Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California on February 4, 1970 · Page 25
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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California · Page 25

Santa Cruz, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1970
Page 25
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-6 Santa Clin Smltnrl Wednesday, February 4, 1970 Everyone Will Love This Hot Banana Split By CECILY BROWNSTONE (for as long as several weeks. Associated Press Food Editor 'Don't ask us to explain why. Here s a new recipe that will go down in the annals of sun dae-making. It's for a St. Louis Hot Banana Split made with bananas, three kinds of ice cream, a fabulous Peanut Butterscotch Sauce and the usual whipped cream and cherry topping. Why the St. Louis in the name? That's in honor of the inventor of peanut butter a St. Louis, Mo., physician who dreamed it up in 1890. , Youngsters of all ages love this sauce, and so do adults including me. It's great to have in the refrigerator because it can be reheated to serve not only on the banana split, but on plain ice cream. Children I know adore it, too, on French toast; and they use it cold as a spread for graham crackers. : One word about storing this sauce for this you must make it in the quantity given. Our experience is that if the recipe is cut in half and refrigerator-stored it will sugar. But the whole-quantity recipe won't, even if it's refrigerator-stored 1 ST. LOUIS HOT BANANA SPLIT Bananas Vanilla ice cream Chocolate ice cream Coffee ice cream Peanut Butterscotch Sauce, see recipe below ; Whipped cream Maraschino cherries For each banana split, cut one peeled banana in half lengthwise'. Place halves in banana split glass or on dessert plate with cut sides up. Between the banana halves place a scoop each of vanilla, chocolate and coffee ice cream. Spoon over the ice cream three tablespoons of warm Peanut Butterscotch Sauce. Tod with a spoonful of whipped cream and a maraschi no cherry. Serve at once. j. j. n in ' t W '. --n Put On The Dog This Year With An Oriental Meal By AILEEN CLAIRE NEA Food Editor Those under - the - weather during the traditional New Year's celebration get a second chance. February 6 is the time to wish all "Gung Hoy Fet Toy," traditional Chinese New Year good wishes. This is the Year of the Dog, 4668, so put on the dog with a dif ferent, Oriental meal PEANUT BUTTERSCOTCH SAUCE Vi pound (1 stick) butter 2 cups firmly packed light brown sugar can (5 l-3rd fluid ounces) 7.3 Million Budgeted To Combat Pollution Everyone will love this St. Louis Hot Banana Split. It's evaporated milk (2-3rds cup) Vi cup creamy peanut butter In a saucepan over low heat melt the butter. Gradually stir in brown sugar, then undiluted evaporated milk. Add peanut butter and cook, stirring constantly, until blend ed. Serve warm as directed in SACRAMENTO (AP) - California would spend $7.3 million in 1970-71 to combat air and water pollution under the budget Gov. Reagan proposed Tuesday. That is $1.6 million, or 27 per cent more than the current year. ' , Older resources and environment programs, including the Division of Forestry, soil conservation and the Department of Fish and Game, account for an-; other $64.7 million i,n the gover- & nor V budget, a $2.5 million, or s'lour per cent increase. g fThe Water Resources Control i. Board; "which is responsible for the water aualitv of California's ? rivers, lakes, bays and shoreline , as well as research and water rights, is budgeted at $3.7 mil ' lion, up from the current budget of $3.04 million. finely chopped 1 divider-pack can (43 Oz.) mushroom chow mein 3 cups chicken broth Salt and pepper 2-inch lengths of cut scallions Thin round slices of raw carrot In a large kettle, combine tomatoes, contents of div i d e r-pack and chicken broth. Heat Even after the New Yea r un' bubbly nd season to taste most will find today's canned wu" ?a'1 ?na i1- V. swl" Oriental convenience foods an llons ,nto flwe" by cutting one inexpensive and quick way toend of each piece into strips; add variety to family meals. c"t sma ! notcnes aro"nd f,ach n . , , carrot slice to resemble flow- An Oriental flower garden ers Piace cut scallions and car-soup is a combination of a rots into ice water Fioat orange chicken chow mein divider-!nPtaic rarpfniiv nn ton of snnn pack, tomatoes nd chic ken;t0 form a flower Wnen ready broth, garnished with car rotito S0UD SDOon into in. I MM P ! 5 I TiA " 1 Oriental flower garden soup, fried rice shrimp chow., mein make each meal a Chinese New Year's treat. made with a fabulously good Peanut Butterscotch Sauce. St. Louis Hot Banana Split recipe or over plain ice cream. Makes two and a half cups sauce Note: Refrigerate any leftov er sauce in a plastic container or wide-mouth jar. To reheat, spoon sauce into saucepan and over low heat stir until warm. petals, As a main course serve Rising Mountain tried rice with shrimp chow mein. Press combined canned fried rice, eggs and fresh scallions into a mold and bake. Unmold and serve with shrimp chow mein and mandarin orange slices. Don't forget the egg rolls and serve pineapple for dessert. Oriental Flower Garden Soup 1 can (1 lb.) tomatoes, Welfare Costs Soar Higher In Reagan's Proposed; Budget The Air Resources Board has a $3.6 million allocation in the new budget. Biggest item in that total, which is up 33 per cent from last year's $2.7 million, is $1.6 million for an air pollution laboratory to test proposed new control systems. Budgets both years include an $800,000 federal subsidy. The Department of Fish and Game budget totals $17.2 mil lion, $1 millioin more than this year. One-third of the budget is earmarked for enforcement, with most of the rest going to fishery and . conservation pro jects. The Department of Conserva tion's $42.9 million proposed bud get, up from this year's $11 mil lion, includes $1.4 million to modernize the Division of Forestry's firefighter retirement SACRAMENTO (AP) - Gov. Reagan says he plans to press for money-saving welfare reform legislation, but the $6.48 billion state budget he proposed Tuesday reflects soaring Medi-Cal and welfare costs. The governor indicated re form legislation will be pre sented this session to tighten up elieibilitv investigations and penalize more vigorously those who seek to "obtain aid by fraudulent mea,ns." "It is anticipated that these reforms will result in a reduc tion in total . welfare costs, said Reagan. . , The 1970-71 state budget ear marks $1.6' billion, almost one of every four tax dollars, to help California's poor, mentally ill, medically needy and cor rectional wards. Medi-Cal and welfare costs, Reagan noted, continued to soar, by 14 and 17 per cent re spectively. He said "about one out of every 10 Californians are now on welfare or are receiving a combination of welfare and Medi-Cal, assistance." Major increases for 1970-71 are in three spending areas: wei fare, up by $83 million to Wt million; Medi-Cal, up by $65.3 million to $453 million; and men tal health, increased by about $20 million to $291 million. While Reagan's budget sug' gests "significant" dollar-sav ing welfare proposals, it also says the administration is swaying an "automated support plan" for some unemployables with the same "status and dignity" associated with federal Social Security benefit payments. dividual bowls and top each portion with scallion flower and carrot petal. Makes 6 servings. Rising Mountain Fried Rice With Shrimp Chow Mein . 2 cans Wk oz. ea.) fried rice with shrimp 2 eggs, well-beaten V cup chopped scallions 1 divider-pack (43 oz.) shrimp chow mein IV'2 cups drained canned orange segments Vz cup slivered toasted almonds Vi teaspoon ginger Orange segments for garnish Mix fried rice with eggs and Add vegetables to divider-pack chow mein sauce and heat. Add orange segments, almonds and ginger, and heat . gentry oyer low heat. Loosen edges of rice mold with a sharp knife; tap to further loosen and invert on ;a plate. Garnish the fried rice scallions. Press mixture into a 'with additional orange segments heavily buttered 1-quart pointed and serve with the shrimp chow or plain mold or round baking mein. If desired, invert t h e dish. Bake in a preheated oven mold on a large platter and (400 degrees) for 20 to 25 min- surround with the shrimp chow utes or until firm. Meanwhile, mein. Serve at once.- Makes 4 drain divider-pack vegetables. I to 6 servings. ; No New Taxes Needed To Balance State Budget SACRAMENTO (AP) - No .will not raise the total tax bill. new taxes are needed to balance Gov. Reagan's stringent $6.48 billion budget which he sent to the legislature Tuesday. But spending runs more than income for the 1970-71 period and the difference of nearly $90 million is covered by surplus funds left over from the past several years. The Republican chief execa tive held back his big tax news for later-in the week when he sends his proposed tax revision program to the legislature. That plan is expected to boost various taxes by up to $1 billion to finance that range of cuts in Reagan's new budget, for the period starting July 1, continues tax relief programs launched in 1967 1968 and increases them by $56 million. - The biggest amount, $213 million, goes to finance the $750 homeowner's . property tax exemption approved as Prop. 1-a at the November 1968 election. When approved, this provided the equivalent of a $70 property tax cut statewide so long as local property taxes remained constant. This year, the reduction amounts to about $85. The money that balances this year's budget comes from sur- i property taxes. Reagan empha-'pluses generated by inflation sizes the plan shifts taxes, but' and because Reagan s $1 billion tax increase in 1967 actually deficit in the coming year, if the raised more money than expec ted. But increased spending has caught up with that surplus and all but $28.4 million will be eaten up in this coming year's budget if Finance Depart ment estimates hold. Thus, Finance Director Verne Orr says, the state faces three choices when budget time rolls around next year; cut small amounts across the board in state programs to fit spending to income; cut deeply into selected programs, or raise taxes. Orr said he has no major argument with Legislative Ana lyst A. Alan Post who contends the state faces a major budget state continues to spend at the same rate. He disputed Post's estimate, however, that the stat$ faced a $167 million budget deficit this year. : T. ' SECRETARIES SELDOM SWEAR DETROIT (AP) - A report of a study by Dr. Paul Cameron, psychologist at Wayne University, says that "secretaries swear less than other job-holders," while "factory and construction workers pepper , their speech with a slice of profanity for every four words of .standard us- Open Daily 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. WE GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMPS 1118 OCEAN ST. Corner fcshburn Ave. PRICES EFFECTIVE FEB. 5, 6 4 7 - I S3.:; mm mmm Mttumm its EKEK6Y-PACKED WHOLEWHEAT FLAKES 12 Oimct P.cktg JtffcC Without m OAd with Coupon mM Coupon Good Week of Ftb. 4 to 15 Good At Bay-Mission Market LA PINA FLOUfl 251b. Sack 1.99 S SPAGHETTI DlflflER 11 49c ! Orandywine MUSHROOMS tL"""' 49c ! DIIITY MOORE BEEF STEW,.,,, can, 55c i IIAWAIIA1I GRAPE PUNCHY 3 1S1 Pop Corn IR!:.cpC ! Yogurt Borden's Flavored Swiss Style, 8-oz. i If ta ill Sosnick, Gourmet i HldUI i pt., 6-oz. Jar 29c 38c t......... ................ .....J W Count BORDEN'S Mayonnaise Full Quart Jar Tea Bags VgKZSX 59c Leo Ready to Eat Sliced Beef &&3iS1. Fruit Cocklail:H;;::,3 : $1 Beef, Mushroom, Chicken ChoHl.1ein,u:e5c TSorden's. UTTKNMIUK BISCUITS JL J. at: it in 'J Buttermilk or Southern Style 8-oz. Cans fl1 Freeier Queen, Turkey, Beef, Chicken, S oi. pkg. ' Cook 'in Bag . . 25c Chef Boy-ar-Dee, (Meat t Sauiago S9c) 4 little Pizza pkg. cheese Pizza 49c Ore-Ida golden French, Mb. pkg. Fries Potatoes . 29c Sara lee Strawberry Cream, Mb. 2-oz. Each. Cheese Cake . . 89c 3 Minute Color )( Wrigley's Spearmint, Doublemint, Hum pC"" ... 10139c frttkmKX,. 35c Assorted Flavors Qnrlo Shasta Diet or Del C OQUd Monte, 12-ox. Cans M Pork & Beans XcaaCc Lux, Bath Sin Pkg., Free Bar Toilet Soap l""" 4 :5 U.S. No. 1 Fancy, Cello pkgi. Carrots .... 225c Cabana Fancy Golden, lb. Bananas ..... 12c Coachelle Valley, Calif, white or Ruby 8 . Cell Grapefruit.... 59c Mineola Jumbo Size, lb. Tangerines ... 20c CHUNK TUNA White Star Reg. Flat " ""'I ""' "' '"'ijjji f Ballard Biscuits fcj Pillsbury . , yfv. 8-0z. Tube & ill .ir( M W M 1k ROUND R STEMS 5 UOJp. ;i 5 aa il m U.S.D.A. Choice Full Cut U.S.D.A. Choice Boneless Lb, Sirloin Tip Steaks . $119 CHUCK STEAKS. 69c CORNED BEEFS"k 89c All Meat SKINLESS FRANKS ?" 79c The Real Thing! FOLGERS CIFFIEIE 3 lb. Cannister Cans a U.S.D.A. Choice, full cuti, tteor be.Mb. Sirloin Steahs . . . PORK STEAKS, Fresh, Lean, Meaty, Shoulder Cuts, lb, 59c PORK ROAST, Fresh, Square Cut Boston Butt, lb. .59c U.S.D.A. RUMP ROAST, Oven Style Beef Roast, Semi-Boneless, lb. , 79c SWIFT'S PREMIUM SLICED BACON, 1 lb. Pkg.: 89c CHEDDAR CHEESE, Elkhorn Bulk cut. Idaho medium, lb. 79c OPEN 8:00 AM. TO 8:00 P.M. DAILY , QAi ,and WXlTtTSTJrKrm PRICES EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 5th thru 14th 7lr MWgDIE& Save an Extra 10, Case Lot Wines & Liquors - 5th OLD CR0V7 Save $1.40, Va Gallon .... A. It. flOnnOV DRANDY KAMCHATKA VOD.tA Quart ROYAL GATE GUI h , 11.40 4.39 4.C5 3.33 DOG FOODS" 141 Chicken Noodle Soup 5$l TacoCasserollSrp,, 59c rifinU wppl Grapefruit JCr MllnlV Del Monto-46-oi. Can JJ Cookies Vanilla Waffen-12-oi. pkg. ... 39c Vienna Sausage 4DlT.' 389c Instant Rice 14-ot. pkg. 43c Chili-Con-Carne 89c Peaches Slices or Halves, Vl liie Can .. 389c n! A Dm! Golden Grain, Chicken, Beef or O etl KlCe-A-KOni Spanith RUo-IVmi. pkg 01 Condensed Milk .lo, . 43c Dream Whip S.!.!?:. 49c Napkins 360 ct. asserted colon 59c Easy off Srr ;:.:.:........:.: 53c ".tergent largo King Site Box - 2!9 Artichoke Hearts "fHU. i .... 39c Orange Juices Fishsticks Enchiladas Donald Duck. oz can Gorton's ' 8-oz. Pkg. 'J Beef or Cheese i Van De Kamp's ; 7V2-0I. Pkg 489 39 39- 4, r ' J P0TAT02S U.S. No. 1 Russet 10-lb. Cello Bag Hi il TOMATOES right for salads Lb. GRAPEFRUIT onions n o. 1 Yellow J 25c ...5C3 , I LCI Juicy, white. 8-lb. Cello Bag . '1

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