duplicate certificate of purchase. Xo. J4.S.'!«, issued to Ernest J. Hnninul, dated April 26, 1900, on location No. 4>r>, Vlsalla Land District, for ail of s-ectlnn 36, Twp. 29 S., R. 22 K., M. n. M., in the County of Kern. State o f California, containing C40 acres. Date «f flr*t publication, Sept. 1C, lf'OS>. NOTICE"! Mrs. Mary R Ojnir.cns hereby Rives notice that die- will not be responsible for debts contracted by tho management of the .lewett Lano.roadhouse, she having leased the premises to Thos. E. Malier. Neither will she he responsible for debts contracted by any other person without a written order from her. fiO sale. By orde r Offlce. r li)£8 BsnK uujiuitiK. *-v.**t>v »-*v" streets. Bakersneld. California. o. l. an NOTICE for Findon. Walter .. edland ord. Frank X. d, Fra . ... Friedlander Max ...... 4 rank X. ........ 4 rank J ......... 4 JlOrO. r ijtiiiv Foster, John California Home Extension Association, trustee for Gardiner. H. H. ...240 20 20.00 California Home Exten- f ionAssoclation. trustee or Griffin, Edw.W. ... 73 10 10.00 California Home Exten sIonAssoclatlon. trustee ?or Green. Alfred California Home Ex , Green." Alfred" V.V. 277 20 20.00 fornia Home Extension Association, trustee for Green. Henry W. ..310 10 10.00 California Home Exten- sionAssociation. trustee for Gustavus. Henry . .262 20 20.00 California Home Exten- slonAssociatlon. trustee tor Harvey. J. M. 54 5 California Home Exten- sionAsKociatipn. trustee tor Harvey. J. M 304 21 Haves & Murray 516 10 Haves & Murray 515 20 Hayes & Murray 504 2 1 Hedrick. Clark 398 20 ('Hlitornla Home l^Mcn- K'.on Association, trustee for Hefner, Nelson ...144 20 20.00 California Home Kxten- 5.00 (, 2.50 . 20]00 *"2o!oo sionAssocfat ion. trustee for Hevdeji. Edw. T. Herman. nia 20 _ _. . .179 CalifoTnia Tiome 'lixteri- sion Association, trustee for Herrman. D. M. ... 92 Herrnian. D. M 462 Herrman. D. M 463 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Herrman. A. ,1. ...105 California .Home Extension Association, trustee for Herrman. A. J. ... 18G California Home Kxten- slonAssociation. trustee for Herman. B. W. ...211 20 California Home Exten' ' ^io^Unistee 20.00 20.00 20 20 20 20 DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Burks, Oil Company, Location of principal plac" of business. Oakland. California. Location of property. Kern County. California. Notice.—There is delinauent upon the following described stock of the corporation, on account of Assessment (No. o levied on the 18th dav of July. 1908. tho several amounts se.t onposite ^^ ,^ ... , l ,,, vj til jet the,'namcT '0^" the'^espectlve~''s'lTare" holders as follows: No. No. Name Cert. Shs. Amt Roy 3 Burks 193 1§CQ *!§• Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. .. Mrs J. ^. H. Dorn ... r. B. LaniKln 'elia Shea . Geo. Smith . A. A. Kmith ' A. Smith ' "t roiu. . _troin . K. StroiR -. K. Strovu, i.0 Thompson 27 Ami in accordance with law. and nn order ot the Board of Directors made on the 8th day of September. 1908. so many shares of each parcel of such stock as nia.v be necessary will be d.n 100.0 loo.on loo.on 50.0(i 10.0(1 In the Superior Court County of Kern. State o; In the matter of th Erlckson. deceased. , . . "otlce is nereby given that In of. an order qf..t«e Sjun for the I , — —.—irnja, e estate of Bmll pur iiiance of an order of.-ttoe Superior Jourt of the County of Kern, State of California, made on the 6th day of jr. *08. jn the matter of the er f Emll Erickson. decease/!, th ifgned admfnlstra NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that my wife Annie Castro, having left me without cause, I will not be responsible for debts contracted by her from this 'late. B. p. CASTRO. Dated at Bakersfield, September 26, 1908. v s APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL _ctober. tale of _.. undersigned a tate of said decease vate sale to the cash gold colp o matter _ in. decea^—... irator of the h . wlfl sell at on- ighest bidder for tfre United' States f October, 'orenqon of Jie said ad- .court, house, i^the be on Tuesday, the 20th day p 1908. at 10 o'clock in the fc that day at the offlce of tin ninistrator in the .court house In t Iltv of BakerBfleld. County of Re itate of California, sealed bids will „. ' - bv said administrator for an v said property at hia said or;° the hyur.jiereln n^med on _____ recefved or all of ______ . flee UP to the hour he, said 20th dav of October. bids must be accompanied w» per cent of the amount bid. 1 he to:- ine is a description of the property , the Superior Court of the State of Calltornia. in and for the County of ..In fhe matter of the estate of George K. Ober. dec-vnged. to cha.p«e Its name tp Kern County Agrjculturai , A8Bociatiqn? r and . that said application.or peutton Ts signed bv a malqrlty of the directors of the said 'iudnut Driving ParK Assopln- tion." and that Bald, petition ptutes siifllclenj reasons for the change of the name of the said corporation, there- lo.e. It IM hereby ordered, that the hear inu oi the anpncajiou tor change ot nanic in the forecpine procpotilngs lie. mid the same Is hereby set for M"ii • lav. the Jltti dnv ol November. I'ms ,it lo o'clock a. in. of said dav at de partment ono at its court room ihereol in (lie County court, house. BaUorsfield. California, and that anv anil all Per sons interested In said matter to .lie .in I appear before tills court at. tin lime and place nforo.saii), and then and (here show caus^i. If any. they have whv the application for the change oi name of tho said corporation should not lie granted, mid li is further or dered that a couv of this order to shuw caiihc bo piililiHiit'd ill "The Balu r«- tielil Ciiliforiilan. a newspaper printed 1 of Bakers ;ito of Cull_ lor at least fonr .weeks successlvolv next prece 1 '- UtOAli pertor Court of th» Cbwrty «t _... State of California, and to answer 1 Complaint filed therein, wUhin t« lays (exclusive of the day. ot s«ntoai ftor service on you of this sum f served within unlit county; it > 2lsewhcre, within thirty daya. The said action is brought t*» i uln<! a claim tii;<<!< dversely to the hat certain lo', << . Bltuate, lyinp arrl i Mojave, County of fornia, and desi^:i Vine (!i) In lilm-k of said Town ;n< .hereof, filed in the y Recorder of Hal'! he Third day of Msm-b compel the said ileicndantv neiii (.•iiiitoriiian. a newsnai ami tiubllshcd lii tho Cltv lield. Countv of Kern. Sla fornia. according to. IIMV. I( fonr weeks successlvolv i\f ing the dav of hearing. Dated this 5th dav of October Judge of the v of October, 15)08. I W..MA,HON } Super nerlor Court. iNotice Is I ith day, of 3f 10 oclock lersigjied \y. following hereby elven. that on. the October. 1908. at the hour . in. of that . sell at persona y. the c auction _,— wn: larce uub J property in indersigned s. store at County. California, to- ulpe. 24 feet lonir: 1 1.0-fnch. _Plpe. JO feet iricli sam cfi" pipe. "llT~ft ;. 12 feet Tone: long: 2.10-ln a P ig; l ti-inch""(iril ileaner..20.feet long; long: 2 10-Inch Dines 10-Inch pipe. 19, feet pipes. 20 feet long; l 8-lnci pump. 20 feet long; 1 6-lpc pumu. 6 feet long: 1 o-incp .... feet long, l Hue cleaner. 20 feet li 1 4-inch clamp: I grah hook:. 2 large for hold n A. McGinn, the ... . , e admin the estate of, George K. Qber. deceas* - --«'•" — » ---- "- nistrator of ed. having Braving for an T , real i-state of saTi] purposes sot forth I filed his petition, herein, order of sale of all the . an h ten lowing is a descrlptio 1 .. _- ..,- .. offered for sale: Twenty-five boo one 12-guage single barrel gun; one gauge pump gun, one saddle, one bedstead, mattress and spring: one clreaser: two large tables, six chairs: one sofa: one Ice box: one desk and chair: dishes and cooking,utensils. The f ore- going property will be the residence of I. ^ Kern count v. T.'Curtis at, McKitt..-,... Also one horse and four goats on pasture at the ranch of Dave Maddox. near the town of McKlttrlck. Kern county, where the same mav be inspected. One dwelling house located In the town of McKlttrick. Kern countv. further Information apply to . __. McGinn. adniinlstrfHor of said (ate W. A. McGINN. , Administrator of the, estate of Emil ErickKon. deceased. 10-9 .'or \V. A. estate. offlro of sold at nubile auction at the ,. JO.OO 10GS Broadway. Qakl; 20.00 California, room 20, on Monday, the 2(1.00 19th dav of October. 1908. at the hour of S oclock a. m. of said dav. to pav said flelinouent assessment thereon. 20 20.00 together with costs of advertising and expenses of sale, A. A. SMITH. Socretarv. 20.00 Office, rnom 20. 10GS Broadway. Oakland. California. 10-3 20.00 JJWll. \.'. L-, . Hovle. J. W. Calif :ornia Home Ex.ten- sionAssoclatlon. trustee for Huddleston. £has. 239 10 20.00 Ift.Ofl 10.00 20 20.00 California Home Exten sloiiAssociation.trustee . for Keeney. J. NV, 15f 20 20.00 C-Hlifornia Home Extension Association, trustee „„„ „„ for Keenev. J. W, 173 20 20.00 California Home Exten- ?rK?e < n Ce '?. tl fNV' USt . ee i74 20 20.00 California Home Extension Association, trustee For Klass-n. Henry ...153 '_ ».l. OTl 1 * ~~ i A TI? 'h .lei xi un, v-iiun. a. ,...,...4b7 California Homi Exten- slon.Assoclatlon. trustee for Lapman. O. ... r... „ 7 Lea. John 145 • allfornia Homo I.xten- sionAssocfa tion. trustee for Liemke. Lena U er. Branev Ann 626 20 California Home t xten- slonAssocfat ion. trustee for Mvron Raymond ..151 20 California Home Exten- 1.50 -.00 .00 10.00 20.00 So.oo 20.00 20.00 •0 •0 0.00 0.00 20.00 NOTICE OF MEETINGS. Notice is hereby given that th« annual meetings of the stockholder! of the several canal companies below named, for the purpose of electln! directors and the transaction of sucl other business as may be brought be fore the meeting, will be held at thi offlce of said Company, Kern Count) Land Company's office building, cot ner of 19th and H streets, Bakersfleld California, at the dates and hours se> opposite their respective names: Kern River Canal and Irrlgatinj Co., Oct, 3, 1908, at 2 p. m. Goose Lake Canal Co., Oct. 6, 1908 at 2 p. m. James & Dlxon Canal Co., Oct. 5 1908, at 3 p. m. Pioneer Canal Co., Oct. 6, 1908, a' 3 p. m. Joyce Canal Co., Oct. 6, 1908, at 1! a. m. Plunkett Canal Co., Oct. 6, 1908, a-. 11 a. m. Buena Vista Canal Co., Oct. 7, 190S at 3 p. m. James Canal Co., Oct 7, 1908, at 11 F. G. MUNZER, Sec. to ahove teamed Canal Companies Kern County Land Co's Offlce Build Ing, corner 19th and H streets, Bak- ersflold, Calif. ?-1 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. TUo Bravo Oil Company. Location of principal place of business, San Francisco, California. Ix>catlon of works. Kern County, California. Notice is hereby given, that at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on the llth day ot September ISO?., an assesment of two (2) cent? per share was levied upon all the subscribed capital stock of the corporation, payable immediately in United States gold (oin to the secretary, at the offlce of the company, No. 2270-A Market street near 16th street, San Francisco, California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on Monday, the 2Cth day of October, 1908, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction; and, unless payment is made before, will be sold on Friday, the 20th day of November, 1908, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. By order of the Board of Directors. W. 0. GRAVES, Secretary of Rio Bravo Oil Company, offlce 2270-A Market street, San Francisco, California. 9-12 sion Association, trustee for Moore, Ida Estella 48 California Home Exten- HlonAssociatlon.trustf for Morrow, Susie E. Mullen. Roht. Jr. . .no Mul en, Robt. J. . .no Mullen. Uobt. J. . .no HionAssocfatlon. trustee on _ for Morrow. Susie E. .307 "" " .no cert, .no cert. ....lieu, iiuui. u. ^.no cert. California Home Extpn- Kion Association, trustee for Nagamats, Joe f. . .185 California Home Exten- sionAssocfi'.tion. trustee for Nnganmts, Joe 1. . .18(> California Home Esten- 10 11 25 20fifi So.oo 20.0(5 20 20.00 20 20.00 POSTPONEMENT. Notice Is hereby given that the date of meeting of the Kern River Canal and Irrigating Company Has been postponed until Saturday, October 10 1908, at 2 p. m. F. G. MUNZER, Secretary to above named companies, decedent ils petit' for the is petition red bv the Judge rsons Interest-. said deceased, up- said Superior Court di\v of Novemher, lie aftern .— T .. .. .... ....... room o. super or Court. Dpimrtnient No. _ ... he Citv of Bikei-sHeld. Countv of State of California, to show whv an or.','•;• sho,. ' not be lie said administrator to - =-..-, le of the real estate of the said decease,!),at private sale: pnU that a copy of ' . east four ...... kersfiejil C'allforniim. urppses set .... ,lt Is therefore on of siid Court that all p< ed in the estate of sali. ,.,. Y ... ..., pear lie ore the said Superior Court OB Monday, the 2nd day of NovenVber. 190S. at 2 oclock, in the afternoon of said dav at the court room of nafd Super or Coiirt. Dpimrtnient No. 2 n granted to th .... sell the whole of t aid ad the re; ... - ... .irlvate sale: anu H copy of this order be mibllshed at iccesslvc weeks In the B,i- -.ilifornhin. a newsnapor of •eneral circulation, printed nii.J published iii the CUv of JBaHerHfleld. Countv of Kern. Slaie of California. Dated this 20ih duv of Sent. 1908. T , PAI'L W. BENNETT- .Indue ot the Superior Court. Thomas Scott. Attorney for Estate. Bakersneld. Cal. 9-26 DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Eoualitv Oil Company. Location of Principal Place of Business. San Francisco, California. Notice.—There are dellnauent upon the following described stock, on account of Assessment (No. 7) levied on the IMh dnv of August. 1908. the several amounts t-ct opposite the name pf the resppcrivt.' ' ... about -10. 6 feet ' . A **i n*J ii\r\m , ildine Pipe: 1 5 feet long; 1 set long, to satl safe keening of said property In the ' large heavy ._ __..sfy the protection and undersigned's lien for safe keeping of said undersigned's premises. ... ...... ~ Fatnpso. Kern County. California, or so IIU Ul Billll l/l"MS'^ T lt * IIJU d's premises In the town of _, ern County. California, or so much thereof as may be necessary to * » . * 1 .» ll . __ .1 ... _• _.-» — ( ,,|* t .1 .n-upurty suuoscd to Pelong to ui( Common Wealth Oil Company, or,pin ;rs unknown to the undersigned. Tnu ers unknown to the undersigned. That the undersigned came lawfully Into the DQssession of the personal property and has protected and safe guarded the said property. Dated this 5th di NOTICE Notice Is given that I shall nnply to the State Board of Prison Directors to be paroled from San Quentin prison according to the law. 61 *. m. «LEA SON. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. posite .shareholders es ol- Estate of Celinda A. ceased. Randlett, de- ., lows; Ko. No. Name Cert Shu. Amt. Atkinson. .1. W ......... .",4 .",() $2.75 Atkinson. .J. W ......... Ill 550 2.15 Atkinson. .1. W ......... 143 160 .76 " At. . Flvnn. .Mrs. Kate .lurgcnsen. GiiKtuv Walker. David 1100 5.60 100 .60 , H'lO .60 law and an .... of Directors nuide 18th day of August. 1!»08. so ...... 101 tuv M. . .log . H ...... 11* And in accordance with 1 rder nf the IUi.ini main- shares of each'parrol of such mav lip neeessarv will be sold stock a t, pub' auction at the office of the No. 6)2 Lacuna street. Sim at public ai,t< Frnncisco'. Califo'r r nia!'fin"SatiYri'la'v, flu lOtli dav of October. 1908. irt the hour •if I2:.'!rt o'clock ti. m.. of mil. day. to nav said delinquent assetiHmt'u: thereon. together with costs of fidvcrtlHiim and expenses ° CA '^ ^ secretary Enualltv Oi Office No. fi42 Lagtinn Francisco. Calltomia. Notice is hereby given by the un rtcrslgned, administrator of the estate of Celinda A. Randlett, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against said, deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouch ets, within four months after the flrsl publication of this notice, to the said administrator ft t the office of the Pub He Administrator and Coroner of Kern County at the Court House In the City of Bakersfleld, Kern County California, the same being tho place for the transaction of the business ot the said estate In the said County of Kern, State of California. W. A. McGINN. Administrator of the estate of Celinda A. Randlett, deceased. Dated at Bakersfleld, September 10th. 1908. 9-11 wild defendant* plaintiff in nad t* " or parcel of tanA < ;;: in th«T<nra«f Kern, State of CM* Om- iiniKlrecJ <10015 iing to the ttlap i'ii r of the Coua* K- rn County, vm 1905; t* to {Mrmtao* heir title, if any tin-y imvt., to satu iremlses, and that the samp, a»rt th* iretended claim, right, tiih\' iut«r«at, ind estate of said defendants, ana also all other persons unknown ctaln*> ng any right, title, estate, Itee, w te» erest in the real property described n the complaint, and b*>r«>lnb*-?»r«j d«> scribed, adversely to plaintiff* ownwPi ship, or any .cloud upon plataUfCa tile thereto, and each and all of them n and to said premises, aud «r«nt part thereof, may be adjudged &nti 0» creed to be invalid and void. Tbat the said defendants aad cocK of them may be barred of and frtan alt ight, title. Interest and estate in «*• to the aaid premises, a»d thereof; That the said plaintiff's till* je adjudged and decreed to b* : and valid one as against said ants and eacb of them, and alt _ ilalmlng under said defendants each of them, and for sucb other an* further relief as shall be Jnst equltahle as the nature of th* may require, as will riore fully ; iy the Complaint on file herein, :<» which reference is here made aafl for coats of suit. And you are nereoy notified, that If "you (all to to appear and nnsmr. the plaintiff may take judgment for any money or damages demaadocl in the complaint as arising upon contract, or will aoply to the conrt tot any other relief demanded in the Con- plaint. Witness my hand and the s»al oftha said Superior Court, County ot K«nj, State of California, this lOtb dtqr ot April, A. D. IbOS. (Seal) I. L. MILLER. Cterk- By Ham Farrls, Deputy Clerte. J. W. P. Laird and Rowen Irjrtn, at> torneys for plaintiff. 8-MI NOTICE OF MEETINO. Notice Is hereb Annual meeting; tin wi e McKlttrlck 111 be held poratTpn niis. Bai jreby given that ; of the .stockhgii* .... Extension Oil Own d at the office of the .pin No. 307. p r -- v -- buiidlng. Bak< tlondav. Octolt ..• of 4 o clock D. m. ... the purpose of eleetii of Directors for the ei nd the transaction of w -. ro ank reducers foriiiaTph" Monda v ."'October IZinl.f at the hour of 4 oclock u, W- of dav. for Board year. nnc. er business as meeting. ^>. i>>-^- . .— Office, room No. 307. Producers building, corner Tilth and H nakersfleld. California. ,. Company. Btroot. Snn 9-21 sion Association, trustee .for fender, (!eo. M. . . California Homo Kxlen- sion Association, trustee for Dickc-rsnn. f. A. . . C.nllforiila Hume FxK'ii- 211,1111 10.00 APPLICATION FOR ORDER TO SELL CERTAIN MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS, DECEASED. .e SUite aunty of 1SS r I'it/er. i.ewlw f'h.-is. F. ""ias. F. Pr ischUc. (Mi; Cclifonil.-i M'>mc tfxii'ii- slonAKsoclatlon.truK for ' 3d 20 A ssoclat ion. I'rcwlit. Kil California sion A ssoc for n /lor ocmtli in itii. Be I't rodecn. Reuben F. ... ragden. Rueben F. ... mie Exten- ..ion.trustee iert •jo on 2o.On lO.ii 2'i.i' 2% 2,5' 20 20." In the Superior Court of th of California, In and for the Co Kern. In the matter of the estate of Frank Lass, deceased. \\. A. McGinn, adminlslrator of the {•state of 1-rank LaHB deceaKed. hav- jllli filed hl.S OOtitlon bcrnl-i iirnv 1 ---Mir an order clriinis belong of thV ni'lmnS - -'Dlir to said decedent, for the purposes s*t forth in his petition. Jt Is. t]H.rcforo onU-roil bv the Judi NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, Maxwell McNutt, trustee of the estate of B. A. Hayden, bankrupt, will sell, pursuant to an order duly given and made on the 2d day of September, A. D., 1908, by Milton J. Green, Esq., referee la bankruptcy for the District Court of the United States for the northern district of California, the real property hereinafter described, with the improvements thereon, belonging to the estate of said bankrupt, free and clear of any and all lien or liens, Incumbrance or Incumbrances, to the highest and best bidder therefor, upon tho following terms and conditions. 1. All bids to be in writing, sealed, and addresepd to the said trustee at No. 110 Sutler street, San Francisco, Cal. 2. Each bid to be accompanied by certified check for ten per cent (10%) of the amount of the bid. 3. No bid will be received later than 12 o'clock noon of the 20th day of October, lf>08. 4. The trustee reserves the right to reject any and all bids. 5. Sale subject to confirmation by the court, and to be for cash United States gold coin, upon confirmation by the court. 6. Bids will be opened and referred to the court for confirmation, on the 20th day of October, 1908, at tho hour of two (2) p. m., nt tho office, of Milton J. Green, EHQ., referee in bankruptcy, in the United States Postofflce and Court House building, Seventh and Mission streets, San Francisco, Cal. 7. Deort, instruments of title, abstract of title, and other documents, NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Rfagcie K'. Galtes, deceased Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned, executor .of the ,estate..ot Creditors '(_.. . claims against exhibit theni vouchers, within fonr m first publication of this ' executor .„.. Galtes. deceased, to the liters of, aiifj a" persons having the said deceased, to I with the necessary iln fonr months after the n of thlsjiotice. to the at the office of George « Stoner Block, corner NOTICE TO CREDIT0RS. Estate of Ralph Rower, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, administrator of the estate of Ralph Bower, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persona having claims against said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, -within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator at the office of the Public Administrator and Coroner of Kern County at the Court City of Bakersfleld, House Kern in the County, Executor of the estate of Mnggfe'E. altes. deceased. , paled at Biikoruflcld. September 23. ISog. 9-25 of said Court that all persons IntcreHt- t;d In !l:o c.stato of Maid Frank Lrins. decf-ased. nopoar before, the, said Superior Court on Mnndtiv. the 2nd tlfiv , of Novembor, lilOR. at 2 o'clock in the l aiteni'iftn ol Hiiid <l«y at the court ,' room of suld Huoerior Court. Depart, nielli No. 2 llH'reot. In tile Cltv of }):i, ; i.ii>:;;-.r.i-H. Countv of Korn. State of ! ('aiii'inii.'i to Hltoiv caiine whv an or- l ,),,,- j.-1'Miiid not be "i';inted to the said i ; administrator, to sell nil of thf ininlni-' ( : claims belonging to tho estate of said DELINQUENTTJiALE NOTICE. Bald Eag.le Oil Company, Location of prijicipiil lillice of buslncHB. San Francifico. California. Location ol works. Bakersfleld. Notice.—There are delinquent upon the following described stock, ou account 54th . of iiBSfssnient, dav of August. anibnritfi set oii'pos'H'o the'iiamt! respective shareholders, as fu Maurice Silhersteln. W. F. Perkins and Joseph M. MitKten. executors of the last will and" testament of N. K. Masten, deceased ...1123 4160% B. &£• BTrdsall. trst ll. r ,5 41(ifi% M. Bosh...... .unknown 50 so vent! s of tho IOWH: Amt. SI1C.Q6 41t>.b(> 5.00 100 125 5 10 ° 65 50 100 California, the same being the place for the transaction of the business of the said estate In the said County of Kern, State of California. W, A. McGfNN. Administrator of the estate of Ralph Bower, deceased. Dated at Bakersfleid, September 10th, 1908. " 9-11 Ht. expense of purchaser. A'arrecker.Qtto SVeise!, P. • •-. .. H.-ilj'.'Viiiii that" a copy of this order bo published at I..-IM mill' HIK-f;.;KsiVC lVCf!l(8 11) till? Bakorsfleld CalUornlan, of general circnilyt.ion. published in the Citv of Countv of Korn. State of Califor is a newspaper printed and of . of Dated this 26th dav of Sent.. 1 p.1 \<s v*' . Judge of the Superior Court. The following is a description the- real property to he sold: Lot 3 In block 274 (formerly Mnck 2 north range 1 weHl) In HIP City of BakerRfleld, according to tho rimii of Enid City of Tlakorsfleld. Kern County, California, filed in the office of the County Recorder of Kern County, California' November 25th, MiOS. To- SPther with the Improvements thrre- on. Further i ; art|r-n!ars may be had at th* office of the attorneys for the trustee, Messrs. Jellett ft Moyersteln, French Bank building. 110 Sutler St., San Francisco, Cal. MAX\VBLL McNTJTT, 9-14 Trustee. .... -3Sh . ,.• • ••!" Harry W. Deminp unknown Elizabeth Doming unknown Mrs. Fredericks M. Elma SlnclX 1 """™ unknown Elizabeth R. Sinclair unknown C. M. Rumrill unknown ,1. If. Runirjll unknown Manrlce SlllKTHteln. w. F. Perkins and Joseph M. Masten. "executors of the last will and testament of N. K. Masten, deceased. unknown 4166% Unknown owners unknown C. L. Dougherty unknown And in aeordance witl. order of the Board of Dircciorx made on tlie 24th ilav c' Antnisl. I'.tOS so many whares of OHCII pare"! (if sneii slock JIB niav be ncccsMarv. will be wild at public auction, at th<- office oi tho Comnanv. room 2. No 120 Itnsn street. Hun FriineiKco. Cnlflornin. on tho 15th rlfiv Of October, IIKIS. at (lie hour or 12 o'clock. M. <>t «iid ;luv. tn pav <lf!l;ifiui>nt aHCesntpeum tlicn-on. together with costs of ailvertlsintr ami pxueriKcs »f the sale. WILLIAM I.ANOB. .lit.. Seeretarv. Offlct-. room 2. No, 12i' ISn^li stn-t San Francisco, California. M-** NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In the Superior Court I nnfl for th« County of Knrn, State of California. In the matter of the estate of Louli M. Dinkelspiel, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the un derslgned administrators, with th* will annexed, of the estate of Ixiuis M Dlnkelspiol, deceased, to the creditors f>f, and all persons having clnltni ngninat the said deceased, to exhibit them with tho necessary vouchers within ton montha after the first pub llcatlon of this notice, at the office o* Fred E. Borton, rooms 203, 204, Pro ducers Savings Bank building, In the Incus of said estate In sa'd Kerr County. EUGENIE F. DINKELSPIEL, MELVILLE FURTH, Administrators with the will annexed of the estate ot Louis M. Dlnkelspl*' deceased. Dated, Bakersfleld, September 3, 1908 9-3 170 41G.GO 17.00 law. and ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. In the KiiiK-rlor C'nui't of the Countv of Kern. Htate of Ciilltorniij. In the niai'er o' the apnlicat on ot (be Hndniit Drlvliu' Park AsKoclnllon a corporal Ion. to cluini-e itH name .lo "Kern County Agricultural AHHWUI- It ciilisfactorilv fimiffirintr (,-j me llint the "Hudnut Driving Par 1 ? Ansoela filed this dav a tion "H n." h as an SUMMONS. In the Superior Court of the County of Kern, State of California. William Collins, plaintiff; vs. Tho Southern Pacific Railroad Company, a corporation: Western Development. Company, it corporation; The Pa clflc: Improvement. Company, a cor|K>ration; also ml other persons ttnkown claiming any rl/;ht tltlo, estate, lien, or Interest In tho real property described In the complaint advffrNO to plaintiff's ownership, nr any cloud upon plaintiff's title thereto, defendants. Tim pcoplo of the State of California send greeting, to tho Southern Pacific Railroad Company, a corporation. Thf! Pacific Inipro v (imont Company, n corpora i ion; tho Wostern Development Company, a corporation; also all other persons unknown claiming uny right, title, estate, lion, or inter «Kt in tbfi real property described in tho complaint adverse to ptalntifT'n ownc-rwhip, or any cloud unon plain- tlff'n title thereto, defendtintn. You are hereby rn<iu!red to nppenr In an action brought againut you by tho above nanie-J pluLatttt, lu the 8u- DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice Is hereby given to all :ons owning and keeping dogs, wl limits of the Cltv of Bakers? License Tags ror the year. .n e . ire now* rcjiily 'for d'ellverv at the Citv Clerk, In the , of Producers SavingM Hank and on after the 15th day of Jan ry, I will proceed to impound a ogs found running on the Htreprs that are not wearing thy license tae rot the year 1808. „.„ _ J. K. COX. Poundmaster. Dated January 9. 3 90S. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that Qtiong Yen has bought the City RestanraSt situated at 1024 L street ia th» city «* 3akersfleld from, Wong Fling, and! ins assumed all bills owing Wong Tung ou acount of said resaurant. AU >ersons holding any such tiiUs -will iloaHe present them for payment to .he undersigned on or before October 10, 58 1908. QUONG TEN. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. McKlttrlck Oil Company. Local of principal Diace of business. Bakers* field. California. , Notice. There are delinquent UMH the followInK described stock <~ ~" count of assessment levied on dnv of August. 1908. tho amounts set opposite respective shareboldt Name Realty, ieattv. Burboe, Jurbco. wide. f. <3 i:i;;t; ifmo. so.< And In accordance with law and i order or the Board of I)ii' i-firs mn< on tho IGth (lav of Aimiis-t.. IflOS. i iniinv . . of cadi p-'irci-l of su- will stock as mav be nccossnrv will b« Kolri at Pdfillc riuction at the offlce oJ (lift McKlttrlck Oil Company, room No .'!07. PrndiicerH S/iviiu-.i Dank butlcfrm Makorsflold. Ciiliroriiia. on Satuntey Oc (ibor, 17th. la«S. in, the hour of ' t o'clock n, m. of wal'l (lav, to DH.V thj delliHiiierit iiHsoKHriu'iit thereon. -Witt modern attsoKHruciii tnoreon. w costs of advertising and expenses Bv order of th(i B-Pflrd Ol Directors Q. BnOAVlvIv oeQV^. Office. Boom No. 307. Protliicent say Iners Rarrft Biill'llne. corner 19th and f i. Uakersfleld. California. 9~»

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