Lawrence Daily Journal-World from Lawrence, Kansas on November 14, 1921 · Page 2
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Lawrence Daily Journal-World from Lawrence, Kansas · Page 2

Lawrence, Kansas
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Monday, November 14, 1921
Page 2
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PAGE TWO l j LAWRENCE DAILY JOURNAL-WORLD MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1921 NEBRASKA WON BY FOUR TOUCHDOWNS BUT THE KANSAS TEAM PUT UP A (;OOI) IIATTLE AGAINST ODDS BLOCK AIR OFFENSIVE HOME TEAMS PUT UP GAME BATTLES IJOTH K. U. AND HASKELL WOIIKED CKEDITABLV AT WEEK END The Hunkers Consistently Made Their One Touchdown per Quarter Through Game Kansas overhead style of attack on the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Lincoln Saturday was unsuccessful, the pme ending 23 to 0 with the Huskers on the heavy end of the score. It was the Nebraska home-cominjr game and 12,000 spectators watched the northern hu.-kies drive through the Kansas line, around the ends and hurl successful passes over the heads of the Jayhawkers for the most crushing defeat since 1918. Kansas was outplayed by a heavier, faster, and better football team. INDIANS SHOW FORM Scored On Redoubtable Notre Dame Team and Gave Real Battle ia Last Half Although both teams were defeated by decisive scores Saturday, the performances of the University of Kansas and the Haskell football teams against powerful opponents may be looked upon as notable gridiron achievement.-;. While Kansas was engaged in her little struggle, the HasKtll Inuians wre fighting Irish o tjame endel with the score of 42 to 7 for Notre Dame. In the first half the Catholics used their lcgular-line with the exception of one end. A substitute back-field was used part of the firs: session. During the first quarter Has kell heui this aggregation to Ottawa, Friends, Southwestern I small boy but has riot proudly dis and Pittsburg Normal, and then I piaved his new shoes,, and every be defeated bv v ashburn which I baby heart has hungered lor a had a much weaker record? The I little red wagon. Will Rogers is answer, of course, is in the fact 1 no exception in ','Boys Will Be that teams do not play consls- I Hoys," which will be at the Var- tentlv from week to week. The I sity Friday and Saturday breaks' and "chance" also have I The only difference here is that much to do with the outcome I Rogers grew up without any child hood, and decided to go back and PARIS DANCE HALL SET USED I relive it alter he had become a grown man. The familiar bright "Four Horsemen Mr. and Mrs. Harry Green spent the day in Kansas City. ' Mrs. Charles fox returned today to her, home in Colony, Kansas, after a visit here with her son, Charles E. Fox, and Mrs. Fox. Miss Gladys Featherston and Has a Faithful colored leather topped boots will be Mrs. F. E. r eatherston of Mich Reproduction of Pleasure quickiy recognized by the grown-Ugan Valley spent tne day in law Palaro I n?i; in thp auniprir-p. as thp kinri I rence. thev wore when they were little. iur. and hits, oomey anu jus Louise Timmer motored to Lawrence from Kansas City, Kansas yesterday and spent the day with Miss Irene Bodley. Miss Alice Monroe of Kansas City spent the week-end here with Hollv-1 "Beys Will Be Boys," a story by her grandmother, Mrs., A. M on- One of iie famous Parisian I and the young people will be in- .'.n.Amla f r,,i,v, nnn teresteu in Feeing just what sort . 1 , . . . .7 I of shoes mother and father wore I wnicn since Jias become the tar- in the days before "scuffers." get for reformers' crusades was I "Will Rogers shows his most reconstructed on the grounds of I whimsical and delightful nature in i Metro's Coast studios in lrvin... ioqd cfpnp nf "Tho Fmir ' HntNpmpTi "of the Apocalypse," the colossal pic- "All's Fair in Love" turization of the world-famed nov-i. a flfliVhtfnl comedv with Mav el -by Mcente Ulasco Ibanez, arm Collins, the new meteor of the i. t. ii a. a. - a. i.i n . I ' ... - v. men is ine attraction at me uv- screen world, m the leading femin ersocK theatre three days, start- ine roie will be seen at the Bower- morning for Boonville, Missouri to mg Monday, Nov. 14. sock. Saturday only, when "All's v-?ir W unHe. Dr. Van Raven- tu j .ri nt i - .i ' -J" - ' iiie uviutc iiuui, lau.c aim Fair in IOVe." new GoldWVn D1C- rav restaurani arrangements were ril0 nrnrp,! Unmrsnn Rn. ai. m v iichov Tv f TTnlr. thor of many success-1 schneitlei, Mrs. Nannie McCarty, roe. Mr. and, Mrs. John.Pierson and daughter, .Martha, . "and .Mrs. Ed Hart motored "from Bonner Springs and visited Mrs. Stell Mc- Henry yesterday Miss rJlsie Hopper leit yesterday HIGH SCHOOL NOTES - ; The girls' assembly in the Methodist "church " this" morning was very successful. Miss Blitz, dean of women at K. U., gave an interesting talk , and musical; numbers were given. Harriett Gilbert representing the; Girls' Student Council presented a code of rules for mid-week dates, etc., which was accepted almost unanimously by the girls. ', hike to Leavenworth Boys of Junior High Will Make Bicycle Tour The boys met in the study hall and gave some snappy yells. Mr. and "Phog'i Allen - gave an inter esting talk. .-" . ' The Dramatic Club will give the farce "The Elopement of Ellen" at their meeting, Nov. 21. ; Hi-Y meeting tomorrow evening at the usual time. . "encountering ' the made in ly thf same propor- chanan, au f Notre Dame. The tlons as the copied resort, which ful sta?e p nlnvs. is the author. Thp 1 nr.H ATrs. Tfenrv Johnson of Hum- means that the most pretentious Lvtonlnr un? Hivprtprf hv E. ATa.l hnlHt snpnt Sundav with Miss set of the kind ever constructed for Lon Hornier. Nannie Madge Stover, who at- f . - r X I ' picture purposes was erected ior Miss Collins is the seventeen tends the University. tne Ibanez story. hpar old leading ladv who. it has The scene shows vividly the mad uppn riirnftrprl i? to marrv Ch-irlip ANNOUNCEMENT dance craze which struck Paris rhanlin enmp timn sit thp phH nf tho The Please You Shop for dress The Debating' Club, one of our new organizations, will meet to morrow afternoon. , Informal dis cussion will be held on the ques tion "Kesolved that all wrritten semester quizzes should be abol ished.' The parade of Nebraska gains Isinirlp touchdown. The Irish nilo.llthe plans of Jacnuez d'Aural. who were sufficiently consistent to Inn I !s lmrifllinrr fhp Frpnrh tpfhnirali Cherokee Lump and Old Ben Il linois lump for immediate deliV' immediately before the European I year ghe has appeared in several making is open for business. Mrs. cataclysm. Every detail has been I hrn-wlu.-nv ctarp timHnptmns anrllH. Wru Alexander and Mrs. Clar- faithfully carried out according to has had considerable experience as ence Wilson. 63'3 Kr- Phone 2206. a stock company actress. vvuiiw iur mur loucniiowns, one inj uring the remainder of the 11 fat ties 01 tne production. I Dix plays the leading male role op- 1 suunw. una tumrarj l"a:i. iiowever, a iew amnutes be- I liuaoipn vaieniino, enacting ine 1 nrxiito ATicc rvwUns: His mn tO all H"rP W h i r h lofn ?0 ihn Wjmolfni-n f It - Vi f 7 -w U rt 1n;nmn I lAolinrv iviiIa -wrtlrt in 4lil ' nifnT-A I , ii. . .... r . uiuv 1 Avii. n iu.-hc uit uic inuiaiu 1 icauuig laaic iuic m jn-tun., ogai-jjig and His genuine ability as inUcated that the Hu.-kers would! found themselves and mlvnnrpd Iwn rallpd nnon. as' the famous I t,i win by tnore than fifty points. The the ball from their own fortv tango leader, to execute some of "w" Bill Nye of Baker University Jayhawkers made but one nromis- yard line to within five vards of the dances for which he trained an l " . L '1! " IJTa I attended the Varsity dance here ing bid tc threaten the Nebraska the Notre Dame iroal. When tho intpmntionnl rrnntatinn. Alire 7: . Au 1 :.,A .rA Is Saturday evening. iuirij-)a pass irom vm-iu mjnuLes 01 re.t were overiierry, as iiarguente. tne nerome Und ;c ir. hA nhohoa vam,-, son to McDonald once planted the! Knute Rotkne'a first string men, of the story, received caretul in-janj tries herself to clay the nart Dan on Nebraska's . twenty-yard p?r uie most part, were on the struction from Valentino in the that she thinks will keep him for-Lne. I field. Long before this final I jntrirarips of t.h tanen and othprl rr,v Su: ti. . t-.i.. v.t...u l" - . P --level.. xnc muuuie m huicji sue . inaoie xo mase rains around I B'8" xxuev, inuiianii, ranc. 1 lirazilian dances which are seen in u U u .I.' ..Jnn.l nil no V, f ;-- , ---- -- -- - unu3 uuu giro use iu mauj, uu wlUuK ,me xou,y - " ." - mis pause or me extra special usuai and laughable episodes. Clark s wamors resorted to the catholic school has been sent into I production de luxe. - . forward pass. Four passes wereint J' I A real Tzigane orchestra furn- an ne nnai nan 01 tne game ,shes the proper tempo for the dif-Ilaskell played the conquerors of lfir.,,if dnncps n th i-hvthm i mnrh . L. t t .i: r, 1 .. 1 " " " w niu irin, inuiana, KUlgers and I mnrp P?nt a for thp nrnnpr py- maiiy other strong schools, on even ecution of the steps than for the terms. The hnal half saw Haskell I mnrlpm r?inpP5. A rpnnino rvml Linked by Cornhker back field players and taking the ball on downs they promptly punted out of all ilanger. Line plunging by Fullback Hartley and off tackle drives and end sprints by the naives, v right ana .ooie, were tlie principal factors in the Corn- husicer's ability to gain groun Quarterback Ireton"s spectacu returns of McAdams punts twice pa; placed the Nebraskans within scor-i2n MARRIAGE LICENSES I Fancy Lump Illinois Coal, ,$10 $10 per ton at Logan-Moore Lum ber Co. Phone 113. Car Arkansas Semi-Anthracite on track extra quality. Griffin Coal Co. Phon.e 83. Hap Hoover of Manhattan spent the week-end at the Phi Gamma Delta house. t-evre wiiQ otre uame carrying! Kotum uk Uxr t- oau over out ior a single 1 A',,rv an,i f,,;chna thp A ... counter, ine graves were credited I ffypsyore music for the dancers. I With ru-olt-a firct nii-nn nrrinr s I . ....... d I V- , . , I J'ex Ingram, who directed the lar i7; r:rrV:Z production, naa great auncuity in UJOV itlUilli kli V X V U kltV Ut me team admitted that the Ind- ace, as the chief requirement was I di.-tar.ce. The Hu.kers made s presented the strongest orTen-that thev be adent at danc-in? the I hoi- i' 4L . ' " i- .... . . i . I lango anu maxixe. ....v.. . m-4.uii, uue 10 me prouciency met j .,. nf Business in the marriage license Fancy Lumn Illinois LumD Coal department ot the probate court SlO per ton at Losran-Moore Lum- was good late Saturday aiternoon, ber Co. Phone 113. and Judge L. H. Menger granted the following licenses: George V. Koons, of Kansas City, Mo., to Ruby Belle Hall, of Law rence, who gave Rev. N. D. Goehr- ing as the officiating clergyman. John S. Pearson to Madge L; Neglecting That Cold or Cough? . i . . . . . . - i r ii 5i r- n nT m ! n r wprn . .. . i counter within less than three min-l Braves showed in the use of the! oiii Kt cn I idner, both of Lawrence, who drag on, or the new one develop utes alter the opening whittle had I forward tas. lir' ."T were married bv Judcre Menerer. seriously, is folly, especially when at blown. A fumble by Kansas on Incidentally the nunils of Coarhl." Tli5?. f .1 7. VI . i . Lee B. Robinson, of Hushes, your druggists, you can get such a her first offensive play lost the Bell dealt a healthy blow to the old n" Mr Zr ,!Hl ,V Oklahoma, to Hurmel Gulley, of proved and successful remedy as Dr.: bau to benerer who raced thirty-1 saying that an Indian team can't I ,vi; i i a Lawrence, who were married by down the field and ht from behind. :V"- "'J, a'. "u V Judee Meneer. : five yards line for a touchdown. after several swept across the Jayhawker goal I 1-igured out on paper a few,1T,j- tho ttiQ0.0 u hct Prescott Underwood to Doris It1??? tne f-ame was P,a"?d dancing instructors obtainable in Patterson, both of Lawrence, who anc-1 gave i.ev. ii.. a. isiecK as me oiiic and iating clergyman. r i-r l . I , v.,.uting lae tuuerenc m ;;;;i i Lon Angeles, the lost art of d wights between the two line. t1:..08. The "ex: ing, the tango, was revived ------ .vr..w. ,, . . r--" as a result me aance scene as And the back field worked m a the team to . go down before the shown in the screen is correct in manner which wa; na pfTwt v flc cu.-hipfr rushes of the Nebraskal , . every, uetaai. IN POLICE COURT could be expected against the Ne-1 Comhuskers by a score of 50 to 0 bra-ia super-interference. - u noc "lore, isy holding the north- "c "in; vii Hull - i i - . -1 " vv . Husker. was irresistible and count- thp Kansas team showed that the (5 cl fur the second and third touch- cl1 fighting spirit which has char- fi downs. Captain Swanson inter- "ftcrized many a team from the " ccpted a Jayhawker pass contrib- frool has returned. The numerating to fourth and final invasion f US times the Kansas team held of tne Kansas territory. Nebraska in critical stages of the Swanson ran from the center of ame testify to the battling spirit the field to the nine-vard line. A of the team. With the score 23 Fines Were Assessed for Violation of City Ordinances "Wealth W. W. Henry, H. E. Notting ham, E. S. Peckham, J. F. Acker-man and . Z. R. .Rosenblum were given small fines in police court' cars Fturdy Kansas defense took the ball on downs when 'the Corn-huikers were but a yard distant 1mm the roal. Halfback Adams, punting from to 0 against them, the Kansans mushed the afternoon assignment with a series of substantial gains. With the season's records an- rouncing that Nebraska has de- back cf the goal, kicked less than ?ated Oklahoma 44 to 0; Pitts thirty yards. Halfback Noble fol- u- 10 to 0 and has held Notn lowed with two off tackle smashes, Dame to a score of 7 to 0. it car -which netted twenty-five yard and Halfback Rus.-ell battered his way through the Kansas line to the fourth and last touchdown. The Comhuskers accounted for sixteen first downs, while the Kansas tota was five first downs. Penalties cost the Comhuskers . sixty yards of distance. Kansas was set back thirty yards. The Lee up and summary: N EBR A S K A Position KANSAS Sanson (C) L E Black Lyman L T Higgins Pucehk . L G . Jones (C) Peterson C Saunders Trqukt It G Weidlein Wenke Scherer . Preston . Lewellen Wright Hartley . Davidson McDonald Wilson .R T. .R E L II McAdams R H 4 Griffin . F Spurgeon Score by periols: Nebraska . Kansas " . r- o O 4 t ( i1 .0 0 0 00 Substitutions Fbr 'Nebraska, Kus.-ell for Lewellen. Noble for Wright, Dewitz for Ieston, Lay-ton for Hartley. R. McGlasson for Lerquist: for Kansas, Reedy for Weidlein. Krueger for Wilson. Touchdowns Scherer, Hartley, 2, Russell. Goals from touchdowns Swanson 4. Time of periods Id minutes. Officials Referee, Madigsohn, Michigan; umpire, Hedges. Dartmouth: head linesman, Carrithers, Illinois. When Washburn can play within two touchdowns as well as K. U., when College of Emporia ties the Oklahoma Aggies and very nearly ties the Kansas Aggies, when Pittsburg Normal holds Haskell to a close score then it may be safely concluded th3f the brand of football p!ayed in Kansas conference is far from mediocre. At lean ten of the fifteen schools in the state conference put out machines that compare well with the products of schools with many times their enrollment A notable example is Colletre of Emporia with probably not more than fiftv ftudr.ts who have the physical rcaVeup nocrssarv to play the gridirpn gama And vet everyone know what C. of E. is capable Cf doing. otre can easily be said-that the University I of Kansas made anything but a poor showing Saturday With the thousands. of pictures this morning for parking being taken in Southern Calif or-1 without lights. nia eacfa year it would seem that I F. R. Oliphant paid a fine of the scenery would soon be exhaust-($10 on a charge of being intoxi- ed, or lose its screen novelty. Icated Not so, says William D. Tay-1 C. C. Payne was arraigned on lor, Paramount producer, whose J a charge of giving intoxicating super-production of "Wealth, liquor to another person, contrary starring Ethel Clayton, will be atjto provisions of the prohibitory the Varsity Monday and Tuesday, law. He entered a plea of - not "So many wealthy eastern people guilty and his trial was set for live in this state that there are Friday morning. Payne was re- thousands of beautiiul homes as leased on a $300 bond. yet un-screened. In "Wealth, we residence in the Italian style which DEATHS AND FUNERALS has never before been filmed. The owner is one of the most famous! Clarence A. Hebler and best known millionaires in The death of Clarence A. Heb- Kmgs New Discovery. No drues. just good medicine that relieves quickly. For over fifty years, a standard remedy for coughs, colds and grippe. Eases croup also. Loosens up the phlegm, quiets the croupy cough, stimulates the bowels, thus relieving the congestion. All druggists, 60c. q De King's Volley Ball Games The doctors will meet the Lumber. Coal and Junk team tonight at the . M. A. m the coramer- America. ler, 19 years old, occurred at a lo- ciai volley ball lague. Tomorrow! "Wealth" was adapted by Julia Cal hospital Sunday. Cause of mgnr, ine ubers team win meet I Crawford lvers Irom an original death was given as acute gastri the Laundry, Hardware and Har- story by Cosmo Hamilton. It is j tis. He was a mechanic at the ness team. lhe farm froducel an absorbinjrlv dramatic tale based For,i neencv. The body was taken team is scheduled to meet the post-1 on the theme that money without J to Kansas City this afternoon for office aggragation and the preach-1 work is a curse. Ethel Clayton burial m Forest Hill cemetery trs will meet the Organ factory! has one of the greatest acting op- there. team ON KANSAS GRIDS portunities of her career and is assisted in the production by Her-I family group pictures, bee our bert Rawlinson, Richard Wayne, I samples and get our pricesL Don't Ciaire McDowell, Jean Acker, J. put it off any longer. . Thompson M. Dumont, Lawrence Steer and studio, 615 Mass, As Thanksgiving time approaches the question arises, how many times will K. U. twist the liger s tail. Or, peradventure, George Periolat, James C. Van i Irees was the photographer. Pola Negri, Desert Dancer ''Ann AiiKinn Mirrht 19 cfarrinff W r 1 ....111 ..!,. I I ClCAU o yu iuuii, U'V, p . that dynamic motion picture act- " "j - i ress. t'o a iNetrri. is to be tne iea- Car of briquettes on track. A perfect fuel. Griffin Coal Co Phone S8. from the Jayhawk ? The indicates Missouri and Kansas are of about equal caliber this season- One reason why Haskell In stitute usually lias a strong eleven considering the quantity of ma terial available is that practically all the 400 boys, from 6 years on up, play footba.l during the gnd- ture at the Varsity, Wednesday and Thursday. Miss Negri plays the part of dancer of the desert in this As sociated First National attraction. Her master, a hunchback, is the owner of a caravan of entertainers who travel from town to town, their appearance being hailed with iron season,. Haskell has not only I joy jn eVery place a second ana tnira ieam but a fourth and fifth and maybe more. This system develops players for the first team and also furnishes plenty of scrimmage material. There's more than one way to win - a football game. Captain One day they reach Bagdad, heralded in song and story as the home of romance and intrigue. There the dancer meets the prince, ! who falls in love with her and v-ons her with ardor, despite the uwTerence in their stations. fche manages to become an m- Cossman of Washburn College I mate of the harem of the sheik, blocked opponents' punts in three I father of the prince, to be near her consecutive contests, with Baker, I lover, but tragedy puts an end to Fairmount and Emporia Normal, i her dreams of bliss with her noble Twice directly and once indirectly J sweetheart. these blocked punts resulted in The production is notable for its touchdowns. Incidentally, Cros- I harem scenes. Never has a more man, who is a sophomore from I pretentious set than this been St. John, at one time intended I shown in motion pictures. The to go to K. U. this falk, but when camera's panorama reveals an im-he was elected captain of the mense room, ornamented with Washburn eleven he decided to stately pillars and other decora- stay with his first love. I tions, and priceless tapestries. More than a hundred harem Football dope at times appears I girls are s-hown garbed in silks and ' to be worth le. s than a German fatins with striking effect. mark. Explain from a dope stand point, if you can, these hapnen-1 "Boys Will Be Boys res: Drake defeats K. U- 15-7: 1 There are at least two things K. u. wins irom Ames. 14-: Amp associated with childhood riavs that. r 1 I in- i . i !. . f J jprineueia nuno: iuma coau, whitewashes Dmke, 7-0. Or, in. everyone knows about and remcm-$10.00 delirered. Griffin Coal Co. the Kansas conference, how can r.-sr! little red wagons and brass Tlione 83. Emporia Normal defeat St. Mary's toed boots with tops. Hardly a wy'A. jtA-ijt- iaM rr '-mmmm - a Banish Hidadi (blds9LaGrippe JECLECTED Hadacle, imd ColJj are a - crnnc a(ainst bcakb ami hmSj welfare. Da't be a Jae l viola complaints. Don't male j oortelf bscIcm and tndingtx etken hj aDawixf CeUt la ran tatir ceorte. AIwiji bare HiS'a Caican Bromule Quumie TalleU Licdjr. For CaMs, HeaJ-acbes aoJ la Grippe thej are b bjr test quickest to act anil eod Cmiis a 24 koors. La Cnpp ia 3 day. Sale, depead-ail. No bad after electa. No "lead Coareaieat and pleaitat Is talc At A U Druggists 30 Cents . h. Hoi COMTAVT. tsnort Hi New Discovery For Colds and Cou&ns Wake Up Clear Headed. That tired out" feeling mornings, is due to constipation. Dr. -King's Pills act nuiaiv, stir up the liver and bring a healthy towel action. All druggists, 25c. r PROMPT! WON'T GRIPE r. Kind's Pills Do You Feel Tired After Eating? A tired, nervous leeling may be a sign of poisons in your system which prevent proper digestion. Food turns into more poison and gs, making you nervous and weak. Simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as mixed in Adlerika, expels poisons and gas from BOTH upper and lower bowel. Removes old matter you never thought was in your system which poisoned stomach and made you tired and nervous. Adlerika is EXCELLENT to guard against appendicitis. At all druggists. 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RUB PAINS FROM SORE, LAME BACK The boys of the Junior High school are planning a bicycle hike to Leavenworth" under the direction of Physical Director Brown of the school The -hike is planned for November 18. The boys wili return to LaTence November 19. They will visit the prisons and will be entertained with a banquet at the Leavnworth Y. M. C. A.- Two automobiles will follow the riding column to aid any stragglers. "CHRONIC INDIGESTION STOPPED By INTERNAL BATHS' Mr. P. L. Russell of Dallas, Texas writes to the Tyrrell's Hygienic institute: "The 'J. B. L. Cascade undonht.vllr r started Mrs. Russell on the high road to recovery irom wbat threatened to &e cnronic Indigestion. " "I have used Internal Baths for j-eara and have been very successful in ray owa case." The "J. B. h. Cascade" cloansos the lower intestine its entire length and keeps it always free 'cf poisonous waste. " Thousands testify that Constipation, Indigestion, Stomach Troul.I.. nn. iousuess, Headaches and all the m n ii v serious troubles which thpr rm.A nro absolutely relieved and prevented by this Nature Treatment. Round Corner Drug Store, will gladly explain to you the simple operation of the "J. B. L. Cascade," why it is so certain in its results, aud will five you free of cost, an interesting little book containing the results of the1 experiences of Dr. Chas. A. Tvrrell of .New York, "who was" a spe cialist on Intestinal Complaints for 25 years in that city. Wby not cut this out as a reminder to get this ense. it is free. MINER'S SEARCH ENDS IN SUCCESS Kansas Man Was Beginning To Think He "Would Never Recover Health Praises ' Tanlac "I'm no longsr afraid I'll have? to quit work for Tanlac has put an end to my troubles and I have gained fifteen pounds, besides," said Theodore Lewandowski, a a well-known coal miner, of Rich' ardson, Kansas. "Three years ago my health began to fail and from then until the time I got hold of Tanlac I hardly knew what it was to ever feel well. I had a chronic case of indigestion and as regular as I ate anything it soured on my stomach, v 1 was very nervous and what sleep I managed to get was never sound and when morning came I was all fagged out. "The first thing Tanlac did for me was to bring back mv aDDotite and I kept right on picking up un- in now i can myself as good a man physically as I ever was. I am nev er bothered now with trouble, and I put in good, sound sleep every night. I am workinc hard every day and am in better general health than I have been in many years." , lanlac is sold in Lawrence bvi ' the Round Comer Drug Co. and leading druggists everywhere. i SAFE AND SANE for Coughs & Colds Thif irrup , different from til othrri. Oixck rclirf. 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' A Rising Valuation The young man who maintains a Checking Account here finds himself placing a rising valuation on his relations with our Commercial department. He begins to relish the sound of "The Lawrence National Bank" linked with his name as he pays his bills. And he begins to value the prestige he is building here at the Bank. You will find that a Lawrence National Checking Account will aid you in building prestige both outside of this Bank and within it. LAWRENCE NATIONAL BANK - "Where Your Savings Are Safe" mb mm til rfi.1..)iHi ,ifT ,iz"., M, -l.if M Til'in'.liiin-imltiiii t . MfaJjiliiiVwjfei Cfc,-TtV,-U k.V., 111 'l i .',! mm. ft ecu H :' : ' ? 1 7 f5 1 'J oaraneee to Fill Your E&g Most folks forget that the kid- nevs, like the bowels, get sluggish and clogged and need 'a flushing occasionally, else we have backache and dull misery in the kidney reg- i . i vir ion, severe neaaacnes, riieujua.tit twinges, torpid liver, acid stomach, sleeplessness and all sorts of blad der disorders. You simply must keep your kid neys active and clean, and the mo ment you feel an ache or pain in the kidney region, get about four ounces of Jad Salts from any good drug store here, take, a tablespoon ful in a glass of water before breakfast for a few days and your kidnevs will then act fine. This famous salts is made from the acid of grapes and lemon juice, com bined with lithia, and is .harmless to flush clogged kidneys and stim ulate them to normal activity. It also neutralizes the acids in the urine so it no longer irritates, thus ending bladder disorders. Jad Salts is harmless; inexpen sive; maKes a aeiigntiui eiierves-cent lithia-water drink which ev erybody should take now and then to keep their kidneys clean, thus avoiding serious complications. A Well-known local druggist says he sells lots of Jad Salts to folks who believe in - overcoming kidney trouble while it is only, trouble. 'kmM i'Mk, S :w04x oir yEisa mm 1 7A - m mm T. E QUISENBIIJ1RY, one of the World's Greatest Poultry Ieed-ing Authorities, supervises the making of this wonderful laying mash. K-!!-' ' il'JISEI Laying M Just to prove our rl!m that Quisenbrrry Onnl'tT Buttermilk Laying it a real rxn pnxlin-i-r. a tJnlvnnlzed fvl Hoppr will be Riven l'HI-.E vith- esw-h 100-11). $-1.73) Mick (priie T '- ';-". .-t :mt - i f asn AS lade of purest, richest buttermilk in powdered form, .scien-Ifically mixed with selected feerstuffs. correctly proportioned. Produces an equal number of yolks and whites. Improperly nixed feed makes more yolks than whites and the result is lens become overly fat and wiH not lay. Poultry authorities hemselves feed Quisenberry Quality Buttermilk I,ayinjr Msh. t makes o. erg-lay ins records and b unfailiriK in results. The est possible mash for moulting- hens. Starts pullets to lay-ng earlier. Good, conditioner for shov birds. ' ;' - Belter Feed and a Better JrVay. to Feed! 3v ordering a 100-lb. sack of this feed you-, will be sure of 'o-s in coldest weather. " The Free Feeding Hopper will -nrs 4T1.0 mach Kpfnro vftnr lipTic nil the time Thev will Vnt tttlzfyj vcl p j ... - " ?tti-rr Z?'-?'-.- - '"TI'rTt ZT51V7. fust wiiat iney want, oonveiuent and eeunonucai way 10 t"a t!eed. Clip the coupon and take it to your nearest Fesd Dealer or f QupTi"? nuttVrmiu0 i.aVrR!iiith "I'riVi Grocer. If he can't supply you as yet, have him order by phone 0 -J I " Li,"m , rr,''ve fjaivanimd (Main, 3968) and" your order will be delivered promptly. To Any Feed Dealer or Grocer Gibson's Mill 208 W. Sixth St., Phone 23. LAWRENCE, KANSAS while special offer ia In f frert. 0 (NOTE If there n- dealer eonvenlendr nmr , you, ordt-r ilirert Bnd - "very will be tuude "ut om-. rom the Unisenberr? Mill.) ul i Xame 6 Address r Dialer's Name . tzmem a m cxi m mMmmum a

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