The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 9, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSPIELD, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, lf)08. No. 59 It ANTI-SALOON Following la the schedule for meetings to be held In Kern County under the auspices of the Anti-Saloon League. The main points of the discussions will be the right of the people to say whether they want a sa loon in the community or not, and their right to register their wishes by ballot. Frank S. Forbes of Los Angeles will be the speaker. Tehachapl, Friday, October 9th, at 7:30 p. m. Rosedale, Saturday, October 10th, at 7:30 p. m. Bakersfleld, Armory hall, Sunday, October llth, at 7:30 p. m. Kern, Kaar's hall, Sunday, October llth, at 3 p. m. Oilcenter, Monday, October 12th, at 7:30 p. m. Panama, Tuesday, October 13th, at 7:30 p, m. \Yasco, Wednesday, October 14th, at 7:30 p. m. Delano, Thursday, October 15th, at 7:30 p. m. McFarland, Friday, October 16th, at 7:30 p. m. Two More New Oil Companies The Jade Oil Company has Bled ar tlcles "of Incorporation. The capital stock IB $1,000,000. that number of shares at $1 each. The ^corporators are C. A. Can field, J. S. Scherm, Eugene Germain, W. E. Wbtiop B. B. Lathbury, Carl Leonardt, George Mack. Trie Sapphire. The Saphire Oil Company has Incorporated with a capital stock of $1, 000,000. The directors are J. M. Dan zlger, W. Morgrage, J. W. Jameson Wv E. Watson, B. B. Lathbury, A. E Broome, FOUR DAYS ON A RAFT NEW YORK, Oct. 9.—After having abandoned their sinking vos- sel and paslng four days on an poon hoit. r.ipuin Charlos Mines and crew of seven of the schooner Jonn A. Matheson, were brought here today on the steamer Semlnole. The Matheson was wrecked by a hurricane on Sept. 10th. and the small boats were smashed. The vessel was leaking badly when the eight men left her on a life raft. They were tossed about In a storm for four days and nights before being picked up by the Semlnol-. ALL PLANS PERFECTED FOR MASQUERADE BALL. Pacheco Division, Ladles' Auxiliary to the B. of L. E., hns all plans made for the second annual masquerade ball which will be given by the order at A. O. U. Wv. hall on the night of October 30th, Hallowe'en ece. The committee In charge has secured the prizes, which will be on display In Hochhelmer's window. THE PUBLIC VIEW OF IT Readers of the morning paper (and they are decreasing In an astonishing manner these days) find Its issue of today the space that should have been devoted to news—four whole columns of it- given up to explaining the unworth of the Callfornian. It was an edifying explosion. Indicating as It does, the frenzied state of mind Into which our neighbor Is thrown through a succession of humiliating defeats. And in the meantime, the public to whom newspapers look for support, appears to view the local Journalistic situation differently. The Callfornian has, it believes, about 50 per cent larger circulation than Its contemporary. It has the heaviest advertising patronage. Its job printing department is running night and day. While the morning paper's circulation Is sloughing off by tens and twenties, each clay shows an Increase in the number of readers of the Callfornian. The reasons are plain. The Californian's columns are newsy wid clean. It tries to conduct a newspaper and not a personal 6nr«n. Villiflcatlon and abuse have no place in Its columns. The people appreciate the effort and our circulation grows and that too, among the sober, substantial people of the county. The Californian regrets the (frame of'mind in which its ront-ni- porary finds itself, but the blame for Its IDS-; of husine.-,.- ci:rul •:!.<" and prestige is with It and with no one else HE SAW A TRAGEDY ..THROUGH HIS FIELD GLASSES. i TWO OSTRICHES AT THE COMING FAIR. SAN BERNARDINO, Oct. 9.— Wlliam McKay, a mining man, shot and probably fatally wounded Dr. Collban and another man, name not learned, at Rose mine in the nioun- tains. The shooting was wit nesoed through fleld glasses by Al Watts, caretaker for the company. The cause Is r.Vlleved to have been a dispute over mining claims. STEAMERS IN COLLISION. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 9.— The steadier Ascuncion, which left hero twe days ago for Portland, Oregon, with a cargo of oil, returned today with the steamer Norwood in tow. Th« Norwood was waterlogged, and the Asuncion's bow store In as a re- BUR of a collision off point Gords. The Norwood was on Its way from tba city *e Gray's Harbor. A telegram was received from Butlonwlllow tills morning stating tiiat two full-grown ostriches will bo brought In from the Tracy stock and ostrich farm near that place for Officer Comes For Mattlin H. Herbert, a detective from Toledo, Ohio, arrived here this morning to take George Mattlln>arreBted in Kern last Thursday by Constable Stroble and Marshal Badger, back to the eastern city to stand trial for graud larceny and burglary. Mattlin made a full confession of his crime at the time of his arrest and In an Interview with Detective Herbert today repeated his story. Herbert says the case against Mattlin Is a strong one. The penalty for grand larceny and burglary Is life Imprisonment In Ohio. The amount of Mattlin's peculation was $375. The crime was committed two blocks from the place where he lived and from the very first the Toledo police were hot on the trail of the prisoner. Will Higgins, a negro arrested yesterday by Marshal McKamy for disturbing the pace, was given a good lecture and then released by Judge Thomaa. James Whayland, against whom H. W. Thayer complained on account ot his using vile epithets on a down town street, was given a ninety day sentence by Judge Thomas this morning. CAN Rlffllll GO ON THE BALLOT? Mandamus proceedings, says the Fresno Republican, were instituted yesterday to test the question whether the .-iulnoii or no saloon referendum shall go on the city ballot in ttie election on the 3d of next month. The alternative writ was granted and return on it ordered to be made in court next Monday morning. The affidavit and the application for the writ were made by Irving B. Hris- tol as a resident ('1117.00. taxpayer and elector of Fresno City and a signer of the petition beneficially interested in the matter of the submission of the saloon ordinance at the Novem Contributors to the Bryan Fund WIBLE 'OPPOSED BY STANDARD Lebec District Re-established In ri.-s;)uu.-io to a petition from the people residing in the neighborhood of Li-bee, the supervisors today ordered the formation of a new school district to be known as the Lebec district. The petition has the endorsement of Superintendent of Schools Stockton and the boundaries follow the line of the old district which lapsed a year or two ago. Liquor License Granted. On motion of Brlte, seconded by Petersen, the tax collector was authorized to issue a liquor license to Hamilton & Thompson to conduct a saloon near Siding on the desert. section 6, 31-37, Union Matinee Tomorrow Additional contributors to the Bryan campaign fund since Tuesday last are gUen below. The amount In full to date collected by the Callfor- nian Is now $79.50. A. J. Dyer $ 2.00 A Bryan Republican .. 1.00 Ex-reader of morning paper 1.00 By draft to Herman Ridder, National Treas... 75.50 Total $79.50 *** *******•!• DOINGS IN AUTO CIRCLES S. P. VVlblo has satisfied him- « self that In his effort to acquire •&• section 28-32-24, he Is pitted <• against the Standard. He has •{• In proof of his assertion, the <• shipping tags that came on cer- •$« tain machinery shipped to the •{• ground by his opponents. Some •{• hear the name "The Standard" •£• and others have E. E. Jones as -fr the consignee. "fe M>\ Wlble today when asked -ft about the controversy, said <•. that the section In question Is <• outside Ihe proven oil belt, It *• has a well of good drinking * water on it, which makes It of •£ value. His occupancy of the 'V land is under desert entry, "ft and he. Is satisfied his position * will be sustained In any con- If test that may arise. If, (rich farm near that Place for * j ber election and the alternative writ the fair during tho coming •!•„,. , mulll . Uo eomuiands Mayor Bush week, owing to the difficulty •*'ana the city trustees to take tin of handling the birds it was v t s " at ou * e lo BUbml t the saloon a question whether they <• would be brought iu or not, •{• but at tbe earnest solicitation * of the management Mr. Tracy •!• finally concluded to make tfae »!• exhibit. . * SOCIALIST SPEAKER HERE ON MONDAY. Oa Monday erenUig »ent, under tb« auapieea of the SooiolUt tartr, Edward Adam* Oantreil ef OU«ac*> will deliver an a4draes Ia freat gt tbe Arlington. Men's Fall Suits of Style & Cleverness MCM who want stylish, neat suits, the kind that they al- wiiyx look tip-to-datf in ami the kind that show careful thought and ^ood taste in dressing, always come hero to buy their suits. It's with pleasure we invite you to viow our line of s\\itu- »;er foil suits --and why ii'>l pay us a visit real soon " THE TOGGERY IOWILL 4 1LOOU Tomorrow afternoon the Genevleve Cunningham Company will give Its first matinee. The curtain will rise at 2:3'' and special pices have been fixed for the perfomance. Miss Cunningham is especially anxious to meet all of ihe school children as she has some entertaining vaudeville a< t.s and moving pictures and illustrated songs which appeal especially to the younger ones. For this reason the matinee prices have been made 1" cents for general admission am, twenty-five cents for reserved seats To date, the opening week of the Cunningham Company's en/fagemonl at the Union has been a success. "My Jim," the attraction, has been well received and the company lias demon stratej that it Is well above tho average of the stock companies that liave appeared before local theater- oers. The company is busy preparing "When We Were Twenty-one," one of two plays which made Nat Goodwin famous. This will hogln the week commncing next Monday night. Miss Cunningham will be seen In the principal role. This Is ono of her best bent pieces and gives amplo chance to dUplay her ability. U. T. Vining and wife of Ix>s Angeles, passed through here about noon today In a two cylinder Auburn roadster, after a three months hunting and fishing trip tri the northern part of the state. Mr. Vining, although a Tourist enthusiast, having owned two of the cars, is driving an Auburn this season and says that the car made a wonderful record. He has traveled more than 16-10 miles and tho only trouble he experienced en route was one puncture. He will dispose of the car on Us return and purchase one of the fournist new model four cylinder sars. Vining'ii car is thoroughly equipped 'or camping purposes sind contains nore outfit for the space occupied linn any car that has ever passed hrough here. Tin- southern uutoists las camping down to u science. E. E. Jones Is expecting the delivery of a six cyllmier Wlnton touring car of the I'.IOfl model with a seat Ing capacity of seven people about the midiile ";>!' November. John F. Straiten has returned from, Kernville, driving the two cylinder | liuick touring car of the Edison Company. LOCAL LIBRARIANS WILL . ATTEND STATE INSTITUTE Tho second semi-annual meet Ing of the Fourth District California Library Association will take place at Fresnil October 2--2.'i In connection with a library Institute conducted by Misses Kumli and Premiss, state library organizers. The subject will ho unbound material, such as government documents, pamphlets, etc; its collw:- Still Demand Declaration BELGRADE, Oct. 8.— Great crowd* again surrounded the palace tonight, shouting for war and calling for th» King to appear. Finally King Petetv accompanied by the crowd prince, came to the balcony and Implored tht people not to cause disturbance. H» said: "Trust me and my government; both will do their duty." The crowd cheered the continued to shout, "War LOSS OF TURLOCK BY FIRE 18 NARROWLY AVERTED t" or uo waloon ordinance to tha electors of the city at thu nuxt national election or iUow eauae wby they liars not done »o. TU» sHbujUiiion ia deuiaude*! umder swt'tloa '*" { ol ll18 city charter, tbe iuitiartvw and refer- «ndua» ordi»a«c«. It will »e ehBerred that fee petitioner 4cwor*te« kirns** u "t rwi- dwnt c(Uze«, wwenysr and eleetor" »e.«i Mr. SU'o*«r, aM«rmey t«r t*« petitioner, *«y« k» was oartuul t« iutoua hlinuttU om tfc.l» B«bi««t te •*»« *e petitioner l»g«i »*a»«tHiB,ki ee«rt nod to illoitc* lJu M-MlnteM ttat Ike r«- Mtfoaer U «lf a wamsHit rawioat. City A.rt«n»»y Bwtog bad adrised tiie tr««t»«s Mtt tfce B«.lo»« *r n TOI« <**n«t b« had at a «»««UI election, but oaiy at "the next national, state eowitr or m>»V*ip>l el$cli<xi,* but a* tho ottf charter IB singular U this respect and wiltlM anr other charter ot an Incorporated elt.r la the state, the state KWioral uk-tlou law applies to the above elections, and j "Tho UtUe Rackett Store" is the hence the referendum cannot be sub- j | ut( > Bt candidate for the favor of the mltted, because with the passage of j purchasing public. Tho new store Is the ordincac or proclamation to Mib- j located In tho old Drtiry drug store, mil the puestlou thirty days will 1104 00 rner of Eighteenth and Chester , , ... ting, uso and cataloging. Miss Pren- . Oh. King King, but with Austria." The report of the resignation of the ministers was premature, but thfl radicals sire trying to bring thlt about, charging them with Inactivity, In the present critical situation, and It Is feared that a cabinet cr'sis may, be forced. The report spread today that the crown prince had announced his d&sire to lead an army into Bosnia. This was received with popular acclaltn and he was given an ovation while ! drlvlim in his motor car this after- I noon Thousands of people proceeded I to the country to meet, the troops re' turning from maneuvers, and escort- i ed them into tho town jhls evening, sinning war songs. The. governor has stopped issuing passports for Huelmi travel to thosa eligible for military service. All of the Belgrade newspapers threaten King Peter with the loss of his throne, unless he takes up tb.9 sword. The Prayda exhorts him, saying, t,Uat MODH8TO, O«t. 9.—The sudd«« f&ltlag ol' a kriak wlud this afternoon UTartod J.b<> 9»flr« d«fitru«»ion of Turlock by fire. The total i«w was only $12,60*. Tb« •rn origlaatod fr«wi tb« sparks of ai g*M«lln<' oagiai" ia IjiBflll Itrothern' HtaWe aad khr«« boriWH with th« Gianni u loss of $8'ico, was boraed. AOTCMM Xko 8t.r»el $3t9t worth of luoibnr b»t<MRtng to tho Modusto Liunbor Comp««jr wa« burned. Only Htreauonb offorta narcii the Vlgnolo hotel, which was on fire twice. ———« i • THE LITTLE EAOKET IS NEWEST STORE. tins will be in charge of tho collect- Ing and use division, and Miss Kumli will give lectures on cataloging In general and tho use of the library of Congress catalog cards. Mlfig S. H. Bedinger of the Bealo Memorial library, president of the district, and Miss B. B. Barker, assistant librarian of the Boale Memorial library, will attend. Miss Hazel Grandr will be In char«;o of the library duriae their absence. < . » FAVOR6 A BOND ISSUE FOR HARBOR IMPROVEMENTS. •uo Bosnia; If Bosnia is woe to not ro>- ith ion ! i 0 »>L ADLKK BRO* * CU. have elapsed before tho 3d day of November, the next election. Upon tliU advice the board declined to submit tho referendum to a vote ia N<>\ "tuber, hut accepted the in per | :--n'. petitions as a basis for a retVrendum vote at the municipal elect lot; nc-xt April. Attorney S. L. Strother, having been appointed by the Au'i s, League, takes the opposite \i.-.v Mr. Ewlng, and so the inter)'; 1 ' of the law and the decisior, :t twoen the two attorneys wiK ' cd up to one of the t\v i Though Judge Austin gran'' •'. writ on tlte petition, it may :r bo thai Judge Church will !i •case. ' | HOBOES IN TROUBLE Three hoboes, giving the ii.v.;i- - 'f J. Contreraa, P, C.'ontrcras and J'i' j Leon, were brought before Judge Ma:-i ion this morning by Marshal Badger and Constable Stroble, charged with i vagrancy. They have been hanging around town for some time and la-it night Officer Creasy arrested them for hanging around the depot. They were given the alternative of 15 minutes In which to leave town or thirty days In the county jail. They chose the former and retired in good order. a\eiiui>. and is conducted undnr the firm name of L. T. Godley & Co. Mr. God ley as a seller of pianos Is favorably known in the community and at the Little Rackett Store his daughter, Miss Effie, will bo In charge. j The novelty of the now enterprise i is that there are 5c, lOc, IGc and 25c j counters, containing a large assortment of desirable bargains. Special ! sales will ho a feature, and the first I will take place tomorrow, when a iarg,i number of ladles' and gontln- men's hox 1 , etc will be offered to tho public i i MISS FRANCES GAGNE TO BECOME A BRIDE. Th« feltojMiB resolution was adopted by the board of trustee* ef tbe Chamber e< CMuaerce of S*» Fr«* cisro SpBtevbe? IHh: Resolved, thai, the ChtMber eC Commerce ef S»ji Fmic4e«» adTo- cat&i the adeptlo* of an aueaivoat to the Cotatltution of the State ef. California authoring tbe Issuance of "' harbor Improvement bond* te ran for a terra ef seventy-fife years; that peadiag the. adoption of said eftnaU- tutional amendment, we oppose the Issuance of any twenty year bands. Including tha $2,000.000 twenty year bonds for seawall extension and dueled, and the $1,000,000 twenty year bonds for tbe purchase of lalali Crook lands, to be submitted to th» voters of the State of California at tho coining election. THE WORLD'S RECORD FOR DRILLING IN GRANITE. SPOKANE, Oct. 9.—At tho Interstate Fair today McNlchol and Pickens of Butte, Montana, drilled a hole 56 5-8 inches deep In solid granite In fifteen minutes. This is believed to tjo a world's record. OLD OFFICERS CHOSEN. CHICAGO, Oct. !(.- The convention of the lakes to i>iilI' deep water ways cloned after a brief s-ess-ion today. Tin- old odicei'.-. \veiv le elected New Or lean* was chosi n :is Ihe next meeting place. Among ihe resolui'on.-. approved was ';ii'- introduced \i\ I', W. Matthewson of l-'lireka, C;il. I eqllestini; delegates to urge their rcprcM'nuiiives in Con-! gres.s to support the legislation I'oi a luviik water In liuiuboldt bay. you and yours cued." The Politlca says: "We can depend upon one million men in all Stirvia, all of Montengro and all of Bosnia." The statement Is made In Ui9 newspapers that the reigning prince of Montenegro has sent, a message t« King Peter in which he Is quot«d a9 saying. "Wh»n the Servian armjr mat-tie* to tho banks of the Drina ray; army will advance against Hero* Kovin/i." Wntiltby morchant* are oferiae tha King money for the need* of war aid' ladies arc contributing their i*w*lB. president of the unUantt, as* made a ipeoch to the : "If we ea«»ot will resort t« Benrg, nephew ef Staler, raturted to hie h«*e amar.oo. Michigan, Uto a re«ldoec« of «evral yeare Tlu- family ef A. B. Roblmaen will lenvo tomorrow for Byron »»rii»B<! fef lht> hone/Ill of th« health of one of Mr, sons. NEW PHYSICIAN WILL | LOCATE IN BAKERSFIELD. Ott Wednesday evening, November Jth, at the rosidonee, of Iho bride's parents. City Marshal and Mrs. Jas. | McKamy, Miss Frances I... Oagno will j | )r . r A Davis, formerly of San become tbe bride of I* P. Kelster. F ran ,.j Hc o, and one of the "plague" physicians of tho Hawaiian Islands, and government physician there, has Terrence Saa Juao, O'Brien Is In town from Miss Oagne Is ono of the best known young ladles in Bakersfteld, with a wide circle of friends, Mr. Kelster U a popular young business man asso dated with the California Market, and the happy couple will receive the congratulations of many friends on the approaching erent. decided to locate In Bakersfleld. He lia.s opened an office In the Fish Building. . .».» Will Davis of the California-Pitta- burg U ia from McKittrlclt, TAKEN « COLD / It will In- a trilliiiL' matter it' you lake A. D. S. Cold and Grip Cure at once. It euros t\ ri tit (/old in t wenty-l'our hours. ll \ e;i\V tu Illlie coll] ill ( t.'t. !..-!• \\'i|e|l thl'l'e (If- ^l'.''\l iM.i'ii-ll I'llallees ill |e);l[n-.''a- IUI 1 . ililll it ll'I.X «'f tlil-e t.'ilr !.•!-. l.ejll 0|| Ililllll I"!' ll.'lllle- Iliil'- ll~.e will lllilke >" : -.'ll''' ;V"!ii II;III".«TS th;'i '"'i'ts iih 1 . ,'i \ ^ thrciiten. Guaranteed to cure Price 25 cents THE KODAK STORE. j. A. Hughes The Leading Prescription Druggist. Phone* Main 94 and 74.

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