Fort Scott Daily Monitor from Fort Scott, Kansas on May 3, 1893 · Page 2
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Fort Scott Daily Monitor from Fort Scott, Kansas · Page 2

Fort Scott, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1893
Page 2
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-BT- THE MONITOR COMPANY. . WEDNESDAY. MAY 3, 1893, "'r1 1 1,1 - JZrtiered at'the post office at Fort Scott, Mansas as second class matter. IIANY WEEE SLAIN camel was mc tfcaJt. tlp.oi tiie desert. TK hrmfjei 5e pjainly noon its back- a BY THE TERRIBLE GHOST THE DESERTS. OF JACOB STOTLER Editor. .A- T. LEE Business Manager. Dally edition 8 pages, every day,except Hondayudeliverea in all partB ol city, at liic per -week if paid weekly, or 50c per montn, paid mommy. wee lay eauiori 118 E. Wall St. edition, 12 pages, tl, in advance I'lHE MONITOR CO. Another musical jubilee at Hutchinson, and the News will have to be fecured with ropes. The Kansas City Star came out May tet, without a picture of Mr. Cleveland. CoL Bill must be out of town. I THRILLING STORY WHICH COMES FROM ARIZONA. rfee "Red Specter" and the Bloodshed and Death It Wrought Wherever Seen It Is at Last Explained by a . Citizen of an Aztec City. 1 mi . -.'--r WEIRD STOKY comes from the ancient Aztec city of Oro, Arizona. Oro is one of the big" cities buried by the glaciers somethou- .--,- r JBven Kansas is offering to help the treasury out by exchanging gold for greenbacks. There must be some mis lake about the "per capiter." A. D. Gilkeson of Wakeeney is one of the,men who would like to be U. S. Attorney for Kansas, but it is safe to say he will not be. INGALLS says 365,000 miles of wind . rr i - passes tnrougn nansas annually, it is well known' that its favorite route is through Wichita. IT now seems probable that the state is to escape the threatened affliction of an extra session of the legislature. Let us be thankful. It is becoming more evident every day that cholera will gain a good foot hold in the United States next summer,' And it behooves the authorities to see that every precaution is taken to keep the sanitary condition of the city as nearly perfect as possible. The colored people of the country eeem to be getting along fairly. It is stated that they support seven colleges, .seventeen academies and fifty schools, in which there are 30,000 pupils. They bane 1,500,000 children in the common schools, and 24,000 teachers. More than 2,500,000 of the race can read and write. In the matter of acquiring property the showing in favor of the colored .race is equally as creditable. Taking 11 the facts and circumstances connected wilh that race in this country and their advancement along the plane of citizenship has indeed been marvelous. What the nature of the great city was before its destruction is not known. Its present name alone is a link be tween the past and present. Ora is Sreek for "what's left" or "ashes" or "remains,' or a great many other words of similar construction. Yet from the ashes of the ancient capital Df an unknown empire has sprung a modern town with modern ideas. Yet the habitants are superstitious about their surroundings. They know that down 500 feet beneath them are the remains of citizens swept out of earthly existence without a moment's warn ing-. They know that there also is the ruins of a great and majestic city, whose church spires nierced the clouds, whose public buildings En. lie did Ziot h&VA Inner cfW the phenomenon, for the camel eocSi reached the edge of the clearing and iisappeared in the timber. 6i said that the burden on the camel's back iooKed to him like a man, but he wasnt ure; and there was a general idea that 3i was lying, until a report came from the valley of the Verde that the camel had been geen there. By this time 9 very body in the territory had heard of it. of course. Fantasia Colorado, the Mexicans called it; and the name hun to it. It was a splendid name to scare tenderfeet with. Two prospectors on the Verde rnt a shot at it. They saw it in the early morning feeding on a mesa and crept op to within shooting distance. Thy fired together, but though both were good marksmen they failed to bring the animal down. It jumped into the lir at the reports and tore off down the hills. As it jumped something fell worn it ana tne prospectors, who followed after, found a man's head, dry and withered, but with flesh and hair still on it. No one saw the uncanny beast for some veeks after this, but finally it appeared to the northward. One of the cowboys belonging to the Anchor-J outfit rode up about dusk to an abandoned branding corral. Through force oi naoit tne cowboy's nata was out and he lassoed the beast. In about two minutes he wished that he hadn't. The camel charged him and his horse, which while it knew all about steers, was unversed in the ways of camels. When the horse tried to rear up and pirouette so the charging beast would pass by, as anything in the cow line would have done, he was caught by the camel on the throat, and camel and man and Korse went down together. The camel did not stay to tight, but went off as hard as he could Two Letters. - : I. '. Ketjbex Backwoods, Smith's Corners, Ariz. Deab Uncle: Wifi and I very much regret that we onljr have five rooms and a little cellar f at onr own family, and so will be unabla to avail ourselves of your kind offer to visit us during the world's fair. "John Townbreix IL "Mb. J. Towns red, 9085 Swell Place, Chicago Dear Inephew: Maria and me will take the cellar and the children can have bunks in your room. Can only stay from May 1 to August 15. With best thanks. "Uncle Reuben." i pelt, dragging sixty feet of good tilde nata after him. When the The way of the transgressor is hard. Senator (V) Martin is in more trouble than he ever encountered in bis life before. His many good promises of official patronage to his demiopop friends have all been made for naught. Daily he sees the postofSces go a glimmering. Republicans continue to draw the iat while his friends feed on "the busks. The president and beads of the various departments in charge of official focder fail to recognize the senator as the Kansas distributor, and he is compelled to suffer the mortification of atanding around the hotel corridors, and apologizing to the ielluws for not being able to do anything for them. A11 for keeping the company of political harlots. it IvOW that the naval pageants are over the K. O, Picayune has undertaken to instruct the new secretary of the navy as to the disposition that ought to be made of our war vessels. Ko doubt but that the secretary is obliged to the N. O. P. for its wonderful knowledge of maritime matters in general and of his duties in particular. It seems probable the president made a mistake in selecting hia naval chief-lain. The Picajune, after Grover gets through with his junketing tour.should at least favor him with a marked copy of its suggestions, in order that he ahould not be ignorant of the available talent that lies hidden in the editorial rccms of that 1 he oversight is no doubt owing to the great editor's modesty. WORLD'S Fa IK OPENED. On Monday the President "touched the button" and set the whole machinery in motion at the great World's fair. At the touch the shrill whistle of thoufiands of brass throats reverberated through the great World's fair city. Thousands of human beings of all cations and climes witnessed the occurrence. Thousands of yoices sent forth a shout when the hundreds of fla repref enting every civilized nation of earth, were unf urltd to the breeze, chief among tnem being Old Glory. It was not only a thrilling and grand sight, but caused every heart to throb with approval and admiration of the spectacle. It was the culmination of the greatest show of mechanism of man the world ever devised and put into execution. But the moat pleasing part of it to patriotic Americans was, that America, the youngest of all the nations represented, stood conspicuously in the lead in all material exhibits of the arts tad sciences. SOMETHING awftjl tore through the FENCE. land white marble pillars were solossal in proportion with those of the world's later period of civilization. Some of the relics of that ancient city will be seen at the World's Fair. What a book of revelation they will prove to the millions of sight-seers who will visit Chicago, each with his own peculiar idea of the mission of man on earth. But to return to the story that comes from Oro. One of its superstitions has just been laid bare. Many have heard of the "Red Ghost" of Arizona. For ten years this peculiar "what is it" has been the terror of the people Oro and tributary towns, has killed several people and by many it was believed to be a supernatural visitor from the an cient city of the dead. So fied became this belief that excavating for hidden treasures was generally stopped for several years. But that did not put an end to the Red Ghost. It appeared in the shape of a camel mounted by a silent rider. The queer apparition was first seen by two Mexicans on the banks of the San Francisco River. Their tent was thrown down over them and they awoke in time to hear the tread of galloping hoofs and a terrible shriek. They got clear of the wreck in time to see something taller than two horses tear into the brush. They tola their story at Oro the next day, and people went out to investigate. They found strange tracks in the creek mud and saw where the brush had been broken down by the passage of some great beast. But the mysterious trail was soon lost among the rocky hills, and that was the last of the Red Ghost for some days. His next appearance was many miles away at a sheep ranch on Eagle Creek. The herders were out with the flocks, and two women with the children were alone in the ranch house. One of them had just gone to the spring for water. The other heard the baj'ing of the ranch dogs and got to the door in time to see something awful tear through the fence and down by the spring. She nearcl her sister crv out, but did not . dare to go to her assistance. Instead she kept the children indoors and barricaded the cabin until the men returned at night. When she told them they took their guns and went to the spring. They found the woman dead, trampled and crushed as though a troop of cavalry had run over her. When the Coroner came up from Solomonville the only witness to the apparition testified and tried to describe it. It was red, she said, very tall and ridden by a devil. She could give no clearer description than this. She had only seen it for an instant and then covered up her lace and prayed. The Coroner's inquest resulted in the usual verdict of "death in some manner unknown to the jury,' and the Coroner's jury went home with half an idea that one of the woman had been murdered by the other, who had invented the story of the apparition, doubtless having heard of the experience of the miners on Chase's creek. After this innumerable stories were brought in about the mysterious phan- j torn. One man declared that he had pursued it to the edge of one of the ; precipices in that country and that the i phantom never stopped but galloped j straight across the vallev of Blar lr ' raw-cow- I boy got to camp he explained a rood deal of the mystery of the Red Ghost. The pack on his back was nearly gone, but there was no question it had once ! been a man. That was the last of the Red Ghost in a supernatural capacity. He was probably seen many times, but the pack being gone from his back there was nothing to distinguish him from other camels, and crraduallv the Red Ghost from being a terror degenerated into a story and then into a tradition. A few days ago, however, Mizoo Hastincs, who has a ranch a. litt,l above the gold camp on the San Francisco, woke up one morning and saw through the window of his cabin a big red cSmel banqueting in his turnip patch. Mizoo took a dead rest over the window sill and blazed awa v. He srot the camel. When he went out to examine the beast he found him covered with a perfect network of knottAd rawhide strips. They had been on him so long that some of the strands had cut their way into the flesh. The camel was all scarred up and had evi dently had a very hard time. Now everybody down in that country is wondering whether the man was tied . The Boisterous Atlantic Is a terror to timid voyagers?, scarcely less on account of the perils of the deep than the almost certainty of sea sickness. The best curative of mal de mer is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which settles the stomach at once and prevents its disturbance. To all travelers and tourists, whether by sea or land, it presents a happy medium between the nauseous or ineffectual resources of the medicine chest, and the problematical benefit derivable from an unmedicated alcoholic stimulant, no matter how pure. The jarring of a railroad car often produces stomachic disorders akin to that caused by the rolling of a ship. For this the Bitters is a prompt and certain remedy. The use of a brackish j water, particularly on long voyages in the tropics, inevitably breeds disorders of the stomach and bowels. Hostetters Stomach Bitters mixed with impure water nullifies its impuritfes. Similarly it counteracts malarial and other pre-judical influences of climate or atmosphere, as well as the effects of exposure and fatigue. Use it for kidney complaints, rheumatism and debility. Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Repoif- ii - i - w Th only "genuine Nathan D. Dodge xford ties are sold only by the Bos-tn Shoe House. The biggest bucket of the finestsyrup In Fort Scott for 75 cents, at Koontz & Sons, 101 Scott avenue. Apricots, peaches and apples, in gal lon cans. We have the inside.track on these goods. Get our prices and try them. Koontz & Sons. To introduce the Kosmo Corset, wo will sell this corset for a short time 25 cents less than regular price. The Famous. Corn, hay, oats, bran, shorts, chops, and all kinds of feed always on hand, at Koontz & Sons. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castcria. Try our Diamond Dust flour, only cents a sack. . Koontz & Sons, 101 Scott Ave. 80 cuts. well n Simplified It. Guest Get any roast beef? Waiter Yes. sir. "Bring me one of your best I want it tender, juicy, not too done, not too raw and with verv little gravy. Have the fat and lean about equally divided and be particular not to cut the slice thick and don't forget the horseradish. Can you remember all that?" Waiter Yes, sir. (Loudly) Roast beef, one! Loose Brother's crackers, fresh and crisp, received every Monday. Try a box of them at 6 cts. a pound at Koontz & Sons, 101 Scott avenue. The brusqe and. fussy impulse of these days of false impression would rate down all as worthless because one is unworthy." As If there were no motes in sunbeams! Or comets among stars! . Or cataracts in peaceful rivers! Because one remedyfprofesses to do what it never was adapted to do, are all remedies are worthless? Because adoc- on there Mazeppa-fashion for deviltry tor lets his patient die, are all humbugs? It requires a fine eye and a finer brain or revenge, whether it was some luna tic's hideous "scheme of suicide, or merely an ugly piece of humor of j somebody who had a camel and a corpse for whieh he had no use. It may be explained here that a wild herd of camels are known to ex ist in Arizona. Where they Hjfr;'iVV'V came to discriminate to draw the differential line. "They say" that Dr. Pierced Golden Medical Discovery and Dr. Pierce's Favorite Preecrirtion' havp. rmrpd ttw:no -.3 t.. .vi fi ."They say' for a weak system there's nothing better than the "Discovery," and that the "Fayorite Prescription" is the hoDe of debilitated, feeble women who need a restorative tonic and brac ing nervine. And here's the proof- ,'iry one or both. If they don't help you, ten the World's Dispensary Med ical Association, of Buffalo, N. Y., and you get your money back again. Testimonial from Hon. S. P. 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Kosmo Corsets warranted unbreakable over the hips. . For sale at Famous. We will give you with every ten cent ing tobacco. Koontz & Sons, 101 Scott Ave. a nice pipe free package of smok- SAW IT IN THE EARLY MORNING. from is a question. Some say they were let loose there by the United States Government for use of soldiers in crossing the great deserts of the territory. Others say that they are the remnants of a greater animal ex tant at an earlier age. The- Dressmaker's Harvest. me crinoline Dame Fashion has decreed must deck the fair, a - -ana poor man win be encircled in its meshes, like a snare ; i 4-1 ii i cui- iub gowns mal ravisn now his purse, and nigh deplete his store, men will wholly loot the treasury, with their twentv vards or more! Holy SHE LOVED WISELY. A Connecticut Girl Gives Up Orders for I In .band. At nartford, Conn., the other day, it was announced that Miss Louise Marv TTT 1 m i m . -m y ncox, iormeny ot that city, and Dr. Thomas P. Conlon of Brocton, Mass?, will be marrietl in the hotel Barthold, -wew xorK, may ii. ine announce ment was a surprise. Nearly ten years ago iuiss wncox, who is very good looking, entered Mount St. Joseph Convent. When she graduated it was with the honors of her class. In 1885 she became a sister in the convent, and two rears later took the black veil. Her nm in ... . f-5 religion was Sister Colsta. A year ago she said she had miss wilcox. tired of her life as a nun and wished to mincrle .with thp world again. She secured a special dispensation from Pope Leo and left j the oonvent. Mis ilcox then re- moved to New lYork, where she has since been a teacher of music. Hei ! mother said last week that she had met Dr. Conlon in New York and the m ar-riage would be a love match. BiV S frf f Vy F V Tutt's Pills sold all over the world. Tie unev. 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WALL PAPER I now have a complete line from the cheapest to the higher grades of the latest paterns, and we take pleasure in showing them to you, and also I have the best paper hangers and painters in 3 1 wie city, uail and see us before pur- Ice cream at Bachmann's. river irom one cua to another, half a Suicide of a Convict. mile, as easily as if ground had been ' With a common table-knife, Joseph under his hoofs instead of 400 feet be- j Nowak, prisoner No. 9413, cut his low him. This fellow was positive throat in his cell, in the Western Peni-the Red Ghost had not flown but tenUary, near Pittsburg, the other day. had simply galloped over the air, - Despondency was the cause, his wife It was probably a month before any . having not visited him since 1891. reliable information about the mystery Nowak was a Hungarian, and had was received. It came from the Salt never mastered the English language. River country. Si Hamlin, a hunter, For this reason he could communicate coming suddenly to the top of a ridge, 1 velth no one. In 1890 he was sentenced saw across the next ravine a large In Fayett County for four rears on b animal moving through the chaparral. It was half a mile away from him, but presently it came to a burned patch where he could see it plainly and he jjcognized -it as a camel. But thif caarge 01 assault and battery. He vr ojl jreu-s. 01 age. ne was m a J 1 9 m 3 . aying condition when discovered, and had ceased to breathe bt fore the physician arrive d. Hows This. We offer One Hundred Dollars Re waru :ur euiy rase oi casarrn mat can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Cheny & Co., Props.. Toledo. O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last fifteen years, and believe him 'perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligaaion made . .. Dy tneir nrm. California butterlbeans, choice "new TIT tt m e ffV- . . . . lin I - I ui iiuii, vv uoiesaie uruggists, an(i clean, at Koontz & Sons, 101 Scott TOledO, U. W ALDING, KlNNAN T& I E. E. Strother, 209 Market street. Other people may advertise Dodge's J Oxford ties, but they have not got the I U genuine Nathan D. Dodge goods which j V 11 tne line tne .Boston bnoo House has carried for years. H Wf W frcSfa ly y jj. t.JL T,fs! I HxrKitrnrm mar be t needed to m1 vome mmmmmmm comets hmt bod U r- know It and wants It and every agentsticks to it. It la the moat atiafactory and mort profitable to barer and aeller. Agent's terms f rea, or send flior Agent's outfit and sample cormt. tn WZSTZKS COST CO., 81. ImIS Maryin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter nally, acting directly upon the system- f rice ioc a bottle. Sold by all druj?. gists. Testimonials free. avenne. House and sign painting, paper hang ing, kalsomining, etc., neatly and promptly done byJ. A. 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