The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 9, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1908
Page 2
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-•f • .IP r i ••• T THE BAKERSFIELD GALIPORNIAN FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, me. Bakersf ield Californian ITV Kvr nini; but Fund ays at ; \'t r-f>M,' Ki-rn Co'inly, C n - v t City and County *-t . •:<-"' &,-Official Paper at . , .-•»•• on-i flass Mail For WILLIAM J. BRYAN For Vice President, JOHN W. KERN 1 ^^_^___For Congressman—Eighth District W, C. SHEPHERD Company :li; $5 a Year In Advance i For Justice of the Supreme Court F. J. MURASKY V \f" vt, Wholesale Dealers w&~i ;A;5%' S- 1 E IJ ••'.' RPE'-L. Editor arr* Prop. TELEPHONES: Business cf r ic',* Mnin 31 For Judge of the Superior Court, J. W. MAHON. Wines, Liquors Cigars -T For Assemblyman, 66th District, ROWEN IRWIN For Supervisors, First District, WM. HOUSER • t *•' »* M k'WnJ i i-*** 1 *5 .*• ,* -t Pp^r/^Vrr- **&'2* **•##/**' ^^r-,'^ . The Cream Of All Goods Served In Sample Room Quotations And Samples Sent Application "4 PHONEWMAIN 237 Ib23 NINETEENTH STREET Fourth District, J. M, BUSH Fifth District, H. A. JASTRO ON POLITICAL GROUNDS FKIDAY, (KTOHHK H, Friday, Got. 9 DEAR TOM:-When you buy candy be sure you get the best--Gruenhagen ! « at at Meroney's. BILL. FARMERS' INSTITUTES. that the editor-statesman is It i- to be hoped that the tarut- s, and the business men. tor \\\\\\ , . , , . •v. I plank adopted at * * I i . to lose altout *steeu thousand votes l)f ' 1 heea\isc he opposes the very sane l | 1} On strielly political the California*! y>'sterda that every supporter of Bryan ild also support Shepherd for <rress to tin- end that the legislative liody should be in harmony with the new chief executive, liesult : A rise four columns in length in the morning paper. And in the meantime—n great) majority of the voters of the county are for Bryan. Of that there can no longer he any doubt. They are sincerely in favor of the Nebraska n for President, and this being true, they should see to it THE INJUNCTIONS matter, will not fail N'-lT nt' the Mate university when lie Coni''S here lleXt WeeJ; t' iVr as to programs t'»ir liters* inMit iite tn lie h*M ' Denver. Tin Deinoeratic party reaffirms only M annual L r t«i In- ail in the lit' }jortii'i!il ill i*loM« i i»- is wind is LTuarauteed by th' NYhat the Democracy i</ for and what eil liibol- is eonteiidiiiL' 1 lor. is in the i it his hands are uphold by n Congress that is in sympathy with It follows, therefore. his policies. that Uryitn men should .support •d as well, is considered by the niorn- but "I ain't beensohet up since me and Joe \Vlk*y holds that c o n v en- tion In '06." said Colon el Blood, :is he the to man hind gave the both e o eiidm" for, is in U1 - l>aper as vmmcanou, mil 1' preventing tin 1 '" "'I 1 '' 1 ' plaee> and even on as lii^h .t . • i 11 ) 111 L i -1 t \ • • i,_ I^i'ii^iili'lil l?ikM^ii\'iili m< l n j linn citi/.»-n whit <>f t ll'it't r w '« I it- ;u' r'-ii Il IN lirt'i. 1 \\'\\ }| 1 I u -in lii-, \\'..r!:. Any nut ;inm<!''<i js in ihf n.fii ;i 'jninl ,|«; ( ). nut ;M!'-!i*i assuming a power t hat i them bv the emisti- I'Miirts i > n " t u t ill inn, and 1 lie editor of our e<ui- aul horit v as President Roosevelt » who reeeritlv Kpjcd all Tal't men • vnte for Ixepublican cori^rcss- !' the IV w who! Ittr ' J - '* )S deemed eminently sane 'I 1 !,,. , l( , ( ,. ! and proper political argument. le [M'o Xu\ iuu: I nut t I - nn* r '.v n is temporary is one i In.ids M eutitrary view. pie of t lie eoUHt 1'V will it) * T t pass upon the respective views j ''" lim and oiu* one regret is that the editor's paper does riot eirculate t hroiiLiboul the entire district. However, the returns from Kern And we think the people of Kern so Consider it. The vot- dcclared, two vears a*r on 1 •\vorkurj <» his own !•••>( .M! vant • eolinly Will al. fir point a . Fanner-*' insl il nles ••!) K»-rn CO\Ui1 V an- i'N vet eoinparat i M-l v * • i * new, Imt they arc urowinu in popularity, and their pow.-r to do pun! rc^ts tavu' 1 !y upon ;t : _'*'Mrr- ons attendanee. Thev should have ON HIGH AUTHORITY. personal ^rounds, in favor of the Democratic nominee for Congress, i political grounds this year. the majoritv for Shepherd will he i i * much heavier than was even the ;J)" l ,j\ n majority for Karhnv. bar in at tlie Southern, "and all iiloni; of tliis here in- j u n ction \i u s in ess t h a t ' s rniikin' no much disturbance among the toilin' masses. A machinist feller from Kern City was a tellin' me jfst now he wasn't goin 1 to vote our ticket no more on account of our favorin' government by the courts, as he puts it, and i done my best to arguo it out of his head. I says lo him purty emphatic like, I says, 'Air you a presmnin' to know enjoined,' 1 says. He ain't exercisin* no jedgment,' I .says; 'he'd orler to have a guarcleen,' I tells him, and with that partln' shot I walks off and leaves the feller. I ain't got no patience with that kind o' business, and I'm a goin' down to see our organ about puttin' in a piece that'll show these worUin' fellers the error o' their ways. We got enough troubles on onr hands without bavin' to persuade fellers as has always votod our ticket not to be desevtin 1 us in time o' need, as the pool feller says." ib E. H. WHITE Iteal Estate Insurance Notary Public. Publisher " Daily Report' 1 Kern County Records. Money oan good cun gen Insurance Company, Company ollar ars I* * * •$• 'AT MOBLEY'S Special Program for Church Benefit. .*. *;• * LABOR EXPRESSES DISAPPROVAL OF PROHIBITION. * *:• SAX JOSE, r i * t * j i I lie Saturday that Ihe pbiu lo insure Itank s is jjolbinir new and that oouvention of the THINK OF THIS it Ii n-allv -w \\ th as has made a ^r V I says. 'Don't sou reckon the fellers as writes our platform i.-i a knowin* what the law had orter bf\ t says. 'Ain't General Tuft! X a purty good authority? 1 I says. 1 ..'\\iih him a issuin' more injunctions Ihe mosi , •„ . iuy .i(,ii tM . in America?' I says. s.tys It's right. 1 1 tells him, 'and a runnin' for President, and 1 Oct. 8.- far of the state California State' n ,.- s -- i * M I'. Hi IN a Republican measure. Federation of Labor took place upon smith says it's ri^ht; 1 KO«?S on. 'and f r< ii.T-d T'lt't's decHr vesolutions oxpresing disapproval of| 1:( ,- s - ft ,., to tht , hall (l - (Vmsross . ' \ • * ,,' ' " the prohibition movement in this|.\ir Vnll ., S( . ttm ' yourself U p to kno\\ at the plan is all \vronu. stat( , Tho discussion lasted three ; .,„„-,.•„ M . ( -h statesmen?' i says, •a's utterances are ot IM hours, the vote resulting 5803 for and "iMi," cnminued Hie Colonei as b« » •1" A This evening the popular Morley's Theater will be crowded at both performances. It will be St. Francis night, since Mr. Para will give the entire receipts of the evening to the St. Francis Bazar fund. The many friends of the church are respectfully invited to attend. The admission will be the usual Hinnll -siini of 10 cents. The following is a part of the special program for the occasion: "The Culture of Rice." Motor Boat Race at Monaco," "Tragedy in Japan," "Mother-in-baw and Artist's Model," "Newsboy's Friend," "Duty vs. Revenge," (Special Feature, "Professor's Trip to the Country," and two very popular illustrated songs. Come early and Ret seats. It Chester Avenue Phone Main Californian want ads. Best results. Piano Tuni orders •- * 'f \ * M r, '' I Mr f )• v Sheldon. r ; »n\ u ;il I't'ito tile in hours, the vote resulting 5803 for and against. The conventiuu was aililres.-ed and u eor- rf pjirty iiis ;i monopoy. 1 •!•> an's proposal to insure hank 1)(nv n this citv and by sessfoll in suffragists T-,ater trie convention adopted a rcso '" Infis. U'lJ) fi-porl tn him, KOMM-\ r|| is uoilie t') put er into the e;unpaiun! He is L r to see whether the people will or wit! not support "my poli- part of '' my policy'' is to \ ^ ' dictate ;j successor to the preside!!- : tial chair. The I'orcinu 1 "f ;i nomi- lUition ut ( 'hien'_vo. \vb"tt t he fe<l- eral office h»»lders ami the dele- nanit d by t h" I', ib-ral iule a \e>-\ rt.!|<ir posits isoi* ttepuhtiean •n,. bill introduced by Hie i-hair-P"" 0 " **™ r \ n * "V™\ t . 111 . . , • .4 1 him HfVlat'i was Delect ed of the house committee on as the Colonel its he t- } out his portion in a lon^ "the feller iii'ln'i scrm lo be •e 1 ii. ne, 'I'm I'er a jury trial,' lie S;t>S, 'in JfltlU.-^triill diSiJiUles,' lie S;I.VH.> \jesl (he same ;is ever thing he says. 'I'm ;i jiom' to illus j o' mv i O. G. Gould and family came from Maricopa last evening. trate,' he s;is. 'Mi-re's a lo! am | currctK-y in pla A lioldiui; the f (invention. ( the mornin number ot labor delegates j scribes for neighbors,' tie says, 'as quits takin' paper.' lu- says, 'and snb- the Calit'ornhtn ast (reported by the committee attended ;i hamiuet tonight at which Iu» says. 'They's a heap o' fellers do- ^cbruarv °!M provided tliat the ppeeehs were made hy Congressman ! in' that now ;i days. Suppose v. e , ' ', "") , i M - { xv ,;n. ilu. "'O'efl, Mayor Davisuu, President air enjuined,' he says, 'the paper ar- >aiiKs slioiKt (uposn \\rni im (; eorKe A Tl .. lry nl - tlui lubo , i- 0( i,. ra . o U | n - Wl , alr hurtin' his business/ he i-easurer live per cent, ot t heir (ion, and others. It is prohable that says, 'and air we in contempt o 1 e issues and deposits, creating I the convention will adjourn tomorrow court/ ;ir says, 'if we keep on re- holders or, was easv. I till* JH'Op'e til }(( Cejit that bo^-contntllei lias proved more M'hev lia\e shown the payment I antM-noon. ail individual deposits, banknotes, bank deposits and uoveru- men t deposits without discrimina- lion or preference. " '('lie bill was SENATOR LA FOLLETTE TO PUBLISH RADICAL WEEKLY. " t'rainin' from takin' that paper?' ho says. Tliat made me so clum mad," continued the Colonel, as he druinc-d hi.s glass, "that I says, 'Any feller as quits MAIHSON. Wis., tut. s. Tnited i taliin' our organ for to take a Demo- TO NEW YOEK THROUGH t V e ; mi manager. In all tlie historV of * « » er was such a >ped aele wlio has preached lo t hi people (»f a hiirher civie virtue, tin reeomnieiuled by such eminent Ii naneial authorities as While and Lyuiau J. Oayv, seere- tary of tin* treasury under .Mc- K.inley. ik Defend in u 1 t he deposit-insurance feat ure, < 'hairman |M»\V' uru'ed that the public character States Senator I,a Toilette announr-! crat paper,' I says, 'had oner to bo <M today liis intention lo proceed at once with the regular publication of a weeUl devoted to the publi.- interest <-n lilies broad enough to appeal to the progressive people of the entire count rv. banks was reeou-ni/cd bv eoveru- ' t i meut sii[ierv - ih'iou of them, and wh , has declared a-auist the lnanv p(M)|1 i t . iu- n orautlv supposed l' i {' i*l * I 1 1 * til t 4 I in t)n , mLsl ,. ;ms( . n u , M-overnmeni stood he- politics has, as lYesidei;! Vnited States, becom.' a party ihiml it .. f )ISS( , rt /' h ( , Wl . l)h ^ boss lie has the job, in lact, that ihat government supervision, state the late Mark llanna held. He (ir national, should be \vithdrawn to the ter- •iiic school (if experience; or that "Th people's cause can never he common too well served/' lie said. "The contest between special privilege- and the "iul is drawing close and is more critical. The need of pin in speech and sound measures was never tfreatec, [ S h;iU make this paper her ore all other * the , vigilant champion of irm- representa- tire government." DAVID BRISCOE IS MAKING GOOD RECOVERY. James Briscoe receives encouraging reports regarding the condition of his son, David, who is in a Los Angeles hospital as a result of the terrible accident he met with in Midway during the summer. The boy is able to rest much easier and is progressing very encouragingly. Orange Groves of Southern California; Cotton IT'S PUZZLING How some people buy harness and horse clothing. They look at the price, never stopping to consider the quality. The harness \ve sell v,-e stand j hack of with our guarantee for its j heiii£ "right, in every spot and place j and our prices have the right swing * for your pocket. Saddles, tents, mhos, horse blankets, and dog collars of every description. PIONEER HARNESS SHOP MATT8ON BROS. Fields of Texas and Louisiana. FOUR AND ONE-HAuF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. 11 direct the campaign. Sheldon will tell him. the <l<?nt of the i'nitctl Stntes. mauv millions he h;is r«'Hs'-«l. Mr. nm , thl . puh]i( , b(1 how ^ 1h<> government should complete- its work' ami impose n will t , , S> ' V T » - f | '»-» r t m + * > ^'••••*1^ IB 4 * 11)11 1|OSV tur th" people have in these i|iuisi- itntdie institutions," Ami (^ since i;e must report th,. amount. such ol.liualions upon the 1 mriks as 3t is Jair to presume th; ' resident spend it. Mr. of $50.1)00 a ye;n; ior S.TVUUV me i 1)stut , v tn whil . h W( . t , (t|Vr in(l|v| people of the 1 MI ed st-.^es. 1 hat | Mva(tM> ., Lr i n enthusiastie doe« not hother him. ! he only . lf(.pn|)|je;ui Richardson Mineral Springs Unexcelled for Rheumatism, Stomach and Kidney Trouble. Ask your frlendH about then! or write lor book- '•t to J. H. Richardson, Chtco, Cal. s that he now lui^ws is the Republican machine and owned liy the ctu'ptu-ations, Only a few weeks sinee, n»» mini in America, unless it was Mr. Ury- an, had such wide popularity as , A: Roosevelt. Today t here are few /ident voters to do him reverence, audicii''es t!i;i,( lat'dv an- * t the name of tie* uian who ( ..prated of the square deal, rii.w ap- piaud, with e*pial viiror, th*> de- jfiunciatiou of the narrow partisan j*^ •» i •vrho has laid aside his duties a s a president of the- who.'- (.-..:.}*• ti» liecoine the })olitieal mu:ui-"r ^f a /action of the people. AN OPINION. morning paper finds fault the Califorwian because it lias no opinion on the injunction — .^•^fc ^^^ jKKue/ But our neighbor is wroug. Californian has au opinion organs are citinir de* v posit niNUi'ance as an example of I he I )ejn»>eru1 ie m iud 's ]>eeuliar liahilitv to iusanitv. " C\ A. nurlow is in Midwav. Phone Main 257 BON BON Your order for Ir-e Fruit Ices or Candy. SPECIAL FREE DELIVERY Prom 8 n. ra. to G p. m. T. C. COPPIN, Prop. CARELESSNESS IS RESPONSIBLE ^ T lor the soiiintr of many niee dress- cs ami other garments, hut little obtained from ^'o'ii van. howcx'er, oi' having U cai'ci'ullx eh-iinetl so Niok lil;e ;;e\V at ihe iiir and When - the c have thi your tlleV W'M tuts cannot he rern<»ve<i, our .skill and experience enables us lo d\c the irarinent a ^t, « > • -41 || darker sluuie of ninst Mleasinir ef- Trains for Business offic nfopmat any rest ogue ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED •TEAMER8 ASK ANJV '. * - > <- • TIK Pioneer Cleaners and Dyer? COPYRIGHT Office, 151^ 19th St., PhoiiH Main 175 A. C. Jacobsen, Proprietor. Works, 129-138 20th St. Phone Matu 168 Main Phone an

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