Kenosha News from Kenosha, Wisconsin on May 19, 1954 · 4
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Kenosha News from Kenosha, Wisconsin · 4

Kenosha, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1954
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r i “'Vnv k V i I Unpopular Problem Pulling Together - A man in a policy-making position in this1 country exposes himself to criticism from all tides When Secretary of Agriculture Benson annotinced that bt vras considering exporting a large amount of our surplus butter to t Great Britain where it would be sold at prices less than we must pay for butter in this country some house-: wives became indignant This is butter subsidized by our government in the first : place and the housewives believed that if iChas to be sold at bargain prices they should get the benefit of the bargain -On the other hand if the butter were sold in this country afspecial prices it t$uld mean a lowering of current batter prices and would aggravate the surplus lie idea of letting the butter continue to ' pile up is unpopular and any suggestion ’ tg curtail subsidies meets with widespread ‘ disapproval from farmers and those :en-’ gaged in business In which farming plays " $Q)&rt J :V i v'j It is difficult for a layman to say just how the problem can be handled best One thing is certain however there is no way in which it can be done without causTrigtrrticism Public office is no place for people with thin skins And some people should be able to eat that butter before it spoils -WN-OONS' -f ’ V 1 Fishermen have the same problem as card players There’s no trouble in getting the little ones but the big ones always get away ' - " ’ - When a man boasts that he can read a woman like a book he might to be more specific There is quite a difference between a dictionary and a primer Denmark recently concluded a deal to sell $280000 worth of herring to Russia The transaction is not so fishy as some the Soviet has tried to pull From the Files of the Kenosha News iSltera Tsars Ufa HarlS 1939 - -Miss Virginia Wulft Kenosha returned recently from Cleveland Where che attended the sessions el a midwettera conference of Democratic women aa tha dele- - gat 1 from the Kenosha County Democratic Women’s organization Kenosha high school graduates wJU meet for the 24th biennial "reunion of the Kenosha High School Alumni association on Jane 10 Officers are'Mjx Mary D Bradford honorary president (Css MarrlaiTJ Brister president Harry G Wallis Vice president Rosalie B Lyman secretary: Lloyd A Landgren treasurer Ralph E Alderson Charles F ' Hartung LaMaudo Y Miller Ferdita D Pope Helena H See-ger and Chester M Zeff mem- Tweaty-flvn T May 19 1929 Mrs James Mickelsen has been appointed chairman of the American Legion auxiliary Poppy Day committee it was announced today by Mrs Jam Spangler president of the local auxiliary unit ’ ' Two of the four winners of the American Legion art porter end essay contests were today announced by members of the Legion committee They are Emil Klee man Central high school student and Alex Kaczynaki Mo-Kinley Junior high school stud-dent - Morris Wolkomirrson of Mn and Mrs Max Wolkomlr 54th St was elected to Phi Mu Alpha honorary music fraternity at the University of Wisconsin A son was born to Mr and Mrs Clifford Kotlalke 4031 11th Av bjrs of the executive committee at St Catherine's hospital today rifty Toon May 1 2904 Tb following painting contractors have signed the agreement with the painters’ union for the coming year Peter Wood F F Schultz J Jaacn B Lock H Harbet Frank Tlllotson John Plnzger George 1L Stanford Joseph J Williams and Charles Spies - Street Commissioner Charles Hollister will invoke the eid of the lews in keeping the city dean This morning Hollister is-sued a notica against toe us of the public streets of the dty for a dumping ground - RobertM LaFoltettawariwmt-nated for a third term of governor at the Republican convention yesterday in Madison Members' of tha Dickens dub will meet tomorrow at the home of Mrs W P Robinson for regular meeting We the Women Quality Is Greater Measure Of Speech Than Quantity By RUTH MILLETT - Women ere often- accused of talking too much but usually It la the Quality of her conversation not the quantity that makes a woman a bore 1 Tha woman whose conversation isn't of any great interest and doesn't include everyone present would be a bore If she cut her conversation down 50 per cent Her listeners grow restless wheft she opens her mouth because she neither mekee the effort to talk about something she knows ithey are Interested In nor makes each listener fed she It talking directly to him Bring Audience Into Conversation Jana talks a lot but no ono would over 'call Jan' a boro If she la talking about a’ vacation trip ah gets ber listeners’ interest by looking directly- at first United-States Grows Major Part of World's Com Tha aix leading grains of the world are rice wheat corn oats barley and rye Rice and wheat are almost tied for the lead about two bushels of each are produced for each person earth:' 1 Corn (also known as Indian corn or maize) is a very strong third During the past three-year tha com crop has amounted to about one and three-fourths bushels for every man woman and child -There ! nothing ilketorW - m TH f Voice of the People Letters Favors Full Parity The Doctor Says — Science Hasn't Yet Found Cause of Mongoloid Child Notes Danger Ofjrreligion Te the Editor: 2'Tn God W Trust' Is still Inscribed on American coins but we are failing more and more to inscribe it on American hearts This nation under God" as Abraham Lincoln envisioned it is fast becoming “this nation without God" Of ISO million Americans approximately 100 million either belong to nochurch or -“! hiveforsaken any formal pro c6 religion This is two-thirds of the population IWhile deriving all the benefiU oi Christianity they do little to perpetuate it Few of them have ahy clear Idea of where they came from why thr are here - ee where they are going Lacking knowledge they also leek the courage that knowledge gives They think in terms of to body sod not of the soui Tha result is that they become more and more confused more and snort afraid it America loses sight of the Divine Source of itea strength and continues in lta path oi it will risk the loss of the liberty we all cherish so dearly Enemies of decent government the world over know that the mm quickly and completely they remove the idee of God from the hearts end mlnjla of men the mm easily they can enslave free peoples That fact in itself should inspire ev£xy decent American who believes in God to see that His spirit and truth ar maintained in all human activity especially ih the matter Of forming a right conscience concerning our obligations to God Our Creator and our fellow men This cannot be done without a belief in God and the faithful practice of that belief We need to hoed seriously t day when two-thirds of our countrymen are without a formal belief in God the warning George Washington gave to us in his farewell address when he said: “Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality cut bo maintained without religion Whatever may be con-ceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure reason and experience forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail In exclusion of religious principle" iss Again Abraham Lincoln emphasized our dependence on Almighty God in a powerful manner At a crucial time in the Civil War Lincoln set aside March til 1863 as a day of fasting and prtyer and issued this proclamation: “It is the duty of nations as well as of man to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God to confess their sins and transgressions In humble sorrow yet with assured hope that genuina repentance sssssi r skis truth- aceounced in the Holy Scriptures and proved by all history that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord v Intoxicated with unbroken success we have be-" come -too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming the preserving grace to proud to pray to tha God that made us" It is my personal opinion that tha Kenosha News is doing a real service to our country In calling attention to the need of religion and religious practice John Adams wrote to Jefferson “A patriot must be a religious man" Sincerely yours Rev Ralph ft Altstadt Butter Price Prop To the Editor: I believe the support price on butter should be 100 per cent of parity a direct payment to the producer to supplement the market price However the total pay-ment should be for the average production of one man not an tut-limited amount It is pounds of milk not the number of cows that cause a surplus Also it is bushel pi eqra and wheat and bales of cotton not acres in production that causes trouble price wise If any product U supported in By EDWIN P JORDAN MD WrtUM Sar Ml Service “I have a mongolold baby but have missed -reading your remarks on this condition" writes an anxious mother Although as the writer said I have had column on mongolold children before this -is a subject of continuing interest and doe deserve discussion from time to time I ¥ - The birth of a mongolold child conies wholly unexpectedly and is naturally a terrible shock to parents relatives and friends "fTtus tt"i condumnr6f-ayed mental - development associated also - with -physical differences unlimited amounts many doctors lawyers dentist- manufacturers Implement dealers and numerous others who never were farmers lump in to taks advantage of this ’hurt thing" and nap money that should belong only to the true farmer :4 ' ’i - The excess profit from professional men and other Industries is used to ever produce in agriculture As We all know when farm-era an not prosperous labor all over the nation suffers All farmer professional man' congressmen laborer must realize that dairying if vitally important to our health and prosperity of our country! Allowing oleomargarine to be colored yellow is on of th greatest mistakes our oongresa ever made It is as wrong morally to make Imitation butter aa it Is counterfeit money and it has r ready cost our peopled untold amounts of money Many people that wen determined to have an oleomargarine diet now know what It ia to have an oleomargarine income Immediate steps should be taken to stop this coloring fraud before our whole nation la rulnadl - 'A Lite Tima Farmer from normal In a mongolold Infant tha skull is small and round th oye-slits narrow and tilted The cheeks are characteristically cherry red the hair is coarse the tongue tends to protrude the teeth come in late- and toe nose is stubby and depressed O- - These physical signs are responsible for toe name because of the supposed resemblance of such an infant to toe far-eastern race known as Mongols Innumerable possible causes have been investigated and most of them have been discarded About tha only thing which seems certain is that on toe average that is statistically older mothers have a somewhat greater chance of bearing a mongolold child than young mothen Even this however does not mean that to vast majority of children of older mothers will not be perfectly normti One thing la sura: parents Should not blame themselves if they have a mongolold child neither should they feel that the obstetrician too diet or any other known factor ia responsible for this tragic event' The diagnosis of mongolism can be mad at or shortly alter birth Sine mental development will never proceed very far moat doctors recommend tost a mongoloid infant should bo separated from to parents just as soon as possible and cared for ip an institu-tioru Naturally this is a difficult thing to contemplate but it seems much better both from to standpoint’ Of the parefiUTUUr pirticu-larly from that of otoer children in to family who ar likely to be perfectly normal Prospective mothers should not Closeup View of Red River Delta U&i By FRED SPARKS "Washington— (NEA)— Whst is tie next battlcfisld In Indo- China? ' To win tot war the Cominu- idsts must push toe French from th Red River Delta Th troops ti at crushed Dien Bien Phn cocky with success are now lac- ' ing the delta in Hanoi whera any native on the streets after midnight curfew is fair gam for armored patrols Trench planter sip their cognacs and recall that to late Qen da Lattre da Tassigny said: “He who hold to delta holds the heard of Indo-China" - From tot air tha delta is thing el striking bssuty with pagodas ajid churches and thatched huts 'mirrored in placid sheets of paddy water Eight million Vietnamese working mudlcaked - water buffaloes big as tanks grow enough rice to feed half the country Shaped like a pointing hand with toe wrist backed Into t$e Sea of Tonkin toe delta is a lowland ringed by wild jungles and naked mountains Today In fact -no one "holds" the delta although It Is a French base and the victors of Dien Bien Ehu camp in the -useless wastes outside WAITING TO SEE who’s ahead many natives play both sides ' Te stop a modern army there's a “little Maginot Line" spaced at one-mile intervals on the delta's outskirts! The Nazis detoured around tha original Maginot Line in France The Communist ignore this line by' slipping1 through it in peasant garb Every Red Thonhhoo INSIDE THE DELTA -Shown on map French hold lioo towns Including major cities But Communist forces hold 3300 villages talking in my sleep soldier carries civvies as well as chopsticks and can changa costumes fast as a chorine Thera are 60000 to -100000 guerrillas already- In tor delta taking order from Communist General Glap’s GHQ outside Th French physically occupy only 1200 delta towns including major cities The Communists hold 3300 villages and 2000 play both sides Airpower is useless' against guerrillas in delta towns you don’t bomb a friends house because burglar Is in his cellar When French forces appear guerrillas bury their arms and innocently "work" to paddies It would take a million G-men to check this citizenry When toe French move on not having sufficient troops to garrison every town the Communists slide back Night belongs to communism French trains and autos are garaged until dawn for snipers would put slugs through windshields and upper berths The best evening dress is a bulletproof vest Recently to deny to tha French American aid guerrillas have concentrated on uprooting rails and planting mines between Haiphong to port and Hanoi tot arsenal It takes sweepers four or five hours daily to find and uproot to mine Traffic seldom rolls before noon -Even then some mines are torturing Incoming traffic toe Reds have their own outgoing traffic Much of to rice for General Giap'a army is stolen from toe delta and carried out by coolie-trains aLnlght It's like merchant's employes tapping his till to finance a competitor There are fifth columns in all Cities-The visiting American promptly warned that half th hotel employe are guerrillas tosses all night wishing his mosquito net were steel Army posts and police station in Hanoi ' are sandbagged and strapped with barbed wirer-the I Hanoi jail is one prison where th warden locks himself up-The French trust few natives and member of the U S military mission said: “I sleep with my foot in my mouth to prevent myself So They Say The psychological and military warfare of too Communists will continue unabated until they have achieved their goal of world domination or have been defeated— Gen William F Dean Despite much talk of better living Inside Russia ne fundamental shift in toe allocation of Russia’s Lourdb to reduce the domination of war preparations haa yet been made— Bernard MBaruch I’m getting Increasingly embarrassed by the amount of time w (Army-McCartoy hearings) ar wasting — Sen Joseph McCarthy W (U S) are part of an alliance In th free world We can’t take sole responsibility to- police toe whole world Even if we tried we would be misunderstood Even good police don't stay popular very long — Defense Secretary Wilton worry about this too much There is only about on chance in thousand that eny child will be mongolold r " Even If on bar had on mongoloid child the chances are still 19 or 20 to n that subsequent children will be normal Q — When will th toll road linking New York and Chicago bescompleted? A— Th 874-mil-: road is expected to be completed in 1956 - Q— What baseball record was set by toe Boston Red Sox in 1953? -- - A— On June 18 to Red Sox broke too single-inning scoring record with 17 runs in 7thinnlng of a 9-inning game Q — From what earlier flower was the rose developed? ' A— It is generally laid to be descended from to Provence rose native to Central and Southern Europe " share of each kind of grain - for toe world's population Asia raises (and eats) most of to rice Europe lead all continents in yield of wheat with Asia and North America following closely First place in Com goes to this continent Tha United States alone grows more mm than all other countries combined Corn is classed as a food crop but animals eat far more of it than people Firmer fatten hogs with corn and it Is fed to other livestock Cracked corn is important In to diet of many mil lions of chickens ' Although the greater part oi toe com crop goes to livestock this grain' is highly important for human food Good sweet corn is delicious During repent years com-on-the-cob has been sold in cans' Q — Why was the Liberty Bell so called? A — Because it was rung July 8 1776 to announce that the Declaration of Independence had been adopted Q — How much money - was spent for advertising in this country last year? A— About $7900000000 a 10 percent increase over 1952 Disneyland Being Built South of Los Angeles By HENRY McLEMORS Th prettiest park in toe world today and the one where children ihd grown-upf aUk can have the most fun Is Tivoli In Copenhagen It has held that honor for many years but it will be a runner-up at toe end of July of next yeer That is when Disneyland will be opened— 145- acres of dreamland created by Walt Disney For yeer he has had such a playland in toe back of bis mind and now It is in toe building stage I spent toe most of yesterday with Welt and a good deal of toe time was used in looking at toe sketches of toe fairyland that even n fairy godmother would have a hard time thinking up The walla of two rooms of his studio are covered with too most delightful drawings you ever saw Working with other artiste and engineers Walt toe creator of Mickey Mouse Donald Duck and all those other endearing creatures has created a playland that Would delight even the sternest Witch I asked him why he was giving half his time to Disneyland when he was mixed up in a thousand other things “Oh I don't know" he said “Maybe I’m crazy" I wouldn’t take that for an answer and finally he gave me a roaeon This it it: If children the warid aver had liked and laughed at his film creations Side Glances “ — By Galbraith “No-bets today AI! That guy he’s playing with is pretty bad but I think he's a customer" - " then he wants to leave thei something to laugh at and open their big eyes at when ho la fane Disneyland Ir hts legacy to too littlo ones Lewis Carroll Haas Christian Anderson ai Walt Disney Name mo three otoer men who have been able to see the world through too unclouded eyes of a child I'm far from a child but I can't wait -to see Disneyland I want to see the Peter Pan Fly-Thru toe Snow White ride toe Mother Goose Fun House I want to ride toe pirate ship manned by cutthroats complete with a plank to walk I want to taka toe water ride that carries its passengers through a whale with a whizzing chute down his big rad tongue into a lake- I want to dine at the Lilliputaln Club and toe Mickey Mouse Club and take a whirl on toe Dumbo Swing X want to walk through toe Gingerbread Castle and take rid on toe reel paddle-wheel steamers which every once in while trip a wire causing elephants to poke their heads out of the bushes along to banka crocodiles to surface and hippos to come up and do whatever Disney hippoe da ' And who weuld want to miss the Aliee in Wonderland Tea Party Ride? Here youTl ait ia cups and be revolved In saucers white too dotaouse and all too otoer look on Then will bo a railroad built to fivo-eightha scale pulled by a buffing and puffing little replies Of Casey Jones’ locomotive Disneyland’s Main Street will bo a main street in minature with s bakery that eooka too things that children lave and which smells heavenly There’ll be a real doctor and n real pharmacist and all tha ether stores that belong on a main street will bo there Frontier Lend will show America’s progress from Plymouth Rock to the Pacific Kit Carson Daniel Boone a working blacksmith shop and pony expresses There'll be a trip to tha moon which as explained to mo by Walt will come as dose to giving you the feeling of traveling into outer space as is possible And you know as well as I do that with Disney directing there wil be nothing cheap tawdry or hookey-tonic about it’ It will be done just right Disneyland is being built about 45 miles south of Los Angeles My guesses Is that to world will beat a path to lta doors (Distributed by MeNaught Syndicate Incorporated) — — e — — - Manners Imitation is supposed to be toe slncerert form of flattery But remember that women don’t like to ’’hive their" friends end sc-auaintances duplicate todt poe-tessions - ' Madge will be pleased that you like her new -handbag but may not be happy if you go down and buy one just like It one and then another and draw- -ing each' in turn into toa con versation by euch remarks as “Jinu you would1 love toe place ‘ We aatd mor than-once that W wished you were along with your camera" -- As she talk she isn't so con- 1 earned with herself and her own feelings and opinions that ahe forgets th special interests of those to whom she is talking And ahe has learned toe art of throwing the conversation ball to someone' else Instead of just stopping when she has had her my)- ' There are' few women of course who could make them-selves better company just by cutting down on to amount of their conversation - But more women need to liven their con versation by graciously drawing their audience into feeling that they are being talked to not at A largo amount of com la ground and used in making corn bread Corn kernels - provide starch which can be turned into syrup Com plants differ widely in size Soma plants are hardly mor than two feet tall at tb tlm they produce rip ears Other plants reach height! of aix or eight feet and record stalks have shot up 18 feet or even more A good-sized cornstalk— ssy on with a height of seven feet— is likely to have roots which go down as much aa a foot For General interest seeUea of year ecrapbeek - Tamerrew Fredncis f Cera LET'S EXPLORE YOUR MIND r uant xnwaas vnetR a m v a ru on itxxsvouRewav-MZHTor MV DtPtaiO OUWHtrVOUDOT Vouft OPUIIOU -- f-rt Soon n Mucs tMMH Ort CMILDOtMJO INSIST ON CVUMSS? ' Vet Li HbCt' Tourney Is Place To See Great Plays By OSWALD JACOBY ’ Written far XU Service One of toe nice things about tournament bridge is that the standard of play is so high Even when - a contract can be made only by a fairly difficult play you can depend on most of the playara In tot tournament to execute this play For exarnpIerfhe Ranff shown today was played in toe Tri-State tournament at Unlontown Pa last year At most tables th con tract was four spades At most 19 WOT 6 VK1064I 109 641 NORTH AAJft T5 QJf A JT - EAST (D) 5 VQS72 AK5T KQ109 SOUTH AKQ10I743 TAJ 64 4193 Both sides vul Rente Wert North 1 Pass 34 4 4 - Pass Pas 14 Pas Pas Opening lead— 4 10 tables moreover this' contract was made (I might add that am planning to play in the Tri State tournament at Corley's Lake Pa this week end and I'm looking forward to stiff opposition in this fine annual event) Put today's hand in the average rubber bridge game with -toe same' bidding and the same opening lead and most declarers would probably wind up losing a heart a diamond and two -clubs This would be one trick 1 too many of course You’ve probably seen the right play of today's hand by this time but just In case you want to check your solution here it is:' Dummy covers tha ten of diamonds with the jack and East win the first trick with toe king of diamonds East should return to king of clubs and should be allowed to hold toe trick East must nowi shift -to a different -suit and should lead a low heart South win with the ace of hearts leads a trump to the dummy and return the queen of diamonds East must cover Answer to Question N I 1 Yes partly Depends largely on what you anticipate doing A -psychologist's survey ranking days of toe week showed this or- : den Sat Frl Sun Thurs Wed i Tues Mon Friday ranked high because of on-coming weekend-Sunday was soured by toe anticipation of "blue Monday" and to -whole work-week stretches ahead Answer to Qnaitlon N 3 2 Yes Surveys show men grad- ually grow bigger going from the Equator toward the North and South Poles Spaniards Italians and Greeks are smaller than North “Europeans Even children of-lL S citizens reared on toe same diet in Panama are smaller Climate haa a tremendous lnflu-“ J enc on life - -- Answer to Qaestlen N 6 3 Yea Many have little or no college aptitude end -make poor records This may set up lifelong feelings of failure After spending the money parents find themselves like to ‘ boy who swallowed a nickel and coughed up a penny Education won’t make a $10000 man out of a ten cent boy Barbs Consider the bee— it s so busymaking honey it forgets to get out of the way of the auto radiator - t There would be a lot more finished musicians It the neigh- hors had their way Spring flowers are now ' in bloom and the best part of it is tost you can take your pick It is to laugh when folks refer to our returning vets as soldiers of fortune' ’ L “ - We wonder if some hosts bore -their guests just so they’ll feel at home - of diamonds and with— the ace South ruffs South now leads another trump to dummy and leads the eight of diamonds through When East naturally play a low diamond South discards to Jack of hearts This gives the defenders a diamond trick in exchange -for a heart trick! South can now win the club return with dummy's yce jmd discard his last club on the good-seven of diamonds Declarer loses two diamonds but only one club making hie contract The Romans use crucifixion only to’execute slaves and criminals — of to lowest dess: ' saar VL -I

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