The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 10, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1908
Page 1
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Fol. BAKERSFB&D, CALIFCWKIA, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1908. No. EXHIBITORS AT THE FAIR NEXT WEEK PARIS, Oct. 10.—The morning papers are filled with alarming but un confirmed rumors from the scene of trouble In the east. It Is reported from Vienna that two Austro-Hungar- Ian army corps with arms and ammunition are being hurried in the direction of the Servian frontier. His- prepared at pital trains are being Vienna and Budapest. BELGRADE, Oct. 10.—Even In of flclal circles It Is now believed that war is inevitable. M. Paslcls, the minister of war, In an Interview with the Associated Press declared that the situation Is most critical, adding "Hostllllles can hardly be averted.' News that the Austrian monitors are coming down the Danube have reach ed the Servian frontier and is ' ginning to alarm the people. The extra session of the Shupchlt- Ina or National Assembly, called to deal with the crisis, opened today -amid great excitement. A warlike sentiment among the delegates Is noticeable. Two Austrian flags wera .burned by a mob in Theater Square this morning. Monday night at 8 o'clock at Hudnut Park, H. A. Jastro will open the Kern county fair. Additional men have been put to work and from now until the hour of opening, the fair grounds will present a scene o'f great activity. The band will be In attend-1 dV^Ll V 11/ > A tl^J MM.MVM ii m«« "— -~ -•- | I.j^TlUHVI IJi I ID ance and the speech of Mr. Jastro will j homer pigeons. i. —. I**.* n «A nt 4-h^k fnntuma f\f tnA fill- n TT» A _««* Is printed In full below. There are many other entries yet to be made. Announcement of these will be made later. Following la the official list s» far arranged: Poultry. Leland EMU—One pen fantall and be but one of, the features of the op ening ceremony. Secretary MacRae, Ralph Galloway and others, who are executives In charge of the exhibits, find much work In this department and from the. long, but uncompleted list of exhibits now officially filed, It is to be seen that the exhibit pavilions will be well filled with the products of Kern county. All «.- exhibits must be on the ground by bo- noon of Monday. Officials will be in attendance to award stations and during the afternoon the work of placing the entries In position will be done. Entries can be made up to noon of Monday by filing wllh Secretary MacRae or Ralph Galloway, who will be in charge at the grounds. The entry list filed up to 9 o'clock this, morning has been compiled and Burke—One pair turn- Mi- * * * * It Is reported on good authority that the Southern Paclfls surveyors are now en route to Midway to lay out the new town on section 13, 23-32. The survey Is said to cover the enllre seclion. and an oil town and base of supplies as large as Ccalinga la predicted For several months past this news has been awaited wttn anxiety and now that the railroad company la ready to begin the work, the many different business enterprises that have been held back until the plans of the railroad company were known, will begin to take form. * * * * * * * * * DOINGS IN AUTO CIRCLES The new auto flour truck for the Kern County Land Conipany which will be used In the local delivery service, arrived tills morning from the Packard factory in the east. The truck is not completed in HO far a.s the body is yet to be constructed. The machine, as It stands represents the engine and running Bear of the Pack ard. The body will be constructed In the local shops of the land Company and will be very similar to those of the big wagons now In use. A driver for the big auto has not yet been ap pointed. Dr. West, who Is planning to pur chase one of the new Studebaker cars has cancelled the order because of -delayed delivery and Inslead secured one of Ihe new four cylinder thirty horse power Cadillacs which he ex- t>ects scon. The Tourist Forty of William 8. Tevls Is being equipped with one of the new Atwater Kent distributors. Mr. Tevis also intends to have the big machine revarnished before It leaves the shop. He is now driving the four cylinder Bulck roadster of the Bakersfleld garage. C. E. Getchell has had his car in the Bakersfleld garage for the past week undergoing a general overhaul Ing. ATTENDED A FAMILY REUNION IN TULARE. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. McCullough returned last night from Tulare, where they went several days ago to be present, at a family reunion of Mr. Me- Culough's relatives. There were four sisters present, Mrs. J. F. Lee of Ulverton, Oregon, Mrs. W. R. Atkinson of Los Angeles, Mrs. R. Whltson of Tulare and Mrs. G. W. lioone <n Tulare, and some of them Mr. McCullough had not seen for a number of years. •» »» McMANES FUNERAL WILL BE HELD TOMORHOW. After an illness lastin? over the past year and a half. Elmer E. Me- Manes, a rancher residing In the west side district, died last night at the St. Clair hospital, where he had been for the past two weeks. The funeral will be held tomorrow from the chapel of Payne & Son at 1C 4. m., Rev. D. M. Crabtree of St. Paul's church, officiating. The deceased is survived by his widow and two step children who were with r.lm when the end came. He was 49 years of age and a native of Ohio. IIUCI tJia,c:vuD. 1.1*^ E. E. Armstrong—Four pens wnite Leghorns. ., . S. A. William?—Two pens black Minorcas. Mrs. E. L. Ownbey—Eighty-three Canary birds. ~ Sidney Powers—One pen buff wy andotte. .. R. M. Dodge—Three pens mammotn bronze turkeys, one pen Columbian Plymouth Rocks, one pen game ban tarns, one pen China geese, one four lagged chicken. R. N. Gunning—Two pens white Plymouth Rocks, one pen yhlle Wy andotts. C. C. Lary—One pen Golden Sea bright bantams. T. C. Coppln—One pen light Bra- mas. Perry Morgan—one pen giant pigeons. • Raymond biers. . , G. W. Steeley—One pen black norcas. Mrs. Upton—One pen black Land- shangs, one pair white Langshangs. W. G. Bartensteln—One pen white Plymouth Rocks. Live Stock. A. S. Goode—Five Jersey cows, two Jersey bulls, Jersey dairy herd. I E. M. Roberts—Three pens Dtiroc hogs. ! J. G. Stahl—Dairy Jersey cattle, one pen Poland China hogs. Vincent Mon—Ten Angora goats. James Herrod—One Jersey bull one Jersey cow. one Jersey heifer, one Jersey heifer calf, one Jersey- bull calf. Mrs. Julia A. Snyder—Richard B. colt. «•"* E. M. Roberts—Standard bred broil-', mar'.- and colt, one 1-year old standard bred colt, one standard bred suckling colt. R. Pile—One standard bred mare and Richard B. colt. Chicago Wins From Detroit DETROIT, Oct. 10.—With * baseball interest throughout <• the country almost at nnprece- * dented intensity, the Detroit * and Chicago teams, the cham- •!• plons of the American and Na- * tlonal leagues, respectively, this •»• afternoon played the first of a * series for the championship of * the world. The victory went to •{• Chicago by the score of 10 to * 6. The game was a slugging * exhibition, the Chicago players * slamming out 14 safe hits off •!« the Tiger twlrlers, while the •> losers hit the three Chicago * twlrlers. Ruebach, Overall and Brown, for 10 safe hits. The Cubs made two errors and the Tigers three. The . game was a hard fought con- •»• test and Chicago was forced to * use ithree of its twlrlers, In- •!• cludfng Overall and 'Three * Fingered" Brown, to win. * • •* » » •s* The Board of Supervisors today made proclamation for the election In November, and named the officers to conduct the election In the several precincts of the county. The proc- Marlon's office. Linns Valley Precinct Inspectors: F. H. Jameson, W. H. Zeller Judges: J. P. McKamy, J. F. White- laraatton calls for the election of ten I man. «„„!,„„ ^ r presidential electors, one Justice of I Ba»ot Clerks: Guy Hughes. .C. C. the Supreme Court, one member of j \\lcker, Congress for the Eighth district, one Clerks: \\lll Lavers. Tom. Bank Buys School Bonds assemblyman, one superior Judge, and for supervisors In the First, Fourth and Fifth districts, besides numerous constitutional amendments are to be passed upon by the voters. TlVe election officers and the polling place's In Kern counly are as follows: Bakersfleld Precinct, No. 1. Inspectors: G. Paehllg, Geo. Whitaker. Judges: R. F. Gregory, Ed O.'Don nell. Ballot Clevks: Ell May, Herman Durable. Clerks: C. W. Curtzwller. Sydney Powers. Eelctlon must be held In Kern Conn ty Land Company's harness shop. Bakersfield Precinct No. 2. Inspectors: J. B. Hunt, C. A. Maul. Judges: Wm. Tyler, F. S. Benson. Ballot Clerks: Henry Shields, eGo. Hay. Clerks: Geo. Brundage, R. E. Farnum. Election must be held at McKamy'B hall at Glennvtlle. Petroleum Precinct Inspectors: H. Sanjulnnettl, Je««« P. Fox. Judges: W. W. Colm, J. M. Dye. Ballot Clerks: C. H. Brown, W. H. Bates. _ Clerka: J. H. McDonald, J. C. FHcklnger. Election must be held at Azteo school house. Kern River Precinct. Inspectors: C. A. Daugherty, Pat King. Judges: D. D. Hill, J. J. Davis. Ballot Clerka: Geo. E. Knowles, B. The school bonds of the Lone Tree district to the amount of $10,000 were today sold by the supervisors to the Bank of Bakersfleld, which bid $1205 In excess of the face values of the bonds as premium and accrued Interest. Other bidders were the James H. Adams Conipany, J10.086; O. O. Mattson, $10,346; Wm. R Stalls, $10918.00; G. G. Blymyer, $10, 857; Los Angeles Insurance Company, $10,800. The Fniitvalo bonds for $3000 were also awarded to the Bank of Bakersfleld for $3(135. z Road Petitions. The heaving of petition for road 273 was ppt for November fith, and that for i"5 and 270 and 2G7 for the same date. Hospital Annex. i Bids for the building of an annex'to the hospital will be received by the board on November 5th. The election proclamation was ordered and the clerk directed to have it printed in the Bakersfleld Call- I'ornian. Election must be held In, Stoner's store. nap. . Bakersfleld Precinct No. 3. Inspectors: A. F. Nagle, A. R. Belki p. Judges: Chas. Colin, H. W. McCrey. Ballot Clerks: Herbert Roberts, W. A. Smartt. Clerks: E. L. Willow, Leo Hlrsh- feld. Election must be held In the engine P. H6aley. Clerks: F. F. Walllg, B. F. Master. Election must, be held at vacant building Democrat Springs. Fairfax Precinct. Inspectors: Lee Burgess, J. M. Akers. Judges: Oscar Clendennen, A. J, Faust Ballot Clerks: W. G. James, F. J. Kincaid. Clerks: B. E. Buckles. A. O. Armstrong. Election must be held at Fairfax school house. Greenhorn Precinct. Inspectors: Pedro Marius, O. H, F. Hansen. . . Judges: W. Weiser, 'H. Sarratt. Ballot Clerks: V. Bernard, B. P. Walter J. Burke, E. H. (Continued on Page G.) Special Music For Tomorrow More Money For Bryan Fund house Bakersfleld Precinct No. 4. Inspectors: J. H. Redstone, Tom Campbell. Clerks: Judges: .lake Walters, John Lucy. Barbeau. Ballot Clerks: Henry F. Fowler, Election must |,e bold at Htilsoamp Chas N Johnson. | mine on section 2, township 27, range Clerks: W. A. Eardley, W. W. Laid- 31. ley. I Long Tom Precinct, Election must be held nt Roy inspectors: Auzu*t Bigot, J. D. White's store, 18th street and Chester. Shirley. avenu*. " < -'i«4Ji Judges: John Hilton, Chas. Hltca- Bakersfleld Precinct No. 5. 'cock. m „ Inspectors: Myron Holmes, A. M. j Ballot Clerks: J. W. Record. W. H. m "" nai> - - ~ ' - ' E r g ,l e rK-H: Henry B. Gardett. Walter Men's Fall Suite of Style & Cleverness Men who want stylish, neat suits, the kind that they always look up-to-date in and the kind that show careful thought and good taste in dressing, always come here to buy their suits. It's with pleasure we invite you to view our line of swag- yer foil suits—and why not pay us a visit real soon'/ THE TOGGERY LOWtLL « IUOOM Tomorow morning a special musical program 1* to be rendered at tho First Congregational Church, and as will be sen from the aelecllona published below, an exceptionally attractive service has been planned. With two exceptions these selections are la response to special requests. At this service the pastor, Rev. Edgar R Fuller, will speak on the subject. "Music, the Oldest of the True Arts." . All are most welcome to be present, i .;• The musical program Is as follows: [^ Trio, "Christian the Morn Breaks!* Sweetly O'er Thee" (Schubert), Mlsa Bessie Harris, Miss Lyla Orandy and C. M. Fuller. Chorus with tenor solo. "He Will Forgive," (Marzo). Baritone solo, "But Mindful of His Own" Clarence M. Puller. Duet, "Come Holy Spirit" (Jerome) Miss Harris and C. M. Fuller. Quintette, soprano obligato solo with quartette accompaniment, "Seek Ye the Lord-." (Bach). Soprano solo, "The Secret of His Presence" (Faure), Miss Florence Houghton. Organ voluntaries to be rendered by Mrs. H. S. Isenberg. The other services of the church will be as follows: Sabbath school, 9:45 a. m. Special musical service, 11 a. m. Chinese Mission Sunday Additional contributions to the Bry an campaign fund since the last re mlttauce, is as given below: * C. J. Real $5.00 * A. J. Crawford 2.00 * A. J. Dyer 2.00 * A Bryan Republican 1.00 •'• Ex-Reader of morning paper ...» 1-00 By draft to Herman Rld- der, national treasurer 75.50 H. I IV lltt I '• Judges: .1. B. Hewitt, T. A. Metcatf. Ballot Clerks: John Mlnter, Jean Duncan. Williams. I-* 1 held at vacant uili.tlll. ljl» riHMl '" '»• ''^ '» Clerks: A. C. Tupman, T. K. Klip-. |, u |!dlng at Granite Station. .stein. i Delano Precinct. Election must be held at Tenth | inspectors: R. W. Ammons, C. H. street school house. I Dnrsey. Bakersfield Precinct No. 6. j judges: John L. Wassen, J. R. Inspectors: John Oswald, C. Dun Atherton. lap. Judges: W. H. Weems, Walter Mattson. Ballot Clerks: Ralph Galloway, C. o _ L. Zander. j Election must be Clerks: A. D. Whlttemore, James L. Baker. Ballot Clerks: James Hamlln, W. T .Boone. Clerks: E. H. Ramsey, Frank Pan. „ _ held at Justice iTImmons' office, corner H and Marl- Total ................ *86.50 Will the contributor whosa name Is the Lord li given In the list as A. J. Dyer, $2; (Mendelssohn), please call or phone as it Is suspected that either the initials are wrong or that the name should be Dwyer. school, 2:30 p. m., Mrs. Sharp, Supt. Kern County Hospital service, 3:45 p. m. Y. P. S. C. E., 6:30 p. m., subject. "Successful Committee Work," leadt-r, Miss Bessie Harris. The regular evening preaching service will adjourn to tho union services at the Armory Hall hold under the auspices of the Anti-Saloon League. Election must be held at Abe Meyers' paint shop. „ Stockdalo Precinct. Inspectors: B. F. Bedlnger, Geo. E. Burkett. Judges: J. T. Taylor, J. M. Nugent Ballott Clerks: Clarence W. Clark, R. M. Dodge. Clerks: J. F. Elmore, W. H. Taylor. Election must be held at Bellevue ranch. Frultvale Precinct Web Wilson, Is hero -le* for a few days. from Los An- Protecting Deposits in Banks Inspectors: C. C. Pierce, J. E. Rob- •ts. Judges: Florence Gleason, Dan Dun- erts. ham. Ballot Clerka: Thos. B. Handy. Jno. MC<k> (Continued to Page Bight.) One of the planks of the Denver pla its. Mr. Bryan addressed the Ohio 1' guaranteed deposits. Former Govern" the legislature in reply to Mr. Bryan, " banks and bank depositors. Mr. Taft, In his speech of aeceptfr ver platform, which declares for a n to the Oklahoma law for state banks, Mr. Herrlck and opposing the views < Below are two dispatches showing Mr. Taft says: THE OHIO WAY. CLEVELAND, O.. Ana;. 17.—The creditors' committee, charged with an Investigation of the affairs of the defunct Fanners and Merchants Bank, the cashier of which, Henry W. Ouzel!, IB under arrest t-harged with embezzlement, tonlnlit reported that tht, depositors will ho forced to shoulder a loss of $415,0»'i. The report, made In a meeting of 2800 depositors, charged the deficit to Oazell, alleging hta speculations proved disastrous to the Institution. form favors guaranteed bank depoi- nUlature, In February, favoring Herrlck subsequently addressed loosing any such protection for i e, denounced the plank of the Den- Muiial law for national banks similar i hereby coinciding In the views of : Mr. Bryan. ,\!.at Mr. Bryan stands for and what THE OKLAHOMA WAY. (H'THRIK. Okla., May 21.—Within .iiie hour from the time H. H. Sru . !;. Oklahoma bunking, commln- Hlnie-r. had taken charge of the Intern 'tional Dank of Colgate he had authority o pay the depositors In full, thonuh the bank's cash and available funds in other hanks fell $22,(inn r-iiort of the total amount of de- posiM. The commissioner was abi« to d i tills under the operation of the. new banking law. and this U the drat time It ban been call*! Into u«e. posa streets In Delano. Sumner Precinct. Inspectors: J, S. Merritt, B. B. Pryor. Judges: J. T. Basye. Fred Chamberlain. Ballot Clerks: W. T. White, Dom- Itello Castro. Clerks: W. J. Borgwardt, W. CK Bartenstelo. Election must be held at adobe house at Fred Chamberlain's place near Otter's Reaort, WttOiiy Precinct. Inspectors: Martin V. Brunk. Jaa. V. Burfatu. Judges :N Allen. O. Wood, S. N. Brown. Clerksr.I.'"w. Tatum. A. W. Free- f Ballot Clerks: Don 0. Maltbjr, T. mnn •"• werrlnger. Election must be held at Beardsley Clerks: P. E. Bohna, A. H. But- School house. Bakercfield Precinct No. 7. Inspectors: Tom McCaffrey, Morgan lluus. Judges: W. L. Hill, Walter Fisher. Btill'ott Clerks: Alex Heymon, Alois L. Gardner. Clerks, Jo P. Carroll, I. Hlrshfeld. Election must be held at old City Hall. Oil City Precinct. Inspectors: J. C. Roberts, R. S. Loughead, Judges: J. W. Hoard, Geo. St. Miiry. Ballot Clerks: Dan A. Mack, John D. Jones. Clerks: W. W. Kratzer, Polo Autrand. i Election must be held at San Joa- quln warehouse. South Bakersfield Precinct. Inspectors: Chris Mattley, R. T. Wilhlte. Judges: Dan Miller, S. W. Mlllard. Bailott Clerks: H. T. Banks, Wm. Wilson. Clerks: F. G. Colton, L A. Castro. Election must be hold at H. A. Hicks' barn. North Kern Precinct. Inspectors: A. W. Hess, J. C. Bui- .fudi?e.s: T. J. O'Boyle. I.ffi O. Pauly. Ballot Clerks: J. B. Crandiill, M. K. MeKen/lt'. ; Clerks: R. J. Brown, C. L. Cham- 1 K|i't:ih;ii iniint be held a' Kern I.I- V rary building. South Kern Precinct. lah]."ctor.-t: .lean Eyrand, T. B. On .Judges: F. J. Marsh, C. Rltziuun. Ballot Clerka: J. T. Stanton, O. F Howell. Clerk*: W, T. R»wlU>g», J. L. Os- TAKEN COLD It will !>'• a triflii!'-' mutter it'y..u tiikt- A. D. S. Cold and Grip Cure at once. It euros a rvcftit cold in twenty-four hours. It's easy 1<> take <''>I<1 i» October when there are such nii.Meii diangos in K-inpfra- tun 1 and a box of these tablet* kept en hand for hume- diate use will make you safe from danirers that ulwa.vs t.hivatt-n. Guaranteed to cure Price 25 cents THE KODAK STORE. J. A. Ifi^t.-s Tr.e Leading Prescription Druggist- »«<• 7*"

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