Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 1, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1895
Page 5
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Responsibility! Which in your mind carries the most the button or the suspender sM '.f~f$.'^ We can furnish you very respite}-; •* -^"tZfcfci-y - *- ble suspenders at a very moderate cost. DBWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Save This Coupon.... No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever aclornecTyour body. ~~ TUCKER &YOUNG, THB FEflRL STRBET TfULORS. LEAL ESTATE INTELLIGENCE )EFICE. LOANS NEGOTIATED. GEO. W, RODEFER, 110 Broadway. Over Hank's Jewelry Store. CHAS. W. SeLEGUE, Matchmaker and Engraver. Corner window Johnston's Bros Store. Broaa- WBJ "ml Fourth streets. Formerly w"J> ?• D Toiler. JIl work warranted. Glvoliim aciill. DAILY JOURNAL 3DNESDAY MORNING, IVIAY'l. '^^—-a^^ __^*" 1 ^^""^*^^^^^ 'Squlrn Walters ia reported slok. Fresh fruits today at Johnston's. • -A out that kills" sale at Otto Kraus'. McKeen'ssteamlaundry—good work Lewis Ray In putting an addition on his West Side residence. Otto says this is the really greatest value eale ever advertised. 3r. D. E. Delzell has bought a fine j for riding purposes, bite button shoes for the little (folks—Stevenson & KUnslck. Get your ladles', gent's, boys' and Iris' underwear at the Trade Palace. I Ice cream and cake served during P he dance at the Chosen Friends' hall. Dance with Logan^ Council No. 21, 9rder of Chosen Friends, Wednesday bight. Real Imported clay worsted suits, blaclt, brown and gray, go In with )tto's 17.60 suit sale. Tailors charge |$30 for them. Acting through the blood, Hood's wsaparllla not only cures scrofula, kit rheum etc., hut gives health and jgor to the whole body. Frank Keller, bartender at F. W. Ottmeyer'8 saloon, was fined $5 and rats yesterday on the charge of al- Dowlng minors to play pool, Awarded |Hlchest Honors—World'* Fain OR, I- CREAM BAKING MOSt PERFECT MADE. MARTIN'S COMPLAINT. Mahlon Oliver in Accuned by Martin Wnlulck of an Assault and B»«err —Xot Yet Settled. Mahlon Oliver, a grocer at Adams, boro, will be asked to explain to 'Squire Fender Friday how It happens that he Is accused of knocking Martin Walnlok down and skinning the latter's face In a manner against the State's composure and peace of mind. Both the men live at Adamsboro, and the trouble began over the payment of rental for a barn. When Oliver appeared yesterday morning in 'Squire Bight's court he showed a receipt from a 'Squire at Adamabaro, showing he had paid a fine for the alleged assault earlier In the day. He was given a change of venue to. 'Squire Fender, and the case has been set for Friday. An Accident to Wlieelmen. Peru Republican: .Last Sunday morning Meesre. H. H. Young, James Pierce and Bliss, all of the IJ S. Express company and enthusiastic cyclists, started on a wheeling tour to Logansport and return. While riding at a rather rapid gait on the south side of the fair grounds, Mr. Young struck a rock with his front wheel- The jar threw him over Into -Mr. Pierce, who was riding alongside ot him. Both gentlemen were thrown to the ground with great violence and Mr. Bliss, In order to add to the general good time, followed up and landed, wheel and ail, on top of the heap. Upon extricating themselves and taking an Inventory of their assets, the gentlemen found three wheels damaged quite seriously, Mr. Young disabled by the tearing of the outside tendons of .his left leg at the ankle, Mr. Pierce sustained severe bruises and an accompanying stiffness, of the joints, and Mr. Biles a general shaking up. Mr. Young was laid up for a couple of days, but ho Is now able to move around on crutches, with hie ankle in a tin apllnt. JLnw In Constitutional. Judge Hubbard of the Laporte clr cult court Monday passed upon the legal questions Involved In the case to determine who IB the legally constl. tuted warden of the DOrthern Indiana prison, sustaining the demurrer of plalntitf Harley to the' answer of defendant French, thus deciding the act of 1S95, providing for the election of wardens to both prisons, constitutional. The case will now go to the supreme court of the Slate for final decision. The Evolution Of medicinal agents is gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup Of Flga. To get the true remedy see that Is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all leading druggists. Pnt Tjp Her "Ticker," The glass in the show case at Photographer Wllion's gallery on Broadway was broken by two young women Monday, and one of them left a watch with the photographer as soaurity lor UNIFORM RANK. K. OF P. Firat Xeetlna- of the Supreme Council M«Id •« IndlannpoIlB Ye»terdiy.'.,!/.' Indianapolis News: . .Twenty-four State! were represented-^ the flrjt- meeting of the Supreme CouncMUni:. form Rank Knight* of Pythias of.^he World, which began .in.^ CastleJKall at, 9'i3Q;*6da,y. The Supreme CounolljB legielatlve power--of the-rank, lift lithe first meeting 1 ' since' the Rank wa« authorized, to c>ri- own affairs. .{-'•:, -„• R. Carnahan, w.ho.Uiat ; the of the rank, corned the delegates to-,-the tlon. Supreme Chancellor' Lima, O-i responded ,tb .fl»'ejfelo.pnij»;.. •The formal meeting •. *f••; the rBpre- sentatlvei wa» only 'part oi;4h« d*y : .r program. KnlebM of Pythias •fKJnV' all parti of Indiana owntstti ttie clij t£ aitlit In extending ai'wejfobm'e;.&>$» repreientatlvei of other, State*. ..'.Sev,. eral divlilon* of the .Uniform Rank arrived during the day to participate In the parade given in hocor '.of the- delegate* to the convention.', Among the cities represented by divisions were Connersvllle, Richmond, Bagers- town, Cambridge City, Crawfordavllle, Logansport, Madleon and Franklin. General Carnahan and staff and the representatives in the convention reviewed the parade given in their honor at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon from the balconv of the Denison House. The parade was In charge of Gen. James R. ROBS, the senior brig. ade commander of the order. Three Indianapolis divisions and the visiting divisions participated. A SERIOUS CHARGE. Hade by-James E. Bnell A Co, AffKlnMt l*eor«e Oyler of Banker Hill-He H Under »l,000 Bond. George Oyler was brought to the city • from Bunker Hill by Sheriff Charles Homburg yesterday. There was a grand jury indictment against Oyler, charging him with the serious offences known as embezzlement and grand larceny. The complaining witnesses in the case are James E. SB ell & Co., and they claim that the defendant, while employed by them, appropriated funds belonging to the firm. The alleged embezzlement Is said to have been committed in 1893. The complain, ing witnesses were at that time engaged in the wholesale notion trede here, and their charge Is that George Ojler, who Is arrested at this late day, appropriated $8,091.44, and that he also made way with goods worth several hundreds of dollars. Oyler has retained Magee & Funk as his attorneys. He was placed under bond In the sum of ft,000 when taken Into court yesterday, and furnished the required surejies. His father, Joseph G. Oyler and Rufus Magee are on the paper. WON IN A WALK The iionlgvlllo ColonelH Defeat the .LoffMigporl Ball Players 2010 3. The League ball players and bat jugglers from Louisville played eight Innings of rather one sided, though enjoyable ball with the Logansport team yesterday at the driving park. The home club made a better showing than they did when 'the Cleveland sluggers played here, but their play, ing had not the • 'ginger" and other condiments In it that the two hundred friends present would h»ve liked '• to •gee. The game was a very pleasing 'exhibition contest, and was enjoyed greatly, even if things did not go our waj. The visitors furnished the home players with a battery, Inks and Cote, and the Logansporters had to go up against the deceitful productions of several talented curve authors during the progress of the game. There was considerable heavy bitting done, the locals securing a few safe bag winners at times. Tnere were comparatively few errors made. The score by innings was as follows: 12345G7S9 Louisville 4 I 2 B I 1 5 0 0-20 LOKansror't:.::.::... 0 0 0 2 0 0 S 0 •- 5 Hits; Loulivllle'lS: Logansport C. Three: base hits, Shucart, Pre.iton. Two base hits, Glats- cock, Plefler. Umpire. Johnson. To Be Married. Gaorge M. Fresbour and Misa Mary Heslln will be married today. The groom is the postmaster at Lucerne, and' the prospective bride Is a daughter of Thomas Heslin. Both the young people are well known here. A Divorce Wanted. Rose Ann Ness yesterday filed a suit for divorce from Franklin B. Ness. She alleges failure to provide 'as her reason for demanding the separation and deslrea the care of their three children, Nelwm & Myers are her attorneys. ' J Brlek r«r Pearl Street. A petition from the property holder« on Pearl s reet for brick paving on that thoroughfare, will be placed under the nosei of the city council at tonight 1 * ' BJLH/WAY ACCIDENTS IN MARCH. In Itf 1'aiV isBuii tneTRaifrdad: Gazette piiblJsliei its montbJy.i report, .of acol-. deata which occurred on 'roads of the .United State*, showing that" in March ihore wera .,126 ' . aootdan ta^ 4n ' which iwentyithree.pettOE*. "were killed and elfht Injured/. ; Daring "the month there wer« c thirly ; ilx r oblllilouJ and '' .Gazette layi: • : 'Ai,lUi'" iheJUthlon for •tfcrf hopeful ptt»oniinAeVeiitfld in the oo'iintry't welfaretto^make known any •Jn llcatlon *fiwtU«vl«Kipro«perlty that" ;Ba..may; dllporerv we •§riidme i tha» the 1 -reader Wlf^ttantuji! {'tit .;.cai'ling.W* attention ^tbe,'faoji that the number of-trali? ^afloldwiUiiin tti«, T jaontb-: of M»*oh l ,shdiwiTi«ll«;ht 1 HnoreaM over the fame ^mo^" 7 lait ; year.- As no ipflclal cauiiei >a» apparent; this in. or«aBe>may7»{riy.'he J attrlbuted to an •Inc'reatfed iiimberi of ,traln» running, wbiob meana growing .business. Per- hapV theimost congplcuous item In the present record Is the row ,of ciphers In the places usually pocujpied by sta- tlstica-of tramps killed and injured. As the freight trains of, the country have been killing,, or injuring these free passengers at the rate of a dozen , a month for a long time, the present record must afford considerable relief to the undertakers and the hos pltals. The tramps resumed business promptly at the opening of the season, however, and nineteen of them were injured on a single train early in April, four of them fatally. Only two passengers were killed in March, and the half dozen worst accidents killed no passengers.- __ TRODBLK IN PKOSPECT. A Cleveland dispatch says: , It Is rumored in railway circles that a new rule will ^shortly be put In force on the railroads In the Vanderbilt sys. tern, which, In brief, Is that hereafter officials, when making promotions among employes, will pay no attention to seniority of service, but will consider only efficiency. It la said that If "the rule Is adopted It will meet with stubborn resistance by the men. It Is understood that the new plan will first be put in operation on the Nickel Plate as a sort of "feeler." "Chief Arthur, of the Brotherhood of Engineers, in discussing the matter said -:Vtf should think the enforcement of such a rule would be injurious to the best interests of,the company. Our contracts with the railroads expreasly provide that when all things are equal the preference shall be given to men who have served the company longest. If such a rule Is put Into effect the engineers, will I think, use every honorable means to combat It. "President Cald well, of the Nickel Plate, asserted, when asked concerning the matter, that if such a rule was to be adopted, he had cot heard of it." _ _ EAST BOUND SHIPMENTS. East bound shipments from Chicago last .week were 61.408 tons, against 61,004 tons for the previous 'week, .and .67,289 tons for the corresponding week of last year. The roads carried tonnage as follows: Michigan Central, 13,018; Wabash, 6,174; Lake Shore, 6,197; Fort Wayne, 9, 214; Pan Handle, 5,580; Baltimore & Ohio, 8, Il9i Grand Trunk, 5019; Nickel Plate, 4,232; Erie, 10,177; Big Four,' 1,769. Shipments were made of the following articles in tons: Flour 1.769; grain and mill stuffs, 23,444; provisions, .lard, etc., 11,492; dressed beef, 7,906; butter, 1,276; hides 1,132; lumber, 6,742; miscellaneous, 1 206. pan Handle brakemanO. B. Shafer returned yesterday from a snipe shooting trip along theKankakee. A girl baby arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Westerman. Mr. Westerman was formerly employed In the Pan Handle boiler shop but recently removed to Fort Wayne. Frank L. Rap p. a Pittsburg traveling man, has sued the Vandalia road in the Federal court at Indianapolis, for $10,000 damages. His back and spine w«re badly injured in the Coatesville, Ind., disaster, and tbia Is the first suit filed here growing out of that wreck. The Wabash has commenced ballasting the road bed with burnt clay. Almost the entire distance between St. Louis and Kansas City is graded with this material which is said to give such good tatisfaction that the management will probably introduce this material on the eastern lines. Saturday afternoon Judge R. R. StephenBon, at Noblesvi.lle, heard the motion toe a new trial in the case of Andrew Krenzer against the Pennsyl. vahl* railroad company in which the plaintiff recently, secured a judgment for 14.000 for the loss of a limb. The court held that the jury's answers to the f interrogatories submitted to it were not in; accord^ with the verdict, or ii otter ^wpr^i $n» tertlmony, as —..:-- -.i.'! 1 :-. . .•.•.,.'y^'^"''.'." t1 .^-. ' '" ' viewed by the body of twelve men, did •ot justify the judgment and the verdict was eet wide. The case was sent to Noblesvllle for trial on a change of venue from Marlon county. How PernTUan tiol Drank. Peru Republican: A good story Is going the rounds at the expense of a prominent Broadway saloon man. Some time since one of the olcest and best known physicians in Peru, accompanied by one of our prominent legal light*, entered a down town saloon and told the proprietor, who was behind the bar, that they had an argumeat they wanted to settle and would leave the decision to him. The doctor said: "The Colonel," refer- rlng to bis legal friend, "has bet the drinks on the question and whichever OBO of «» lo*es must p >y for them." "All right." quolh tne purveyor of liquid refreshments. "Name your drinks, gentlemen. Tnls they did, and after the liquor bad been disposed of the doctor stated the question. "Now, it's like this: Colonel, here. bets that when the court boute tower falls it will fall to the east and I bet it will fall to the west." Then the wicked doctor and lawyer walked out. leaving tte saloon keeper amazed at realizing that he Is out the interest on the price of two drinks for prub-iblv fifty years to come. A Wedding In High Life. The wedding IttSt night at 8 o'clock of William Kraup of Toledo, and Ml98 Bertha. Wller. one of Logansport's fairest and most accomplished young ladiea.'Waa a social event worthy of note. The ceremony occurred in the presence of a email gathering of near relatives and chosen friends at the homo of the bride's mother, Mrs. Albert Wiler No. 606 Market street. Dr. Guttmacher of Baltimore pronouoced the ceremony of marriage. The reverend gentleman is an uncle of the groom. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kraus left on the morning train for Chicago and the west, for the purpose of taking a short wedding trip before taking possession of a home at Toledo, Ohio, where the groom is engaged In a prosperous business. The happy couple have the congratulations and good wishes of scores of friends in this city, where the bride especially Is well known and well beloved for her many amiable qualities. They Will Parade The Elks will make a grand parade May 23d, the.date of the annual performance of the Elks' minstrels, and those Elks who will join in the procession called last nfght at the hall to leave their measures for the street costumes, which fflll be swell and. up to date. There promises to be a large turnout. ' ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Try one of Hassler's phosphates at Johnston's. Jacob Cripet and Cora Ronk have been licensed to wed. Stevenson & Kllnslck always have what you want In shoes. Half price, real half price for suits. See Otto's advertisement. 35 cents is all for comfortable pair of slippers—Stevenson & Kllnslck. The Fortnight Revelers will give a May pole dance at the rink tonight. M, F. Kramer, the dairyman has purchased a handsome new wagon. For school hats and sailors, call on Miss Jessie Cummings, 405 Broadway. Tonight go to the opera house. A beautiful play by beautiful players. The residence of Sam Johnson on East High street will be remodeled. You can't realize but you must, believe it. Otto insists. Seeing is believing. Clarence Bennett.Artle Anhelr, Wm. Moore and Pat Farrell are fishing down the Wabash. You ought to go to the opera house house tonight and see Pygmalion and Galatea. The soda water fountain at Johnston's drug store is In charge of Chas. Haebler of Chicago. The rain came and it's cooler now, go see Pygmalion and Galatea at the opera house tonight. The case'against William Suyder for the alleged illegal sale of liquor was won b? the defendant. The class in botany from the high echo"! made a trip to the country yesterday In search 0? specimens. A dance and social will be given tonight by the Logan Council. Order of Choaen Friends, at Progress hall. A decrepit bay horse of doubtful pedigree and with a tendency to sciatica, is at present a patient at the city pound. The Hospital Aid and Sewing society will meet this afternoon. May 1st, at the home of Mrs. Mary Becker, No. 100 Canal street. The D*y of Humiliation and Prayer will be observed by the Woman's Home Missionary societies of the M. :E-. ohnrohM of this ; ;clty on Tnnnday iMTKUUTS. VOLAN'S OPERA BOCSK. t S. B. Patterson, Manager. Wednesday, May Grand Benefit to (§) (§) Manager PattersoE - BY - Frederif and Marie Supported by Member* of < Julia Marlowe Co. PreaenHac Pygmalion and Galatei Using M R Cumin .'Rau«r clever Comedi. A BED OF ROSES Advances*'e of >wts opens day K! Johnston's DrugStowi. FR1CES-70C. 50c lUMl 35c. D OLAM* OPKKA HOCSB. S. B. PATTERSON, SLUA-GIK. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Saturday, May 4tb The American Travesty Company oaf Eddie Foy the Kan OFF In the Kamasilc Operatic Trsvi»5j, THE EARTH. 100 People-all wxxl. MO ton* '«. Scenery. M;ienltlce»t Ciilclum mnoi Electric Efleci s. Advance sale bejtaB Tliurdday morning at Jounntoirti Dru« Store. Prlces.-ni scats $1.60, 327 seats fl, 211 seats We 200 seats 50c, Last 2 Bows in Balcony 2Sc, BOMB 0 Chairs $0. evening at 7:30 o'clock at th« Whoa*land street M. E. cburoh. An escal- lent program of a musical and literary character, will be rendered. >A oor~ dial welcome to the public to attend- Will Pottmeyer was arrested aflidl locked up last evening by Patrolman Surf ace for alleged intoxication and disorderly conduct. A judgment was yesterday rendered in favor of the Logansport ..Electric Light and Power company againet -;t- C. Barnett, for 1529 32. S. L. Merehon, the eloquent Chrl*- tian Ee deliver lecturer, will deliver at address in Loganaport on May 24th under the auspices of the C. E. Union. Charles Ray. the ealoonist wbo -W*D declared by a jury to bo guilty of selling liquor to a minor, and who wse fined $20 yesterday, has filed amotloc for a new trial. A horse driven by Arthur Scott .••adi Fred Vance was injured yesterday morning east of town, having .fc^hooT almost torn off. 'The animal -is -tbr property of Dick Scott. NIAGARA FALLS EXCURSION! Thornlay, 1 , take Erie * Wenlern 1C. B. On Thursday August 8, 1895, &e Lake Erie & Western R. R. will rum their popular annual excursion *C Cleveland, Cbsutauqua Lake, Buffalo and Niagara Falls at the following verp low rates, viz: Lafayette, 46.0*; Indianapolis, $5-00;Fort Wayne, fSXXJ Witn corresponding reductions IXOK Intermediate points. In addition to the above, toe put« chaser* of these tickets will be glron privelege of special excursion side trips to Lewlston on.the-lake, including a steamboat ride on Lake Ontario, for 25 cents. To Toronto and retort by lake from Lewlston, $1,00; to Thousand Islands, $5.00. Tickets for the above side trips can be had woee purchasing Niagara Falls tlckete, or at any time on train. Besides the above privileges, with . that of spending Sunday at the Failc, we will furnish all those who debira-t side trip from Brockton Jucctica tc Cbautauqua Lake and return frees <f- cbarge. Tickets will be good, however, <c return on regular trains leaving tiifc Falls..Saturday, August 10. for those not desiring to remain over. TicicetE will also be good returning on all regular trains up to and including Tuesday. August 13. 1893. Secure your tickets, also chair and sleeping car accommodations, early. Tho»e deolr- ing can secure accommodatioas la. these cars while at the Falls. Foe further information call on any afe«t Lake Erie & Western R. R. or addwsc • C. F, DALY. Gen. Pass. Agent, Indianapolis. Ind. The funeral of Mrs. Charlotte QcMC of Georgetown, was held at 10 a. «u yesterday. "^ • • ;, ;• ';•.•' ' '.-.; ii . ii ' ,; '^j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^SKiS^

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