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The Hydro Review from Hydro, Oklahoma • 5

The Hydro Reviewi
Hydro, Oklahoma
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1i THE HYDRO REVIEW HYDRO CADDO COUNTY OKLAHOMA THURSDAY MARCH 26 1953 t21rt1 nAtTf(r1 CARD OF THANKS Thank you much for the of nephew 11C111M11 ElitZ Jr i anti rs Clayton Entz and cards visit Ntni flowers whie I and Airs Entz Tacoma lash Michael Ili vas in the hospital I appreciated Other guests were Mr and Mrs ntnn Mr and 'Mrs McKee Wilfred and Edwin them vt ry much and theY helped Herman Lehman and NV ion' Lehman Geary Mr Ewy and Mr and Mrs Henry to make the days nmre pleasant Kimble and 1 rs Robert Lehman and Entz raolopowotut 44 50 011 10 II 11 711T I ::71 is Ck: midet 0 r-TAX FACTS 2 I Don't Pay 1 Don't Pay Non-Taxable Items Tax On 1 CLASSIFIEP AD RATES I 4 cents per word for first Insertion 2 cents per word for additional insertions Clads of thanks S100 READY-MIX Concrete Washed sand gravel stone and i fill dirt Phone Weatherford 3401 Rural 30 or Hydro NO 3-2607 Tindel Son 315 South Broad-1 sand gravel cmshed stone and fill dirt Phone Weatherford 3401 Rural 30 or Hydro NO 3-2607 Tindel Son 315 South 13road- FOR Oats with good grain Charles Gesell 21-2te FOR SALE---Lankart cotton seed good grain Charles Gesell 21-2te FOR SALE--Lankart cotton seed FTAX FACTS 1 Selecting Selecting The Proper Tax Form way Weatherford Okla i PACIFIC Mutual Life Ins PACIFIC Mutual Life Ins (This is onc of a series of articles on federal income tax filing The articles are based on information provided by the American Institute of Cestillect Public Accountants and Idle lattoma Society of Certified Public Accountants in codpVction with the Internal Revenue Service) Wu may think that listing 3our income is the easiest part A of preparing a tax return Actually according to the Internal Revenue Service this iR where taxpayers make the greatest number of errors First the maximum amount is Not all of the money that may have come to you during 1958 I WO per week plus any amounts i needs to be reported on your tax which came from your own con- form For example don't report: I tribution to the plan (I) "Dividends' received on Second unless the absence was 2i-4tp John Winter Agent 48 tfc FOR TRANSPORTATION to tho For Farmers' Union Insurance-1 polls on April 7 call North 3- property auto farm liability 1 2042 25-2te life hospital and hail contact Guy! Oglesby Phone 16035 EaklyI FOR Trees Name 31-tic NOrth 3-4404 Raymond Miller 25-6tp NOTICE: Shop the Ilvdro Hard- I ware Variety for Whirlpooll FOR SALE-320 acre farm 2 and Hotpoint appliances (jet our South 7 West of Putnam on prices 49-tic 47 Highway More than 200 acres I in one pasture mineral FOR FARMERS' UNION INSI3R- rights $21030 Bowser 623 BroadANCE hail Auto Building' ay Weatherford Phone 794-M See Henry Entz or Telephone 25-3tp NO3-4703 17-tic I 25-4tp 1 I c6ti i ce (This is one of a series of articles on federal income tor fling The articles are based on information provided by the American Institute of Certtfied Public Accountants and the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants in cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service) IF you are one of the millions of American taxpayers who spends the lion's share of his income feeding clothing housing and entertaining his family chances are there is very little you can do to reduce your 1958 federal income tax bill but you owe it to yourself to try First of all decide which of the two individual tax forms you are decide whether to itemize deduc going to use to report your in- Li ons or take the standard dedue come If you cheoee the wrong tion which usually amounts to one you mail automatically cut about 10 per cent of your income yourself off from a possible tax or $1000 whichever is less Gen- erally you will save by itemizsavings The easiest way to file is to use Mg deductions it you: the simple 1040-A Form It's a (1) Own real estate card the size of a check on which (2) Had unusual medical ex- you aniwer a few Rim le ques- penses Hong and have the choice of (3) Had deductible child-care either computing your own tax expense (4) Suffered losses from fire or letting the Government do it storm accident or theft for you (5) Made fairly large charit You are permitted to use the able contributions card form if your gross income If you are supporting a de-consisted only of wages divi- pendent although you are un- dends or interest totaling less married you may be able to than $10000 and if you did not qualify as a head of household" have more than 3200 of gross and figure your tax on a special income apart from that listed on table that gives you part of the your W-2 withholding slips advantage enjoyed by married Forts to Consider couples tiling joint returns Before deciding to use the card 'You may qualify for a "head Form 1040-A you should consider of household" status if you pro these facts: vide more than half the support 1 Your tax will be figured of a parent and Ilene than ha't from a 'able which allows you the cost of maintaining the par a deductien of about 10 per cent ent's household even if the par-of your income instead of item- ent does not live with you You ized deductions for contributions cannot claim a ''head of house-taxes interest paid medical and hold'' status if you tile a Form dental expenses ebe 1040-A 2 There is no provision in The 1040 Form is arranged this form for filing as the "head again this year so that a tax of household" as a "surviving payer whose income was entirely spouse" or for claiming special from wages needs to use only the credits for dividends and retire- first one or two pages Pages ment income three and four are for other If you are sure that these two types of income and for comput points would not cost you any ing the special credits for divitax savings and your income is dends and retirement income within the limits for filing a The instructions which come Form 1040-A you might as well with your tax forms give further use this simple card form information on how to select the Whether to Itemise correct tax form Help is also When you elect to use the reg- available from the Internal Revular Form 1040 you still must mine Service for sickness during which you were hospitalized for one day or for a porsonal injury the pay- mentto are not tax free until after the first 7 calendar days of ah- Bence 1 If these payments are included In the wages shown on your withholding slips you should subtract the proper amount from your income in the place provided on the first page of the tax return (Form 1040) Attach an explanation as described in the official instruction book You are entitled to exclude this amount even if you do not itemize deductions Rules on Prises There is an Interesting rule on prizes Generally all prizes and awards are taxable However prizes awarded for scientific literary or other achievements withcut any action by you to bring about your selection are not consHered as taxable income to you Most scholarships granted to college students are not taxable and the value of the award does not have to be included in the student's contribution to his support The official loatructions contain a list of fire types of income which should or should not be included in your tax return It is important to check this list an insurance paUcy They are considered merely a refund of part of the premium you paid (2) Social Security benefits Railroad Retirement Act bene- fits or payments received under Workmen's Compensation laws (3) Property or cash gifts received from other people although the giver may have to pay a gift tax Tips and other compensation for services must be reported however (4) Inheritances and equests The estate my be taxed but not the recipient If you were Injured and received damages this is not considered taxable income and it makes no difference whether your damages were awarded by a court or settled out of court When listing income you can also forget about most government benefits to veterans and their families Dividends paid on veteran's Government insurance is not considered taxable income but non-disability retirement pay and the interest on terminal leave bonde must be included Sick Pay Benefiss If you were absent from work due to injury or sickness and received payments from your employer or his insurance comprny these payments are non-taxable within these two limitations: RLIN IRRIGATION 1 CO Phone North 3-2605 ION OF QUALiT Ilydro Okla 'rodent ia I Farm Loans 1 nsurance kinds including Travelers' I if I A ell Et hel I 8-tfr I KARLIN 1 1 '4 IRRIGATION CO (141 Phone North 3-'2605 1 7 Hydro Okla I 11X washed sand gravel and crushed stone at pit or delivered anywhere Ray Karlin Hydro phone No 3-2105 Hinton phone LI 2-3-171 WILL WASH aria stretch curtains Mrs James Palmer telephone NOrth 23-3te I FOR buckskin one-half Shetland ponies (lent le for anyone 1 mi north 2 west of 'Weatherford Cemetery Henry Bozarth 23-3tp FOR SALE Yorkshire boar weight 350 to 400 lbs Price $5000 Emory Miller telephone NOrth 3-1408 24-31c STRAYED from Griffin farm southwest of Hydro 1 yearling 11 steer ear marks on top of right ear Harvey Coffey Liberty 2- 4900 or Route 1 Hinton 24-2tp FOR Chef apartment range bed springs kitchen tables windows and doors pipe and connections France 25-tfc I BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY MAN OR WOMAN NEW TYPE ELECTRIC CIGARETTE DISPENSER being introduced in your aren Person being sought to purchase ma 1 I I I a I I I I RADIO OR TV DEAD? Come in or call Weatherford TV Rad'0 Clinic 216 West Main Weatherford Okla Phone :18 27-tfc DAY AND NIGHT HOT WATER HEATERS Hearthglo Heating Stoves gas or butane Hydro Hardware Variety 50-tfe LACEY PIONEER ABSTRACT COMPANY Abstracts Exclusively Correct Responsible Prompt 109 NW 2nd St Phone 122 Anadarko Oklahoma ELECTROLUX CLEANERS WYATT Free Home Demonstration Sales Service and Supplies PO Box 182 Cordell Okla rommitomp Dr Harry A Meyer Jr DENTIST Main St Geary 011a l'h WectIlawn 5-7)553 Off ice l'h Woodlawn FRI SAT SPECIAL LGE BREAD 2 for 35c DOUGHNUTS 30c doz SILVERCPEST BAKERY Rural Phu 68 Weatherford MAYTAG HOTPOINT and TAPPAN Have parts will Repair call TRUMAN SMITH s4AYTAG I 700 Frisco Clinton Okla 1 Phone 1572 1 inonommagoompommounumum 1 FitimansimmonoimmommilE I IRRIGATION PUMPS REBUILT HEAVY MACHINE WORK PORTABLE DISC ROLLING HARD SURFACING Will Build ANYTHING! McFAIZIAND MACHINE SHOP Ph Liberty 2-1186-11inton INIEMEOMP 361adaelaintiOnVM749iatelfatallittriiiib 1 OONNOSOM Used Combines 1-1958 John Deere model 55 14 ft 1-1957 John Deere model 55 14 ft 1-1955 John Deere model 55 14 ft 1-1949 John Deere Model 55 12 ft 1-1954 Massey HarriF model 90 14 ft 1-1950 John Deere Model 14 ft -tready for Easter with curt A I 7 a 4 4 r0 N- 1 i L' 0 c-2411- 101446 101446 et ready for kale9vith our $71 you The family of Faye Duckett 6-11 $550 per 100 Frank Seri ter 4 '2 miles North of Eakly Mr and Mrs Ernest Wilson and family Rocky were week end guests of their parents Mr and INIrs 'Wilson and Mr and Mrs Frank Williams Cline Oklahoma City is visiting her grandparents and uncle Mr and Mrs Jack Scott an Sam Scott It Pays To Advert ise i Ham and Sweet Potato Skillet 1(111et By Baty Barday-1 OMPANY coining? And in) spe cial plans for dinnet canned foods save the day fur Itere for ex 1- ample Is recipe for 1 Nvarm dish that vna van TnakE 1 ample is fi recipe for a 1 4-1 t4- 1 Nvarm dish that you can makt- In minutes with maple blended syrup i giving wonder- ful flavor both to the ham slice and to canned or cooked sweet potatees In a jiffy too! Glazed Ham and Sweet Potatoes 6 medium canned or cooked sweet potatoes 1 cup Log Cabin Syrup 1 slice ham 1 inches thick 8 whole cloves Slice potatoes about 1 inch thick Boll syrup in small saucepan 5 minutes Place ham in baking dish and stick cloves into the fat Arrange sweet potatoes around ham and pour syrup over all Bake In moderate oven (350F) about 45 minutes basting several times during cooking Makes 6 servings A Snack-Time Goody Significance of the Day children to the 11q116 lel- an1111Millta CARD OF THANKS Words fail xlg when we try to express our sincere thanks and deep appreciation to all of you for the many acts of kindness extended to us during our recent sorrow To those who made the trip to Canton for the services for the beautiful floral offeritgs and for the hospitality shown us awl jor tne nospaaniy SnOW11 US ass am( of you ex- recent the services( offeriLgs shown us Mr and Mrs Carver vis- ited relatives and friends in Ho-iciness hart Granite Lone Wolf a Mangum early last week before riming to Shamrock Texas to at-made tend the annual Shamrock cele- lbcation on St Patrick's (lay Mar 1 17 I MEATS on our return to thank See You in Chu-c11 Sunday WHM Aff JP AMR Ank imms Jmk AEL MIIM Fresh FRYERS Armour's or Wilson IEFIERS Armour's BACOlt-- MO OM FOR EASTER! Jc4)t)Lt) PRODUCE Elo Avel to Sizes 7 Bunch CELERY 15c ge ITEMS an MB 111 Pound 32c Cello Pkg 45c Pound 39c MI MI OM MI a a 1 MI 1 1M Bunch 05c Bunch 05c Pound 05c Each 05c Pound 05c a SHOES HATS PURSES AND JEWELRY SPECIALLY chines and operate from locations 1------By Betty Barclay ---I vhich we provide Two to ten ma- CHOCOLATE chips make these chines for $49900 to $249500 re- wonderfully simple and simply quired We have hundreds of op- wonderful cookies so good with a erators operating from routes cup of tea or which we have provided through- coffee or a tall cl glass of cold (flit the nation Over Four billion i sweet milk dollars spent on cigarettes per a Chocolate Chip year You too can share in this i it3 Cracker profitable business For local Snacks tails include phone and particu- tt- i a r-e 'lbs cup Ba- la rs write International Sales ----'44- ----5 r's I- Mfg Co Box 1236 Oklaho- rim" al Sweet Choco- ma City Okla late Chips 3 tablespoons milk 34 cup finely chopped nuts 13 cup brown sugar firmly packed cup finely crushed zwieback or soda crackers boiler II Randall DDS Rcehnolcoovleatteroimn btolonfg double mater Melt add milk and blend Add remainDENTISTR lug ingredients and mix thor oughly Spread in greased 83iSx2 inch pan and bake in slow oven 206 Franklin 1 18 to 20 minutes Cool Cut in squares and remove from Weatherford Okla pan Makes 25 squares Store in I cooky Jar or In tightly covered City Phone 543 container Note: cup finely crushed va Rural Phone 78 nilla wafers or graham crackers may be used 4 TREIIT'S DRY GOODS Weatherford WiMMMMIMOM0WiiMIMMINMMI Green -Onions Cabbage Avocadost Hew Potatoes a goquvlgutot to qua (lova COOKIES OM S790 to 2412 Oklahoma MiM2i1 t3 the annual Easter Egg at Saturday At this glad season we wish you every one the hope and gladness the happiness and blessings of Easter MPH EASTER KA'41 GREETIEGS 41 Go To the Church of Your Choice Sunday 141 1- tt Nabisco 10 Oz Pkg Creme Sandwich 9 L5 Nabisco 10 Oz Pkg F71dgc Candnfic'd 45c Vie invite all the chinren Hunt in thc park FEINT ON NM a And member the Joyful We invite all the USED TRACTORS 1-1955 John Deere 70 LP Standard 1-1948 Case LPG 1-1948 John Deere Model 'B" 1-1946 John Deere model 1-4 Bolton 16" MC Plow 1-1949 Deere Model ROM and Power Tror 1-1951 MrIsev-Hrtrec 41 Diesel Standard with Hydraulic 1-1952 r1611 uTs v7ith PG cund 1-1913 UTU 117- ciraulic Dozer Blade Header Trailers for Combines Used Planters Cultivators Rotary Hoes Balers n771 IL 7 I1PI4TTNI7NT Co Wnpslpr-rd nktn 111111111111111111 Vie licre you find the eggs that have cur name on them and be sure to bring them to us and get your gifts Heavy Syrup Wahles) Heavy Syrup PHEIPPLE (Sliced) MI 212 Ca ny'N 2112 Can 11 Grocery 0 Big Easter Egg Hunt At the City Park SATURDAY MARCH 28 1:30 PM Look for our eggs They mean a prize for each of you who finds one Stover "SLIM" BOYD CHEVROLET Boyd Kenneth Moore Mozelle Frizzell Alvin Davis Charles Cantrell Buis Daniel Free Deliverg! Phone NOrth 3-2361 Willcutmeat for home lockers ns: JOEL'itic1 PAULINE STOVER liYDRO CO-OPERATIVE.

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