The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 9, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1908
Page 3
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FRIDAY, OCTOB1 THE ONLY EXCLUSIVE PIANO STORE IN KERN COUNTY. STEINWAY! (Superior to all Other Pianos) A. B. Chase. Estey. Emerson Kurtzmann Sterling and others. Also a fine variety of Player Pianos. Lowest prices and easy terms. Orders taken for sheet music. Sherman Clay & Co New Pish Block—1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C E. KEY, Manager Dependable Good* at Weld's The'new fall waists are here and we're sure our assortment will please you. The styles are the latest and our prices are right. Hee our display now! Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street, Honest values are ever wedded with truthful words. We can save you money If you buy our assortment, pots, pans, kettles, woodenware at 25c. Let us asslts you. Winters, Bridges, Simpson Compay. rnr ITPOT rvmniTinii GREATEST EXHIBITION SQUAW MAN TONIBHT The fair begins Monday and inter- will be demonstrated and a complete est in the project grows rapidly as; showing of the products of the farm the opening day approaches. It has • wil be made. As ostrich farming is been many years since anything like • a new industry in the county It a fair, especially tor the exhibition of the products and wealth of the county, has been held and from the number of entries being made it -is evident that the people are beginning to realize that an anual friendly competition, such as is common In the eastern states, will be of material benefit to all concerned. Entries are being sent in and displays will be made from all sections of the county and It is now assured that there Is but what will be repre- no industry sented. Three Pavilion*. Three canvas covered will undoubtedly be the leading novelty of the fair. The Stock Exhibit. The population of the county as a stock raining community Is by no mcaus a local one and It goes without saying that the horses and cat/ tie placed on exhibition will be the very bust there is to be seen anywhere. Kern County horses have taken many prizes at fairs and shows at other places where they have been have been erected for the purpose of housing the exhibits. One will be devoted to machinery and in this, space is rapidly being applied for. The Fairbanks-Morse Company has been working on Us display for several days and is installing a complete line of gas engines, pumps and other similar machinery. Another exhibit along the same line will be made by the Weed Pump and Engine Company shown and the Interest "In this partment will greatly Increase when It comes to competition at home, pavilions, Dairy cattle also come under this head and a substantial prize is offered for a "butter fat" test which will be conducted during the fair. Dairying Is rapidly growing to be one of the principal industries of the county and an annual competition of this Kind will materially aid the dairymen to Improve the grade of their itock, one 01 the most important features o£ the business. Entries of sheep, goats and swine, have also been made In Heap fine play, "The Squaw Man." Heap wampum and fire water for author. White man HUe play and actor. It Is just this Indian figure ot speech that calls to mind the strong originality, the simplicity of dramatic climax and the Impressive coloring of the four act comedy drama by Edwin Milton Royle which Llebler ft Company are to present at the Bakersfield Opera House tonight with the stellar role In the capable hands of Dusttn Farnum. Since Us original production there has never been any doubt as to the unqualified success of "The Squaw Man," for It 1s a revelation In the possibilities of the juxtaposition of the white man and the aborigine, leading to a plausible en tanglement of compelling pathos and dramatic strength that Is highly Interesting and enjoyable. The mater- ial bus been ;- 0 well handled by thffl author that. "The Squaw Man"" hai f proven one .if the most successful | dramas produced upon the American stage In years. From a highly civil. Ized, over-cultured spot In England, with its ancient castles and Its hi* torlc castles and Its historic assocl* tlons he plunges at once to the arid wastes of t|, far west America. For! the aristocratic ladies and gentlemeS'l of old England and the British noble-1 mn and soldiery, h c substitutes th» rough, wild characters of a watefll tank .town In Wyoming; from an I earl's castle he Jumps to a saloon whore the rustlers and bad men con-l gregate and where the Indian bat*I ters his soul for fire-water. The cott«l trasts In the play are thus strong and! the atmosphere breezy and Ing. refresh' of Portervllle. The Morton Gas En-, this department, and it promises to gin Company of Fresno will also be t be as interesting as It will be com- an exhibitor. Owing to the Interest I pletc. now being taken In pump irrigation and the probability that many thous- Th,. And Poultry, Too. been considered practically less land will become the ._. . . . entries of poultry will probab- ands of acres of what has heretofore ly exceed those of any other depart worth-1 ment and a number of .pens of all ol ._ _ richest I the- popular varieties of the different part of the county through this kinds of fowls will be In competition, means, there Is hardly a question Many exhibitors hesitated about en- but that this pavilion will be the terlug their fowls at this time ot the center of Interest to a large percen- year on account O f the fact that they tage of those who attend the fair, and j are moulting, but as all are alike In It IE Impossible to estimate the ben- that respect no one will have any ad- eflt that will be derived from the j vantage over the other though thd demonstrations to be made by these birds In many instances will not be firms. as attractive as at other times of the Another pavilion will be devoted to year. displays of needle work, drawlngs : paintings, etc.. and Judging from tho number of entries made and prospective this will be an attractive department. By an Ingenious arrangement It has become quite popular during the present fair circuit to hold weddings in the lions' den, one of the attractions of the "Pike," and In this WORLDS SERIES SATURDAY CINCINNATI, Oct. 8.—Beginning at 2 p. m. on October 10th the baseball teams of Detroit and Chicago, which just have won the closest recorded- ed contest for the championships of the American and National leagues In history, will meet at Detroit to enter upon a six-day series of games for world. But one game will be played at Detroit before the scene shifts and Sunday and Monday contests will be played at Chicago, while the Tuesday andj Wednesday games are to be played at Detroit, and the sixth game, If one Is necessary, will then be transferred to Chicago. There have been some additional rules adopted governing such contests, although In most respects the rules will be as at previous games. The national baseball commission will bo In charge, but t control of the games Is give umpires from each league. •For the National League, Umpires <f Idan and Connolly to represent organization. General almission will] be $1 and the best box seat $2.50. Following Is the percentage wltb which the National league closed: Won Lost Pet Chicago 99 55 .6<t3| Now York 98 56 Plttsburg 98 Philadelphia 83 Cincinnati 73 Boston fi3 56 71 81 89 Mi .53? .474 .414 Brooklyn 53 101 .3441 St. ]<ouls 49 105 Lewis L. Clark Is a visitor her from Delano. GRANT BROWN DID NOT SIQN THAT CLUB LtSTl To wnom it may concern: If tn;l name is on the good government llsl It was pu! there without my consent! GRANT BROWN. BakersfieM, Cal., Oct. 1, 1908. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF THl| CITY OF BAKERSFIELD. Notice Is herein- clvpn that clljl the 2d day of Novem '& _, „_ —„-._. „ p respect the coming fair will not be ample wall space has been made In behind the times. A well known the center of this pavilion for the . young couple of this city have made hanging of a large number of pic-' application to the manage'" -• tures, fancy work, quilts and other;have that honor beste.- ..-4«nt to similar articles. Tables have been | and the rcqtie-* -»t'd upon them placed along the walls of the pavilion 'Hit the <\±' [( , f o ;\. naa b( -' e & "TUT, "... on which will be placed !he many i be sol until Vi v HVrI( linir will not articles entered which can be seen tn! Sol.... ...:"- tue m-!—' "•*vr^ ^ Qv -or te aona eague, mpre rHjca Co O'Day and Klem were designated by lector, 1S22 Chester » v ? n 'l&i B , AnB)n f President, Pulllair., while President C| Trcasur or'and ex-Mo TGxj*o| •^unson of the American named Shcr- fector. 9-2J will be devoted to .'will |, C disclosed at a u earlv d'lte displays of ranch pro-1 The side shows along the, -pi'ke" The will, of course, be a feature of the - '"•- and as a part of the and 1 fr „* h(U » e boen ^ranged with a (frontage of ten feet and will he eight jieet in width and this will be the i !','|7' lIi V K '"! re assigne,] to each exhl- , >ltoi in this department, but a riuni- , bo,- i,.,ve arranged for a much larger | spare, especially for the mercantile icMnhits. Many of Hie merchants ,,f.' | the city will vie with one another in I this department I,, the arrangement ' of attractive displays of Iheir wares j What will probably be one of the ' most interesting of the Tracy considera- on tor their presence on tha grounds the management, has provld- ''d a number ol' high class free at fr.'iciioris among which will he- a daily halloo,, ascension, the slide- for i't'e, aerial acts and tumbling and Ink,., i altogether t|,,., v xv j| ( li "I amusement along tins lj n .Mived racs or a high onler will be day's program and County Fair If you have entries to make, attend to it at once and where „ stock and articles are entered, see to It that they are on time and at place for examination by committee. A. W. MAC RAE. ,, nf uMfiircs of each from tin which has To Improve Long Distance And Local Telephone Service DIXON •SON Undertakers, Funeral Directors, Embalmers. Successor, to Morton A Connolly. Lady Attendant. 1414 l»th fti RED OROM AMBULANCE. Phone, Night or Day, Main I). The Paltry and Egg Exchange THRONSEN & STALLARD, Props. Highest Price paid for Poultry and Eggs. Prompt Delivery In Bale erafield and Kern. Phone Main 593. 2115 Q Street, MAIL and EXPRESS ORDERS CAREFULLY ATTENED TO Office Phone Main 68 Works Phone, Main 163 BAKERSFIELD CLEANING AND DYING WORKS AND-RENUVATORY Altering and. Repairing Neatly Done. Goods called for and Delivered. Contracts taken. Office, 2027-2029 Chester Avenue. Works. Corner Eighth and L Streets, Bakersfleld, Cal. S. T>. MAfK. C:i fih lor .1. ,T. MACK, Vice President. S. \V. VVihle, President G. J. PLANZ, Asst. Cashier. BANK OF BAKERSFIEUD Capital Stock, $250,000 Surplus, $140,000 Resources, One Million Dollars Directors— S. VV. W/lilo, S. L. Muck, J, .1. M;,c,i, J. AT. Keith, L. Gotu-ral HnnkiiiR, Domestic aForfl^n Rxchnnso. Loiters of Crel.t. The officers of the Bank will be glncl to Rive tho boneflt ofr their f x- rmrfouco or observation to nil pporsons dosirinij Information on matters of buslneHs. $20 first; $10 second $50 Cash Premiums In an hour or more by any boy or girl, man or woman, but one'in~each family, without any cost to you, and no peddling or canvassing. And to .ach one competing, we will also give a small useful article. Send postal for particular*, mentioning this paper, to WE»y COAST MILL, 705-709 Bo. Gr+fHn Ave., Lot Angeles, Cat. Hie firm extensive construction , work to be done by the Pacific States Telephone Company in and out of Ha-1 kersfleld tor two years past' Is now under way and the' company Is spending thousands of i dollars incivasing its lines so as to) improve the lon.i; distance facilities I between San Francisco and Los An geles. In order to accomplish tills purpose three new circuits are to be adde i between Bakersileld and Haul'ord and two between Portervllle and other northern points on that side of the valley. South two more lines will be, constructed, thus doubling tnc capaol ity of the company in either direction.! Work is now in progress from Han-' ford south. The telephone company has a large force of men working out of the northern town and l>> next month it is hoped to have the traffic system established. Under the present ai r.m.'ement there are two lines north l>\ way of Hanford, the aluminum, which PHSM-X through here and is used between this city and the north and south, excepting Hanford. for long dl.-ian e>'iie,- and the ordinary way line upon which An- glola, \Vasco and other .-mall places between this city and Han located. These smaller tout, taken off the way line and >• culls of their own. Pond, ( >. and \\','ISCO, Will be COI;le •" line from Ilakersliel.l. wh.i. Corcoran and other small.•! points will be on the new . i of Hanford. This wiU ui.-. line for through Hanford i; service. The aluminum I'.i, . wire service will he di-< >i:' Hiikerslield. i bit - itn t ciency of tho San Francis*'. xejes ».j-viee. 'J lie il,i, . :.. thai are to !„• lu,j|, here will !:,!,e c.ire of tie (rattle and other work i On the Polleiville silli present a v. a . :.nd a v\. way line uil) I-.- clean PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting is my specialty, t uae nothing but. the beat material*, guarantee my work and charge reasonable price*. I. 0. MEREDITH, Contractor . 211> 0 (ft. Phwt* Main 172. Uanford-IJiikersfleld wire and in addition two more circuits will be added. Qulnn's ranch. Delano. Famoso, will be adderl on a circuit from Oak- ersfleld, while Deer Creek, Hornsbv and While River will he on the new line out of f'orterville. The work to be done between Hanford and Bakersfleld has been don e IB like manner from Hanford and ' Portervllle north, thus Increasing the facilities throughout the valley. Another improvement, especially lo local patrons of tho company, Is the establishment of three new circuits from llanford to Coallnga in place of the one now In service. I.entoore will also be benefited in like proportion. South from ltul<erstlel,| the service "'ill he Improved in the same manner as north. Calient,., with its connec- tlons, Kernville, Isabella, llavllah Tehachapi, Mojave and Lancaster will lie taken off of UK., present wav line and placed on a now circuit ' The aluminum wire will be strictly for long distance work nml two more ell- reel lines will be built. Tehachapi will thus be in connection over two lines This work will likewise l«i rushed. To Benefit Kern Service. Locally the company is making an improvement which is aimed lo benefit the Kern service. A new 100 wire cable is being constructed from the exchange to <; and Maker street in Kern and from I here ik r,o wire cable to the alley between L and M. There Is at present a inn wire cable in ser vice and thu new line.., will almost double Die present capaciM. Tl,j H „.) • ditiou was made necessary in order to accommodate the requests for u\ o I'url.t and Individual line service in stead of the ob| four paily servici The work i.s in chaise of County Su « perititenrlenl U'lckle "Tin.- main object of all ibis ini|iro\e nient wotk." said .lames MclJuIre, lo<al manager, in discussing ihe work 1.1 (U'OgreSS, "iS IO giVe || M - Jieiljdl! a ll ! lei- long distance service By inere;u; ing Hie number of circuits we are able to eliminate the lesser lowns from I H-! more Imporiitnt wires, thus avoiding! de|:r> s : ,n could not in 1 helped uin.e. ! the old system. Locally the company ! plans to improve its service in evei/ way and i.; now almost doubling the Kern facilities. Large forces of me > are at work and the construction will by comqjgted aa ttooa as possible." C. L. Conner, President. R. McDonald, Cashier KERN VALLEY BANK. WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE Lleber's Code used Bakersfleld, Cal. BOUGH DRY Did You Know i We -will call for your family [washing, wash and iron all sheets, [towels, slips, counterpanes, etc. (starch all pieces that require [starching and return to you for [only 6 cents per pound? If you are in a hurry telephone Jfor us to call Friday morning land have thorn returned Saturday levening. Give us a trial. Sutisfactionguaranteed. Give us a trial. Telephone Main 259. CITIZENS LAUNDRY QUICK TIME TO Kansas lily St. Louis and Chicago ON THX GOLDEN STATE LIMITED Through Pullman and Tonriat Cars. Iplendid Dining C*r •orviM. Southern Pacific Company L

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